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*whispers* in the spirit of all the beauty and the beast stories recently, would u think about writing a story where Raph gets turned into a person by some kind of magic and his girl is incredibly devastated and wants no part of him like that? Not like "I loved u even tho u were a mutant u didn't need this" I mean like "no I like u because ur weird and I genuinely hate this look on u, where is my big green man?"

Oh my god, I so fucking feel you! 
When I watched Beauty and the Beast (not the new one, though) and the Beast was transformed into a human (God, he looked … urgh), I was so upset. The moral was that beauty comes from within, not that you’d get turned into a “handsome” boy because of reasons! 
So yeah, I may totally consider writing this! 
I just don’t know when I’ll find the time, but this ask is awesome! 

I grew up reading tales about the infinite love between the Sun and the Moon.
Two entities that loved one another endlessly, a love so divine they needed not ever see eachother. They loved solely with the knowledge that the other existed.
How truly beautiful I though it was that the Sun could love the moon with all of its darkness.
I thought how prodigious it must be to find something that is your opposite half;
It is your its light, and it your darkness, and together you will light the world.
—  indieluhv 
Where Did All the Fairy Godmothers Go?

It happened so slowly, most didn’t even realise it was happening.

The disappearance of the Fairy Godmothers.

Nobody knows where they went, but then again nobody bothered to ask. It seemed as though they’d always been there, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that no-one asked where they went until it was too late to get an answer. 

After all, the world was a big place and growing bigger every year. There were so many people. More than when the Fairy Godmother’s had first appeared.

More people than they ever hope could help. 

Magic could only do so much when they were so vastly outnumbered.

What was once commonplace became a lottery of sorts. Who would be amongst those lucky enough to meet a Fairy Godmother? To have all their dreams come true? Their problems solved? Who were the haves and who were the have-nots?

It didn’t matter how good a person was, all that mattered was being in the right place at the right time, crying the right amount of tears.

Really, it was inevitable that the backlash against Fairy Godmothers would rise over time, as the world grew bigger and fewer people got a chance at a magical happily ever after.

People always want a quick fix for their problems.

Yet, in the midst of the uproar, the anger, the envy, people forgot that Fairy Godmothers were people too. Of course, they weren’t entirely human, so it was easy to strip them of said humanity, to see them as these beacons of fate, handing out happily-ever-afters on a whim and leaving the rest of the population to rot.

It was easy to forget the fairies who had raised their children in secret.

Easy to forget the ones who loved and watched over the orphaned ones, as though they were their own.

Easy to forget the ones who protected them against the darker forces in the world, as well as those who wielded them.

Until, one day, people began to notice that it had been weeks since they’d spotted the familiar flutters of sparkling wings. There were no whispers of magical happenings at peoples’ doors, no rumours to spread. Cries for help went unanswered for everyone. It seemed at last that the world was equal- at least in terms of those hated magical shortcuts.

Some celebrated a return to fairness, others felt stabs of guilt at having pushed an entire group of beings into hiding. A few hoped they’d come back if only to help those less fortunate- who now seemed to be suffering more than ever in the fairies absence.

(There were certain murmurs among the younger folk, those who had been too small to ever be graced by fairies power, about how vocal those in positions of power had been in their hatred for the Fairy Godmother’s. But those criticisms were quickly squashed by those who were louder, older, angrier.)

Weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and soon Fairy Godmothers were a distant memory. They became nothing more than stories to tell dazzled children, all with the understanding that Fairy Godmothers weren’t real- that if their children wanted a happily ever after, they would have to earn it like their forefathers before them.

Fairy Godmothers didn’t exist.

And their children would just have to accept that and move on.

Hands To Myself

Roughly inspired by Hand to Myself by Selena Gomez. 
Just a side note that I really can’t write smut, I feel incredibly weird so I do apologize for the cliff hanger ;)

Can’t keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I’m trying to
I want you all to myself
You’re metaphorical gin and juice

I mean I could but why would I want to?

It was convenient that Tom and [Y/N] lived right across the street from one another. It meant that they could just walk over and not have to worry about the awful London traffic. Or even that if they drank a little too much, their home was just a few feet over. It was great. What wasn’t convenient was that Tom and his best mate, Harrison, always, like clockwork played basketball every morning. And [Y/N] had the front row seats with her window facing the cul-de-sac they played on. 

[Y/N] had never been a sexual person. She just kept her hands in her lap and behaved like a good girl but ever since she had starting dating Tom, it was getting a lot harder to maintain the proper ladylike persona her parents had raised her to have. It seemed that even the simplest movements Tom would make would send her senses into overdrive and force her to have the mind of horny thirteen year old boy. And [Y/N] could bet money that Tom had no idea what he was doing to her, he was always such a gentlemen when it came to her personal space. Of course they would cuddle and have make-out sessions but he was always aware of where his hands would be. And [Y/N] loved that for the most part, she was adoring that Tom wasn’t acting out on his hormones and was being respectful of her body because her body wasn’t a piece of property that he could invite himself into whenever he pleased. But, there were days where she wished he would just use all his pent up sexual urges and show her what she did to him. 

And it didn’t help that this morning, Tom was shirtless. The sun was kissing his body and causing every curve and dip of his muscles glisten from the sweat that was covering his upper body. It was a taunt and it was driving her insane. She stood by the window, watching Harrison and Tom play for a few more minutes before she decided that she needed to do something to get the idea of what laid beyond the shorts that were covering the rest of him out of her head. 

Splashing cold water on her face, she looked in the mirror and noticed a small purple mark poking out from her shirt. Wincing, she pulled the collar down to inspect it a little more. She would admit the night before was one of their more friskier nights, Tom had never left a hickey before. It left her flustered and she could bet that seeing Tom this morning made the feelings come back twice as hard. Blowing air out of her mouth, she dug around in her drawer to find some concealer. Even though she was twenty, her parents would freak the hell out that she was engaging in any kind of physical contact with her boyfriend. If she didn’t still live at home, she would have shrugged and went on about her day. 

Dabbing some on until she felt that it was hidden enough, she closed her eyes when she heard the victory yells from Tom. Gripping the counter, she looked at herself. She could feel herself getting hot at the thought of what more could have happened the night before if her parents hadn’t came home so early. Swallowing hard, she told herself to get a grip. 

