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Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.

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My nephew is a huge fan of you!! He's eight years old and watches your videos all of the time. You're absolutely hilarious, and a beautiful person. Lots of love.

Awwww that’s wonderful!!!!! I’m so honored to hear that!! Love you back!!


A Happy Birthday to Misono and a Happy Valentine’s Day to the Servamp Fandom! Really hope Tanaka-sensei gets better soon!

A friend of mine and I made a video for Servamp! It’s a fanmade parody of the ending of the anime Kill Me Baby.
My friend animated the beginning until 00:30 and then the part from 00:54 to 1:00, while I did the rest.
I also did the backgrounds~

I’d really love to hear what you guys think about it~!