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you ever think about how super powers may be real? Not like flight or teleportation or super speed, but little powers that we don’t really notice

Like the ability to always guess something correctly, or for some reason animals aren’t as prone to being skittish around you. Or maybe you didn’t study for that test, but as soon as you sit down to take it, you know how to solve every problem

Idk. Sometimes i think about that

just a sudden late night and probably not too well thought out thought???

Okay but thinking about how Pidge Hunk and Lance were all bros before they got sucked into space and how they probably were FORCED to see each other at their worst makes me think of how they slowly had to adjust to the weird ways they all took care of themselves/broke down/needed comfort??

Like Lance got into those messy fits where it could all be fixed a bit if Hunk were to just hold him, and Hunk would need someone to come along and make him calm his shit and realize what he’s doing and to show him how to breath again. Lance tries to cover up his insecurities and distract himself with mindless activities and jokes, while Hunk bakes to de-stress, and since they’ve obviously known each other long before the Garrison, they’ve probably really grown accustomed to the way each other acts and how they’re different and what to do and how to help etc etc etc.

But now they have this??? Tiny little genius that they’re NOT used to??? And they need to figure out their Friendo so they know what to do, but obviously from that one flash back we had of Pidge just sort of ditching them to go off and do stuff by herself, she obviously wasn’t there/had any interest/felt any need to make friends. Then again, they’re now a team, so becoming close is probably essential to every exercise that school has to offer.

That being said, Hunk or Lance or both even at the same time, walking in on Pidge curled up with 4 blankets (two of which are Lance’s), a pizza box with only half the pizza left, x-files blasting through her headphones, tapping a pen on her laptop in an attempt to not meltdown is inevitable.

idk listen I just feel like Pidge has a lot of pent up emotion and they have no idea how to deal with it and neither do her friends but they’re all trying their best. Plus I’m a sucker for Garrison Bros sO-

unholyverse imagery our lady of sorrows

Mikey looked down at Frank’s hands, clasped loosely in front of him. He was bundled up in layers, his sleeves coming all the way down to his fingers. 

“You have kind of a weird thing for Mary, dude.”

“She makes me feel peaceful,” Frank said.

Mikey couldn’t really see what was peaceful about a crying woman with swords in her heart, but okay.


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(that other prompt I sent was supposed to be future Klaroline, not just Klaroline, but feel free to do current or even AU) future!Klaroline + sex pollen/accidental aphrodisiac spell + werewolf sex is rougher around the full moon (and made worse by sex pollen/spell) trope

Possibly my shortest smut thing ever? Zero plot, friends.

Takes You Over

A shot glass is put in her hand and Caroline throws it back without even thinking about it, too busy glaring (while acting like she’s completely unbothered – no easy feat) at Klaus and his ever widening circle of admirers across the room.

She was pretty sure she was about to witness some leg humping.

Her throat burns as she swallows, but not in the way she’s used to. It’s a cold and scratchy all the way down her throat, an odd sensation. The taste is weird too, herbaceous almost, and her attention is pulled away as she fights a gag. She looks up to find the bartender, a witch Caroline’s become friendly-ish with (and only because the first time she’d come to this bar had been during one of Bonnie’s visits) watching her with great interest. Maybe she’s misread the situation terribly and the girl’s actually been planning to murder her all along?

That would be just Caroline’s luck.

“What was that?” she demands, slamming the shot glass down on the bar top so hard it shatters, shards digging into her fingertips.

The smile she’s offered is enigmatic but not malicious. “A local specialty. A helping hand, if you will. And it’s on the house.”

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I dont mean to sound weird or anything, but I scrolled all the way down your art tag and saw an old drawing of taehyung w/ pink hair and it looks so much like jimin's spring day outfit+hair. You predicted the future omg,,

omg,, you’re right it’s a similar combination!!! and this has actually happened before, with other drawings. at first it was kinda funny bc Hey Coincidences but it kept happening so now i’m just both scared and accepting my future telling powers

Thread for @pill-dependant !!

