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Week Two: MOVIES
Week Three: BOOKS
Week Four: POETRY
Week Five: MUSIC
Week Six: COMICS
Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Nine: Hello again and welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

I had originally named this post ‘BLOGS + VLOGS’ but after the overwhelming amount of suggestions specific to YouTube channels, I figured to dedicate this week’s post entirely to YouTubers. Voilà, here we are!

The genres vary this week, as always. We’ve got beauty vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, cooking vlogs, music vlogs, talk show set ups, and a bunch of other types of content! One thing is for sure, and the whole point of this entire project: these are all LGBT+ YouTubers. A lot of them are here on Tumblr too! So I added their @’s for you as well. 

If you think I’ve mislabeled someone (as in, if I have put them in this list or in the gifs above when they aren’t LGBT+), please tell me immediately as there’s nothing I value more than accuracy - I will be sure to follow up. In addition! If you’ve got recs, don’t hesitate to send them my way (particularly LGBT+ YouTubers who are people of color - I was underwhelmed to see the vast yet not so diverse YouTube vlogging landscape when it came to popularity.)

Next week: LGBT+ HISTORY - a compilation of academic journals, articles, autobiographies, YouTube videos, and other types of media that cover the long and too often glossed over history of the vast and diverse LGBT+ community. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!


  • Pero Like - “Pero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos of tu vida.” A Latinx-oriented vlog in which one of the YouTubers is Salvadoran and gay, but LGBT topics are not the main thing they vlog about
  • Shannon @now-this-is-living​ & Cammie @the-2nd-star-to-the-right on their channel nowthisisliving - A lesbian couple who are “just sharing [their] story/love/life with anyone who wants to listen”
  • Claudia Boleyn - A bisexual YouTuber who makes videos about mental health and social justice issues
  • Miles Jai  (giffed above) - Posts improv sketches, parodies, “beauty tutorials”, as well as vlogs
  • Kat Blaque @katblaque (giffed above) - “Opinion Vlogger, Children’s Illustrator and Thrift Store Addict”
  • Sara @rnashallah(giffed above) - Totally not putting her up here because we’ve been mutuals on Tumblr for like mad long and I’m just very fond of Sara as a person. She vlogs about her life and tbh that alone is worth a sub in my book!
  • Eileen W. @peeves(giffed above) - Another good friend of mine (let me live). HILARIOUS, sarcastic, honest, and is pretty much always there to Validate You, so support her and subscribe!
  • Marina Watanabe @marinashutup​ (giffed above) - “Part time feminist vlogger, full time sass machine. Biracial, bisexual, bipedal.”
  • Kid Fury @signedfury - “Born in Miami and raising hell in New York City, Kid Fury is a media mouthpiece with a whole lot of nerve. This channel is one of many avenues Fury uses to cover life, pop culture and more with a unique and sharp flare of truth, shade, and fuckery.”
  • AriFitz @itsarifitz - Lifestyle + style vlog

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B.A.P is back with their first 2017 album (ROSE) and, as usual - but now more than ever since we’re going to have all the members together again to promote this comeback - the group needs to receive all the love and support  that we [BABYz] know they deserve, for all the talent, effort and worry that the members have in showing us a great artistic performance every new release.

Lately the group seems to be going through a hard time, where their perception of themselves (as people and as a group itself) is being shaken, giving way to a negative energy be spread between them and, as a result, between the fanbase too. With that in mind, this project rises to prevent this comeback of being received with hopelessness, to allow more interaction among the fans and to strengthen the relationship between B.A.P and us. This is a gesture made and developed by BABYz to be put in practice inside and outside of our fandom.

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BTS Comeback D-3, ‘Spring Day’ Teaser… Jungkook’s lonely youth

The group BTS has quickly begun their comeback countdown.

At midnight on February 10th, BTS took to their official homepage and SNS channel to reveal their music video teaser for the title track 'Spring Day’ from 'WINGS Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone’.

The teaser video begins with Jungkook standing alone in front of an inactive amusement park ride. While it seems like the members all look lonely amidst alternating scenes showing the sea, inside a train, and a parking garage, they are happy when they’re together.

Accompanied with the words, 'As the cold winter comes to an end, until spring arrives again, until the flowers bloom again, please stay a bit longer, stay a bit longer,’ the title track “Spring Day” mixes with a lyrical melody to leave warm lingering imagery, raising anticipation for the official music video release.

Through online music sources on February 13th at midnight, BTS will present their new album 'You Never Walk Alone’ which is filled with the message of comfort and warm hope for the suffering youth.  

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out 

Soulmate Seungkwan

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

The world is a beautiful place in so many ways. There are brilliant landscapes, small acts of human kindness, and all sorts of captivating things that can catch an eye or turn a head. 

But the one thing that intrigues you most is the certain kind of beauty which is hidden away- by nature itself- by the unfathomable laws of the universe- by something no one quite understands.

There are things only certain people can see. 

