all the whovians wanna be like this

I wanna ask the doctorwho fandom a favour as we’re going into SDCC and series 9 hype and all this. I make this post every few months and it gets liked and reblogged a bit and then sinks uselessly into the ether, but I’m gonna try again.

Please – do not bully your fellow Whovians.

I get it. I really do. You’ve been devoted to this show and its minutiae for years (maybe even decades). You liked it back when not even the BBC seemed to care about it, much less your friends. And suddenly it’s the popular thing, and there are Doctor Who shelves at Hot Topic and world tours and it’s showing on Disney XD and it’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

And there are fans out there who are newer than you, who may not know all the stuff you do. Who may not like Classic series or older New series, who may blank at you when you mention an actor you think they should have heard of.

I really really get it. You liked it for a long time and you may even have been mocked for liking it, and suddenly people are fans without ‘putting in the work’ or putting up with the bullying. And you get irritated because it seems unfair. But the answer is not to bully back. The answer is not to make those new fans feel the way you did.

Doctor Who has been an escape for me. I spent my entire childhood and teenage years being mocked for being smart and living with my grandfather – and then I got to college and saw Susan Foreman for the first time and fell in love with a show where people like me could be heroes and a grandparent and grandchild could be an unquestioned family unit. I’ve had friends who are teachers, nurses, parents, and women in the sciences find themselves in these characters and feel reassured and better about themselves. And if you love it, something like this probably happened for you, too.

Why in the world would you use something as subjective as ‘the right way to be a fan’ to put down people who love this show, too? Especially on a show where members of the cast have been open about being bullied in the past?

There are only two requisites for being a true Whovian: love the show and respect your fellow fans. Everything else is filler. Please remember that during all the hype.