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Imagine Thorin Coming to Your Rescue

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   The sharp, steely blade pierced the giant spider smoothly.  You took a step backwards and turned to face the other way, dragging the blade clean through the creature.  It let out a screech as it curled in on itself.

    You and the dwarves had just been freed from the webbed cocoons and were in the process of fighting the spiders off so you could escape.  Of all the things you’ve faced on the journey so far, these giant spiders were probably the worst.  Yes, giant spiders were certainly not your cup of tea.  Just when you killed one and took a moment to breathe, another two would creep up on you from behind.

    “Ah!”  You screamed. This particular spider’s face was way too close for comfort as it snapped at you.  You jumped back, swinging your sword to slice its front. However, it knocked the blade from your hand with one of its spindly legs.  Fortunately, you were able to whip out your dagger and slash at the spider furiously as you continued to back away.  A branch caught your boot, and you fell to the forest floor.  

    The spider got the upper hand in the fight and lunged at you swiftly.  However, a figure jumped between you and the creature, thrusting a blade into its head.

    “Thorin!” you exclaimed in relief.  The spider collapsed, and Thorin turned to kneel in front of you, taking hold of your arm.  

    “_________, are you alright?”

    “Y-yes,” you breathed, nodding.  Your voice shook and your eyes were still wide from the shock of the fight.  “I’m fine.” Thorin noticed this and pulled you to your feet.

    “You don’t have to be afraid,” he told you, keeping an arm around your shoulder and holding your gaze sincerely.  “You’re safe now.  By my side.”

   There was no doubt that a bond had formed between the two of your over the course of the journey.  Thorin had some trust issues in the beginning because of the fact that you’re not a dwarf.  But he could not deny your skill in battle as well as how you cared for the others.  

   His words calmed you, despite the ongoing battle.  You took a deep breath and visibly relaxed, taking your hand from his only to retrieve your sword.  You nodded once more to assure him that you were ready to join the fight again.  The two of your regrouped with the others and tried to look for a way out.  

   But at that moment, a figure came sliding down from the treetops, slashing spiders along the way.  The blonde elf slid to a stop, aiming his bow at the Company.  Thorin’s gaze flickered to you with concern before he stepped in front of you protectively as more elves emerged, aiming weapons at your group. The tension was so thick that you could just cut it with a knife.  You knew very well how Thorin felt about elves…

    In all honesty, despite your feelings for a certain rescuer that you remained loyal to, you were slightly taken aback by how beautiful the stranger in front of you was, with long blonde hair and such a fair face.  

   “Do not think I won’t kill you, dwarf,” the stranger said.  “It would be my pleasure.”

   Handsome, but certainly not very nice.  Definitely not like the people of Rivendell.  You wanted to speak up in defiance, to challenge the elf for saying something like that to Thorin, but the Company was terribly outnumbered.  One insult from you could endanger your friends. 

   So, you glared at him as the others closed in on you and the Company.

More Than Enough (Fic Request)

Tumblr fic request for the beautiful and awesome @buckyoakenshieldxo Thorin x Reader pairing. This is my first reader perspective fic so go easy on me.

You are depressed, feeling unworthy of Thorin’s love and have not yet conceived an heir. 

More Than Enough

You had been married to Thorin now for almost two years, and whilst you smiled every day, wanting to present the facade that you were enjoying your life as his wife and Queen, a gaping hole was still sitting in your gut. The grey clouds of self doubt, sadness and feeling unworthy had descended again. These were the same clouds that had been ever present in your previous life where you had grown up, never feeling good enough for anything and never feeling as though you belonged. Your rational mind kept trying to regain control, telling you that all Thorin had done was make you feel welcome within the kingdom, helping you gain respect from the people of Erebor. And so far it seemed to have been successful. The people loved you, always smiling, bowing as you walked on by, your gowns sweeping past them. The Dwarf children would stand in awe. “Isn’t she beautiful, Mama?” the little ones would say. But you never felt beautiful. You felt as if your very presence in this place was forced. And those little Dwarf children were always a reminder of the disappointment you presented to Thorin: the fact you had not yet conceived an heir for him. It was expected that you as Queen, and he as King, would produce an heir to one day take the throne when Thorin was gone from this world.

The last few days and you had avoided contact with other people, residing in the huge libraries most of the time. Ori had been the only one who you had really spoken to as he had began cataloguing his writings in date order upon the shelves at the rear of the main library. He was proud of his work, having documented the re-taking of Erebor from Smaug and the victory at the Battle of Five Armies. You had seen the librarian shake his head as Ori had entered the huge hall each day, but smiled to yourself seeing him look so happy.

