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BTS Comeback D-3, ‘Spring Day’ Teaser… Jungkook’s lonely youth

The group BTS has quickly begun their comeback countdown.

At midnight on February 10th, BTS took to their official homepage and SNS channel to reveal their music video teaser for the title track 'Spring Day’ from 'WINGS Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone’.

The teaser video begins with Jungkook standing alone in front of an inactive amusement park ride. While it seems like the members all look lonely amidst alternating scenes showing the sea, inside a train, and a parking garage, they are happy when they’re together.

Accompanied with the words, 'As the cold winter comes to an end, until spring arrives again, until the flowers bloom again, please stay a bit longer, stay a bit longer,’ the title track “Spring Day” mixes with a lyrical melody to leave warm lingering imagery, raising anticipation for the official music video release.

Through online music sources on February 13th at midnight, BTS will present their new album 'You Never Walk Alone’ which is filled with the message of comfort and warm hope for the suffering youth.  

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Attention All LGBT+ Supporting YouTube Watchers

This is Bree, a YouTuber I’ve watched for quite some time now. Her channel is Kuledud3

(photo from her bf’s instagram)

She is well known for making video game commentaries, but she also does a lot of collabs, comedy sketches, and many other things.

On the same day that the supreme court ruled for marriage equality nation wide, she officially came out as LGBT. A couple days later, she made public her 6-month-old relationship with her roommate, Robin. (It’s their anniversary today!)

While many of her subscribers have been very supportive, her channel has taken a hit, as followers have unsubscribed. She currently has a little under 400,000 subs.

Whoever here is already interested in YouTube gaming channels, and who is also supportive of LGBT+ YouTubers, please check out Bree’s channel! Let’s help to support a Youtuber who’s done nothing but be courageous and sweet.

Bree’s Channel: Kuledud3

Robin’s Gaming Channel: Xycron (he has a beautiful radio voice)

Please reblog! Help spread the word about these cuties.


Honestly, being able to effectively stream the comeback MV is just as important as streaming on music app. Not only does the view gets counted towards Music Show wins, being able to reach a certain number of views generates positive news for the album and for Bangtan. Let’s try our best for this too~

  • Do not re-upload the videos on any other sites. Reupload means, you download it as video and then reupload it on your own page or channel. This will take away views from the official MV.
  • YOU NEED TO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. DO NOT MUTE. Plug in earphones on the device if you’re getting tired hehe~
  • Share the link on all your social media accounts, clicks from shared links will count as a view. Ask some of your friends!!! 
  • If you have a youtube account, use it to like, comment and share the video. But multiple views are more effective if you log out of the account or in incognito mode.
  • WATCH BOTH MVs ON 1THEK and iBIGHIT channel. 
  • Watching in incognito mode counts best, go to the youtube page and search for the MV title and click the link.
  • Multiple tabs doesn’t count
  • Create a playlist than has a total playing time of more than 30 minutes, please add DOPE and FIRE MVs (frm 1theK channel) to also help increase the views on those MVs.
  • Switch devices from time to time. PC then mobile or vice-versa.
  • After about every 5-6 hours, clear your cache.

There are a lot of different information on how to view MVs effectively just some things to keep in mind.

  • Youtube tracks your view based on your IP address. If you view the video once, it counts and then youtube kind of IDs your IP on their system.
  • Then they have preventive measures for bots or programs who can manipulate this view count, so if youtube identifies your IP address as viewing a specific link over and over in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, it will treat it as spam and invalidate these views.
  • That’s why you create a playlist so you can watch other videos and your IP won’t register as watching the same thing once you go back to the comeback MV link.

ARMYs please do share your best practices as replies below!!! We might have varying techniques on this. What is important is that you make sure that your view counts!!! Thank you~~~ ^_^


What is it?

Oh it’s just this weekly little livestream/podcast that a couple of us critters hold every saturday from 6 to 8pm pacific standard time that yours truly JUST BECAME AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF!

Why is it so cool? Well, while we talk, there is a live youtube chat going where you can offer opinions and discuss scenes, and we will do out best to mention you in the video and discuss the theories you personally bring up! 

Can’t watch live? That’s ok! Every monday Akiva will post the video to his youtube channel for your viewing pleasure! And because we take from the chat, you get to hear all the interesting theories fans will bring up!

You can also send in artwork to be featured! We are always looking for artwork and love to show off everyone’s amazing work during the show.

