all these emotions arise


Question: What about emotions? I get caught up in my emotions more than I do in my mind.

Answer: “Mind”, in the way I use the word, is not just thought. It includes your emotions as well as all unconscious mental-emotional reactive patterns. Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet. It is the body’s reaction to your mind - or you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body.

For example, an attack thought or a hostile thought will create a build-up of energy in the body that we call anger. The body is getting ready to fight. The thought that you are being threatened, physically or psychologically, causes the body to contract, and this is the physical side of what we call fear. Research has shown that strong emotions even cause changes in the biochemistry of the body. These biochemical changes represent the physical or material aspect of the emotion. Of course, you are not usually conscious of all your thought patterns, and it is often only through watching your emotions that you can bring them into awareness.

The more you are identified with your thinking, your likes and dislikes, judgments and interpretations, which is to say the less present you are as the watching consciousness, the stronger the emotional energy charge will be, whether you are aware of it or not. If you cannot feel your emotions, if you are cut off from them, you will eventually experience them on a purely physical level, as a physical problem or symptom. A great deal has been written about this in recent years, so we don’t need to go into it here. A strong unconscious emotional pattern may even manifest as an external event that appears to just happen to you.

For example, I have observed that people who carry a lot of anger inside without being aware of it and without expressing it are more likely to be attacked, verbally or even physically, by other angry people, and often for no apparent reason. They have a strong emanation of anger that certain people pick up subliminally and that triggers their own latent anger.

If you have difficulty feeling your emotions, start by focusing attention on the inner energy field of your body. Feel the body from within. This will also put you in touch with your emotions.

Except from The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

Imagine - "I don't want to be like him."

Jason’s P.O.V

The room spun around me, causing everything it contained to become blurred. Slowly, I started to feel my heartbeat increasing in speed as I felt my surroundings pressing against me, suffocating me.

I pressed myself against the counter of the kitchen, using it as leverage to stop myself from falling. I felt all my emotions, that I’d previously pushed deep down inside of me, arising to the surface. I felt the sadness, the anger, the worry, the guilt.

All the things I’ve witnessed consumed my mind. All the things I never wanted to do, all the things I never wanted to be took over my brain.

The broken glass from various glasses, plates and cups lay across the kitchen floor, showing the aftermath of my breakdown. My fingernails dug deeply into the wood of the counter, turning my knuckles a pale white, the veins in my wrist bulged out of my skin due to the pressure I was putting onto my muscles.

I felt suffocated; my chest felt as though two large hands were pushing against it constantly, and the air felt warm around my mouth and nose, making me unable to breathe.

I needed [Y/N]. I needed her touch, her words, her presence. I needed her to tell me I wasn’t like him, I needed her to make the demon inside of me disappear, even if it was only just for a little while.

I pulled at the collar of my shirt, hoping to feel some sort of relief but nothing seemed to take away the feeling of being trapped. I felt my legs become weak and suddenly unable to hold the weight of my body. As a result, I came in contact with the floor. A sharp shooting pain slithered evilly up my tailbone, winding me and stealing even more air from my lungs.

I wheezed through the small gap in my throat, feeling my heart thumping in my chest and ringing in my ear. I shuffled with my free hand and rested my back against the cold wall. My right hand clutched the area over my heart, feeling it stress and panic inside of me.

It wasn’t long after I fell to the floor that I heard the front door unlock and quietly open and close. “Jason?” The melodic voice rang through the house, causing me to gasp, feeling tears prick at my eyes at the sound of her voice.

When her eyes landed on me, sat helplessly on the floor of the kitchen, her eyes filled with worry and sadness, something I never wanted to cause her; she was too beautiful to not be shining bright with happiness.

I let out a groan, motioning my hand for her to come to me. I felt embarrassment rush through my body as I acted like a child in front of [Y/N]. “Jason, please, you’re scaring me. What’s happening?” She fell to her knees next to me, sliding her warm, dainty hand around my neck and pulling me close. I closed my eyes when I felt her touch.

“Can you breathe? You don’t look like you can breathe.” She frowned, her puzzled look making me smile, simply because I couldn’t laugh. “Take deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth.” I did as I was told, watching her do it also. I took her hand in mine and squeezed it, feeling things begin to, ever so slightly, come into focus.

