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So I still haven’t been able to bring myself to see the ninth episode yet…. All of 2014 I seriously was torn up about Marco, and reading fan-stories on archive like Wisteria, Where the Wildflowers Are, Like a Drum, etc gave me even more massive feels! Then I read chapter 78 last year, and we finally find out how Marco died and I’m like….. Fuck I don’t want to relive this again… Truly! But hearing that a possible manga/anime spin off of their high school years COULD come to fruition…. Makes me so happy!!! So, so, so, happy….. This is everything to me! And I want to see even more JeanMarco moments in this spin off too! Hmmmmmm I wonder if there will be a second season to the junior high a.u.? Alright peeps…. Maybe I can finally convince myself and watch episode 9 this weekend! Probably before I watch episode 10. Is just…. Hard ya know? Marco was extremely important to many in our fandom, and our love for him is what makes him so popular and powerful! I just wish at some point during the manga, that Jean does find out what happened to him, and avenge! Because it was Marco, and Marco ALONE! That convinced Jean to join the survey corps and be the leader he is today. Other than that, I’m sure his tolerance for Eren is still low; I’m sure he thinks Armin is still weird, but grew to like him; his crush for Mikasa evidentially died; Connie and Sasha? Well…… In my opinion, they’re the best trio ever!!

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Is it just me?
  • Me: *watches anime*
  • Me: I don't care about this
  • Me: *marathons anime*
  • Me: It won't take over my life
  • Me: *makes OTPs*
  • Me: I'm totally fine
  • Me: *scrolls through tags on tumblr*
  • Me: I could quit right now
  • Me: *aggressively sobbing into a pillow*
  • Me: See, i'm so good right now
  • Me: .....
  • Me: Fuck

Oh my mother effn christ freckled lord baby jesus daddy Hq63&!9uHlsjAkrz!!!! MARCO BODT has returned to us!!! Marco Bodt has returned….. In the past four years since joining this fandom. Marco Bodt has cured my depression. Cured my acne. Cured my bad credit. Cured my love life. Cured my style. Cured the world!! I’m denouncing my atheism as we speak! God is real! And she just hooked my ass up!!! 😭🙌🏼😱 oh lord….. I thought I would never see him in the anime again! Oh my happy, happy, happy feels….. It’s time to read some JeanMarco fan stories now!

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When you read a new book and all you can think about is that ship/book and just spam your blog with said book

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Any tsundere!Ignis headcanons?

I think that saying he’s tsundere is pretty much a full headcanon as it is.  ❤

But here I go!


  • Ignis isn’t good at showing his feelings, so that’s what leads him to hide them behind all that sarcasm and uptightness.
  • His Tsundere attitude is shown through harsh/cold speaking rather than physical aggresiveness. He doesn’t like physical abuse, so his only way left is through the mouth.
  • He will be VERY aggresive on his own way: with sass and sarcasm.He speaks Sarcasm even better than he speaks Lucian.
  • It’s an overall thing, not only shown in the romantic aspect. It also shows in friendships and any other sort of relationship he holds.
  • He’s not necessarily aggresive as the Tsundere term may suggest, not that way.
  • He won’t scream around and cause a fuss or punch people in the face out of nowhere.
  • He’s like an ice block; cold and hard.

  • He’s the most caring of people and does things for others and appreciates very deeply and intimately that you say Thank You.
  • But he, of course, won’t show this appreciation.
  • He doesn’t make a big deal out of what he does, either.
  • The most selfless man on Eos tries to pretend “it’s nothing”.
  • But he won’t say it with a blush and a smile.
  • He’s going to stay quiet or come with a aggressive-like reply.
  • Ignis WANTS to say you’re welcome, but he doesn’t want to sound rude or like it matters because to him it doesn’t; he does all the things he does because he wants people to be happy and healthy, and he feels that saying ‘You’re welcome’ is like accepting he did it as a favor when not really.
  • So…Tsundere Ignis is triggered.

