all these cute ppl

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

these poor etsy shops having to make necklaces that say “fuck you” and stuff when all they wanted was to make cute name necklaces for ppl . like imagine a little 50 y/o woman making a necklace that says “dicks out” on it, screw all of u 


girls + cute concepts

If I’m going to be ‘too’ anything, 'too cute’ is fine. I love puppies. So what? Who hates puppies? —  Zooey Deschanel

things to love about park jimin:

  • his laugh
  • his smile
  • his singing voice especially when he hits that high note like b l e s s
  • his voice in general like damn i can listen to him talk all day
  • his dancing
  • his cute hands
  • how caring he is towards his members
  • his love for army
  • his love for his family
  • his aegyo
  • his front tooth that sticks out
  • “ah excuse me!!”
  • the way he used to push his hair back (pls bring this habit back)
  • the way he screws around with the members ft. taehyung
  • his charisma on stage
  • his determination
  • those cute ugly faces he makes
  • when he wears literally every pair of glasses except for his prescription
  • his cheeks
  • “dis is my shiteu”
  • cute button nose
  • his eyebrows
  • how cute he looks when he sleeps
  • how cute he looked in that log where he was chewing gum
  • his love for the sea
  • his dimples!!!
  • his eyes and how they kinda disappear when he smiles ahh so cute (cr)
  • the way he eats
  • his lips o yes
  • that demonstration he did on how he would wake his girlfriend up by scREAMING
  • theres probably a lot more that can be added to this but thats all i can think of atm i love park jimin

lemon colored m e m o r i e s