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okay but imagine someone sees neil and andrew being a couple in public and is just. shocked. bc neil josten and andrew minyard hate each other?? everyone knows that?? the josten/minyard rivalry is stuff of exy legend?? so anyway pictures get posted online and everyone is so. confused. until someone goes “wait andrew has a twin” 

next thing you know, neil josten’s sordid affair with aaron minyard, his worst enemy’s brother, who’s married, is a headline across every tabloid, website, and social media account that even sort of cares about exy. which, as it turns out, is a lot of them.

aaron is horrified, nicky and katelyn are having a fucking field day, and andrew and neil are little shits who are entirely unhelpful in clearing the whole thing up.


Like, this about it…

- Ignis kissing the boys’ foreheads to check their temperature whenever he thinks they have a fever.

- Prompto bouncing up and down with excitement as Noctis makes a last minute victory in chocobro racing, leaving no one unkissed because of his excitement before he soon rushes up to the victor and kisses his cheeks because ‘YEAH BUDDY! We won 50,000 gil!’

- Gladiolus instinctively kissing the team’s bandages after he helps fix them up, because he just got too used to having to kiss Iris’s injuries, and the action just sort of stuck to where he HAS to kiss the bandages, otherwise they won’t heal.

- Noctis being nervous about whether or not he’d make a nice gentlemen when he becomes king after marrying, so he practices kissing the back of his friend’s hands, with them jokingly replying 'Oh my, Noct! You handsome devil, you!’

- Ignis finding that kissing the boy’s on the cheeks is a much better way to encourage them to keep offering to help out around the camp, so he makes it his point to kiss each of the boys’ faces in thanks after they do little chores about the camp.

- Prompto liking to get genuine reactions in his photos with the guys, so when selfie time comes around, the moment he says three, he turns and kisses someone’s cheek or jaw so he can capture the surprised blushes and exasperated expressions.

- Gladiolus always getting annoyed with how long it takes the others to make a decision on things, so he attempts to motivate them by leaning over and kissing their puckered-in-thought lips to get their attention before saying 'You have three seconds before I pick for you.’ In fear of eating ramen again, they pick a place and receive another 'good choice’ kiss from Gladio.

- Noctis always hearing the others say 'I’m so happy I could kiss you right now,’ and always being disappointed when they don’t actually follow through with it. So instead, he always kisses them first, giving a firm nod because if his friends are happy, then he’s happy too. The kisses are just a perk to it all.



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

AU where Bucky gets a service dog.

It was Sam’s idea. Him being the most qualified on the areas of rehab for former soldiers after all. Although Bucky might be the worst case of PTSD anyone had ever come across. Bucky could handle himself just fine during the day. He had been hard wired to deal with anything and everything no matter the pressure. A lot of things would make him tense suddenly. Certain situations sent him into red alert for no reason. He grits his teeth. He handles it. He tells no one.

The nightmares however, were becoming a serious problem. Several months of sleep deprivation can wear down even the toughest of super soldiers, and Steve starts to take notice.

They visit a training center to meet several rehab dogs looking for partners. The slight tug of a smile on Bucky’s face as he meets them is worth the visit by itself. He chooses a huge black lab. It’s a big bear of an animal with a tail that could clear a coffee table in seconds, and yet it’s so gentle and patient.

They pick up an extra large dog bed on the way home, but one look in those liquid brown eyes and Bucky instantly lets the giant lab join him on the bed.
Maybe it’s knowing that someone with even sharper ears than him is in the room to let him know if danger is coming. Maybe it’s just the big warm body and that slow, deep, breathing that is so calming. Maybe it’s just having a friend nearby, but for the first time in a long time, Bucky finally sleeps all the way through the night.


Yea idk this random AU happened in mah head and this came about… Probably another thing that defines a ‘Hero’ are the people who we see in our everyday lives. So I started applying it to bnha characters o v o;;;

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Hey is Balance's leg doing better? Did he at least bandage it?

he’ll be fine

I have this headcanon that all the guys on Team Mustang like have this low-key competition of sorts to earn Riza’s approval and praise.

Like it started really simple, one day after a long meeting Havoc puts a cup of coffee in front of Riza coz he can see she looks tired, and she gives him this lovely smile and the rest of the gang are like “so pretty. how can I get her to smile at me?” So it becomes this challenge to get Riza to smile and give out praise. And they’re all doing little things, like Breda sometimes buys her a sandwich when he goes to get his lunch. And Fuery brings treats for Black Hayate, and helped fix Riza’s phone when it breaks one time. And Falman is there with random facts that he knows Riza will find interesting. And then the Elric brothers come along. And Alphonse is super sweet all the time, and one day they’re in the office and Riza is in civilian clothes (as it’s her day off and she popped into the office for a minute) and Ed says she looks really pretty, and she thanks him and leaves. Then the others let the brothers in on the competition.

And Roy has no idea that this competition even exists. Until one day Ed compliments Riza, and she thanks him and gently ruffles his hair, and Ed, being the little shit that he is, smirks at Roy. Which is his light bulb moment. And Roy is in this state of shock as it all comes together and he realises that he’s been left out of it. So then he gets involved and suddenly there are seven guys all trying to get Riza’s attention and what was once a subtle competition has just exploded. And they’re all trying to one-up each other and it ends up getting really ridiculous. 