When you look down at your body, you know your skin is covered all over in intricate tattoos; yours are bright, all ribbons of pastel colors, weaving together into decorative symbols, shot through here and there with the brightest threads of glowing gold. But no one else can see the marks. To their eyes, you have empty skin. 

Indeed, the only person ever able to see the tattoos that mark another is the one connected to them in their very soul: the other half: the Soulmate.

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me: i don’t know a dan..

dan: *uploads dan takes quizzes of himself*

me: Daniel JamesDanHowell (born 11 June 1991)[1] is a British video blogger and radio personality. He is best known for his YouTube channel danisnotonfire, which has reached over six million subscribers. Together with frequent collaborator Phil Lester, Howell presented Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 from January 2013 until August 2014, and presented the station’s Internet Takeover slot from September 2014 until April 2016. Howell was born and raised in Wokingham, Berkshire, England.[2] He has a younger brother named Adrian.[citation needed][2]Before starting his YouTube channel, he worked in retail chains Focus DIY at the age of 16, and later at the supermarket Asda.[3] After attending The Forest School, Howell went to the University of Manchester in 2010 to study law, but dropped out in order to pursue video blogging as a profession.[2]Howell has lived with best friend and fellow YouTuber Phil Lester since August 2011,[4] and the pair moved to London together in July 2012.[5][6] Howell uploaded his first YouTube video titled “HELLO INTERNET” on 16 October 2009.[7] He was encouraged by “some friends” including Phil Lester to continually upload videos to the site.[2]He also has a second channel, danisnotinteresting, which has over 1.5 million subscribers and 39.5 million views, as of August 2016.In 2012, he won the YouTube competition “SuperNote” run by Rhett and Link.[8] He also featured in the weekly video series Becoming YouTube created by Benjamin Cook which looked at the different aspects to becoming an internet celebrity.[9] He also wrote a blog for The Huffington Post, in which he wrote about the creative process behind making his videos.[10]Howell and Lester collaborated on a YouTube channel for My Damn Channel, entitled The Super Amazing Project, in which they investigated paranormal events.[11] In October 2014, it was announced that as of that month, the duo would not carry on working on the project, in order to concentrate on their Radio 1 show.[12] It was later announced that the Super Amazing Project would continue production, but hosted by different presenters, scouted by the My Damn Channel network.[12] On 12 September 2014, Howell and Lester posted the first video on their new gaming YouTube channel, DanandPhilGAMES.[14] On 8 March 2015 the channel hit 1 million subscribers.[15] It was officially the fastest growing channel on YouTube.[16]On 1 April 2015, Howell and Lester launched a spin-off channel, DanAndPhilCRAFTS, as an April Fools joke. It features a single video of them creating square snowflakes out of paper, with an amateur editing style and humour throughout. It reached over 154,000 subscribers and 500,000 total video views in one week.[17] “Don’t cry, craft” became a popular Internet meme from that video, described by the Standard-Examiner as “one of the best known YouTube phrases of all time”.[18] The channel was awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button at Summer in the City 2015.[19][20] On 1 April 2016 Howell and Lester made a second video for that channel in which they did another joke tutorial, this time on making glitter faces.[21][13]

Attention All LGBT+ Supporting YouTube Watchers

This is Bree, a YouTuber I’ve watched for quite some time now. Her channel is Kuledud3

(photo from her bf’s instagram)

She is well known for making video game commentaries, but she also does a lot of collabs, comedy sketches, and many other things.

On the same day that the supreme court ruled for marriage equality nation wide, she officially came out as LGBT. A couple days later, she made public her 6-month-old relationship with her roommate, Robin. (It’s their anniversary today!)

While many of her subscribers have been very supportive, her channel has taken a hit, as followers have unsubscribed. She currently has a little under 400,000 subs.

Whoever here is already interested in YouTube gaming channels, and who is also supportive of LGBT+ YouTubers, please check out Bree’s channel! Let’s help to support a Youtuber who’s done nothing but be courageous and sweet.

Bree’s Channel: Kuledud3

Robin’s Gaming Channel: Xycron (he has a beautiful radio voice)

Please reblog! Help spread the word about these cuties.


What can you, an AROHA, do to support ASTRO’s comeback to the fullest?

Things You Can Do Every Day

Stream ASTRO’s official MV on YouTube (tips for streaming here)

Stream ASTRO’s performance videos on MNET’s K-POP YouTube channel

Buy the physical album from somewhere that counts towards the Hanteo and/or GAON chart if you haven’t (or buy a second…third…copy)

Sign up for the fan cafe if you haven’t yet

Level up in the fan cafe if you haven’t yet

Monday KST

Vote for M!Countdown until 9AM KST

Tuesday KST

Vote for Show Champion all day KST

Watch The Show broadcast at 8PM KST 

Wednesday KST

Vote for Show Champion all day KST

Watch the Show Champion broadcast at 7PM KST 

Thursday KST

Vote for Show Champion all day KST

Watch the M!Countdown broadcast at 6PM KST 

Friday KST

Vote for Show Champion all day KST

Vote for M!Countdown starting at 2PM KST

Watch the Music Bank braodcast at 5PM KST

Saturday KST

Vote for Show Champion all day KST

Vote for M!Countdown all day KST

Show! Music Core on hiatus until further notice

Sunday KST

Vote for Show Champion all day KST

Vote for M!Countdown all day KST

Watch the Inkigayo broadcast at 12:10PM KST

anonymous asked:

Can you write more of beauty guru yoongi and actor taehyung please

There’s one time where Yoongi gets to work with Taehyung and BOY is it all over social media news. It’s literally the talk of the whole entire news for the first few days. All types of tags and blogs and posts are made on everywhere from Twitter to Tumblr to facebook. EVERYONE is talking about “Power couple Min Suga and Kim Taehyung” working together on their first official project. 