Walking towards her closet, she threw on some running shorts and a matching sports bra. Reaching around her jacket, she zipped it up halfway. [Y/N] needed to run off her hormones, put something else in her head. Walking into the kitchen to grab a protein bar, she noticed a note from her parents. 

Went shopping at the mall and then going to see a film. After that we’ll be going grocery shopping. Be home right before 6. Send a text if Tom and Harrison will be joining for dinner so I’ll be prepared. xx mom

Plucking the note from the fridge, she laid it on the counter and sent her mother a text saying that most likely Tom and Harrison will be coming over. Four out of the seven days, they normally did. Grabbing a sip of her water, she headed out the door. 

“[Y/N]! Come play with us, Haz needs all the help he can get.” Tom chuckled. 

Walking over towards the two boys who were dripping with sweat, she placed a peck on Tom’s cheek and patted Harrison’s shoulder. “Love to, but I’m going to go run a few miles.” 

“Ew,” Harrison groaned. 

“Ew, yourself.” [Y/N] responded, sticking out her tongue. She turned towards Tom in time to find him rake his eyes over her attire. Biting her lip, she tried to ignore his lingering gaze over her exposed torso. 

“I agree with Harrison, why are you running?” Tom asked, “You could get in your daily exercise right here with me.” He motioned towards the basketball hoop.

[Y/N] really wanted to respond with something inappropriate but decided against it. It was only going to make her situation worse. “I’ll pass, but maybe next time. I’ll see you in an hour.” 

“An hour?! How many fucking miles you plan on running, [Y/N]” Harrison sputtered. 

Shrugging, she started to jog backwards, “However many I can run in an hour, Haz.” Shaking her head, she smiled and blew kisses towards them and turned to face forward and headed off. 

[Y/N] had needed a lot more than an hour to get her mind off of her sexual thoughts about Tom. She had ran for thirty minutes before she slowed to a walk to give her burning legs a rest and in that time, she had made up five million fantasies. All of them ranging from innocent fluffy to extremely fifty shades. After walking for another thirty, she decided to run back to the house. Figuring that Harrison had probably either gone home or knowing that Tom would be spending time with her and went inside to hang out with Sam and Harry. 

Slowing down her pace when she spotted Tom sitting on her porch in the comfy bench her mother had insisted on spending four hundred dollars on. She smiled as she hopped up the steps, “Hey you.” 

Looking up from his phone, Tom smiled back. “Hey yourself. I thought you said you were going to run for an hour? How many miles did you clear?”

Shrugging, [Y/N] unzipped her jacket all the way, fanning herself with her hand. She hated to feel so hot that the only thing she wanted was to peel off her own skin. “I don’t know maybe five or six? I wasn’t tracking it but I reached the fountain and came back.” 

Tom whistled, “Look at you speedy.” He chuckled and got up from the bench to hug her. 

“No, I’m gross.” She whined. 

Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he shook his head. “No, never. Impossible.” 

Trying to ignore the skin to skin contact, she pushed him away and rolled her eyes. Reaching into her hidden pocket for the spare key to her house, she unlocked the front door and walked in. “Did Haz go home or is he with the twins?” 

“The twins,” he responded, following her in. 

“So, he’ll be over for dinner too? I was supposed to tell my mom for sure.” 

Tom shrugged, “I dunno. I’ll ask him,” texting Harrison, he slid his phone back into his shorts pockets. 

Chugging some water to cool down, she tossed him a gatorade. “You going to eat dinner with my parents with just that on?” [Y/N] teased. 

Leaning against the counter, he crossed his arms, the well-defined muscles flexing and tightening made [Y/N] lick her lips. “Are you going to wear that to dinner with your parents?” He squinted his eyes, pushing off the counter, he walked towards her in just four steps. His thumb rubbed against the spot on her neck where she had covered with concealer. “Bloody Hell, your father is going to kill me.” He muttered. 


Tapping your neck, he chuckled. “I’ve given you a hickey. I guess the sweat from your run rubbed the makeup off.” 

Chewing on her lip, she shrugged. “I’ll cover it back up when I get dressed. No big deal, they will never know.” 

“Good because that is not a conversation I want to have with your father.” He shuddered at the thought of being confronted by one of the seriously intimidating men he had ever come to meet. Tom reminisced to the time where he had first met her father, he was ready to piss himself. 

[Y/N] shook her head and laughed, knowing exactly what he was thinking about. She could have keeled over and died from laughing so hard at her father and Tom’s first encounter. She had to reassure Tom that her father really did like him after the first few times and he had even told her that he preferred Tom over her past boyfriends. 

“Hey Tom?”

“Yes, love?”

She fidgeted with the bottom of her jacket, running the zipper up and down causing Tom to look at her with a confused look. “How long have we been dating now?”

Tom tilted his head to the side and did the math in his head. “A little over two years, why?”

“Do you not find me sexually attractive?” 

Tom choked on his spit, completely blind sided by her question. “I’m sorry, what?!”

Avoiding his baffled stare, she sighed. “Am I not sexually appealing? Like, is there a reason why we haven’t had sex?” 

Tom seriously couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. He moved in her line of sight, speaking softly, “Hey, look at me.” Waiting until she met him, he smiled softly. “Are you seriously asking me that? If I didn’t find you to be sexy, I wouldn’t have left that hickey on your neck. Of course I find you to be sexy. I find you to be sexy all the time, [Y/N].” 


“Really.” Tom confirmed, shaking his head at how crazy her question was. He chuckled a little before pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Have I thought about sex with you? Yes. But I, it’s not, I don’t. Sex isn’t just something we do because it feels good, [Y/N]. I want it to be special, meaningful. We’d be sharing ourselves in a more personal way and I might be ready to do that but you might not be.” Cupping her face, he smiled again. “I would never want to pressure you into something because I don’t have to have sex with you to know that I want to be with you. Is it difficult, yes, especially when you wear things like what you have on now.” His eyes trailed down her and then back, “But, I love you for you not for sex or anything else. It would just be an added bonus.” 

