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BTS reacting to you walking around naked

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Jin (Seokjin):
Jin wouldn’t notice at first but when he would his jaw would drop and he just wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you. He’d not so subtly follow you around all day until you finally told him he could touch you and he wouldn’t let you go for the rest of the day

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Suga (Yoongi):
Yoongi would try to hide how much he was actually watching you and would try to find excuses to be in the same room as you all day until you’d finally tell him that it was okay and that he could stare all he wanted. Then he wouldn’t stop and would be grumpy when you’d decide to put some clothes back on.

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V (Taehyung):
Tae would be absolutely mesmerized by your beauty and would let you know that all day long. He’d follow you every where you went just repeating ‘You look so beautiful, baby’ and you’d kiss him to say thank you every time.

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Rap Monster (Namjoon):
Namjoon’s eyes would widen and his jaw would drop. He would definitely not hide his arousal and would just watch you turning around and walking away, completely indifferent to his reaction. He’d realize what had just happened and would blush before stuttering and saying ‘y-ya, jagiya put some clothes on before the others come !”

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J-hope (Hoseok):
Hobi would be the sweetest boyfriend ever and would smile at you while telling you how your body was truly a work of art. He’d offer you clothes, not knowing why you had suddenly decided not to wear them, but would be hesitant to do so seeing as he loved watching you be confident and feeling comfortable enough to walk around naked. When you’d decline the offer, he’d beam at you and place a kiss on your lips.

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Jimin wouldn’t stop himself and would openly stare at you. ‘jagiya, why do you look so good ?’ he’d say and place his hands on your waist while kissing you which would obviously lead to more. After that, you’d both decide to just walk around naked which would often lead to incredibly awkward situations with the others who would come over unannounced. That didn’t stop you though, and you’d just keep on doing it even when the others complained.

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Kookie would definitely have the cutest reaction ever. He’d be so shy and blush, looking somewhere else and offering you some of his clothes. You’d find him adorable and kiss him, telling him just that. You’d agree to put on one of his shirts, though, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable which wouldn’t change much as he’d find you as stunning naked as in his shirt.

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Oscars 2017 - my personal opinion

I’m pretty satisfied with the results tbh, I guessed most of the results so there wasn’t that much surprise to me.

I know that La la land would win for sure the director and music. I wanted it to win the costums too, since all the works with the colors and their sense, but I’m not mad either that Fantastic beasts won it, since I really liked them too.

I’m ok with Moonlight winning the best movie, the movie was ok to me, but I knew for the judges it would be their crush x) I wish Naomie Harris have the best second role, she was just amazing as the mother. But I haven’t seen Viola Davis in her movie so I can’t compare really.

I AM SO HAPPY EMMA STONE WON!!!! I read so much people talking about Ryan Gosling for La la land and how he will win this, but I was “are you kidding, ok he is not bad, but Emma Stone is totally shining in it, she deserves it more”, so HURRAY, I’m so happy for her (;v;)
For best actors, I was wishing for Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic, he was so touching and amazing in it. I haven’t watched Manchester by the Sea yet, but my family told me good things about it so I’m sure Affleck deserves it well :)

It was totally normal First Contact would get one concerning the sound, the work on it was truly a blessing!!

Now my disappointments……………

Jungle Book for best visual effects………………..are you kidding me, I dont say the movie was bad but really….just no. Rogue One should have won this.

Zootopia for best animated movie. Ok I love Zootopia so much. But. I still don’t think it would deserve an Oscar….? Tbh, I thought The Red Turtle would win, because it was so original, so beautiful and deep, and I thought the jury would be more touched by it. In my surroundings their crush went for Kubo (that I haven’t seen yet). So idk, maybe it’s because I’m tired to see a Disney win this again ahaha well at least, Zootopia was truly a GOOD one not like Frozen that didn’t deserve it at all like omg I’m still mad about it.

Anyway, what’s your opinion? :)

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Thoughts on transboy Hinata?


