all the way to church

Things I have learned by joining the local Methodist Church’s coffee & knitting circle (where I am the only person under 60 years old):

  • How to double knit very, very quickly
  • Mrs. Jonson on the third pew won’t mind her own business, bless her heart. And she buys her pies pre-made for all the church functions.
  • Ways that women cheated the system in 1950s Texas to get into college and start careers. Including a memorable “He told me I wouldn’t last a week, but then 6 years later, I had to let him go because his production was way down.” *drinks sip of coffee*
  • We Might Be Conservative But Gosh Darn That Trump Bless His Heart He Doesn’t Know Anything About God Or Texas
  • And On That Note, God And Texas Are The Only Good Things Left In The World. Erin Write That Down.
  • How to rescue a dropped stitch and make it look like it never happened
  • Public schools and inclusive, desegregated education will single-handedly save the world
  • Sharing recipes is a sacred bonding and community-building tradition that rivals the greatest political negotiations and land deals in history
  • “It’s better that you prefer girls honey, the Boyfriend Curse doesn’t apply to your girlfriend and a lovin’ god’ll keep on a-lovin. You better make that girl a sweater.’” 
    • (Boyfriend Curse = knit a sweater for a boy and he’ll leave you when you finish it)
  • Mrs. Barbara’s husband cheated in ‘76, resulting in a divorce. She thought it was the end of the world because her youth had already passed, but now she’s an engineer and married to a kind, good man who she met when she went back to college in ‘79.
  • “The only things you can trust in are God, your good sense, and the wisdom of those older women you grew up admiring. The rest is crap.”

My heart breaks for those that have been hurt and pushed away by the church. The church was designed to be a safe place; a place for broken people to come together and heal together through the love and grace of Christ. What happened to you, or what was said to you, was not right. The church can disagree with something you have done or said, but you should still be shown love, grace, and compassion, while still receiving guidance. If something happened to you as a result of a church member or leader’s actions - directly or indirectly - or you confided in a church member or leader about something that happened to you in the past and you were not treated fairly, that is not your fault. I stand with you, and I hear you. You are not alone.


his flirting made you roll your eyes, “good day Mr. Faraday.” you stated, leaving the bar. he watched you walk away from him, a grin spreading on his face.

“why the smile? you just got rejected.” Vasquez laughed.

Faraday smiled, “maybe now. but im going to woo her. gonna woo her all the way down a church isle and to a sacred alter where i am going to marry that woman.”


Heyy im Noora and im equally fascinated by and afraid of the ocean 🐬🌊🦈


I love all the good you’re doing with the church, but sometimes doing good is harder than… going to rallies and signing petitions. 

You think I don’t do enough? 

No, that’s… I just… I think there’s something special about you, and I just think you could accomplish anything you wanted to. 

So… what, you brought me all the way here to tell me it shouldn’t be in the church? 

No, I brought you here because I wanted you to know that I’m more like you than you think.

  • Ronan Lynch: I'm a badass. A dangerous badass who street races and swears and stuff
  • Ronan: but let me dream up a bunch of epi-pens for gansey just in case
  • Ronan: and lotion for adam so he doesn't get all chapped in the winter
  • Ronan: and also a mix tape for adam in a 1000% straight way
  • Ronan: can't miss church either because all badasses go to church and then do a secret handshake with their little brother
Faking It (G.E) Part 10/10

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,457
Warnings: None.
A/N: We have reached the end my lovely friends. I wanna thank you all for supporting me through my first mini series and making it a memorable one. I’ve had so much fun writing this and I hope you liked this series! Let me know what you thought! x

The Dolan cabin was chaotic the next morning. Every person in the cottage was running around like they had caught themselves on fire, as they tried to balance eating breakfast, fighting over who gets to take a shower first and getting dressed. The bride, groom, best men and the brides maids had all made their way to the church hours ago, but you were still a lot of people in the house and it was hilarious to watch how everyone ran around.

