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Requested: “Hiya~ Could i request some Jin/Tae snaps where they motivate you to lose weight ? And workout ?”

These two would be so sweet and caring. They’d help you even though they think you’re perfect the way you are. All of you guys are perfect the way you are right now! 😘 - admin nicole 💕

Do not take, share or search for photos of BTS wherever they are.

Please, let them enjoy this small break they have. Do not let Bon Voyage happen again.

If you see photos - do not share them. If you see the members - do not share their location, take their photo or follow them.

Please. Do not be a part of the reason as to why they feel they always have to stay in their hotel.

If they wanted to share their location with the fan base, they would have. Right now, I do not feel they want this information to be known. Thus, whatever the reasons are, I feel we can respect that.

i’m adding to the trend of making a list of all the gr8 things about Liam:

  • the lil wave, even though he has no idea who you are ?? he’s just so excited and Ryder is one of the first people he sees after waking up
  • when you lose gravity, everyone else is staying really still, but he’s cartwheeling through the air
  • “Been waiting six hundred years for this.”
  • the fact that he can’t help, but he’s seen pacing while Lexi and Charlyle work on Ryder (and that means he’s there to help them carry Ryder to SAM node)
  • not only did he watch over Ryder, he checked on their twin
  • “I was fiercely bearded.”
  • his little “nope” when you find the back room full of dormant assembler bots
  • The way he stands ?? with his hip cocked and his hands on his hips
  • “When we’re old, and people ask us how we got together…”
  • the fact that in that scene, Ryder leans her head back with her eyes closed, but Liam looks at her, just at her.

  • i will probably feel like adding more later but these are all the ones i could think of right now

folkin’ around // panic! at the disco


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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i was supposed to just draw taeyong but my hand slipped so here’s hyung line

agentraven007  asked:

Could you describe how Ravenclaws feel when Spring comes around?

It’s finally getting warmer where I live, so I’m definitely in the mood to answer this ask! 

- Spring feverrrr baby

- Feel the urge to go outside and be outdoorsy, but no actual motivation to be active because they’re busy and that’s too much work

- Unless they’re an athletic type of Ravenclaw, in which case they probably run/fly around while daydreaming about their summer fantasies

- Seriously, Ravenclaws are idealists when it comes to warm weather

- Try to plan their summer vacation to perfection, but lose interest and end up organizing it at the last minute

- End up ditching their robes when it gets too hot, then accidentally forgetting and leaving them lying around (much to the chagrin of prefects)

- Since spring is the season of loooove, love potions are high in demand at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

- Either that, or Ravenclaw is really cynical about how goofy and romantic all their friends are acting

- Like to make fun of Gryffindor for doing stupid flying stunts just because it’s nice outside. “Why?? It’s still dangerous!”

- A great time for photographer Ravenclaws 

- Have mixed feelings about wanting to go be in nature vs. wanting to stay inside and read forever

- Lowkey stressed about exams but trying not to think about it

- Ravenclaws who like making visual art love spring because there are so many beautiful things to paint/draw!

- Start grilling their friends about summer plans because what to do?

- Will only do their homework while sitting by the lake because you have to take advantage of the weather!

- Try to enchant the flowers to open up more quickly (with little success)

- But spring is one of their favorite seasons because:

a) not too hot!

b) not too cold!

c) no bees or mosquitoes!

d) pretty flowers!

e) baby animals!

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Well done, Gion. That is the correct response.

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That's it! Ur repost nailed why Dean's apology irked me. The argument was over Mary LYING to them. Working with ppl that tortured her son. Taking them on a mission that almost killed Cas and did kill Wally. A mission where she stole the colt and lied about that, which would have got them all killed if they hadn't of disarmed Ramiel. At the end Dean makes it sound like he's sorry for yelling at Mary because she hasn't made him a PBJ since her return. Ugh.

Yeah, I’m not sure what happened there. Maybe Dean was so relieved his mom was alive that he just decided to let it go, or maybe the writers decided to frame it that way so that Sam’s decisions would seem less a betrayal of Dean. 

No idea, but you’re right: that’s not the argument they were having, at all. And since they seem determined to hurt us as much as possible this season, I’m guessing it’s not over, either.


For azile-teacup – that bit where Athos stops Porthos from running into the burning building after d’Artagnan, and Porthos cries. 

I love this moment, Porthos is so perfectly himself, he loves his little brother d’Artagnan. Of course he would run into a burning building after him. I’m a bit confused why Athos isn’t running into the building ahead of Porthos, but I think he can’t stand the idea of losing any of his brothers, and knows it’s just too dangerous. 


& vice versa

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32 - dust motes, Baze/Chirrut

for this meme

Hoth and Jedha, for all they both suffered from a near permanent winter, were different. Snow had been rare on Jedha, too cold and dry for it to ever form. Hoth was soft where Jedha had been hard, permafrost making most forms of farming and burial impossible. It was not an easy place to live, but the people of Jedha were adaptive and stubborn, and they made it their home for thousands of years and would have done so for another thousand if the Empire had not wiped it all away.

But they survived and adapted, as was their wont, although Baze privately admitted that Chirrut was having a much easier time with the snow then he was. Baze sunk while Chirrut had mastered the trick of walking along the thin layer of ice on top.

“If you say the Force guides you,” Baze said, breathing heavily as he struggled through the drifts, “I will throw you into that snow bank.”

“The Force has nothing to do with this,” said Chirrut, tapping his shoulder with his staff. “I’ve always been lighter on my feet than you.”

As Chirrut grinned smugly, always so pleased by his own imagined wit, Baze grabbed his ankle and tumbled him into the snow.

“Is this the fabled lightness?” he asked while Chirrut flailed and cursed him with language so filthy it made young Luke blush to hear.

They were all finding their feet, some easier than others. Bodhi, raised in the holy city, was taking to Hoth well, better than Cassian and Jyn, who had still not learned the art of how to proper layer clothing. And even Luke, born on a desert world, was faring far better than K-2S0, who complained the cold was freezing his joints. The consensus among the rest of the base was that would have been a blessing.

He and Chirrut were probably acclimating the best to the rigors of an ice planet, having survived the worst that Jedha could offer, but even so the longing for his home had settled so deep in his bones that it had replaced the very marrow. Perhaps that was why Leia of lost Alderan had taken to sitting with him as he worked to repair the few large artillery the rebellion had. She knew what it was to be unmoored, to be made of loose iron fillings with no magnet to pull all the disparate pieces together. It hurt in a way Baze didn’t know anything outside of Chirrut bleeding and near death could hurt.

But Jedha was lost and Chirrut saved, and Baze let the warmth of Chirrut in their bed seep into his hollow spaces. In this, at least, it was not so different than the winters they weathered in the holy city, Chirrut pressed against his back, cold nose tucked against his neck, arm heavy over his waist, one knee wedged between his own. Even as a skinny thing, Chirrut took up more than his fair share of space, a habit he had never out grown.

Baze watched his breath hang in the air before his face, and he thought of Jedha’s red dust, forever staining clothes and skin and even the buildings until whole cities looked to be carved from the land. In the home they made after the temple fell, Baze would wake up like this, Chirrut held tight to him, watching those same red dust motes float gently in the one slanting sunbeam their windows let in. It had been a peaceful moment in a life with too few of those.

“Baze,” Chirrut murmured, nose tracing a cold line along Baze’s neck. “What’s wrong?”

Baze watched his breath shape and then reshape itself before his eyes. “Nothing,” he said, and took Chirrut’s cold hand in his, tucking both above his heart.