Of course, Yoongi brings his vlogging camera with him to capture everything for his Youtube channel. 

He literally spams his channel with these super fucking cute behind the scene videos of himself doing this gory bloody makeup on Taehyung, since this is Taehyung’s first horror movie role. It’s just super fucking adorable. He posts videos of himself on Taehyung’s lap while he works on his super-realistic cut on Taehyung’s face and their comments are just so soft as they talk to each other. 

“You know, this cut looks so real it’s kind of scary.” 

“Yeah? It’s because I have the best makeup artist in my lap working on me.” 

There are snapchat videos of Taehyung sitting in his trailer reading his lines and the fans coo because in the video Yoongi can be heard giggling while he records Taehyung hard at work. Taehyung would normally tell whoever was bothering him at that time to fuck off, but because it’s Yoongi, he just looks up at the camera and lovingly rolls his eyes before sending the phone in Yoongi’s hand a kiss. 

Yoongi just chuckles and sends him a loud kiss right back. 

On their second year anniversary, Yoongi decides to post a beauty related boyfriend tag video for the fans.  It’s pretty simple. The fans can send in any questions they want to know and Yoongi and Taehyung will answer them honestly. the only rule being they have to somehow include something beauty related. 

Yoongi makes sure they match in simple but cute black tee shirts that read “his king” and it’s just wow so cute because they also have matching bandanas and YOONGI’S MAKEUP IS POPPING AF!!!! 

The first question excites them so much. 

“Taehyung, what has been your favorite makeup look Yoongi has done?” 

Yoongi is literally bouncing in his seat as he reads the questions and Taehyung actually blushes. 

“Um it was the first look I ever saw him in. He had a shiny cut crease, I think it’s called, and had this dark maroon lip tint. He looked really beautiful and it took my breath away.” 

Yoongi can’t even help but just lean over and kiss his boyfriend. Taehyung usually tries to keep PDA low just because he knows not all his fans are the greatest so for him to just say it so easily it makes him feel so soft. Yoongi just kisses him so hard and it leaves a red stain on Taehyung’s own lips but neither of them cares they both love it anyways. 

“Okay, Do you prefer me with or without makeup?” 

The answer to that one is so easy Taehyung doesn’t even have to think about it. 

“Without. I mean you look amazing either way and I know makeup is your thing but your bare face is just so amazing on its own. I love the Yoongi i get to see before the boss Suga shows up.” 

The video actually continues until Yoongi has to stop because he’s crying with how sweet Taehyung’s answers are. 

Taehyung makes headlines again not too long after that year during one of the biggest award shows of the year. 

He’s actually nominated for one of the biggest awards of the night and of course, he’s shown up with his baby boy on his arm while they walk the carpet. Yoongi looks so deadly in his maroon silk dress with the high slit in the side of it and glittery makeup. 

What really makes the news though is when he wins the top award and he decides to propose to Yoongi in his winning speech. 

“This award is not for me.” Taehyung makes sure his eyes are locked with Yoongi’s while he stands on stage and just his heart is beating so fast but he knows it’s what he wants. “This award is for Yoongi. It’s for the love and support he’s given me while I worked. It’s for the way he’s always cheered me on and it’s for hopefully the yes he’ll give me in a few minutes.” 

Yoongi’s eyes widen when he realizes what is happening and wow he’s angry he didn’t wear waterproof mascara. 

“Min Yoongi will you marry me?” 

Yoongi nods and Taehyung runs off stage to kiss him. He laughs later when Yoongi playfully smacks him with a pout. 


Regarding recent abuse of Youtube’s translation/caption functions on utaite videos

I’m writing this post because recently Soraru and Mafumafu have both opened up user-submitted translations on their official Youtube channels, and already there’s been multiple instances of people submitting very inaccurate content, some of which seems to be done intentionally. Over the last few days alone I’ve seen the following incidents:
1. My translated title was changed to display a shipping joke on a Soramafu video. It was absolutely not an accurate translation in any way, but it still temporarily displayed that as the English title on Soraru’s official channel.
2. Two separate video descriptions were changed and published to add “cute” lines that were not in the original description at all.
3. Very inaccurate captions were being published on separate videos.