You had woken up early to avoid the line to the bathroom and taken a shower, taking your time to wash your hair and body before jumping into some sweats. Right now you were sitting on the kitchen counter beside Cameron, she was eating her cereal while you were nibbling on your granola bar, hair still wrapped up in a towel, legs dangling back and forth.

“Is it weird that I’m actually gonna miss this cabin?” You asked, looking around, feeling weirdly nostalgic. Even though you’d had your fair share of painful memories, the good memories overrode them by far.

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Illegitimate - Finn Shelby

Request: Hey. Could you write something where your family tries to make you marry some guy after they found out you are pregnant with Finn’s baby, your mom is all we will tell him the baby’s premature when you refuse she tells you that Finn is some ganster good for nothing that snorts coke all day that you’re just his whore, that your baby’s a bastard etc. In the middle of her speech you leave and find Finn and his family. Something long please with a lot of drama, cute flashbacks maybe, thanks.

Illegitimate - Finn Shelby

You had come home to find your mother in your bedroom. There was an open suitcase on the bed and she was sitting in the chair by the fireplace. You weren’t naïve enough to be confused when you saw her there. Two weeks ago you’d come clean to your family, telling them that you were pregnant. 

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Poison Fruit

Demon!Yoongi because I wanted it to be a thing. Smut as usual. Shoot me a message or reblog if you want more Demon!AUs for BTS! I’d love to hear from you all! Please take this as a break from your finals ;)

“Come on ___, it’s time for church!” your mother coaxed, dressing you up in your nicest clothing for the occasion.

It was your first communion. It was a very important step in your religion and your parents had wasted no expense. You had the most beautiful dress on and your hair was done in such a meticulous manner that it was almost too beautiful. There was a cake that you and your family members got to eat before going to the church service for the day.

You had been waiting for this day for a long time. You knew this meant you were a member of the church and the community. It was a very big deal and your family couldn’t of been prouder of you.

Compliments flowed through the home, and you were the center of attention. Everyone wanted to take a picture with you and everyone wanted to give you a present because of the big day that you were experiencing. Your cousin was also there, getting ready for her first communion as well. But no one seemed to be paying her any attention…

You wandered over to her and sat down, giving her a smile.

“Hey, do you want some more cake?” you asked, offering her another plate. She shook her head at you angrily and folded her arms across her body.

“Come on darling! It’s time to go!” your mother announced, pulling you away from your cousin. You looked back to see your aunt ushering your cousin towards the door as well…

The day went on as normal. The communion went well, besides your cousin throwing a fit during the ceremony and having to be dragged out… It was an odd thing from her, but everyone kept their focus on you. You performed every part of the ceremony perfectly, like you had seen many times and the practice was over.

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I am so happy to say I am now a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!! 

My experience was amazing!! I was nervous and scared before, but afterwards I was overcome with feelings of happiness and overwhelming joy! I felt so good! My confirmation also left me feeling full of joy!! The family I’ve been learning with helped me all the way through the whole process, from first going to church, to meeting with the missionaries - and they were so lovely in buying me my very first set of indexed scriptures with my name on the front cover :’) They also printed photos of the baptism of me and my best friend (aka SISTER!!!) and the Sister Missionaries who have been by my side since August! 

I feel so happy to have made this decision - I cannot wait for the rest of my life within the church, although finding ways to be more constructive with it rather than just being at church and when i meet with the Sisters is a bit difficult - I’ve been proud of myself in the fact I’ve kept the Word of Wisdom since the start of October! :D 

Again, if anyone has any advice/tips for a baby LDS child like me please feel free to PM me!! :’) 

For Lent, I am giving up all my fucks. This one’s for you, Jesus.

What I am Amazed By

Last year, I told my mom my Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. I hadn’t been too hesitant about it, because she is the most accepting person I know.

All I said was, ‘Mom, I’m GenderFluid and Pansexual.’

Her reaction gets me to this day.

“I don’t know what the first word means, but I’m guessing the second means you like all the sexes?”(The prefix Pans mean ‘all’.)