You can go and follow @Gilmore_Gossip over on twitter or follow the show runner here, and I’m in the process of creating a tumblr page for us as well, so I’ll go ahead and link that here.

You can follow Akiva  and find the videos on youtube here .

Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel.

Tom & Jerry: In the V broadcast, Irene said the video was about doing dangerous things for the one you love. All of Red Velvet is in love with the same man and they try to take each other out because of it. They “kill” each other in extreme and unconventional ways, juxtaposed with scenes from a Tom & Jerry-like cartoon. Cartoons like Tom & Jerry have long been criticized for their violent nature, but ultimately these concerns are brushed off because it’s just a cartoon. It’s a child’s thing, not meant to be harmful. And no one ever seems to actually get hurt. There’s no permanent damage. They recover almost immediately. I find there’s a similar attitude concerning love and “girl world.” Doing anything for love is often perceived as a good thing, a sign of commitment. This mindset has led to intense competition between Red Velvet members as they try to eliminate the girls who stand between them and the boy they love. It’s thought of as typical for girls to compete against one another in social circles. It’s expected for girls to rip each other’s reputations apart, to backstab. Because they’re young, it’s dismissed. It’s something they’ll grow out of. There’s no permanent damage. Indeed, although none of the members are ever seen to be properly injured from their deadly games (metaphors for the gossip and backstabbing stereotypically found in female social circles), participating in them has its own consequence. 

40-Love: My sister plays tennis. I knew “love” was a term in tennis, so I asked her what it meant. Love means zero. When the game begins, everyone starts with zero points. They start out with love. The more points you score, the farther away you get from love. The more the members sabotage one another, the better they get at “the game of love,” the more harm they do others, they get farther away from love. By participating in such a vicious cycle, you lose sight of the love you’re fighting for.  

I saw a few people theorizing about who survived, about who won, but I don’t think it’s about that at all. It’s not about who lasted the longest, but who had love last in their hearts. 

The video begins with Wendy pulling the string on Seulgi’s sweater. As the sweat unravels, Wendy lights the end of it on fire. It’s reminiscent of those cartoons when they’d try to blow someone up, an example from Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

We don’t see the fire hit Seulgi, only that she notices her sweater is unraveled. Still, we assume the fire got her. 

The score stands, Wendy: 1

At several points in the video, the frame is circular, reminiscent of Looney Tunes. 

At the beginning of the video, we can see them in a school gym. They wear P.E. uniforms. They’re school girls. At this point (sorry for the blurry screenshot), they all turn to whisper in the others’ ear, like a game of Telephone. As well, this is revealing about the gossipy nature of the social circle. 

Joy observes a tennis match. Near the bottom of the screen, you can see a warning sign forbidding skateboarding. Notice that throughout the video, there are signs like this giving safety warnings. A little ironic touch given that the video is about them killing one another. 

In the gym, Irene, Joy, Yeri, and Wendy gather for a game of dodgeball, three against Irene. In the basket, there are more than just dodge balls. The three grabs these objects from the basket, we assume, to throw at Irene. 

Tennis, dodgeball, the arcade sound of the song, the title “Russian Roulette,” these are all games. It highlights the theme of love as a game, where its players must compete against one another. 

Joy: 1 Yeri: 1 Wendy: 2

Yeri lies with her head in Irene’s lap. Throughout the video we get flashes like this, showing their friendship. While they compete with one another, we still see them interact as friends. Though this is a game of death, they never appear paranoid or untrusting of one another. 

Seulgi has a little rig set up, something similar to Mouse Trap. She knocks over dominoes, and the balloon falls on the cactus. It’s a convoluted trap, very cartoonish. This is a smaller model of her later trap for Joy.  

There’s a raven, which has obvious symbolism: death. These are deadly games. 

On the right side, you can see the locker room safety rules sign. Again, irony–especially as this scene foreshadows one of Seulgi’s “deaths.”

Seulgi and Wendy stand on opposing sides of the tennis court. This is the match Joy is overseeing when she’s startled by the back and forth of the ball. She’s startled by the intensity of the match. This is a mirror for the deadlier games of the video.

Someone stands at the edge of a diving platform. Someone approaches from behind. This foreshadows Yeri’s death. 

Wendy first drains the pool.

And pushes Yeri.