[Y/N] couldn’t help but blush at his words. Again, he was always so respectful. “I love you, Holland.” 

“And I love you, [L/N]” He pulled her into a hug, the kind that she melted into. [Y/N] would swear up and down that Tom had different kind of hugs. And the way he was hugging her now was her all time favorite. It made her feel warm and fuzzy inside, almost like she was completely safe and nothing could harm her all while feeling the love radiate from his body. 

Pulling away a little, she took a deep breath. “What if I’m ready now?” 

Tom’s eye sparkled a little as he studied her expression, “Then I’d plan it to be special.” 

“No, like now.” 

Now?” Tom asked in surprise. 

“Yes, like right here, right now.” Wincing and giggling lightly, she shrugged, “Or well in my room, not here in the kitchen, that’d be weird. We eat and cook in here.”

Tom pulled apart from her completely, looking her dead straight in the eyes. “You want to have sex right now? Really? Are you sure, [Y/N].” She could tell he was getting flustered, “What if your parents come home? Or Haz decides to just come over? Don’t you think it’d be more special if I had planned it out to be romantic?”

“I love you, Tom, I really do but when has anything you’ve ever planned romantically gone according to plan?” She raised a brow, waiting for him to answer.

“You have a point….”

She grabbed for his hands, “I think it would be special right now. Don’t think I haven’t notice the looks you’ve been giving me when you think I’m not looking. Isn’t passion what makes it special?” 

“Bloody Hell,” Tom mumbled as he ran a hand over his face. “You’re going to kill me, absolutely kill me.” 

My heart,
All day and night,
It’s constant,
Never stirring, stuttering or stopping.

Yet when I see you,
It stops and stutters in its steps.
And your smile,
Makes it freeze so utterly and completely.

And for an instance,
It feels as though the moment,
Well that it could last forever.
Just you looking into my eyes,
And me looking into yours.

And it feels like just for a moment,
We’re infinite.

Period Cramps Preferences

Can you write something about reader is having menstrual cramps and soda tries help? Side note you’re amazing, I love you. Anyway(!) Thank you

So this was requested but I think I’ll just add all the boys, because I know after I post it, someone is gonna request the rest of the boys!! 

Also, I’m sorry for not writing so much lately, I was having so much writers block, but I am back, for now, I don’t know how long this inspiration will last. 

Darry: He actually had had a couple past girlfriends and was familiar with this sort of thing. He knew to keep track of your period, and never to fight with you, and to always make you know that he loves you and that you are beautiful. When you have cramps though, he goes out buys you a heating pad and lots of chocolate. If your cramps are really bad, he’ll take off work and lay in bed with you, rubbing your tummy. 

Dallas: Dallas is very aware of menstrual cycles for girls, but isn’t very concerned with them. He never really cared much about your period until one day found you curled in a fetal position on your shared bed, your face distorted in pain. He had took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes and rubbed your stomach while cuddling you, and whispering sweet nothings into your hair. He only did this when it was clear you were in pain, and would never admit to doing it if it was brought up in front of anyone.

Pony: Pony hasn’t had much experience with women and his sex ed class only touched on the subject briefly, so when he found you laying on the couch, moaning about cramps, he panicked a little, not sure how to help you. He hated to see you in such a miserable state, and did everything he could and everything you asked to make your cramps a little more bearable. He had to have Soda school him about it a bit more after you had fallen asleep. 

Two-Bit: Having a sister, he knew fairly well what comes with a menstrual cycle. He didn’t avoid you but he also didn’t try to be around you so much that you lost your patience. He kept a single calendar to know exactly when you were on your period and would wake up really early the morning of, and walk over to your house with balloons, candy, movies, comic books, and a couple of his big shirts for you to wear as well as an abundant supply of pads, tampons, and heating pads. He would sneak into your house and make your favorite breakfast and wait for you to wake up, where you would stay in bed all day. On the sudden moments where you would have really bad cramps he would rub your back and play with your hair, kissing your temple and telling you loves you.

Johnny: At first he was bumbling and stumbling over himself, not sure how to help you. You couldn’t help but laugh at his nervousness and just gestured for him to home lay with you. He spooned you and you just told him to rub your stomach, he did so but wanted to distract you so he told you some funny stories that had happened in the past with him and the gang. You eventually fell asleep in his arms and when you awoke, he was sitting in front of you with flowers, chocolate, and your favorite movie, which you in reaction started crying. He had never been more confused by a woman in his life. 

Soda: Soda had all the experience he needed to know how to handle you on your period. He had lots of female friends and knew just the thing to say, and just the things to do to assure your hormones. However he never had to console his female friends’ period cramps, and had no clue on what to do. When you two were laying in bed watching a movie and you suddenly lurched forward, grabbing your stomach and whimpering, he had no clue on what was going on. He was so terrified that he was scared to ask what was going on, in fear that you would scream at him or worse…cry. He snapped out of his frozen state and wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your stomach while whispering how much he loved you. You eventually fell asleep and when you woke up, he had bought heat pads and a gallon of your favorite ice cream. 

Steve: Steve did not need you or anyone to tell him what to do during your period week. He didn’t keep track but had a fairly accurate idea of when it came, he just always had the supplies he needed on hand in his car, so if he ever came over and found that you were on your period he would run out to the car and bring back what he needed which was just the standard candy, movies, comic books, liquor, and heating pads/ice packs. He felt bad for thinking so, but he loved when you were on your period because you were so touchy-feely and just wanted to have lazy days with you. 

Cherry: Cherry knew exactly what you were going though and was always there at your beck and call. However the only downfall was that your period cycles where synced, so when she was on hers, so where you. You two spent the week cuddling and whispering how much you loved each other. You two typically tried not to talk a lot during your time of the month, because your hormones were out of control and someone would get offended at the smallest things and a couple times, it was for that exact reason that you two broke up. 

Tim: Tim had enough common sense to know never to start a fight with you while you were on your period, he just knew he would not win. He made that mistake once…never again. If he found you curled up, holding your stomach, he would kiss you and pick you up, and place you in his lap where he would pet your hair and just kiss the top of your head. Occasionally he would buy chocolates or flowers, but he knew you wanted him in your arms more than you wanted any materialistic thing.