I felt my chest loosen and my heart rate slowing down. I continued to watch her as she scanned my appearance. Her face was tense and scrunched, sure to leave lines around her forehead. “Jason, what’s going on? I’m scared.” My heart pained as she grabbed my shirt in her hand and held on tightly. “Did someone hurt you? Did they come after you? Have you been shot?” The water pooled in her eyes while her eyebrows attempted to join together.

I shook my head. “N-No, I’m fine, babygirl.” My throat was sore, causing my voice crack throughout my sentence.

But I knew I wasn’t fine; the second she walks away, the thoughts were going to take over my mind once more and I would be left like this again. The look on her face when she was worried was too much to bare, however. I was left with no choice.

Her nostrils flared and her face became tight. “Stop it, Jason. I know you’re not fine, Jason McCann doesn’t get like this, this is solid proof that you are not okay.” Her voice was brittle and shaky while she tried to act confident and strong.

I sighed. “It’s, uh, it’s my dad.” My gaze fell to the hall behind her, not wanting to look at her.

“What about him? Has something happened?” I realised how many questions she was asking and I kept myself quiet as I clenched my jaw. She’s only concerned, she isn’t trying to annoy you.

“No. He’s fine.” She must have acknowledged the bluntness behind my words because she didn’t say anything else. I took the time to be thankful for her for that; she knew what annoyed me and even though she could bring it up and get angry at me for it, she always gave me space and the time I needed to think. She’s patient with me. “..I’m like him, aren’t I?” I lifted my head to look her in the eyes, her big, loving, caring eyes that make everything feel okay.

“I don’t know what you’re getting at.” She spoke quietly, looking weary as she sat more comfortably on the cold, hard floor. I reminded myself to carry her upstairs and run her a hot bath after this was over.

“My dad, all his life, all he’s wanted is power and leverage, something to bounce off of to make himself bigger than everyone else. He kills, hurts, bargains, anything to get what he wants. He’s sick and he’s twisted and all I can think about is how much I relate to him.” I felt a lump form in my throat, straining my voice.

“Jason, you know I’ve never taken that much of a liking to your dad and what he does, in fact, I’m still scared shitless of him. But you, God, I’ve never been more sure of my love for another person before. You are, in no way, your father.” Her hand rested on my thigh, her thumb grazed across the material of my jeans.

“[Y/N], I’ve killed people, innocent people, I’ve taken their lives, all for fucking money.” I pulled my knees up, closer to me. I gripped my hair with both hands while leaning on my elbows on my knees so that I was no longer open to her. “God,” I paused. “This isn’t what I wanted.” I felt fatigue wash over me, probably from the feeling of needing to cry, but not being able to. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry to everyone I’ve affected. When I think of all those people I’ve killed, and taken away from their families, I hurt, I hurt for them and I wish I could take their place.”

“Listen to me. That right there is proof you’re not like him,” I looked up at her, almost with hope. “You feel emotions.” She tilted her head, causing me to chuckle involuntarily.

“My dad feels things, [Y/N], just a little bit differently.” My small attempt at laughter died down and I looked at her

“Anyway, you know where you’re going wrong, you understand your mistakes and you’re sorry for them. You are your own person, Jason McCann, and I don’t want you to ever compare yourself to him ever again because he’s not you and you’re not him, be thankful for that.” Her words stayed with me, giving me the rope I needed to climb out of the hole I had dug myself into.

“I’m scared. I don’t want to be like this.” I sent her a pleading look, as though she could make it all go away with a simple smile.

“I know, I’m scared too. But I’m going to be here and we’re going to be okay, right?” She sent me a small smile, but it was somehow enough to reassure me.

“Right.” I grabbed her and pulled her closer to me, loving the feeling of her warmth. I held onto her tight, knowing for certain that I was holding onto everything that mattered.

Here are my favorite self-affirming statements. Feel free to use these in whatever way you’d like!! I’m here if anyone needs to talk / vent, lovelies!! xo 

Self-esteem & confidence affirmations // 

  • I am unique; I feel great about being alive & being me. 
  • Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life. 
  • Challenges bring out the best in me, so naturally I love them. 
  • I choose to be happy right now because I love my life. 
  • I am courageous and willing to act in spite of any fears. 
  • I attract positive & kind people into my life .
  • I create positive & supportive relationships. 
  • I trust myself. 
  • Regardless of how anyone feels about me, I am choosing to be happy & completely love myself today. 