Tonight marked the two year anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Five Armies as it had been Durin’s Day two weeks prior. Everyone had enjoyed much merry making in the grand halls on the east side of the mountain. But you, as usual, had smiled, feeling as though you were breaking inside. Thorin had sat beside you, brushing his hand against your thigh at regular intervals, a constant reminder that he never liked to be away from you for long and just wanted to know you were close. You loved this Dwarf with your whole being, in its entirety, but that hate you had for yourself was pulling hard on your relationship with him. At night when he attempted to make love to you, and you pulled away, you would see the hurt in his eyes. He had only ever questioned it once, and you tried to cover your feelings by lying, telling him that the wound to your stomach that you had sustained in battle two years prior sometimes pained you. The lovemaking between you both had been amazing beyond words during the first few months of your marriage. Now, the pleasure had gradually dripped away, one drop at a time.

You sat in your bedchamber that afternoon, knowing that Thorin was overseeing the signing of new laws being passed. He had been too busy of late, it seemed, to enquire as to your whereabouts. You only saw him at night, and even then you were normally asleep before he returned. All you wanted was to feel whole again, to feel as though you belonged and were worthy of such a beautiful man. King or not, Thorin was the most honourable and loyal of men you had ever met. Everything he put his hand to was for the good of everyone else, never himself. Thorin deserved someone else; he deserved a woman who would give him an heir, who would be the emotional support he needed and be able to fully commit to being a ruler of the kingdom. Instead he had chosen you, and all you felt you were was a burden to him.

Tears slipped down your cheeks as you sat motionless, watching the shadows broaden on the wall. Your whole body felt as if it were void of any energy any motivation to move. All you could do was stare at the wall and let the emptiness consume you.

You had no idea how long you sat there until the wooden door to your chamber creaked open. Quickly you brushed the moisture away from your face with the back of your hand, sniffing away any sign that you had been crying.

Thorin looked at you, questions rising in his eyes and concern mounting on his face. “My love. What is it?” he asked, approaching you. “You think that I have not noticed your distance from me, but every day it has cut me deeper.”

You looked up at him, feeling those words gnaw into your stomach. But as your eyes met, you looked away.

He got down in front of you on his knees, taking your hands in his and then pressing them to his face and kissing them. He kissed across your knuckles and then held your hands against his cheek, closing his eyes as he did so. “How can I take this away from you?” he whispered.

Tears came again, dripping down your face, and then you felt the tightness in your chest. The breath escaped you in short bursts, becoming painful. “I don’t deserve you. You should look for someone who can be what you need and give you a child.” Uttering those words felt as if the whole world had crashed down onto your chest and stomach.

“I want my wife,” Thorin wept, his voice breaking. “I want our life together and our love as it once was. I do not base your value on whether you can conceive or not.” He looked up at you, his face a sign of his brokenness. Thorin placed his head in your lap. “You are worth everything I could ever give or do.”

You brushed your hands through his hair, cradling his head. “I love you, Thorin. But I don’t deserve this life. I don’t deserve anything. I’ll never be enough”

Thorin lifted his head and then took your hands in his. “You are more than enough for me. You are my One.” He kept his eyes on yours as he spoke and then he brushed his right hand against the braid in your hair. “Do you remember when I gave you this?”

“Yes,” you whispered, mentally recalling the day you pledged yourself to him and he you.

“I walked out of this mountain, preparing for war against Azog, and you had followed me through a great trial. The sickness made me speak words I will always regret, but never once did you walk away from me. Never once did you doubt me. And it was in those moments when I re-gained clarity of thought from the sickness that I knew you were my One. I had loved you for some time, but it was in those dark days that you proved to me your worthiness as a Queen, and your loyalty to me. Let me be with you through this trial of yours. If anyone is undeserving, it is me of you. Do you trust me?”

“With every breath, Thorin, you know I do,” you replied.

“Then trust my pledge to you. Trust that every word I speak is truth and that my heart will always be yours. Whatever you need, I will do everything in my power to see it given to you. But please know that you are more than enough for me. I just want you beside me and to give yourself to me freely as you once did.”

Hearing the words coming from him and to see him so broken because of your grief, all of it made something break inside. A locked chest had sprung open, releasing the emotions you had concealed now for months. You leaned down to him, kissing him. And for the first time in many weeks, you felt a shiver of pleasure race down your spine.