-Admin Mikayla

Before anything else, this is not my first ‘last letter’ to you and I don’t know if this will be the last— I hope, though.

When I think of you, I think of all things beautiful and magical. Like how the world seems so quiet from above. Or how the city lights seems to dance at night. I think of the lovely yellow lamp post on the street. Or how I see the chaotic traffic on your window. When I think of you, I hear those sentences you said. It was almost like a movie line and the whole time was a movie scene. I can’t spot anything ugly about what we had, except the fact that I don’t know if we really had something.

When I think of you, I think of your face in the morning. I think of how tight you held my hand when you thought I was asleep. I think of how you let me lean on your shoulder when the world got too much to handle. I think of your eyes and your smile or the way you frown on me everytime you think I’m annoying. I think of those horror films we failed to finish because you’re just too scared but you were acting like you’re not. It was a short time with you, but it was enough to give me memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

When I think of you, I think of the night you assured me that everything will be fine. When the stars showed up to entertain us but ending up being ashame on how you shine brighter than them. I think of those awkward elevator kisses and how you remove my eye glasses everytime I will accidentally fall asleep. God knows how I grieved for those moments when you decided to exclude me in your life completely. Like we never happened at all.

But never once I hated you for breaking my heart. How could I? You gave me the best memories I can keep in a short period of time. And for that, thank you. In another universe, or lifetime, I hope if we meet, I’ll finally be enough for you. But if not, I hope you’ll find someone that will satisfy you.

When I think of you, I think of that nice brilliant man that have the courage and dedication. I will think of how I knew you’ll go far in life.

This is my last letter to you—
Or maybe just another letter again.

Ups and Downs

Requested by a very nice Anon.  I’ve never met a Bipolar person so I’m really sorry if I don’t write it well. Please forgive me.

This is part is written from Jerome’s POV

At first I didn’t think much of it, we were all very different and unique. Of course being admitted to an insane asylum will automatically put you in that category, but we were more unique than the others. My Sweet cheeks though, she was something else entirely, I fell in love with her the moment I made her laugh. Oh that beautiful laugh, how I miss it. 
“Jerome, is your Pet still in your bedroom?”
I bit my tongue about that pet comment and looked over at Theo before licking my lips and speaking
“Yes she is and I’m starting to worry, she hasn’t eaten anything and every time I try she just pushes me away and pulls the covers over her head after shouting at me to leave her alone”
I take a breath before continuing
“What if she’s starting to become afraid of me…I couldn’t handle that, she’s the only one I care about” I look towards Theo, his eyes showing mixed emotions, it was then that I realised how soft I sounded. I smirked at a thought and let out a chuckle, “I know what to do to get her out of bed~” before making my way out of the dining room and towards our shared room.

Switching to your POV

I stared at the lamp on the side of the table, a feeling of nothingness drowning me as I laid on the soft mattress. I couldn’t even get up, I’m not sure If I even wanted to. I rubbed my face tiredly before hugging the covers closer to me. A knock on the door followed by Jerome’s voice was the only thing I could hear. I felt so sluggish and slow in the head, and the thought go him trying to get me out of bed displeased me.
“Afternoon Sunshine~” Jerome sang as he practically skipped to my side. I stayed silent begging for him to go away.
“Come on sleepy head we’ve got places to go” I just wanted him to go away, I wanted these feelings to go away, I wanted to go away.
“Leave me alone” I said tiredly and groggily
“Come on Sweet cheeks, I miss you. You’re just so sad and flat and I just want you to be happy” he kissed my forehead before stroking my hair. I pulled away from him and just curled up tighter.
“Come on gorgeous, please tell me whats wrong” You’d leave me
“Go away” I said softly
“Not until you tell me whats wrong” I felt the bed dip and his body heat at my backside. I never wanted him to see me like this, he’s going to leave me I know it.
“Sweet cheeks…Please”
I snapped and lashed out at him 
I felt his body leave the bed and heard footsteps approaching the door. 
“Everything alright in there kiddos?” I heard Barbra call out. “No, its not” Jerome whispered quietly before ripping open the door and storming out.

Jerome didn’t sleep in the same bed as me that night, heck I wouldn’t blame him, he’s probably going to leave me anyway right. I mean nothing to this world or to him, I’m meaningless and a burden.

It was probably six or seven days later, I lost track of time in my soft bed. Without a warning Jerome barged into the room and threw himself onto the bed, just barely missing me. His puffy red eyes and dark circles told me that he hadn’t slept and was crying only a few minutes ago. “Please tell me you’re not leaving me” I was shocked.
“Me leave you?! I thought you were going to leave me! And its all because of my stupid, stupid genetics” I started crying before throwing my pillow at the wall. “What’s wrong with your genetics?” Jerome asked, completely unfazed.
“My mother had this disorder.. And it was passed down to me” Jerome sighed before hugging me, “Nothing will make me leave you, not even if you tried to kill me” I laughed before being pulled into a hug. “What ever it is, we can go and rob a chemist, I’ll take care of you” I looked up at him with a teary eyed smile “Even if its Bipolar?” He grinned and hugged me tighter “No matter what, I’ll love you”.

((This was probably so terrible I’m so sorry))

(The lovely picture is used with very kind permission from the artist,  苺野めりー★– please do not remove source or repost)

This! This is the perfect picture for the ending that I have envisioned for my fem!Levi x Erwin fic, A Choice With No Regrets.

“She’s beautiful,” whispered Erwin, cradling the baby in his arms. His baby. After all these weeks, it had still not sunk in entirely. “Just like her mother.”

“She’s big,” Levi said dryly, though Erwin could see the slight smile touching her lips. “Just like her father.” 

He could still remember his state of panic when her labor had drawn on and on and judging from her wry tone, Levi had not forgotten either. 

“She’s just so…”

Amazing. Incredible. A triumph. Erwin gazed down at the tiny bundle of precious humanity in his arms and knew that he was hopelessly besotted. 

Once upon a time, he had been foolish enough to think that this fate was not for him, that his life had only one grim purpose and there was no need for complications. He’d leave nothing of himself behind. He had very nearly missed out on this little miracle, had it not been for Levi. 

