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Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part two.  listen here

01. Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin)
02. Davichi - Forgetting You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
03. Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Basick & INKII - In the Illusion (W - Two Worlds)
05. Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun)
06. Taeyeon - All With You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
07. Crush - Beautiful (Goblin)
08. Noel - Again (Please Come Back Mister)
09. Sam Kim - Who Are You (Goblin)
10. Im Sun Hee - Will Be Back (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
11. Rocoberry - Console Myself (Bring it On, Ghost!)
12. SunBee - Hello (Shopping King Louis)
13. Han Hee Jung - Dreaming (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
14. Woo Yerin - Struggling to You (Beautiful Gong Shim)
15. SALTNPAPER - Bye, Autumn (Jealousy Incarnate)
16. Bernard Park - DIRT (Beautiful Mind)
17. Echae En Route - Uneasy Romance (Another Miss Oh)
18. Elsa Kopf - IF (One More Happy Ending)
19. Tearliner (ft. Kim Go Eun) - Attraction (Cheese in the Trap)

Dressed like a daydream

Characters: Hoseok & OC

Setting: Royalty au, Cinderella au

Genre: adventure, fluff, romance, humour

Words: 10354

Prompt: Cinderella did not come to the party to enjoy it, but is instead an assassin tasked to kill the prince. (cr.) / I  snuck into the castle to kill you, but wow you’re good with a sword, and I quite like your eyes…

Summary: When the Crown Princess’ best friend agrees to go to the ball instead of her, to kill Prince Hoseok and save her from an arranged marriage, that’s definitely not how she planned this.

Written for @bangtan-bookclub’s May Theme Challenge: Royalty AU

For the sake of the story let’s just accept that all the big Korean cities are autonomous kingdoms, Incheon people are famous for their blonde hair, their style is similar to Disney royalties instead of traditional Korean dressing and wars, assassins, arrange marriages are common things.

Each part’s title is lyrics of Blood, sweat and tears.

For more fairytale aus, check my Once upon a fairytale masterpost.

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The Royal Family of Gwangju invites you to the Annual Masquerade Ball in celebration of the Prince’s birthday.

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It's the Same ~ Joshua Ch.2

Word count: 3.3k

Genre: Prince!au, Romance, Slice of Life, Fluff, Drama, Classical!au

A/N: Recently I watched Princess and the Frog and I got so inspired, so I decided to share this series with you. It’s a lil’ different but I hope you like it. Enjoy! 2nd part of the series.

Ch.1 ||  Ch.2

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“I was stating the fact.”

You felt Joshua’s grip tightened on the basket. You probably thought he’s just tired and hurrying to reach the castle. Without a response from the man in front of you, you decided to cut the silence. 

“Is something the matter, Prince Joshua?” You asked with concern. “If there are some more pastries you would like to have, I am honored to-” 

He gently touched your wrist with his hand, one carrying the basket. “It is a-alright. This basket is enough for the 4 of us.” He let out a heavy sigh before speaking again. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it.” He forced a smile.

Ah so princes do have this side of them? I thought they were all brats and cocky. Fairytales. 

You thought to yourself maybe he’s different. Maybe the books you’ve read as a child were not you think they were.

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Rose Pin {pt.4}

Type: Valentine’s Day Special Miniseries; Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Genre: Fluff
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 1,516

As students file into the lunchroom, you stumble in with paced steps as your friends nearly drag you in. As you passed by, you could feel stares turning your way followed by whispers. They were along the lines of you either trying to suck up to Seungcheol or you flirting with Joshua. But you don’t pay attention to that bullshit as you blur by.

In the far corner of the lunch room, where the tables that received the most sunlight were set up, you spot a group of boys laughing and loudly talking. As you come closer, your shoes squeak to a halt. You drop the white paper bag that had been left in your locker onto the floor.

“What?” Sojung asked with a confused face as the three halt beside you.

You suddenly felt hesitant. What if you were wrong? What if this was all just some prank to mess around with your feelings?

“Didn’t you want to get this done and over with?” Yeonju spoke lowly.

You nodded your head eagerly. But as you open your mouth, no words come out. A bashful feeling fills your veins. Just a period ago, you wanted to get rid of this rose pin and continue to declare your hate for Valentine’s Day, but you suddenly had a heavy gut feeling.

“I’ll handle this, girls.” Yerin stepped in, holding her hands up before resting one on your back. She takes in a deep breath.


Without any sort of warning she pushes you forward. You lose your balance, trip on your own foot and fall right onto your knees.

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