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Not the Ballsiest Dwarf

Context: In the castle courtyard, waiting for our rewards after successfully stopped a dragon from demolishing it.

DM: What do you want to do now?

Chaotic Evil Dwarf(ooc): RANSACK THE TOWN!

DM: Make me a perception check (rolls 14). You see some guards coming up to you with a hammer and rope.

Dwarf(ooc): I feel threatened and strangely aroused.

DM: The young dwarf holding the rope winks at you.

Dwarf (leaning casually on a wall, winking back): Can I rope you into having a drink with me? We could get hammered, and then you could hammer me all night long ;) 

DM: The dwarf’s cheeks turn red, she snatches her companion’s hammer, and hits you in the dwarf parts with it. She then says ‘I don’t think you could take me’ as you squeal and slump to the floor.

Dwarf(ooc): With my last agonising breath before I pass into the cold relief of oblivion, I grunt just loud enough for all to hear: “Sorry. I thought you were a guy”

DM: Before your consciousness fades, you Hear Generic Guard A, who has now been given his hammer back, say something that comes across as muffled. The dwarf then replies ‘they’re probably so small he might as well not have any’.

Dwarf(ooc): My final thoughts before my mind disappears like my testicles are: “That insult hurt worse than any hammer could”

Please tag this as needed, he turned out pretty gnarly! But this is how I pictured him as I was reading. I wanted to do some scenes from the fic but I ran out of time this morning. I really want to thank you for your writing though. It’s really inspiring!


*softly* : “my god. he’s beautiful.”

(for folks who don’t know, this is from my fic “Don’t forget. Don’t forget her.”

go read it if you don’t mind, if only for context.)

Thank you

Yesterday I blogged about 3 women who were kind enough to reach out and support a shipper that was targeted and sent hate . These three were not the only NST that reached out to her . I wanted to thank all that did the same. It’s heartening to know that when it comes right down to it these people put aside their differences and chose to do the right thing. Thank you all.

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The lyrics to the song in Just Friends... Please tell me it means something other than the thing I desperately do not want it to mean

Well it means exactly what you think, and it clearly is very related to Star and Marco’s current situation, just like the song in Bon Bon was related to Star’s feelings. But hey, things can still change. They are not “just” friends, they are best friends, there are the most solid of basis for them to solve this.
And if, in the future, Romantic Starco is going to happen, all the better for them, they’ll be best friends & lovers. 

Its Going to be Okay

I was about to go in and work on asks (again if you’ve sent one there are a lot in there and I’ll get to them all but it will definitely take me a few more days).  But I just want to take a moment and hopefully offer a bit of stress release to the fandom.  

Tuesday everything literally got turned upside down on us as the C Arc turned into AO3 come to life.  They surprised me (Which isn’t easy to do), did things we didn’t want to see, and then totally changed the playing field on us.  Some are excited by the twist while others are devastated.  As usual the source of that is mostly Fitzsimmons. 

We’re here guys.  The Fitznapping, Role Reversal, and Woman on Fire I’ve been predicting since last season is here.  Just not how I though it would be.  The writers did it and turned it on its head.  I said they would do something that would have us freaking the hades out over hiatus and boy did they ever.

With this meta I’m going to break a few things down and offer some hope.  But we still have to prepare for more twists that are going to hurt.  

What will Fitz be like in the Framework?

