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So the RFA Cafe I attended last weekend was a transcendental experience cause of this crazy cast. 😂😂😂 We all felt like we stepped into the game itself. I was seated at Zen’s table because he is my first and my favorite, and he was so legit I can’t even. 😂 He sang for us, gave us hugs and cheek kisses, took endless selfies on our phones and called us baby. 😍 Meanwhile Seven carried Honey Butter Chips everywhere, Jumin ordered Jaehee around and asked people if they like cats, Yoosung was a sweetheart, V was almost bumping into things, Saeran was recruiting everyone to Mint Eye, and Jaehee of course was running around working her ass off. IT WAS GREAT. Not to mention THEY’RE ALL GORGEOUS??? Anyway. They recently started a page so everyone who was experiencing #sepanx from them could bother them. And they’ve been keeping our days extra lively ever since. This is my present to them. Thank you guys for being amazing. We MC’s love you all! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

P.S. Thanks to the person who took this screenshot hahaha

FannibalFest 2017 Recap 2/3


It was so amazing to me that even though I live in Toronto and I’ve seen a bunch of Hannibal shooting locations, @fannibalfest-toronto got us unprecedented access to sites I NEVER thought I’d get into! Even Will’s house and The Wrath of The Lamb house! 

This was the first of two tours, and focused on some of the places they shot at outside of the downtown. I’ll do a separate post for the second tour :)

I can’t wait to visit all these places again with Fannibals when they do FannibalFest again!  So nice to see you all in my home town :) XOXO

First stop was the ‘Bondage Tree’ from Will’s dream… even though it was really early, we were all really excited to line up and fondle the tree, with or without any rope ;P

Then on to Will’s house!  I can’t believe this house is only 6 mins from where I grew up, and the owner was just so amazing to let us all come in and look in any room we want. She just gave us free rein, and none of us could believe it! 

All we needed was a puppy to wash…or Vlad to come sit there and look creepy ;P

@the-winnowing-wind and I couldn’t help but reenact the bridal carry ;P (not to mention we all “surrendered” in the driveway!)

WAY more pics after the cut!

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Armie Hammer, it seems, can’t open his mouth to talk about Call Me By Your Name without some ridiculous newspapers making a story about it. As the UK and US release dates creep ever nearer, the promotional trail has picked up and every day brings a new tale… “This movie is, for some people, a really incendiary topic,” he explains. “There are so many quotes that are so easy to take out of context. Whether it be me saying that I was hesitant to take this role because I didn’t know if I would actually be able to perform this. As an actor, I didn’t know if I could make myself that raw, open and exposed. Because this is so much about the subtlety. And that can easily be taken into, ‘He was hesitant to take a gay role.’ This is not the first time I’ve done this!” he sighs.

Well, if they were educated on publications such as ourselves, they’d know that this is at least the third time that he’s ‘played gay’. “Yeah!” he agrees. “Whatever, if it was my 50th time. You know, it’s all just crazy. But at the end of the day, people have to make clickbait. I get it, I understand the nature of the beast…” Let’s go back to days before age gaps, and straight actors, and peaches – back to Armie’s first steps towards 80s Italy.

“I met with Luca at his house and had tea with him and we had wonderful conversations. Then I left and didn’t hear from him for three years,” he laughs, “then three years later Brandon, my agent, calls me and say’s, ‘Luca’s doing a new movie,’ and I said, ‘I’m in!’ and he goes, ‘OK, I would read it first, but OK, for sure…’

“I was blown away at how beautiful this story was. Just this story of two human beings falling in love in the most raw, honest way. It was just incredible, I don’t think I’d ever read a script like this. So after having a series of conversations with Luca about how scared I was to approach a project like this, he helped me understand that fear and desire are normally very part and parcel. The fact that I want to be an artist means that I will need to take things to challenge me and push me. That’s the whole point of this journey, to evolve. To change, to grow.”

He explains, quite openly, that he didn’t think he was a good enough actor to play Oliver. “This is what they talk about in acting class, this is the dream. I’m incredibly self-doubting and a borderline self-loathing person, so I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m a good enough actor to be this raw on camera’. Like, I don’t know if I’ll do a good job.”

Fortunately ‘several great conversations with Luca’ later and we have the Oliver you’d never be able to imagine this movie without. Some of those conversations focused on quite specific parts of the script that Armie didn’t get…

“I didn’t understand, ‘Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine,’” he reveals. “I’ve never done that. I’ve never participated in that. These two people share this one thing. They want so badly to be one with the other person. That’s why he wants to eat the peach, he wants him inside of him. It’s like there’s this need and urge to be one, hearts to heart – like one being. We’re soul mates, we are one. I think it all comes out of that. Of course, it’s art so it’s a subjective medium, so it’s up for interpretation, but that’s sort of how I came to understand it.” Ah yes, the peach. It’s mentioned everywhere – this magazine included – despite the film being so much bigger that that.

“It’s so much bigger!” he exclaims. “And then also when you see that scene, it’s so fluid, and natural and organic. It’s not a massive set piece in the movie, it almost comes and goes so naturally.”

So to speak…

Armie laughs again. “It’s all part and parcel with the way Luca did the whole thing, where no scene is meant to be, ‘This is a scene that has nudity in it, so it’s more precious.’ No, it’s all just everyone being honest and being there and being present and generous. And Luca pushing all of us as we did it, which was great.”

The intimate scenes are quite raw – there’s one where Elio grabs Oliver quite firmly in the crotch.

