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It's so cool that you mentioned that Mr. Wheezy dances salsa and merengue, because I'm Latin American and those are the dances I love most (and the only dances I can do without looking dumb lol). Also it's a huge compliment for a character to be able to dance those dances because they require good leading skills and teamwork for both partners. It's just cool that you're adding a bit of Latin culture into your headcanon of this character. Love it!

I absolutely Love adding little bits like that into characters. Especially this because I’m in love with Latin dance as a whole??? Like man I just find it all so interesting I’m glad you like what I did with it ;o;


Pairing : Bucky x reader
Warnings : ANGST, Sad ending
A/N : Well, I was listening to Happier by Ed Sheeran and this popped into my head.
Words : 1,482


Happy. You were always happy with Bucky,  you didn’t think it was possible to be happier. Everything was perfect with him. A bear hug from the super soldier was all it took to turn a bad day into a good one. You’d grown accustomed to his rough hands, yet surprisingly gentle grip; his soft and plump pink lips that kissed your nose so lovingly; his baby blues that you didn’t mind being lost in; his tall form towering over yours when he’d hold you; the way all of a sudden he’d hold your waist and pull you close; how he’d laugh, his tongue-behind-teeth smile. You’d grown accustomed to it – no, you’d fallen in love with it, with him.

So how’d you end up here? How’d you end up in an empty bed, waiting for him to come home at 2 am? How’d you end up crying yourself to sleep for 7 nights in a row? When did you stop feeling happy and start feeling unloved?Bucky was the love of your life, no matter the fights, the arguments, the screaming matches. You’d never seen anything like this before in your relationship, but you loved him, and you’d do anything to make your relationship work, even if making your relationship work meant fighting with him.

The Bucky you loved was different. The Bucky you loved was invested in your relationship, he made sure to never leave without kissing you, he baked chocolate cake with you, he made you pancakes with extra maple syrup; the Bucky you loved, love you. The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am –

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of the door being unlocked. “Bucky?” your tired voice reached his ears, which was replied by as small ‘yes’. You immediately shot to you feet and walked in his direction. “Where were you?” You asked, looking at him. His hair was messy, his red Henley which you adored so much was crumpled and his eyes looked tired. “out,” he said, devoid of any emotions. “Well, as obvious as that was, it wasn’t what I meant.” Even if you’d been fighting, you were glad he was back home. Breathing a sigh of relief, you stepped closer, trying to pull him into a hug, only to be greeted with refusal.

This wasn’t the man you loved. Sure, they had the same face and physique, but they didn’t smell the same, hell, they didn’t feel the same. Your Bucky would never refuse to hug you, he took every chance he got to hold you. He smiled when you did, he laughed when you did. Your Bucky didn’t avoid your gaze, he didn’t stay out past midnight.

The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am smelling like cheap perfume. “Who is she?” It all became so clear- how he was avoiding you, and coming home late. It all made sense now.”Y/N,” “Who is she?” you asked, unaware of the tears streaming down you face. “I met her at the bar, she’s a waitress.” It felt as if your heart had been ripped out of your chest, and you were being forced to watch somebody stomping on it; as if someone kept stabbing you, waiting for enough time to let the wound heal, just to tear your all over again. Your silent cries had turned to loud sobs by now. Your body felt like it would collapse any moment now, and as if on cue, your legs gave out, causing you to sink to the floor. Tears clouded your vision, but not before you could see a certain super soldier coming your way.

“Bucky, you’re joking, right? It’s just a silly joke, because if not, it’s tearing me apart. Just tell me you’re fooling me.” “I wish I could, doll.” Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself to speak, “ It’s already difficult as it is, so just tell me the truth and do not make me question you twice. Did you sleep with her?” There was a slight pause before he spoke, giving you a short-lived moment of hope. Fate, however, had different plans. “Yes,” your tears were flowing freely due to the newly acquired information. “Do you- do you love her?” “Y/N, I-” “Does she make you happy?” “Doll, listen to me-” “Are you happier with her?” “I am.” “well then,” you smiled sadly, “there’s no point in me holding you back. I’ll send somebody to get my stuff tomorrow.”