  • “Wow, you cooked this for me? Ignis, you’re the best!”
  • “It’s not like you deserve it, you know. I don’t know why I took the bother on doing it. You better like it. That’s a threat.”
  • “Ignis, you didn’t have to clean my room for me. Thanks.”
  • “You’re a messy idiot, you’re lucky you have me.”
  • “Astrals, Iggy, you…despite your parents being SO rude with you if you take even five minutes of a break from school, you still took your time to come nurse me. Iggy, I’m…wow, Iggy, I’m…thank you…”
  • “It’s not like I care about you or anything, you know that? It’s, it’s…nothing personal. You’re important to the kingdom so you can’t be sick. I’m doing this for the king and the council and…it’s not like I- eat the damn soup. But bE CAREFUL, you bloody idiot, it’s still too hot. Here, I’ll cool it for you. You’re too dumb to do it yourself.”
  • “WOW, Ignis, I can’t believe you managed to get the tickets for the concert AND got the Council to let the three of us have the day off! You’re the BEST!”
  • “Let go of me, Noctis, I’m not- I didn’t do this for you, I did it because I wanted. Gladiolus, not you too, let go of my leg. Will you two- CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TOUCHING ME, ENOUGH, YOU KNOW I HATE THAT PEOPLE INVADE MY PRIVATE SPACE.”
  • *smooches*
  • “Ugh. You two are the grossest.”
  • But a small smile will escape from him.

  • Even though this attitude shows in any sort of relationship, it’s much more explicit on the romantic term.
  • Not only is Ignis naturally tsundere, he’s also inexpert on the romantic matter; he’s not interested, so the very counted times he is, he panics because he has no experience on dealing with those stupid sensations.
  • Crushing on someone makes him feel like a ‘pathetic teenage schoolboy’ so that makes him even more angered.
  • Extra sarcasm.
  • Even when not necessary.
  • Even if what he says makes no sense or doesn’t fit in the conversation.
  • I’ll assume you like/accept Gladio x Ignis, anon, so I’ll take the freedom to use it to give more headcanons (even if you don’t like Gladnis cause I do and you triggered me lmao not sorry).

  • So seen under the Gladnis scheme:
  • Seen as his crush not only is a man but also the toughest, strongest that he knows about, he’s unconsciously being especially mean with him no regrets.
  • Will constantly nag Gladio about stupid stuff.
  • Will smack him on the head once or twice (softly but still, that’s like ten times the more physically aggresive Ignis could ever get).
  • Will be especially aggresive during training with him.
  • Gladio’s going to be scared of him for months because “I hate practicing with him, he almost impales me FIVE TIMES already. I’m very sure it’s not an accident, he’s trying to kill me. What have i ever done to him? :’(”
  • Gladio’s done nothing wrong.
  • It’s just Ignis that can’t control his feelings and he’s angered they won’t go away.
  • Indeed, the more that they grow, the more aggresive Ignis turns. 
  • “You okay, Iggy? What’re you thinking?”
  • “Oh, the weather, it’s very nice. Why do you insist on wanting to know what I think about, Gladiolus? It’s my privacy, you know, I have all rights to think whatever I want about, okay?”
  • “Oh, okay, chill, I was just worried and-”
  • “Worried? What am I, a fragile princess in need? Will you stop treating me like I need heLP DO I LOOK LIKE I NEED HELP-”
  • Ignis really isn’t a screaming or aggresive mess, not really.
  • He just doesn’t know how to deal with the feelings :’(
  • Once, Gladio tried to talk with him about chicks and dudes just to figure out if Ignis liked someone (the poor brute).
  • “Say, Iggy. Whatcha think of Crowe? She’s pretty hot, isn’t she? Man, I wish there was more female Glaives. The uniform looks fine on slender, curved bodies, don’t you think?”
  • Tsundere Ignis is triggered.
  • “That is not of my concern and it should not be of yours. That is harassment, you know? You disgust me, Gladiolus. Staring at respectable women and trying to talk dirty about them to me. Is this the kind of man you are? UGH. No. Thank you.”
  • Ignis is not jealous, he’s just angered the man has not noticed Ignis is crushing ON HIM, STOP QUESTIONING ME ON OTHER PEOPLE AND ASK ME THE HELL OUT BEFORE I LOSE IT AND I DO IT INSTEAD.
  • “Oh. Okay.”
  • “…”
  • “…what about Nyx? He’s pretty damn HOT.”
  • Tsundere Ignis is triggered.