I don’t like making posts like this, but I need help from the fandom to police this stuff.
Utaite are nice enough to start opening up their channels to allow user-submitted captions and title/description translations for us international fans, and it’s our job to use those functions responsibly. It’s not an exaggeration to say that thousands of English-speaking fans will see the translations on their official channels and assume that they’re accurate. When you put content on those channels, it’s your responsibility to be be sure that you’re reflecting the original uploader’s words correctly. There’s an easy rule to follow here: Don’t touch the translation functions unless you speak Japanese! If you catch a typo, or a mistimed caption, or if your Japanese is good enough to spot errors in the translation, then by all means go for it, but those are the only reasons you should be touching someone else’s submitted translation. And if your Japanese isn’t very good, you probably shouldn’t be submitting things at all unless you’re getting help. Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m certainly not saying you can’t have mistakes here and there (especially in captions), but overall the translation should have a consistent level of general accuracy.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will: Slipping in jokes/memes into a Youtube translation just because you think they’re funny is not ok. So please don’t do that. If you can’t read/understand the original words then you should not be putting new content into a translation.

The worst case scenario here is that the abuse of this system continues and utaite decide to close community contributions to their channels, or others decide never to open them at all as a result. It would be terrible to lose that helpful function for the entire international fandom just because a few people on the English-speaking side can’t be responsible with it.

I’m really sorry if this comes off as preachy or anything, but I’m just kind of at a loss for what to do here since it keeps happening ;; Thank you to everyone who has been helpful in getting these issues fixed. If you see something suspicious, pleeeease contact me right away and I will try to help get it changed ASAP if it’s incorrect. To everyone who has helped me with this, and also to the vast majority of people who are just enjoying Youtube videos without causing any problems, keep being awesome! <3

anonymous asked:

hello angel, i just got into astro recently and i was wondering do you have a guide or a masterlist of ''must watch videos"? or a masterlist with all of their videos and focus and everything because i really want it and also i really wanna get to know them so well! thank you 💐

Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of this list! Just pick and choose whatever looks most interesting!! Fair warning: I know you asked for a guide of must watch videos but I kinda got carried away and there’s a whole lot here I’m so sorry . There are so many more than this but this is a good start. 

Note: for all of these videos if you ever want eng subs you might need to search the title of the video and “eng sub” to find it, idk if any of them are subbed because i usually pull these directly from the official channels which may not include subs

I-TEEN (all videos)
recommended I-TEEN videos:  (there are tons but these are the classics in my opinion) These are in chronological order.

ASTRO PLAY + DDOCA (all videos)
recommended ASTRO Play: astro play are a series of videos that showcase the boys just being silly (chornological order)

recommended DDOCA: DDOCA are self filmed astro videos (the camera’s name is ddoca) also chronological order

Some Fancams/Performances


SHOW CHAMPION behind the scenes: (not chornological)


We are currently re-making our masterlist and moving the content from the old masterlist to the new one, as this may require some time we will be quite busy with this task for a while! One of the pages is already done and we will reveal the pages one by one as we finish them.

The new pages will all be sorted into the following categories

  • Miscallaneous videos
  • BANGTANTV + Official BTS Youtube Channels
  • Individual Shows
  • VAPP
  • MV Making + Jacket Shootings
  • Dramas + Interviews/Misc stuff regarding the promotions of the drama
  • TV Shows
  • Radio Shows
  • Interviews
  • Music Shows: will include Award Shows, Music Show Backstage/Misc videos and Performances
  • CFs
  • DVDs

You can sort the pages by year, category, new to old etc. 

As some of the pages may have a lot of content since all the videos from 2013- now are in the same page, the loading may vary from page to page.

We will try to give the new pages a cleaner and more organised look and fix broken download links, we will also continue working on the .ts files (Hwarang, Problematic Men .ts dl links coming soon) and make the masterlist more complete!

Once we are done with all the pages we will make another short post, until then the old pages will still be available to view.


Okay I know it’s fun to imagine the Foxes with an instagram and twitter and arguing in the groupchat and everything

But guys.

Mid-00′s Foxes. 2006 Foxes!

  • First of all, can you imagine the hassle Andrew must have gone through to get Runaway Train on Neil’s phone?!
  • Opening up the internet on a flip phone? Not by pressing the wrong key?
  • Then when it opens 10-20 minutes later he has to type the title with the number keys.
  • No results come up, and it takes him a few minutes to realize he spelled Runaway with two ‘n’s. There’s no spell check. 
  • It’s more expensive because it’s a more obscure song and not on the store stored in his phone, which also takes forever to load. 
  • Andrew hides the bill he gets from Cingular.
  • Neil doesn’t understand technology so he doesn’t understand the struggle and Andrew adds to the list of what he suffers in silence about.
  • Flip phones?, Neil thinks, Can’t those be tracked? Clearly no one in their right mind would use a flip phone to not be tracked. 
  • Don’t even tell me they don’t have Razr phones.
  • There are walkie-talkie-like beeps heard throughout the hall when someone is using their phone. Sometimes a voice echoes Hello Moto
  • The Foxes battle over who’s in each other’s Top Five. Neil flat out doesn’t tell anyone because he doesn’t want to start a war. 
  • There’s a team meeting regarding who “accidentally” taped over one of their games with an episode of Fear Factor. 