Joy: 1 Yeri: 1 Wendy: 3

Here we get our first instance of the parallel animation. The mouse pushes the cat in the pool, a mirror of Wendy pushing Yeri. The cat and mouse are an obvious reference to Tom & Jerry. However, in the cartoons, it was always Tom as the aggressor, with Jerry only responding to what Tom did. Here the mouse is the aggressor, trying to kill the creature that threatens it–just as the girls kill those that threaten their relationship.  

The cat flattens out, another cartoon trope. 

Yeri, Irene, Wendy, and Joy all stand behind the lockers, waiting for Seulgi. Another surprising instance of friendship. They all target one another, but they’re still united against each other. 

Red Velvet at a table once again. Yeri holds a box of cereal (which is a real cereal, by the way). They eat together, another instance of friendship.

Wendy lies in bed, with Seulgi and Irene hiding beneath it. This is what I mean by there’s no paranoia. Seulgi and Irene are very obviously there and Wendy is not alarmed. 

The cereal is obviously not cereal. 

But they still eat it. Although only Irene is seen holding the spoon to her mouth, I am going to assume that all of the members ate it. 

Joy: 1 Yeri: 5 Wendy: 3

Seulgi does Joy’s makeup. Another instance of friendship. She pretends to be a friend while sabotaging her. Seulgi has propped up refrigerator over Joy’s head. A larger version of the trap from earlier can be seen in the background. 

Seulgi cuts the string.

Irene and Seulgi push Wendy out into traffic. 

Joy: 1 Yeri: 5 Wendy: 3 Seulgi: 1 Irene: 1

The fridge falls on Joy.

Joy: 1 Yeri: 5 Wendy: 3 Seulgi: 2 Irene: 1

Wendy and Seulgi position the piano at the top of the stairs. 

This is probably the least likely death in the video, but I will nevertheless include it. 

Joy: 2 Yeri: 6 Wendy: 3 Seulgi: 2 Irene: 1 

They push the lockers over on Seulgi.

Joy: 3 Yeri: 7 Wendy: 4 Seulgi: 2 Irene: 2

The cartoon cat gets a lump on its head, just like in Tom & Jerry

At the base of the stairs, Joy and Irene are playing Cat’s Cradle. Another game. 

Wendy and Seulgi push the piano down at Joy and Irene. This reminds me strongly of the episode of Tom & Jerry when Tom was killed after a piano fell down the stairs and hit him, sending him to heaven.

These are the last deaths of the video. The final score for kills is: 

Joy: 3 Yeri: 7 Wendy: 6 Seulgi: 4 Irene: 2

As for deaths:

Joy: 3 Yeri: 1 Wendy: 2 Seulgi: 3 Irene: 4

Irene not only kills the least, but she dies the most. She is the only member who died more often than she killed. In this deadly game of love, she is by far the biggest loser. And yet, she’s the one who gets shot with the love bullet. She’s the one who stays in love. She was done the most harm, but did the least. It’s not that she survived the most, because she didn’t. It’s because she was the least involved in harming her friends that love has stayed with her. 

The raven, which is typically an ominous sign of death, cocks its head, as if watching the events of the video. It’s amused by their cartoonish violence. Death is given a comical turn, just like the cartoons. 

At the end of the video, the cat is smushed, eyes boggled, drool coming from its mouth. It’s either dead or unconscious. The game is finally over. There’s no reason to compete any longer. Irene has already won. 


I have completed my first free meditation and officially started a YouTube channel! Want to finally hear what my voice sounds like? Give this a listen. :D

The meditation itself will:

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Please consider commenting, sharing, or liking the video! I’m super excited about starting a YouTube channel so I’d love any and all support. <3

I’m gonna recommend some youtube channels I follow with less than 1,000,000 subs!

1. Bob Ross

Did you know theres an official Bob Ross youtube? Its been uploading an episode a day, and is now all the way into season 26. All the Bob Ross goodness you could possibly want, easily streamed on mobile.

2.  Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

Really cool channel with lots of videos and recipes on 18th century American cooking. A joy to watch and very informational. 

3.  The Art of Aaron Blaise

Educational channel about drawing and animation from a former Disney animator and co director of Brother bear. 

4.  You Suck At Cooking

This channel is hilarious and needs to be experienced first hand. Trust me. Just. Trust me. 


I’ve been recommending this channel for ages but if you’re interested in visual development/concept art in the entertainment industry for a career, check this channel out. 

