all these characters have shown redemption

Pros of popular SW ships becoming canon in the next episode

Pros of FinnRey being canon 

-an interracial couple -strong tag team from the light side 

-strong empowering female character dating a strong welded man who both respect each other 

-too much fluff overload!!!!!!

-light side X light side 



Pros of FinnPoe being canon 

-an interracial GAY couple -sharing clothing 

-doors opening for more Disney movies to have a wider diverse cast and character relationships

-mutual love, respect and wanting the other to be safe 

-hot shot pilot X defective stormtrooper who can actually shoot 



Pros of Reylo being canon 

-Kylo getting a redemption arch and paying for his sins

-the strongest tag team ever created 

-proof that no matter what people can be shown love and given the opportunity to right their wrong 

-light side X dark side = grey Jedi babies


-Anti Reylo shippers never getting over it and everyone else having to deal with their crap for the rest of the trilogy 

Love Conquers All (On Sherlock Season 4)

I’m currently re-watching Season 4, simply just to indulge myself, and mainly because I personally loved it. I thought I was done expressing everything I have to say about the matter in this post, but there has been an unending sh*t-storm still looming over S4 that has gone beyond what I had expected. Not to mention that things I’ve seen on Twitter earlier regarding the so-called Norbury movement.

I am not dismissing the fact that this season had its flaws, but there’s a significant meaning to it all that some people are dismissing because they’ve been blinded by their own illusions that I would want to highlight. For someone who had cried over and mulled over these episodes more than the past 3 seasons, this season gave my love for existentialism a baseline that tugged at the heart – the very reason why I wanted to talk about it.

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Just a brief explanation, existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning in general. To quote Moriarty, “Staying alive… So boring, isn’t it? It’s just… staying.” However, what I like about it is the idea that society or any other factor is not responsible for giving life it’s meaning – it is solely up to the individual to discover it on their own.

With that said, I think this is why this season resonated with me so much, and I find the chaos in some parts of the fandom frustrating, especially to the point that the writers are being attacked for this. So as usual, I have to say something about it. Because instead of writing articles for work, I’m thinking about Sherlock.

Anyway, I’m just gonna go ahead with my point.

The Six Thatchers : Horrors Of The Past

This may be my least favourite among the three, but the message of this episode is clearly simple: we all have horrors that will come and haunt us in the future – and how we face it all comes down to the path we choose. 

We live hundreds, and even thousands of roles throughout our lives. And we all have our past; things that we regret, hate, cringe at, miss, still believe in, etc. But whatever that past might be, what I got from TST is that you can never run from your past as it catches up to you, but it is one facet of your life does not completely define you.

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Death has been played with through the past seasons that it seemed all too mundane to us now, in terms of the context of the show. But S4 is here to correct this notion in Mary’s persona. With Mary saying that Mary Watson was the only life worth living, it showed that we get to choose which part of our lives we live out the most.

Same with John and his ‘cheating’. To be fair, I’m pissed at the fact that this was completely out of character. But when the series culminated, I understood why they have to do it. We saw what we wanted to see in these characters as they were presented to us – John was supposedly honourable, kind, and courageous, but what is this? Who is this new John? 

This is where I head to my next point. 

The Lying Detective : Being Alive And Human

This episode made me cry buckets, to be honest. And it is because this is all about changing what you know about these characters and seeing them all in a different light. 

Here we see a Sherlock not led by the mind but the heart, a John who was weak against temptation, a cheater, someone who looked jealous from having the spotlight all on the detective – it showed that no one is ultimately good and that someone’s facade is not who they entirely are. It shows that everyone has their ups and downs because that’s what humanity is about. It illustrated that everyone was capable of being angry, desperate, conceited, weak, lonely, alone, etc. It highlighted how these characters are broken – especially Sherlock – and how redemption can mean so much more to a person. 

We all have our flaws, our downfalls, our agonies; but who are we really, at our most vulnerable? And who are the people willing to believe in us even if we’ve shown them our true, and sometimes, faded colours?

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“Taking your own life. Interesting expression, taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everyone else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.”

This is a plea. That shutting down and ending your life is and should never be the answer. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of dialogue I have ever heard, and it’s a very upfront message about warranting a value on your own life. And for people to threaten the writers of the show that they are the ones who caused the lives that are put in the line or the self-harm that will happen due to their distaste for TFP is devastating to me.

And yes, there have been people tweeting Mark and BBC that they are and will be responsible for these lives, which is just unfair.

The Final Problem : On Love And Redemption

I’ve seen people questioning why Benedict said ‘love conquers all’ in one interview before the season aired. There has also been statements that this season will be ‘groundbreaking’, which others failed to see why, leading to the claims that the showrunners are queerbaiting.

Now, every single show, every single actor, not just in Sherlock, but basically everywhere, is being put in the microscope because they need to identify with something, and that they need to represent a cause — which I get! I advocate for this! But, just when the world is being careful about mixing up their characters or when they are inserting a gay character just because now, society is demanding them to, Sherlock had already presented that years before (note that some TV shows only became more open to having gay characters around late 2014, early 2015-ish onwards because people are becoming more vocal about it as inspired by those bold enough to make a first move, e.g. Glee). 

Here, we have an openly gay character (which is still another topic of debate but I stand by it when I say Irene used the term gay loosely), had openly gay actors play brilliant and unstereotypical roles, and for God’s sake, Mark Gatiss is a gay man who is behind this brilliant show, and  that’s the very reason they passed it off as normal. They didn’t do it in a way that we always have to be reminded that the character is gay, that there has to be a sex scene just to prove that they’re gay… it’s just there – again, as one facet of the characters. Sex, as something that has been explicitly expressed in the show, isn’t the only thing that defines a character or their relationships with someone else, and I appreciated that. They had a story to tell – the story of these characters as a whole and not just one side of them. 

And personally, I did see why they made their claims as indicated by my chosen title. When this season ended, Sherlock who claimed to have never been attuned to his emotions, had his eyes open and had embraced that he was also human, flawed, and is capable to love IN ALL FORMS. 

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He learned to value his life because of what happened to Mary, he had admitted that he also succumbs to his impulses with Irene Adler (texting or beyond that, depends on what you want to believe), he fully realised that he would never ever want to hurt and make Molly feel like she’s being used by him because she’s his friend, he was able to extend a more human side of himself to John more than he did before, he finally understood and accepted Mycroft’s intentions and actions which I think mended their relationship significantly (this one hits me to the core so much), and lastly, he discovered that if he was left in the air in isolation, he might have ended up like Eurus, which is why he never wanted to make her feel alone again. 

To me, it is groundbreaking because it left that cliche of someone running off into the sunset in the end and it’s all butterflies and rainbows. They wrapped it up with the characters still broken, but living through it day by day because someone chose to love, accept, and help them heal despite their flaws. 

It is what it is, they keep on saying, because that’s how life is. It can be unbearable and it can most certainly be shit, but in the end, whether you ship Johnlock, Adlock, Sherlolly, Sheriarty, Mollstrade, Mystrade, etc., if we all let love – self-love, romantic love, familial love, platonic love – all kinds of love in our lives, it will help us conquer all, within and beyond this show. 

 You know what?


Generally, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but REALLY??? You set up this whole arc, you make us wait till the last second to get Fitz and Jemma face to face, you make Aida scared to let him see her, you talk constantly about how strong their bond is and then you do that??

In the final defining moment, you don’t let him not remember, even as he shoots her, even as he makes her beg him for his life and you make bloody Radcliffe the one that saves him?

That’s just plain and simple bullshit. I have not felt this angry at the show since Jemma kissed spacerando. 

This whole arc was set up to be them breaking through to people. It was the PERFECT time to make Fitz remember her. We saw how we reacted to the picture and when they locked eyes. “You are more than your programing”

 BUT I GUESS NONE OF THAT MATTERS. The writers can talk about their bond all they want but it’s clear that it doesn’t actually mean anything to them. It’s just bait for the fans. 

This whole moment just cheapens their entire bond and relationship. It takes away an important moment from them as characters! I frankly have no idea how Fitz is going to deal with everything at this point because there was no redemption for him there.

If they would have given them that moment it would have made everything so much better. It would have helped Fitz know that he is a good person through it all, that, when it truly mattered, he broke through and reverted to his old self. it would have made clear the strength of their bond, shown that truly nothing can stand between them. And it would have paved the way for their paths to healing.  They would have been able to work together, to come to terms together with what he had done. 

Now, Fitz is completely broken. How he is supposed to look her in the eyes now? When both him and his LMD hurt her like that? Jemma is broken. Even though she knew that it wasn’t her Fitz, the pain of it will still be there. How is she supposed to believe in their bond anyone after this? And I honestly have no  idea what happens now. I guess this is another one of those situations that gets swept under the rug because the writers don’t care enough about Fitzsimmons to fix it. 

Also can we talk about how, when he gets out, he doesn’t even mention Jemma? Really? That just cheapens the whole thing even more.