You got up, dusting your clothes. You took a few steps towards the door before you heard yourself speak, “Bucky? Can I have one last hug?” You walked back to him, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt, hoping to hold the love of your life one last time. He wasted no time in pulling your into a bear hug, just like he always used to. You wrapped your arms around him, as tight as it was physically possible for you to, and a little more. When you let go, he stayed in the same position for a moment with a sad look on his face. You took in his features, his baby blues which were your favourite colour in this  entire universe, his soft lips and his straight brown hair. Your let out a laugh which all too soon turned into a loud sob, which was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips to yours. His hands were in your hair, while yours cupped his face. You kissed him with all your might, savouring every second, trying to engrave in your mind how his lips felt against yours. You pulled away and wiped a tear from your face. “I love you so, so much, Bucky Barnes.” And with that, you left.

It had been eight months since you and Bucky had broken up. Sure, it still hurt, but you’d never go back to him, not after what he did. You missed him on windy days, you two would stay all day on the couch, cuddling and watching horror movies, you missed him when you drank coffee – he always grimaced at how sweet you liked it, you missed him when you went to sleep, because your bed felt empty without him in it.
It was safe to say you missed Bucky Barnes.

After a lot of convincing from Natasha, you decided to go out on a date. With whom, one might ask? Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. Turns out, Stark had a thing for brown-eyed, art loving, cake eating, heart warmingly beautiful, yet unbelievably clumsy girls like you. You’d been dating for three weeks before you two made if official. Tony had a changed status, he was now only Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist. He finally found someone worth staying loyal to. You loved Tony, and you were genuinely happy, after a long, long time.
It was safe to say you no longer missed Bucky Barnes.

After you two broke up, Bucky felt something snap inside of him. He rarely went out or socialized with the rest of the team. The only person he really talked to was Steve. When Steve got to know Bucky cheated on you, boy oh boy was he mad. He’d gone to his house with the full intention of punching him in the face and breaking his nose. “You cheated on her?” He asked, swinging his fist to Bucky’s face, which Buck stopped mid-way [thank God for his enhanced reflexes, Steve had a mean right hook]. “God damn it, punk. I’m a lot of wrong things but a cheater isn’t one of them. My ma raised me right.” Steve was taken aback.“Then why does- Oh my God, Bucky. You didn’t cheat on her, did you?” His eyes widened at the sudden realization. “No, you idiot, I just bought some ladies’ perfume and lathered it all over myself.” He smiled bitterly at Steve. “Why’d you do it?” Bucky wiped away a tear, “because she deserves to be happy. She deserves all the happiness in this world, and probably even more, and I can’t give that to her. She deserves to be happier.”

When Bucky did join everybody, it was on Steve’s birthday party. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He’d come to know you were engaged to Tony, after all, it had been three years since you broke up.  He saw you in another man’s arms, walking towards the bar, laughing loudly at something Tony said. “You alright there pal?” Steve asked his best friend, patting his back. “She’s happier, Steve,” Bucky said, taking a big gulp of his beer. “Both their smiles are twice as wide as ours. She’s happier.” Steve smiled sadly at him, “You still love her, don’t you?” Bucky’s face had tears streaming down, smiling, he said, “I can always smile to hide the truth – that I was happier with her. But look at her, Steve, she’s happy – no, she’s happier.”


Diosa: I didn’t think you’d come. Thought your French twat wouldn’t let you off your leash.

RJ: I was worried about you. Diosa, why are you drinking this early? What’s wrong? 

Diosa snaps: Nothing is f*cking wrong, RJ. Sorry if I like to have fun that’s not on a schedule like you do. Wait, do you even know what fun is, you boring f*ck?

He sighs, holds her close from behind. She could feel him breathing in her hair, his hand slides gently down her hip. He felt so good, so strong, so powerful behind her. She shivers, thinking of all the ways he could show her his strength…how he’d mastered how to please her.

Diosa: Keep doing that, and I’ll end up on my knees s*cking your d*ck. I don’t think your little French b*tch will like that.

RJ exasperated: Diosa, stop. Just stop. Talk to me. Stop fighting me and TALK to me.

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48 60 73 74 75 82 :+) ily

48. Do you sing in the shower?
No, I am a terrible singer, I don’t even want to hear myself sing haha

60. Wear slippers?
All the time! It’s pretty cold in Colorado and we are stingy with our heat

73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
I cried 3 different times when Ryan proposed to me, all happy cries though!