  • What we know:  He’s seemingly rich and holding his hand out to a woman in the car.  He’s got either minions or bodyguards with him as well.  
  • What we suspect his regret AIDA fixed is:  His father.  If it was something to do with his relationship with Jemma they would not have put the Papa Fitz stuff on the table.  So in this world…AIDA will have given him a father and a supportive one at that.
  • In essence part of how we see Fitz will be if he had a father figure at the very least  He had someone either nurturing his genius/guiding it.  Or he never got into science and is more on the business side of things.  
    • We had lots of fun trying to find the perfect actor for Papa Fitz.  And boy did we find some fun options.  But you know, he’s been here all long.  Radcliffe.  
    • Radcliffe built a utopia…his happily ever after is in there too.  He sees Fitz as the son he never had, wants him working with him, appreciated his talents, and encouraged him.   “I’m not going to let this come between us”.  Bonus the way he touched him when talking about the Framework with AIDA, it was paternal.  
    • Fitz said he saw Radcliffe as a father figure.
    • So that has been fixed now.  Both for the ‘benefit’ of Fitz and Radcliffe.  AIDA makes Radcliffe Fitz’s father in here.   Be it she rewrote history, or lets say the Glasgow mission saved FItz’s Parents…without it they die and Radcliffe adopted him/took him in.   (That serial killer board showed us just how much Coulson has done.  He is patient zero in all this.  Him not joining Shield is what made the biggest wave).  
    • Having the father figure in his life be it Radcliffe or Papa Fitz is one of the things that likely changed FItz’s trajectory the most.  And there is a good chance he never went into the Academy or if he did he was pulled away/into Hydra.  In that case he never met Jemma or knows her in a different way (we’ll get into that later). 
  • I know a big fear will lie in Fitz’s personality really being different. And yes he will be, he’s in a world where he doesn’t have the experiences we have seen shape him.  The Fitz we had now isn’t the Fitz we had in the pilot.  Who he REALLY is is still there.  He is who he is because its who he is, its not is programming (that conversation with Jemma was huge and is going to be the crux of all this).  He’s a good person, who is loving, brave, and loyal.  However, until he remembers we could see a change.  And that’s okay, it will be fun to see Iain strech his legs a big.
    • He could be Evil:  Robo Fitz gave me chills.  Just legit chills.  So we could see a bit of Hydra Super Villain Mad Scientist Fitz here.  
    • He could be an a**:  He is this world version of Quinn or even a bit of Stark  He knows he’s smart, he knows he’s rich, he’s entitled, and manipulative.  Pretty much everything our Fitz is not.  
    • He is himself…but with a twist:   He’s the Fitz we know…but a bit more confident.  Or they have twisted his loyalty and convictions from loyalty to Shield…to Hydra and his father figure.  Remember Garrett said if Fitz joined Hydra in the fall, he’d hold a high rank and that would no doubt come with the kind of trappings we saw him with at the end.  
    • No matter what….Jemma will eventually get through to him.  Its not going to be easy, Jed said it won’t be easy, but she’ll do it eventually.  

Where is Jemma in the Framework:

  • She is NOT in the grave.  Had she projected herself into a dead body she would have died instantly.   Jemma said her Avatar was “running around” in the framework.  A dead body doesn’t do that, this isn’t Walking Dead.  
  • She is NOT on Maveth.  
    • We don’t have time for this.  Period.
    • Jemma is the one who is going to get Fitz to “wake up” and she can’t do that from Maveth.
    • The circumstances that landed her on Maveth in the first place will not have happened because Coulson never joined Shield and I have a hunch things are going very differently with the Inhumans in here.  
    • No writer in their right mind would open that can of worms with us again.  They have been distancing themselves from that story like the plague.  
    • This story is about Jemma getting Fitz back, not him realizing she’s gone and somehow figuring out he needs to get Harold, and its nto going to be Jemma getting off Hell planet and THEN joining the party.
    • Maveth is another world.  The Framework is one work in its own right.
  • Jemma as never scanned so where her Avatar is (like Daisy) is a result of what AIDA did with Fitz, Coulson, May, and Mack.  Now May and Mack won’t have been as big of factor as where Jemma landed.  That is more “I never joined Shield Coulson” and Fitz.  
    • Yes, we could get the he never went to the Academy and therefore they never met.  Plus side we get to see him fall in love with her again.  
    • We could get they are rivals, and look at that enemies to lovers.
  • Jed said that everything in “our world” is in there somehow.  Case in point Ward.  That also means things like Shield (who in an Upside down world would be what Hydra was, lurking and limping along in the shadows), Real Shield (Bobbi, Izzy, Gonzales, and Weaver), Mike/Deathlock, Afterlife (but look for it to have been captured or fallen we can’t get Jaiying, Lincoln, and Raina back).   
    • What if Jemma in this world IS a Double Agent for Shield.  Working within Hydra to steal secrets and take it down.  
  • She’s not JEMMA anymore…she is someone else.