“It’s all acting,” he says, dismissing the notion that it could be uncomfortable. “And if we’re going to be fair, I think women have been groped on film for a long time and no one ever asks them how they do it, or how they get away with it,” he reasons. “In these moments, what it felt like was a completely organic and natural part of what these two characters were going through. It wasn’t like I was thinking about as Armie in the situation, it’s sort of like trying to lose yourself in that situation.”

That said, when we interviewed Timothée, he said that Armie gave him stubble rash… Armie laughs hard. “Yeah right! I don’t know, I was shaving pretty closely! I hope I didn’t, but hey man, anything’s possible, I guess!” Still in good spirits, he chuckles again when asked if Timothée’s a good kisser.

“We never actually kissed outside of rehearsals and making the movie, so I couldn’t tell you what Timmy actually kisses like,” he cleverly replies with a smile. “But I can tell you that Elio as a kisser is so much about sort of unbridled and borderline unexperienced passion. Not Timmy, but it’s very much Elio. I’m sure Timmy is a better kisser than Elio!” We float the notion that his off-screen relationship with co-star Timothée could, if we were going to be lazy about it, be a bit of a bromance.

“It was fantastic,” he grins. “I would come home from work and I would be bike riding around a little tiny town just like the one we were talking about shooting the movie in. In fact, the exact one. And then I’d ride to go and get dinner with Timmy. We’d go and have a fantastic time. We’d go back to his place or my place, we’d watch documentaries or we’d listen to music or we would work on our scenes for the next day. We would spend all of our time together, just having an amazing time. It just felt like the amazing summer that we’ve depicted on screen. It was idyllic.”

At 31, he’s several years older than Oliver’s intended age of 24 yet the relationship – which is well within the law of the country it’s set in – has inevitably drawn criticism. Armie himself famously called out actor James Woods for doing just that, reminding Woods that he’d dated a 19-year-old when he was 60. Ouch. We remind Armie of that little-known film about a summer relationship between a 17-year-old and 24-year-old – Dirty Dancing.

“Yeah!” he laughs. “Yeah, exactly! Nobody mentioned that or Lolita, or anything like that… By the way, I blame most of the problems in the world on social media!”

It’s from social media, and word of mouth, that Call Me By Your Name has been given life – with an ardent fan base before it’s even been released. “It’s pretty intense,” Armie considers. “Very few people have anything but the most positive things to say, so it’s really hard to have a problem with that. I think also it does make me a little bit apprehensive because expectations can be the root of all suffering. If we spend so much time building this up, people are going to literally expect the most perfect movie of all time, which is impossible. It makes me excited, but it also makes me nervous at the same time…”

Help Me Escape

Hi I am trying to escape my disgusting abusive house (explanation is under the read more I have pics of my house but Im uncomfy sharing them on a public post) I am escaping through college and none of the loans requests went through (my moms credit score is too low and debt is too high). I need at least 13k to get out for the first semester and ill worry about the next semester later (her finances may get better). I might get a scholarship but i’m not sure I’ll still need money to cover it. My mom is gonna try to get a smaller loan tomorrow but I will still have no money for any dorm stuff, textbooks or a new computer which I need because the one I have now has fucked up keys and it’s a pain to type. 

I can draw but mice chewed my tablet wire and Im not sure if I could have a way to ship physical ones. But I’ll see if I can find my bluetooth thing for my tablet so I can do something. You don’t have to donate and hell this might all work out. But I need a backup just incase everything falls through and I get fucked. this is my paypal link 

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You have all made this the best birthday ever!!!

It was a very great day! We celebrated a long year of growth together, and though we still have our share of struggles, we manage to work through them together and pull through in the end! Each accomplishment brings us closer to the peepers we want to be, and each adventure is a story with precious lessons. We want to tell you all our stories in their most genuine form, and we have many big plans to do just that for everyone, young and old. <3

Before we wrap our day up, and before we take off our birthday hats to continue to spread our peeps, we all just have one thing to say to all of you. Something that has been evident in our adventures.

There are great people everywhere. 

The world may seem to be in a very scary place. We don’t do anything to remind anyone of that here.This may very well be the first time we’ve ever mentioned this, mostly because it goes without saying. 

We’ve run into people in our travels that have showed the most kindest of hearts. Letting us peep up to them, sit with them, share stories, and in return they share something that is so pure and of this world. It connects each and everyone of us, and reminds us that all we have to do to connect with one another, is open up and be true. 

Being you is the best thing you can ever do.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! The Potatoes are super happy to celebrate their first birthday with you all, and we can’t wait to share another year of continued love with you all!


I dunno if saying anything will help but–

b//lmat/su shouldn’t be in the main tags! It leaves a lot of scared fans to be unable to explore and find new cool art–

also is could be the reason why its everywhere in the google images hah,,

I just feel if we at least separate these two tags, as what the b/l//mat/su tag was meant for– I feel things can be more enjoyable for everyone y’know?

And if you see some in the main tags–maybe ask to remove said tags??

I dunno,, you don’t have to listen to me but I just see people having to hide away from the main tags because of p0rn  or b//l//matsu all the time which– upsets me a little,,

In A Hurry

Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Weekly Hiatus Challenge. The prompt is “Are we completely sure that’s how it supposed to look?”  And the gif below. 

I haven’t written Sam in a couple of months, so here you. This is unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine.