I will never forgive them for this to be quite honest. Never let me hear from the writers again how important they are to the show. How strong their bond is. Whatever, in the end, you don’t write like that.  I’ll keep watching but this season has not been whatever the hell payoff they keep talking about. We never got to see Fitzsimmons together and now, when we finally think we’re going to get some payoff, we get this. 

Nothing but a cheap ploy and a man who has no right to stealing the spotlight. Disgusting and lazy writing. 

(And, just saying, if there is any indication at all that Fitz has any feelings about AIDA in the real world, I’ll flip an entire country over.)

Something thats been bugging me lately

What is wrong with wanting to love all the characters? 

 I’ve been seeing a lot of things popping up across my feed lately that have been a little hurtful in regards to treatment and support of problematic characters- specifically for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom Chloe, Lila, and Gabriel. All three are problematic in their own way, and from what is shown in the canon thus far none is 100% good or evil one way or the other. Now for me personally I love all three. Why? Because I adore problematic characters. I always have. Particularly ones who are misguided as opposed to zealots (ex. Hux from Star Wars Force Awakens holds little interest to me because he is knowingly evil and unremorseful about it-a zealot, as opposed to someone who is/was either unwittingly evil due to ignorance (Fin my precious storm trooper baby!!!! You be the hero we know you are!!!!), or rationalizing evil that they struggle with for the sake of some ultimate goal (Maybe Kylo… donnow not totally sold on him yet. He’s still a little whiny for me but we shall see in the new movie.) 

 Liking problematic characters in this fandom seems to be a very hot button issue. Perhaps because the recurring villains are so everyday. We know liars, we know bullies, we know neglectful and overprotective parents. This are things that can spark very real and viseral reactions based on experiences we have had. Its the same reason in Harry Potter that we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort, because its an evil that resonates with our own experience. 

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So the line "Anti has a good heart" should just be brushed off as Jack goofing off between the takes, right? Cause that makes no sense at all considering Anti's character and all that he's done. (Someone who has said "your misery makes me happy" and meant it surely isn't good, lol)

The “misery” quote and a loooooooot of other sayings and actions he’s done ever since he was canonically created… That’s a long list filled with blood.

I personally don’t like the potential of Anti having a Redemption Arc- not that I’m going to ever bully or put someone else down who does like the idea. And if it happens I’ll be curious to see how it’s shown/ hinted at/ put together (and maybe it honestly already has with all the talk around it)! But to me, he’s always been the villain meant to be feared (and not pitied) on the channel.

With that in mind, yes Anon. I think that was just Jack goofing around. Personally I’m not taking it too seriously :P

What the “Keens” have done to disenfranchise fans from Liz

This is not meant to be a diatribe of “why I hate Keen2” because I do not have any ill will toward any shippers. It is meant to outline what is FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with keeping Liz and Tom together as a romantic pairing for the duration—if you listen to John Eisendrath—of the series. The problem lies in the treatment of such delicate subject matter as Liz and “Tom” Keen’s relationship, what it says to the viewership, and what it means for the characterization of both of them symbolically and thematically.

What we were given in the beginning of the series was a worrisome puzzle more than anything. Was the mild-mannered school teacher what he seemed? It is a HUGE testament to Ryan Eggold that he could play the sensitive and solicitous husband and go straight from that to a stone-cold killer practically in the blink of an eye. But symbolically there was an irretrievable rift at that moment that was never properly seamed back together, nor should it have been. We are shown at first that there is something literally under the very foundations of their fantasy home, and it is fraudulent. There is no coincidence that Tom’s go box was under the floorboards. There is also no coincidence that when he was finally outed, they literally tore apart their home and each other, and thus the fantasy bubble they had been living in. Everything was a farce, a cover, and it was torn to shreds. Nothing had been real, and nothing was left at the end.

When Tom is finally unmasked, and we see the truth of him at last, he is unapologetic. Everything of the school teacher was a veneer, and what’s worse is that he showed true signs of sociopathy—he did not tell a story of how he met and fell in love with his mark. He did not show an ounce of humanity and say that he had compromised himself and fallen for her. There is no redemptive value in his story, because what he told was the story of a sociopath who successfully manipulated and controlled a woman who should have been able to notice the signs of a major personality disorder. He overcame her skills, her training, and made her doubt her instincts. The story he tells her when at last he cannot deny who he is, is that of a master spy who infiltrated and brought down his intended target—mentally and emotionally if not physically. He gaslighted her. Then he beat her, for a trifecta of abuse. First the mental and emotional anguish of having believed the lie, then the physical brutality of being thrown around, punched in the face, and body-slammed into their coffee table.

This is to say nothing of the emotional damage of rape by deception—that the man she consented to have an intimate sexual relationship with was someone else entirely, who she never would have consented to had she known. The image of him touching his wife in the shower and holding her in an intimate embrace while still having blood on his hands from committing murder is vibrant and irrevocable. What can be built from the squeamish feeling that evokes? That’s in addition to the feeling that she had from having to sleep with him just to keep up appearances so he didn’t suspect. It’s a version of the “freeze and comply” syndrome that sexual assault counselors and nurse examiners treat where the victim feels compelled to acquiesce, not due to actually giving consent, but out of fear of what will happen if they do not.

What this did for her characterization would be a test for her strength, but unfortunately she failed it by welcoming him back and mothering his child. Is it not stronger to forgive and try to build from the mistakes of the past? This seems to be the message the showrunners are trying to convey, or perhaps that anyone can be redeemed if they want it bad enough and work for it. The problem with their supposed message is two-fold, first because despite the fact that Reddington has done none of these things to her, she still finds fault with and cannot find it in herself to forgive him. He has done the exact opposite of Tom time and again, and serves as a strange juxtaposition of what the man in her life SHOULD do. He has saved her, proven himself truthful and trustworthy. He has shown concern and caring for her in ways she never expects. Again, it’s a strange juxtaposition that is both frustrating for the viewer because of the injustice of it, but also because it does not ring true as to what informs normal human behavior. She SHOULD clue in to the fact that Reddington has consistently pulled her out of the fire literally and figuratively, and that the threats have never come from him but from her running directly from him. The opposite is true with Tom, who she tried to run away with and wound up headlong into danger because of it. We wind up frustrated with her, because will she ever learn??

Secondly, as a character forgiving Tom did more damage to Liz, strictly because in any real world scenario there is no such thing as redemption after a certain point. The things that this character did are not “mistakes.” They go light years beyond a little gambling debt or even caving in and cheating once. Those are things a man can come clean to his wife about and possibly rebuild from. What Tom did to her is what should only result in a restraining order and several felonies. These are the types of behaviors that are true exhibitions of evil in the world and should not be forgiven. Ressler’s statement to the effect of saying that there’s no coming back from some things rings true here. What forgiving Tom did for her, in essence was make her a “but he loves me though” type of woman; Liz Keen is now the “Why I Stayed” hashtag, a domestic violence victim who stayed despite all reason, a cuckolded wife who bowed (because let’s not forget he really did have an affair with Gina and essentially Jolene). Furthermore, Tom did not do anything worthy of redemption and showed the desire for it way later than he should have.

Beyond the gaslighting and the physical abuse, he used his own wife as a human shield, held her at gunpoint more than once—even AFTER she spared his life, which belies the fact that she should not have bothered. He nearly let her go to trial for a murder he committed—and even at that stage, did not show remorse, concern, caring, or especially that he might be beholden to her in any way. Rather than Tom cooperating and being helpful by stepping up and being a man to save her, Reddington had to step in, drag him back into the country, threaten and coerce him into fessing up and getting her cleared. That is not a man worthy of redemption, not a man working for redemption. No man of any value would let the woman he purports to love go to prison for a crime he committed.

With all of this evidentiary of his true nature, what would have shown strength for her character would have been the strength that many women have to find daily in situations that in some ways are better than Liz’s was—the strength to gather what reserves they have and walk away with their lives. Some women have lived the nightmare of having a chair swung at them as Liz has. Some women have had husbands with affairs, who lived double lives—maybe not as a spy, but married to some other woman in another town—who have been beaten in the face and broken down. Who have been undermined until they do not know who or what they can trust anymore. THOSE women show strength and resiliency in recognizing a no-win situation and getting out. Sadly, the showrunners instead resurrected the fantasy bubble and even the fantastical nom de guerre of their dubious hero, which flies in the face of the symbolism of rending the old fabric of fantasy to build again from something better. Instead they are stitching a half-assed seam through the tattered remains of what should have been burned on a pyre of fabric scraps. What was a cover they are now trying to make and fashion into reality. Worse, they brought a baby into the mix. Anyone under the sun other than the worst choice imaginable could have fathered her, but instead we have Elizabeth Keen returning like a dog to its vomit and picking the least best choice out of sheer neediness. How weak for someone who was once known as “sir” to her classmates.