The Grave:

  • Its the back door Jemma was talking about.
  • It does indeed belong to Jemma Anne Simmons and her death has been faked for some reason.  Be it by Fitzsimmons, Hydra, Shield, or Radcliffe.  But like Coulson and Fury’s, its an empty grave.
    • It says “Loving Friend” on it so someone was close to her in this world to put that there.  And it has to be SOMEONE who was scanned.  May, Coulson, Mace, Mack, and Fitz.    
    • This gives rise to Double Agent Jemma.  “Jemma Simmons” in this world is indeed dead and Jemma’s avatar is going by a new name and identity.
    • Jed said that Fitz didn’t seem too phased about her being in the grave.  So that either means that He wasn’t close to her here to have it have an impact…or he knows she’s not in there.

The Hand:

  • They hid who it belonged to for a reason.   But in looking at the positive side of things they gave us Ward… why would they give us Ward and not continue the massacre on our feelings and have some Rando step out with Fitz.  Because they could have done what they did with the hand with ward.  Had Daisy coming out of the bathroom and sees the figure laying in bed…cut away.  Leaving the fandom thinking its Lincoln ALL hiatus and then come back in 16 with SURPRISE!   It wasn’t Lincoln.
    • So in not showing us the hand and confirmring it wasn’t Jemmas it build the suspense and often times our imagination or worst case are far worse than what happens.  So all hiatus they leave us fearing who is coming out of the car next.  
  • Okay so yes, Jed confirmed the hand isn’t Jemma…he said JEMMA.   But…if Jemma Simmons is “dead” her Avatar won’t be going by Jemma will she?  She’ll have a new name/cover so while Jemma might not be coming out of that car next….Lil and her Framework counterpart very well could be.  Jemma here could be a double agent either spying on, protecting, or trying to get to Fitz.  Or is a version of her Radcliffe wanted for his ‘son’.  
    • Another option is that when Jemma “died” in this world Fitz went all Radcliffe on us and created Robo Jemma.  So like Agnes is to AIDA…Jemma’s new counterpart would have a different name.  
  • However we do have to consider other options for that Hand too.
    • AIDA/Agnes:  But not romantically.  Rather if Radcliffe is his father either one could be his “step mother”.  Despite the butterfly effect its hard to get to a point where Fitz meets AIDA on his own.  
    • Bobbi:  She’s undercover in Hydra too, Fitz is her target or she is his bodyguard.  Again NOT romantic.
    • Rando assistant:  So its his version of Anon or AIDA and its not romantic at all.  
    • Rando Girlfriend:  Yes it has to be on the table.  I’m sorry but it does.  I don’t like it.  It don’t want it.  But it has to be there.  It makes me mad as all get out that we have to deal with another form of a love triangle.  Again I feel if it was this option they would have hit us with a truck with it already and really left us in shambles.  IF they do this to us remember….
      • ITS NOT REAL and as soon as Fitz wakes up its all Jemma all the time.  
      • The Jemma Fitz loves is not in the picture.  So he’s not cheating on her or anything like.
      • When Fitz comes out of the Framework Fitz will recognize it was that, in the Framework.  It will not change his feeling for Jemma at all.  “Theirs is a forever love”.  
      • Jemma comes into his life and we get to see her have him fall in love with her all over again.
    • If AIDA has inserted herself in here as Fitz’s Girlfriend is more of a Dragon guarding its treasure.  Its allowing her to keep an eye on him.   Its not because she loves him.  .  