Levi lifted a slim eyebrow at him. “So…?” she prodded.

“Perfect,” sighed Erwin, unable to stop himself from reaching down to kiss his daughter. “She’s perfect.”

When he straightened back up, he found his wife gazing at him searchingly.

“No regrets?” Levi asked.

Erwin smiled. “How can I possibly have any?” he said.

prompt: “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.”

For @armadil-lauren who is probably the most generous person i know <3

Michael’s heart is pounding as he knocks on the heavy wooden door. He’s so nervous, so desperate to do this, that he doesn’t wait for an answer before he pushes it open anyway and enters.

Across the room, Gavin looks up, and when he notices Michael his eyes widen and his mouth opens into a startled little o.

“Michael?” he asks, dropping the quill he was writing with and rising. He’s not wearing his regal finery, not like he will to the wedding tomorrow. Just a simple, loose shirt. In the dim light of the moon spilling through the window and the candles on his desk, he looks fragile and young, not much like a prince at all - beautiful in his simplicity, with his familiar too-big nose and scruffy hair. Even though he’s so anxious his hands are shaking, Michael can’t help but smile at seeing him again for the first time in weeks. Gavin might be quieter, more reserved - not like his sister Lindsay, the rose of the state, clearly set up to inherit the crown from Geoff eventually - but there’s something special about him anyway, something Michael’s always seen, since they were boys.

He’s been away too long.

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Here’s to the BTS hyungs

To Namjoon who fights his self doubt and self hatred. Who despite everything works so hard for BTS and pours his heart into writing songs. Who is such a great leader and such an inspiration.

To Jin who takes care of all the members. Who feels as though he’s not good enough but tries so so hard and practices so much. Who came into BTS with no dancing or singing experience but was able to get to where he is now through his own efforts.

To Jhope who receives so much hatred from fans but still manages to keep that beautiful bright smile on his face every day. Who constantly cheers us up and is always there to support the members. Who is a beacon of light on dark days.

To Yoongi who battled his depression and didn’t even have enough money to eat when he started. Who was constantly told he would disappoint his family. Who gives us every part of himself through his song lyrics.

I’m so proud of the BTS hyungs and they’ve worked so hard. BTS deserves everything they receive and more.

Love Doesn’t Discriminate (part I)

Word Count: 3,676

Authors Note: So this is part one of our collab Beauty and the Beast AU, Lin x Reader fic. We are so happy to finally be sharing this with everyone, and just hope you all enjoy it, because theres plenty more to come! Please let us know what you think because we have been dying to hear from you guys!

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle and though he had everything his heart desired…

The knock on the door came as a surprise to the man sitting at his writing desk before the grand fireplace in the library. It was his favorite room in the castle, and as a young boy, he had spent hours of his time in the room, whether it be reading or just working on his schoolwork.

It was a stormy winter night, and the rustle of the trees against the large panes of the windows provided a soothing background to the swirling of the words around his head.

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Grow your soul as if it were a garden. Spend time with it every day, learning to see beauty in it, and working to improve it. Read all the books you can, listen to beautiful music, teach yourself something new, or create something beautiful. Grow your soul into a garden so mesmerizing that those who happen upon it can’t help but stop and stare in awe.
—  Leaves-and-Lights
Behind The Scenes 3 (4.5/???)

Author’s note: It may be a while till I post the next scene. I haven’t had any time or inspiration to continue writing BTS 3 where I left off (Don’t worry I’m talking about my Malaysia scenes. There is still a bit to go before you all catch up to it). I need to buy myself more time so I can start writing and perfecting the last scenes of BTS 3. Sorry for any errors or any cultural and environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Fluff-ish?/ Angst? (Suga, Jungkook)

Word count:1826

City: Shanghai

Summary: You, Jungkook and Suga go out to the beach.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based on this scenario series.

The beach was beautiful. The three of you made it to the shore almost at sunset, just when the sky was its most colorful. Even though there were quite a bit of people, you didn’t really mind. You weren’t too scared of running into any fans.

When the three of you came closer to the water, you all removed your shoes to let the dying waves splash over your feet. As always, y ou and Jungkook held hands. Jungkook being the “gentleman” he was, held your shoes for you. Suga straggled behind the two of you, constantly stopping to take a few pictures.

“Damn, it’s such a nice evening.” Jungkook said.

“Right! The view is so amazing!” you said looking past him to see the hues of yellow and orange.

“Finally you agree that I look amazing!”

“Shut up!” you laughed.

You could hear the sound of water splashing behind you and soon Suga appeared next to you. “What are you guys talking about?”

“About how good looking I am!’ Jungkook stopped, let go of you, tossed the shoes in the dry sand and moved into a dramatic model pose. “Yoongi quick! Take a picture. I can’t hold my breath forever!”

Suga rolled his eyes at him. He lifted his camera, but he didn’t bother to aim it, he just lazily clicked away a few times.

“C’mon let’s keep walking!” you laughed. You tugged on Jungkook’s arm, but he refused to move.

“Jagi no! He needs to take a good picture!” Jungkook said still holding his breathe.

You gave one last tug and he dramatically fell to the ground, making sure to land where the water didn’t reach him. “Jagi! Why?!? I thought you loved me?!?” A last puff of air escaped him before he played dead.

Immediately, Suga crouched next to him and took many pictures of Jungkook at all angles. “Ah yes! These are the images I want!” He laughed

Jungkook broke into a smile. “Ya!” He laughed, pushing Suga away and picking himself up. “Yo, take a picture of me and y/n. We can put it online! Baby, do you wanna take pictures?” he asked, turning to you.

You shrugged, “Eh, I guess so.”

The two of gave your back to the water and faced Suga. Jungkook came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. You put your hand on his and smiled into the camera.

“Smile.” Suga said bitterly as he aimed the camera at you and Jungkook.

After only a few shots were taken, Jungkook practically shouted, “Wait!”

You jumped up a bit at the loud voice that boomed right in your ear and you looked up at him with a bit of a snarl.

“Jagi, let’s make this one a funny one!” he suggested.

“Kookie no!”

“C’mon it’ll be fun!” he insisted.