Like one day Roy comes in and is like “I hear you enjoy bread sticks. So I got you these.” And pours this giant box of bread sticks on Riza’s desk. And Ed and Al are transmuting little figures of Black Hayate for Riza (like they did for their mum) and so Riza has all these little figures on her desk. 

Riza of course realised what was going on rather early into the competition. But she acts as if she doesn’t know, because she knows it makes them happy. 


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i am more than happy to ask you about anything i think you're the only other person i've found who loves and appreciates GP as much as I do (maybe i'm just not looking in the right places) but i also just love you art so much i love how you always include one at teh bottom of anything

i relate to graffiti pete because i too love art and sonny de la vega 

 ahh i love him so much, hes so good, such a precious lil bean, so much potential – theres definitely more of us out there (@smoltinypumpkinchild being the first to come to mind because we talk about pete SO MUCH) where you at people who love pete?? we all need to talk more

and thank you! have this graffiti pete echoing my thoughts

Tea across Tamriel - Master post

So I am done with my serie of headcanons/worldcanons on various teas in Tamriel, be it actual tea, imaginary fantasy tea, herbal tea, various infusions, and habits regarding tea drinking. Here’s the list to the various parts, along with very short descriptions for each :


[Introduction] A brief overview and some gushing about tea;

[Elsweyr] Or strong sugary, spicy and fruity teas consumed like it’s water;

[Alinor] Or delicate flower teas carefully made by afficionados and snobs;

[Valenwood] Or The Biggest Waste of tea and tea necromancy;

[Cyrodiil] Simple blends of tea and lots of trading;

[Morrowind] About native tea that’s not actually tea, social privileges, and mockery of N'Wahs;

[Argonia] ?????????? Is this tea? Is this poison? We’ll never know;

[Hammerfell] Of refreshing teas and cacti juices;

[High Rock Bretons and regular tea, nobles being crazy and gross, and Orcs not giving a flying butterfly;

[Skyrim] Tea hell and old medicinal concoctions.


This was a lot of fun to come up with, and I certainly hope it was/is/will be just as fun for you to read my thoughts on the subject. =)

Now, I say my thoughts, but it would be unfair to take all the credit. I have to thank a few people here on tumblr with whom I had very pleasant conversations about fictional beverages, who have listened to my dumb ideas and contributed a lot to maturing them. Here they are, in no particular order :

Tatyana, Vonlyth, Lleran, Adelein Gardinier, BloodOfTheAncients and Astarill.

I leave you now to enjoy it all for yourself. Feel free to reblog, comment, or contact me about it if you want to discuss tea in The Elder Scrolls universe. =)

voltron movie headcanons that literally nobody asked for

Lance: Shitty and not so shitty action movies. The more explosions the better. He has also seen every single romcom that has come out since the 80′s but nobody is allowed to know that. (Only You is his favorite, but only ironically)

Keith: Cannot for the Love Of God™ sit still for one entire movie. He keeps getting up to grab food or go to the bathroom and when he isn’t walking around he’s either on his phone or asking a million questions. The only movie they’ve gotten him to watch with out getting distracted was WALL·E. He cried. Twice.

Hunk: This boy has no filter he will watch anything and enjoy it. The best movies are movies with dogs in them and dramas about characters overcoming their personal struggles and learning how to love themselves. He’s also a crier he will cry with everything. 

Pidge: Every single horror film. They don’t even flinch. They’re probably not even paying that much attention to the movie and they’re just enjoying how everyone else is scared shitless. Lance passed out once and Pidge will never let him hear the end of it

Shiro: Shrek

Allura: Absolutely fascinated by the Star Wars saga. “The Skywalkers really need to pull themselves together, though”

Coran: Machete. He likes the moustache.

to kick off summer next year, mr. mystery hosts a huge karaoke party.

stan and ford sing their sea shanties (…i love this headcanon ok) and the crowd loves it. dipper is more comfortable and sings his heart out to BABBA and other top 40 songs, much to mabel’s delight, who joins in. the teens and stan and ford join him for a couple of songs as well. mabel and the girls turn it into a mini Sev’ral Timez concert, they even manage to get the boys on stage.

and for the finale, mabel brings love patrol alpha back together again with a new member, the nerd (as lovingly named by stan). their rendition of taking over midnight is a huge hit with the town.

and then stan asks for one more song, to end off the night properly. everyone wholeheartedly agrees.

he asks for all-star.

i like to think about dave and dirk eventually becoming quietly very touchy and affectionate with each other because they both grew up extremely contact-starved, dave by a hyper-masculine upbringing that taught that stoicism is “cool” and that boys don’t need shit like hugs and physical affection, and dirk by being isolated in the middle of a fucking ocean. with the initial awkwardness out of the way and various issues talked through and shit they can just be bros who care about each other a lot and just like lean into each other all the time and sometimes hug if they need it and sometimes after a hard day of drawing and goofing off just flop down together and take a nap all tangled together.

And IF Gabriel Agreste is Papillion, I’d like to think that post-reveal the akumas would start to get rather ridiculous. I mean he would probably just start to try to annoy his son into giving up the miraculous. Imagine their conversations at dinner (because they would spend a lot more time with each other once they knew each other’s identities I will fight you on this):
“What the heck dad”
“Screaming Lizard???”
“All he did was crawl around and scream. We chased a guy in a lizard disguise all across Paris for half an hour”
“I can’t imagine how that must have felt Adrien”
“Dad I’m serious”
“Hi serious I’m dad”