Word Count: 1200-ish

Warnings: Smut, language

It had been a long hunt, too long; three states over two weeks. Dirty, musty motel rooms, bad diner food and worse aches and pains then you can remember in a long time. Not to mention little to absolutely no alone time with your boyfriend, Sam. Dean was everywhere, all the time. Two freaking weeks and you barely had enough time to rub one out in the shower, let alone get in some good loving time with Sam.

The werewolves were running in packs of tree and four it seemed like for every one you took out, another two popped up in its place. Slower than you would have care for, they eventually led the three of you to their den and the end result was a total of twelve dead wolves over fourteen days. Thankfully the human casualties had not flowed over state lines.

You had inspected both brothers for any injuries that needed immediate treatment or stitches, with Sam doing the same for you. Luckily, the injuries had been minimal with each fight over the last two weeks. None of you had suffered anything that antiseptic and a couple shots of whiskey couldn’t fix.

Huffing loudly, you threw yourself down on the bed next to Sam while Dean finished up in the shower.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Sam looked over at you, concern filling his ever changing eyes.

“Ahhhhggg Sam, I am so horny and Dean won’t leave us alone!” You whined like a child and beat your fists on the bed for good measure.

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Niall Horan Imagine - One Shot (Fluff) - Mrs. Horan

A/N: As requested by Kayleigh @nutellaxwifix, her sweetest soul has waited so long for me to post this imagine. I love you so so much and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for bearing with me all this time. Much love to all. Requests are open btw .xx

It’s moments with those closest to you and those that actually care for you who touch your heart. It was a gloomy Sunday in Dublin, Niall and I spent time equally with both our families as everyone is head over heels with our one month old bundle of joy. That’s our baby girl, Allison Rose Horan but her nickname being Ally.

It was all a rush in the moment. 10 months ago I didn’t plan on having a child not at our young age anyway. Niall was doing so well going solo, I couldn’t have been more proud of where he is today. I had always supported his decision and stuck by his side through the hard times. Of course I was hoping to get married and grow a family with Niall but in the midst of his solo career ?

I remember crying that night in my bathroom, earlier on that day I was nauseous and wasn’t my usual self. I thought I might as well take a pregnancy as it may be a possibility I’m pregnant since Niall and I did celebrate the other night…Nevermind that.

Mixed emotions had gone through me, I was both happy and heartbroken. Happy that I’m going to be a mom and heartbroken as to what would Niall and our families think ? I had confessed later that night to my parents first as I thought it would be at least 60% of weight off my shoulders. They were gladly understanding and was willing to help me out through my 9 month journey.

When I had finished talking to my parents, I went back to my room and sent Niall a text that I needed to talk to him urgently. I was in London at the time while he was LA, not the way I wanted to reveal the news to him through Skype but I was left with no other choice. He replied minutes later and Skyped me first.

“Hey babe whatsup ?” He asked as he rested his chin on his right hand. “This isn’t as I really planned- actually this wasn’t planned at all…Anyways I have something really important to tell you” I said and bit my lip. “Clearly it’s serious, you’re biting your lip so hard” he said raising his eyebrows. “Okay are you ready ?” I asked for confirmation. Oh gosh the feels. He simply shrugged his shoulders but still clearly eager to hear the big reveal. “I’m pregnant” I said.

It was quite for 5 seconds on both ends, that was until Niall started screaming and shouting “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD” I giggled at his reaction as it was what I’d hoped for. “Look Niall I know it’s not the perfect time for us to be having a family and-” he cut me off. “Princess, nothing could make me happier right now than knowing I’m going to be a father and you’re going to be the mother of my child. I love you very much and wished I was there with you to celebrate” he said and blew air kisses. “Love you too, please be back soon, we’re missing you” I said as I rubbed my belly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow on the first flight that I can catch…Anyways love I have to go on stage in a bit, I love you so so so much. Can’t wait for this baby, hoping these 9 months go by fast” he said. “I hope so too and love you more baby. Byeeee” I waved him off. I knew he was going to be a great dad whenever I see him with Theo.

10 months later here we are having the time of our life with our little Ally. Niall’s family had offered to take care of the baby tonight while the both of us had gone out for dinner. I got dressed in a black and silver sequin dressed that had stopped at mid thigh, paired with black mid heels. We walked hand in hand to the car, he closed my door and walked to the drivers seat. He sadly had not mentioned where we were having dinner and I was getting curious by the second. I have a love hate thing for surprises.

He drove high up for a perfect view of the city. There in front of the car was a beautifully set out table for 2 with candles and roses everywhere - the roses had trailed to the table - Niall made sure I was seated first then only had he sat in front of me.

“This is really beautiful Niall, you didn’t have to go all out” I said and glanced around me at the beautiful decor of twinkle lights. Just then a man with a violin had popped out of no where and had started playing. “Anything for my princess” he smiled and took my hand into his, he placed a small peck on the back of my hand.

We had a great night of listening to the violin and eating some delicious food. Once we were done, Niall was clearly in no rush of leaving and just glanced at our surrounding until finally laying his eyes on me. “I couldn’t be anymore happier today and it’s all thanks to you” he said and pointed at me. “Why are you thanking me ?” I asked confused.

“You supported me through everything. You have pushed me to do what I wanted to do. You helped me to achieve things in life. You carried our gorgeous baby for 9 months. You’ve been through a lot with me for the past 3 and a half years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend” he said standing up and kneeling before me. OMG. ITS HAPPENING. THEIR COMES THE WATERWORKS.