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Honestly, being able to effectively stream the comeback MV is just as important as streaming on music app. Not only does the view gets counted towards Music Show wins, being able to reach a certain number of views generates positive news for the album and for Bangtan. Let’s try our best for this too~

  • Do not re-upload the videos on any other sites. Reupload means, you download it as video and then reupload it on your own page or channel. This will take away views from the official MV.
  • YOU NEED TO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. DO NOT MUTE. Plug in earphones on the device if you’re getting tired hehe~
  • Share the link on all your social media accounts, clicks from shared links will count as a view. Ask some of your friends!!! 
  • If you have a youtube account, use it to like, comment and share the video. But multiple views are more effective if you log out of the account or in incognito mode.
  • WATCH BOTH MVs ON 1THEK and iBIGHIT channel. 
  • Watching in incognito mode counts best, go to the youtube page and search for the MV title and click the link.
  • Multiple tabs doesn’t count
  • Create a playlist than has a total playing time of more than 30 minutes, please add DOPE and FIRE MVs (frm 1theK channel) to also help increase the views on those MVs.
  • Switch devices from time to time. PC then mobile or vice-versa.
  • After about every 5-6 hours, clear your cache.

There are a lot of different information on how to view MVs effectively just some things to keep in mind.

  • Youtube tracks your view based on your IP address. If you view the video once, it counts and then youtube kind of IDs your IP on their system.
  • Then they have preventive measures for bots or programs who can manipulate this view count, so if youtube identifies your IP address as viewing a specific link over and over in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, it will treat it as spam and invalidate these views.
  • That’s why you create a playlist so you can watch other videos and your IP won’t register as watching the same thing once you go back to the comeback MV link.

ARMYs please do share your best practices as replies below!!! We might have varying techniques on this. What is important is that you make sure that your view counts!!! Thank you~~~ ^_^

3k+ of a Zimbits AU

AU where Bitty is a food blogger/vlogger (okay so it’s not that au yet). He’s all about pies, and sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for you food which tastes amazing. But he’s also into following trends and health food is the next big one. Superfoods, and vegan diets and all that stuff (turning slightly au now). So he starts mixing in some more health focused recipes alongside his usual stuff. But it’s still based around the sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for-you stuff. So it’s vegan chocolate cakes with ingredient substitutions that actually are mouth-wateringly good, and faux fruit mince pies with nuts, and just, really tasty ‘dessert’ and ‘treat’ type foods that are, like, healthy.

So while that’s going on, Georgia assistant GM for The Falconers, and their nutritionist - let’s call her Martha - are at the end of their tether with hockey players who rue their meals plans and dietary restrictions. They’re basically whiny and Georgia and Martha did not sign up for this. So Martha, whose been following Bitty’s vlog for almost a year now, suggests that Georgia contacts him to see if he’s willing to partner with Martha and actually figure out some recipes that are not going to make the team go crazy from carb overload and sugar withdrawal.

So that’s the premise. But this is really a Jack/Bitty story. So…

Bitty is flustered because he played hockey in college and he still keeps up with it and he really appreciates how The Falconers are progressing as a team. And Jack Zimmermann, first out athlete in the NHL, is on that team so Bitty has a soft spot for him the team. So after asking for some time to think it over, and then using that time to panic and swear and ring up his parents, he accepts the offer.

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anonymous asked:

Since their performance @ the mamas I really want to get into monsta x~What are their personalities like? I've seen some shows but do you have any fav interviews? Blogs to rec? Sorry if this is kinda long!!

It’s not a problem at all! I’m happy to answer anything you have to ask about them, and I’m really glad more people are starting to get into them ^^ Hope this helps you somewhat~

The members (in order of oldest > youngest):

Shownu (Full name: Son Hyunwoo) - Leader of the group, the best dancer (you can check out some of his performances on Hit The Stage here, here, and here); also a great vocalist (his solo performance from No Mercy). The members call him the “dad” of the group, and he has a very relaxed demeanor most of the time. Laid back and doesn’t get scared easily (he once jumped off a 63-floor high tower because he wanted to). He’s also kind of awkward and shy sometimes, but very sweet once you get to know him. Very reliable as a leader, and cares for his members a lot ;u; Actually really really cute. Nicknamed ‘robot’; often compared to a teddy bear. Also, his eye smile is super adorable :’3

Wonho (Full name: Shin Hoseok) - Vocalist, charismatic stage persona; has a ‘sexy’ image as an idol, but in reality, is the fluffiest sweetest person ever ;-; Is extremely caring and sensitive; expresses his love for his members, fans, and family a lot (he personally helped his mom open a cafe after debuting ;;). Always makes sure to thank every single person, including every staff member ;; Very hardworking (also produces his own songs). The ultimate cheesiest dork (once took a cookie monster doll on a date). His one true love is ramen. His smile could make flowers grow :’)

Minhyuk (Full name: Lee Minhyuk) - Vocalist, bright and cheerful personality, a literal sunshine angel, the group’s “moodmaker”. Likes skinship with others and is very affectionate :’) Often compared to a puppy (nicknamed ‘Minmungie’). Loves Monbebes so much ;; (spent days perfecting calligraphy to show to fans to accompany a solo stage, worked on an entire exhibit for fans with Kihyun); admitted to often searching up things about Monsta X on SNS :’) Very caring and supportive of the other members; so full of love for everyone <3 “Jack of all trades”; once scored 3 consecutive tens in archery at ISAC (wow).