Which brings me to the fact that it is not entirely certain that the showrunners, especially the creator/s, realize what responsibilities they have to their viewers at large. When something of this magnitude is placed in your lap you are given decibels of volume. People listen to the message you impart week by week, as it is a testament and reflection of society and what our roles are therein. Are there necessarily children watching? Possibly. But more importantly are a large contingency of women who receive messages from media on a daily basis as to how we should look, eat, act, love and maintain relationships. What message does this send then to women in the audience who have lived this terror? That is not to say it doesn’t happen to men, but by and large the message is geared to women, from a female lead who is supposed to embody strength. How are women who have been cowed by their men and beaten supposed to take it? That they should have stayed? That it was “#truelove”? That is, as one showrunner said, she should be able to handle it?? Do these men, because the writers and producers are predominantly male, expect women to be able to relate to Liz’s character after this? Should they chain their lying, abusive husbands in the basement until Stockholm Syndrome sets in and they repent?

And what about those in domestic violence situations who DO wear a uniform and/or badge as Liz does? I am a female veteran myself, and the twitter messages that I’ve read indicate that because we have weapons training or combatives training we should be able to take what’s coming to us. Except that, as Red says, “love means you have no control.” Taking that one step further, love means you have no defense either, especially when the attack is coming from behind. For that reason, no matter our background, we do not necessarily react to defend when the attack is coming from the one place we do not expect. The shock alone is enough to render us helpless and stay our hand, whereas in other situations our instincts would serve to help us. Instead, from someone our instinct says to nurture and love, we are not as likely to raise our hands to defend and certainly not our fists to attack—in a hostile situation that kind of hesitation can prove fatal. But we’ve got training, so we can handle it right?

It is an extreme way to make this point, but it renders her entirely unrelatable and therefore flat. Liz is a lead, we should care for her and her wellbeing, but when she shows so little regard for it herself and even delves as low as she did by torturing and holding her husband hostage, the entire arc of their relationship leaves the realm of truth telling entirely. This is not what people do, and IF they do, they wind up in prison.

Some may argue that it is fiction. Yet there has to be a thread of truth to help the viewer relate. If it doesn’t ring true, and it gets too far beyond belief, people lose interest because it does not hold the same power over them. No matter what kind of world you write, even of Tolkien or Rowling, human nature remains. You could write in a dragon that lands on the roof of the Post Office. It’s still fiction, so it’s okay, but is it good? Is it true? The litmus test should be this, roughly: yes you can do it, because it’s fiction, but SHOULD YOU? Keen 2 is that dragon. We lost the truth.

The viewers of this show are not necessarily young and naïve enough to look at the Keens’ relationship and accept that all relationships should and can progress as this one has. Not every female will look at it and accept that this is acceptable behavior. However, I have pointed some of these things out online before and had one hapless fan say, “but he’s so cute though,” in all seriousness. This is an insult to Ryan. He’s more than that. And it’s an insult to women who have been taken in by a pretty face and then taken advantage of because of it. A relationship may start with that, but it should never end with acceptance of someone getting away with murder (Eugene Ames, rest in peace), abuse, betrayal and lies.

For these reasons and myriad others, the showrunners have missed the very salient point in that they do have a responsibility to us to be true, not only to what rings as truth to humanism, but truth to the characters and what they need to do to progress and grow. We lost Elizabeth Keen when she became weakened by a fantasy she continues to try to emulate. Now there is no one for us to relate to, and no honest actions we can get behind. But it begs the question: how do these guys not see this?? If nothing else, there is the hope that eventually she will clue in, eventually she will gain some insight with that psych degree and field experience of hers. She’s not supposed to be a stupid character, but thanks to the decisions these guys have made for her, it makes us wonder: will this insipid fantasy continue, or will she finally realize which corner help has come from and which corner holds her true opponent? Is there character growth to be had at this stage, or are we watching devolution of character?

Red has said time and again, “men like Tom don’t change,” and in every aspect of life we have seen the truth of this. News stories abound of men like Tom. Prisons are full of them. Yet we watch week in and week out a charade that all started with a fraudulent relationship that exploded into violence and has since been sold to us as a story of “true love.” What a departure from reality that is, even for fiction. It’s a lie that never should have been sold to us, and we are not buying anyway—most of us—but sadly, some are. That is what is scariest, that these guys can and do wield the power they have and reprehensibly are not using the power for good.

By all means, they still have it in their power to fix this. But will they? Or is this show that was once so promising going to crash and burn because the female lead, the one we initially related to, we have been disenfranchised from over a “true love” story of abuse, betrayal, deceit, and sociopathy, all tied up in the name of Redemption?

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"it’s not as if one day you do those things and then you make a few friends and you stop." Can't you say similar things about Killian, though? He wasn't as bad, but let's not pretend he didn't randomly murder innocent people, sell children, etc. Why does he get redemption and not her? Their backstories are incredibly similar in that they had abusive childhoods but were good -> tragic event happens -> murdermurdermurder -> found someone to love -> redemption

The difference with Hook is that for most of his crimes he has had to own up to them. Every time someone from Hook’s past came back he has to own up to what he did, admit that he was the villain, and work to make it right.

Criticism under the cut:

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As OUaT comes to an end (?) one can’t not wonder where did all go wrong? Was it you who criticized parallels with BTVS/JaneE transferring her penchant for writing/promoting abusive relationships and violent sexist “badboys” and their ships ruining female characters? Because Kitsowitz’s Hook boner ruined OUaT the same way Marti/Jane E’s boner for shirtless Spike ruined Buffy. And it’s sad, because both used to be shows about “strong female characters” and ended up as odes to manpain. (cont)

All that we’ve sorely missed on our TV? Riiight. As if. We’ve been promised a “modern” fairytale, and we’ve been naïve enough to hope that the story about Saviour and the Evil Queen, redeemed through the power of love, family and hope would be it. Naïve to think that “Jane E was a part of Buffy, they gave us Willow/Tara, the first great non-fetishized love story between two women”. But all we got was queerbaiting, heteroenforcing and Hook, Hook and more Hook. (cont)

To the point of Emma Swan, former “strong female hero” being disfigured beyond recognition and fading into nothingness.  And yeah. Six years of our lives called Once Upon a Waste of Our Time, while at least in Buffy we had five great ones, you know? :(

Not really sure that this is the end of OUaT, but general uncertainty (the negotiations, as well as talks about a ‘reset’ and the need for change they’re evidently desperately aware of) is a clear indication how much of a deep shit they’re in. And yet when it comes to reasons, they remain either oblivious or careless? But speaking of those stolen borrowed things that came from BtVS… well, I am not sure. We did compare ships in terms of how they’ve been portrayed (Spuffy allegedly deliberately as negative and harmful, while CS openly and directly romanticizes same things) but… it’s true. The very same can be said about both, concerning the impact of an unexpected popularity of a posturing, vaguely thuggish minor character in a black leather jacket, turning a once-good show–into a really bad one. Because in television, as in life, events tend to repeat themselves, but as proven so far–Brothers Dim showed very little originality apart from the general idea (and S1, which I still claim–was stolen and bleached bones of the original author are going to resurface in Nevada desert at some point) and hence we got a whole premise ruined by Spike #2–Mr. quasi-redeemed-ex-rapist Killian Jones?

Because where else do we place blame for general mediocrity? Was it the onslaught of random “which iconic character do you want to see next” episodic storylines that, instead of connecting things from the background/flashbacks–only fragmented everything? Was it the overemphasis on irrelevant new characters, love-interests as well as villains-de-semiseason–that they never developed enough for us to give a damn about? Was it the decision to build entire seasons around different Disney characters/realms while putting on hold (at best) and backtracking on and directly contradicting (often even retconning, yes) the main characters that we fell in love in the first place–by creating complex convoluted storylines that made less and less sense? Well, that’s only part of it. Because we all agree, things were much better before that point when everything started evolving around Hook, his quasi redemption and his obsession and pursuit after Emma Swan. Which is now history repeating itself, like in BtVS where all problems could be traced to the moment when Buffy found out that Spike, attempted rapist and current possessor of a soul, had somehow been killing people despite his souled status–and from that point on, the show has no longer been about Buffy and her friends, or Buffy and her mission, or anything that used to be interesting on this show–it was about Spike. It involved Buffy trying to find out why he was killing again, then she spent several pointless episodes focusing her attention on freeing Spike (instead on the impending apocalypse), then a new character had a vendetta against Spike so we got an entire episode devoted to filling out Spike’s back story… and we sat through various other plot threads about Spike. Even when Spike isn’t on-screen, characters were talking about him, so it was ALL about him. And Buffy, indirectly, through their (fucked up, for her–character degrading) relationship. And that was about all.

Sounds familiar?

(cut, because we don’t pull parallels and metas with pretty gifs–but cold hard facts and words, which means–long textpost ahoy :)

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People are questioning why would they redeeme Grant Ward.

I think he should have been redeemed in real world during Season 2. We were shown that he still has good inside of him through the flashback when he was forced to live in the woods and bond with his single friend - a dog. When that Hydra guy returned to get Ward back, he ordered him to kill the dog in order to cut all the human being feelings he has left after his already rough childhood. But what Grant did? He spared the dog and let him go. They should have developed this part of his character into a redemption arc by allowing him the good to come out of him eventually and deciding that the family he established during his time in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is what really worth fighting for in this world. Instead of being forced to be a villain by Hydra, Grant Ward could have made his own choice by joining a right cause.