Nutrition affirmations // 

  • I make conscious decisions about the food I put into my body. 
  • When I eat, I take my time to enjoy all the different flavors. 
  • I savor every piece & allow myself a treat every now & then. 
  • I nurture my body. 
  • I keep hydrated each day by drinking plenty of water. 
  • Every cell in my body thanks me for making wonderful nutritional choices. 
  • My body is a home to my spirit. 

Bedtime affirmations // 

  • I am calm & safe as I lie down. 
  • I am now relaxed, both mentally & physically. 
  • I am filled with a sense of contentment, happiness, & gratitude. 
  • I am grateful for the experiences today has brought into my life. 
  • I am very happy with myself for the accomplishments I have achieved today, no matter how big or small. 
  • I am forgiven & I forgive myself & others. 
  • I look forward to the opportunities tomorrow brings 
  • I am filled with a deep sense of peaceful sleep now. 
  • I am refreshed every morning with a new & positive outlook. 

Personal growth affirmations // 

  • I live an incredibly blessed life. 
  • I am worthy of all things wonderful. 
  • I grow & learn each day. 
  • I let go of regrets from the past because they hold me there & prevent me from experiencing the now. 
  • I have experienced true heartache in my lifetime, but through that, I have discovered deep compassion. 
  • I no longer feel the need to compete or try to be better than anyone else. 
  • I aspire only to be a better person than I was yesterday. 

Self-acceptance affirmations // 

  • I love & accept myself just the way I am. 
  • I release all feelings of self-hate & self-loathing I previously felt. 
  • I accept all the mistakes I have made & forgive myself of them. 
  • I no longer feel the need to criticize myself. 
  • I am patient with myself. 
  • I love my body & I treat it with respect. 
  • I have a burning energy source inside me & I am worthy of all things wonderful. 
  • I love who I am now as well as the person I am becoming. 

Anxiety affirmations // 

  • I feel all the emotions that arise within me. 
  • When feeling anxious, I take a moment out to decipher why I am feeling this way. 
  • There is no point in worrying about things I cannot control. 
  • When anxiety visits me, I close my eyes & focus on my breathing. 
  • I release myself from this moment of anxiety. 
  • All is well with me. 

Transformation affirmations // 

  • I am powerful & capable of changing anything in my life. 
  • I welcome & embrace new changes in my life. 
  • I let go of old practices & ways that no longer serve me. 
  • I accept necessary changes that must take place in my life. 
  • Everyday I grow more beautiful & strong. 
  • I am as free as a butterfly. 
  • My life is unfolding perfectly. 

 Healing affirmations // 

  • Every day, I choose healing for my heart, mind, body, & spirit. 
  • I work through the darkness in my life & am always able to find the stars. 
  • I heal in my own time & am gentle with myself. 
  • I forgive myself & I forgive those who have hurt me in my past. 
  • My heart may be broken, but I fill the cracks with love & gentleness. 
  • I am healing beautifully. 

Letting go affirmations // 

  • My heart is a sponge for love only. 
  • There is no room in my heart for fear-based energy. 
  • By only absorbing positive energy, every cell in my body radiates positivity & joy. 
  • When I encounter fearful energy, I acknowledge it & look for what it can teach me, but I give it no power over me whatsoever. 
  • I let go of negative experiences. 
  • I am free from fear & destructive energies. 
  • I am constantly consumed by blissful, positive, & healing energy. 

Forgiving others affirmations // 

  • I know in my heart that to heal from any hurt, I must forgive the people who have caused me pain. 
  • When I hold onto anger & resentment towards another person, I give them power over my heart. 
  • By forgiving them, I am not saying their actions were acceptable; I am just releasing myself from pain. 
  • By forgiving others, I set myself free. 
  • Anger is a natural emotion, but I know when I hold onto it for too long, it becomes toxic & it affects every fiber of my being & life. 
  • I forgive them & replace my pain with peace.

Inspired living affirmations // 

  • I live in a constant state of inspiration. 
  • I release the need to set too many goals as they distract me from living in the present moment. 
  • I appreciate the journey just as much as the destination. 
  • I surround myself with positive, creative, & inspiring people. 
  • I have a wonderful & wild imagination, so I rarely experience boredom. 
  • I am an inspired being. 