Other points:

  • Jemma needs to get close to Fitz, she needs to be in the mix or in a position where she can do that and start to work on him.  So she can’t be completely off the map here  Get him to wake up.  Get him to want to leave the Framework.  And its not just Fitz she and Daisy have to do this with.  Its May, Coulson, Mack and Mace too.   All the while surviving whatever the crap is going on in that world.  AIDA didn’t program the story, she just changed it at a certain point ans is going from there.  So its a true What If AU.  
    • AIDA allowed x factors in the mix like Ward….this Ward is based off of Coulson, May, Fitz, and even a little bit of Mack.  And is still ‘alive’ here thanks to someone’s regret fix.  
    • This is Ward we are talking about…kind of AOS plot twists.
  • The trick isn’t going to be really finding everyone, its going to be convincing them to ‘come home”.  Convincing them this isn’t real. 
  • Both Radcliffe and AIDA who built the Framework in the first place know how much Fitzsimmons mean to each other.  As does EVERY SINGLE PERSON they scanned in there. 
  • We can’t forget even once they get them to want to come out its Radcliffe who knows where they are and how to do it safely.  RADCLIFFE is the one they have to get to tell them.  And we know he’s pretty dang happy in there, especially if we are right about Fitz.  He’s got his son, powers, Agnes, and no fear of death.  Let me tell you @jessiecrimefighter and I just came up with another one of those really awful ideas.  But in the End its Radcliffe who has to be willing to let them go and die to save them all.  


We have and endgame here guys.  In the gut punch of what we had please don’t lose site of that.  This is TV so we have to suffer before we get these moments.  

  • We endured the hell of Maveth and were rewarded with them becoming Canon and The Singularity.
  • We endured the so close yet so far of A and were rewarded with Sciencing Domestic Fitzsimmons through B (and really we had to know something was coming with all that good).  

Just like in Season three where they set up Perthshire/Jemma pictured them together, that they both loved each other.  It became of matter of getting there.  The bump them was Will, them getting kidnapped, Fitz going to Maveth, and its aftermath.  And we are there again only this time its better.  Its Marriage.   Robo Fitz with the wedding talk was like Fitz watching Jemma’s videos.   A huge “oh my you want that” moment without the other directly saying it.  

Fitz wants to propose, he wants them to get married and grow old together.

Jemma WILL say yes, and she will say yes as soon as she gets him back.

There is NO Universe where FItz doesn’t want to Marry You.

Their’s is a forever love.

THEY WILL MAKE IT BACK TOGETHER….and out pay off at the very least is them engaged if not a wedding.   

Many of us wanted a Woman on Fire Fitznapping…well we got it.  And I said to remind me I wanted it when it was here and not how I pictured it to be.  So that is what I am doing.  

I would also like to point out that the person who has nearly pulled them apart the most is in the mix.   Ward.  Boy do I have some fun theories for him but those are for after the ask box isn’t overflowing.  Especially thanks to Jed’s newest quote.  

I know my meta won’t stop someone from stopping the show if they are upset about the turn.  I know it doesn’t change canon.  I know it doesn’t change we are going to have to suffer a little bit.   What I’m hoping I get across is that the suffering will be worth it.  That we need to stay positive and stay together with this.  Fitzsimmons will be fine, we have that diamond ring just waiting at the end of this.   So hang in there guys.  But in my gut I do believe there are FAR more interssting stories to tell vs just throwing a Rando GF in the mix.  

The Framework is full of love and loss.  Seeing who you really are.  That our experiences help shape us but they don’t define us.  

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my parents can't have house plants bc their cats are always munching on them. is there a way for me to train my future kittens/cats to not eat house plants? bc i basically want my house to look like a jungle in the future. thanks!!

It’s very hard to get cats to leave plants alone - or really anything they’re interested in, but especially things they’ll have a natural urge to chew on. Your options are a) don’t have plants or b) keep all yours plants out of range of the cats. Any training you’d do would, at best, teach the cats only to not get caught chewing on them. (You also have to be very careful that none of your plants are toxic to cats). 

