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Takin Commissions

Hey guys, just lettin y’all know that I’m talkin commissions as of now. Since my home life isn’t exactly “stable”, and I dunno how long I’m gunna be livin in this apartment, gettin a job doesn’t seem like a good idea atm. So I figured I’d open up some commissions to try and fill this gap a little bit until said stuff becomes more stable.

Anywho, let’s get into the prices shall we?

-Full body=$10

-Full body=$20

-full body=$25

-Full body=$30

Multiple characters: Price on Commission

Will do:
-pretty much any fandom art

Will NOT do:
-heavily brutal scenes

More complex characters/mutiple characters will take longer to make. Please give me reference to chacters upon

If you have any questions/concerns, send me an ask, and we can work it out ^u^

When your sign finds themselves falling in love...

Aries: starts a game of chase, either plays the chasing or the chased.
Taurus: takes you to all their favourite places
Gemini: gets really invested in what the other person likes
Cancer: gets sentimental and wants you to meet their family.
Leo: literally puts a spotlight on the other person so the world knows
Virgo: starts getting concerned and worried for your health and safety
Libra: pampers you, gets too good to be true.
Scorpio: can’t believe they are falling in love but still opens up to them.
Sagittarius: makes you come to all their ventures and happenings
Capricorn: lifts your life up so they too are successful
Aquarius: they’ll do something they never would have expected to do.
Pisces: the other person becomes your muse.


Hourlies 2017!

This is the first year I’ve ever done hourly comics and I’m so glad I did, even if I was a day late. It was a lot of fun and I discovered just how easy it is to spit out comics in this low-effort style. Also there’s commentary on pics if you’re interested.

Prompt: another Mafia AU

Percival Graves is a high standing business man that controls a multimillion dollar company that is gaining more and more ground everyday. His lover Newt is one of the best Veterinarians in the whole eastcoast. Newt was with Percival before his big success and they met when Percival hit a dog with his car and brought it in. Meeting those green eyes doomed Graves from the start and he started pursuing a relationship with him. They now live in a beautiful penthouse with not a care in the world. What Graves has never told Newt was that not all of his business ventures are legal. In fact, he wouldn’t be where he is today without his crimes. Percival Graves is the head of the Macusa Clan. One of the most dangerous Mafia families you could have the misfortune to piss off. If you do, you and your family would dissappear as would any evidence that you’ve ever existed. Percival has never told Newt. He doesn’t want to distroy the light in him. He doesn’t want to turn Newt into one of his lackeys. He loves his caring heart and his bright smiles and his bashful nature. Newt knowing what Graves has done would ruin the one pure thing in his life. Newt would run and Graves wouldn’t be able to keep him safe. But one day he is careless and Newt gets kiddnapped for leverage by one of Percival rivals.

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Beauty and the Beast - Prologue

Newt Scamander x Reader

A Harry Potter take on the Disney Classic || first part of my new Disney Series for @wizardwritings :)

Three loud knocks sound on the door of the lonely castle in the woods. At first, Newt thinks it’s simply the storm – after all, nobody ventures this far out of the town. But the knocks sound again, much louder this time; loud enough to make Newt jump out of his seat. He slowly places his briefcase on the table, careful not to let the lock pop open, and cautiously makes his way over to the door.

Opening it, he politely looks upon the old woman standing there. “Hello,” he says, rather pleasantly, opening the door a little bit more to get a better look at her. She’s wrapped in a cloak, the fabric ripped and torn, not doing much to protect her from the wind, and her back is so bent that her chin is practically touching the ground. 

The hobbled old woman tilts her head slightly in greeting and lifts her hand, displaying a clenched fist, her fingers curled around a crushed object, long and grimy fingernails digging into her skin.

“I need shelter,” she says, her voice hoarse and croaky. It’s a wholly unpleasant sound. 

“I offer you this if you would grant me a place to stay for the night.” The lady slowly unfurls her fingers, opening her hand, and revealing a glittering red rose. Newt gazes upon it for a few seconds, admiring its beauty, but is suddenly distracted by the sounds of scuffling coming from behind him. Eyes widening in realization that the sparkling flower had distracted his niffler, he all but slams the door in her face in his attempt to keep the animal from escaping.

“Very sorry, but you understand, I simply… don’t have the space…” His voice trails off as the lady standing in front of him steps back slightly, surveying the large, palace like home. 

“You lie to me, boy?” the lady growls, making Newt glance to the side awkwardly.

