all the time is thesis time

general study tips

this is just a quick list of study habits that work for me, as a straight a’s student

1. even if it’s not in your teacher’s presentation written on a slide, if you hear your teacher mention a fact, WRITE IT DOWN. you might need it later for a test.

2. when you’re rewriting your notes/compiling a study guide, pretend you’re making it for someone else. include everything, even if you think you know it. (unless you’re low on time, in which case, just write what you don’t know)

3. when you’re trying to learn a new concept, pretend you’re teaching it to someone else. this is a form of active learning, and the act of breaking the concept down into steps that you can teach will improve your understanding of the concept. (for the longest time, i actually didn’t even know this was an actual study technique, because i’ve always done it subconsciously!)

4. don’t over color your notes!! if you really need a key for all the colors, then you’re using way too many. try to stick with 2-3 pens/pencils. for me, i write most of my notes in black ink or pencil and i write the important concepts i might need to find quickly later (such as vocabulary) in red or blue pen.

5. have your water bottle next to you (so you remember to stay hydrated; this makes focusing easier as well), as well as any other things you might need during a study session so you don’t have to keep getting up to get stuff (which is pretty distracting for me as i’m easily sidetracked).

6. make it a habit to write lists of everything you need to do by the end of the weekend (or the end of that day, depending on how much work you have). this’ll help you familiarize yourself with your tasks so you have a clear plan of what needs to get done.

7. (not really necessary, just something i like to do!) learn to eat with your non-dominant hand so you can eat and take notes and turn pages w/out ripping them instead of scrolling through social media. keep in mind that sometimes, meal times are for taking your mind off school so unless you’re really pressed for time, it’s not a huge deal if you spend this time w/passive reading, texting friends, etc.

8. when you’re assigned a research project, COME UP WITH A THESIS FIRST so you know what to research. try to get all your research done within the first two days or so, to have more time to plan out how you’re going to structure it. then get your draft done (something is better than nothing) so you can revise at your own pace instead of rushing at the last minute.

9. prioritize your homework!! as someone who spends hours fencing and even misses school for fencing tournaments, is part of symphonic band, and on the robotics team (build season is suuuuuper busy), i can’t express how important this is!! if you have math first period, get that done first, whereas if you have math last period, you can do it at lunch and spend your time working on something that’s due in the morning. don’t do this all the time, but if you need to, know which teachers are more strict with due dates so if you really do need an extension, you’ll be asking the least strict teacher and will have much better chances of getting said extension.

10. if you study at home like me, change into new clothes (comfy clothes, but not pajamas) before cracking open your textbooks. it’ll help make you feel more refreshed and ready to start your homework, but not confined to uncomfortable uniforms from school. tie up your hair, if it’s long. try to study at a table/desk rather than in bed (for sleeping not studying) or on the floor (bad for your posture).

11. check out this post for productive things you can do when you aren’t studying, but still want to be productive!

hope these helped some of you!!

xoxo, sal

take the time to read this

look I know you’re tired, and I know you’re scared. scared of that daunting task, scared of screwing up that daunting task. I get that you might be mad at yourself for procrastinating or letting the work with seemingly far away deadlines pile up and suddenly it’s 1am and you realise your thesis for that essay is horrible and you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. but all of that is in the past, all of those decisions in the past and you can wallow in anger and self loathing and continue to put off things you know are important, or, you could utilise the time you have right now to do as much of it as you possibly can as soon as you can. so go onto google calendar, or grab your planner, or a scrap of paper or hell, a napkin, and figure out the time you have on your hands in the next 24 hours, estimate how long you think those big horrible, breath shaking and head-in-hands inducing tasks will take. if you get it done in that time, great. if you don’t, move on, you have other shit to do. it’s better to have 85% of most things done than 98% of one thing done and 2% of another thing done that will turn out to be equally as important. save yourself further stress, do the napkin plan thing, block social media sites, write down what you’re feeling if you’re feeling anything immense, because emotions tend to take your mind off things, and get it done. Whether it’s %100, %85 or even %10, get some of it done.

|4 september 2017|

it’s finally back to school time for most of us and, at least for me, it’s also time to start good habits, crack down on the bad ones, and just begin to prepare for the year ahead. i’ve been in school for a couple of weeks now and, so far, i’m doing pretty good. below, i’ve compiled some simple tips that help me in day to day life that i would love to share. so let’s get cracking:

  1. prepare outfits and pack your backpack on sunday instead of in the morning. i know for a fact you have more time on sunday to prepare your outfits and pack your backpack than on monday morning so planning in advance will most definitely benefit you. instead of running around in circles trying to find that shirt, hang them up in the front of your closet or place them in the top of a drawer on sunday. and instead of throwing random pens in a bag, pack your backpack and put it in front of your door. it’ll save you time to do other things such as eating and washing your face.
  2. prepare and eat a breakfast. whether it’s some cherrios in a bag on the way to class or eggs and bacon cooked that morning, eating will definitely benefit you. you’ll have more focus in class and it’ll get your metabolism going. if it’s easier for you, think about preparing your food the night before and packing it in bags or tupperware.
  3. have a tray by the door to put small things in. oh, how many times have i forgotten my earbuds or keys. keep yourself organized and not calling your roommate to get an extra set of keys by just having a tray on which you can put smaller things you don’t put in your backpack. then, just grab them before you leave and voilà! you aren’t locked out.
  4. on sunday, do your meal preps, weekly spread, and clean your room and workspace. i am such a procrastinator during the weekends and there have been so many days that because of that, i am trudging through knee high messes in my room because i just won’t pick up. i also commonly forget to plan the week and prep my meals and then boom, it’s monday and i’m a mess. so don’t be a mess like me, do it all on sunday.
  5. have a letter tray to put class handouts and old assessments so you can put them in binders later. using a letter tray to collect handouts and assessments can be so beneficial to keeping your desk clean. and without it, i tend to throw out old graded assessments i could study instead of putting them in binders. keeping all those papers in one binder is super helpful, so put them in a binder and finals won’t be your doom.
  6. have a bedtime routine. having a bedtime routine can increase your productivity and sleep time because, one, it can help you stay organized and, two, it helps put you to sleep. the more your brain associates doing certain tasks with sleep, the faster you’ll be able to drift off. so be smart and enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
  7. have one journal for in class notes and one to retake and organize your notes at home. in class you do not have time to keep your thoughts organized. with tangents from your teachers and questionable notes, its best to just use a pencil, pen, and highlighter to make scratch notes in class and then come home and organize it into something that you can study from. this idea has kept me afloat time and time again.
  8. talk to your teachers. do yourself a favor, ask and answer questions in class and go to your teachers’ office hours if they have them. if you do this, your teachers are more likely to recognize you and will be more lenient with your grade (since it shows you’re engaged and involved). you don’t necessarily need to like the teacher, just pretend you care. smile and nod along as you ask about their lives, questions about the content, and for advice that you are never going to take. this is a pretty slytherin thing i’ve been doing for years and it has got me so many half points back, especially in math and science.
  9. use quizzes and tests to study for finals. as i stated earlier, it’s important to save your assessments to study, and that is especially true during finals. teachers commonly use similar questions on the final as unit tests and quizzes. think of how many more points you can score on that final if you just study your tests.
  10. make a study group. find friends and people in your classes that you would like to study with and meet up! they’ll definitely be able to help you understand topics and it’ll be more fun than holing yourself up in your room. also, explaining concepts to others will help you better understand them and answer those questions on your tests.
  11. make a weekly to-do list. some of you may already do this in your weekly spreads, but it’s important to make to-do lists of goals and tasks you need to complete. this isn’t necessarily studying and notes but things such as cleaning your room, watering your plants, or going grocery shopping. make lists, organize yourself, don’t be a mess like me.
  12. reward yourself for doing well. whether it’s talking to your teacher or scoring straight a’s, we all work hard. so why not treat yourself to a nice dinner or relaxing bath? have fun, relax, and don’t let yourself get too stressed. remember to unwind.
  13. sit up front in class. i know, i know, you don’t really want to, but think about it. if you’re up front, you are going to be 100% more engaged and paying more attention. and this will make your teacher remember you, which you now know the benefits of. you will also be able to see the board easier, get your questions answered, and hear what is going on.
  14. talk to the people around you in your classes. jeremy from physics sneezes on you and suddenly, you’ve got the flu and can’t make it to your lit lecture. what are you going to do? text that new friend you made from lit that sits next to in the lecture hall of course. simply talking to people on your first day can help you stay on top of class in case you miss or can help you study before the test. never doubt the benefits of knowing people.
  15. if there’s an opportunity for extra credit, take it. i don’t care how good you are in that class or how perfect your grades are, take the extra credit. those few extra points could be the ones that take you from a b to an a. just do it and don’t question it, you may need them. 
  16. outline all papers and presentations. you have a draft due for your class in a few hours and you open you computer and prepare to type. but where to begin? what are you writing? how do you want to phrase it? well, you could already know that if you had outlined it. take the time to research, write a thesis, and fully understand your prompt before you write. especially if this is a persuasive essay. do this as well for presentations and visual assignments so you say every fact and point you want to.
  17. keep your test dates by you at all times. no matter who you are, you need to know when tests are coming up. and, as someone who tends to leave things at home sometimes, i may not have my planner with those tests dates next to me when i need them. but what do i have? my phone. i use the app My Study Life to keep track of those dates. i explain that beautiful app in this post.
  18. have a ‘school survival kit.’ by now i think you’ve caught on to the fact i can be a bit forgetful. so i like to have a little bag with me that has things i may need that i could have forgotten. this includes a pen, pencil, highlighter, a few pads, some mints, pain medicine, allergy medicine, tissues, band-aids, hand sanitizer, tide-to-go (stain remover), and other such items. i may make a list of these items at another time.
  19. if you have a question, ask. i’ve already gone over the benefits of talking in class but it’s also extremely important to understand your content. it’s better to ask than not know, even if you think the question is dumb. there’s a good chance someone else has that exact question. it’s also better to look stupid than have that count against you during assessments.
  20. if your university, college, or high school has a writing center, use it. i work in a writing center and we are here to help. we do nothing so much of the time and you coming in makes our day. contrary to the popular opinion, we aren’t going to judge your writing or insult you (unless you ask for it). but we also aren’t going to correct your entire paper, we want to help you learn how to edit your papers and make sure you’re fitting the requirements. and this goes for all tutoring centers; if they’re an option, use them. 
Annotating Effectively

Not to brag, but if there is anything I have mastered so far in my high school career, it is the art of annotating poetry and prose for close text analysis. This guide will focus primarily on close-text analysis, but will also touch on a full annotation of a larger piece. Basically, I will be giving you a few different techniques given to me by my English teacher, as well as a few that I have learned on my own! Enjoy!

{ Some of the names are weird because my english teacher is a hilarious person! }


  • What: Basically coondog is all about “sniffing out” motifs and symbols. So for example, when reading a series of poems, if you realize there is a lot of references to the ocean, go through from the beginning with a highlighter and highlight every single reference to the ocean you can find – whether it literally mentions something like “waves” or “fish”, or is far more subtle.
  • Why: Using coondog is extremely helpful, especially as writing about a motif is a great starting point for an essay or paragraph. If you are in the IB program, motifs are awesome for anything from an English extended essay to your unseen oral commentary. Remember, a motif can vary! Some examples of some I have seen commonly are: water, corporeal, animals, time of day, cosmic, textile, etc.
  • My English Teacher came up with the name (I think it comes from one of her crazy life stories haha)


  • Who: Who are the characters? What is the point of view?
  • What: What happened in the piece (paraphrase)?
  • Where: What is the setting? How does the setting effect the piece?
  • Why: Why did the author do _______?
  • When: When was the piece written?
  • How: How does the author create the feeling of ________?

Read Aloud Silently

  • What: This is basically just making sure you hear the piece in your head as you read it. This is extremely important while reading poetry.
  • Why: Reading aloud silently will you help you catch so many things you wouldn’t by just skimming through it. Things like internal rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeia, tone, consonance/assonance, cacophony/euphony, etc. will all become more obvious. This also ensures that you don’t skim past a line or anything.
  • Even if you hate every single other tip I have given you, just use this one and you will benefit incredibly.


