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Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night! Thanks for the tag @dropshipkingandqueen! I look like crap right now so here’s a pic of me from Sunday, all dressed up for my best friend’s wedding (which was the only reason I didn’t go to Unity Days with the rest of you lol)

I’m so pumped for season 4! I’m most excited to see Bellamy Blake again, honestly. 

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Castiel remembered it like it was yesterday; the first day he met Nini. It was Winter Fling 2015. He didn’t want to go at all, but his mother had made him get all dressed up anyway. What was the point? he thought to himself., standing alone in the corner, hoping his trench coat made him blend in with the wall. 

Nini walked in the room, looking growly because he clearly didn’t want to be there either; being tugged along by his friend Britney.  The song that was playing will be forever etched in Cas’s memory. “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” and oh what a night it was.

Cas was new to this school, a transfer. He had only been here a few weeks and already felt like he didn’t fit in, just like all the other schools he had attended. An outcast, but all that changed the night he met Nini.

“I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder, spinnin’ my head around and takin’ my body under. Oh what a night!” That line kept running through Cas’s head every time he thought about Nini and that night and it still rings true to this day.  


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@ Miku: “Miku kid thingy, you live with a whole lot of people. If something bad happened, which of them would you eat first? No, wait, don’t answer that, that was rude of me. Um, what’s it like living with so many other people? Are any of them servants or something? And why is your hair all weird like that? That doesn’t look like a natural hair color.” 


@ Luka: “I dunno who you are, at all. And you look weird too. Are you guys human or…? Oh, and how come you all dress so casually? Can you afford nicer clothes? Is it normal to dress like that where you live? Oh, you’re really pretty by the way! Pretty enough that… I’m a little worried? Being around pretty people sucks because it’s a constant reminder that I’m ugly, but you seem okay.”


@ Rin & Len: “Do people usually look so similar, or are you two some sort of weird demon that splits into two? Seriously, what are you? I’m concerned. This is my kingdom, so help me.”

[ Sorry if I missed anyone! If you’d like me to change any of The King’s responses, I will <33 ]

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That new Netflix trailer posted confused me. Are they doing a show?? Is it a docuementary? IDK seeing all of those kids dressed like her is weird. What do you think about it?

From what I have gathered, it’s an independently produced documentary that Netflix picked up. It’s not centered around the case in a crime aspect, but more about why the case became so famous and how that affected Boulder. It sounds like they talked to quite a bit of people who lived there during that time period, like the mid 90′s when JonBenet’s case was massive. 

I’m not sure how I feel about the skit type part. I’m sure it will make more sense when they show it with the whole documentary, but it’s rather unsettling. 

I don’t know what to make of it honestly. There have been tons documentaries or specials in the last year. As much as I follow the case, I barely watched those because there was nothing new. I’m a little  more interested in this one just because of the different view point. 

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Oh my god Im in class and as I was scrolling down I saw Hancock's crack and completely backed out of the Tumblr app bc I didnt want to get in trouble for looking at porn (which it wasnt but try explaining that to a teacher)

FFF SORRY I tried to tag it @_@’’

Though in all fairness, she might have more questions about why he’s dressed all colonial and missing a nose and has inverted eyes.

This is a callout post for the TSA agent who was incredibly thoughtful and concerned about me flying across the country all alone without an adult and wanted to make sure I knew how to go through security and felt safe and comfortable and explained that, as per the signs, children under 12 can keep their shoes on, and directed me specifically to another agent to help me so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed or afraid.

You were super sweet and kind, and the look on your face when I handed you my driver’s license and you realized I was 25 was priceless.


Part Three, I guess?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮Part Two ✮

It turns out I played myself, I checked the amount of pages these needed and it went over 10 and if I were to stop it at that point it would literally cut off a page or two so I’m splitting the finale in half which I guess is good since it leaves part three at a very interesting cliffhanger. What will Adrien say in our part four finale?? All i have to say is;


Part Two, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮

Part Three will be out and will be the last one! Shit getting real is all I’m promisin’.