  • Tsundere Ignis confessing:
  • *defeats Gladio on training*
  • *puts a heel on top of Gladio’s back now that the shield hit facedown the mat*
  • “You’re a brute, Gladiolus. But you’re caring and sweet. I’m tired of hinting you and that you don’t get it. So I’ve had enough, no option but to do it myself since you’re too damn blind. Gladio, I want you to go out with me.”
  • “Wha-”
  • “And to keep it clear, I’m NOT complimenting you.”
  • “Ignis?”
  • “Also, I asked YOU out, so I will go pick you up and will pay for dinner, so have very clear since this moment that it’s nothing personal, it’s the formal etiquette of how all this…stupid, dumb thing of romances works. Or so internet said. Not thAT I- I didn’t search that, did you hear me? I…heard it somewhere.”
  • “…are you…asking me out?”
  • “Are you DEAF, ohmygod, don’t make me repeat it!”
  • This is totally NOT Ignis’ normal behavior.
  • He’s formal, quiet and reserved. Very gentle in his way of speaking.
  • So Gladio’s taken off guard at first that Ignis is so moody and rather aggresive right now.
  • but he notices that’s Ignis just being a mess of feelings and doesn’t know how to express them.
  • “Okay. I’ll be honored to go on a date with you. :)”
  • “…I-I know! I’m- you should- you should be honored, Gladiolus.”
  • “I am :)”
  • He stormed out of the room.
  • He’s not angry; he’s blushing, but NO WAY is he going to let anyone see it or know.

  • First time Ignis brought flowers to Gladio.
  • “Iggy! Ohgods, are those…really? oh gods, that’s so sweet! :3″
  • “D-don’t look at me like that! I just…I ASSUMED that I HAD to bring you something. You did agree to a second date, s-so…this is the etiquette only.”
  • “Whatever, Iggy. This is ridiculous, but I also brought you a flower. Sorry it’s not a full bouquet like yours…”
  • Ignis is frozen. And blushing.
  • “…that’s VERY embarrassing. Give it to me.  You’ll look stupid if I don’t accept it, so I HAVE to.”
  • Ignis kept it always in his hand.
  • Smelled it constantly when Gladio wasn’t looking.
  • Ignis freaking damn slept with the flower pressed to his chest.
  • Gladio knows it moved him a lot, and that Ignis just needs time to get over his Tsundere stage. Time and a LOT of care and love. Which he’ll give him happily.

  • First kiss.
  • “You want to what!?”
  • “Kiss you. If that’s fine with you, Iggy. I want to go to your pace, I know all this about a relationship is hard and new to you, so I don’t want to pressure you. So you don’t have to if you don’t wanna, that’s why I’m asking before any move.”
  • At first there’s silence.
  • “You just ruined it, Gladiolus. Kisses are meant to be spontaneous and romantic, right? You don’t- you don’t ask me first! Do I look like I would reject you, you idiot?”
  • Gladio laughs.
  • “Is that a yes? Can I kiss you?”
  • “Of course you can. Just. Don’t. You don’t- I’m-…just don’t ruin it, okay? I want it to be perfect. I swear to the gods if you ruin it, Gladiolus, I’ll murder you.”
  • That’s his way of saying “Kiss me, and take your time; i want this to be as special as I know it is.”