Headcanon- Dracos comforts a girl with body issues


•He finds you sitting in front of your mirror crying

•He gets confused for a minute but then he realizes why your crying

•He just stands there awkwardly for a few minutes not knowing what to do

•He then just sits beside you and wraps you in a hug

•He just sits there while you cry on his shoulder

•He lets you rant all you want and he doesn’t day a word

•He’ll just rub your back slowly while listening

• Then he’ll list all the things he loves about you

•Which makes you cry more

• You two will sit there for hours just talking

•You eventually fall asleep on his shoulder or vise versa

•If it’s happened multiple times he’ll know exactly how to make you feel better

•He just gives you so much love and support

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I know it may or may not mean anything when Jess sometimes gets these anons telling her that S&C are still together after we get these crazy days but I think that people do know things and come to Jess to calm waters because she is such a visible shipper blog.

You are right, anon, Jess has long been the central point for both the shipper, and the anti, communities. Due to the anonymous nature of anons it’s hard to know who is putting out something real and who is just guessing until hindsight makes it all clearer. But if you do want to get something out there Jess is the obvious choice. And it does appear that anons with real information are aware.
This latest one may know something, or may not, but since the information agrees with all the evidence that I am aware of I’ll agree with it too!

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So in Ohio we have some, not great politicians and we had one at school today, and I quote him directly when I say his words were "I mean I don't think we need the government to protect the transgender people, the county's and districts can figure it out on their own" sooo due to him saying things like that the whole time we asked questions and avoiding answering the majority of them, me and a few people are gonna try to curse him? Do you have any suggestions for which curse?

The easiest thing that you can all do together is probably a variation on my popular Casual Curse for Bigots.

Instead of using fascist literature, use the person’s campaign fliers, particularly anything with his face on it. And instead of disposing of the pieces, either burn them or stuff them into a jar with some vinegar and nails.

You’ll also want to rephrase the incantation to aim the spell at the person on the flier rather than the person who MADE the flier. Be specific about what you want to happen when the curse takes effect, whether it’s his own hate and ignorance coming back to bite him in the ass, or simply that he’ll lose his seat at the next election. Whatever you feel is most appropriate.

Also, when that re-election time rolls around, you and your pals make sure that you’re out there working to oust him and everyone like him. Make those calls, sign those petitions, attend those rallies, and VOTE!

Go forth and show no mercy, witchling!

The misuse of astrology really goes to show how people will easily throw their common sense away to escape their problems. You’ve seen it all the time. Fatalistic and defeatist tendencies. Generalization of the signs. Generalizations of compatibility. It’s a natural thing for everyone really, and it makes me wonder about the workings of human nature.

Do humans really just hate to coexist with everything in the world around them because it’s so uncomfortable? It makes sense… We all have a Sun within us. An identity, an ego. Something that exists to highlight not only our beautiful uniqueness, but also our want to stay that way by refusing to coexist yet we create idealistic social norms and societies. It’s scary to express yourself with a possibility of consequence, so we create norms with the intention that we won’t express ourselves at all, but you’ve seen some manifestations of this. War. Conflict. Arguments… all with the purpose to maintain the self, which is why Aries and Scorpio, signs ruled by the combative Mars, is tied to identity.

[004] Hanyu, Y.

“Skating is something that heavily depends on how you’re feeling and there’ll definitely be times when you feel like you absolutely hate it. When you do it well, it’s the greatest feeling in the world and when you don’t, it’s the single most frustrating thing ever and you start to think that maybe you don’t like it as much anymore. But you’ll always have people who’d stand by you no matter what and when things don’t go your way, these are the people, people like your parents, or others around you like your coach, who’d tell you exactly what you need to hear (even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear) and they’d be doing it because they know you can do better, so it’d be wise to listen. 

And as you grow older, you may find yourself going through rebellious phases and getting angry quite a lot, and you’d maybe think that all these people around you should just mind their own business and leave you alone, and that’s natural. But it’d be awesome if you could grow up to become someone who is able to understand where they’re coming from and cherish all the support that’s selflessly being given to you.”  

-Yuzuru HANYU, at the ISU World Championship 2014 Small Medal Ceremony, answering an 8 year-old skater’s question about what they (the skaters on stage) feel is most important to them when it comes to skating 

Source: Taken from 04:18~04:26 of [this video] for the little girl’s question and 00:00~01:32 of [this video] for the big boy’s answer.