Honoring individuality affirmations // 

  • The divine energy that created me also created every other being on this planet. 
  • We are all connected by this same source of divine energy. 
  • I embrace my individuality. 
  • I respect the uniqueness in everyone else. 
  • Collectively, our differences make us more beautiful. 
  • I am deserving of respect regardless of my uniqueness. 
  • I treat everyone with the same respect. 
  • We are all created as equals. 

Reflection affirmations // 

  • I take time to reflect on my amazing life. 
  • I look at where I am today & I look at how I got to be here. 
  • I acknowledge the darkness & the light. 
  • I have a clear vision of the positive changes I must make in my life so that I may heal & grow in the best way possible. 
  • I release regrets & disappointments. 
  • I accept my journey for what it is & I acknowledge that only I can do my healing work. 
  • This journey is my own & I can make it whatever I would like. 
  • I am a beautiful human being, worthy of love & happiness. 

Gentleness affirmations // 

  • I know that to help others, I must first heal myself. 
  • I practice being gentle in all areas of my life. 
  • I release the emotions that no longer serve me after working through all the others. 
  • I replace guilt with acceptance.
  • I exchange fear for love & courage. 
  • I have a warm & caring heart. 
  • Every cell in my body radiates peace & because of this, I am an example of peace to others. 
  • I know in every situation that love & kindness is the answer. 
  • I am grateful to know this truth & I practice it daily. 

Compassion affirmations // 

  • I am a compassionate being, filled with love & kindness. 
  • I am an example of unconditional love to all those around me. 
  • I am always looking for the light in others.
  • If I find myself wanting to judge another person, I recognize those feelings & send that person my love instead. 
  • Everyday I grow more compassionate. 
  • My compassionate heart allows me to relate to others with peace, understanding, love, & forgiveness. 
  • I know that love is always the answer. 

Patience affirmations // 

  • I am a patient being. 
  • I know that everything in my life comes to me & occurs at the perfect time. 
  • I do not force anything to hurry up in my life because it is all unfolding perfectly & just as beautifully as spring blossoms. 
  • There is always something for me to learn in waiting. 
  • I am at peace with the way my life is progressing. 

Inner strength & power affirmations // 

  • I have survived every negative experience in my life so far. 
  • I have not only survived negative experiences; I thrived. 
  • To heal from hurt, I feel every emotion I must go through. 
  • I never push my feelings down or try to cover them up. 
  • I face these feelings, sit with them, learn from them & grow with them. 
  • I find my strength through love. 
  • I am strong & incredibly powerful. 

Transitional affirmations // 

  • I am called to make positive changes in my life. 
  • I am deserving of love, happiness, & health. 
  • I am worthy of all things wonderful. 
  • I am not afraid of making changes in my life because I know these changes are for my highest good. 
  • I am gentle on myself during this time of change & transition. 
  • I have a clear vision of the direction I want my life to go in. 
  • Amidst all of this positive change, my heart is centered & my mind is peaceful. 
  • I take it one day at a time. 
  • I am conscious of my thought patterns. 

orion--ascending  asked:

Would you mind explaining earth chakras and vortex locations for me? There's so much mixed information about land chakras and I could really use a clear guide for all of this. Your knowledge of the hybrid children and high energy places is far beyond what I can find online elsewhere. Thank you so much Elle. Your experience is so raw and authentic and you and Bashar are the most accurate sources of information I have ever found. You are the physicalized expression of everything beautiful! <3

Earth’s Chakras and Vortices

Chakras and vortices form an energetic grid system throughout earth and supply the land with high frequency information and “acceleration points” which help humanity integrate more of who they truly are. Chakras tend to have more relaxed, dream-state energy while vortices are amplifiers. You can have positive or negative experiences in these high energy spots based on your state of being and energy… these energy points are high vibrational multidimensional gateways that merge together and allow you to integrate 4d/5d crystalline themes into your present incarnation. Because these points are all connected it is possible to be standing in Sedona while feeling the energy of Glastonbury in a particular spot (there is an area about 10-20 meters in diameter near Crescent Moon like this).