The sound of his occamies’ piercing shrieks hits his ears and his eyes widen in alarm. “Mummy’s coming!” he yells, then quickly turns back to the beggar at his door. 

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just…” As he makes to shut the heavy door, the woman’s eyes begin to glow, stopping him in his tracks.

A witch? “Wha –” The lady mutters something under her breath, cutting of Newt’s exclamation. The words seem to flow from her and encase him, squeezing until he can barely suck in another breath. The wind blows louder and faster and she rises up, the bend in her back completely disappearing, and her robe patching itself until it’s clear that she’s no mere beggar – she’s a beautiful sorceress.

She glares down at the struggling Newt, ignoring the frantic calls of the creatures in the house behind him, anger burning in her eyes. He drops to the floor, writhing in agony, gasping for air and begging for help, but with a whirl of her blood red cloak, the enchantress is gone, leaving Newt groaning in pain on the castle floor. 

All that she leaves behind is the rose lying next to him, petals fluttering rapidly in the stormy wind from the open door.

Maybe I’ll write this for NaNoWriMo16 and then write an original story for the rest of it? Because it isn’t enough for 50k, maybe 15k or 20k but not more.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a usual girl with a slightly unusual hobby for her age. She loved clothes. Not just buying them but designing, creating and writing about them.

However, if she hadn’t started writing about it, she would have stayed entirely normal. With her blogging, she didn’t spend her afternoon quite like normal girls anymore. But Marinette didn’t mind. Quite the opposite: She loved it.

Except, when she was at school.

“Did you see the last post of Ladybug already?” Alya asked her in pure excitement. “She designed again. I heard major fashion labels tried to contact her for a joined venture!”

All Marinette could do was to force a small smile. “Is that so? That sounds …”, like trouble, “like a big chance.”

“Totally! I don’t understand how you can’t be excited about her, Marinette. You love fashion much more than I do,” Alya chuckled softly. “You could probably learn a lot from reading her blog.”

Marinette shrugged like she had done every time Alya had told her and answered like every other time, “It’s just not my cup of hot chocolate, Alya. How is your blog coming along?”

“It’s growing!” she answered with a bright grin, “The Ladybug fan club is ever growing. You wouldn’t believe it if you saw it.”

“As if Marinette could even appreciate fashion,” Cloe interrupted their soft banter from her place. “I’m an honorary member of the official Ladybug fan club.” She huffed lightly. “And I refuse to be lumped together with the likes of you!”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “I doubt Ladybug wants to have fans like you,” she mumbled only for Alya to hear.


1st Pic: Rick in my glasses because ever since I’ve fallen for Rick, I always thought to myself ‘Geez, Rick would look so hot in glasses.’ so YEAH! I can now die in peace. 

2nd Pic:  Morty, all grown up, capable of venturing the universe on his own. Now he’s the one taking his granpappy to adventures. 8u8b

The woods were dark and dangerous, full of enchantment and cruel to all who ventured too far in. There were witches that feasted on the bodies of the dead and gremlins and wolves with huge eyes and mouths full of rage and blood. Hungry creatures lived in the woods. Hungry for flesh and hungry for little girls who ventured off the path. This she has been told. This she should know. But she has had her first moon blood and she could not fear.  

It appeared just as she appears now, a startling and sudden red against the pure white of snow. It is the first mark to besmirch her but she does not know that now. All she knows is that she is a  vessel carrying unspeakable possibilities. She is the unbroken egg. She has within her the entrance to which leads to a world of creation. She moves within the confines of her virginity. She is a ceaseless construction of potentialities. She is near woman and she knows no fear. She has herself and she knows not how to shiver.

Still, she stills herself and treads carefully. There is an otherness to the woods that does not exist in the world of men and reason. A strange quality and silence that leaves her ill at ease and questioning everything she knows. It suddenly strikes her that she is the only living thing. It is a type of queer awareness meant for those who only have their thoughts buried in their head for company, not for little girls.  Just like any type of acknowledgment of  one’s awareness she is left feeling shaken and fearful for more than her life.

There is a sudden rustle of noise and she spins to face the intruder,  fishing for the knife her mother had pressed into her hand. A man comes out of the bushes and a white wolf follows near after him.  

She wants to scream but she was frozen in her fear. The man came out from the shadows and she focuses on his face. He is handsome and she flushes at the sight of him. He is handsome and older in a way that the boys in her village are yet to ever be. She senses a wildness in him that she one day will explore. A strange quality about him that she in  her near womanhood is on the cusps of discovering.