On the road again and Noodle was bored beyond her mind ! It was close to one o’clock in the morning and all that Noodle could savor was the stripes and headlights on the road. A day prior to the trip, it so happens that Noodle struck a deal on a custom fender that just stole her heart. So while Russ and Murdoc went out drinking after the Humanz album release, Noodle managed to persuade 2D to tag along and fetch her stunning new guitar.

As a rule of thumb, the driver got to pick the music. And for the past 18 hours across Europe, Noodle grew more and more agitated that The Doors looped its tracks for the seventh time. But if there was something that really got on Noodle’s nerves was the awkward silence between two bodies(despite the static and sounds of the stereo). A strong crave for warmth between her teeth staggered her to pop the glovebox ajar, scavenging through for the a pack of smokes. To her avail, it appeared that the two of them burned through up all the cancer sticks only mere hours ago. She reclined in the crook of her seat, hopelessly defeated by boredom. Just before all hope died away, the gas light popped up on the dash and Noodle immediately knew it was time to pull over.  ❝ Yes, finally… ❞ she tossed forward, scanning her surroundings for an exit off the highway.

It seemed like forever when they found the next gas station. It was in a little isolated area with tall piney trees all around. In this small outlet there was a small motel plaza with a built in diner restaurant to the side while the gas station sat up front with an abnormal monstrous mascot plastered everywhere on doors, windows, and boards within the small district. When they finally pulled up next to the the gas pump, Noodle was the first open the car door before slowly getting out of the vehicle. With aching  legs and her thoughts and aspirations numbed, she skimmed around the hood to meet 2D on the other side.

Bright luminescence of the lights beaded down at the two gorillaz while in the background, a Elvis Presley song faintly played on the radio.  As she took a brief look upon her partner in crime, she hadn’t realized how dead tired the chief was in his current state. Dark eyes with heavy rings scoped his features, unhealthily.  His unruly form seemed to be flushed and exhausted from the painstaking drive. Noodle knew she would owe him big later on due to this spent trip.

Hey, Dee… I think it’s been enough driving, you know? Maybe we should check in with that motel and call it a night. You look like you need the rest. ❞


Title: First
Fandom: Shameless, Mickey/Ian
Rating: M (just in case)
Summary: Ian and Mickey talk a bit about how they feel for one another, and Mickey makes a confession Ian wasn’t expecting.
Note:I imagine this as canon divergent in a universe in which Mickey never ended up in jail and the two of them managed to work things out, but it’s not really specific, and could probably make sense anywhere in late s4/s5, I guess. This is straight up fluff.

“You know you were my first, right?” Mickey questions quietly, his fingers tracing patterns on Ian’s skin.

They’re lying in bed, curled around one another, Ian’s head pillowed on Mickey’s chest as they breath through the aftermath of their lovemaking. It feels good, Mickey thinks, to be so close to Ian, to be able to hold and touch to his heart’s content. It feels right. Always feels right with Ian.

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Good Enough (21)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteenpart sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“Did you manage to sleep at all?” you asked, peering up over your shoulder to look at Sehun as he steered your wheelchair through the corridors of the hospital.

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I love everything on your ao3 and I was wondering, who's your fav character to write for?

Thank you!

Fave to write for is (predictably??) Bucko. The contradictions that first drew me to the character are also what make him interesting to write on a technical level: as the Winter Soldier, he’s at once the most dangerous and most vulnerable person in the room, and that’s fascinating.

Deeply traumatized and resilient, a physical powerhouse. Competent, intelligent adult and dehumanized object stripped of identity. A young man who’s a century old. He’s a figure of extreme qualities that exist in opposition while still all being true. That’s… so cool?!! There’s so much to explore!

