all the tragic otps


I have his true friendship, and so he’s going to have mine. And as long as that is true, I cannot imagine what is possible.

I think I got sucked into WonderTrev because it feels so natural and wonderfully human, the dynamic they have. I adored all those awkward and exploratory moments in the cave and the stretched out boat scene and the arguments they have where they still end up learning from each other and growing. I enjoyed their banter and the genuine friendship they developed. They also respect each other, even when they don’t agree. It’s tender and sweet and layered and it’s hitting all the OTP spots right now

Making myself cry

I can’t be the only one who thinks “Your father would’ve been proud of you, Jyn” is the best RebelCaptain quote right? Out of everything he could’ve told her before they both died, that’s the thing he chose to say. As they were waiting for their death on the beach, Cassian decided to tell her about the thing that mattered to her the most. Her father. He made sure that she knew that before she died. So Jyn became one with the Force feeling content because she knew her father was proud of her. Cassian helped making that happen.


I never thought I deserved this. Happiness, this kind of happiness.
                        Of course you do. We both do.

I know from Like Crazy and Theory of Everything that Felicity Jones could have chemistry with a pot plant.
But damn the sparks flying between rebelcaptain could’ve lit up the whole galaxy