  • Title: Read the title before reading the piece. Is it an allusion? What does it connote? Does it reveal anything about the novel?
  • Irony: Look for irony and humour in the piece. Both are excellent to write about, so keep your brain peeled!
  • Paraphrase: After you finish reading everything, think about what literally happened in the piece. Do this before finding the ‘sub-text’.
  • Connotation: Time for sub-text! What is the piece saying indirectly? As in what is it trying to reveal other than the literal happenings of the work? Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to read underneath the lines!
  • Atmosphere: Highlight anything that reveals the tone/atmosphere of the piece. Highlight any hints you find that make you think the story is shifting in one way or another.
  • Shift: Find any narrative shifts. This could be anything from a shift in tone, to a shift in point of view, to a shift in the characters feelings.
  • Title: Now that you have examined the piece, look back at the title and think about it’s relevance. Were you right when you looked at it the first time? Or did it reveal a hint about the ending?
  • Theme: Now it’s time to put it all together! What is underneath the piece? What is the author trying to convey? Remember the theme will often be something profound and important!


  • Beginning & End
  • Never skip your beginning and ending as I personally feel as if they are perhaps the most revealing sections. The beginning will set the tone and mood for the poem, while the end will ultimately reveal the theme. When examining the beginning and end, one way to comprehend what happened in the piece is to map out where it started, and where it finished, and fill out (with quotes) how the narrator/characters got there. This is most helpful with poetry or prose excerpts as novels would have wayyyyy to much going on in the middle.


  • Poetry has feelings. Yup. That’s a thing.
  • So, remember, atmosphere and tone are incredibly important. Write down how the poem makes you feel, how the poet might have felt when they were writing it, how the characters/speaker feels about the situation – any feeling word that comes to mind will be significant when you talk about the atmosphere of the overall poem! Plus it will give you a more thorough understanding of the premise :)

Handy Dandy Things to Watch For!

  • Bored of talking about Simile’s and Alliteration? Here are some other things (often a little more rare) that are almost always relevant when annotating poetry (and a lot of prose as well!)
  • Allusion: I promise you, there is almost always allusion in poetry. Biblical will probably be the most common allusion you see (in Western literature), and it is extremely easy and effective to talk about it. Allusion to mythology is also common, and is often used in order to show the universality (through space and time) of a specific theme.
  • Elevated/Archaic Language: Always keep an eye out for this, it is extremely
  • Parallel Structure/Anaphora: You can never go wrong with parallel structure and anaphora as they will exist often! It doesn’t have to be a perfect parallel structure, it always elevates and intensifies a piece of poetry or prose.
  • Structure: In poetry especially, sentence/stanza structure is extremely significant. Look at the length of each line? Is it short-long-short-long line structure for the first few stanzas and then all of a sudden just a rhyming couplet of two short lines? Mention this! Talk about why this might be. Also keep an eye out for the actual structure of the stanzas on the page! This is not on accident, poets often put thought into the way it will look printed out. Plus, if you are unsure, you can always say “perhaps” to keep yourself save. Remember rhythm, syntax, enjambment, and general structure are your friend!

My Method (close-text, small section) ~ This is how I annotate for unseen timed commentary’s (but it is effective for all annotation!)

  1. Read aloud silently.
  2. Write down the general tone/feeling I get from the piece.
  3. Read second time focusing on a possible theme.
  4. Underline any poignant/interesting/beautiful imagery (as guess what, this is usually the best stuff to talk about in your paper!)
  5. Write down a tentative theme and/or thesis (just off of what you get out of the poem the first time around – don’t worry, this isn’t permanent!)
  6. Why did you pick that thesis/that theme to work with? Think of 2+ points that support your thesis.
  7. Highlight any quotes that support these points.
  8. And there you go, a body for your essay is completed.
  9. Annotate with more specific notes towards each highlighted section. This is when you think of literary techniques used like simile, alliteration, onomatopoeia, etc.

For a Whole Book / Set of Poems:

  1. As you read the book, highlight any interesting/potentially useful quote.
  2. Let’s say you finish reading for the day after an hour. At that point, open a word document (or notebook), and record every quote you have found in different categories (include page numbers!!!!!).
  3. Categories could be things like: John Doe’s Character Exposition, Water Motif, Setting & Context, etc. etc.
  4. There are a few perks to doing this. First of all, you have all your quotes sorted, chronologically. This means that when looking at something like character development, you have a list of interesting quotes in the order of them happening thus basically creating a skeleton of their character arc! Second of all, having quotes in a large word document makes it far easier to find them! You can use command-F (if on a Mac), and search for a specific word/quote. This way, you don’t find yourself wasting time tracking down one tiny detail for an essay. Another perk is that by recording a few chapters wort of quotes at a time, you won’t be overwhelmed by hundreds of highlight marks throughout your book after you have finished reading. This basically ensures that once you have finished reading, all you have to do is sit down and write! No more spending hours searching for that one perfect quote in a 400 page novel!

Here it is everyone! My second Game Grumps animation AND my senior thesis!

Man, what an incredible journey! Originally I was going to do a Truffle Troopers animation for my thesis, but after what happened at the Game Grumps Live show in Philly (full story here), I changed my thesis to another Game Grumps animation! It was the best decision of my life! 

Gotta thank my friends, family, peers, Vernon Shaw, and you guys for all of the support! In times of doubt and frustration, you guys helped me get through it! Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! 

Man, I had such a great time with this…I might do another one~

Though don’t expect it in the next few months, I need a break haha!


hey there! so i traveled from Baguio all the way to Manila to present a paper in this conference and i had tons of fun and met a lot of new and old friends (i was not able to take pictures with them, unfortunately). here are some poorly-taken photos of Manila while i was there. most of the photos here are taken in UPD, which is truly a wonderful place. i wanted to spend more time in one of its several libraries, but me and my thesis partner did not have enough time and energy for exploring because we were scheduled to present our study that afternoon and we were kind of nervous about it, haha. thankfully, our presentation went on very smoothly and we were able to communicate our points effectively. standing in front of a live audience (and not broadcasting cameras) for the first time was a very big thing for us and we were very happy that we made it through. it was a great day in overall, and the sunset from the taxi on the way home was equally as beautiful.

The Story of 2213 (So far)

Part 1: The History

2213 has its origins in my undergrad program and in my undying love for BBC’s Sherlock. I came to the fandom just after watching series 3 and was astounded by the wonderful meta and investigation that fans had put into examining the show and the original stories on which it was based. I was in my junior year of college at the time and looking for a project for my thesis. The idea of adapting one of the Conan Doyle stories to feature a female Holmes and Watson seemed only natural.

My co-producer and I chose to adapt The Boscombe Valley Mystery, mostly because of its straightforward plot and the fact that it was easy to translate into modern times. Holmes and Watson were made women, remained British, and continued to live in 221B in London. In all honesty, that production read as a BBC Sherlock fan piece (even the original music we had recorded for it had essences of Sherlock scoring) but we had fun with it nonetheless.