Crown Chakra: Mt. Shasta, California

Mt. Shasta is the point of “I Am” energy… it is the home of the Violet Flame and St. Germain consciousness. The most commonly visited point at Shasta is Panther Meadows which is located near the base of the Mountain. You can still receive the energetic effects of this beautiful place without having to buy climbing gear and without having to go all the way to the top- although you can do that too if you wish. Shasta is a very sacred place. Almost everyone who visits feels compelled to write about their experience or to express it via artwork (I recently did a watercolour of the Shasta/Violet Flame experience I had!!! =D). The local Native Americans in the area worship the Mountain as a concrete, physical representation of their Creator. To them, Mt. Shasta is the Holy of Holies. The Native Americans do not ascend above the timberline- not out of fear- but because of the respect they have for their Creator. Shasta forms a Vesica Pisces energy grid with Sedona and their electromagnetic fields create a powerful path of healing and inspiration for the new civilizations that are forming. Many people see UFO’s on the Mountain and clouds that are shaped like conceptualized spaceships are often sighted “hanging low” over the Mountain. This location is also commonly known as a meeting place for the High Council: people are able to crystallize and integrate the energy of ascended masters and Christ Consciousness as the high vibration of Shasta accelerates the integration. Mt. Shasta brings you face to face with your higher Self and enhances your conscious connection to the multifaceted crystal of Creation. =)

Third Eye Chakra: Mt. Kailas, Himalayas

This location accelerates insight and grants glimpses into other realities and dimensions. =) It is often frequented by Tibetans, Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus who usually travel clockwise around the Mountain in alignment with the spiraling energy.

Throat Chakra: Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury is swirling and spiraling with ancient memories and extraterrestrial communication… Avalon is commonly associated with this magickal place and it was also the territory of the Druids. There is great archetypal magick embedded in the land and it is the throat chakra because it will be the Communication Headquarters for the new villages and civilizations that are forming on earth. The language of alchemy and unity are often expressed through the crop circles that appear regularly throughout the landscape… they are physical messages and energetic symbols from extraterrestrials and higher dimensions. The Chalice Well, The Glastonbury Tor, and Glastonbury Abbey are iconic places for tourists and spiritual seekers alike.

Heart Chakra: Maui, Hawaii

Spiritual seekers who visit Hawaii are often drawn to the Haleakala volcano which matches the Schumann Resonance of 7.8- the resonance of our hearts. The Hawaiian islands are the remnants of ancient Lemuria and 5th dimensional Lemurian memories are beamed at Heart-Frequency to everyone who visits. Several hybrid parents who have visited Hawaii have had vivid interactions with their hybrid children. From my perspective, Hawaii is Sedona’s energetic twin in many ways.

Solar Plexus: Mt. Fuji, Japan

Zen energy and the Tao of Now vibrations present here reveal a completely different form of power available to humanity. This place can help seekers release any forceful mentalities they may have. Earth’s solar plexus shows that power is best expressed through gentleness and simplicity. The beings of the Barnard Star System would feel right at home on Mt. Fuji because they fully embrace the art of effortlessness and ease. True power comes from a state of no resistance. Artists seeking to create more naturally would greatly benefit from a visit or a meditation on Mt. Fuji. “When you can do more with less, you can do less and get more.” The best love is effortless. The greatest freedom comes from releasing insistence.

Sacral Chakra: Lake Titicaca, Peru

Titicaca is home to womb energy and the mother goddess. It is a highly feminine location which deeply nourishes all beings on emotional levels. This gateway is the womb from which creativity arises… new projects, ventures, selves, and experiences are birthed here. Sacred sexuality takes on a holistic and intentional role after you have integrated the deep power of your womb (men can also benefit from visiting Titicaca and work with the creative power of their hara). Titicaca is a sacred midwife- bringing hidden creativity in your being to the forefront of consciousness. What can be more nurturing than knowing you are limitless? Mama Titicaca knows your potential. <3

Root Chakra: Ayers Rock, Australia

Our ancient roots are truly felt at this representational origin point of humanity. The Aboriginals believe that their ancestors used this gateway to access the earth realm. Connections to our star families feel SO tangible here! When I stand in this area I feel the sweet nostalgia that one might feel when they look at old baby pictures or recall a fond memory from their childhood. To be here is to see the stars in their infancy and to feel the creative potential of the Big Bang. When we are grounded in who we are, we are able to be like the trees and extend our antennas into higher realms while retaining awareness of our connection to all that is. The root chakra is an opportunity to shift from dual thinking into polarity awareness where opposites are really just alternate sides of the same thing and where the masculine and feminine polarities are fully appreciated in their highest forms.

