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i initially followed you because of your fics, and it seemed that my newly remade CS dash was empty without you (especially since it was lacking true Liam love and appreciation). then i discovered our mutual love of gilmore girls (especially for an au), and let's face it: that's the stuff dreams are made of.

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I mean, this show is such a huge part of my life… I can’t let it go

and yes, I will write that CS GG AU - eventually

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:did Zuko ever meet that little boy from "Zuko Alone" again? that little gap-toothed troublemaker who treated Zuko like a brother? i know they parted on such bad terms when Zuko revealed his identity, and i really don't blame him because at that time Zuko was still kind of an asshole, but did they ever see each other after the war? did the little boy hear about how Zuko disowned his father and joined the Avatar? did he learn that Zuko was the one to fight Azula in that fateful battle? did Zuko visit an earth kingdom town one one of his royal trips and recognize him years later? did the little boy apologize for rejecting him? or did maybe he go to the fire nation to see if Zuko remembered him? did Zuko beg forgiveness for the crimes of the fire nation? did they make up? did they hug it out? did the little boy's brother survive the war? did he introduce him to Zuko? did Zuko insist on giving him the pearl dagger he tried to give him before he left? did the little boy accept it this time? did

literally the plot of dragon age 2