In a aplit second you put yourself back in a happy mood and you both proceeded to make derp faces at the camera. Suga continued to take a few pictures, but he didn’t even seem a tiny bit amused by the stupid faces you were making.

“Kookie, can we stop now? Let’s take better ones.” you whined

Suga’s expression cringed into an even more bitter expression. “Why are you guys acting like that? There aren’t even that many people around and it’s not like anyone knows what we are saying!”

“Cuz we can’t hide our love!” Jungkook shouted, staying in character. You could feel his arms tightened around you. “Look at the beauty before us! How can one not show her affection!” All the noise coming from him was earning “a bit” of attention from the people around you.

You felt so paranoid with so many judgmental eyes staring at you all. You turned around and hid your face into Jungkook’s chest. “Oh gosh, don’t be so loud.” you whispered

“I’m getting people to stare so all this doesn’t go to waste, but I’ll stop if you want me to.” He whispered.

You nodded.

“Are you two done?” Suga asked. It was easily to tell he was annoyed about something.

“What’s with you?” Jungkook asked with what you thought was the slightest hint of a smirk.


“Are you sure? What’s wrong?” you asked.

“I said its nothing!” he said walking off down the shore on his own.

Jungkook picked up your shoes and grabbed your hand. “C’mon, let’s keep walking.”  

You quickened your pace to try and catch up the Suga. “Yoongi, can I see the pictures?” you hoped that talking to him would get him out if whatever mood he was in.

He didn’t say anything or even look back at you. He simply handed you the camera. It was already opened to the pictures he took of you and Jungkook.

You couldn’t help but shriek when you laid eyes on the pictures. “Aah! I look so gross! Why did you actually take these?!?”

“Nah, you look cute, an ugly cute, but still cute.” Suga said, keeping his eyes forward.

Jungkook took the camera from you. “Oooohhh, looks like we found our BTS meme queen!”

Almost immediately, Suga ripped the camera from his hands and turned it off.

You looked back at Jungkook, but all he did was shrug at you.

Things were silent amongst the three of you until you heard a phone ringing. Suga pulled his phone out from his pocket and when he looked down at the screen, he broke into a small smile. “Oh, hey Aiko!” he answered cheerfully.

Instantly you could feel your insides twist. You felt a pang of jealousy hit you in the chest just from hearing him say her name.

“Yeah I’m just here on the beach with y/n and Jungkook.” He continued. “Shanghai… ha yeah, I guess you could you could say I’m the third wheel… Well, if you were here, it would be a different story… Hang on a second.” He covered the speaker of his phone and finally turned to face you and Jungkook. “Do you guys wanna go back to the hotel? It’s kinda hard for me to talk to Aiko with so many people around.”

“Already?” you frowned. “I was just starting to have fun…”

you could see Suga frown a bit himself. “Ah, well y/n-“

“Huh? That’s funny. I thought it shouldn’t matter what you say. It’s not like anyone around us can understand what you are saying.” Jungkook spat back with smirk.

Suga locked his gaze on Jungkook. “This is different!”, he said sternly. Then he looked back at you. “Why don’t we all go back? It’s getting a little late anyway. We should get back before Namjoon does.” by his tone it was as if he was almost begging you to go back with him.

“You go. Y/n and I are going to stay a bit longer.” Jungkook said.

Suga squinted at him.

“Go.” Jungkook insisted. “We’re fine. I can get Tae to tell us when he and Namjoon are getting back if that’s what you’re so worried about.”

Suga grumbled under his breath. You thought he said “not really.” but you weren’t too sure of that was what he really said. Suga looked back at you, and you could see he wanted you to go back with him. “Are you sure you don’t wanna go back?” Suga asked.

“… You go. I wanna stay longer.”

“Well… ok…” He picked up the phone again. “What were we talking about?” he asked as he walked off back to the hotel.

You watched as his figure got smaller and smaller as he left. You didn’t go back to walking in the water until you no longer saw him. On the inside, you were a bit mopey, but tried not to look too upset. “The sunset is so pretty.” You said. A part of you knew it was best to stay out with Jungkook. This was such a beautiful evening and it was possible you wouldn’t get another chance like this.

“Yeah it is…” You felt Jungkook lean closer to you. “Time out… Before we left the hotel, I really did text Tae to let us know when they’d be getting back. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened in Beijing…” He whispered.

You didn’t bother to say “time in” and you let your actions speak for you to let him know to get back into character. You squeezed his hand tighter and tip toed to give him a small peck on his cheek.

You both continued to walk in blissful silence. You took in the sounds of people laughing and having fun around you, the sounds of the waves crashing on shore and the sound of the sand crunching under your feet. You walked and walked until you got a bit tired.

“…Can we sit down?” you peeped.

“If you want.” Jungkook pulled you away from the water and to an empty spot on the beach.

You both saT down on a cool patch sand and you dug your feet into it. You rested your head on his shoulder and enjoyed the view. Thankfully, the calming minutes seemed to go by so slow. It felt as if you had been able to have a relaxing sit in the sand for hours. By now the sky was filled with oranges and pinks with the slightest hint of purple. Just when the orange was about to disappear and as the purple grew, the sky looked its most beautiful.

You turned to Jungkook. “Ooohh can you take a picture? The sky is so pretty right now!”  There were way less people around compared to before, making it the perfect time to take a decent picture.

Jungkook shrugged. “You can take it if you want.” He pulled out his phone and opened the camera for you.

You probably took about 50 pictures until you felt satisfied that you got a good shot.

“Hey! Calm down. You got like a five hundred pictures of the same spot!” He laughed.

“I had to make sure I got a good picture… Here, I’m done now.” you smiled tossing his phone back to him.

“… Y/n”


“Time out again real quick. You wanna take a better picture to make up for the stupid ones from earlier? You didn’t seem too happy with those. If we take better ones I can post those or something.”

“Well we don’t have to. Do you really think we’ll need to take another one?”

“Well, I guess not. I’m not too sure how this whole dating lie should work. I feel like compared to real couples we don’t have a lot of pictures together.”

“That’s true… Yeah, we are probably slacking when it comes to this whole thing… Yeah, let’s take some nicer pictures.”