Contradiction also means he can be a total eccentric, which I love. Weird from his fashion choices all the way down to basic thought patterns and sensory processing: lots of room for surprises. I haven’t even touched on the complexity of relationships, both with others and himself. I love reading Bucky, and I love writing Bucky, even when I’m mean to him. (especially then)

Bad guys are hard in a different way, because even though they’re typically active characters, there’s not an inherent source of reader investment or sympathy, so I have to look for other ways to create tension. There’s also a challenge in making them distinct in their unpleasantness.

Pierce, for example, is every intelligent, over-confident, completely self-unaware man I’ve ever known. He owes a lot to one of my former bosses (brilliant, very ambitious, on the cutting edge of medical research, sociopath) with a side helping of grandfatherly paternalism.

Rumlow’s a little easier, because – as an experienced special forces operator – he’s smart, but more practical and self-aware. The result is at least 20 years of hearty self-loathing piled on to fester, and if he’s not proud of half he’s done, he’s not about to stop it, either. It’s a fatalistic, mercenary world view. Personal writing guideline = Pierce thinks he’s a good guy, Rumlow knows he isn’t.

Oh man, you really got me at a ramble. Thanks for reading!

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Can you post a little teaser/preview for us? 😩😍

Okay, so I did promise that I might post a teaser for the next chapter of YCPfE. I’m still not done, but hopefully this gives me the kick to finish it tonight. 

Chapter 14 Teaser: 

“It doesn’t feel too weird being off your suppressants?” Victor asks. His thumb brushes past a spot right behind Yuuri’s ear that sends tingles all the way down to his kneecaps.

“No. Not too weird,” he says. He’s noticing things more now, of course. Scents mostly. He’s also a little more aware of his own body too, but it’s just specific places, mostly erogenous zones. “You?” He asks. He doesn’t know how different things are for Alphas that go off suppressants, but he can probably assume after Victor’s display this morning that he’s feeling the effects.

“Different,” Victor says slowly, “but not strange.” He moves his hand from Yuuri’s neck down his spine a little; a firm but gentle touch.

Google searches that lead people to my blog that I am proud of:

1. eyesore

2. ugly smile

3. intimidatingly attractive

4. Gisele Bundchen nose job [OH YES IT IS]

5. cute slits tumblr

6. cheap thigh high boots

7. pvc

8. cat organs

9. candy hair

10. fat Karl Lagerfeld [one of my most popular search terms, always has been]

11. bored kid

12. beatnik babes

13. all the way down weird

14. 3 year old eats leftovers

15. 1995 typical fashion woman

16. terrace of unintelligibility

17. what does fuhrer mean

18. sloe-eyed

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20. john cooper clarke

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22. borninflames pussy

Hey, does everyone realize

We have less than a full week of completely unsupported speculation about what character Maisie Williams is playing?

Time to get crazy.  She’s the Meddling Monk!  She’s Ian and Barbara’s grandchild!  She’s Susan’s equivalent of the Valeyard!  She’s Clara’s equivalent of the Valeyard!  Clara is her equivalent of the Valeyard!  It’s Valeyards all the way down!

If we can’t come up with several dozen weird, cracky, slightly inspired and almost certainly wrong hypotheses by Saturday, this isn’t the fandom I know.


I’ve made enough pouty lips poses for a lifetime.

If you did a word association with actor Kevin James, the words “star athlete” would probably be ranked six or seven results lower than “Adam Sandler charity.” The heavyset comedian is better known for playing sad sacks and blue-collar working men (the two are not mutually exclusive). And yet, in high school he was the star of the wrestling team, totally eclipsing one of his teammates, Michael Foley, better known as Mick “bestselling author and hardcore wrestling legend” Foley. Foley is most recognizable as Mankind, the masked lunatic who rose to WWE stardom in the late 1990s by throwing himself headfirst into every kind of violence imaginable.

It’s easy to imagine James as being the comedic foil to Foley’s wrestling champion back in high school, but both men agree that James was the better wrestler. Foley looked up to Kevin James, whom he considered “the toughest kid in school” (again, this is in reference to the man who would eventually enjoy his greatest box office success as Paul Blart: Mall Cop). According to James: “We were both heavyweights. And I used to take him down all the time.”