Crying in Front of Him


Very selfless and would do anything to make you feel better. Need a hug? No problem, need a kiss? He’d be honored to. He hates to see your beautiful face in tears. You’d be consoled all night in his arms.


   He might slightly feel like he is the reason why you’re in tears. He discovers that seeing you cry is something he never wants to see again and he holds you and says soothing words until you calmed down.


   He would be upset to see you cry. To make it up to you, he would give you things: a pillow, a cup of tea, a puppy if you wanted? You could have it all! Seeing you cry tore his heart to pieces.


     He would wipe the tears away and let his actions speak for him. Aragorn would hold you to his chest and hum an elvish tune. He would rock you back and forth until you fell asleep or stopped crying completely.

     Frodo would most likely grab a thick blanket and some tea before he hopped under the blanket and held you to him while you sobbed. He would stroke your hair and whisper sweet things.


     Selfless. Whatever you needed he would get it, whatever you wanted him to be, he would be it, if wanted him to leave you forever he found; as long as you were happy again.


Beorn would probably bring you to his animal- pelt-covered bed and cuddle you to him. If you were the only other skin changer in the world, you may be cuddling nude, but it does wonders at bringing you back to reality.

Out here under the stars it is so calm. All I hear is the sound of quiet murmuring from our guests, the warbling laughter of Thorin’s sister-children; all I feel is Thorin’s comforting presence by my side. This terribly distracting Dwarf seems to find it hilarious to run his fingers along my belly as we lie on the grass together, until my breath quickens and my heart sings with the longing to be closer to him. It will soon be a year since our marriage — I don’t doubt that time will fly by alarmingly fast for us — but I still look forward to every morning, and I still long for every last touch.

I can’t quite recall the last time I felt so terribly happy.

But seriously, imagine...

  The reader is another member of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  She goes on the quest for Erebor and slowly but surely falls in love with Thorin.  But after they reclaim Erebor and defeat Smaug, Thorin’s dragon sickness is starting to scare her.  He is more concerned with the gold than he his with the rest of his Company.  She has an argument with him one day about it, and decided she can’t take it anymore.  She decides to leave Erebor and head for Thranduil’s and Bard’s camps to join them.  Meanwhile, Thorin feels a pang of sadness even through all his anger and sickness.  And he climbs to the top of Erebor’s gate to watch as she flees, and he is singing “Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast, realizing that he screwed everything up.  Later on, during the Battle of the Five Armies, they reunite on the battlefield after he snaps out of his dragon sickness, and they kick butt and everyone lives happily ever after!!

What do you guys think?  Should I write this out as a story?  

What say you, people of the Hobbit Fandom?     Will you share in the wealth of this imagine?


tauriel on the banks of the anduin, bidding goodbye to legolas (this is as far as he would come, too afraid to further defy his father)

tauriel stopping for rest in rivendell, and being welcomed by arwen undomiel herself, feeling very young and clumsy and wild around her noldor cousins. but there are men of the west there, and a child called estel whom admires the sheen of her hair and follows her like a pale shadow for days. she only draws him out with stories of spiders and dwarves and dragons, and he repays her by calling her naurfinel, the flame-hair, and making her feel less like a child herself.

(there is starlight on the bruinen when the lady arwen comes to her, and asks about the stone she carries. starlight is memory, the lady says, and tauriel feels an ache so deep her bones could shatter of it)

tauriel on the east-west road, staying again in bree–she likes the children of Men best, she discovers; something about their wild innocence, the untaught strength of them. (the elves of mirkwood have been at war too often, too long, for any children to have been born since legolas greenleaf came of age. watching bree’s children play in the street, tauriel mourns.)

tauriel first stepping in eriador, and thinking on the stories of the war of wrath, and how she walks in the lady galadriel’s footsteps.

tauriel coming to the dwarven stronghold in the blue mountains and pleading with the guard–dis the lady dis sister to the king under the mountain and mother of its princes I must speak with her I have sworn a promise.

tauriel told to wait, told that she may not enter without leave of the lady dis, and going to sit on a rocky outcropping–sitting there still as the stars come out above her, stars from the other side of the world, and she wonders if kili might have told her their dwarfish names, if it is not elwing’s wings and the anvil of feanor that he looked upon, if his had been an entirely different sky.

what do you call that cluster of stars, near the northstar? she asks, when a dwarf comes to sit beside her on the stone.

those are the seven fathers, the lady dis says. (she is of such a likeness to thorin oakenshield that she can be no other–but there is something soft about her mouth that reminds tauriel more of kili than his uncle.) why, what is your name for them, elf?

and tauriel holds the promise-stone, thinks of the starlight of other worlds and who walks in it now. says, we call them–we call them the tears of nienna.

she uncurls her hand, and offers out a stone.