74. What is your favorite book?
I love “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, I would highly recommend!

75. Do you study better with or without music?
I study much better with music, it helps me focus!

82. Favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip all the way!



Ralleigh made his way up the dock to the familiar ship, which he’d been on at one time or another to visit Soren. He’d carried a couple gifts, and a cake that Emmalin had helped him bake all the way from thier home. He’d garnered a couple looks, but as he made his way up on to the ship, he was greeted by the crew. All except Vladsen, who seemed confused by the way this lad just strode on to the Sea Vixen without a care, smiles and all. Approaching the young man, he looked him over, “I don’t believe we met. Who might you be, that comes oboard the Sea Vixen?”

Ralleigh gave a look over of the older man, and chuckled, “Ralleigh Breakridge. Soren’s brother. I came for her birthday!” Vladsen tensed up at the words. Her birthday? She hadn’t mentioned anything about a birthday. At least, not to him, she hadn’t. Crossing his arms, he gestured for her brother to follow him, “Come below decks. Captain Soren isn’t in yet. I’m not wholly sure where she’s run off to.”

As they entered the open space below decks, Norah, the little girl Vladsen and Soren were so fond of, darted out and clung to her father figure’s leg, “Who’s he, Vlad?” The seasoned sailor lifted her up in to his arms, “This is Soren’s brother, he says. Today is her birthday, you know.” Norah gasped and looked to him, “I didn’t know it was her birthday!” Vladsen pursed his lips as Ralleigh set the gifts and the cake on the table, “Neither did i, Darling.”


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"In a way I can’t return" REDDIE IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT

like literally why’d you have to fuck me all the way up like this???
(but thank you so soooo much for sending this omg ok) (also, idk if this is what you meant bc im BAD at catching drifts)

uhhhh major angst ahead

canon compliant up until the final showdown scene in the movie


Richie had rushed to Eddie’s side as soon as It had thrown him against the wall and Eddie had hit the ground. He let the others deal with whatever the clown had turned into now. His only focus was on the boy laying completely still with his eyes closed. Richie dropped to his knees and gently placed Eddie’s head in his lap. “Eddie, hey. Hey, open your eyes, look at me.”

Eddie didn’t move for the longest minute of Richie’s life.

“Eds, please, you have to wake up. Please.”

Eddie’s eyes shot open and he bolted upright briefly only to fall back into Richie, his back against Richie’s chest. He breathed in with a wheeze. “I think,” he sucked in another hollow breath, “my lung is punctured.”

Richie pulled Eddie practically into his lap, tightening his arms around Eddie’s middle. He buried his head in Eddie’s hair, his voice coming out muffled. “No, you’re fine. You’re gonna be fine.”

“Richie,” Eddie wheezed. Sympathetic. Comforting.

“No!” Richie insisted, “everything is fine. Look, they killed It.”

It was true. The losers, now realizing something was terribly wrong with Eddie, were rushing over.

“What happened?” Stan asked.

“My lung,” Eddie struggled to explain, every breath hurting his insides. “Can’t breathe.”

“He’s gonna be fine,” Richie said. “We just have to get him out of here.” He looked up to Bev, the only one who knew how he really, truly felt about the boy in his arms. “He’s gonna be fine,” he repeated to her.

Bev glanced at Bill, at Stan, at Mike and then Ben. She placed a hand on Richie’s arm, the one still locked over Eddie’s stomach, holding him in place. “Rich,” she started.

“No!” Richie yelled. “Help me get him up.” He started to lift Eddie under the arms, only to have the boy screaming in agony.

“Richie,” Eddie hissed in pain as he twisted his torso to look up at his friend. “It’s no use.”

Tears were slipping off Richie’s nose now and onto Eddie’s face. “You,” Richie hiccuped a sob, “you can’t, Eds. You just can’t.”

The rest of the losers were sobbing as well, but Eddie’s eyes never left Richie. He lifted a hand to wipe tears off Richie’s cheeks, wincing. “Don’t call me Eds.”

Richie laughed in spite of the situation, leaning into Eddie’s hand. “Eddie, I… I should have told you. I love you, Eddie. You can’t die because I love you.”

“Oh, Richie,” Eddie croaked out. “I always knew. And I…” Eddie tried breathing in again, his gasps providing no oxygen. He went limp in Richie’s arms.