“Who are you?” She croaks out. The man does not smile and she relaxes ever so slightly. This is familiar. He is a Northern man and  Northern men show no joy, feel no happiness. They are as implacable and unmovable as winter itself. Her fear drains as she watches his handsome and shadowed face fall into the smoothness of ice. She is a child of Winter too and she understands the Northern way. She speaks their language of ice.

“Just a huntsman making his way through the forest,” his voice is deep and gravelly. She shivers at the sound of it, liking the way the words roll off his tongue and the way it floats in the air for but a moment.

“But you have a wolf with you,” she points out. The wolf is white with eyes that look like blood. It is silent and still but watches her carefully. The man shrugs and she watches him, wide-eyed and amazed by his lack of fear.

“His name is Ghost and he goes where I go,” the man’s says.

“And what of your name? What do I call you?” The man frowns but she ignores that, curiosity getting the better of her.

“Jon, my name is Jon Snow.” She smiles at the sound of his name and waits for him to ask for hers. He doesn’t.

“My name is Sansa,” she nearly gives him her last name but stops herself. Northernmen can be dangerous too and she is but a girl.  The man studies her carefully. His eyes flickering to her hair and then her eyes and then, so quick that she near missed it, to her lips.

“What’s a girl like you doing in the woods?”

“I’m going to see my granny but it seems that I’m now lost,” she lies. She knows this path as well as she knows the palm of her hands. “Would you be of great service to me and show me the way?” Jon narrows his eyes and watches her suspiciously. Excitement and anticipation mount as she waits for his answer. This is a new game in which the rules are hers.

“Didn’t your mother tell you to never trust a stranger?” He says gruffly but there’s the undertones of more. Something more that she wishes to have, to taste, to grasp in her hands. There’s something at play in these forests. Something beyond the usual enchantment and magic.

“I have a knife,” she tells him boldly. Jon raises an eyebrow and chuckles.

“I have a wolf.” His answer should send her running and strike her with fear and terror. It should make her feel weary and cause her to question herself. It does none of those things.

“Let us find out who is more likely to win then. Show me the way.” Jon studies her carefully. Still weary and suspicious but curious, curious and more.  She does not tremble under his stare. She stares back with all the boldness of someone close to becoming and discovering more.

“Fine, I’ll show you but what do I get if I show you?” She smiles at him and Jon looks more uncertain than before.

“A kiss,” she tells him quickly.  He scoffs and she laughs, not quite thrown off by his reaction.

“I don’t want your kiss.” She grins.  This game is one that is new to her but it is one that she wishes to conquer.  


Happy Self Insert Weekend! We have gathered for a picnic, and here are my selected guests. Only one invitee per series this time. From left to right, we have:

Spy, Team Fortress 2.

Ginko, Mushishi.

All Might (Toshinori), Boku no Hero Academia.

Me, Least important.

Issun, Okami.

Mable Pines, Gravity Falls.

The Monarch, The Venture Bros.

Skeksis (SkekUng), The Dark Crystal.

Usopp, One Piece.

Boober Fraggle, Fraggle Rock.

Garnet, Steven Universe.

anonymous asked:


- how often I play them


- which maps I like to use them on

i’m too cowardly to play symmetra but i support all symmetras in their ventures on any map. especially attack symmetra. i believe in you.

- which skin I currently have equipped 

saffron.. not very exciting

- who I ship them with

sombra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love symbra. its such a good dynamic with so much possibility. they were both prodigies in their own ways, fucked up and displaced by the omnic crisis. manipulated by corporations larger than them. except sombra has her own agenda, symmetra does not

vishkar would be an easy target for sombra’s M.O. of digging up and then releasing dirt on big companies, and sombra has been shown to enjoy having “friends” in big companies to blackmail. except why would you need to blackmail someone when you can just disillusion them by showing them what their company’s REALLY been doing, then convince them to be on your side

then sombra gets a big gay crush on her and finds herself relating too much to symmetra talking about her past and the feeling is mutual they bring vishkar down in flames together etc the rest is history

i also have a soft spot for symmercy after i damage boosted a symmetra and killed an entire team after the rest of our team wiped. Thats Fuckin Gay Dude. but really, symmetra/any girl (except like.. dva. she too small) is good.

put an overwatch hero in my ask and i’ll tell you…