I covered my hands over my mouth, I can’t believe this is actually happening. “I’m glad the fans agree with me on picking the right girl. So many yet I thought I’d never find the one girl who I can share special memories with. It took me a damn long time to find you, I wished I had known where you were earlier in my life but that doesn’t matter because this moment right here matters most. Y/N Y/LN will you marry me ?” He asked as he revealed the ring from the mini square sized boxed that was in his pocket.

“Of course yes !” I said in excitement. He slipped the ring on my ring finger. He lifted me up carrying me bridal style as his lips met mine. There went the oh so familiar sparks every time our lips meet. He loosened his grip on me and had me pinned against the passenger seat door. He gave me one last peck and helped me get into the car then quickly making his way to the drivers seat. He intertwined our fingers “I’m glad to finally call you Mrs. Horan”

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Day 5
Latamarang to Dhukur Pokhari. 18.5km. 7 hours.
It was just going to be a short day.
A 3 hour hike to Chame, fix my shoes, get Erica some medicine, but the annapurnas had other plans.
Of course it was another beautiful trek. I probably don’t even have to mention it any more, we can all assume from now on every single day is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. It was an easy trek to Chame, nice and sunny. It was too easy, it lulled us into a false sense of security.
We arrived at 12pm, my shoes were going to take an hour to fix so I wandered around town in a sexy socks and sandals combo. There was nothing to do but sit down and enjoy an afternoon of chai masala.
Sitting in a tiny indian take away shop with children running around everywhere, watching the owner cook tibetan bread crouching down in front of the fire. Before we knew it 2 hours had passed. We were all low on energy, Erica had her medicine but she was still sick, Tomas had a hectic cold setting in (which he later gave to me, bastard) so we thought ‘lets just cruise along to Bhratang, the next town, another 2 hours of walking and we can call it a day.
We set off just as the rain began.

We plodded along through pine forests, next to rivers, past locals huddled under overhanging rocks warming themselves by little camp fires. Staring at us as we trudged along in the cold rain. Berating ourselves for our decision to keep going. We saw more and more snowy peaks, our breath was frosting up. My fingers were getting colder and colder.
Today felt like we were hiking in the scottish highlands.
Finally the next town was in sight and a sigh of relief filled my soul. But as we got closer we saw Tomas and Marijn sitting and waiting for us. We’d lost them on the route so it was a double relief.
It didn’t last long.
They were shaking there heads.
“Don’t get your hopes up, there’s no rooms”
My back screamed in protest.
“The next town is 2 hours away”
I didn’t believe them. I can handle a long trek but not when I don’t expect it.
I’d mentally prepared myself for a 3 - 4 hour hike, and here I was 5 hours later preparing for another 2 hours.
My mind wasn’t ready. We were stopping in Bhratang. I still couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t true.
Putting my pack back on will still remain one of the most demoralising things i’ve ever had to do.
We weren’t sure if there were rooms in the next town but we were hoping with everything we had. If there wasn’t rooms, it was another 2 hours to Upper Pisang.
I knew i could physically manage, but mentally?

As we trekked the snowy mountains got closer and closer, the clouds dropped lower and lower. I was so cold, i could hardly move my fingers and the thought of taking my pack off and getting my camera out was too much. But eventually there wasn’t anything I could do about it, I had to get it out, it was that epic.
Step by step I managed. I was so excited by the thought of the next town and putting my bag down, but I had no idea what was coming. After what felt like decades of trekking we crested the hill and suddenly there was the town. The first thing i noticed was the hotel signs. There were enough hotels around that I knew we’d have a place to sleep here. I could relax.
I dropped my bag and grabbed my camera and could now appreciate the view around me. I was dog tired but the view was so overwhelming, i didn’t know what to photograph first. Everywhere I looked snowy mountains, so close I could see the the wind blowing snow off the peak.
We were above the clouds, the trees were frosted over and the mist was roaming through.
I was standing on the rooftop of the hotel with my zoom lens on so overwhelmed I was close to tears. Energy was coursing through my veins. The cold crisp air was cleansing my body of its aches and pains and the view made me forget the hours of pain.

I’ve spent the last 5 days describing the trek, mountains after mountains, aches and pains, overwhelming views. I’m sure it’s getting boring now. So let me describe what life is like on the trek. It’s not all walking and pain.
I didn’t expect to enjoy every second of this trek so much, a lot of that is down to the people i was lucky enough to meet. But when you arrive in a new town first you feel the pure pleasure of being able to put your pack down. You check out your room, check the comfort of the bed. So far it’s been pretty good. You ask about a hot shower, every now and then you get lucky. (In this spot we were lucky, it was almost too hot.)
Then you head into the common area to order dinner. The only place that has any warmth. As soon as the place starts filling up they light the fire and everyone huddles around with there feet and hands next to the stove trying to return feeling to their extremities.
The warmth fills you up and you all wait for your food to arrive in anticipation.
Food has never tasted so good. You sip a hot tea and admire how glorious a simple lemon tea is.
There is usually another traveller or two in the guesthouse and you all bond around the fire, comparing trekking stories. Most of the time the other travellers have trekked far longer and quicker than us. It became an ongoing joke how slow we were. Not physically trekking, we’re fast walkers, we just didn’t push ourselves.
But why push, it’s the most beautiful place i’ve ever been, why rush through.

I remember this night specifically being quite enjoyable, such a tough day with such a sweet reward. Laying around the fire listening to music and discussing our different lives.
It was our first night above 3000 metres.
We were all starting to feel the altitude, a little bit heavy in the head, more tired than usual, the breathing just doesn’t come AS easy as it should.

