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voltron crew and tumblr

Shiro: Surprisingly has a space theme because obviously. Reblogs whatever he finds funny. Occasionally posts a selfie which has like 20k notes. His selfie with Keith got over 100k with tags like #who are these people omg #hot stuff Tumblr Famous but isn’t aware of it. Has nice anons. Gives advice on physical fitness. Admitted to hating P.E. back in school—his followers think it’s a lie. It isn’t. Organized tagger. #funny #meme #space #cat #my face #bae

Keith: Has a default theme, he ain’t got no time to fancy shit up. Reblogs anime and whatever shows he’s into. Posts art, meta and heaps of personal ones like “Got free ice cream today.” and tags it as #shiro #wtf man thank you? #finals is killing me but the ice cream made it bearable. Has rude anons because he tends to have a lot of unpopular opinions. Tags what he feels #this is bullshit, but is organized with his shows. #Free! #Deadpool #Voltes V

Pidge: Has a very complicated theme she coded herself. It has a pop-up that asks you a “password” which is a lie, you just type whatever and it will show you her blog. Has 50+ side blogs. She has one for every fandom she’s in. Has a blog for all her salt. Keith stumbled upon it and sent an ask “Pidge, why are you so angry?” She replied with “You spelled Keith wrong.” Queues all the time. Tags all her hate. #ugly shit #fucking stupid it doesn’t make sense

Lance: Changes themes way too many times because he likes keeping it fresh! One time got a theme coded by Hunk as a gift. He kept it for a year. His blog is a mix of… everything. Doesn’t believe in sideblogs, because he couldn’t keep up with them. One is enough. Tumblr Famous and knows it. Answers all asks in public—anon or not. One time was the root of a Tumblr War. It was with Keith, but they became friends, oddly enough. Doesn’t tag. At. All.

Hunk: Coded his own theme and hasn’t changed it ever since. Reblogs a lot of cute animals and tags it as #awwww #this is lance lol #cat Posts a lot of his photography which usually features Lance because they’re always together. Definitely the complimenter #beautiful #the most gorgeous boy #i love you Posts his bake goods WITH recipe and procedure. The Most Tumblr Famous of them all because he’s overall lovable. No hate anons. Not even once.

ATWQ Character Aesthetics

1/8: Lemony Snicket

The bell rang the all-clear. I just lay there and listened to two pairs of footsteps fading away. They’re gone, I told myself. Stand up. Don’t stop. You said you weren’t going to stop. Don’t let these criminals make you a liar.

THE ELLEN SHOW: Chapter 15

The Ellen Show Master List

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“What’s wrong?” You asked as your eyes quickly flickered over his face looking for answers.

His expression changed a little, his eyes weren’t so large anymore, but he opened his mouth to then shake his head and look away. “Nothing. Sorry.”

He then turned back and pulled at your one arm to come closer. As you fell down into his body you used your other hand to stop yourself.

“No, what’s wrong?” You asked again, as you pushed up over his body. Why had he stopped you? You needed to know.

Closer to his face you watched him as he was directly underneath yours. He looked away uncomfortably for a moment before returning with a smile that didn’t seem right. “It’s nothing, just ignore me.”

His hand reached up behind your head and he pulled you for a kiss but you fought him.

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ATWQ Character Aesthetics

2/8: Moxie Mallahan

Moxie Mallahan, Stain’d-by-the-Sea’s last journalist and one of my most loyal associates, knelt down beside me. The hat she usually wore lay on the floor next to me, with a few scattered business cards stating her name and occupation. I could tell she had a thousand questions, but she only asked me one. “What are you doing here?”


I’ m   p r o u d   o f   y o u.

ATWQ Character Aesthetics

4/8: Bouvard and Pecuchet Bellerophon

“It’s hard when you’re missing your family,” Pip said, and started up the motor. “You wake up every morning like someone took one of your legs. All right, Snicket. We’ll take you. But I hope you have a big tip ready.”


Fire Tornado

~ Gouenji Shuuya (Inazuma Eleven)
~ Kozoumaru Sasuke (Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin)
~ Kuroiwa Ryuusei (Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy)
~ Amano Keita (Youkai Watch)

  • Nayoung: Would you shoot your best friend in the leg for ten million won?
  • Doyeon: Yeonjung, shoot me. Then when my leg heals we can buy food and clothes as much as we want.
  • Yeonjung: Hey, you can shoot me too and then we'll have twenty million won.
  • Doyeon: good thinking. Fuck the system.