Major Vortices

A vortex/vortice is an area where energy spirals up and out of the earth. At Airport Mesa in Sedona, Arizona, you will notice that the tree trunks grow in the same spiraling direction as the vortex. Vortices are usually like the veins of a body while chakras are more like arteries. They are all connected in an energetic grid that helps you manifest and accelerate your present state of being. People from all over the world come to these places to receive healing, inspiration, and even visions from higher realms and future humanity.

Sedona Arizona

Woooooo!!!!! We’ve reached my personal favorite and my present home on earth! <3 Yayyyyy for Sedona! Bashar has stated numerous times that Sedona is the highest frequency location in the Western Hemisphere. Sedona is home to many well-known vortices like Bell Rock (located 3 miles from my house), Cathedral Rock (visible from my house if you sit on the roof), and Airport Mesa. The Seven Sacred Pools, Boynton Canyon, and thousands of trails are other huge tourists attractions and places of alchemy and transformation. Sedona receives millions of tourists every year who are usually seen uptown on the Pink Jeep tours and at these popular sites. Sedona is a spiritual mecca for people all over the world- many of them come to enjoy our famous ufo tours and e.t. workshops. If you live in the Village of Oak Creek, you receive all of the benefits and beautiful views of Sedona… but are also several miles away from the huge crowds of tourists. The Village is a quiet place where mountain lions can be seen in backyards and coyotes and lynx cats are seen on a daily basis. Some locals claim to have seen Jaguars in the past. A jaguar was recently sighted in the Tucson mountains so these claims are definitely believable. I could really talk about Sedona all day. Everyone who visits wants to move here. Bashar calls Sedona the Hybrid Parent Headquarters because this is the location where first open e.t. contact will occur. I am already aware of one of the landing sites for Yahyel ships. Many hybrid parents live here in Sedona because we are meant to usher in a new age of star family integration and DNA upgrades. If you are drawn to live in Sedona, you are a part of a very beautiful soul group that is truly making heaven present on earth. Sedona is responsible for balancing the energetic grid of the entire planet and it is called the 33rd parallel because it vibrates at 33 cycles per second- that is very fast for planet Earth. The new technology, new economy, 4th/5th dimensional ways of living, and meetups with starchildren will occur here. The amount of emotion and the urge to fall asleep at a picnic table to dream with the hybrids when I first visited Sedona was overwhelming in the most blissful sense ever. The hybrid children will show up here first and Sedona will kind of be like the energetic capitol for the New Civilization we are forming.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle always gives me the most pleasant chills when I talk about it! It is the doorway to SO many layers,dimensions, civilizations, and timelines. No doubt, you have heard about the many incidents of disappearing aircraft or lost sailors… some report seeing spiraling clouds right before they time travel or manage survive to say that they experienced time at a completely different rate… some never return because they pass through this doorway into a different timeline/reality. The dolphins in this area are the keepers of the Atlantean Healing Center which is located far beneath the ocean waves. The ancient relics and artifacts of the Atlantean civilization are hidden here and will be discovered within the next 20 years. This location works in conjunction with “Crystal Skull” energy many people are now becoming familiar with. The Crystal skulls house memories of ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, and human history as a whole.

Cairo, Egypt

To me, Egypt represents humanity’s potential to use technology for positive or negative reasons. In the Bible, Egypt is a place of slavery and suffering for the Israelites who were eventually freed by Moses and a mysterious cloud that led them during the day and a cloud/pillar of fire that led them at night. According to the Bible quail and manna also fell from “heaven” (sounds strangely akin to abilities available to a spaceship). In archaeology, Egypt shows evidence of extraterrestrial contact and the spreading of mass information. Egypt represents the power of images and leadership and how they can be used to destroy people or to build a harmonious earth. Egypt is obviously home to the famous pyramids and advanced forms of astral travel represented by sarcophagus boxes. Much of Egypt is shrouded in mystery from humanity’s perspective but it is a huge part of who we are today. The Annunaki are often seen as a negative species that mined the earth for gold and enslaved humanity but they are the entire reason that homo sapiens came to be. By inbreeding with humans, they upgraded the DNA of the day which prompted greater consciousness and self-assimilation. The Annunaki have now evolved into something else and are an important aspect of humanity’s history. Egyptian symbols hint that pharaohs may have been in regular contact with these beings even after the Annunaki left the earth realm.