(Note: He answered it after Tatsuki and Javi cos he wasn’t prepared to give one only to find out that he’s basically skipped his turn. I think they somehow let him say his piece later, though, cos he was looking really sulky and isn’t it a good thing that they did?)

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Can I ask a question? And I am genuinely curios. I saw an anon that said "Why can't I stop loving them?" Or something like that. Is there a reason that anyone has to? Do you think that there is a way to love them for what they do have? An amazing connection, chemistry, friendship, etc. #justtryingtounderstand

I don’t think anyone necessarily wants to stop loving them. We just don’t want the pain and the drama that comes along with doing so. They have incredible chemistry and a beautiful friendship and of course that should be celebrated but when we’ve believed that it was something more than that all along, it’s hard to just suddenly accept it, you know? People feel misled and confused and I think that’s justified after everything. The fact that it’s now apparent (at least to some of us) that they’re most likely in relationships with other people means we have to look at ourselves and question every single thing we’ve seen for the last few years. That’s not easy to do and it’s also not easy to admit that we were wrong. Walking away from it all and letting them go would probably be easier than facing the truth head on, but I don’t think anyone actually wants to do that. It’ll just take time for everyone to come to terms with it. I hope that makes sense :) 

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I'm a beginner artist and I'm getting really depressed because I can't draw beautiful things like you.. Can you give me some words for cheer me up, please? And I wanted to ask how should I do neat lines like you? But I can't draw neat lines, the sketch is fine but when it comes to transform it in the drawing it sucks, help me Ally Sensei ;-; Btw I love your art and your blog, it inspires me a lot and when I look at your art I can't just help but want to draw like you one day, saranghae ❤❤💞

one thing i’ve learnt is to not force myself into an art style that just /isn’t/ me! you hate lineart and love your sketches more? WORK with your sketch instead and make IT into the lineart!

it might take you awhile to find solutions to make what you’re comfortable with into a coherent and appeasing product, but know that even if it looks bad/awkward, it’ll be something you’re gonna look back at and say “damn, i’m so glad i kept at it and got to where i am today”

7 Random things about sigils

Just some things I wanted to write down having to do with sigils. I thought some of this information might be useful, and I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into a post on its own, so please enjoy,and stay beautiful my friends. <3

1) Sigils that are flashing much like a strobe light, become some form of brain stimulant that eases all who see it into a more gnostic like state, attracting their attention to it giving the sigil energy, and allowing it to manifest.

2) You don’t need to do any sigil method in order to make a sigil, all you need is something unique that you can associate your intent with. This will become your sigil.

3) Sigils are one of the lowest forms of programmed energy constructs, but are still incredibly useful.

4) The more an individual sigil  is used for its purpose, the stronger that individual sigil is at performing its purpose, and it may eventually get to a state where it does not need to be charged anymore, because of the great amount of energy that the sigil contains.

5) Sigils can be made for specific entities, and can be used to call them to you.

6) You can use more than one sigil at the same time and combined their energies by simply drawing a the same circle around them, and then charging, and activating them.

7) Because sigils are programmed energy from your intent a practitioner can always set up triggers on their sigils. These triggers can be words, or actions that begin the activation of that sigil’s manifestation. In order to put a trigger on a sigil all you have to do is write it into its intent, so that the energy will know when to manifest. This can be good for sigils that you want to use in a specific way, or at a specific time.

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Real quick question. Whenever I read something I really like I try to leave a review. And I know that authors often get a lot of crap from people in the reviews. Is it okay to say things like "I want <character> to do/be <this>" (I'm not trying to demand something, just trying to get an idea out or inspire someone) And is it okay to say things like "can't wait for the next part" or "excited to read more" (NOT demanding an update but trying to be encouraging)

Let me preempt this by saying that all authors have different preferences when it comes to reviews. Some like concrit, some (like me) are more ‘if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all’ people, and there are tons of levels in between. 