Two months after closing night, my adviser and I met to go over my grade for the project.  She gave me a wealth of positive feedback and asked me if I would ever consider adapting such a thing for television. I hadn’t considered it, I told her, and she told me to start thinking about it. She had a contact at Syfy who was commissioning work for their web series division and was willing to put in a word for me if I could get some material together. How could I turn down an offer like that?

The next few months were overwhelming – I graduated from college with a B.F.A. in Theater, emphasis in Acting. It was difficult to keep up with writing during that time, but I managed to draft three episodes and map out a first season before the end of the year. By that time, unfortunately, my adviser’s contact had left Syfy. Disappointed, and overwhelmed with other facets of my life, I put the idea on the back burner.

For the next year, I worked on the show sparingly. It underwent many changes since the original performance in 2015. Watson and Holmes were named “Johanna” and “Charlotte” respectively, they were moved to the U.S. (Seattle, my home – which I know well), and they were moved into a dingy apartment above “Hudson’s Deli” at 2213 Bell Street where they live today.

Part Two: The Show Now

By making the characters women in the modern day United States, I realized that there was a unique opportunity before me to have Charlotte Holmes not only be a “consulting detective,” but also a sort of vigilante for those wronged in the criminal justice system. What if, I thought, she tackled the crimes that were found in the system itself?

Conan Doyle himself was a staunch advocate for justice [x] and often stood up for the wrongfully accused, a character trait he passed on to his great detective. I’ve been inspired while writing this series by incidents of police brutality (and subsequent failure to prosecute officers involved), stories of wrongful convictions, and allegations of cover-ups of police wrong-doings.

That’s the cases themselves, though. At the end of the day, I’m most interested in the relationship between Holmes and Watson (Charlotte and Jo) and how adaptations have been getting that relationship wrong for over one hundred years. It is, after all, the greatest love story ever told.

Part Three: Moving Forward

I’ve been inspired the last few weeks by several Tumblr users to start getting this project off the ground. To those of you who listened to my self-indulgent ramblings about this piece of work, I thank you – you were ever so encouraging. 

I’m now reaching out to the masses to ask for your help. I’d like to self-produce the pilot episode (I have some people I can reach out to to help with this), but I need funds to do so. There will be a kickstarter campaign coming in the next couple of weeks.

I’m also looking for people to read the first thirty pages of the pilot and provide feedback to me. From that feedback, I’m planning to edit/write the rest of the episodes for season one.

And lastly, I’m putting feelers out there for graphic designers, musicians etc. who might be interested in contributing to such a project.

Thank you for reading if you’ve stuck through to the end of this post! If you can help by putting the word out, reblogging, or messaging me about any of the above points, I would appreciate it!



Um, guys? I don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe I do) but: 

I heard back from my University today, and my application for a funded PhD program has been accepted!! 😍

I’m starting a three-year, fully-funded thesis in the fall! I’m going to be a doctor, you guys!! 💪💪💪

(A doctor of English literature, but still- there’s a nice ring to it.)

This has been my dream for almost 4 years now. I really can’t believe it yet. Or at all. 

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Martin: How did the idea for “Two Of Us” come to you? Did you first of all have an idea to write a film about an aspect of the Beatles - and then arrive at this particular story? Did you start out by wanting to write about the dynamic of John and Paul - and then arrive at this place? Or was this specific story your very first thought?

Mark: I wanted to do something creative with all this ‘useless knowledge’ that I had accumulated over the years, as a sort of purging and also as a kind of tribute, a way of saying thanks. Initially, I thought about writing a biography, but there have been so many. I think it was the conceit that I had some kind of unique insight into the dynamic between John and Paul that really got me started. And I would see these interviews with Paul where, whenever they asked him about John, everything would shift – his face, his tone of voice. I would watch him and think, “My God, he really loved John, and he hasn’t gotten over losing him. 


Martin: Do you think it is possible that John and Paul ever spent some real time together (just the two of them) between 1971 and 1980 other than those two occasions?

Mark: As far as I know, John and Paul were never actually alone together after the breakup of the Beatles. Paul, of course, often talks about how grateful he is that the two of them re-established some kind of friendship in the months before John died, but that was over the phone. So, unless Paul is keeping a secret, it appears the last time they saw one another was when in 1976 (probably around the time Wings played New York) when John told him to stop coming around without calling first.

Martin: What did you do before writing the story? Did you spend a lot of time doing research? If so what books and sources? What TV shows or videos?

Mark: The most valuable books were “Revolution in the Head” by Ian MacDonald; “25 Years in the Life” by Mark Lewisohn; and “Lennon” by Ray Coleman. I read quite a few others, as well as several old newspaper and magazine articles from the time, but those were really the most helpful. As far as videos, a lot of them I had to obtain on the black market, things like "Let It Be”; the McCartney interview with Charlie Rose from 1991; the Lennon interview with Tom Snyder from 1975; “Wings Over the World”. And then there was the music, which provided the biggest revelations.

Martin: Did you have an idea of what ground you wanted to cover? i.e. what factual topics you wanted each person to cover? And what emotional terrain you would want each of them to cover?

Mark: I knew that John’s painful childhood would play an enormous role in the way I portrayed him, that he would be seen as never having completely come to terms with being unwanted. And I knew that I wanted to get across how much Paul really loved and understood John, which, I believe, is what frightened John.


Martin: The original script ended with “Here Today” (Paul McCartney’s 1982 tribute song to John) being played - though you were subsequently unable to obtain permission for its use. If there had been total access from the Beatles for their recordings and their publishers for their music - would you have wanted to feature other music by them - and by John and Paul individually? If so - what specifically would you have wanted to use? And to underscore which points in the film?

Mark: It would have been nice to have “Silly Love Songs” in there, since that kind of summed up where Paul was at back then. The song that I kept coming back to, though, as I was writing, was “Jealous Guy”. I’m practically convinced that John actually wrote that song for Paul. Whether he knew it or not.


Martin: You show some of the cruel aspects of John (e.g. John’s reaction to Paul wanting to play a song he’d written for his young daughter Stella). Were you worried that there would be a desire to sugarcoat these? After all snapping at an unwanted fan is one thing. Being snippy about a pal’s daughter might be regarded as ugly behavior. Were you determined to show the mercurial nature of his moods?