The losers enveloped the two boys, their combined sorrow echoing off the walls.

When Eddie woke up later, he had a terrible ache in his left side, a pounding in his head, and a mouth so dry it felt like he’d swallowed cotton. He squinted into the lights above him, and the first thing he saw should not have surprised him. Richie was sitting in a chair next to the hospital bed, feet kicked up on the bed, a near empty pudding cup in his hand with the spoon hanging out of his mouth. His head was turned towards the tiny television at the front of the room.

Eddie tried to swallow. “Ri-” he tried, but nothing more would come out.

It didn’t matter. Richie sat up fast, pudding and tv forgotten, grabbed Eddie’s hand. “Eddie Spaghetti!” he hollered. Eddie winced. “Oh, sorry,” Richie said in a softer voice. “You’re awake.”

“Yeah,” Eddie groaned. He subconsciously squeezed Richie’s hand.

Richie grinned at him. “They thought you were a goner for sure, but I kept telling ‘em. I kept saying, 'my little Eds, he’s a fighter.’ And here you are.”

“What happened?”

“Pierced lung, just like you said. They got ya all patched up, though.” Richie glanced towards the door. “I should probably call the nurse in. Your mom too. She’s down getting lunch in the-”

“Richie, wait,” Eddie interjected, surprised when Richie went silent. “In the sewer, when I thought I was… did you mean what you said?”

Richie looked down at their combined hands, playing with Eddie’s fingers. “'Course I did.”

Eddie smiled. His side was screaming, his head was on fire, his throat felt like sandpaper, and Richie Tozier loved him.

It was a good day.

lol y'all thought i was rly gonna kill my son????

also, here’s a disclaimer: i know nothing about puncturing a lung and how or if that can be fixed sooooo.

im sorry if this isn’t what you wanted buuuuut thanks again for sending it to me!!!!

I’m 100% sure Viktor asks Yuuri more than once if he’d want to continue training in bed while being at the rink in St. Petersburg 8)

yoongi smiling because he remembered that his girl told him not to smoke is the only thing that matters in this ugly world

here’s the second of the two commissions i asked the amazing awesome talented superstar inspiration man @earthprincewu to do for me!!! it’s my very first D&D oc, Gaktial!!! 

she’s a half-orc barbarian with a love for gold and for doing things her way, blunt but loyal to a fault. she looks so adorable and amazing and beautiful and everything i wanted in his style!!! i love her expressions too because she’d def do those!!!! and i love how everything is honestly!!!!! thank you thank you thank you toby so so much for the two lovely pieces!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, serious talking now. What would be the worst point in each paladin to attack. We know about Lance's insecurities, but what else? What about the others? I want to read your opinion because you do awsome meta and character analysis.

???????? Wow, thank you ;A; And I’m not sure if I can answer this well for all paladins but I’ll try^^ [tl;dr at the end because this post has gotten really long]

Let’s start with Lance. Lance honestly has many points to attack, which is probably why this fandom is so focused on langst. It’s easy to create content for that because we have so much to work with:

1. his insecurities about his role on the team and in general

I already wrote a lot about it here (and also here a little), desperately trying to figure out how strong these insecurities are but there is no doubt that they exist^^ Surprisingly, they actually seem to be very strong, to the point that fandom only exaggerates them slightly. Lance is just pretty good at hiding them.

2. homesickness

Lance is homesick. Really homesick. He’s homesick to the point that he would leave a party to hang out alone and get lost in his memories:

He is also the one that references his life on Earth the most often. “I missed 14 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that I never really had”, “That’s the tagline of 6 of my favorite movies” - those are little things, not very important in the overall picture but they prove that he thinks back to his past. 

3. fear of death/unnatural things that are dangerous

Lance isn’t afraid of aliens, that’s not what I mean with it - I’m talking about the episode Crystal Venom where the castle was trying to kill him. Here is an analysis on how deeply that episode really disturbed him. As for his fear of dying - he is the one that has been confronted with death the most of all the paladins (excluding Shiro - but Shiro has lost/repressed lots of his traumatic memories). Here’s proof:

S1E1. He thought Hunk had died in the explosion when they were trying to retrieve the yellow lion. S1E4. The explosion nearly killed him - “you would have died if Hunk and Coran hadn’t gotten a new crystal” (Pidge, S1E6). S1E9. He almost got sucked out of an airlock. S2E2. The snake monster thingy got free of the stone and Lance was in the direct line of fire.

