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traveled light, traveled blind | | | a Walking Dead mix for Clementine, Sarita, Nick, and Sarah, who all deserve better, and the Season 2 that should have been. The one about an 11 year old girl struggling to balance her moral compass against the horrors of surviving the apocalypse, those who help her or drag her further down, and what it means to really survive.

The one about an 11 year old girl who gets caught up with William Carver, a group that opposes him (guest starring Eddie and whichever of the 400 Days cast doesn’t go with Tavia), and has to pick sides and go to war if she wants to save her friends. And maybe herself, too.

The one that isn’t about Kenny or Luke or anyone else at its heart except for Clementine.

Wait what do you mean none of that actually happened what’s going on who’s driving this thing.

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bastille ; sleepsong // bat for lashes ; winter fields // over the rhine ; all of it was music // the oh hellos ; second child, restless child // wintersleep ; weighty ghost // metric ; help I’m alive // mary fahl ; in the great unknown // murder by death ; pillars of salt // snow ghosts ; the hunted // woodkid ; the other side // regina spektor ; samson // tom mcrae ; one more mile // cat power ; cross bones style // mumford & sons ; hold on to what you believe // thea gilmore ; this road

this road is lonely, this road is wild
this road’s a gift to you, my child