F(X)’s 4 WALLS MV (Music Video Analysis)

I’m deviating from my analysis queue because the new f(x) video came out this morning and it officially converted me to the fandom. I didn’t want my interpretation to be influenced so I haven’t read any other posts. I know all the different analysis posts from BTS’s I NEED U got a little repetitive, so I’m sorry if I’m just repeating what anyone else has already said.

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off the MV from SMTown’s official Youtube channel.

Dimensional Dissonance: The premise of the video is based upon the idea of four parallel dimensions. Victoria, Krystal, Luna, and Amber are members of four parallel dimensions that form one reality. They are four versions of the same girl. In order to maintain one cohesive reality, these four dimensions must remain parallel. Imagine dominoes in a line, all parallel to one another. When one falls and collides into another, they all fall down. When one wall falls down, the whole room caves in. The album cover is a reference to these four parallel dimensions. Even in math, a function, or f(x), is defined as having no more than one y output for every x input. When one input starts getting multiple outputs, then it is no longer a function. In this case, reality fragments and shatters. 

The video begins by flashing between Victoria, Krystal, and Luna as they wake up. This is the first instance of parallelism that continues throughout the video, alluding to four dimensions that make one reality–four girls that make one person. Other instances include Krystal brushing her hair and Luna looking in the mirror. A moment later, their roles are reversed. I won’t point out every time there’s parallelism or it’ll get tedious. 

Note that the dream-like sequence begins once they awaken. It’s almost as if they’re in that early morning haze, that part of dreaming where you’re not sure if you’re awake or not. It highlights the fragile nature of reality, easily distorted both in waking and in sleep. 

A barren tree flashes and passage of time shows birds arriving. Birds, specifically ravens, have long been associated with the occult. The Norse goddess of battle and strife used crows as messengers. When a warrior saw one in battle, it signaled impending death. This foreshadows the main conflict of the video.

Amber drops her teacup and because it’s broken, Krystal’s tea has nowhere to go but the floor. Because Krystal shouldn’t be pouring tea because there isn’t a teacup, Victoria isn’t pouring tea either. She’s walking when Krystal’s tea materializes under her feet, causing her to slip and fall. Amber drops the cup when she shouldn’t. She knocks over one wall, one dimension. The effects are catastrophic. 

Note that Amber has no reason to drop the teacup. She doesn’t trip and it falls. She stares off into space and the cup slips from her hand, as if something else had distracted her. From the screenshot above, it almost looks like she’s staring at something on the table, something else that shouldn’t be there. It’s as if the dissonance between dimensions was intentionally caused by an outside force. However, as we have no actual view of the tabletop from this angle, this is all just speculation. 

When Victoria falls, she hits her head and dies. There’s a blank look in her eye and the video immediately flashes to what I’m going to refer to as the dimensional forest. The forest is what unifies all four dimensions into one reality. It is a physical plane where they can see the dimensions rupturing, and is therefore the one place where they can attempt to correct such dissonance.

When Victoria dies, their one reality become uninhabitable. If she dies, they all must die. Her death transports them to the dimensional forest so they can attempt to remedy this infraction. 

Note the juxtaposition of the plain orderly apartment to the busy forest of the dimensional pathway. It’s almost as if reality appears simple but there’s so much behind it, so many intersecting branches that work to keep time and space together.

Butterflies traditionally represent change and metamorphosis. The butterfly symbolizes the shift from one dimension to another. 

When Luna steps on the broken shards of the cup and bleeds, it shows how deeply this rupture of reality impacts them. The bright red blood is obvious against the pale pink socks.

Like how Luna steps on the shards of the teacup, Krystal stumbles upon Victoria pouring tea. They’re reenacting the scenes leading to the dissonance of reality and Victoria’s death. 

Luna is frozen in the falling position like Victoria was as she fell. Note that both Victoria and Luna are frozen as they reenact this death scene. The longer they stay in the dimensional forest, the less agency they possess. If they cannot correct reality and prevent Victoria’s death, they’ll be stuck in this mindless charade forever. 

Psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that within dreams horses represented an aspect of the human body or the unconscious human psyche. This hints that the dimensional forest is not a physical place after all, but is the manifestation of the four psyches that make one whole person. In order to correct this dissonance, they must overcome mental obstacles. 

Krystal stumbles upon a pond or lake within the dimensional forest. This pond is the portal or link to the physical world. Victoria and Krystal demonstrate the link between the pond and the bathtub in the above screenshots, as do the flowers present in the water. What makes this portal significant is the common presence of water, a traditional symbol of healing. It is only because they are able to begin the process of healing that they are able to return to the realm of reality.