Minor Chakra Points/Vortices

Ø  Moab, Utah (also known as the Upheaval Dome)

Ø  Jerusalem, Israel

Ø  Tirta Empul, Bali

Ø  Lake Rotopounamu, New Zealand

Ø  Antigua, Guatemala

Ø  Kauai, Hawaii


Other High Frequency areas:

Ø  Roswell, New Mexico

Ø  Orcas Island, Washington/San Juan Islands

Ø  Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Ø  Crystal Grid of Arkansas

Ø  Ringing cedars trees in the taiga of Russia (For more information on these I would recommend reading the “Ringing Cedars” book series by Vladimir Megre. The series spawned an eco-village revolution in Russia which is now spreading to the United States. Families are co-creating “spaces of love” and gardening and raising their children consciously in alignment with nature.)

Ø  Muir Woods National Monument (home to the great Redwood beings of California)

Ø  Switzerland: Various locations in this area have been visited by Pleiadians… The blue flowers of this area beam Pleiadian energy into the earth realm. Although the Billy Meier/Semjase story has been heavily criticized and questioned, it is still worth researching.

Conclusion: A New Earth

Many other people have done fabulous writings about their experiences in these high vibrational centers I have spoken about here. For those seeking more information about the New Earth we are creating I will provide a list of resources at the end as a “starter kit” for conscious research. This writing reflects both common knowledge (much of which has been transmitted by Bashar- an entity of the Eshakani civilization- and channeled by Darryl Anka) and my own personal experiences. There are a few places I have yet to visit but I have been to the vast majority of these locations in person. A new civilization is forming on planet earth which will give rise to a permanent experience of peace and exponential, holistic expansion as a species.

Recommended Resources:                                                                              

Ø  All Bashar material

Ø  Those who want more information about hybrid children should seek out the Hybrid Children Community website or the Harmonious Earth website. There is a similar writing about chakras and vortices on the Harmonious Earth website by Bridget Nielsen and her perspective is well worth the read! Our writings supplement each other. One of my bios is included on the HE website and will be updated soon.

Ø  Lyssa Royal- channel for several entities including Sasha the Pleiadian (has channeled Bashar on occasion as well)

Ø  Abraham Hicks

Ø  Conversations with God series

Ø  Barbara Marciniak

Ø  Barbara Hand Clow

Ø  Phoenix Lights UFO sighting

Ø  Ishuwa and the Yahyel (channeled by Shaun Swanson)

Ø  Anything else your excitement leads you to!

People shouldn’t have to appear always, you know, stable and content, because people aren’t always stable and content. And it makes it harder, and it makes us as a majority more unstable and more discontented because we don’t have the freedom to express all of these darker sides of our emotions. Because we’re supposed to keep everything very, you know, friendly and polite and appropriate all the time. And I think that every emotion is appropriate whenever it arises.
- Fiona Apple
Having a Hard Time Meditating? Read This.

No one has been “good” at meditation. Ever. 

Meditation is not like drawing a picture, building a castle, or closing a deal. It is not something at which you are successful or unsuccessful. It is a process

When you lift weights, some progress is always happening. Some fat is being burned and some muscle is being generated. If you go to the gym daily, lift weights correctly for a certain period of time daily, then there will be some progress daily. Some days you may feel like a champ lifting and other days you may feel like gutter swine. It doesn’t mean anything. 

How you feel about a particular meditation sitting isn’t an actual insight into how useful or effective a meditation practice is for you. This is the incredibly crucial truth about meditation: It is wholly unlike any other way you have previously used your attention. 

Let me ask you this: How often do you rest your attention on something for an extended period of time without wanting, expecting, straining, ignoring, forgetting, contemplating, or fearing? Yeah, me neither. 

That’s why meditation is such a slippery challenge at first. It is very unfamiliar territory. So when you sit with your attention resting on your breath or between your eyebrows, all of the above experiences like wanting, straining, contemplating, fearing, and so on will persist. It is like turning off a ceiling fan and watching it continue to spin for a while. 

Many people take that continued “spinning” of their mind as a sign that something is wrong or isn’t working. This is not so and this is why refraining from all forms of judgment during meditation is essential. 