Mark: Yes, Even down to looking up astrological profiles which indicated that mercurial nature of his. Above all, though, I saw John’s cruelty as a defense mechanism, a way of subverting his anger and fear, and of keeping people at a distance so they wouldn’t be able to inflict pain.

Martin: You present a sense that Paul intuitively understood or had come to understand some of the roots of John’s personal pain. Do you think that might have partly been a desire by you to articulate your OWN beliefs about John (with the benefits of many years of research and perspective) - or do you think that Paul could genuinely have reached that specific insight at that point in time?

Mark: However breezy Paul might appear to be at times, I think he has demonstrated in his best songs (“Blackbird”, “Hey Jude”, and several others) a certain sensitivity which might have enabled him, probably on an intuitive level as you say, not only to understand John but to maneuver him past all his defenses toward some kind of real communication. Having said that, yes, you’re right, I did want to get across my own thesis about John.


Martin: Of all the Beatles books and the books on Lennon and McCartney - which do you think have done the best joy in portraying John and Paul’s personalities and the psychological dynamics of their relationship?

Mark: Without a doubt, “Revolution in the Head” by Ian MacDonald. Ostensibly, it’s an analysis of their music and its impact on the sixties, but I’ve never read anything that conveyed the complicated friendship and rivalry that existed between these two men as well as this book. It encouraged me to listen even more closely to their music, as that’s where the real insights into their characters are found.


Martin: Paul is going to read this next bit! What would you like to say to him about the film and how you hope he’ll view it.

Mark: Hi, Paul. I hope you recognize these two guys. And I hope it makes you smile.

Martin: And Yoko is going to read this next bit! What would you like to say to her about the film and how you hope she’ll view it?

Mark: Yoko, hi. This was a true labor of love. Maybe you won’t want to watch it. I don’t know. But it’s a good movie, really, and if you do see it, I hope you find it worthy.


Martin: If you had to choose one Beatle (or solo Beatle) song - (other than “Here Today”) which summarizes the film and the feelings and insight that you want people to take away from the film as a lasting memory - what would that be.

Mark: “Jealous Guy”.

-Interview with Mark Stanfield, writer of the film “Two of Us”

82 reasons harry’s ootp anger was totally justified

(because a 400 page thesis is not doable)(for


1.    he’d just come off a very stressful school year in which (surprise) someone had been actively trying to do him in

2.    a sliver of the darkest soul of all time was stuck inside him :)))

3.    darkest wizard of all time was actively messing w/ his brain

4.    his literal worst nightmare had just come to life before his eyes

5.    voldemort’s red eyes actively haunted him, waking and sleeping

6.    he’d squared off against the man who murdered his parents (!)

7.    and the man who’d betrayed his parents to their deaths

8.    he’d been tied so tightly neck to ankle that he couldn’t even turn his head

9.    he was stabbed

10.  he’d just learned the blood protection that had previously kept him safe was worthless

11.  he was jeered at and hexed at by a group of adults who wanted him dead

12.  he’d been crucio’d for fun, taunted, and chased after

13.  he’d just been psychologically tortured as well

14.  his classmate and co-competitor died and he was powerless to stop it

15.  he’d just seen the imprints of his dead parents

16.  his dead classmate had to be pried from his grip

17.  he blamed himself for cedric dying – survivor’s guilt

18.  he was forced to relive his entire horrific experience just after it happened

19.  he’d learned his teacher, whom he trusted, had actively been plotting against him

20.  his godfather literally got to see him for an hour before leaving again

21.  the minister of magic, who had always before been genial, called harry a liar to his face

22.  he had to return in exile to the home of his abusers

23.  while there, his cousin tormented him and the neglect of his aunt and uncle continued

24.  he was cut off entirely from the wizarding world, desperate for information

25.  he had no guarantee voldemort wouldn’t show up on privet drive at any moment

26.  no one was properly communicating with him

27.  and then he was attacked by two dementors (!)

28.  and he saved his cousin, and was nearly kicked out onto the street for it

29.  he spent the last month of the summer wondering if he’d be expelled from school

30.  all his wizard friends had been conspiring for the entire summer and had told him nothing

31.  he was suffering from chronic nightmares, i.e. not sleeping

32.  his godfather, embroiled in his own trauma, remained distant and broody

33.  he had to stay in a gloomy house which lbr would bother anyone

34.  uh his friends were chosen as prefects which led to him feeling further ostracized from dumbledore and isolated from them

35.  his mentor/grandfather type figure was actively ignoring him

36.  he’s unable to write to sirius, which had previously been one of his favorite things and greatest sources of comfort

37.  the government that was supposed to protect him sent an infiltrator to his school, violating his one safe space in the world

38.  said infiltrator stripped away everything he held dear

39.  said infiltrator also abused him repeatedly, forced his own body to abuse itself, and took great pleasure in watching it happen

40.  no one believed him

41.  even his dorm mate, who harry had previously considered a friend, disbelieved him

42.  he was ostracized and ridiculed by the entirety of wizarding society

43.  until he learned what threstrals were, he genuinely thought he was going mad

44.  he couldn’t participate in quidditch, the one thing he was naturally super talented at and greatly enjoyed

45.  even his broomstick—his favorite thing—was confiscated

46.  he blamed himself for mr weasley’s attack


48.  DADA, the only good thing he had going for him, was taken away

49.  dumbledore, the only thing that made him feel truly safe, had to leave

50.  he assumed guilt for dumbeldore having to leave

51.  he knows shit is going down (the Order is protecting something) and he’s not able to help, and he’s not able to put it all together, and that drives him mad because he’s a person of action who’s been encouraged to follow those impulses for his entire hogwarts career

52.  no one in this entire time sat him down and helped him work through any of this

53.  and spent a few days wondering if he’d been possessed by Voldemort

54.  he sort of dated the girl he liked but it turned into a mutually traumatic and horrific thing

55.  even the newspaper led a smear campaign

56.  every adult he trusts is failing him on (nearly) every level

57.  spent two months worried about where on earth hagrid had been

58.  spent seven months worried hagrid would be fired & what he was up to in the woods

59.  hagrid left (again) and he had to deal with the stress of caring for a giant (??)