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bro, imma test your patience with me. now idk shit about politics buuut i need to learn a little more than the basics of whats happening to brazil, you know? its hard since its a hole different country so im kinda limited, i understand portuguese but really need a politics for dummies to know whats happening and what will probably happen due to the hell thats going on in BR. help me and get a smile (pls??)

Man this is hard because I have no idea what you already know or not or where you’re from so I can’t really make comparisons?? but i’m gonna try to give you a general??? hold tight

so I guess first thing is understanding the system, right?

Brazil has a… multi-party presidential democracy. Ish. Hasn’t always been like that tho, in fact, brazilian history is filled with coups and not so democratic republics. It’s our thing. But right now we have a President, in charge of the executive power, then there’s the upper and lower houses of congress (Senate and Chamber, we call them, basically), and the Supreme Court, I guess just like in the US. There’s a president to the Senate, a President to the Chamber, and a few more important figures in each part of the government, like the ministers, or cabinet leaders, that hold, well, cabinets, like the one for Education or Health or Culture, etc, or the Government Leader in congress that isn’t really a formal title but also kinda is a job. 

So, our parties. There are so many of them. SO MANY. Y’all wouldn’t believe how many. Ok, about 30-40 of them. But really, who the fuck knows all of them? I don’t, so we’re gonna stick to the most important ones. But for that, quick history lesson: 

Remember when I said we haven’t always been, uhm, this? Yeah, up until the late 80′s Brazil was on a Dictatorship (not the first we had, but the worst we had, arguably) (and I have to control myself not to tell you the whole thing cause I just love brazilian history???? but imma stick to what’s important) THE POINT IS: during those years, only two “parties” were allowed to exist, the… pro-dictatorship party and the… consented opposition party (we like to call them the “yes” and the “yes, sir” parties cause of the obvious). Consented opposition party was called MDB (founded in 65′). When dictatorship ended, they turned into PDMB (in 1980). You’re gonna have to get used to the acronyms because we only use them here. Sometime later, in 88, some people left PMDB to found PSDB, and at the time the plan was to have it a bit more to the left than PMDB that was a pretty center-right wing party. More to the left of both of those, also in the 80′s, our Workers Party is founded, PT. Not a socialist/communist party, whatever some may think until today. You might be wondering what happened to the dictatorship supporters party, right? They’ve changed names a few times through the last decades, nowadays they’re DEM, a right wing party (ironically enough, their acronym comes from Democrats).

Nowadays you can say PSDB is a center-right wing party, PT is center-left, and PMDB is wherever it pleases (mostly center-right, though). “Isn’t there a REAL left wing then????” there is, but it’s not exactly the most powerful thing in existence, so most people atribute the “left” nearly entirely to PT, cause up until a couple of years ago, it was majorly powerful. We’ll get to that. Anyway, some left wing parties are PCdoB and Psol and a shit ton of other small ones.

Back to history. When dictatorship was ending people made an awful lot of deals to get one dude (Tancredo Neves) into the presidency (not popular vote yet, some sort of electoral college) but cause we’re in Brazil and shit just can’t be simple HE DIED before taking office then his vice president (who had just kinda changed parties to make the run) became the first post-dictatorship president. This dude is called Sarney and he’s alive until today and we like to call him The King of a state because his family basically owns it. And it’s a big state and in pretty bad condition (if you want we can come back later to why so many families are so powerful and so entirely into politics and basically owners of whole states and how Oligarchies have always been a thing BUT in another post). He’s a senator now. Yeah, cause that’s a thing, you don’t have to end your career after being president here. Oh, both of those were like, from PMDB.

Then we finally got to vote and we elected this one young unknown dude who was promising to end corruption (I mean, they all do, but, big time), his name was Collor, and he got impeached for corruption a couple of years later. Yes, you’re allowed to laugh. He was from PRN, we’re not gonna talk about this party here, no relevance. His vice president took over, Itamar Franco, and if you guessed it you probably got it right: he was from PMDB. The country was still in a big ass crisis coming all the way from the dictatorship years and Collor had just screwed up massively too so when Itamar KINDA got things under control his economy cabinet leader got big time praise…… and got elected president a couple of years later for PSDB. His name is Fernando Henrique Cardoso (we like to call him FHC) and he’s still alive too. 

So we got a few years of PSDB there cause they approved reelection in congress at some point there - let’s be honest, it’s because they were scared of the increasing popularity of somebody else that had been running in the past elections too: Lula, the big leader of PT - and they were right to, cause Lula would get elected finally in 2003 and reelected after, staying until 2011, and would hand pick his successor and get her elected: Dilma Rousseff, who would also get reelected. As you might have heard, she got impeached last year, leaving office to her vice president, Michel Temer, from… PMDB. 

For the past couple of decades, our political scenario pretty much got divided into PSDB and PT running against each other (and against a ton of minor parties that didn’t quite make it) in every election, with PT winning all of the ones mentioned above. But in any and all of the governments, deals had to be made to get - you guessed it - PMDB support. If there’s one thing you have to know about these last years of Brazil is that no one, no one can govern without PMDB. And the reason to that is on it’s historical basis: it’s basically the oldest and biggest party we got. So EVERYWHERE there’s someone from there, so they get plenty of space in government, they make most of congress, they make most of the senate, they make most of the local powers, etc. And like that, unelected, they got to the Presidency quite a few times. When I said before that they go wherever they want to, is because they’ll lean to whichever side can grant them power, and not even collectively - you can see some of them aligning to left wing politicians in some parts of the country while others get allied to right wing politicians in another part in the same election, since there are no rules against that. Today, since they hold the presidency and most of the other important roles, their main ally is PSDB, but a few years back they were the main supporters to PT, so, really, the rule should be “don’t trust them and expect anything and everything”. 