8 Weird Ways Celebrities Were Friends Before Fame

okay but picture this

I’m with my family and I’m having a TERRIBLY hard time not imagining Harry here so therefore I came up with this concept:

Maybe your Aunt and Uncle are really strict and this is the first time they’ve met him and OF COURSE he charms them instantly but they still have a rule that he has to sleep on the couch.  But you know he doesn’t care.  In fact he smiles and is like, “Of COURSE I don’t mind!” and makes a joke about how sleeping next to you is a pain anyway because your toes are always cold or your snore or something.

But that night, as you’re in bed, he sends you texts from the couch like:

Miss you.

Your uncle snores really loud.  I can hear him all the way down the hall.

There’s a weird noise in the kitchen.  If I die, know I love you.

Its kinda cold out here.

Wanna meet me in the bathroom?  Need a kiss.

And part of you is grumpy because you’re tired and you’re actually really warm in bed… but you do miss him, and you don’t sleep as well when he’s not sleeping next to you.  So you grab a fuzzy blanket and wrap it around yourself and head quietly out to the bathroom, where he’s already waiting.  He’s leaning up against the counter and he smiles when he sees you.  “Y’came.  Can’t resist my kisses, can ya?”  He reaches forward and puts his hands on your hips, pulling you into him– fuzzy blanket and all– and kissing you softly.  After a few moments, he pulls away with a smile and says, “Can you come tuck me in again?”

You sigh.  “Harry…”

“PLEEEEEASE.  I need you.”

So you groan and agree, following him quietly through the pitch black house and back out to the couch.  You’re setting him up under all the blankets, but he reaches up and grabs your wrist.  Before you can do anything, he yanks you down so you’re laying on top of him, and covers your mouth to keep you from shrieking too loudly.  You shoot him a dirty look but he only giggles and kisses your nose, adjusting the blanket so its around both of you.  “You can go back to bed in a minute,” he whispers.  “Just need a cuddle.”

“You’re such a little shit,” you whisper back, but you don’t protest.  

You snuggle down into his chest while he wraps his arms around your back and lets out a happy sigh and whispers,  “This is much better, love.”

There are a few moments of silence in which he absentmindedly traces circles into your back before there’s a loud noise a few feet over.  He snorts quietly.  “See?!”.

You laugh.  “It’s just the ice maker in the freezer.  Go to sleep.”

He kisses your head, chuckling softly to himself.  There are a few minutes of calm, blissful silence.  You actually think he’s fallen asleep, and you’re beginning to wonder how you’re going to pry yourself from under his arms and head back to bed when he speaks again.  “Thank you for inviting me out here, bug.  Really.  I love your family a lot. They’re lovely.”  He kisses your head one more time before adding, “Well, they must be lovely if they’re related to you.”

You roll your eyes but giggle sleepily.  “You’re a dork.  But I’m glad you came out here, too.   They love you.”

 “Well I would hope so. ‘Specially if I’m going to be part of this family one day.”  

Your cheeks turn red, and you’re happy its dark so he can’t see you.  You let out a quiet yawn and snuggle further down into him, turning your head to kiss his chest softly.

You’re finally starting to doze off minutes later when his quiet voice in your ear startles you a bit. “We should get you back to bed now, mm?  Don’t want to upset anyone.”

In your half awake state, you wrap your arms tighter around him.  “Noooooo.”

He laughs, sitting up a bit but still holding on to you.  “We have to, sweetheart.”  He kisses your head.  “But listen.  When we get back home, you can bet your cute little ass that I am going to snuggle the shit out of you.  So you better be prepared.”

Your heart flutters and you giggle, kissing his neck softly.  “Promise?”

He holds up his pinky, nudging you to link your own pinky with his.  “I swear it.”