60.  watched his favorite teacher be brutally ambushed and attacked

61.  child worried about everything tbh and he was always taking the world on his shoulders

62.  OH he had to watch ron suck @ quidditch and it was just terrible b/c he couldn’t fix it or make it better and sigh

63.  he was actively worried about his godfather, who was clearly in a very bad place

64.  he had to endure horrible lessons with the teacher who hated him

65.  he knew voldemort actually had access to his mind, which is terrifying

66.  however, the lessons only seemed to make it worse

67.  he was a child

68.  he’s been abused his entire life and has never been taught healthy coping mechanisms

69.  so he sticks with the standby of repress until it explodes

70.  which just does not work at all, but he doesn’t know any better

71.  his stress level just walking around daily is 8/10, no wonder he can’t cope???

72.  he learned his teenage dad was the kind of bully he’d been afraid of his entire life


74.  and that sent him into a spiral of depression wondering if everything snape had ever told him was correct

75.  he spent weeks wondering if his mum and dad actually ever loved each other

76.  his godfather and teacher only provided minor comfort; harry’s concerns weren’t really assuaged

77.  normal student stresses like studying for the most stressful exams of school career

78.  enduring a domineering hermione w/ the study schedules and whatnot during said exam times

79.  he suffered frequent, brain-splitting headaches

80.  mass breakout at azkaban is actually terrifying for him because he knows what those people are capable of

81.  he was a very small child

82.  people, he was only fifteen

Imagine #19 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by Anon: Could you please write a Charles Xavier x reader where the reader likes him but feels she has no chance so she pretends to hate him. But then he finds out the truth through mind reading? I’m sorry if this is complicated!! But thank you so much.

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Not my gif

Words: 2622

Warnings: fem!reader, swearing, typos

A/N: So, first of all, I know that request is from literal months ago, and I’m really sorry, but I kinda put off writing it for the following reason… I actually did that once, pretended to hate someone I believed not to be good enough for (he was a dick and probably deserved it, but still) and it’s connected to some of the worst, most uncomfortable and regrettable situations of my life. If you find yourself in that kind of situation, and you think that it would be easier to just treat your crush like crap, DON’T! I’m all for making mistakes and learning from them, but I really recommend you just talk to the person or, if that’s easier, distance yourself, but being a dick towards them will just make you look and feel like… well, a dick. Don’t! And secondly, I am not incredibly proud of this fic. I don’t think it’s that great. I hope, I’m not disappointing anyone. xoxo

Charles had hired you because of the way you worked with the students, the way you treated the other teachers and the impression that you were one of the smartest, most dedicated people he had ever met. He had hired you despite the fact that you apparently couldn’t even be in the same room as him without shooting him glares and avoiding any kind of further interaction.

Charles understood that there were people, whom one just couldn’t stand. Attraction was biology after all, and maybe you just really didn’t like him, maybe semi-polite working-side-by-side was all you were able to with him, but it still bothered him.

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The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

thuriweaver  asked:

Headcanons for this new University!verse?! Tell me everything!


- The four sides are college students (human au) and are all attending the same school (not sure where or if it’s even a real school but probably not for simplicity’s sake). 

- Roman is a junior at school on a football scholarship. He hails from a tiny little midwestern town where everything is heteronormative and old white dudes sit around on porches talking about the ‘good old days.’ So he’s been under social pressure his whole life to conform to those expectations. He’s always been the captain of all the Sports Teams and has dated The Cheerleaders ™ and basically could have stepped right out of an 80s movie about High School. He’s not a jerk but he’s never gotten to be his genuine self. His dad wants him to get a business degree and take over the family car lot. What he really wants to do, though, is act. 

- Patton is a senior. He’s getting a degree in secondary education and what he wants to do is teach elementary school. He’s a literal ball of sunshine and he meets Roman in one of their communications classes when they get paired up to do a group presentation together. The presentation is a ‘how-to’ and Patton insists they do ‘how to make no-bake cookies’ and they make a grand mess with their demonstration and the whole class has a grand old time and Roman leaves pretty sure he’s in love with this goofy nerd and what the heck his whole life is coming apart at the seams. 

- Patton is, as mentioned, a big ball of sunshine. He is the oldest of two brothers and his family is hella rich. Patton has never had a job in his life. But he’s volunteered at the local Boys and Girls club since he was like 14, and he’s been a part of Big Brothers and a camp counselor and basically if he could help kids he was there. He loves kids and he gets compared to one a lot, but he’s far from naieve. He knows there’s shit in the world. He just decides that if there has to be shit in the world, he might as well do what he can to bring in some sunshine, too, because there should be both. He thinks Roman is an amazing person and just needs to lighten up a bit. 

- Roman and Patton end up getting together when Patton offers to help Roman with his communications final essay. Roman could’ve done it alone but he was honestly looking for an excuse to hang out with Patton after class and the class was getting ready to be over and he sort of panicked and asked for help. Patton agreed and after like 3 “sessions” where Roman kept suggesting they order pizza or watch movies or go get coffee, he realized these were actually dates, and he was totally good with it. One night while they were “studying” (aka watching Netflix) Patton curled up right next to Roman and laid his head on his shoulder and laced their hands together. Roman was like, “holy crap yes” and they’ve been dating for about three months now.

- Meanwhile, Patton’s little brother Virgil has begun attending the school as well. He hasn’t declared a major and is basically just there to get his parents off his back because they believe in ‘higher education’ but he thinks it’s all pointless. He’s super smart but kind of bored with most of it so he drags by with Bs and Cs when he could easily be acing all his classes. He just doesn’t care. 

- Until he meets Logan. Logan is a grad student who is a TA in one of Virgil’s intro English courses. He doesn’t do much at first–he’s mostly there to grade papers because that particular professor is kind of a pompous windbag and refuses to let anyone else do his lectures because he loves the sound of his voice too much. Virgil sort of instantly puts Logan into this ‘boring nerd’ box in his head and ignores him. 

- Until the day the professor is out for a conference and Logan gets to teach the class. 

- So first of all Logan is hella sexy and how did Virgil not notice? His voice is clear and smooth and low and he is actually fucking funny and Virgil completely didn’t realize it because Logan had never spoken before but he is snarky and witty and sarcastic but like super smart and Virgil sort of hangs on his every word until class is over. 

- He ends up signing up for like every English class ever and even declares an English major even though he never really cared before because he wants a chance to see Logan more. It turns out Logan works both at the campus library and at the writing center, so Virgil starts making appointments to have Logan help him with his papers. Logan catches on pretty quickly because Virgil IS actually very smart, and he also wants to impress Logan so he starts really applying himself for the first time ever, and his papers are really damn good and Logan’s like, “Why do you keep coming here? You obviously don’t need my help.” And Virgil’s just like, “Um…well…you can never have too many proofreaders right?” and Logan’s like, “…okay?” but he’s totally oblivious because he has no idea how hot he is. 