Because of the water portal, Luna–and therefore everyone else–is able to return to the physical world. Luna runs to the bedroom and gets in bed, which triggers some sort of reset which causes them to start the day over. All four girls are present in the unified reality. They have common purpose as it flashes between Luna and Amber and Victoria as they dive for the teacup. 

Victoria is able to catch the teacup, which should theoretically correct the dimensional dissonance. She prevents it from happening. The screen goes black. We’re left to assume that everything snaps back to the way it’s supposed to be. No harm. No foul. It kind of makes you wonder if they’d remember this occurrence, if it’s possible that this isn’t the first time they’d had to save themselves, if their entire reality is a constant struggle to exist. 

anonymous asked:

hi! hope you're doing alright :) could you explain to me how the buttercream squad all know each other? like i know josh and caspar were childhood friends and obvs conor and jack are siblings, but how did they all become one group? thank you!

mikey has been friends with jack and conor since before youtube, i think oli and caspar met through a youtube event in this video from Oli’s channel and i think joe met caspar and oli through youtuber hangouts/collabs, as for how they all became one big group i’m guessing they all just went clubbing together a lot and decided to make it an official group thing at one of joe’s birthday parties (or at least jack officially joined the group at said party) i’m not sure if all of this is correct so i’m sorry if any of this is wrong but it’s what i know :-) x

Watch: Yoo Ah In Demonstrates His Passionate Acting Even During Table Read For “Chicago Typewriter”

Watch: Yoo Ah In Demonstrates His Passionate Acting Even During Table Read For “Chicago Typewriter”

External image

On March 23, tvN released a new video on tvN Drama’s official YouTube channel of the table read for their upcoming fantasy drama “Chicago Typewriter.”

In the video, viewers can see the main cast – which includes Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung, and Go Kyung Pyo – all together for the first time. Despite it being a table read, Yoo Ah In passionately read his lines and had to stop himself at times from…

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Screen caps from George Harrison’s “Crackerbox Palace” music video (also available on the official George Harrison YouTube channel, here). There are cameos by Olivia, Neil Innes and Eric Idle (who directed the clip) in this video, filmed at Friar Park around September/October 1976, and premiered on Saturday Night Live on 20 November 1976 [x]

“I wrote those lyrics because, again, the world is a very serious and at times very sad place. But, at the same time, it’s such a joke. It’s all Crackerbox Palace.” - George Harrison [x]

Watch: BTS's V Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of His "Hwarang" Journey

Watch: BTS’s V Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of His “Hwarang” Journey

External image

BTS’s Kim Taehyung (also known as V) has shared a look at the journey he went on in 2016 for his first ever drama “Hwarang”!

On March 25, the official BTS YouTube channel uploaded a video that follows Kim Taehyung all the way from preparations for the KBS drama “Hwarang” to the cast’s first press conference ahead of its premiere.

We get to see Kim Taehyung learning how to horseback ride way back…

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Contextualize Episode 2-1: The Fool (Persona 1-5)

After some Holiday Downtime, I bring you my first follow-up video for Lost in Context Episode 2. (A Link to that here, just for a reminder.)

Tons of spoilers for all Persona Games in this video, but that should be obvious by now.

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Persona Footage was taken either from releases of the Anime series and movies, or from official trailers available on Atlus’ official Youtube Channels. For all remaining Footage, I would like to thanks to the following channels and blogs for helping me by allowing me to use their play-through footage:


Lost in Context Logo by fenrirlives

Got your attention?good good.

every time i watch a video from Luhan’s studio channel I’m honestly disappointed and embarrassed to be even more honest.

the majority of the comments in the comment section are all about Hunhan, you do realize Lu spent 48 filming for his mvs, filming late till dawn and what impression will he get when he sees these? All his fans ever   care about is shipping? Now before anyone thinks I hate Hunhan ._. I assure you I’m a certified HUNHAN SHIPPER AND THIS BLOG IS TRASH FOR THE ROYAL OTP but do I go around saying that on their official channels and accounts? No, because I know that does upsets them. Even if you think they’re really dating you should respect them, there’s a reason why they aren’t saying it all over the place, so what right do you have?

And sadly most hunhan shippers are actually proud Luhan’s whole channel is filled with Hunhan comments, why do you want him to be uncomfortable reading those? Reading your kinky imagines about him and another person on his channel…?