I think… this kinda covers the basics. Very basics. Roughly. It would be important for you to understand the whole Impeachment mess of the past couple of years. I have a couple of posts on that here and here and here and here and you can always go to my politics tag to search for more comments on everything. Idk, bring me objective questions or just what more you want to know after this so I can help more??? i’m really kinda lost on what to tell you and there’s sooo much to brazilian history that is important, but I think this post is way too long already x) I like telling the stories though, so ask away

anonymous asked:

Please, please just talk to the people you call "terfs" one time and you will realize we aren't violent, trans hating people, trans people aren't even the center of radical feminism, saying we don't deserve any space as if we're akin to nazis or racists hurts and does nothing to bridge our communities so that we can help women everywhere

You want to help women but demean, harm, and belittle trans women. I don’t really care if you claim you’re “not all bad,” you’re bad if you are actively part of a group that treats trans women like trash and say unspeakable things to them. You don’t care about all women, just women who fit your idea of what a women should be, and that’s selfish.

You’re not welcome on my blog. We don’t tolerate transphobia.

Stefano Valentini [Kissing Headcanons]

requested by anon:  Hey, can i just say that i love and appreciate that you have added one more blog i’m going to be stalking from now on (yours) because i’m frankly addicted to Stefano. Also, can I ask for some kissing headcannons for the beautiful boi? Thank you lots!!!

•When you first start your relationship with Stefano, things are more calm and peaceful

•Yes, believe it or not Stefano does have a calmer side

•Which results in nice and calm kisses but things get a bit heated ;))) every once in a while

•Weell, as we all know Stefano is one kinky son a of bitch, let me tell you that

•Which results in a lOT of kisses

•He’ll just casually walk up to you, hug you from behind and kiss your neck

•As I have mentioned before, you are his muse, a masterpiece

•So, of course, he likes to kiss you everywhere, to show you how much he values you

•Oh and I mean everywhere

Especially in places like the bedroom

•He likes to call you cute nicknames like cara mia, mia bella or my masterpiece, which he thinks you may not acknowledge sometimes, but they always make you blush and die on the inside

•You went to a fancy-ass art gala once, which later had a fancy after party

•Yes, you had to dance with Stefano

•He was such a gentleman throughout the whole thing

•”Mia signora, may I have this dance?” he said and kissed your hand

• You didn’t know how to dance, cause you were only experienced in checking him out

• But, how could you say no to that sexy face?

•And let me tell you, you did not accidently step on him. Not even ONCE. I am a proud mother :’)

•The dance ended with you two, being in the center and everyone staring at you, because let’s be honest, they were probably shipping you at this point

• Stefano kissed you passionately in the lips and told you how much he loves you

• Yes, everyone clapped after that and you started blushing like a mad woman

• When you are sick, Stefano kisses your forehead which is a way of telling you that he loves you and get well soon

• That cute bastard

• Stefano is mainly kinky stuff, but he can be real nice and cute when he wants to

vocabulary of this post

cara mia: my darling

mia bella: my pretty

mia signora: my lady

that’s it for the kissing headcanons. hope you enjoyed it <3

request awwaaay in my ask box (please make it about stefano if possible because that’s the only character i specialize in wink wonk)

peonight  asked:

Something I just realised. So I'm watching Phineas and Ferb, and i notice that Isabelas whole character is about her crush on Phineas! She has no goals, or motives, other than to be with Phineas. Candace never talks to her mom about anything other than the boys. All background characters are boys, unless fireside girls. And all dancers are scantily clad women... :/

This is definitely interesting, and it’s something I hadn’t even considered before you mentioned it: good eye!

As someone who used to watch all the time, I can agree that it seems like Candace and Isabella and the other female characters in the show are only present to support the male characters, whatever way that is: Candace busting her brothers or talking about Jeremy, Isabella encouraging Phineas and Ferb’s ideas, even their mom being portrayed as oblivious.

Hopefully this wasn’t the creators intentions, but it can be super discouraging to see that even on cartoons girls are sometimes seen as the support, the background. Hard to call inspiring for women and little girls who want to be the creators and the inventors.

When you start paying attention, gender roles are EVERYWHERE. It makes sense they’d be all over television. You mentioning Phineas and Ferb has me wondering what other shows have stereotypes and roles that I’ve been missing. Now that’s all I’m going to be able to see, haha

Thank you for sharing that observation. (Sometimes I wonder if people don’t think we notice these things: you are proof they don’t go ignored.)
have a great day💚💚


And yes capslock, I’m in an excellent mood so I’m gonna keep it up
















(This gets funnier when you realize blue oaks are an actual thing, if not a Canadian thing)






















“See you soon”

Been waiting for almost a week to post this. Thanks a lot Mark :/ 

Those words stood out to me. Who do you say “see you soon” to? Someone you won’t see for a while. Either before you leave or before they leave. 

Did Anti leave? 

I personally don’t think so. He didn’t leave after October/PAX, why would he leave now? He’s the puppeteer! He’s in control! There is no reason for him to leave… 

@steffid101 pointed out that maybe he meant just until next time we see him in full form… but still, if he didn’t leave and is still here, why would he chose those words?… 

Let’s say he did leave… then why?! He has literary no reason to leave. 

But then we thought- maybe he really just leaves Jack’s body? 