But we never get it. Now we have him being redeemed is a pay off for what we could have if Grant Ward character had better wirters back in the day. He could have been one of those villain characters whose redemption could be a representation that people can change from what they were created into by others. Hell, if Darth Vader was redeemed, why Grant Ward couldn’t?

anonymous asked:

Do you think Draco deserves some kind of redemption? If so, why? My friend hates Draco and I want to convince her he has more depth to his character

You better sit down for this one, my friend.

Y E S. Yes, Draco Lucius Malfoy deserves some kind of redemption…Draco Lucius Malfoy deserves ALL the redemption. But first of all, no, I do not, in anyway, condone his terrible treatment of others. However, you can hardly place all the blame on him. Like that’s how he was raised, you know? I mean, of course once you reach a certain age, you have to decide for yourself if the ideals and traditions you were brought up with are really things that are good and right and should be carried out in your own life. But an 11, 12, 13 year old? Come on, he didn’t know any better. He was taught his entire life that because he was a pureblood and a Malfoy, he was automatically superior to everyone and that making fun of people of lesser blood-status and calling them slurs was not only okay, but the norm. And honestly, I think he was just acting out of jealousy and bitterness any time he bullied Harry. Like, he clearly targeted Harry (and Ron and Hermione bc they were always with him) because he wanted to be Harry’s friend. It really all goes back to the rejected handshake. But I can agree with I’m sure anyone, in saying that there was his teasing, but then there were things he did and said that totally crossed the line. My biggest example being when, on several different occasions, he makes fun of Harry because his parents are dead. Like that’s waaay below the belt, I know. But again, do you really think Draco was ever really taught what kinds of things are and aren’t okay to say to people? Of course not, because he was a spoiled little brat, I’m not going to deny it. But anyone who really looks at the depth of a character knows that Draco is better and more than just the school bully. Like, as much as he tries to hide it/it isn’t really shown, Draco has so much love inside of him. His family is everything to him. He’s willing to kill someone and potentially be killed in the event that he doesn’t succeed, just to save/redeem his family. He threatens to hex Harry for insulting his mother and father. And now you’re probably thinking, “yeah, yeah okay. those are all nice points but what does it have to do with his redemption?” Well I’ll tell you exactly what it has to do with redemption because it has everything to do with redemption. See, it seems that there’s a key to redemption in Harry Potter, and it seems this key follows a recurring motif throughout the series. That motif being remorse. Dudley felt bad for how treated Harry all those years: redeemed. Ron felt horrible for leaving Harry and Hermione, so he eventually returns the second he gets the chance: redeemed. Peter Pettigrew decided to spare Harry and Ron’s life because Harry spared his in PoA; he couldn’t have killed them without feeling unbearable levels of guilt: redeemed. Voldemort is even given the option of redemption when Harry tells him to “try for remorse”. So, all these characters are given/could be given redemption. And I’m not saying that they should or shouldn’t. But there’s one character that’s left out from the rest. One that probably feels more remorse for the things he’s done than any of them, yet he doesn’t get his redemption. You see, in Half Blood Prince is when the feeling starts to get to Draco. Although he really had no choice, he still regrets getting mixed up in everything. Because really, he was just a boy. He couldn’t really kill Dumbledore. He couldn’t kill him because he didn’t want to. As much as Draco claimed to have hated Dumbledore, he couldn’t kill him because he wouldn’t have been able to live with the guilt of it. If this still isn’t convincing enough, though, don’t worry, I have more. Draco didn’t give Harry away to Voldemort when he was brought to the manner. Why? Again, Draco claimed to hate Harry (although I’m quite convinced he didn’t actually hate him…different topic for a different time tho), but he didn’t want him dead. Draco wouldn’t have been able to stomach the guilt that he was the reason that Harry Potter, the only one who could save him from the eternal hell of being Voldemort’s little bitch (not by choice) was killed. Ah, yes. So there’s the remorse aspect, but don’t worry, I’m still not done. And although I’m sure, if you’re even still reading at this point, you regret asking me this by now, I’m still going to continue for the sake of my own entertainment, if nothing else. So now it’s the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry “died” at the hand of Voldemort. So Voldy tells everyone to join his side. Draco doesn’t want to. The only reason he does is because his parents tell him to. And even then, he’s still hesitant to walk over there. But, of course he does it because of his love for his family and his extreme desire to keep them safe as best he can. And finally (yes I know, thank god it’s almost over), we have Draco as an adult, with his own family. Draco marries someone who went through a very similar situation as he did, and they both regret that they had to be a part of it. They raise Scorpius to be much more tolerant and accepting, even though his parents don’t really agree with it. And there’s yet another point! He learns that everything his parents say and do isn’t necessarily right. He finally learns that in some cases he has to figure out for himself what the right thing to do is. And even if he learns it late, it’s better than never. So no, I’m not going to sit and say he was a great person that never did anything wrong. But he felt sorry for what he did, and he corrected his mistakes and his parents’ mistakes through Scorpius and how he raises him. You can’t honestly tell me Pettigrew deserves redemption but Draco doesn’t…or that Voldy deserves a chance to be redeemed but not Draco? Like that’s actually ridiculous and disgusting that a mass murderer who thrived off of what he was doing was offered up redemption, but a boy who didn’t have a choice/can’t be fully blamed for the things he’s done wasn’t. Draco Malfoy deserves to be redeemed and I will defend that statement to my death. Good night, folks.

About the “MILATHOS ENCOUNTER” interview

Damage control all the way.
There is no way an actor reveals spoilers without the approval of the showrunners. So the question is why and why now?
Let me explain:

As already mentioned this interview contained a HUGE spoiler, not only for milathos fans, but for fans of Milady and Athos separately, as well as fans indifferent to either one of them, who in regards to those characters also remember were they were left at the end of season 2, and either anticipated for or just expected their “reunion” as something crucial to both their arcs.

I think the words that were chosen are sadly diminishing to all the history of the ship, or at least to the, very much shown in seasons 1&2, affect those characters (good or bad) have on each other.

Firstly the reunion (notice the word “encounter”) is described as economical which is sadly true, and I say sadly because most people would agree, whatever the ending between them, these characters needed at least one long conversation about everything that happened.(but that is a whole other topic aka the “redemption arc” I am going to analyze elsewhere). And even with Maimie being available for only few scenes I’ll never understand why of all her 8 or 9 scenes only one was with the character she had the most history with, which also happened to be the one with larger arc this season, and that scene happened to be “economical” (at least with Treville she has actual dialogue!). For me the only explanation is the showrunners’ fear that the undeniably massive chemistry between the actors if expended in screen time would destroy any chance for any other believable endgame for Athos.

Anyway, then we have the “realizing that whatever was between them has slipped away”

The word “whatever” could imply the complexity of the things they were feeling for each other (which is granded) but sadly I just think it was used to avoid the word “love” between them.

I mean at this point, after seasons 2 ending where they were clearly willing to give each other a chance (the current showrunners  implied at the Q&A that he was even willing to leave with her, which I do not think was the case -for me that answer was also damage control) would it be so wrong  to use that word “love”?(even if only to state it didn’t exist anymore).

The actors in previous interviews weren’t reluctant at all about the characters feelings. Even in season 1 interviews, when they were pretty much antagonists (she trying to kill him, him believing her to be a cold blooded murderess), Tom reffered to Milady as the “love of his life” said “his feelings for her was something he could not control”, then about her return in season 2 (and although s1 ended with him still not believing her and threatening to kill her) he said “he missed his wife” and that “she was the biggest thing in his life, even bigger than the musketeers” and how her sleeping with the king made him feel “physically sick” and he “resented him” and her sleeping with anyone else “was a massive issue” for Athos.

Not to mention Maimie’s interviews were she spoke for both the characters and said they were “definitely The One for each other” and they both know they “love each other” even if they won’t admit it and that Milady is the only one that can tell him that he loves her no matter what cause that’s the truth.

What I’m trying to say is if the point was to just to say that it was over between them (which partially is) he could (and would be more natural to) use the word “love” because: 1. In the fans’ minds (even anti-milathos fans) they were one of the 3 pairs of the show and the question was about the return of Milady aka Athos “one time Lover” 2. It wouldn’t contradict the previous interviews and most importantly the story arcs of seasons1&2, and of course it would be nice for us if at least that “once existing love” was acknowledged!

I think that acknowledgment had to be avoided because God Forbid anyone reminds the fans that these two were ever in love! Now, its obvious in S3 that for the showrunners  Milady’s arc continues from season 1 (for them season 2 doesn’t exist, oh the irony!) but even in that season’s interviews, as mentioned above, the milathos relationship was acknowledged more…

Then we get the oh so nice “slipped away”. Now for anyone who actually viewed that scene, regardless of their feelings about either of the characters, I think I can safely say that the words “slipped away” were soooo unfortunate to describe it.