Sure he can’t read English well, but that doesn’t give a reason why you should post such comments in his official accounts, not only is that rude but that’s just plain  low. :/

It feels like no one acknowledges him as a talented individual, it’s all OTP . Please guys, we need to stop this. There’s tumblr, twitter and other places for jokes, theories and Cartier bracelets and other otp things (you can message me here and we can talk about hunhan all DAY).

Imagine Luhan opening his instagram after a long time and all he sees is Hunhan hunhan hunhan and more hunhan, do they miss Luhan or do they miss HunHan? How would Luhan feel?

No one can force Sehun or Luhan to be together unless they want to and if they date other people no one can interfere that either. We can’t dictate their lives, that doesn’t make anyone a good fan/shipper. :/ 

When someone points this out in the comments what do the other hunhan shippers do? They bash him/her curse at her for being a fake this is why Hunhan fandom is labelled immature all the time.

Lay’s quote here is actually what Hunhan stans should remember I guess “ But everyone, please, don’t pull the string too tight, don’t tire yourself too much, I don’t want the person you support to become your burden, to become a quarrel. I believe that the person that you support also feels this way, so you should all give yourselves some space to relax. Zhang Yixing the walking inspiration


Please respect them and their hard work.

THIS GOES TO XIUHAN SHPPERS as well, though rarely do I see them doing this. ACTUALLY THIS GOES TO ALL THE SHIPPERS POSTING ON LUHAN’S channel and IG.

that’s all really now you may resume with life as usual.

SHINee’s Everybody MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel, as well as the teaser video. All English lyrics taken from 

Toy Soldiers: Almost everything about this video communicates the concept of toy soldiers. The choreography alone could deliver that message, even if the teaser video didn’t outright tell us.

Here are a few screenshots from the teaser video. They’re toy soldiers, the windup kind designed exclusively to march. Toys in general are interesting objects because they are pieces of plastic or wood or whatever material made up to look like something else–a doll looks like a girl, a train set like a train–real world objects made miniature. And the inanimate objects are made animate by a child, who is fully in control of them. Real life soldiers themselves follow this pattern as well. As units, they are “inanimate” in the sense that they lack the agency to make decisions. They are under the control of their superiors. They are only “animated” in the orders they follow. They only march when they are wound up. 

A toy soldier is doubly bound–under the influence of both general and child. Except that where real world soldiers have the choice to follow orders or not, toy soldiers do not. The tyranny of the child is the stronger one, an unexpectedly dark twist. The control that is the focus of this video is the sort of control that we may be unaware of, just as oblivious as a toy being played with. This is a call to wake up.

We begin with the inanimate state. The members are lying on a table, with cords and surging lights. The music that plays is tense and disruptive. The first twenty seconds of this video are in black and white. It’s dark, moody, and sets the tone for the rest of the video. 

We get this shot of a child standing in front of a carousel, holding a musical instrument. (I am sorry for my musical ignorance, it’s probably a clarinet or an oboe or something.) For the purposes of this analysis I’m just going to call it a pipe because there is a lyric that refers to a piper boy. The child wears a large mask. This is contrasted with a shot of Minho from the teaser holding the same pipe, appearing to play it. The pipe, I think is an indicator of power and the ability to lead. In the fairy tale the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the piper lures away children using his magic pipe. Both the child and Minho possess the pipe and have some possession of power. 

I want to call attention to the nature of these two masks. The child’s mask conceals his identity, but still gives him the appearance of a face. Minho (along with all the other members in the teaser) has a mask that conceals his face without giving him another. He looks inhuman. His identity is removed completely. Where the child, our general or “tyrant,” is faceless in the sense that he has the luxury of power without responsibility, Minho is faceless in a way where he loses himself. He turns more into a creature at beck and call, than a soldier. Without identity and will, whatever power he could wield is not his own. 

The carousel plays into the video in two ways. First, it carries into the childish, youthful aspect of toys. It also plays well with the creepy mood. Second, it suggests a sort of cyclicality I’ll discuss later.

Next we get a shot of an army of identical toy men. Everything is in shades of gray. It reminds me of some old horror/sci-fi movie. Every single one is the same. This reveals something about the military mindset. Soldiers are trained to forgo individual identity in favor of group identity. This is called deindividuation. They become less conscious of themselves, more obedient to a set chain of command.

