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hi, i super duper love all of your erasermic fics. You write both characters dynamically and I really love the way their personalities can both meld together or bounce right off, and your writing style is just stellar, especially with how you handle emotions. And you were the one who introduced me to the trans Aizawa idea--which makes me ask, will you ever write a fic where trans Aizawa is majorly relevant/centered (idk how to word it), or know any others, because its such a bombtastic concept!

ahhh, well i’m glad you like my fic, but i’m not trans, so while i am more than happy to include trans characters in my stories, i don’t feel it’s really my place to write a story about being trans, if you understand what i mean.

however, donniedont on ao3 has written some great trans erasermic fics which focus more on trans issues! for example, i really like his fic Scrappy and Wide-Eyed which is a young!erasermic fic where both mic and aizawa are trans girls. 

and if you’re into ot3 fics, he’s also written some aizawa/all might/mic fics with trans man aizawa (and genderfluid mic!). In Your Arms Tonight is a nice spicy little ficlet, and although i haven’t read You Can Sing Me Anything because i have issues reading about mental health stuff, i’m sure it’s very good too!

oh, and pandapls also has a good smutty aizawa/all might/mic fic with trans aizawa called Unwind!

then there’s the things we do for each other by ali (pwstealldpinchd) which has both trans aizawa and trans mic, and it’s really sweet and domestic! also they’ve written a nice smutty ficlet with trans aizawa and trans mic called motivate which is eventually going to be part of a larger bakery AU they’re working on!! i’m super excited for it!!

lastly (but certainly not least!) there’s an ongoing fic by elwyn (anxioussonic) called Ultra-Mart which includes nonbinary mic and has definitely been a fun read so far!!

so i guess in conclusion there are a lot of awesome trans authors writing for erasermic, haha. enjoy! (also i hope you don’t mind if i post this publicly instead of replying privately, i just wanna rec all these fics…)

  • Me a couple of years ago: I don't know about any gay people in the Unwind universe, I mean, there's CyFi's dads, but otherwise I think everyone's straight-- but they'd all be great allies, of course!
  • Me last year: There's no way all y'all are straight. We've got a couple of side characters who are LGBTQ of some sort... Hayden, probably?
  • Me now: *pointing at Unwind characters* You're gay, you're trans, you're bi, you're pan, you're ace, you're agender, you're demi, you're also bi, oh look you're bi too, you're aromantic polysexual, you're gay, you're grey-asexual, YOU'RE ALL QUEER OKAY I DON'T MAKE THE RULES

i love how the one thing all bad guys throughout the entire unwind dystology have in common is that they continuously underestimate risa ward

like, all the focus is always on connor, or in unwholly’s case cam but w/e, and the akron awol and how dangerous and/or valuable he is and how he must be unwound and/or killed

but what they all don’t realize is that;

  1. connor would be no one and long gone without risa
  2. while paying so much attention on connor you give risa free hands and all the time and space she needs to wreak havoc
  3. and risa ward is always up to wreak havoc

ignoring risa megan ward; the downfall of bad guys since 2007

Awww, well, I just stopped by to tell you that we have seen the rumbling in the desert. We have heard the bright light entering Night Vale. Cecil, that light it is the great glowing coils of the universe unwinding. It is the unraveling of all things. It is a Smiling God of terrible power.

I was in 4H club in high school, I’m a farmer – you know – uh, you learn all this kind of stuff in 4H, seemed obvious.


John Peters, You Know, The Farmer?

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 49 - Old Oak Doors Part A

–she’s not the girl she was at all