Y E EAAAAA transboy hinata who has a specific compression top for volleyball bc he once tried practicing in his normal binder and almost passed out and he got chewed out by his fav nb senpai suga :’) transboy hinata who gets rlY psyched when people compliment his leg muscles :’) pre-t transboy hinata who eventually starts t and has to deal with the sudden rise in body temperature and frustration and his team supports him relentlessly :’)

TRANSBOYS KAGEHINA WHERE THEY SHARE TIPS AND TRICKS kageyama is further along on testosterone and gives hinata headsup on what to expect :’) transboys kagehina where they get so comfortable with eachother that after a long day of practice they help pry one another out of their sticky compression tops bc its hell trying to get it off alone :’) transboys kagehina where some days hinata struggles with identity and dysphoria and he hurts and tries to isolate himself so he doesn’t trigger kageyama but kageyama refuses to leave bc they’ll get through it together :’) transboys kagehina where they learn eachothers boundaries, learn how to navigate a relationship especially on the Bad Days, learn when its okay and when it isn’t okay to touch trANSBOYS KAGEHINA IN L O VE

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I didn't realize that someone would die until like episode 5, but when I did, I knew it would be Han Sung, cuz he's tge only character every single person who's watching would like. And they are always the first/ the only ones to die. That dont mean it hurt any less

Tbh I didn’t expect Han Sung to die protecting Sun Woo. I was expecting him to die protecting Dan Se (or even Yeo Wool). It’s a very nice scene for V’s first time acting in a drama. I actually didn’t expect him to die at first. Knowing that he’s a new actor, I thought the writers wouldn’t give him such an emotionally intense scene for his first time. Then I remembered he shanked someone with a glass bottle in “I Need U”… Huh…

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The Audit

**Long story short, I found my old fic LJ/archive from 2005, and decided this absolutely needed to be posted.  It’s ridiciously bad, so much so that I found it hilarious.**

Author: PiecesofScully (in 2005)
Rating: R
Timeline: Unclear

Scully set the phone down in its cradle, a look of complete confusion spreading across her face.

“Who was it?” Mulder asked, as he typed on the computer. His eyes were still glued to the screen, and his fingers pressed rapidly against the keys on the key board.

“The accounting office. They said they need to speak with you about questionable purchases with a bureau credit card.”

“I’m being audited?”

“Sure sounds like it.”

Mulder continued typing for a few seconds, unphased by the news of a surprise audit….until it hit him.

“Oh….shit…” he muttered under his breath. He stood quickly, grabbed his jacket, and headed towards the door.


He stopped suddenly and turned back to Scully.

“Do you want me to come along?” She asked, sitting at the desk with her reading glasses on.

He shook his head. “Nah, I’ve got it. You stay here, and maybe we could go grab some lunch afterwards.”

Scully nodded, accepting the offer, and Mulder left the office, speed walking to the elevator.

How do I explain this one? He thought to himself as he pressed the ‘up’ button. Sorry, Mr. Accounting Man, Agent Scully and I were in need of a good humping and my credit card was declined, so I used the bureau’s card instead.

The doors opened and he stepped inside shaking his head. As the doors closed, all was silent except for the dull clank of shifting gears and one word being muttered over and over again.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…”


“Agent Mulder, I’ll start from the beginning. I’m going to need you to explain every purchase on the date of May 26th, 2000.” Mulder nods, his hand quickly wiping a bead of sweat that had escaped his hairline and began a quick slide towards his nose.

The young, squirley looking accountant shuffled through his notes and pulled out the sheet of paper he’d been searching for.

“$76.56 was spent at a restaurant called La Fleur, which is located in Sterling, Maine.” The accounting agent glanced at Mulder, waiting for his explanation, but the agent just stared back offering nothing of the sort.  “$76.56 is a lot to spend on a dinner, especially when I have documents saying that you and Agent Scully were on vacation, not investigating a case.“

Mulder cleared his throat. "Well, yeah, we were on vacation, but a case fell into our laps almost as soon as we’d arrived. We were hungry from driving all day, so we stopped at the only restaurant that was open and accepted credit cards.”

“I have no record of a case file being processed on the date of May 26th.”

“I have yet to finish the report, actually.”

“But $76.56, Agent?”

Mulder shrugged. “The food was expensive.”

The accountant nodded, then exhaled a long sigh. “I’ll say.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*One month ago*

Mulder finished the last bite of his chocolate desert, just as Scully had finished hers. The server must have been watching them closely, because just as Scully set her fork down, the bill was slipped onto the table. 