Personally, I don’t mind cheerful encouragements to post more, especially if it’s not a story with regular updates. I’m a little bit touchier about “I want X to do Y” if it’s strongly worded, but that’s mostly because I’ve had people be assholes about not seeing what they want. Plot predictions, ‘ahh, it would be so cool if xyz happened!” and the like are awesome, though - if I’m stuck I’ll go back to the comments and see if inspiration hits. 

Overall, my big advice is be polite, and imagine the author as someone human, rather than a distant figure with an almighty typewriter. Talk to them. Mention details, lines, actions you liked. I promise, if you’re enthusiastic, that will carry over, and it’s enough to make their day. I’ve had crappy days that have brightened considerably from a simple “Wow, thank you!”. 

One warning, and this is mostly a pet peeve, so idk if other writers care about it, but - please don’t leave the exact same word-for-word review on every chapter of a fic. Personally I find that vastly irritating and a little depressing, because at that point it really means nothing. So…that would be my one ‘do not’. Otherwise? The fact that you want to review is awesome and makes you a fantastic person who I would hug were you in grabbing distance.  💕

Don’t Cry // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 637


Hi love, Can you do an imagine with jack that he and the reader get into a huge fight and he makes her cry? Thank you!! Xx

A/N- so so so sorry this took so long. also sorry it’s short. i hope it’s what you wanted anon :)


“All I asked was for you to come out with us!” Jack shouted at you.

“And I said I didn’t want to! Is that not a good enough reason?” you questioned.

You two had been arguing for the past 30 minutes. Jack wanted to go out for the third time this week but you wanted to stay in and cuddle.

“You’re so frustrating!” he barked. “Just do one thing for me Y/n! One bloody thing.”

“Why can’t you just go out alone?” you sighed in annoyance.

“Well I’m sorry that I want to spend the night with my girlfriend,” he stated as he sat down, running a hand through his hair.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t go out,” you said under your breath.

“What did you just say?” his head snapped towards you.

“If you want to spend time with me, why do you want to go to the club?  Why can’t you spend them with me alone, at home?” you stared at him.

“Cuz it’s boring!”

“Wow, so spending time doing what I want to do is annoying?” you stepped back, clearly offended.

“Yes! Why don’t you want to go out and have fun like the other girls?!” his facial expression showed that he immediately realized he fucked up.

“What did you just say?” you stepped back once again.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it,” he stood up, slowly approaching you.

“Get out,” you said quietly, the tears falling from your eyes.

“Y/n, please. You know I didn’t mean it.”

“Get. Out.” You said louder, not looking in his eyes.

“Okay,” you put his hands up defensively. “But you can’t say I didn’t try.”

“Excuse me?!?” you shrieked.

“Well you’re overreacting. I tried apologizing, now it’s on you,” he stared at you, completely serious.

“You just told me, your fucking girlfriend, that you wished I was ‘more like the other girls’,” you used your fingers as quotation marks. “So my bad that in a little pissed off.”

“I tried to apologize.”

“I’m not going to immediately forgive you for something like that! It takes time, but honestly right now in thinking you don’t deserve it.”

“What does that mean?” he asked, suddenly worried.

“It means that we,” you pointed between the two of you. “Are over.”

“Wait,” he walked towards you.

“No. You showed me how you really feel about this relationship,” you said as you wiped away the tears and held your head up high, trying oh so hard to not break down. “So, get out. We’re over Jack.”

“Y/n,” he sighed. “Don’t do this.”

“Why? So in a few days you can tell me that I’m boring and not like your exes again? No thanks.”

“Please,” he knelt in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You instinctively put your hands in his hair. “Don’t do this. You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Jack,” you said, tears falling once more. “I can’t keep doing this.”

“I promise that we can do better. I’ll try harder. I just can’t lose you,” he stood up, putting his hands on your cheeks.

“I’m sorry Jack. I just can’t. I’m tired of being hurt, I need someone who will love me for me,” the tears continued falling but this time Jack was there to wipe away your tears.