Kihyun (Full name: Yoo Kihyun) - Main vocalist, “hamster”, honestly has one of the nicest voices (OTL), named one of Starship’s top vocalists by many of his company seniors. Small and savage (remember when he threw confetti at Yoongi?), but also really caring at heart ;-; Often very cheesy when it comes to Monbebes (X,X,X). Sometimes tries to act cute (he’s naturally cute okay ;u;) or romantic, but gets super embarrassed afterwards. Also often called the “king of bluffing”. Loves kids, Gudetama, and fried chicken :3 Is called the ‘mom’ of the group because he cooks/cleans and wakes everyone up in the morning (nags at the members, especially Hyungwon, lmao). He sang for a few drama OSTs (X,X). Some performances you should check out: Hyeya (iconic performance from No Mercy T_T), Moon of Seoul (sings this song every chance he gets haha) on Masked Singer, Runaway Baby, etc.

Hyungwon (Full name - Chae Hyungwon) - Vocalist, talented dancer (choreographed this and danced it w/ Wonho and Shownu), model, “poet”, good at acting (he has a role in an upcoming webdrama!). The members once said that he looks like he walked out of a manga. Is known for being very handsome, but is also the biggest meme (a Brazilian political party even once used a vine of him as a meme). Might seem cool and laid back at first, but he’s actually extremely dorky <3 Known for his praying mantis dance and sleeping a lot. The other member of MX’s sass duo (along with Kihyun). The actual sweetest towards fans ;;;

Jooheon (Full name: Lee Jooheon) - Rapper, extremely talented (was the highest ranking for the majority of No Mercy, collaborated with professionals even before debut), charismatic stage persona - but also known for his cuteness ^-^ Seriously, he is the king of aegyo and all things cute ;u; Famous for his “kkukkukkakka” aegyo. The most easily scared member. Also a very talented composer; very passionate about music and the things he writes about in his lyrics (this song he wrote for his grandmother speaks out beyond the scope of words;;). Some other performances: Yessir (solo from No Mercy), duet with #Gun, SMTM (X,X), Get Low w/ MadClown, etc.

I.M (Full name: Lim Changkyun) - Maknae (that “doesn’t seem like the maknae”), rapper, known for his distinctive deep voice (and his iconic line “I am what I am”). Seems serious and quiet at first, but in actuality is the biggest dork. Multilingual. A total meme, but also super adorable and puppy-like (nicknamed “Kkukkungie”). Very very sweet and thoughtful ;; Had to deal with a lot of difficulties to get where he is now, but he persevered and worked so hard to overcome those  ;~;

In summary, they’re all such kind and hardworking people, who love their fans so much (to go so far as to dress up as doctors at fanmeetings and listen to fans’ problems), who never tire of expressing their love for their supporters, are always respectful and humble, and continue to work to do their best at everything, despite whatever obstacles they encounter ;~;

**As for shows (idk what you’ve already seen), these are the essentials:

  • Right Now (aka one of the greatest things ever bestowed upon the fandom)
  • No Mercy (their predebut survival show - I’d recommend watching something light and funny after this ;~;)

Other Shows/Interviews:

V App/Official Channel Videos:

Some of my favorite performances:

Some other things you should check out:

Please stan these lovely dorks ♡ You won’t regret it :’)

Code Lyoko - Daft Punk Pentatonix Medley

This medley had Code Lyoko vibes all over it!
00:00-00:14 One More Time
00:14-01:04 Get Lucky (Ulrich+Yumi)
01:04-01:39 Digital Love (Aelita+Jeremie)
01:39-01:54 One More Time
01:54-02:23 Harder Better Faster Stronger (Lyoko action montage)
02:23-02:38 Television (XANA)
02:38-End A mix of everything :)

…I realize that the quality of the clips isn’t exactly stellar…maybe once the official code lyoko channel finishes uploading all the episodes I can redo it in better quality. Hope you guys enjoy anyway though :)

Disclaimer: The contents of this video are not mine!
Visuals: Code Lyoko from Moonscoop
Audio: Daft Punk Medley by Pentatonix

Valley Forge has a bunch of quirky, cheesy, 5-½ minute long, educational videos made, like, five-seven years ago on their Youtube channel. There’s an episode on Camp Life that stars none other than our very own John Laurens!