THAT SCENE WAS SO DAMN INTENSE!!! I mean his reaction to her is so visceral: she is sitting down (so not even her whole figure showing), her hairdo is new, he only sees her back and the minute he enters he just knows it’s her… and he nearly has a heart attack!!! And I haven’t seen anyone mentioning it (probably bc s3 doesn’t exist) but when he freezes, catches the doorframe for balance and just as the camera moves to her turning around he sighs “Anne” (reminded me of S1x3, ah!). And from that moment and throughout the whole scene you can hear him breathing so heavily, like he is fighting for air (as in s2x9 after the kiss, ah). He walks to her before he even say a word and holds her, caressing the back of her neck and then their lips collapse! THAT KISS! And once again he is the one that deepens it, so much hunger and longing, you can see her head lean backwards from the force with which he sucks her! And he stops, sighing a whispered “God”, trying to catch a breath, lingering a little his forehead and nose against hers, tells her she should go, so eagerly like he is afraid and needs her to go (he actually says “you need to go”), no explanation, and after only few words (and the way I see it yet another miscommunication between them) HE CHOKES HER! And if chocking isn’t intense I don’t know what is! It doesn’t even matter what you see in that scene- some people saw just shock, distraught, attraction, distrust, I personally saw regret, longing, lust, anger and hate (I’m sure some milathos fans see love at least in that kiss, if just their twisted kind of love),- what matters is the intensity of everything about it.


For me “Slipped away” implies quietness, calmness, indifference. It suits relationships ending due to the inability of lovers to provoke intense emotions to each other anymore, which usually comes with the triviality of everyday life, something fading slowly over the years… and the realization comes naturally,  still bitterly but almost painlessly just as a circle comes to an end and there is nothing left to say.    

And I don’t see that being the case here.    

So there are two options:

a.)either they were really going for that idea and completely failed to deliver it, which for me, given the undoubted talent of both these actors and their tendency to deliver so efficiently every scene, the way it was all directed, and the lack of dialogue about “whatever was between them”, simply isn’t the case.

b.) this is just another attempt at damage control (along the line of all the spinning going around from the showrunners in their interviews)

I think they all have seen fans reactions in the social media and yes there were fans that loved this season but unlike the previous seasons there are also many fans that really hated the season! And from what I’ve seen a really large majority of them (especially on twitter) are Athos’ fans (and not milathos fans).  Now given the fact that Athos’ arc is huge this season and many devoted fans are Tom’s fans they know this negativity will affect how the whole show is perceived.

What most fans disagree with are the changes in Athos as a character but also his new romance storyline and since a big amount of his screen time involves his new love interest they need to do damage control and try to sell this new ship. From what I’ve seen there are Athos fans (especially those who love book Athos) that just hate the idea of romance for him regardless with whom, others that think that in order for this new romance to work the writers changed (destroyed) Athos character, others that loved him brooding the previous seasons and don’t like the fact that he suddenly seems so open to a new relationship (again this has to do with the changes they see and can’t accept), others that just aren’t satisfied with the development of the relationship (too fast from bed to love), others who just hate the Sylvie character or find it underdeveloped and many others that just hate the lack of chemistry between the actors.

I’ve seen Athos’ fans that are anti-milathos/milady’s haters (because she is “bad”) and still hate Sylvie even more (although she’s “good”) or are just so frustrated by the lack of chemistry that say they would prefer him with Milady, and other fans, not necessarily milady haters, that all they ever wanted was for Athos to find a “new, healthy” love and just be happy and it still didn’t work for them!

As for the others fans in general (Constagnan, Annamis shippers), some are indifferent to the new character, some like it, some find the character annoying (many due to the amount of screen time she gets for no valid -for them- reason) and many criticize the lack of chemistry. Overall and for whatever reasons most of the fans who don’t like the Athos/Sylvie relationship (and I’m sure there are many people who love it) describe it as forced and unbelievable.

So for me the showrunners just want to make that ship more believable and more easily accepted by those who haven’t seen the series yet.

Why give away such a spoiler?

I mean there must be fans who anticipated for that meeting and stayed spoiler free, why ruin it for them? Wouldn’t it be more intriguing if the fans got to watch the Sylvie/Athos relationship develop having in mind that Milady was to return later without knowing what the outcome would be? Wouldn’t that keep them hanging on their seats? Those are valid thoughts so why? Why give that spoiler? Because they have more to gain than lose at this point!

In regards to the people who anticipated for that reunion those are the milathos fans, and given the fact that we knew Milady’s appearance was brief its safe to say that most hardcore milathos fans (even if they planned to  see the whole season when aired) couldn’t wait for that particular scene and have already seen it. Yes there are still a few who haven’t and I am really sorry for what’s in store for them (I saw a twitter the other day –before the interview- of a fan asking about Milady and the glove, and Simon Allen answered he hasn’t forgotten about the glove and the fan was happy and I thought ahahaha!). So maybe now knowing the outcome some milathos fans won’t see it, but most of them would think why not, they waited so long and it doesn’t sound that bad, just bitter sweet, you know “slipped away” …. They will probably think that Milady and Athos are going to have this nice, quiet conversation and part on amicable terms…  So there won’t be many casualties in viewing numbers.

Now apart from the milathos fans, for the others fans why not use the intrigue described above (who will he choose?). Answer: it simply wouldn’t work in favor of the new ship. Why? Because there will be those who will love Sylvie/Athos from the start, but for those even slightly skeptical (and given the fans reactions so far, there will be many) it will be much easier to accept the new ship if the air was cleared about milathos from the start. I mean I think most fans if they thought that Athos was going to face that dilemma (given S2 end and at least at the beginning of this season) they would assume that Milady would be the obvious choice, and even if they hated the idea of milathos ending together the fact that it would seem most likely  would prevent them from investing in the new ship.

Furthermore the fans know that Athos (season 1&2) was obsessed with Milady for years, therefore he  was reluctant about romance and the fact that he just jumps into a new relationship so quickly and early in this season does seem strange if not unbelievable, so it’s better if the fans have in mind from the start the “Milady curse” has been broken, so the character changes may be more easily swallowed (not that I believe they have anything to do with Milady).

Finally, as the interview reveals milathos is not endgame, fans now will also know who, by default, will be endgame and even just that knowledge sometimes works in favor of a ship, you accept it as inevitable, so you focus looking for the nice things about it, dismissing the annoying, or wrong, or unrealistic ones..


unpopular opinion time

i fucking hate the kids. i feel like i shouldn’t, but they just.. make me so angry!? not only are they the LAZIEST POSSIBLE plot device to showcase couples (especially when said couples barely interact) but it’s literally. just.
“so i didn’t give you ichiruki now, but here, have ichiruki 2.0”

because OF COURSE Ichigo has a son who looks exactly like him and OF COURSE Rukia has a daughter who looks so much like her. it’s not even like he switched the genders around. and i cannot believe Kubo and/or the editors had THE GALL. TO USE EVEN A FRACTION OF “And so fell the sword of fate.” FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN ICHIGO AND RUKIA THEMSELVES.

and it’s doubly a slap in the face because of the lack of resolution it implies for the characters. they’re not really given time to move on from everything that happened. if this is some bullshit setup for a next-gen sequel, then i swear.. i’m gonna scream. (highly unlikely, but that’s what it’s made to feel like, right?)

this is just so implausible for so many reasons. this is not the ending Bleach needed. Bleach has never been that kind of story. we only see the nakama from ages 15 to 17 (~17 months of which are not shown.) that’s not a long stretch by any measure; they’re still kids. there’s no reason for us to see them as 27 year olds, much less married with kids of their own. this makes more sense in Naruto: we see the protagonists grow up over a longer period of time and over that time they deal with generational differences.

in all of Bleach, there is absolutely no basis for this ending. frankly, there are characters in other stories where it IS essential that they become a parent. whether for redemption, closure, what have you. nobody in Bleach actually is that kind of character. this is not necessary for their personal arcs.

the only thing this accomplishes is throwing them all into entirely unfamiliar circumstances where they end up feeling very out of character.

He has the best character arc of any character. Ever.

Never in all my years of being a giant nerd, have I ever seen a character redemption arc that even touches the quality of Zuko’s. He is shown so realistically and shaped so well that it’s impossible not to root for him to succeed.

Zuko is initially shown as the face of “the bad guys” for the show but after a while we see that he has so much depth and is actually a cinnamon roll that should be protected at all costs much more complex character, who is not as evil as we might have thought. 

We see that he was willing to fight for lives of soldiers that were going to be sacrificed. That is until he saw that the person he needed to fight was his father. This, in a lot of ways, symbolizes a lot of Zuko’s journey. He has to learn to oppose the main person he was trying to please. It’s hard enough to have different opinions from your parents when they aren’t the leader of a country that is taking over all others, so it’s nearly impossible to do so when they are.

