all the vlogs are starting and i can't even begin to explain how happy this makes me

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Ahhh still not over the day in the life! What did you think?? I can't believe how adorable they were. First the breakfast thing and then dan thinking phil bought the cookbook for them to keep..I died. They pretty much do everything together as we already assumed but oh my god it was the sweetest thing to see <3

Where to begin. This may be one of my most favorite videos of them of all time. Seriously. I could not have asked for anything better…Dan & Phil unscripted and unafraid to be themselves. It felt so genuine and incredibly relaxed/candid and I was so so pleasantly surprised. When I had the hunch that it was a DITL I kind of made a mental note not to get too excited because although I adore the previous two DITLs I never felt they were 100% authentic. Like of course I loved them but there were always little things that felt too planned out (like the bedroom thing and pretending to wake Dan up & also making such a big deal out of trying to show us they had other friends lol). So I kind of mentally prepared myself that those things would likely come with the territory and that it may not be as charming and endearing as the little lessamazingphil type candid vlogs. Which, by the way, is when I feel their true personalities shine the most.

I am so glad to say that I judged incorrectly, because this DITL was anything but insincere. I already knew it was off to a good start from the moment they didn’t show Phil “waking up” Dan lol because that part always made me cringe with how scripted it seemed. Anyways, as I kept watching I couldn’t believe how comfortable and completely relaxed they were. I have never seen them act so unabashedly forward with their closeness on camera before. Not once did they try to downplay how much time they spend together or make justifications for what they were doing and why. It came off as a resounding “yes, we actually are glued at the hip” but they didn’t feel the need to explain themselves. It just was how it was and there was no desire to prove anything. And I loved it.

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