- Logan himself is incredibly smart, too, but his family is nowhere near affluent. His dad died before he was born and his mom has been struggling to keep them on their feet but she has degenerative disc disease so it’s hard for her to hold down her jobs since the ones she can find are all very physical, like hotel maid or fast food worker. She’s in constant pain and Logan tries his hardest to make money to send to her so she only has to work as little as possible. He’s been working since he was 10, starting with lawn mowing but quickly moving to doing his own tutoring services. At one point in high school he let the seniors on the football team pay him to write their essays so they could maintain their C averages. The principal caught wind of that and put a stop to it, and Logan was threatened with expulsion, but he had been such a model student up to that point that he ended up just getting suspended for a few days. He’s still upset–not that he broke the rules, but that he got caught. 

- He’s always been so focused on taking care of his mom that he never really  had time to date. He’s never once assumed himself to be physically attractive in any way, nor has he ever cared. So when his fellow staff at the writing center start teasing him about his ‘boyfriend,’ he is stunned to realize that Virgil might be coming by so much because he likes Logan. One day when Virgil comes in (with a coffee and cheese pastry for Logan from the starbucks in the student union–which he almost always brings btw) Logan gets kind of embarrassed and says “So you know the other tutors have this crazy idea that you like me or something,” and Virgil just stares at him and says, “Um…duh?” And just like that they’re dating. Virgil wishes Logan would let him help more financially, but Logan is proud and refuses to let Virgil pay for everything even though he easily could (Virgil is a trust fund baby and he has also never worked a day in his life, but he lacks the altruistic streak his older brother has. Or at least, he did before he met Logan.)

- Logan and Virgil end up getting an apartment together. It’s a 2-bedroom off campus. It helps Logan out because even though it’s a little further from his jobs, it’s much quieter and he has an easier time studying and getting work done than he did in the student housing. Virgil insists that he doesn’t need to pay rent, but Logan does anyway, much to Virgil’s chagrin. 

-Virgil and Patton are extremely close. For all that he pretends to be this emo loner, he actually chose this college because it’s where Patton went and he adores his big brother. And Patton adores his dark strange little bro, too. The four of them start hanging out a lot, and eventually Patton suggests to cut costs for everyone, why don’t they look at renting one of the old houses that are always up for rent near the campus? 

- They do this as soon as Virgil and Logan’s lease is up, finding a little 3-bedroom place with a converted loft that’s just like a block and a half from school, and the four of them start living together as Virgil enters his sophomore year, Logan continues to work on his master’s thesis, Patton enters graduate school, and Roman takes the plunge and changes his major from business to performing arts. 

Um okay this is all I got for now????? But like you should probably expect to see little stories in this ‘verse from time to time. 

to everyone sending me asks and messages about letting “them” win by leaving tumblr:

i’m not leaving tumblr. i’m taking a break because of personal stuff, such as my master’s degree thesis and my final exam that i have on tuesday. that is something that’s very important to me, and as much as i’d like to be here all the time and post and write and talk to you guys, getting my degree is my priority right now. i’m moving back home this week, so that’s pretty stressful and i need to pack and make sure i do everything i have to do before leaving, so i really don’t have time for tumblr. i’ll start working on friday, but i will be back and i will keep updating, just probably not every week, since it will be hard for me to keep up with my thesis, 8hr work day, social life, and writing. 

anyway, i’ll talk to you guys soon, i hope you’re all doing fine! i’m sending you positive vibes and i hope you’re all having a great day! ♡

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on that note, i’m sending love and support to all the lgbtqia people on my blog. the pride walk in my country was received with a bunch of hate and the media posts were flooded with hateful comments, which is embarrassing and awful. i’m not a part of the community, but i was so shocked to see such hateful comments so i can only imagine how some of you feel when receiving hate on a daily basis just for being yourself. it’s not fair and it’s not right! i admire the strength and courage of your community. stay strong!!  ♡♡♡

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Kylux Cantina Week 13

Prompt : a gold arm-ring given as a reward for success in battle: Kylux Viking AU

(Also inspired by Jeusus’ two recent Viking AU artworks)


Ben kept his hand steady and slow as he used a spade to finish clearing the hard-packed dirt from the edge of the object buried beneath.  Three days ago, the team had struck wood at a depth of seven feet, just where his research and analysis of aerial scans had predicted.  They’d quickly marked out the orientation and length of the site, and excavated the soil evenly, making a pit almost seven feet deep, twenty feet long, and seven feet wide.  Mitaka and his assistants were carefully sifting through all of that dirt for any fragmentary artefacts that could be used to date and identify the site.    

Going by what he could see of the wooden structure that he had already managed to clear the earth away from today, he was certain that what they had found was a ship burial, probably Anglo-Saxon.  He was now working in an area right in the middle of the ship, each turn of his spade bringing something with a curved edge free of the ground that had covered it for centuries.  He patiently followed the curve around until it was plain that he was looking at the remnant of a round shield, its metal boss and rim rusted into clumps barely distinguishable from the dirt still caked on them.  He gently lifted it free and passed it up to be placed in a tray and wrapped to prevent accelerated degradation now that it was exposed to the air.

A few scrapes more began to reveal the outline of what had to be a sword, and elation began to outweigh caution - this was definitely a ship burial, and all the evidence suggested that  it was intact.  A find of this level of rarity and possible historical significance would make his career.  He finished detaching the sword from the ground and decided it was time to call his thesis supervisor at Oxford to let her know what they’d discovered thus far.

Two hours later, he was methodically (and respectfully) working his way up the scant skeletal remains of the leader or warrior whose gravesite this was, when a flick of the brush he was using to clear debris delicately from the humerus revealed a glint of metal undimmed by the passage of time.  A few more flicks and most of it was exposed: a finely woven gold armband, and it was not Anglo-Saxon as he had been expecting, but Viking.  An inexplicable feeling of sadness came over him and he could not stop himself from reaching out to touch the armband, almost with reverence.  Who were you? he wondered.  The slamming of several car doors broke this reverie and he heard the voice of his advisor.

“Ben?  Ben, come up out of there.  I’ve brought someone to see your find.”

He stepped lightly up and out of the pit and as he turned to greet the visitors, his gaze locked with that of an unknown man; a chill passed through and over his entire body and he could not look away from the man’s green eyes or his halo of red-gold hair.