We also get to see that he had to grow up dealing with his own personal bully in Azula, and with expectations that he felt he could never reach. Even with such a shitty childhood, he is still kind to all creatures… well at least until he gets messed up by HIS OWN FREAKING FATHER! He gets to the point where his only point and hope in life is to find the Avatar, a task said to be impossible.

He is so hell-bent on capturing the avatar himself so he can regain his honour and his life that he is willing to help the avatar to keep him from the hands of his rivals. So when later when he betrays his uncle to help Azula capture the avatar, he feels he should be happy. He has everything he thought he wanted, but nothing he really needed.

Zuko tries to live the life he thought he wanted but still feels angry with himself. As such he makes the scariest choice possible. He stands up to, and betrays his own father in order to follow his beliefs. He leaves behind EVERYTHING on the off chance that he could help right his wrongs, the wrongs of his father, and the wrongs of his whole nation. That is possibly the bravest thing any character could ever do.

And what happens when he finally gains the first step of trust and tries to help Aang? He looses his ability. He looses the anger that he was taught to fight with. He literally needs to find another source to fuel his fire.

The third season is always my favourite because we get to see Zuko’s struggle to be good. He still has a different view of the world but he never stops growing as a person. Eventually his earnest desire to do good allows him to earn the trust of all his companions, and even their friendship.

By far though, my favourite part of his redemption ark is his reuniting with Uncle Iroh.

The whole seen serves to show just how much he has changed. When he sees his uncle is asleep, he takes a peaceful approach and chooses to wait for him. As soon as Iroh wakes up, Zuko begs for forgiveness and is confused when he receives it so easily. The first time he was begging on his knees, his very own father burned him and banished him for speaking disrespectfully. The second time he begged for forgiveness he was refused it until The Gang could trust and come to forgive him each in their own time. 

But his uncle, he utterly betrayed him. Iroh was the only one Zuko had that really loved him but he turned his back on him. But Iroh loved Zuko unconditionally and was only concerned for Zuko’s way. Iroh is the one who helped start Zuko’s transformation, and as such, it’s perfect that he gets to see the fully rediscovered Zuko. This scene makes me cry every time.


Zuko can help teach many important lessons. He shows that you can come from any background and still be a hero. His development it’s self shows that if you’re not happy with where you are/who you are then it’s okay to change. He shows that you can be strong enough to find your own path, even if it means going against everyone else. 

But the lesson I consider most important is: it’s okay to be lost some times. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to be unsure of where to go. Being lost is okay. It’s just a stage in your journey. Eventually, you will find your way. Just don’t stop searching.

You are gonna be fine, Princess.

I don’t know what the fuck happened in this last few days but I need a moment.

I still have not recovered from The Arrow and now I have to deal also with The 100.
CW you need to calm the fuck down.

I have given myself this three lines of stupid bubbling but now I’m gonna do something with this post that is worth the time to read it.

Get a snack, guys, this never ends quickly, I’m a talker.


This finale has dealt with something that I hold dear because…it’s my life.
I’m a law student and this episode’s core was, in fact, justice.

I’m not a quote person but I liked that in this episode everyone had a line or more that I think can sum up His/Hers role in this first half of the season.

Shall we begin?

I’m gonna be hold fashioned and divide between men and women to make this look a bit more organized, forgive me, my mind needs patterns and this comes easy.

Let’s start with the men.

Kane: “This could be the most merciful outcome for the boy.”

This is the first quote that really tells us something. I personally love the turn that this character has taken in his behavior. In this moment Kane represents a quite reason. He is aware they are not playing for the win, they are playing for the lesser bad. They are gonna loose, the only question is: how much?
He is doing everything he can to find a better way, to redeem himself from his mistakes on the Ark. He is the very symbol of what the Earth means: a second chance.

I loved how they suggested that he had meetings with Lexa, that he talked and got to know her as a great leader, as a Visionary. This is amazing and gives me hopes for the rest of the season to be great on Kane and Lexa.

“Gotta let her try.”
This other moment: human sometime needs to fail…again.
You know there is nothing you can do but you just have to try. Even when it seems stupid or pathetic, even when it’s too dangerous and not worth it. We need it to move on, to accept the defeat. Sometime you need to fail twice the same battle.

This is what Marcus is thinking, this is the reason he lets Clarke go. He is done, he sees the outcome already set and can’t for all he has dear in the world imagine Clarke’s next action.

He doesn’t see through her, nobody does, that’s not what I’m saying. Marcus just gives her a moment where he relates to her as a human being, in terms of humanity. I loved it.

This was Marcus role and this is how he lives justice. The necessary price to pay for order and peace. His justice is often resignation. A quite one, too.

Jaha: “We send a 100 of them to the Ground.”

This was powerful. He is stating something: there is a thing as the greater good and a ruler has to see it and fight for it.
Doesn’t mean that what he does will be forgotten, consequences stays.

They can’t just pretend that the Ground washed away who they were on the Ark, faking innocence gets to nothing.
Jaha is fighting against his regret in this season. He choose his people over his son, that’s what he feels guilty of. He is darker, and so is his vision.

So I liked it.

“She is a fighter, we need fighters.”

This is just a moment that made me think: Raven was hard to control in this episode, but some forces, even when they are too strong to be completely submitted are still precious even when reckless and Jaha saw that. Sometime a good ruler needs a rebel.

Sometime chaos is the answer.

Last, when Kane, Jaha and Abby were talking when he said “At least we’ll have control…”

That’s it. This is Jaha’s justice: Control. Stability.

The choice that brings to the best outcome is the one he goes for and he pays the price. Always. His justice can also be martyrdom.

Murphy: “You wanna start blaming people, Clarke? He was out there looking for you.”
This quote really says it all. Clarke is projecting her guilt on Murphy and well, he’s not taking her shit. We saw Murphy trying to stop Finn, and we know that this time he really has nothing to be blamed for.

Murphy has no idea of justice, except the concept of law, rules and punishment that the Ark applied to him. But it’s not a vision, just how he sees authority. He doesn’t look for justice in this episode, just for a place to be.

Also he was nice to Finn in a bad moment and that counts for something. Saying to someone who is giving up on himself that you are not giving up on him, counts for something. And John knows it.

Murphy was not looking for justice, he just wants a place where he can fit, a place to call his. Justice has never helped him so…he only wants shelter.

Lincoln: “if death has no price, life has no worth.”

I died a little when he said this.
So clear, so true, so painful.

He is good, he believes in making the right choice and he is willing to pay for it because he knows the one thing that makes him the best man among his people (for me): the right choice is not always (never) the good one.
He is trying to explain them this. He is trying to explain them that the Grounders are not indifferent to death, that they know how much value life has…they know it better than anyone!

How much is worth the life of 18 innocent people? And they are not innocent because they have no ‘sins’, but because they were murdered without a reason! This is not a world where a sentence like “there is no reason enough to kill” makes sense, in this world death is a way but its value is clear in the mind of the Grounders.

Blood must have blood.

The only safety is in fairness.

Lincoln’s justice is a need.

“Finn killed 18 innocent people, the commander is asking to take only one. Take the deal!”
There’s not really anything else to say.

One last thing about Lincoln that is not necessarily about the theme of justice but more about this man. And I underline: Man.

“We’ve all got a monster inside of us, Clarke. And we are all responsible for what it does when we let it out.”

The way he is aware of what it means to take responsibility for your actions.
This is what the show has shown us is the turning point for any character. For Kane, Jaha, Bellamy…and they are all coming around. But Lincoln started already aware of it: in the middle of this kids he is a man.
Doing something and taking the consequences. This is justice at his core.

I just really love him.

Finn: “May we meet again.”

Yeah, I know, what does this have to do with Finn in this episode and with justice, you are probably thinking. See this is the point.

Finn is not looking for justice, like Murphy. He is looking for redemption.
From his people?

“I’m in love with you. Everything that’s happened, everything I’ve done…all that matters is that you are okay. That you forgive me.”

Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure he feels horrible for what he did, but what the flashbacks showed me is this, men, Finn acts for love. That’s how he lives. He doesn’t care about right and wrong if it doesn’t involve the people he loves. In his last hours his mind is full of love: Raven, who is the one that gave sense to his life in the past and Clarke that gives sense to his life in the end.

This is Finn. He is the Lover, if we want to speak as the Tarots. He is the lover.

Love is not just, guys. It’s selfish and dangerous and it’s the strongest push to live the human race has ever experienced since evolution brought us here.

So yeah, in the end? This boy loved her so much, I can’t fault him. He just loved her so much.
There are other things to say about him, because yeah…he wasn’t Spacewalker but at the same time, yes, he was and always will be. This post though is about the whole episode impact on me and to Finn I’ll give is own post in the near future. Because I’ll miss him, and this is everything that counts about a character to me.

Bellamy: “you’re gonna be fine, you just need to rest.”

Bellamy in this episode was the Keeper.
He took care of everybody. Of Finn, always trying to protect him, always ready ‘to hit strong’ to save him. He took care of Clarke, when Finn brought her to him bleeding and unconscious –and here we have the quote- and finally he took care of Raven, he tried to keep the pieces together, he held her and crumbled to the ground with her…she was just to broken.