He was the one screaming “we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!!” in S2E5 when they had to hold the lenses for the wormhole maker. Lance is scared of death not despite but because he knows it the best of all of them. He almost died multiple times and he saw his friends almost dying multiple times (the Hunk thingy I included above, when he saved Coran from the explosion, when he thought he had to save Coran in “Crystal Venom”, when Pidge in the cube episode got shot down and didn’t reply to them). Look at his reaction vs the reaction of the other paladins when they thought Allura had died:

They are all shocked and disbelieving, meanwhile Lance:

He’s neither shocked nor disbelieving, he’s just hurt. One of his deepest fears became reality and there is nothing he could do about it.

Keep reading

i headcanon that after Shiro disappears the paladins sometimes use his name as encouragement. it starts with phrases like ‘what would Shiro do’, ‘Shiro wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself’, ‘Shiro what should i do’ etc.

then it goes to comments like ‘Shiro wouldn’t like this’, ‘I don’t think that’s a Shiro-approved idea’, ‘Shiro would be proud’ etc.

one time Keith is about to do something extremely stupid and all he can do is look upwards and mutter ‘Shiro I’m sorry’ before he does the Stupid Thing

then Lance accidentally mutters ‘Shiro help me’ when he and Keith are arguing about Keith having done the Stupid Thing (bc he’s been thinking too much about those words) and there’s a moment of heavy silence before the tense atmosphere breaks and the whole group erupts in hysterical laughter because what the fuck even

and suddenly it’s a Thing (bc it’s as ridiculous as it is therapeutic)

phrases like ‘Shiro forgive me’ become common when someone is about to do something Shiro wouldn’t approve of, the list of such things growing increasingly larger as the phrase is used for more and more trivial things

“Shiro forgive me,” Pidge says as she locks Keith in the decontamination chamber and activates it, because Keith has been stinking up the place by constantly training and refusing to shower.

“Shiro, if you’re seeing this, look away because I think he’s about to do something stupid,” Hunk mutters as Lance gets that special gleam in his eyes.

Lance: “For the love of Shiro, listen to me for one second goddamnit!”
Hunk: “Don’t you mean ‘Shiro damn it’?”
Lance: “Shut your quiznak, Shiro would never damn anything!”
Pidge, quietly: “Not all men.”
Keith, just as quietly, but confused: “But Shiro would?”


“Shiro bless you, you innocent bean,” Pidge tells Keith, and Keith is confused but also smiles because he can’t help but be touched. Everyone resolves then and there to use this phrase on him more often.

“Guys wait. Before we go into this battle-”
“I just want to say”
“Lance no-”
“May Shiro be with you”

And then one day Shiro is back and old habits die hard, words keep slipping and Shiro is Hopelessly Confused and Not (at all, absolutely 0% nuh-uh) Amused. Especially when one of the first words upon finding him are an automatic “Thank Shiro you’re okay” and there’s just… a pause. Such a heavy pause.

but then one time Shiro does an awesome thing and everyone’s like “how did you do that” and all Shiro says is “i work in mysterious ways” and everyone is just d o n e


Japanese pair’s team Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara are using Yuri on Ice for their short program music this year! 

Ryuichi Kihara is a two time Japanese national champion with his former partner, Narumi Takahashi. They represented Japan in Sochi and placed nineteenth. The pair parted ways in 2015 and Ryuichi has, as of 2015, teamed up with singles skater Miu Suzaku. 

They placed second this year at Japanese Nationals, and they train, ironically enough, in Detroit. :D

(By the way as with all the debuts at Skate Detroit, these are early versions of the programs, so expect them to be a little more rough and unpolished then they will be during competitive season, but it’s still cool!!)

Whatever feelings I may have had about being masculine–that I was an ugly girl but would make a good-looking boy, for instance–they were all instantly resolved when I finally, in bed with my best friend, figured out I was a dyke. Suddenly, my life made sense. Suddenly, I wasn’t an ugly straight girl, I was a handsome baby dyke. I already loved my own masculinity. Now I could own it.
—  Anne Fleming, “A Dad Called Mum,” Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme (Eds. Ivan E. Coyote & Zena Sharman)