Here we get what could have been a very disturbing image, if not for the Genie ad. The same masked child, our “tyrant,” stands under a bright light. Overhead, a raven flies upside down. The inversion of the the raven’s flight is unsettling, as it defies nature. The placement of the child gives the impression that the child has caused this. If we weren’t already weary of the child, we should be now. Especially given that ravens often symbolize death. 

This inversion also ties into the inversion of child-adult roles. It is a child that commands the members. 

There’s a brief flash of a scorpion, a creature that also has death symbolism, but also can represent control.

SHINee still lies on the table. They wear military uniforms fitting of soldiers, frozen in the poses of toys. The camera moves from their feet to this overhead shot just above them, almost like a giant standing up to loom over them. It’s foreboding.

The child opens the door to SHINee on the floor. The child’s shadow looms. He enters and plugs this giant plug in. He spurs them to life, animating them. They come to life only because it was his will. 

The room lights up and we finally see color. SHINee themselves are wearing white uniforms. Contrast this to the individual colors from their stand alone shots, like Key’s pictured below. Individual identity fades within the context of a group. 

The moment you dig deep into the night, it’s time

to find the rhythm that you’ve heard for the first time

I’m like the piper boy

and you’re like a dreaming child

Now everyone follow me and match your steps

Key mimes playing a flute, a reference to this piper boy lyric. This is an attempt to regain control in the battle of wills. The soldier will become the piper, will wake others for the cause. 

Taemin wears a black fur coat next to a glass beast. It’s unclear if it’s supposed to be a bear or a panther or what. This is another instance of inversion. Glass, especially mirror glass like here, is a human invention. It’s cold. Wholly inanimate. And Taemin wears the fur, something the beast should be wearing. He instead takes on the beast’s attributes. Something powerful, but under control of another. 

Minho stands on a checkered floor amidst chess pieces. They’re white, like the uniforms from dance scenes. I also don’t think there are ever anymore than five visible pieces at a time. These five pieces are the five members. Objects of power to be moved across a playing board without will. 

Onew lies in front of a large chair, again on a checkered floor like a chess board. The chair is vaguely throne like, a symbol of power, but he doesn’t actually sit on it. Power within reach but not within grasp.

Jonghyun stands amongst statues without heads. It evokes just the physical power of the body without the conscious center of thought to guide it. It’s decoration, just how soldiers can become decorations of power. 

Key stands in front of a giant floating phonograph horn. I think this has something to do with the idea of this video as a message, like the message is being projected out loud, and it’s powerful–it’s own force. 

Here we have the wind up part of the dance. 

Eventually, they come to rebel against the tyrannical control. Jonghyun smashes the statues that represent control, and Onew stands up before the throne as if to regain power. 

At the end, it looks like they pull the pins out of their backs. They collapse. They remove the part of themselves that allows them to be controlled. A sort of “give me liberty or give me death.”

In the end, they end up the same way they began: on the floor and powerless. They are no longer under the control of another, but neither do they necessarily have their own form of control. They can only operate on the power they’re given. They cannot move past it. Any illusions of individual power were just that–illusions. 

And I think there’s something to be said about the cyclicality of it–ending the way we begin. The similarities call attention to what is different, makes their loss all the more tragic.


I’ve been getting a boat load of asks about this Evangelion Final trailer, and I’m sure that most of you probably know by now that it was a fake. A Youtube channel claiming to be Studio Khara uploaded a video teasing an announcement on Evangelion: Final (where the screens are from) but the video has been taken down.

Studio Khara officially stated on Twitter that the trailer wasn’t real, and they also stated that they have a Youtube channel but it is only used for recruiting, and that the video was not posted on that channel.

Hope that answers some questions that you guys had. Wanted to help clear the air because there was no way I could have responded to all those asks! I apologize to those who were waiting for a response. 

Hello Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes fandom :D Some of you have been asking me 1) do I have a link to a high-quality file for Carol and 2) how I manage to make my gifs look hq. 

  1. Unfortunately, I do not have a link to a higher-quality version of the entire film (compared to the quality of the dvdscreener that was leaked last month).
  2. My gifs (most of them, save for a few) are high-quality. That is, I make gifs from 720p videos I find on Youtube (there are lots of Youtube video download websites out there…).

So, here’s a compilation of most of the videos (I didn’t save all of them) that contain the content that you have seen featured on my blog in the form of gifs. None of these clips are originally mine; a lot of them come from “official” YouTube channels so…yeah.
I have organized the videos in the simplest way possible (to me, at least lol); hopefully you find it easy to navigate through :D Let’s get started!