Some highlights:

Guy: “I wonder what those guys did all day!”
-from among a multi-cut of a soldier, a camp wife, and Laurens saying what they do all day.-
Laurens: “Wake up. Eat.” - “Greet Important Visitors.” - “Attend to Official Army business.” - “Write letters.” - “Write letters. Write lots of letters. All. Day.” 

“What am I doing now? Writing letters for a change.” -smiles at his own joke but looks a little dead inside-

Also, their Lafayette is adorable. He can be found best in episode 8. Here’s episode 4, though, for Laurens. (I recommend starting at the 1:00 mark)

I also recognized one of the hosts. Pretty sure they used him as Tilghman’s actor for the display at Valley Forge.

Red Velvet’s Automatic MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel and a Wikipedia article. 

The Cult of Domesticity: I had a bit of trouble with this video, mostly because when I discussed it with my friends, they all had differing opinions and I haven’t really seen any theories come out of the fandom. I wouldn’t say there’s one definite interpretation for this video, there are a lot of different angles you can look at this from. And mine is this: they’re depressed housewives. I think the term “Cult of Domesticity” is pretty well known. It describes a period of time during the nineteenth century in Western cultures when women were defined by their roles in the home. Women were the “light of the home.” Simply domestics. Here’s a little excerpt from the Wikipedia page describing what was valued in wives during this time. 

In this video, we see Red Velvet in a dark set with changing domestic settings. The sets, hair, and clothing all have a vintage feel. The decor and food on the table as well recall a Western vibe. These factors give the vintage housewife, domestic vibe that coincide with the themes of the term “Cult of Domesticity.” 

I earlier said depressed housewives for the following reasons. The set itself is very dark, and the whole video has a moody, intoxicating vibe. It’s nearly dreamlike. The dark set contributes to this, as well as the presence of shadows throughout the video. But I think the biggest contributor to this mood is because of the continuous flow of the video. The whole set is fluid, with no corporeal thing. The girls flit in and out, the camera spinning as they arrive and depart. There’s no clear sense of anything and one action is continuously leading into another. Seulgi sits down on a couch and she’s suddenly at a dinner table. Joy twirls in the dance and she’s suddenly lying in bed. These mundane, everyday actions continuously flow into one another. They happen automatically, but without true animation. None of the girls look happy. They all wear solemn expressions and they don’t seem fully aware of their actions. It’s automatic but not natural. They’re trapped in the cycle of domestic life. As well, the camera angles and editing are a bit unconventional, and add to this anxiety and feel of unnaturalness.

The idea that women were trapped in the domestic sphere is one that would naturally lead to depression and longing for a freer time. In this case, we see black and white flashbacks, and at one point the video moves backwards. This hints at a longing to turn back time, to go back to a time when they were young and free and unchained. 

The video begins with a shot of Seulgi standing in the dark, the only light pouring in from the window she stares out of. In her hands is a plate of food. This first shot introduces two key elements. First, the use of light and shadow; second, the inclusion of domestic elements. The set is pitch black save for a small, illuminated section. This darkness not only creates a sense of unreality as the setting is no real place, but gives the video a moody effect. As well, this holds certain symbolism. Seulgi stands in darkness save for the light streaming in through the window. With such a dark setting, the use of light is important, and here it’s streaming in through the window. Seulgi, at this point of her life, is in darkness. She’s looking at something outside, something bright, something longed for, something that does not concern her. In the end, she turns away, carrying the plate of food with her.

The framing for this video is box-like, framed in black at the sides rather than at the top and bottom that’s more common. It constrains the scene, adds to the theme of feeling trapped. 

Before going to the table where the other members are, she initially sits down on a leather couch in a setting with piles of books. It recalls an antique study. This isn’t traditionally a place where you’d imagine having a meal, and it creates a contrast between the two. Seulgi, with that food, should not be in the academic setting. The two sides are incongruent. A woman cannot be a homemaker and a scholar simultaneously, according to the ideology of this time. 

Seulgi leans forward, placing the plate of food on the table that has suddenly appeared. Again, one action turns into another, always flowing. The flowing nature of the video not only helps to achieve this sense of mindless action but also represents the flow of time. Stuck in this life, time marches on, wasting their youth. 

A shadow passes overhead, and the study setting disappears, leaving us with the other members at the table. Throughout the video, you can see a shadow passing over them, used mainly as a transitional technique. This use of shadow contributes to the flowing nature of the video and as well adds to the dark mood of the video as a shadow passing over is nearly always ominous and a cause for anxiety. 

The food on the table is mainly Western dishes like pasta, salad, and loaves of bread, which again ties into this specific brand of domesticity we’re seeing. As is well known, housewives are traditionally expected to prepare all of the food in the home, and this abundance of food is very well a reference to that. 

In typical traditional Red Velvet fashion, they’re seated around a table. I discussed this a bit in my Dumb Dumb post, saying that this basically serves to show all of Red Velvet as unified. They’re gathered together but no one talks. It evokes power because it implies that when they’re gathered together they don’t need words to communicate. Their bond is so strong that they already know each other’s experiences. After the One of These Nights release, this motif is only made more powerful. 