Essentially, she was correct, and I went on to explain it to her. And she went, ‘okay’.

So I then explained to her how when I was younger, I hadn’t always felt like a girl. But that I couldn’t say anything because of my father or the church, who all insisted that we are one way and if people thought differently than what God had planned for them, they were going to hell. So I kept my observations and feelings to myself.

I would always cry over my body. I hated it. I wanted to be a boy more than a girl. And then I got older and it began to change. I didn’t mind my body as much, but I also wanted to have a different body at times. I felt like a boy sometimes, and a girl other times. And as I grew older, I would not feel like anything, and sometimes like everything. It was harder to place. I eventually referred to it as, ‘Meh’ because I didn’t know what it was.

And then I came across ‘transgender’ and ‘non-binary’, which lead me to ‘GenderFluid’.

It explained so much. That me flattening my breasts with an ace bandage and several, tight sports bras, and dressing in a man’s three-piece suit wasn’t really a game like some people insisted it was. ‘Cause it never felt like a game. I went outside like that and I loved it when people didn’t think I was a girl. I didn’t want to be a girl when I did that. I was a boy and damn it all I even had a different name! ’Henry’.

And my mom finally understood why I did things like that all the time and why I would prefer men’s clothing to women’s. And why I wasn’t offended when people assumed I was a boy.

She accepted it. ‘Okay.’

And I was relieved!

And then she goes, ‘I’ve never felt like a girl.’

And suddenly my mom is explaining to me how she never felt like a female despite how her body was formed. How she resented her body and wished she had been born male because ‘it would make more sense’. Instead she was ‘stuck like this’. She said she preferred being male to being female.

My mom has experienced Gender Dysphoria for 40+ years and until last year, had never known there was a term for it. 

Adding on to that, she then says, “I don’t like sex and I don’t feel the need for it. Is there a term for that?”

So basically, my mom is awesome. And she supports me(thank God!). And she found out some interesting things about herself that day, and I can only hope that as time passes, more parents will react like this and get involved in a positive way.

Instead of shooting down my words, she wanted information. She got involved. A she understands me a lot better now.

Parents would get on with their kids easier, if they just stopped and listened.

i know that ill probably be old myself by the time i get to live in palestine, but i really want to be one of the people from lyd who go all the way to the church of the holy sepulchre each year for easter and bring a flame lit from the sept al-noor back to town for the elderly palestinian christians who cant make the trip, and go door to door lighting peoples easter candles with it.

Sportarobbie Wedding

Sportacus’s crystal went off for a number of things. Injuries, trauma, fights, disasters waiting to happen.


He had gotten the invitation a week before the wedding, the fancy golden script announcing the wedding of Vex Wesley and Robbie Rotten.

His crystal had started going off the minute he read the second name, flashing and beeping while it’s owner tried in vain to breathe normally.

He had tried to stay positive. The fact that he had been invited meant that Robbie considered him a friend. It had to be Robbie who sent him the invitation because he had never met this Vex person before.

Despite it all his crystal continued to flash and scream, a reminder that no matter how he tried to play it off his heartbreak was still there, a fresh wound in the middle of his chest.

In the end he decided to go. He showered, wore a suit, and left his crystal at home. He didn’t want the thing to ruin Robbie’s big day.

And now he sat in the very back pew of a church all the way in some fae village he’d never been to, waiting for the wedding to start and trying to ignore the heads turning to look at him and the mutters of “elf” that were whispered here and there.

In the time Sportacus had lived in Lazytown he had almost forgotten that Robbie was half fae and with the way everyone there was so accepting he had totally forgotten about the tense relationship between elves and fae.

He had asked his father about it once, but had gotten a very brief answer. “Sport, my boy, we are both trying very hard to be allies, but after years of differences and war it’s harder than it looks,” his father had said. “Imagine if there was a very mean person who bullied you almost constantly and then one day decides to be your friend. You would be cautious, would you not?”