Funny enough but some of his origin theories can support that idea. 

Let’s say he’s a tulpa? They can wander around. Yup. Nobody can see them but their host. The thing is… they are “blind”. They can only see if their host is with them. But you know what? Well Anti has almost 16 million freaking hosts. Not to mention all of the Sam eyes that are everywhere. This guy has about 32 million eyes. He’s never blind. He can go anywhere he wants. 

And if he’s a virus of some sort? Jeez going into the internet and staying there isn’t a problem either. He still sees our every move, we exchange information through the internet after all… 

What do you guys think? Was it just a poor choice of words? Or does he really leave and wander off to somwhere between appearances? 

(not tagging anyone cuz no idea who is still in the theories field…)

“space mom” isn’t bad

for starters, i apologize for making this a separate post; for some reason i cannot reblog the original one. one or both of the bloggers probably blocked me. anyway, here’s the post in question and a link:

i completely disagree with most of this post.

  1. “Almost everyone can do better than Ford for a boyfriend”
    This is a disturbing way to begin a post arguing against a maternal figure. You do not give any evidence to support your claim, so I am left to assume you are referring to Ford’s “less desirable” traits, such as his short-sightedness, his tunnel vision, and his social awkwardness, all of which are autistic traits, which you acknowledge later with your reference to infantilization. Your claim that an autistic man with PTSD and anxiety is literally the last choice romantically speaking for anyone, even the worst of people, is degrading to say the least.
  2. “Ford was a grown ass man when he met her, please stop with that infantilizing bullshit.”
    It is true that infantilization of Ford and autistic characters in general is a major problem in fan circles; however, I have not seen anything infantilizing of him being directly related to Jheselbraum. The need for care and help does not go away when one becomes an adult, just as a mother remains a mother even when her child has grown up.
  3. “Can we, as a fandom, stop assigning female characters with the task of caretakers for grown ass men please? It is super sexist and gross.”
    This is completely ridiculous. For starters, the interpretation of Jheselbraum as a maternal figure for Stanford comes from the fact that she had been treating his wounds for “a long time” and that she continued to watch after him and sought to help him. The only thing sexist about it is, as you mentioned, her character is not observed outside of her relationship to Ford. However, that is not directly related at all to her maternal role, and the idea that being a mother is degrading is an insult to feminist mothers everywhere.
  4. “Ford… has a mom? Like, we saw her and she existed. She had a shitty husband but she herself seemed an okay mom.”
    This may come as a shock to you, but it is possible to have multiple parental figures.
  5. “Could we kindly get some meta about her that doesn’t revolve around Ford Please and Thank You Very Much.”
    Once again, this is a problem, but it has nothing to do with her relationship to Ford and is a problem with multiple female characters, not just Jheselbraum.

In conclusion, being a maternal figure is not sexist or demeaning. What is sexist is the refusal to see her outside of her relationship to male characters.

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could explain the magical autistic stereotype?

Hi anon, thanks for your question! I hope I understand it well enough to give you a proper answer.

By ‘magical autistic,’ I think you mean the notion that being autistic is a magical superpower which enables autistic people to surpass the rest of humanity. A lot of people over-romanticize autism like they are fetishizing abilities or skills beyond what’s realistic for any individuals, including autistic people. Some hypothesize autism is the ~*~*next step*~*~ in human evolution, but there’s no evidence for or against this. It remains an un-testable idea, an inviable hypothesis.

Instead, Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes, posits autism is a series/spectrum of important neurotypes important for general humanity which have been a part of humankind for a very long time. In other words, it’s not the next step, it’s simply a facet of the wide variety of features which make up humanity.

There’s a difference between romanticizing and fetishizing something. While it’s dangerous to romanticize depression because depression is a mental illness which negatively affects people, it’s not dangerous to romanticize aspects of autism because being autistic is many people’s normal. To do this is to recognize positive aspects of the autistic experience, like this blog which focuses on positive aspects of autism or this post about someone accepting themselves in light of their autism diagnosis.

In this context, the purpose of romanticizing autism is to resist societal pressure of feeling ashamed for being autistic. It’s intentionally recognizing good autism experiences because autism is so negatively depicted the majority of the time. Here is a post explaining why romanticizing autism is important for the author of it.

There are good aspects of autism, but some take romanticizing too far into the territory of fetishization, which is when someone takes some particular aspect of an experience, extrudes it way beyond what’s realistic into the realm of the fantastical and flattens the rest of the experience out into a two-dimensional depiction. To fetishize is to objectify. To fetishize autism is to ignore all the legitimate struggles autistic people have with their lives and to celebrate only ‘acceptable’ aspects of autism.

As an example, this post is someone calling out an article for being “inspiration porn,” something that fetishizes a legitimate disability to show non-autistics the idea that they, too, can do amazing things if someone like an autistic person can take beautiful photographs. The autistic person who is the subject of the article, while seemingly benefiting, doesn’t benefit at all. He is still portrayed as lesser-than to make someone reading it feel better about themselves and their potential. Other autistic people reading the article can’t live up to the ‘look at this superpower’  mentality the article propagates, because no one can live up to it. Articles which ignore autistic struggles further alienate autistic people who face struggles like executive dysfunction or sensory overload because those articles don’t normalize those struggles. Those inspiration porn articles also imply disabled people are only celebrated in spite of or despite their disability, rather than valued as realistic people with strengths and struggles.