Bagginshield videos that will probably most definitely make you cry

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warning: don’t watch the following if you are a) emotionally unstable b) lol no you have to watch anyway   

“He was my friend” - this was the video that really got me into the bagginshield fandom and made me ship them more than life (seriously you have to watch all the videos by oakenbaggins because they are all stunning)

Why can’t you stay - okay thorin absolutely slayed me in this one, smiling thorin is my weakness 

Bonfire hearts- this is just so uplifting. fili and kili giggling at the end is literally life. i imagine those two get a lot of laughs watching these two besotted idiots

Talk some sense to me - okay so now you’re spirits are high (sort of) i’m gonna absolutely destroy you with this video. the editing of this is fucking stunning, and the song… it was basically written for them 

Farewell, Master burglar - okay i’m gonna finish with this soul crusher, the end ruined me. it should be illegal to put this music with thorin and bilbo  

AU- Everyone lives, Bilbo stays, Kili and Fili are little shits, Thorin is less grumpy and more drunk and Dwalin wants to murder them all

Pierced by Cupid

Based on “Imagine singing ‘My Jolly Sailor Bold’ while Bard takes the Company to Laketown and Thorin is hurt because he thinks the song is meant as a confession for Bard” from ImaginexHobbit

Sequel: All glittering gold


Weary, shaken, and trailing just behind your companions, you hoisted yourself gracelessly from the waterlogged barrel and flopped into the shallow but breathtakingly cold water of the river. No sooner had you made a few faltering attempts to crawl for the shore than a strong hand grasped the back of your tunic and hauled you to your feet, and Thorin faced you with a frantic look.

“Are you hurt?” He clasped you by the shoulders, surveying you for any sign of injury, and you instinctively followed the path of his eyes over your body, finding – to your surprise – that you had avoided serious injury in the chaotic, terrifying escape from Mirkwood.

“No…no, I’m fine,” you answered, and abruptly, shockingly, you were enveloped by the cold clamminess of his wet clothes as he gathered you into a tight embrace.

“Thank Mahal,” he murmured, to himself more than to you, and your hands moved to gently pat his back for lack of a more eloquent response to this unexpected show of concern. He pulled back, retaining his hold on your shoulders, looking at you with worry still furrowing his brow until a clearing of the throat from Dwalin seemed to bring him to a sudden, uncomfortable awareness of his position.

“On your feet!” Thorin stepped away from you, barking to the rest of the exhausted company where they’d gathered to regroup, his eyes scanning the surrounding forest for any sign of your pursuers.

“Kili’s wounded, his leg needs binding,” Fili argued, but Thorin was adamant.

“We’ve an orc pack on our tail. We keep moving.”

During the debate that ensued about the company’s next move, you sank gratefully onto a large rock to catch your breath, giving silent thanks to whatever gods might be listening when Thorin at last agreed to a few minutes’ rest before pressing on. You had just wrung out your hair as well as you could and had turned your efforts to your soggy socks when a movement in the corner of your eye caught your attention, and you looked up to see the man with dark hair and a darker expression aiming an arrow directly at Ori.

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As You Wish

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Author: locke-writes

Title: As You Wish

Request: May I request something based off of Imagine reading The Princess Bride to the company and Thorin using the “As You Wish” line on you From: @imaginexhobbit For: @fandomximagines

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,476

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Khuzdul Lullaby
poplitealqueen and goldberry-in-the-rushes
Khuzdul Lullaby


Gilim gilim jalaiglim. 

Thatûr ag zanelekha. 

Zelefsu Khajmîthuh

Zelefsu Kurdeluh  

Nurtul jalaneta.

English Translation

Glint glint gleam.

The stars shall soon shine.

Sleep my little gift

Sleep my heart of all hearts 

Your long day is ended.

I’m loathe to add any commentary (which is surprisingly reserved for me) to this haunting, beautiful rendition, because holy frijoles! Goldberrry, you have once again blown me away with your mad skills. *cries softly, hugs you, covers your shoulder in snot and tears*  You. Are. Stupendous. You bring my wriggling mass of rhymes to life, and this lullaby wouldn’t hurt my heart so much if it weren’t for you. I don’t know whether to thank you or kiss you, you ahh YOU.