Sportacus was starting to regret not wearing a hat or something, anything, that could cover his ears when the music began and everyone turned in their seats to watch the couple walk down the aisle.

Robbie took Sportacus’s breath away the moment he saw him.

Purple had always been the half fae’s color and the tux he wore was a deep royal purple that seemed to make him glow. A dark scarlet rose was pinned to his chest and to Sportacus it was like he was seeing Robbie for the first time. There was the same lightheadedness, the same shortness of breath, the same want to be near him.

His memory must be going because again he had to stop himself from acting on impulse.

“Robbie isn’t yours,” he whispered to himself, hoping that hearing the words out loud would help in some way. It didn’t.

The one Robbie did belong to was a fae man his hight with bright green eyes that glimmered like emeralds and long hair so blonde it was almost silver. He wore an ice blue suit and thin, iridescent, gossamer wings stretched from his shoulders, beating wildly as he hovered in place.

Vex, Sportacus realized. The one with the wings was Vex Wesley.

They made a very handsome couple. Sportacus hated to admit it, but they did. They’d be married by the end of this and live happily ever after and there was nothing Sportacus could do about it.

“…….Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Or maybe there was something he could do.

On legs that threatened to give out at any moment, Sportacus stood up, gripping the pew in front of him for support.

“Wait,” he croaked, to timid and quiet for anyone to hear.

“WAIT,” he said again, this time to loudly, and suddenly every eye was on him.

Robbie’s eyes went wide. “Sporta–what–you actually came?!”

From her place in the front row, Robbie’s mother gasped and turned back to look at her son. “Robert Theodore Rotten, do you know this elf?”

Robbie nodded. “I invited him, Mother, and as much as I know you love to live up to our last name, you should let him speak if he has something to say.”

“I love you!” It was out the second Robbie was finished speaking, all in one word like “iloveyou.” Said too quickly but it was now or never and Sportacus wasn’t going to loose him a second time.

“Robbie Rotten I fell in love with you the moment I met you. You are sweet and funny and–oh don’t give me that look you’re very sweet when you want to be–and creative and, yes, ridiculously lazy, but you put so much care and effort into the things you enjoy and you just light up and you do this thing, this cute little thing, where you stick your tongue out when you’re really involved in something and you don’t notice it but I do just like I notice that your favorite kind of ice cream is mint chocolate and your favorite kind of cake is vanilla and how you hate being cold and you hate loud noises and I’ve noticed……I’ve noticed….” Sportacus only then realized he was crying and in that moment he hated himself. He had sworn not to ruin Robbie’s wedding but here he was, confessing his love and crying like a child.

As he wiped at his eyes frantically, he noticed someone quickly coming over to him and before he knew what was happening he had someone’s arms around him and he was breathing in the sugary sweet smell that was undeniably Robbie Rotten.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Sportakook?” Robbie whispered in his ear. “If I had known I wouldn’t be marrying that "better-than-thou” ice king over there. And I’m not just saying that, his hands really are like ice. Literally. Hey! Stop laughing!“

His face buried in the chest of Robbie’s suit, still laughing, Sportacus shook his head. "Sorry, I can’t help it. I’m just really happy.”

He looked up at Robbie, Robbie who was right there, Robbie who had left Vex at the altar to make Sportacus stop crying, Robbie who’s face was getting closer and closer and…….oh.

All thoughts stopped there as Robbie kissed him. Mind blank and numb and full of joy, all Sportacus could do was kiss him back.

When Robbie finally pulled away, he took a step back, taking Sportacus’s hands in his own. “I’m sorry everyone,” he said without breaking his gaze with Sportacus, “But there’s been a change of plans.”

Walking backwards, hands still locked with Sportacus’s, Robbie gently led the elf up to stand with him in front of the priest. “THIS is the man I’m going to marry.”

“I-ah-,” the preist stammered before clearing his throat and nodding.

“Robert Theodore Rotten, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, your partner in life, and your one true love? Will you cherish his friendship and love him today, tomorrow, and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him, and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?”