The reason I chose this quote is because I think it is foreshadowing at his purest and this means it has two faces, two meanings.
All the episode Bellamy has waited for Clarke to fall in pieces, being there just in case, but when the moment comes…he can’t be there. He knows it when she leaves to try her last chance to save Finn, that choked “Clarke, I…” Is the moment he knows.

Everyone around him was talking of just, right, war, peace and all he wanted was to hold the pieces together.

Bellamy is the fighter, he is the leader that inspires and he does what it’s best for his people. The problem with Bellamy? He wants to save them all…and he can’t. He wants to go against the Grounders not because he thinks they will win but because the option is to loose Finn and that is not an option. Until it is.
Finn turns himself in and it’s over.

At that point he can’t do a thing anymore. So he lets Clarke go and stays with Raven.

I loved this quote because he said that to Clarke in the dropship but at the end, after what she has done, I can see it coming back, this sentence, I can see the circle closing.

He needed forgiveness in S1 and Clarke gave it to him. Now she will be in need…what will Bellamy do? And most importantly: will Clarke accept him?

I’m done with the boys. Let’s talk of the Ladies.

Abby: “it was another time and another chancellor”

I fist bumped the air at this, I’ll admit it.
Abby is the other face of Kane search in this episode. They are both trying another way, but she wants no compromise or better…she knows she is gonna have to go with a compromise and she can’t decide to just do it. She doesn’t want to let down the kids again.

Abby is strong but she is not a leader at her core: she is a healer and trying to fix everything is her way to go. She is not so sure of the decisions she is making and she is afraid of the new rules she doesn’t know that this world lives by.

She sees justice like a mother does: she wants to save the kids, she wants to be the adult but the point is: what she is willing to pay is not what the Grounders want.

For how crazy may it look like after everything she has been through her justice is still naïve. It’s pure.

Indra: “Courage and Justice are not the same thing”

I loved this in a TV show-lover fashion. We always see that story where the hero does something stupid and brave and his enemy out of respect backs off and the day is saved.

In this show it doesn’t happen and it’s amazing.
Abby is brave, Clarke is brave…but Finn is still going to die. And he dies.
This was powerful to me.

“Only the boy can die for what the boy has done”
Indra is just like Lincoln in this. Consequences are the measure of who you are. You have to take them or you are just a coward.

Indra is merciless, brutal, physical and violent and yet…she is the one who shows the essence of Justice: only the guilty are supposed to pay for what they have done. It’s not about retribution it’s about balance.

She is a bitch, but a fair one.

Lexa: “you bleed for nothing”

Words cannot describe how much I love this character. She is wonderful and complex and heartbreaking.

Just let me have this latinist moment and gush on the beauty of her name: Lexa, from Lex-Legis, the Latin for Law. Can you see the beauty? Can you see how fitting? Perfect.

She is what Clarke is not yet. She is strong enough to take the burden of her decision, to bear blood and glory at the same time. She is a queen where Clarke is still just the princess.
She understands the pain of the girl in front of her and she’s so gentle in handling her, so patience in front of her and so merciful when Clarke dares calling her savage…Not your best moment, Griffin.

She is the embodiment of ruling, she is the law itself but she is also extremely human and sees the strength behind Clarke challenge. Lexa knew Finn was Clarke’s at his core and so when it’s Clarke who takes his life she allowed it.

“It’s done.”

Justice has come, how she can oversee.

One last thing: law is supposed to be fair. Honest.
Honesty can be cruel and when Lexa tells Clarke - that is trying to explain her that Finn did it for her- “and so he will die for you” she is cruelly honest.

As I said, heartbreaking.

Raven: “I owe him my life”

I only have this quote for Raven.
What did she mean?

Not that Finn took her place, in my opinion, because they would have floated her, but that doing so, Finn gave her a life to live as she wanted. Doing the job she loved, getting to be in the space.

He was the temptation that almost cost her everything but also the one boy that to see her happy just once, when it seemed to be no solution, found a way.

So Raven is not looking for Justice. She just wants him, because she doesn’t know how to live without Finn. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s not even about love at the end…it’s survival.
This relationship is so twisted and bone deep I just can’t help but think it’s beautiful.

The moment when Raven wants to use Murphy to trade Finn’s freedom I wanted to grab her and shake sense into her head.
But it’s also a moment I love because, hear me out: the moment Finn saw what that situation was doing to the people he loves (Clarke’s knocked out and Raven acting like this, cruel and desperate) is the moment he decides to turn himself in.
Why is so great for me? Because I see a symmetry: the love for Clarke made him loose himself, but the love for Raven, remembering also how he used to love her, made him go back to the boy who wanted to have peace so desperately that he was the first to reach to Lincoln.
The Finn I wanted back was all in that moment and I see symmetry in the quote too, in his last words to Raven “may we meet again”.

Raven doesn’t want Justice, she wants family and that will always be Finn.

Clarke: “I love you too”

Here I am, and in doing this I have to start with something: I don’t ship Clarke/Finn. I never have and never will.
I know you are all screaming and gripping your hair like “why did you have to do that?! You managed to go all the way with no ship-shit!”
Well, my friend, I’m saying this because I want you to understand how much it means that I, a Bellarke in the blood, am saying this.

Clarke is in love with Finn Collins and she will be in love with this boy for a long time after he died.

This Clarke doesn’t give a damn about Justice, she is not acting as a leader, she is using being a leader to save the boy she loves and her moral forced to renounce to in S1.

This is it, this is Clarke in the episode. Of course she is strong, she is brave, she is clever and she is resolute in her actions but she wouldn’t have done half of this for anybody else in the world, except his closest friends and mother, and she wouldn’t have suffered this much for anybody else (except Abby and Bellamy: because the first is her family, the stronger bond she has who has roots in her blood, for her whole life, and the second is her compass, the one person she relies on to give her direction, to not be alone, to make her feel strong, her anchor so much that the only persons she really cared to not loose where him and the boy she loves, Finn. It’s Finn who gives us a measure of how much she cares for Bellamy…crazy, right?). Lastly she wouldn’t have felt like this for anybody in the universe, period. She loves Finn and the way it hurts when you love is unique.

The moment she accepts she is gonna loose him she can tell him what she never has.
That time Finn first confessed to love her, she said that he broke her heart, and as I always said, that means she loved him. She never said she had stopped. If only you could stop loving the one who breaks your heart…if only! It’s not so easy.

In the tent, he said again he loved her but she felt that that love –and so herself as a reflex- was the reason he was going to die. She felt that love had killed him and that’s way she said nothing, except “don’t leave”.

But we saw Finn’s face: not enough, Clarke.

At the end, when she finally confessed he said: “thank you, Princess”.

I thought about it and I think we can read this two ways: thank you for sparing him the pain of the excruciating agony he was doomed to and thank you for saying it. He died loved by the girl he loved.

This is enough.

Love is not just, as I said.

Now! Let’s just conclude this crazy ride: the key word for me was Justice and for how crazy you can think I am, I think that the right view of it is the one of the Grounders.

I think that the adults are just understanding that they lost any possibility to call the terms on the future when they sent the 100 to the Ground and this is amazing.

What I’m excited to see?

I want to see how she is a visionary and I would like to see how she interacts with Kane.

I want to see Abby and Kane, being awesome and making me squeal like an idiot.

I want Murphy and a new chance for him.
I want Lincoln and Octavia growing into a love that will held them together and whole.

I want Raven and her pain (please give me back Wick for this).

I want the 47 (I refuse to believe they took away Harper like this, she was adorable!)
I want Jasper and Monty and I want Miller.

I want Cage and Dante and please kill the crazy doctor lady (whose name I don’t know because she is evil).

And then, since I’m only human, I want Bellarke. I know guys, but if there is someone that can help Clarke right now it’s just him, Bellamy: he knows what she feels because he felt it when he lost his mother and Octavia. Abby knows too, of course, but Clarke doesn’t trust her like she used to.

Clarke gave Bellamy forgiveness and I think that the only way she is gonna ever accept to be forgiven is if he is the one doing it.

This story, ship aside, it’s always gonna be Clarke and Bellamy. The others made them the rulers. Now they have to rule.