And since this will be squeezed into The Seventh and Last, and because she is just a fantastic human being to know, I gotta thank Miss Dets as well. Just… ALL HER EMOTIONALLY STIRRING DWARVISH SONGS.The Iron Hills for me, the Iron Hills for me, theironhillsformeforme I may be a queen, but she’s QUEEN OF THOSE FEELS!

(It kinda devolves into a bona fide headcanon after this. Totally unapologetic).

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Day 7: AU (is crack even sufficiently considered an AU)

Don’t turn me into anything… unnatural.

so i doodled plenty of my ideas for gigolas week the past few days and never got any time to polish them past the sketchy pencil stage. so of course the scenario I get to finish first is a crack au where gimli turns into a cat, because why not.

let’s chalk it up to magic gone awry (or gandalf following up on that turning people into something unnatural– he was feeling especially cranky that day and gimli was being difficult in particular. this put in mind a certain other stubborn dwarf nobility whom gandalf travelled with in another quest decades ago. he allowed himself a moment of bittersweet nostalgia before promptly getting over it by becoming so annoyed. because dwarves.)

or any other scenario, really. my thought process basically boiled down to wanting to draw gimli as a cat. he would be one of those scruffy, so ugly-it’s-cute types with a perpetual grumpy face. legolas would fawn over him like the big girl that he is.


Pt. 2 Oneshot(Request) Traveling w/ tc to tlm & Smaug is interested in u. He trades u for tlm & Thorin agrees bc he's mad.(U r a skin changer u just don't know)(Thorin doesn't realise what he's done till after and tc is furious) This might be long.

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Once your screams stopped echoing through the great halls of Erebor, silence was all that was heard from the dwarfs. Kill and Fili looked at each other in shock. Was their best friend really gone forever? Fill gripped sword tight and walked over to the king Under the Mountain.

“You cannot expect me to just stand here uncle! She wasn’t just a girl to me! Do not expect me to stand here and do nothing.”, he said, as he tried to match his eyes with Thorin’s. He felt a hand grip his shoulder.

“Aye, count me in.”, Before said to Fili. 

“Aye!”, the rest of the Company roared. Fili sighed in relief.

 Thorin looked around at the group of men in shock. They didn’t show fear or ager, but instead showed bravery and concern. He looked down at the stone, as your echoed screams filled his mind. He felt angry, but didn’t know why. All his life he had been waiting for the moment when he Arkenstone was his, but once he gained it, he wasn’t happy. Instead he felt clouds fill his mind, he couldn’t think straight. As he looked closer at the stone, he could see his refection. Only, it wasn’t his, it was his grandfathers. The reflection of a sick man. He saw a tear fall from his eyes, he knew he wouldn’t suffer the same fate of his grandfather. Thorin walked over to the edge of the stairs from which he stood and held out the stone.

“I am not my grandfather!”, he let go of the Arkenstone and watched it tumble along the glittering gold. 

He turned back at his brothers and smiled. Balin stood up and grabbed Thorin’s shoulders. Balin smiled and nodded his head. 

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go kill a dragon and save y/n.”, he slightly commanded. Fill and Kili smiled wide and hugged their uncle. Soon enough, the  Company of Thorin Oakensheild has set off on the journey to save y/n. 


You could hear the hurricane of Smaug’s wings on either side of you, as you two soared higher into the air. You couldn’t feel the tears on your face, all you could feel was the pain of knowing Thorin had given you up for a rock. You felt tired and slowly began to lead against the giant beast. You could feel every muscle of Smaug move, as he flew through the air. You became hypnotized by his shimmering scales. You placed your hands gently onto a few of the red rocks and softly slid your fingers across them. Suddenly, you heard a purr like sound come from the dragon. You jerked back in surprised, and began to laugh. You didn’t know why you were laughing, there was nothing to smile about at this point time time, but that purr broke down that wall. You felt a sudden shift in direction and the clouds of which he was sailing upon, were gone, All you could see was green land and a few small mountains. You could feel the fresh green air fill your lungs, it was like a drug. You hadn’t see so much green in your life. Then the another shift in the course. You saw Smaug head to the biggest one of the mountains you had seen earlier. You knew this was going to be your knew home, your new life,….your new roommate. Once you got closed enough to the mountain, Smaug pushed back with his wings and tilted enough that you began to fall off of him. You tried to hold on, but their was no chance of safety with this snake. Once you couldn’t feel his leathery skin, you couldn’t feel anything, just air. Suddenly something caught you from your fall. You made a small oof sound, as your legs and arms dangled from you. You placed your hands on the catcher and felt the fimilar claw of Smaug. He’d caught you, no, he’d saved you. You heard a low growl come from him. He slowly drifted over to the opening to a big cave, and gently placed you on the ground. You wobbled a bit, being you having’t walked in a few hours. Then walked into the cave. You felt a loud and hard landing from Smaug. You were confused on why he had brought you here, he could never fit in a cave, even if it was big. It wasn’t that big. You grabbed a stick and motioned Smaug to light it, he took a small waft of air and spewed a fire big enough to light the new torch. You looked up at him and smiled, there is no way he can get to me inside, you thought. Then, unexpectedly you felt a gust of wind take hold of you. You stepped back from the pressure, then immediately the movement of air stopped. You turned to Smaug, but in surprise their wasn’t a dragon, but a tall man. You gasped at the sight, you began to back away, but stopped once you saw the skin to the man. He was tan, but had tattoo like scars on his back. You stepped closer to him, he turned around and looked at you. You saw the eyes, dragons eyes, his eyes.