Trailers/TV Spots // I have included trailers from different countries as well; while a lot of them have hard-coded subtitles, they do sometimes have different cuts (longer/shorter; text/no text [i.e. rave reviews]) and some of them show scenes not shown in the film or in the US Trailers. Keep in mind that these show a lot of the same content; for this reason you may just want to skip going through these.

Movie Scenes/Clips // Again, some of these are dubbed in their respective foreign languages. Worry not– you can check the screenplay for dialogue. And another thing: many of these scenes/clips are extensions of another [ex. “Strange Girl” and “Sundays”] or just the same scene under different titles. I’ll try to keep them in the same clusters; however, they are not in chronological order.

Featurettes/Interview Specials // These are interview segments mixed with film clips. A lot of my gifs come from these videos.

So there you have it :D All (or most of them) should be available in 720p.
And remember that this post isn’t exhaustive because I did not save all of the videos I used into a playlist :// Also, please tell me if a link doesn’t work! Most importantly: have fun while making your gifs/edits or just have fun crying over how amazing Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes is. ‘Cos I do that.

For every episode of the IOO, the CW’s official YouTube channel uploads videos about that episode in the week leading up to it. I’ve compiled a list of all videos I found from the channel which have anything to do with the show after 307 aired. There have been links posted by blogs asking people to dislike these videos but I figured I’d save everyone the effort & list them all in one place. 

Go dislike them. This may seem petty to some. But if you’ve rejoiced like me every time the ratings for the episodes post-307 have come out, you want to do this. This is pretty much a smaller-version of the ratings. You have no idea how therapeutic it is to watch the dislikes on each of these videos go up. Don’t deny yourselves the pleasure of jamming that dislike button nice and hard. It’ll take hardly 5 minutes. Also, these videos are on the OFFICIAL channel so you can bet they’re watching these numbers like hawks.

You’ll also notice that I didn’t add trailer links for any episode except 315 & 316 (the 314 trailer was up but they made it private after 314 aired). This is because the channel doesn’t have trailer videos after 307 apart from the ones I mentioned. There are too many 3rd party channels that upload the trailers to list out. So if you come across something, just dislike it on your own. 

Important: The objective is to dislike the videos WITHOUT contributing to the view count. You do this by HITTING PAUSE AS IMMEDIATELY AS POSSIBLE. 

When I say AS IMMEDIATELY AS POSSIBLE, I mean that it’s absolutely ok if you’re off by a few seconds in hitting pause. Relax. A few seconds here and there won’t add views.

It doesn’t matter if it buffers, which it will - you can’t stop that. This doesn’t count as a view. I did some research and I’m not sure about the rumor going around that it doesn’t count as a view as long as you don’t watch beyond 30 seconds. How the views are counted is a “YouTube secret” so just be safe and hit pause AS IMMEDIATELY AS POSSIBLE. I tried this with at least 20 videos and it works i.e. no views were added. 

Hit pause as immediately as possible.

  1. Inside: Terms and Conditions 
  2. Terms and Conditions Scene 
  3. Inside: Stealing Fire 
  4. Stealing Fire Scene 
  5. Inside: Fallen 
  6. Fallen Scene 
  7. Inside: Nevermore 
  8. Nevermore Scene 
  9. Inside: Demons
  10. Demons Scene 
  11. Inside: Join or Die
  12. Join or Die Scene 
  13. Inside: Red Sky at Morning
  14. Red Sky at Morning Scene 
  15. Perverse Instantiation - Part One Trailer
  16. Inside: Perverse Instantiation - Part One
  17. Perverse Instantiation - Part One Scene
  18. Perverse Instantiation - Part Two Trailer
  19. Inside: Perverse Instantiation - Part Two
  20. Perverse Instantiation - Part Two Scene 

2/ reasons to love Teen Top:

Teen Top On Air Videos! Teen Top spoils Angels with new videos every week on their official YouTube channel. These videos include official announcements straight from the boys, clips from concerts and fan-engagement activities, birthday celebrations, concerts, behind the scenes footage, and even just Teen Top hanging out, playing games, and acting crazy! Sometimes they even post personal videos in which they talk to their fans and thank them for all they do. Teen Top On Air videos are basically sneak peeks into the Teen Top’s lives. What an incredible way to show fans that Teen Top loves them!