“Robert I forbid you from marrying an elf!” Mrs. Rotten screeched.

Robbie completely ignored her. “I will-I mean, I do.”

The preist then turned to Sportacus. “Do you–”

“Yes!” Sportacus cried, jumping to Robbie and kissing him passionately, the rest of the priests words forgotten and ignored as Robbie held him close and kissed him eagerly back.

“I now pronounce you married!”

“I love you, Mr. Rotten,” Sportacus laughed as Robbie kissed his hair, his neck, his nose.

“And I love you, Mr. Rotten,” replied Robbie, smile lighting up his entire face. “Now, where’s the cake?”

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My god just saw Lavinia! Do you remember some things like headcannons about her?

Omg I do remember how she is, I just fogot her name is all pfft~ But HCs huh…. are they still counted as HCs if I tell them as her creator??? Oh well, here’s some tidbits of her nonetheless~!

  • She’s 23 years old, and thus the oldest out of the trio (Herself, Bisman and Nilenne)
    • Although they grew up together, only Nilenne and Lavinia are actually related; Bisman is like a childhood friend / brother they never had.
      • It’s possible Bisman’s and Lavinia’s relationship goes beyond that of children growing up together, but this relationship is never properly vocalized.
  • She, Nilenne and Bisman are all from Rigel by birth.
    • They’re all orphaned; Bisman’s parents abandoned their son, while Lavinia’s and Nilenne’s parents died. All were raised in a Rigelian (is that the right way to write it??) church-held orphanage, surrounded by nuns and priests.
  • Lavinia does not actually worship any God-figure (Duma or Mila alike), but figured becoming a priestess would ensure a safe housing for her baby sister in the church. 
    • Her training was ruthless as the head of the church believed strongly in physical punishment and training one’s endurance, alike many worshippers of Duma who deem strength’s importance over other virtues
      • Her scars are a result of her training.
      • Although she doesn’t fancy pain herself, she grew to notice new sides to herself during her training; She’d feel thrills from the cries of pain from other trainees with her. Before that point, she had not come fully to terms with her sadistic preferences
  • She enjoys inflicting physical punishment onto others, as to hear their cries of pain and moans of agony. She gets pleasure comparable to that of sexual kind out of screams of agony, rage or desperation.
  • Although twisted in spirit, she’s not completely beyond reasoning; She holds a deep care for children and her friends, and doesn’t stand well with people taking justice in their own hands.
    • However, her beliefs of right and wrong are strongly influenced by the head priest of the temple she serves in, who’s a very loyal servant of both King Rudolf and the Dark God Duma.
    • Although originally an enemy unit, she’ll be persuaded by Nilenne and Bisman to join the better fight along the hero’s troops.
  • She holds a deep-rooted trauma inside her, one that eventually nearly ruined her relatioship with Bisman. 
  • Has little to no hope for humanity. Her view of humankind is much like a someone watching bugs go on about their life; Not actively killing them, but not holding much value to their lives either.

tHESE ALL BECAME SO LORE-RELATED BUT…… I guess introductions are always welcome????????? pfft

When you grow up with mental illness, you build up a lot of endurance you don’t always give credit for.

That’s the mentality behind the whole “hey you got out of bed today, good job” and “you’ve made it this far” posts- you have made it this far! You’ve struggled and slipped and made it to here. You remembered to eat a meal. You sat down and rested your mind or body, really rested it, instead of beating yourself up. You thought kindly of yourself, or of someone around you, despite all of the mental illness sludge in your headspace.

All of that takes a lot of strength, a lot of endurance. That’s discipline you’ve had to build up for years. I know for me, it’s discipline in my thoughts and actions that I’ve built up for years, learning how to drag myself out of those cycles of self-hate or anxiety.

And I know it isn’t something that often gets credit, not as the amazing amount of strength and endurance it takes to survive your own brain sabotaging you. So good on you. You’ve accomplished so much. You are an amazing mental warrior in for the training of your life, and deserve all the high fives