Everyone struggles with something, and at the end of the day, autism is something that brings different strengths and weaknesses to the table than is expected of neurotypical people. Autistic people are no more or less magical than anyone else. People should be able to celebrate themselves without ignoring things they could work on to do better or things they struggle with. To write an accurate autistic character or to spot stereotypes, keep in mind the way autism actually impacts someone on a day-to-day, realistic basis. This includes the celebrations and unpleasantness that come along with being neuroatypical.

I hope this answered your question.

 - Mod Siena

Just a few more thoughts about this: the “magical autism” can take different forms depending on the setting; in a real-world setting it translates into the “autistic genius” trope, in which the autistic person has abilities (whether general intellectual abilities or very specific skills) that are way above average, while in a fantasy setting the autistic person will actaully be magic, once again, in a way that is not average. That means that this stereotype is only present when the autistic person is more magic than other people in the world ; if every person in this world / several people have magic powers, including but not limited to autistic people, then the narrative doesn’t play into the “magical autism” trope. But if only autistic people have magic powers, or if autistic people have stronger powers than allistic people do, that’s the trope at play. I would also argue that in a “chosen one” situation, if the only person who is magical is autistic, that it is not implied that the magic is a result of the autism, and that other, non-magical autistic people are portrayed, the trope is avoided.

I also want to add to what Siena said that the trope is sometimes used not to romanticize autism, but to show autistic people are valuable. This might translate into “sure, Johnny has trouble with things and he’s a little weird sometimes, but his intelligence/powers are extroardinary!”. This makes it sound like autistic people need to redeem their autistic traits with extraordinary abilities. We don’t. We are full and valuable human beings already, and we don’t need to redeem anything. As Siena mentionned, this trope can actually be harmful to autistic people that see it everywhere: if all autistic characters in media are liked and valued, but only because they have special abilities rather than because of who they are as people, how are autistic people consuming that media going to feel, if they don’t have these kinds of special abilities?

-Mod Cat

Buried In Paris || Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N — Heeeey!! So ok this is small because I had no idea how else to go with it. Oops. Let me know what you think x

- Blue x

Requested: Yep! Thanks anon x

Warnings: None, just a whole bunch of deep sentences.

— Y/N’s POV —

“Remember when you first told me you wanted to go to Paris?” Jack says to you, his bright blue eyes looking to yours, as if searching for an answer he already knows of.

You mind flicks through the images of laughing, joking, smiling - cancelling out the worries you had about leaving.

Going to Paris with Jack for six months was the best thing you had ever done.

Sitting under the Eiffle Tower, looking into the sky and knowing that the decision you made to come here with the man you fell in love with was the best thing you had ever chosen to do. You couldn’t be happier.

“Yeah, look at us now. I didn’t think we would actually do it.” He laughs, poking you in the side as you sit in a cafe, staring into the distance where the tower stood, hearts beating almost loud enough to hear.

“Really? Why not? I mean, you told me it would be cool to stay there for a few months, so I kinda took it seriously when you booked tickets, y’know?” You laugh, looking at him, true happiness nestled within your body’s.

“Yeah guess so. It’s so much better here, at home we were both so bored. London gets a little gloomy sometimes, especially with our lives being online constantly.” He thinks, knowing he loved his job but sometimes wished it wasn’t placed amongst social media so much.

He liked the quiet moments, the times where his life was toned down more than it usually was.

Like now.

“I always think about that. Like, what would things be like if we were just some normal couple, not everything swimming around online so much, being known so well, not having everything plastered everywhere.” You smile, thinking of you both doing something different - knowing you never could.

This was what you were meant to do, what life you were meant to live.

“I think we do well with everything.” He smiles, fingers interlaced with yours on the table.

You hear someone speaking French, and you look back to where you are, knowing that on the map, where you are now - is where you were destined to go.

“We do. I love travelling, seeing places, trying different things. The world is a big place.” You mention, thinking of all the world maps you’ve bought and marked with places to go.

It was true, travelling is something you had always wanted to do, something that had always appealed.

“Thank you, for letting me see the beauty of the world.” He says, your hand lifting and his lips pressing against it gently, a shiver running down your spine making you giggle out of happiness, a blush raising in your cheeks softly.

“Anytime. As long as I can go too.” You giggle, your smile as bright as the sun above.

“Bonjour! jeunes couples amoureux!” The waiter says, handing you both the drinks you had ordered before wandering away again.

“What was that? I only got ‘hello’.” Jack whispers to you, not understanding the language of the country to this extent.

“He said, young couples in love.” You smile, his blue eyes shifting to a colour of joy.

“Yeah, I guess we are.” He says, again his lips pressing to your knuckles, your heart beating faster knowing the happiness within you was now buried in Paris.

I fucked up by jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean fully clothed and my wallet sank to the bottom, but something unbelievable happened!

(warning: very long post with pics at the end)

I have a very fun and quite unbelievable story to tell you guys. This happened back in 1998.

I was 18, slightly nerdy, and I was not a drinker, by any means. Let’s get the funniest part of this entire story out of the way right now. I’ll admit it; I had bowl cut. You’ll see.

I was best buds with two guys I had known for years: Ryan and Dave. Ryan’s dad was an airline pilot and had some free tickets to Hawaii, so he offered to take us all for a long weekend. Needless to say, we were stoked. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I was looking forward to the experience very much.

I am 35 years old now and my memories are spotty, but I will describe things as best I can. The flight was long, but soon enough we arrived in the base-model-Ford-Mustang-convertible-capital-of-the-world. It seemed as if that was the only car available to rent on the island.

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