To embrace in the scenery of the beach, Jungkook made a big heart in the sand. He lay his head in one side and you lay your head on the other side. He got a good three pictures, before an obnoxious laser sound rang from his phone and a text from V appeared on the screen.

“Oh shit! We gotta go back now!”

You both jumped up immediately and maneuvered through the still crowded beach. Thankfully it didn’t take Jungkook too long to hail a taxi and the two of you made it back to the hotel before V and the monster did. 

Restless Heart

Characters : Jared x Reader

Song : Say Anything by Anderson East

Summary : You and Jared were nothing more than just friends. For years, you two were all you’ve got. Until the day Gen appeared on the show, and changed everything. And though, you were used to him dating other people, things changed when you found out he was engaged to her. 

A/N : I have been asked by so many of you to write a Jared fic. So i hope you all enjoy! xx

You felt your heart pound profusely as you held the letter close to you. For 48 hours, you have waited for this moment. A few weeks ago, Jared surprised you with big news. Something that you honestly didn’t see coming. 

He was going to get married to the beautiful, and talented Gen. The girl you grew close with over the years and someone you considered a very important part of your life. Until the moment you realized that you were going to lose Jared. 

You were going to lose him to someone else. Watch him grow old with her, and make a family of their own. And though you knew you should be ecstatic for them both, you couldn’t. And thats when it hit you. 

You were in love with him. 

Those feelings were pushed aside, many years ago. After the two of you both decided to end the short romance and just be friends, because neither of you could bear the thought of losing one another. And the way things were going for you both, you were on the path of something ugly. And that wasn’t something you guys could risk. 

“You going to stay for the reveal?” Jensen muttered, his mouth filled with gummy bears. 

You shook your head, feeling your throat begin to knot. “N-no. I have to talk to Felicia about something.” You hesitated, trying to refrain from crying. Your emotions were all over the place, and honestly you weren’t sure how to handle it. 

He eyed you for a moment, scanning your face for bluff. Jensen was a brother to you. After meeting him, you two instantly clicked and he has been a close friend ever since. 

“You okay?” He asked. 

You opened your mouth, but the door swung open and Jared along with Rob and Richard, made their way in. 

You have been keeping your distance from Jared ever since he told you. You ignored his calls, ignored his texts. Today was the first time you saw him. And you couldn’t help but feel sick. 

“Hey! I didn’t know you were here.” Jared smiled, embracing you in his arms. 

His scent was overbearing, but kept you on a high. Until he released, smiling down at you. 

“I wasn’t planning on it. But Richard convinced me to.” You said shyly. 

Richard flashed a soft smirk. He was the only one who knew exactly how you felt for the guy. He was the only one who understood the pain you were feeling every time you saw them together. 

“Well I have to go.” You forced out. “Break a leg out there you guys.” 

They all let out a chuckle and nodded. 

“Hey, wanna get some drinks after? I missed you.” Jared asked. 

You swallowed hard as his words caused an ache to course through you. Something you were beginning to get used too. “S-Sure.” you exhaled. 

Before he had time to react, you practically ran out of the room. As the door closed behind you, you let out a breath you didnt know you were holding. You leaned against the wall, and looked up to the ceiling. “You can do this.” You whispered to yourself. 


As a few hours passed, it was finally time for the cast to make their way up to the panel. You met up with Richard, and handed him the letter. 

“You sure about this?” You whispered. 

He nodded, pursing his lips. “You have to tell him, Y/N. He deserves to know.”

You nodded and gave him the letter. He pulled you in for a quick hug, and made his way on stage. Waving to the crowd, as they all cheered, he quickly placed the letter behind Jared’s name and walked over to the podium. 

“Hey Y/N!” A familiar voice rang from behind, making you jump. 

“Shit Jared-” You panted, pressing your hand to your chest. “You scared me!” 

He let out a chuckle, his shoulders bouncing up and down. “Sorry. I forgot how much of a drama queen you were.” 

You squinted your eyes at him, and playfully hit his arm. “Shut up.” 

Hearing him laugh was something you wish you could hear forever. It was like a soft melody ringing in your ears. And it always made you smile. 

“Why haven’t you been returning my calls?” He asked, growing serious now. 

Your heart began to pace and though you wanted to tell him right there and then, you couldn’t. 

“Okay Jared, you are about to go up.” Cliff stated. 

You gave him a quick hug and took a step back. “Good luck out there.” 

Turning on your heels, you made your way back out to the crowd. Jared kept his gaze on you. He was so happy to see you today. You have been to every convention and every comic con with him. This was something you both shared together. Having you by his side through all of this, during the crazy uproar of the show, made him feel at ease with it all. He could never imagine doing any of this without you. 

“Okay, you are up.” 

You felt your heart pound profusely as you stayed close to the door, staring up at the boys. It was time for him to finally read your letter. You couldn’t help but feel anxious and nervous at the same time. 

Rob was cracking a joke with Misha as Richard leaned over to Jared, pointing at the letter in front of him. “Y/N left this for you.” He whispered. 

Jared took the paper into his hands, unfolding it as he glanced up at you for a moment. Your breath hitched, and you couldn’t handle the anxiety. So you slipped out of the room, and ran as far away from there as possible. 

His eyes gazed at the words your wrote on the letter. Feeling his stomach flutter and his heart drop to the pit of his stomach. 

Dear Jared,

              Where do I even begin? 

              I guess there is no way to say this. So here it is…I love you. I have always loved you and I dont think I ever will stop. When you told me you two were engaged, it killed me. It felt like you ripped my heart out and stomped on it right in front of me.  

             I don’t want to hold anything back from you anymore. I cant, because you deserve to know. I held my tongue for too long, and now i think I’m too late. So this is my goodbye. I cant be here and watch you marry her. I cant watch you two fall more in love. I cant pretend I dont feel this way for you because every time I see you kiss her, or see the way you look at her, I die a little.

          I hope you two have a great life together, I really do because All I want is for you to be happy Jared. I love you, and I always will. Im so sorry. Goodbye.


He swallowed hard, feeling tears well as he stared intently at the water bottle in front of him. Jared felt as if he was hit by a truck. His chest ached, and his stomach churned. 