  • Over the relationships there’s constant “I hate you, Gladiolus” but they ALWAYS sound like the entire opposite, despite the ‘anger’ in them.
  • “I hate you, Gladiolus.”
  • “? Then why did you kiss me?”
  • “Because I wanted to >:(”
  • “I hate you, Gladiolus.”
  • “Say that all you want, I’m not putting you down anyway.”
  • “Like I care…”
  • “I hate you, Gladiolus.”
  • “Well, that’s definitely not what normally you say after sex, you know?”
  • “It is if your partner just broke your butt.“
  • “Should I apologize?”
  • “….not really.”

  • Tsundere Ignis on daily basis.
  • “Stop, I didn’t ask you to hug me!”
  • *Ignis is hugging back*
  • “Don’t get all sentimental on me, did you hear me?”
  • *Ignis has composed 10 romantic poems to him*
  • “Ugh. Romantic movies. So stupid.”
  • *The Notebook gets him every time*
  • *he loves Amelié*
  • *Omg it’s Pretty Woman on TV, GLADIO, HURRY*
  • “I hate to be touched”
  • *constantly crawling onto Gladio when the man’s sleeping*
  • *constant nuzzling at his head/neck*
  • “Don’t be so clingy, Gladiolus!”
  • “*Ignis clings to Gladio like a koala bear because he didn’t want to let go of bed cuddling and Gladio stood up to this result*

  • “Two months away on a mission at the other side of Lucis? Don’t look at me like that, Gladio, it’s not like it saddens me or anything. I don’t even care. Two months free of your ass, I’ll enjoy every second of it.”
  • *texts him ‘I miss you’ every night*
  • *since the first night*
  • *sends first ‘I miss you’ text midnight*
  • *Gladio reads it*
  • *Turns around*
  • “Iggy… I think you just miss-programmed your message. I still don’t leave. That’s later this morning, sweetheart.”
  • Ignis is trying to frown but instead he just looks sad.
  • “I know. I just…already miss you. You, idiot.”
  • Gladio stays quiet at first, but snuggles and kisses his man’s head when Ignis drops a small tear.


I gave myself the feels with that last part, I ain’t going further, it’s hurting me,a sjsfdkljg.

I hope you liked this, anon. :’3

Marco’s death fucked me up. Erwin’s death fucked me up. Now Isayama wants to mess with me some more and kill my emotions and evidently Ymir now too…… Ugh….. Four years of absolute heartache with that man…….. Shit! Ymir was special to me too.

So hear me out on this…. But from a previous post I stated…. I truly feel Reiner is going through a moral crisis and I truly believe he’s regretting everything he has ever done. He holds himself to blame over the death of Marcel (which conveniently so does his brother now, too!) he’s getting flashbacks of Bertolt, Anni and Marcel (I wonder if he’s having some sort of Alzheimer’s disease complex, especially now since he has like two years left to live). His feelings for brining Ymir, basically to her death sentence…… I mean the theories are indeed out there but it wouldn’t surprise one bit of Reiner changes face and in one last battle or at ointment for his sins, he helps the survey corps in defeating the Marley Empire. I have such a soft spot for this guy…… Now my next question and focus of concern is with Anni. Because despite what a lot of people I this fandom think…. I’ve always loved Anni!!! Hell, I love her even more than Mikasa.

Me rewatching Hunter x Hunter

Gon in episode 2

Gon: What if i run into a situation like that and I can only save one person … What should i do then?

Chimera Ant Arc Flashback


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CASUAL REMINDER of Rhysand on Feyre & Tamlin’s Wedding Day:

This season is one of my favourites hands down

I admire all the seasons don’t get me wrong but only a few have been the ones that I might even rewatch because it was just that good. But this season with it’s unpredictability and unorthodox plot I feel like everyone will be compelled to rewatch it. From the thrill of knowing the identity of the cult members, finding about Kai’s family, our suspicion about ivy being true and especially the amazing character development we got to see in Ally all of this just makes anyone want to rewatch this season again and again.

I haven’t put in the dark because of a show in a long time and I’m here for it.