Meditation is about the cessation of thought. Not silencing your mind but allowing your mind to become silent. There is a difference between thinking and having thoughts. Thinking is under your conscious control, having thoughts is not–it is a spontaneous habit. In meditation, you gradually learn to cease deliberate use of thought. The spontaneous-thought-habit will continue but it is starved by the lack of your own support like a flame without oxygen. Sooner or later, the habit unclenches into peaceful silence. 

If your mind wanders down a train of thought, you notice this and you bring it back to the focus of your meditation (the breath or the space between your eyebrows). That’s it. Over and over you must do this until your attention stops wandering. 

If you get angry at your mind for wandering, if you judge yourself for not meditating “better,” if you try to force the mind to fixate on the focus of your meditation, then it’s like you are turning the ceiling fan off and on over and over. It will take a long time for the fan to finally become still. The above forms of anger, judgment, and force are themselves thoughts and will perpetuate thinking, thereby disrupting the actual dawning of silence. 

Patience is an important mantra for meditation. My guru said something the other night that I really liked, “Be a friend to yourself.” In meditation, don’t judge and scold and strain yourself. Be polite, gentle, and patient with your mind. Just watch and rest the attention on the focus of the meditation and let that be that. Whatever comes, comes. Do not engage, judge, or attempt to reject or cling to certain thoughts or experiences. 

All sorts of emotions may arise. We are accustomed to welcoming some emotions and clinging to them, while rejecting other emotions and fearing them. In meditation, we do neither. As a result, we experience emotions with more fullness. It is when an emotion is given such space and freedom that it finally is able to leave. Until you give freedom to your emotions, they wont be free to leave you. 

You can meditate and become a meditator, because anyone can. It will change your brain and body in measurable ways. It will change your life. And it will change the world for the better. 

Be courageous and be true to your divine potential within. Nothing of this world can stop you from walking the path. 

Take heart and keep at it. 

Namaste, my friends. Much love. 

wildspiritofficial-deactivated2  asked:

Hi Hun, May i ask how old you are? And what age did you start painting?

I just turned 28!! I started painting when I was 7 but when I was 17 is when it really clicked for me.. When I really FELT it for the first time.. That feeling of flowwww…. When you’re one with the universe and you lose your sense of Self.. Creating worlds right in front of your eyes. Having something in your mind and watching it manifest right in front of you.. It’s very addicting!!!! That was when I got hooked. I knew it was something I needed to do for always.. Regardless if it was ever my “job” or not.. That didn’t matter! Ugh I just love it so much.. All of the emotions that arise.. Even the frustrations and fears and worries.. It all teaches you something. :)

ashtraysonfire  asked:

Ive been helping myself get better physically and mentally but today just recently received some bad news and i was wondering if theres anything to help me, im trying to see the positive side of this but its just not so easy

While spirituality offers many antidotes to the various forms of suffering we may encounter in life, the efficacy of those antidotes depends on the strength of our daily practice. 

In other words, spirituality is not a part-time endeavor. It is not something meant only for bad times or only for good times. 

Some people only practice spirituality when times are good. They are the people who cling to positivity and images of world-perfection. 

Other people only practice spirituality when times are bad. They use spirituality as a means to feel better and then forget it all once the symptoms of suffering dissipate. 

While there are useful elements in both, separately they fail to transcend circumstances altogether. Such practitioners are still trapped in the randomness of the world. 

So to begin with, emphasize a daily commitment to your spirituality and wellbeing. That entails:

  • Daily meditation.
    • It is the essence of the way.
  • Daily prayer.
    • It will inspire you, guide you toward catharsis, and keep you in touch with something larger.
  • Daily contemplation. 
    • It will challenge your assumptions and cause you to find new depths of insight.
  • Daily self-care. 
    • It is important to care for your physical wellbeing. Getting enough rest, appropriate diet, and the right amount of exercise will keep you feeling balanced. 

With all of that in mind, facing bad news becomes a matter of adapting. 

One must let go of the way things were or the way we wanted them to be. By doing so, we can more clearly see the way they are now. Then we must resolve the most appropriate course of action and follow it. All the while we are working to digest any difficult emotions that arise. 

Good and bad news will never stop coming. The important thing is to remember that and not give in to either. Assuming everything will always be good or always be bad according to our worldly expectations is illusion. It will lead to suffering. 

Practice your spirituality when times are good, practice when times are bad, and you will discover a peace within yourself that does not depend on either. 

Namaste :)