“Ben, I’d like you to meet Armitage Hux - he’s with the British Museum.”


Armitage yanked his sword from the side of the Mercian warrior he’d just slain and quickly scanned the roiling melee of men and horses for Kylo.  It was obvious to him that the tide of the battle had turned in their favor.  Just as he caught sight of Kylo, one of the Mercians spotted his chance to take down the prince and struck at his unprotected back.  Everything slowed down and the sounds of swords and axes and pikes striking shields and bodies died away as Armitage sprinted across the few yards that  separated him from Kylo.  He ran practiced fingers over the bleeding wound then gently turned his husband over onto his back.  Kylo was conscious but keeping his eyes tightly closed against the pain.  Saying only “I will return,” and checking that the prince’s men were prepared to remove him from the battlefield, Armitage rose to his feet with cold clarity of purpose.

The man who struck his husband down would not live to see another hour.  His husband, whom he had not wanted to wed, not wanted to know, not wanted to care about.  But his wyrd, his fate, said otherwise.  His hand tightened its grip on his sword and his other arm raised slightly to tilt his shield slightly outward from his body as he surveyed the tumult in search of the one who had dared to strike Kylo…and there he was.  In utter calmness and with a singularity of intent, Armitage ran, sword arm raising in preparation to strike.  Slashing, stabbing, thrusting…the enemy warriors between him and his prey were mere obstacles and scarcely registered in his awareness as he cut them down.  He batted down another one who had rushed up aside him with the edge of his shield and stalked forward into the now empty space around the Mercian.  

Righteous energy suffused his body and he knew the gods were with him as he ran the man through with one vicious upthrust of his sword.  He put his booted foot on the body to hold it down while he drew his sword out and only then did he slowly become aware that the battle had ended. There were no more sounds of fighting, only the groans of wounded men.  Uneasily, he realized that all the men - men of Mercia and men of Wessex alike - in his vicinity were staring at him.  The iron scent of blood was thick in his nose; looking down, he saw with shock that he was almost entirely covered in it.  He ignored the awed and horrified whispers of “berserker!” and walked away from the killing grounds, thinking only of finding Kylo again and making sure that he was safe, and stayed safe.

“Armitage. I have something for you,” Kylo said.  The wound has healed well over the past few months, Armitage thought with satisfaction as he surveyed the naked form of his husband.  Firelight gilded the sheen of sweat that picked out the contours of his muscular back where he lay, sated, on the furs of their bed.

Kylo rolled over and retrieved a woolen pouch from the low table beside the bed.  The little gold rings braided into his hair clinked softly against each other as Armitage sat up, very curious now to see what was in the bag. Kylo opened it and pulled out a finely woven gold armband, and it was not Anglo-Saxon as he had been expecting, but Viking - from his own people.

“As I understand it, this is a mark among your people of a warrior’s brave deeds and battles won,” Kylo said, a little shyly.  “You saved my life and rained terror upon the Mercians they’ll not soon forget…you have given up so much of your own ways to live here with me, so I wished to honor you after the fashion of your land.”

“Oh…Kylo.”  For a moment, he could not speak.  He took the armband and ran his thumb over the intricate pattern of gold wires.  He opened the clasp and wound it around his upper arm, leaning over for Kylo to refasten the closure.

 “I shall never take it off.”

So I was watching Flubber with the family tonight at dinner and, of course, immediately “inventor” made me think of Fiddleford. But not in a Flubber!Au kinda way.

It made me visualize what it’d be like, Fiddleford’s silly inventions all over the house, the basement, the lab, the dorm. Doing the small things he needs like folding laundry or fixing meals. Ford having to step over wires and be careful of beaker and whatever’s blowing steam.

And then an idea struck me: what if they DIDN’T get along well at first?

What if at first in college, Fidds and Ford just couldn’t see eye-to-eye and Ford never thought he’d have more trouble living with someone else besides Stanley.

“Fiddleford! Your silly robot just spilled oil all over my thesis!”

“Ford would you turn out the light?? Some of us like to SLEEP at 2 in the morning!”

“Fiddleford WHY do you HAVE to play the banjo at 6:30?!”

“If your Leanin’ Tower of Books breaks my machine, I swear…”

“….It’s not going to work.” - “For the last time, I’m tellin’ ya it IS TOO.” - “Oh for frick’s sake, SPEAK. ENGLISH!” - “Look, as opposed to your lazy ass, I quintuple-check my equations and I can garuntee that it’ll WORK!” - “You mean how it worked last time?” - “All it needed was a minor adjustment….” - “You almost caught half the dorm on fire in case you forgot.” - “A MINOR ADJUSTMENT.”

Or even doing small petty things to get on each other’s skin like, Fidds pulls a book out of place and it all tumbles on Ford. “Oh thanks for lettin’ me borrow your copy. I lost mine.” Or Ford switching the labels on some chemical compound Fiddleford was using. “Oh, gee, I don’t know how that happened.”

And like, Fiddleford always gives Ford shit because Ford just reads and writes he doesn’t actually create anything like he would and it’s not until Ford actually BUILDS something that WORKS and Fidds just stops and looks at it. Looks at him. “….Wait, why in tarnation are you in Backupsmore??” And Ford sighs…and sits…and retells his tragic backstory. Then they bitch about siblings (which is tougher? Living with a twin or living with 4 brothers and 3 sisters?), trade stories (”One time Stan and I had this idea…” “One time I lost my glasses in the pig’s yard…”). Ford points out a few things that Fidds takes into consideration. Fidds reminds him to bathe once in a while. They blow up the school on more than one occasion and while it’s nice that SOMETHING exciting happens at Backupsmore for once, the principle is getting pretty sick of seeing Ford and Fidds in his office and listen to them apologize for the 11th time in the last two weeks. Friendship builds.

And then Fidds is invited to live in Gravity Falls with Ford.

“Fiddleford!” - “What? Ford?? It’s…7:30.. Did you sleep at all?” - “Fiddleford your laundry robot was in my room again.” - “…so you broke it?” - “I thought it was a paranormal creature! It incinerated my lab coat with that laser you installed in it!” - “You still broke it..” - “Why the hell you think it’s necessary to attach a laser to everything is beyond me.” - “Cause the last thing I want is some nut job like you breakin’ it, doggonnit!”

I dunno.. It’s just really friggin’ funny to me to think about this. XD