all their shirts are tucked in omg

You’re late for school after a night with Mark so you stumble around the room throwing on the clothes you could find and then start collecting your things when you can’t find your keys and wallet. The panic in your breathing wakes up Mark (who’s got his head tucked under a pillow). He raises his head up slightly with one eye open. “Going somewhere?” he mumbles, and then sits up, rubbing his eyes awake. “School,” you spit back quickly, looking under Mark’s t shirt that was on the ground. “What are you looking for?” he asks. “Keys,” is all you say back, concentrating more on looking for them. Mark looks over to his right on the nightstand. “Here!” he calls to you, holding them up in the air. You grin, grabbing them from him and head out the door until you realize you forgot something. “Forgot this,” you say, leaning over to kiss so him hard on the cheek that he falls over. “Bye!” you add, waving. And all he does is lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling already missing you. 

BC THERE WOULD BE JUSt so many different aspects like going exploring music genres together down to the obscure shit or being made fun of for being shorter than him bc well you probably are
Not that that’s the only thing he’d make fun of you for lol the teasing with this kid would probably be relentless
But he’d make up for it bc he’ll always let you pick what show to watch on Netflix because he likes watching you get excited about your favorite shows omg
And you’d have to keep an eye on him in public all the time ugh he’d be a mess w his shirts unevenly tucked and his hair would be out of place from running his stupid beautiful hands through it
AND not to mention, no matter how many times u try and buy him shirts, they will always be too short for his long arms like hiS TALLNess isn’t always a gift. Well, it’s actually usually a gift. Especially when you get cold at night but he’s way longer than you so he can basically wrap himself all the way around you and keep you warm which he would do for you all the time bc he wouldn’t want his jagi getting cold anyway;;
To answer, dating Wonwoo would be like entering Nirvana.