I fucking love this show, I’m a mess right know and I need to know it’s gonna be renewed.
I’m gonna cry know, over a lot of video on YouTube….may we meet again, my friends, and let me now if I said anything that makes sense!


i haven’t really watched any of this season of the 100 but i have a few things to say. jason rothenberg is disgusting in every way. he has treated his poc charatcers (and in particular woc characters) like shit. in every way. raven reyes hasn’t had a damn break since she landed on earth and she’s been written into irrelevancy. that’s on jason and the writers. jason has villianized nearly every poc character. he chose two poc to lead a “colonialism” attitude plot line for christ’s sake. not to mention how he absolutely destroyed literally every ounce of character growth and redemption arc of the biracial male lead to make him so ooc to the point of no recognition of the character (and with no real convincing motivation shown onscreen) all for the sole purpose of pushing along a shallow plot line. meanwhile jason and the writers have made almost every white character the saviours (and if not a saviour, they’ve faced nearly no consequences and been made “forgiveable” with nearly no effort). 

and now tonight. 

jason has been going on for months and months about how “revolutionary” he is for having a lead f/f ship only to do this now. i personally didn’t care for clexa, but that is not the point. anyone can recognize what an important relationship that was and the representation it provided. to have a bisexual female lead in a queer relationship with a strong lesbian character is so, so amazing. however, you can’t claim to be revolutionary and a torch bearer for the lgbt community when you pull shit like this. you can’t use the “kill off the lesbian” trope and act like it’s okay because “well i gave them representation though.” that’s not how it works. i don’t care if lexa had to be written off the show because alycia is on another show now. there are literally hundreds of other ways to write a character off a show. killing off any minority character for shock value is gross. the writers did it in season 1 with wells. it was bad the first time and to do it again is inexcusable. 

jason used clexa and lexa and hyped it up and catered to it specifically to gain an audience. all along he knew that this was the ending but he continued to use it to gain his viewers and act like he was a champion for the lgbt community by feeding this storyline of a beautiful f/f main relationship destined for great things. viewers were blind to his other faults, like his treatment of poc characters (and cast too), and it’s hard to blame them for that. when you’re given a golden nugget of rep it can be easy to blinded by it and not recognize or realize other shitty treatments of minorities. jason did this to his audience and he fucked up big time. if there is something positive thing to come out of all of this it is hopefully a greater awareness for how awful jason and the writers of the 100 are. 

I’m sorry but being supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and equality for all, and then turning around and trying to get a show, which has so much representation, cancelled is not okay. Just because Lexa died does not mean all LGBTQ+ representation is gone.
- We still have Clarke who is a bisexual woman, leader of her people and main character in the show.
- We still have Miller a gay POC who is one of the only delinquents left. Who is shown saving his people again and again.
- We still have Bryan, miller’s boyfriend who is going through a redemption arc for working with pike
We also have other representation available
- Bellamy a POC and leader of his people, going through a redemption arc and having supportive friends. Showing up to save his people despite his lack of childhood due to having to keep his sister a secret
- Monty a genius POC struggling through PTSD and the guilt of killing his mom as well as the people in mount weather.
- Raven a genius woman POC with a disability who constantly comes up with ways to save her people. She is also a disabled person refusing and breaking free of addiction to overcome her disability. She does not let it slow her down.
- Octavia a badass girl warrior struggling through the loss of her love and still trying to find her own identity
- Jasper a guy struggling through PTSD and an addiction. Rising above it to help people he cares about.
- Harper a girl with trauma surrounding the wars she went through and the bone marrow being taken without consent.
- Murphy a rape survivor among other things fighting his way just to survive

Just because one representative character is gone that doesn’t change the fact that there are many more. Lexa was a dynamic important and interesting character but because she was the commander she HAD to die so we could observe the second AI. She would have died even if she was straight, she was used to help unravel more of the mystery and plot and was a very important character. However her death was unavoidable if they wanted to continue the AI story.
By trying to cancel the 100 you are taking representation away from many who rarely have it. For example Raven Reyes and her disability or Jasper and his PTSD, along with all the others. Campaigning under LGBTQ+ rights while trying to remove a show with a bisexual lead and an interracial m/m relationship does not make any sense. I’m not saying the show is perfect, but I am saying trying to get it cancelled will remove representation for other groups causing more problems then it solves.

People are saying shit like
“Steven hasn’t even tried talking to Jasper and being friendly towards her.” “wtf why is Steven being so hostile towards Jasper but wasn’t towards the monsters?”
Sit down kids and let’s see why,
Steven has shown that he is kinda scared of the corrupted Gems, he’s shown in earlier episodes that he’s kinda scared of them because they are giant fucking monsters who don’t know what they are doing. But now that he’s been told they are basically “sick” and can’t remember who they used to be or really know what’s going on, he’s showing his Steven'y caring nature towards them and trying to help them like Rose tried.
Jasper on the other hand has always scared Steven. When she first arrived she says she wanted to beat his mother into the ground, she insults the crystal gems and then physically hurts him and kidnapped him. Then she fused into Malachite and was taken into the ocean by Lapis, Steven has been shown no good qualities in Jasper only terrifying ones, when she finally returns she tries to take Lapis away again, then she threatens to literally kill him, THEN IN THIS NEW EPISODE SHE BEATS THE SHIT OUT IF THESE SICK GEMS AND POOFS THEM VIOLENTLY.
He’s terrified of her and doesn’t think
I love Jasper as a character, she’s really well written and designed I love her I really do, but guys come the fuck on. She’s a bad gem, and just like bad people….some times they don’t have any good sides in them. Sometimes they are just scary horrible beings of hate and violence. Jasper hasn’t shown us that she has it in her for a redemption arch, all she’s shown is that she’s severely damaged mentally and might not be able to be helped
Like Alfred said to batman in the Killing Joke
“You can’t save everyone, some are just too far gone.”

anonymous asked:

do you think it's still possible for jasper to get a redemption arc?

Always yes! :) 

I’ve written about this a lot before but to save everyone from one of my long posts:

1. It would add so much richness to the story given Jasper’s role as someone who chose to remain with Homeworld and knows about the past, something which we only see in bits and pieces

2. It would be a narratively original choice to have a character introduced as the stereotypical big buff static villain actually be a three-dimensional character

3. Jasper’s already been shown to be more than just a big whopping pile of evil. She has motives and a compelling backstory as someone who crawled to the top when all that was expected of her was nothing.

4. Redemption doesn’t have to be Jasper getting a star and living in the barn and just accepting “Crystal Gem.” Because we don’t see Lapis going around declaring herself a Crystal Gem, or tagging along on all the adventures. Redemption could also mean her coming to peace with the past, being less destructive towards others and herself. In fact, she should continue to challenge the tenets of what it means to be a Crystal Gem, because she knows precisely how they hurt people in the past. 

Much like Steven’s realisation that not everything in the war was black and white, Jasper’s presence is an indicator that Homeworld is made of gems just like them.

5. Jasper’s at her very worst now, and just as she said about Peridot, that does seem to be the indicator that a redemption arc is happening soon. 

if we were meant to empathise with Mary, as of the end of HLV, we could’ve been given even the tiniest shred of a sympathetic backstory

After watching season three of Orange is the New Black and really getting to appreciate the complexity of these characters, I see Mary in a whole new light.

In OitNB we see people acting shitty but then we see their backstory.  This immediately humanises them.  We see their current shitty behaviour against the characters story of origin, basically.  This is how you create a whole story of interesting, three dimensional characters, where no one is clearly, ‘the good guy’, or, ‘the bad guy’.  Morally grey or at least flawed is the message for everyone.  We all have our reasons, basically.

And yet, this, this backstory, this redemption, this fleshing out, is exactly what has been withheld in series 3 when it comes to Mary.  They have shown us her bad behaviour so clearly as awful and unjustifiable and they’ve added not a shred of backstory or evidence to the contrary.  It feels like the audience is being actively prevented from empathising with her.

Maybe for those who do empathise with her, there could be some level of projection at play.  Maybe, for some people, what we see of Mary is enough to prompt them to imagine a sympathetic backstory but it just isn’t there as of the end of series three.  It is not provided.  We don’t even get to know what makes her, ‘so wicked’, in Magnussen’s.  We get very little information, given by Sherlock under extreme duress in a situation where we have evidence that suggests that he is lying to protect John.

If Moffat wanted us to emphasise with Mary he could’ve written even a short flashback of her past.  Anything where something difficult is happening to her and we see her begin to have to develop some sort of maladaptive behaviour.  Something that shows sadness or loss.  Something to humanise her.  We see this done so well in OitNB.  Even the smallest vignette can immediately soften the scene that it frames.  Even the most heinous current behaviours can become more understandable with the tiniest amount of empathetic background story.  And yet, this is exactly what’s been left out of HLV.  Not a shred of a moment for the audience to see Mary as anything but ruthless.  

The real cliffhanger at the end of series three is not whether or not Moriarty is back: It’s Mary.  Mary’s character, her story, her motivations, her personality.  The cliffhanger is: will we ever see a sympathetic backstory?  Or will her backstory show her as a more fleshed out character but one who nonetheless cannot be redeemed?  The way that HLV played out I cannot imagine there being a reveal where there’s a sympathetic backstory for her.  She is shown as being so calculating, so cold, so aggressive, so in control, I think a touching backstory is not in the cards for her.  Possibly something that explains her behaviour or maybe nothing much.  The way that HLV plays out, it does not make me wish for more backstory, it makes me wish for the protagonists’ safety.  Her presence as a threat to their continued survival is what strikes me most clearly.  She is simply the most dangerous criminal they’ve ever faced, from what I’ve seen of her.  From what we have been shown of her.