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Would you rather be covered in puppies forever (other people would take care of them, you’d just live in a pile of puppies) or never have to talk to the people who bug you ever again?

Oh god. To be honest I’m having trouble registering the second option. My mind can’t seem to get past the living in a pile of puppies thing. I just. Covered in puppies. All the time. Just all puppies. All day erryday. Puppies. Just a pile of puppies. Covered in a pile of puppies.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your fanfics! I have an idea that I hope sparks your imagination, about Jobal and Sola discussing Padme after she visits with Anakin in tow. I'd love some hardcore snark about how obvious yet oblivious she is, especially about her suddenly wearing a traditional Maiden's Outfit. IDK if that's canon, but I read once about that outfit essentially being like Padme showing up in her wedding dress and then pretending nothing strange is happening.

Thank you =)

Oh, I hadn’t heared about the stuff about the Maiden’s Dress before, but I really love the idea! I hope this fits what you expected!

“Anakin and I will be going for a walk. I want to show him the lake Nayo. You know, where we used to play when we were kids. I just know he’s going to love it.” Padme is positively glowing, with a big, happy smile. Sola has to fight to keep a straight face.

“Well, then have fun. And I like your choice of dress!” Their mother tells Padme, motioning to Padme’s clothes. The dress is indeed beautiful, and Padme looks nothing short of radiant in it, but well, it is the Maiden’s Dress. Which does not exactly work to prove her point about not being in love with young Anakin.

“Thank you.” Padme says airily, not commenting further. Is she not going to say anything? Sola wonders. She knows that Anakin grew up on Coruscant and on Tatooine (Tattoine? Sola had never even heard about that planet before Anakin had mentioned it) so he most probably isn’t aware of the significance of the dress, but still…

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