Scully smiled at Mulder, a lazily wide grin. Either she was a little tipsy from those 2 glasses of wine, or those oysters were finally kicking in.

He slipped his credit card into the small leather pocket of the folder, and the waitress took it away.

“You wanna head back to our room after this?” Mulder asked, reaching across the table to take her hand in his.

Scully shook her head. “Actually there is a store across the street I wanted to browse in first. Maybe get a little something for tonight.”

His eyes glowed with excitement. He’d seen the store she was referencing when they’d pulled into the restaurant’s parking area. It was a lingerie/sex-toy store. Naughty Time something or other.

“I’ll go see what’s keeping the waitress with the receipt.” He brushed a kiss on her temple, and walked to the front counter.


Their waitress turned to him, his credit card in her hand. “I’m sorry, sir, but your card has been declined.”

Mulder stood there, stunned. “That’s impossible. Could you run it through again?”

“Of course, sir.”  She slid his card through the machine again, and after a short pause and a quiet beep, she shook her head. “Declined again, sir. Perhaps you have another card you’d like to try.”

Mulder pulled out his wallet and searched the card slots. License, library card, blood donor card, bureau credit card….bureau credit card…. He paused for a moment, then hurriedly handed her the bureau credit card. She took it with a large smile on her face, then passed him his receipt to sign when it was approved.

“All set, sir. Have a lovely evening.”

Mulder nodded, and walked back to Scully. She stood, allowing Mulder to help her with her jacket.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

He linked his fingers with hers. “Everything is great.”


“Ok,” the accountant said. “So, next comes the fun stuff.”

Mulder’s eyebrow pulled a 'Scully’ and rose. The accountant shrugged, then shuffled his papers.

“The next purchase on the list was $26.25 at a grocery store, also located in Maine. Now, because you and Agent Scully had already eaten quite an expensive dinner, I was ordered by my supervisor to look into the items that were purchased in this store. Those items are,” he paused to look closer at the receipt. “…whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a 4 pack of AA batteries.”

“I know what this looks like-”

"Fraternizing is strictly prohibited, Agent Mulder.”

“I realize that Agent,” he glanced at the younger agent’s tag, “Smooter. But that was for the case we were working on.”

“Really?” Smooter asked, his tone dripping with sarcasm. “What was this case you two were investigating exactly?”

Mulder sat back in his chair, a cocky grin on his face. “That’s classified.”

“Interesting. Well, I’ll tell my 'super’ that, and he can take this matter to….AD Kersh is it? Yes, he can take it up with AD Kersh if you’d prefer.”

“Fine, Fine!! I’ll explain.” Mulder rubbed his eyes, then leaned forward in his seat to get closer to the accountant. “You know we investigate the paranormal right?”

“Yes, I am aware of that.”

“Well, this case falls under that category as well. You see…” Mulder licked his lips then cracked his fingers, attempting to buy some time, “We were called by a source we have in Maine. He’d said he’d been hearing some strange stories about young men that had gone missing.”

“The point, Agent Mulder.”

“I’m getting there. Well, these young men had happened to go missing while…camping….in the woods. We needed the batteries for our flash lights.”

“The bureau’s flash lights take D batteries.”

Mulder nodded.  "Imagine our surprise when we got to the woods and discovered that. Luckily, one of the flash lights still had enough power to aid us on our journey.“

"And what about the whipped cream and chocolate syrup?”

“It was rumored that whatever was taking these men had something of a sweet tooth. So, Agent Scully and I bought those because they were cheap. We were in a hurry and didn’t have time to be choosy and search for specific candy bars or whatever.”

Smooter nodded rapidly, seemingly eating up every bit of Mulder’s story.

“So, Agent Scully and I high tailed it into the woods with only one working flashlight, and sunday toppings.”

~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The disappointment of being at a grocery store and not a sex toy store must have been written all over his face, because Scully nuzzled his neck and whispered, “I have big plans for us tonight. Trust me.”

Mulder nodded, shooting her a smile, and followed her closely through the store. His spirits lifted after seeing her grab a can of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a pack of batteries. “Scully, why the batteries?”

She smiled at him deviously. “Just trust me Mulder.”

That look could make any man go weak in the knees, cause his heart to skip a few beats, and claim temporary insanity. Which is what must have happened because before he knew it, he was whipping out that bureau credit card again.