In the context of the video, this gathering around table shows shared experience of longing. They are all the victims of the same trap and they all share the same desire for time to move backwards. 

Seulgi rises from the table and stops at a bathroom setting. There’s a mirror and sink. The glass of the mirror is kind of dingy, just like the window Seulgi stares out of in the beginning of the video. Contrast the two scenes. Gazing out of the window is looking outward, but looking in the mirror denotes introspection. One concerns longing and the other the actual, present circumstance. 

She turns on the faucet and the water flows into the sink in slow motion. Even though the water runs, Seulgi doesn’t wash her hands. She’s inattentive. It’s as if she did it reflexively, robotically, unaware of the actual action. She’s not engaged in the moment. She’s on automatic. 

The angle changes and we see the other side of the mirror, and we see that it’s a two-way mirror. On one side a mirror, on the other it functions as a window, playing with the boundary between introspection and extrospection. The line between the desired outcome and the present circumstance is blurred.

During the dance scenes, their shadows fall in front of them. The source of light is behind them. This suggests that there are darker times still ahead, with all good times behind. 

Yeri moves to this study setting. She wears a white lace dress and a rosary hangs around her neck. Her young age and white dress suggest purity, while the rosary indicates piety. It’s a clearly academic setting, but she neither sits at the desk or reads any of the books. She simply stands in the midst of it all. Though she is surrounded by opportunity, she does not engage in it, just as women were not expected to be educated in order to run the home. 

Yeri removes a book from the bookcase and light pours in the room and falls across her face. This recalls the opening scene where the light comes in from the window, hitting Seulgi. It’s something bright and longed for. We see that the source of this light is a car. This car is the first setting within the video that isn’t a home setting. The car represents a break from that. A car is something that can take you far away from home. The lights streaming and the car represent this longing to escape. 

Just in case you didn’t notice, their debut date is printed on the license plate. Just a cute little detail. 

Lights flash inside the car. Irene looks ahead determinedly as if focused on the task of driving. Wendy looks out the window as if admiring scenery. Wind even blows Seulgi’s hair as she leans out the window. Footage of a bridge is projected on the walls, but the car isn’t moving. Despite the efforts to escape, they’re just as trapped as before. 

Black and white clips of Joy and Wendy dancing in the headlights play. The black and white indicates that this is a memory. Their smiles tell us that it’s a happy one. The nature of the escape their car represents takes on a new meaning here, as the car is linked with these old happy memories, these images of youth. The car is not only supposed to take them far away, but is meant to transport them back to a time where they could dance and smile and be carefree. 

Joy twirls and transitions into a shot of her lying in bed, alone. This is perhaps the most explicit scene of depression. Her face is hidden as she lies in bed, not even accepting the comfort of a blanket. 

Joy walks up a set of stairs, another shot with red lighting showing her descending, leading to a club scene. 

In the midst of the crow, Wendy stands still. She’s in the club but she doesn’t dance. In efforts to escape, she comes to a place where youth and dancing are expected. See here that the frame begins to expand, losing its constraints. But Wendy isn’t dancing and she’s not smiling and the lighting is red. This scene is a different one than desired. It does not resemble the carefree scene of dancing in the headlights. This lacks all the innocence of youth and all the intimacy of friendship present in that memory. Though they try to regain carefree days, it cannot be fully regained. Something will always be a little off. And this scene triggers something. The video begins to move backward. We see flashes of Joy in bed, and Yeri at the bookcase. 

We see shots of Yeri between two black curtains, and red light behind her. She looks panicked, disoriented, trapped. In trying to regain youth, they gain something more malignant, this red light instead of white. Instead of the video moving backward to show that the past is attainable, it shows regret. They had wanted to go back to the time of youth but now that they have something that resembles it but doesn’t, they want to go back to what they had in their homes. With the flashes of the earlier scenes in the video, they flail desperately to go back to the start.  

We see Seulgi at the mirror and faucet again. The water moves backwards, back up into the faucet. Seulgi sits back down at the table.

The video ends with Seulgi at the window again. While trapped in the present, you cannot regain the past. Longing for it and seeking it out will only lead to regret, and it will only lead right back to where you started. They could not go back to a time of youth and freedom, only back far enough to when they first longed for it. If the video were to play again from this point, the same events from the video would play again. It doesn’t occur to them to move forward into the future and so it becomes a cycle. This is what longing for the past achieves: automatic, but unnatural living. Going through the same motions in life over and over again but not truly being present. One action turning into another, endlessly living the same day over again and not noticing because it’s not this day you care about, but one lived out long ago.

anonymous asked:

Okay so the first video I've seen of cammie and Shannon is the one Shannon posted a couple of weeks ago ? Where she calls her a pillow princess and I ship it ! I kind remember them breaking up and all the drama but I didn't know them. Now I want watch their videos and cry and hope they get back together but I don't know where to start do you have any playlist or something ?

You go to Shannon’s channel and watch all her videos from the beginning, and same with Cammie’s channel - fair warning though, it’s gonna hurt like a bitch when you get to their last official video together