He was confused, hurt, and most of all, angry. How could you do this to him now. How could you tell him that you couldn’t be in his life? His throat knotted, making it hard to even breathe. And all he wanted to do was storm out of there. To find you. 

His mind was racing with different emotions, different thoughts. He didn’t know what to do. 

But with all of that, he knew one thing was for sure. One thing he has been trying to push away, something he tried to brush off as nothing. 

He was in love with you too. Since the day you two spent the night out under the stars, 4 years ago, all he wanted to say, all he ever wanted to tell you was that he loves you. And it scared him. 

Red Velvet Reaction to: Being on “Hello Baby”

mmm version; here

Irene: somehow gets stuck with the less fun aspects of child minding; cleaning/ironing clothes, cooking dinner, wiping snotty noses when they cry, etc. but she accepts this role without complaint. is occasionally childish so the child loves playing with her too & always listens to her orders. is still only second favourite though. joohyun is dubbed an “angel” by viewers, who are impressed not only with her motherly nature but her natural beauty as well

Originally posted by irxne

Wendy: spoils the child & is overall just trash for them. anything they do makes her swoon & she does anything the child asks, even if they want to write ‘poop’ on her forehead. does all this in order to be the favourite but is never picked first. is always the child’s third fav

Originally posted by r-velvets

Seulgi: finds everything the child does super cute. is melting every moment she’s around the kid. can be a push over so doesn’t discipline enough. is super gentle & never raises her voice either. just like all the girls, she tries to be the first favourite. but never is

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Joy: is playful & warms up to the child easily. is good at the easy aspects of child raising, such as dressing them & playing. but has burnt everything she’s tried to cook them. & was given a task of taking them to the hair dresser. but she started watching Pororo the Little Penguin & forgot all about the appointment, only remembering when the girls came home to find the two glued to the tv

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Yeri: despite not helping out w the child as much as her unnies, is still somehow picked as the fav. she doesn’t do much for them, like making food or buying gifts. but cuddles them lots. & the others don’t know what they did wrong; “how is the maknae always the favourite?”

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I’ll be your mirror

This isn’t a spoiler-free post. Do not read it if you don’t want spoilers.

God, so many moments to capture from this episode!

That was a good episode!

First of all thank you to Jerome Schwartz & Leah Fong for writing this masterpiece and thank you to Jennifer Lynch for directing it! You did an amazing job!

All of the SQ moments were beautiful and full of meaning! A Swan Queen episode, a dream come true!

we could have skipped a few moments from that ep though, but I’m not gonna dwell on that

So, let’s begin with it (keep in mind that there are a lot of people that will do way better than me in this, but I need to express my love for that ep):

First two minutes:

Regina, wanting to sacrifice herself for Snowing, and Emma, being the good wife she is, makes her reconsider - “The only thing that makes that bearable (her death) is knowing that Henry will still have you (Regina)!” I mean come on! That couldn’t have been said any better! Not Snowing, not Hook, not anyone else, but Regina! Because she is the only one that can take care of him and the only one that loves him as much as her, because she is his mother!

Btw: “I’m not letting you sacrifice yourself!” - I won’t let you die, even if that will save my parents. We will find another way! (and so many other options)

Also they are fighting like a married couple -
E: I’m not letting you sacrifice yourself!
R: Well, I’m not asking for permission!

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anonymous asked:

I know the fandom is dead and I'm discovering Nagron too late but I just wanted to tell you I love your art and fics. They're beautiful and your writing is so vivid, I'm obsessed with all the little scenes you have created for them. <3

AHHH thank you so much!!! It’s been so long since I’ve drawn or written about them :/ And yea, the fandom is pretty dead, but there’s still a few people, like @venomedveins , who are still keeping the ship alive <3

I’m glad you enjoy my art and fics for them, though! Hopefully I’ll do more nagron things every now and then :)

Córeczko! Ależ ty wypiękniałaś.

I don’t know how common this knowledge is, but I haven’t come across anything about it on tumblr yet, so I’m gonna talk about the iconic scene when Ciri goes back to Kaer Morhen – specifically when she reunites with Yennefer. My Polish is poor, but I know enough to know this:

Though Yennefer’s second sentence is pretty much the same as in the English audio (“you’ve grown beautiful”), “córeczko” translates to “daughter” in English, and in English (and all other versions I’ve seen so far), Yennefer does not say it at all. It’s just a little funny when Geralt has directly called Ciri his daughter in-game but not in the books, and Yennefer calls Ciri her daughter in the books but not in-game. Also slightly relevant: Ciri calls Yennefer “mother” etc in the books, but never “father” to Geralt.

And yeah, I am aware that this is the game, and I don’t wanna come across as a “read the books!!1!!1!” person. But the games are a continuation of the books, and one of the strongest and most important relationships is the bond between Ciri and Yennefer. A child was the one thing Yennefer wanted most and it would have been nice to help establish their relationship just a little bit more in the game this way.

I’m not sure how game!Yennefer comes across to the average person if they didn’t know her connection to Ciri. Do they know she’s just a mom trying to find her daughter? that she’ll do anything to find Ciri because she’s that important to her? that she’s more complex than just some raging bitch??

I’m guessing they couldn’t get away with removing it in the Polish version, or if they didn’t want to in the first place, why did translators remove it in English/other translations? They kept “little sis” (siostrzyczko) for Triss, though. If they wanted to remove one affectionate familial word, couldn’t they remove them both?

So yeah, it’s one word. But it’s an important word.


we all know that you guys are probably one of the biggest fandom in the world (hell i was an exo-l too) so i’m making this post to ask for your precious help! monsta x really deserve to get their first win with their latest comeback, but no matter what monbebes do, we still are a growing fandom and our votes aren’t enough, so any help is appreciated! please stream ‘beautiful’ and vote for them (there are so many tutorials here! i can share some if you want) because even though we might be from different fandoms, i think we should all help each other (especially when your favs aren’t competing!)

so yeah, i’m also offering to write drabbles/make moodboards for everyone who is willing to help.

please, i’m literally begging you, help monsta x! if you don’t wanna contribute, just reblog this post and spread the word!