But I Will Help You Take It Back if I Can

I know everyone gets all excited about The Hug at the end of An Unexpected Journey as the real beginning of their relationship, of Thorin realizing how incredible Bilbo is, but I think it’s actually earlier.

FILI: How on earth did you get past the Goblins?!

GANDALF: Well, what does it matter? He’s back!
THORIN: It matters! I want to know - why did you come back?

Thorin’s saying it matters how Bilbo got past the Goblins, but he then changes the question to why. So he doesn’t really care about how; he wants to know why. This isn’t the only time Thorin does that:

THORIN: You have no claim over me!

Thorin, no one said anything about you until you brought it up.

But back to this scene:

Thorin’s demanding, wary, and angry at first:

THORIN: It matters! I want to know.

He’s being all Leader of the Company/King. But when he says “Why did you come back?” it’s like he tries to be demanding, but can’t:

THORIN: Why did you come back?

His voice changes - gets soft, gets personal. He really wants to know the answer to this question: it’s apparently important to him.

Then, of course, Bilbo clearly addresses Thorin, even though, really, his speech is supposedly to the whole company:

BILBO: Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right, I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home … 

Thorin’s obviously listening very carefully because he repeats these same words back to Bilbo as he’s dying. I mean, he’s staring so intently at Bilbo here, sort of drinking him in:

Thorin feels things, so much, all the time, that he just blocks it all out, like through a layer of water. Despite how obsessed he is with getting back to Erebor, I don’t think he’s actually thought about what Erebor is like or thought about details about it at all since Smaug came. It’s too complicated, too painful.

BILBO: … I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home …

Thorin’s face in that last picture - it’s almost taken aback: either from finally allowing himself to think of Bilbo as a real person with individual dignity or - I think more likely - from hearing about books and armchairs and gardens. What are those things, really? Warmth, comfort, safety. Things people associate with home.

Thorin has been homeless, a refuge, for a long time. He doesn’t think about Erebor specifically. He doesn’t think about the things he misses from home: he can’t; he can’t, it’s suicide. And now he is, probably for the first time in a very long time.

But here’s where I think Thorin really gets it in the gut:

BILBO: … That’s home. And that’s why I came back, cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.

Bilbo is saying that he’ll give up those things so that Thorin can have them. And he’s saying it like it’s no big deal at all; his face and his voice are totally matter-of-fact:

BILBO: … That’s home. And that’s why I came back, cause you don’t have one

Thorin looks almost confused, like he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, like he can’t comprehend something this good and this humble. All the dwarves, they’re behind Thorin - at least in part, and Thorin thinks in whole - because he’s the king (at least in name) and because they, too, want to go home. But Bilbo is doing this for Thorin, because he thinks it’s right, because he thinks Thorin is right.

Bilbo is giving something - something huge: his home, his safety, all the things that Thorin misses - with nothing asked for in return.

And then there’s the real kicker: Bilbo’s done talking, and this is Thorin:

He doesn’t blink; he legit just looks down because he can’t meet Bilbo’s eyes. Really, I find it a fairly blatant - if unconscious - gesture of submission - particularly because Thorin always, always looks everyone in the eye, usually rather aggressively. But he’s like “I have just met the Ultimate Good, I didn’t think something like this could exist and certainly not for me; I don’t deserve this; Bilbo is everything that is good and beautiful.”

Then Wargs and Orcs show up immediately, so there’s no time really for any sort of response from Thorin, but as soon as Thorin actually allowed himself to listen to Bilbo, he was in love.