“Please, Y/n. I can be that person. I’m sorry that I haven’t. But I promise that from now on, I will not judge you.”

You looked at him. It was then that you realized, he was crying as well.

“Don’t cry,” you gave him a sad smile as you wipe away one of his tears.

“I just lost the love of my life, I can’t not cry.”

“You didn’t lose me,” you smiled.

“I won’t mess this up,” he sighed in relief.

“Promise me.”

“I promise.”

Random, you say?

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1. If I’m holding something in my teeth, like a pencil or the edge of a towel, I can’t stop myself from biting down really hard. I’ve actually cracked a pencil before while doing this.

2. I think I have something akin to light misphonia. Most everyday sounds don’t bug me, but occasionally sounds have been known to make me instantly cry or almost vomit.

3. I have a proclivity for remembering song lyrics. I even remember the words to songs I don’t like. If I could clear out whatever section of my brain holds all of that, I’m sure I could be vastly more intelligent.

4. Large amounts of the color yellow make me vaguely uncomfortable. It hurts my eyes if it’s anything beyond the palest shade. Also I look terrible in it. These olive undertones are a bitch.

5. I think crustaceans make the tastiest meals. As in to eat them, not as in “I want a crab to cook my dinner in a little chef’s hat”.

6. When I was in elementary school, I was in a gifted program that did all kids of strange things and took neat field trips. Once, we studied the history and meanings of grave markers, and actually went to a cemetery and did carbon paper rubbings of stones. I’ve been fascinated with cemeteries ever since.

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b.a.p's yongguk scenario where he confesses to his crush please? (like how he would confess and all that? thank you!) :)

I’m doing this as a list kind of thing instead of a scenario, I hope that is okay (:

  • I feel like he would have to have known you for a long time
  • And he would be kind of oblivious to his own feelings for awhile
  • But then one day it just hits him and he is all
  • “Shit man I really like this girl, what the heck do I do”
  • But he continues acting like he usually did
  • Except he seems to be smiling a lot more around his crush than before, and he helps his crush a lot more than before
  • He would not want to confess before he is sure his crush feels the same way
  • So, he kind of drops obvious hints, but his crush just doesn’t seem to catch on
  • However…
  • All the other guys do
  • The younger ones teasing the leader a bit
  • But after Himchan tells them off, they would go all serious and try to figure out a way for him to confess
  • When they finally have a plan, they go back to tease their leader
  • He invites his crush over to watch them practice
  • And all of sudden the other guys will get up and leave, they would come up with various weird reasons
  • The two would just be left in the practice room alone
  • And Yongguk would be kind of nervous, but try to have a normal conversation
  • Until he suddenly ask his crush if they like someone
  • He would watch their reaction closely trying to get any hints on whether they like him or not
  • After they tell him they do have a crush on someone
  • He would just confess, he doesn’t even mean to, but he just wants it off his shoulders

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Fireflight — Unbreakable Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You gave me a promise.”
  • “This time I’m not scared.”
  • “God, I want to dream again!”
  • “I’m so tired that I can’t stand.”
  • “All you need to do is just trust.”
  • “We don’t have to fight anymore.”
  • “Take me where I’ve never been.”
  • “They’ll return, but I’ll be stronger.”
  • “Where is the love we had before?”
  • “I’m holding on to things I shouldn’t.”
  • “I know why you’re feeling this way.”
  • “ Yeah, you know that you’re hollow.”
  • “But I know that this cannot be the end.”
  • “I want to take control but I know better.”
  • “You are not alone when you hurt this way.”
  • “Help me leave the life I knew before you…”
  • “Do you want to spend your whole life jaded?”
  • “No one can touch me. Nothing can stop me.”
  • “You say you love me. That’s all I’ll ever need.”
  • “I’ve been hurting myself, now, for way too long.”
  • “They hide just out of sight. Can’t face me in the light.”
  • “If you say I’m good enough, that’s good enough for me.”
  • “Where are the people that accused me? The ones who beat me down and bruised me?”