all these feeeels

(Headcanon time again)

The first time Peter sees Yondu kill, it’s to protect him.

(It was too messy, way too much, but the boy’s been in trouble and Yondu’s anger too hot and his whistle too sharp to really think about how the bloodbath must affect a child and he only ever after thinks of what a picture he must have made with his teeth bared and blue skin painted green-ish by blood as he stands over the shocked child, arrow at the ready to kill the next bastard coming too close to his charge…)

The first time Peter shoots someone, it’s to protect Yondu.

(It wasn’t planned, not really thought out, and he didn’t mean to kill him, he really didn’t, he just saw that scary looking guy with teeth and claws and knives coming at Yondu’s back when the Centaurian had turned to tell Peter to go hide, fuck it boy, go hide already – and he shoots the blaster like Yondu’s taught him and he didn’t expect it to hit, to make such a mess, but it DOES and… and he didn’t mean to, he really didn’t, but suddenly the guy is dead…)

Both times end up with a distraught Peter who doesn’t think or talk straight, and Yondu kneeling before him, cradling his pale face between large blue hands as he tells the child to “Look at me, Quill, look at meas the child breaks and breaks down.


It’s then and there that Yondu realizes how little he knows about raising a child, because when he was Peter’s age, hurting and killing and surviving was all he knew, but here is Peter, somehow more afraid of the dead and what he himself has done than he is of Yondu, crying and begging him to understand “I just wanted to help, Yondu, I didn’t mean someone to get hurt…!”

Yondu doesn’t know anything about it, for fuck’s sake, so he does the only thing that feels right and lets Peter cling to him as he cries, carefully resting a hand on the shaking back.

“I know, Peter, I know.”

Because that he does know, even when he doesn’t know anything else.


“Lord Rivers was always considered a kind, serious and just man, and tested by every
vicissitude of life. However much he prospered, he never harmed anyone , while doing good to many'”

On the 25th of June 1483, Anthony Woodville is executed at Pontefract Castle. 


loving the Jekyll, with the Hyde…

growing up with so much romance mangaz is bound to make me churn out this kinda fanart :P

Oh gosh first impressions of Tessa and Scott’s Moulin Rouge FD is that I’m watching something big, huge, monumental– the program of the season has debuted folks, I’m in love <3

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Doumeki and/or Yashiro from Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai in color palette 4

Heyy anon, sorry it took so long to get this done… On the bright side, I drew both Yashiro and Doumeki and this ended up a lot more detailed than my other color palettes~

I want the next chapter so much…… It feels like FOREVER since last chapter and I need to know what’s gonna happen (all the feeeels) I can’t deal with this 4 month long waiting

Aand so this was the last color palette request I got~ I’m going to do a few more of my own choice for a few palettes I like that were not requested.

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ok but what about daisy/robbie on a mission where its cold and he gives her his jacket and he pretends its not a big deal (even tho he never lets anyone touch his jacket just like he never gives anyone a ride) and then daisy constantly "borrows" it when shes cold and its just a thing for them that they dont talk about but it just kinda happens all the time and just feeeels


dont imaging daisy borrowing his jacket one day and he’s aimlessly searching for it and he is livid because thats his jacket and the last person who touched it literally died

and when he sees Daisy walking around the base with it because fitz was fucking around the AC and now its on a constant blow despite it being like 5 degrees out and his heart goes wild because damn it looks good on her

the first time Gabe comes by and sees her wearing it he literally wheels himself into a person because thats his brothers jacket robbie doesnt let gabe touches jacket and she’s wearing it holy hell he literally just died insdie because this girl is changing his brother for the better and he is so happy