all the wrong reasons

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birthday scenario! Matsu's s/o gives them a present they had always wanted but could never afford for their birthday

S.o kisses their Matsu on the cheek. 

“Happy birthday”

The Matsuno grins, they didn’t really care what S/O got them, they were just happy to revive a present at all, they start slowly unwrapping the paper, trying to make the moment last as long they possible can. They’re eyes light up as soon as they see just a fragment of what’s underneath the wrapping paper. The hold their breath and quickly tear through the paper, the hold the gift in their hands in look into their s/o’s eyes.

Osomatsu: he rubs his eyes and stands up to hug s/o. “I got something in my eye from that wrapping paper you used, since you caused  it, you have to let me hold you until I feel better.”

Karamatsu: Immediately starts to bawl, throwing himself in s/o’s arms. After weeping loudly for few minutes and soaking s/o with his tears, he shoots his head up, “S/o, what I have I done to ever deserve you?” 

Choromatsu: He clutches the gift close his chest and starts to beam “Wow! This was a really good gift, s/o,  I’ve always wanted this!” He doesn’t let go of the gift for the rest of the day, or even a few days.

Ichimatsu: Excuses himself, he goes to sit up on the rooftop alone. His s/o’s act of kindness was too much for him, he starts hating himself as he convinces himself he’s not good enough for s/o, until s/o finds him to snuggle against him.

Jyushimatsu: Shouts and cheers, “Thank you s/o, thank you, thank you, thank you!” he gets too excited and grabs S/o arms as he bounces around the room. In one final burst of energy, Jyushimatsu jumps, blasting off into space, taking s/o with him.

Todomatsu: Gasp, he wraps his arms s/o, and repeatedly kisses them on their cheeks. He pulls out his phone snaps lots of pictures of s/o,  him and the gift, majority of them being kiss pictures.  


I am vulnerable.

I fall for all the wrong reasons and the wrong people. There’s this temptation of finding, wanting and needing someone who can fill in the empty space. Loneliness has become a huge factor to deal with sometimes. It becomes so difficult to live with and nothing to keep me company but silence in the air. I’ve connected with some, interacted and fall so short for them that I get lost in the sense of being infatuated and in love. It’s silly, and sometimes I wish it never came to be that way. To feel so in love over a sense of ideals, beauty, the heart and grace. When honestly, the depths of every mind I’ve sulked into is bland and growing. I’ve become so blind that I’ve been taken advantage of, led on and pulled by the strings. In the end, I’m still stuck at the same result of feeling vulnerable and in pain.

I don’t know how else to put it anymore.

Charlotte’s promo

I was really impressed last night. Especially after considering her last promo I considered memorable was for all the wrong reasons. The post-Wrestlemania 32 speech about herself carrying the division was pretty bad, mostly for her inability to control the crowd. But last night she showed that she had improved in leaps and bounds.

Charlotte managed to draw real heel heat and not indifference when compared to previous performances (”What me one more time”) and that waas even before she tore into Ric. The promo really stood out to me because she managed to further herself as the villainous, sly, dirty player she is supposed to be, but also exposed herself as a little vulnerable when it comes to her father. I’m not sure if her voice sort of breaking when she talked down to Ric was an accident or whatever but she managed to make both her and her father a little more sympathetic while still exposing them as scumbags. The fact there was no contact to made it stand out more, since this is wrestling you would expect a slap, especially since it was Ric, but the fact it was all verbal brought some legitimacy to it, and made it outright uncomfortable to hear this coming from a daughter.

I was never a major Charlotte fan but she sure proved herself last night, major props.

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Yamaguchi in makeup would be the best thing ever

he gets into make up for all the wrong reasons though. he hears concealer would hide his freckles so he tries smearing it all on when he’s younger. but that doesnt work so he stays away from make up for a while until he finds out theres other stuff you can do??? and he looks really good in red lipstick??? and he isnt half bad at eyeliner. 

it takes a while before hes comfortable and confident wearing it outside the house, but damn does he look hot

“The cast and crew adored him,” she said. “Sometimes he would sneak out and hide behind the crew vans and surprise his fans who had discovered where we were shooting and would gather, hoping for a glimpse.”

On set, Monteith tried to maintain a lighthearted attitude, often pranking those around him. On the last day of shooting, he revealed to Milani that he had secretly hidden his black Ray-Ban sunglasses in the background of every scene he was in.

He said he “would point them out to me when we got to do commentary on the DVD. I thought that was a riot,” the filmmaker said.

—  Gia Milani, director of All the Wrong Reasons, talking about Cory during the filming of the movie.  x