all the wrong reasons

My Girl

The girl I love doesn’t love herself.

In fact, the girl I love can’t look at herself,

can barely stand to think of herself,

refuses to look at herself in the mirror.

She hates herself,

but never for something as simple as her flaws.

She hates herself for her perfections.

Her smile- perfect teeth taunting her.

Her laugh- cheerful bells haunting her.

She hates the curve of her waist,

pinching in above her blossoming hips,

getting smaller as the attention she gets grows.

She hates the shape of her lips,

the smoothness of her skin,

the curl of her eyelashes around dark eyes.

The girl I love doesn’t love herself

because the people around her love her

for all the wrong reasons.

The girl I love hates herself,

but never for something as simple as her flaws.

If she were more flawed,

if she were more arrogant, or less intelligent,

she would look in the mirror and feel only love.

The girl I love doesn’t love herself,

and I love her for that,

but, still, I wish she wouldn’t hate herself.

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Full Name:
Myoro Oroq but goes under her “father’s” last name Etwanneya, shortened to Etwan simply to avoid unwanted attention from his side of the family.

Gender and Sexuality:
Cis female and you can check her sexuality here.


Au Ra / Raen

Birthplace and Birthdate:
On a ship sailing for Limsa at the time LOL | 25th Sun of the First Astral Moon

Guilty Pleasures:
Really skimpy strappy lingerie..
Miqo’te ear wiggles.
Neck rubs. If she could purr she really would.
Extravagant and expensive clothes.

Losing her friends/loved ones.

What They Would Be Famous For:
All the wrong reasons bruh.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:
Technically they didn’t actually get arrested but it came pretty close. Her mother dragged her along to dig up a grave in the neighboring village and it didn’t end well when they got caught. Lots of running and frantic packing ensued and they left town as fast as they could.
Myoro was a bit young when it happened but she remembers it quite fondly, she thought it was fun running away. At the time.

OC(s) You Ship Them With:  
Myra Dullhan @dantinmikannes ((On the world of Malboro, Myoro and Myra are a canon ship and Myoro is trying to work up the courage to propose to the little Miqo’ blonde.))
Ouka Highwind @oukaori ((Because so far I really like all of the similarities between them and how their personalities compliment one another. I think it could be a great ship if it ends up going in that direction. :3c And if not a serious ship then I still love their interactions regardless~))
because I am a dirty sinner

There’s more people but it would be kind of just aesthetic ships since I’M TOO SCARED TO TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT WHEEZES.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
Currently no OC’s but possibly some angry folks from her past and less careful younger years as a necromancer…

Favorite Book Genre:
Horror. And anything and everything to do with magic, alchemy, necromancy and several different sciences. Sometimes trashy romance novels.

Least Favorite Book Cliche:
There are so many bad horror endings you don’t even know.

Talents and/or Powers:
> She can raise the dead with her singing voice HAAHAHAH.
> Can withstand extremely cold temperatures/climates.
> Alchemy.
> Weaving, funny enough.
> Calligraphy.

Why Someone Might Love Them:
She’s passionate and determined, and despite her occasional social awkwardness she makes for a very good friend to have. She’s unwaveringly loyal to those she holds close and there’s not a lot of things she wouldn’t do to preserve them and keep them safe. This is also somewhat extended to business associates and partners she works with.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
There have been one or two instances where the family or friends of one of her “subjects” have sent people after her. Despite having several contracts in place she can’t always avoid this sort of thing, and it’s made worse when there isn’t a contract to back her up. More often than not however there is a contract; she doesn’t really like using bodies without one in the first place because so many issues could come up.

In regards to that as well she’s terrified of the people she cares about finding out about what she does, but can’t deny that she loves her work. Maybe not in any sort of twisted way but still, it’s not fun finding out your friend raises dead things for all manner of strange experiments right?

How They Changed:
Hmmmmm I’d say as she’s gotten older Myoro has become more aware of things going on around her and of how things she does affect that. She’s quite perceptive of others and tries to pay attention to people’s moods and tells, whereas years ago she stumbled through social interactions like a blind chinchilla. She’s also grown out of her cockiness, which was quite present for some years during her alchemy training. She was quickly put in her place by her master and has since learned the difference between arrogance and confidence.

Myoro has also become increasingly aware of her own mortality, and so in her own ways she tries to live to the fullest.

Why You Love Them:
Aside from a Naga OC of mine Myoro is the only other reptilian type character I have, and the only Dragon based one. She was my first ever magic wielding MMO character too and up until I started using her I much preferred melee characters, now I can’t get enough of her and all her little magics and tricks~

When I first created her I didn’t think she’d be a very active character, and only wanted to use her to test out magic type classes. I deliberately made her appearance plain and simple, all white and unemotional looking. There’s been a few times since I began developing her more that I’ve thought about changing that but it’s come to grow on me and now I can’t see her any other way. She was also meant to be a highly emotionless and cold person originally but through interactions with others and their OC’s I’ve found she’s actually quite playful and can even be charming at times…still wears a deadpan expression 97% of the time though that bit is permanent.

The more I’ve used her and developed her story and personality the more I’ve loved about her, and the darker the story began to get. Due to her all white appearance she was MEANT to be a kind of saintly character….but instead turned into a necromancer with an insatiable desire for knowledge, highly questionable morals/methods and a mother who is likely legitimately insane by now…whoops…And then there’s the whole “chunk of parasitic Aether crystal embedded in her chest and slowly but surely eating her lungs and heart”….thing.

In short I had some ideas set for her and she told me to fuck off and did her own thing. I loved being surprised by my own characters.

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Since you're so damn good at it, could you please write a defense for Kate Austen? I just saw someone call her a slutty manipulative bitch and I can't tell them all the reasons they're wrong because I'm too busy breathing fire.


okay since i just wrote that giant post about abby i’m a little wiped out

but i have rambled a little about kate here, here, and here so hopefully those will hold you over until i have time/energy for another post! :)

“The cast and crew adored him,” she said. “Sometimes he would sneak out and hide behind the crew vans and surprise his fans who had discovered where we were shooting and would gather, hoping for a glimpse.”

On set, Monteith tried to maintain a lighthearted attitude, often pranking those around him. On the last day of shooting, he revealed to Milani that he had secretly hidden his black Ray-Ban sunglasses in the background of every scene he was in.

He said he “would point them out to me when we got to do commentary on the DVD. I thought that was a riot,” the filmmaker said.

—  Gia Milani, director of All the Wrong Reasons, talking about Cory during the filming of the movie.  x