“Okay, agent, there’s one last purchase I have to question. There was a $45.15 purchase made at a Naughty Time Novelty. I am extremely curious to see how this plays into everything. Now, because the store wouldn’t give out the list of what was purchased, I need to ask you what was purchased and for what reason.”

Mulder chewed on his lip then sighed. “We walked out of Meijer and we were talking intensely about the case. So intensely, actually, that we both didn’t realize that we’d just walked through a huge swarm of bees. Agent Scully felt something on her pant leg and swatted it off, not realizing it was a bee, and then it stung her finger. She wears this ring that she got from her mother years ago, and that was the finger that happened to get stung. It started swelling almost instantly.”

“Agent Scully has an allergy to bee stings?”

“Uh…yeah…So we ran into the nearest store, which just happened to be that novely store. We explained what happened to the girl at the counter and she grabbed a large bottle of….lubricant….and poured the contents all over Scully’s swollen finger. After a few tries, we got it off. Cindy, the girl at the counter, then took a mint flavored lubricant and spread it on the bee sting, insisting it would take down the swelling.”

“Did it work?”

“Well, we can’t say for sure. We put ice on it when we got back to the motel, so it could have been the ice that did the trick.”

“But where does the $45.15 come in?”

“We had to pay for the lubricant.” Smooter’s jaw dropped. “They were jumbo sized bottles.”

The accountant sat back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mulder eagerly followed Scully to the showcase of battery operated toys. There were so many different sizes and colors, different shapes and gadgets. There was one gadget that was blue, and it had two rubber rings connected by a small battery pack.

“That’s a 'for him’ toy. One loop goes around the penis and the other goes around 'the boys’. It vibrates.”

Cindy clearly knew her products.  Mulder just stared at the blue rubber contraption. Visions of using it and it cutting off circulation and 'it’ possibly falling off invaded his thoughts. “No, thanks,” he said with a shrug. “We’re here for her.“ He pointed to Scully.

He was surprised to see the excitement spread across her face.  Her eyes even had a twinkle in them.  

"Um,” she pointed to one of the hundreds of vibrators spread showcased along the wall, “could i see that one?”

Cindy pulled it from it’s case and handed it to Scully. “That’s The Dolphin. It’s a huge hit because it’s so pretty.”

Mulder studied the toy in Scully’s hands. It was pretty. The first 1 ½ inches were a tart blue rubber, then the next 3 inches were white pearls that traveled around the girth of the toy, and then more blue rubber. Scully passed it from hand to hand as if testing the weight, then ran her finger along the 3 inch rubber dolphin that seemed like it was about to soar off the dildo.

“What’s that for?” Mulder asked, pointing to the dolphin’s beak.

“It’s the clitoral stimulator,” Scully answered matter of factly.

“I’d suggest that you purchase some lubricant if you do get a toy. We have flavored ones such as peppermint and strawberry. And we have others for special purposes, such as 'Like a Virgin’, which tightens the vaginal muscles, and a few that make him last longer. I’d suggest the peppermint flavored lube. It’s great, and a real fan favorite.”

Scully smiled. “Wonderful. We’ll take that and The Dolphin.”

Mulder stared for a moment, as if in shock. The entire moment was so surreal, like a wet dream come true, buying sex toys and flavored lube with Scully. At the register, he eagerly passed the girl the bureau’s credit card.


“That is…incredible. So after all of this, did you solve the case?”

Mulder shook his head, and sat back in his chair. “No. It remains unsolved.”

They both sat in silence, Smooter amazed by the story, and Mulder amazed that he believed the story. Thank god he was new to the bureau.

“I’ll write my report and submit it to my super, and I suggest you do the same.”

Mulder muttered ‘yeah’ and stood. "We done here?”

“Yes, Agent Mulder. All through.”

Mulder turned and walked out of the office without another word.


Mulder walked into his office to see Scully still sitting at the computer.

“Finally,” she said, standing.  “I was about to go solo to lunch, you were taking so long." 

"Are you done with the computer, Scully?”

“Yeah, you need it when we get back?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ve got a case report to write up.”

“Which one?” She asked. “I thought we were all caught up…”

“I’ll explain it at lunch. Let’s go.”

The End.


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love you like fireburst (4/8)
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