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I find it fucking hilarious. When we’re watching Isak scenes in the show, there’s Even practically everywhere. Even if he’s not in the scene, he’s at least mentioned once. Isak didn’t say he’s gay, he said he had a thing with EVEN. Of course Isak is the most important character. Everyone has been cheering on him since the day-1.His coming out scene is the most popular video on the fucking website. EVERYONE KNOWS THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT

Why are y’all so fucking salty when people mention they watch skam only for season 3? And i mean, let’s be real, the biggest part of the fandom came for the 3rd season but watched the previous ones as well and fell in love with the show AS A WHOLE. WHY CAN’T WE FOCUS ON THAT? YOU CAN’T MAKE EVERYONE WATCH IT. 

This is why we can’t have nice things. When a show suddenly becomes popular people have to bitch about something every damn second. Tumblr is so fucking problematic. So what if some people want to see Even and Isak work things out, I’m pretty sure Isak wants it as well. I mean the first 5 episodes were centered around their relationship. I’m so sorry some of y’all were late to the party but I remember when the whole fandom got so fucking happy when they gave us the pool scene, the cuddling scene etc. Where were you then, when Isak’s world basically revolved around Even lmao. We live for this amazing, non-stereotypical portrayal of a  love story between two boys. Is that so fucking difficult to understand that people also care for Even’s character? Maybe they relate to him? He’s been outed as well? We don’t know anything about him and now it’s the time to finally find out what’s the deal? Since he’s been so fucking important to the plot SINCE THE BEGINNING. i can’t believe some people try so hard to deny it.I don’t fucking know but who are you to tell someone to “stop talking about Even” bitch, this is the skam tag, which means people can talk abt everything related to skam. And Even is related to skam and has been one of the main reasons people discovered it in the first place. Accept the truth and move on. Doesn’t mean people don’t appreciate the show for what it is. Your logic is like 2+2=5.


So just like what you like and stop bossing people around. It has been such a nice fandom, it really has. Don’t ruin it.

Hap, listening, and blindness.

I originally shared this with @the-invisible-self after she posted this.

I talked about St. Aloysius being a patron of the blind, and the irony suddenly hit me.

Hap is dealing with a blind person, but he is actually the blind one.

He is incredibly unobservant.

He doesn’t notice that OA steals half a bottle of sleeping pills over a short period of time.That she pretends to be blind for years. That the Five are sucking the gas. The stashed ring in the bathroom. All of this despite having cameras everywhere.

Then @the-invisible-self suggested to me that Hap is a listener, and mentioned an interview with Brit, which I found:

“…male scientist who’s obsessed with listening. And the stillness that’s required. As a culture we look more than we listen. This character, Hap, has this lab underground connected to this mine, and he’s there listening for some unquantifiable, intangible thing.”

“ The thing that finally cracked Hap was this idea of someone who’s deeply sensitive to sound. When you first see him in the beginning, he has his earplugs in Grand Central Station, and you can tell that the cacophony of the subway to him is overwhelming.“ 

We have his heartbeat machine, the earplugs, the omnipresent headphones.

He is so focused on sounds (or his own perception of morality), sights escape him.

So OA knows she has the power over him:

“Being blind was powerful. It made me listen.”

“People who want power will always try to control those who truly possess it.”

But more ironically, he does not actually have microphones in the cells. He doesn’t really “listen” after all. He’s powerless.

My favorite thing about libfems becoming baby radfems is seeing them following lots of our tumblr in search of new material, texts, posts, articles, videos, and just simply a new group of bloggers to be around, because they are sooo fed up with gender activism / qu**r politics that they just are so curious about everything and want to be full members of the radical feminist community and exchange ideas with us all freely and without being judged and demonized like before in the libfem circles- that is such a positive and encouraging thing to see! Also they slowly lose the mention of pronouns in their bio (no they/them, she.her, cis, agender, genderq***r, etc, anymore, but just “woman” or “female” accompanied sometimes with “gnc” or “sex dysphoric”). Congrats’ to them, we’ve all been there and getting rid of these specific toxic anti-feminist, homophobic, sexist theories circulating everywhere is the most difficult thing and if you’ve done that then you’ve accomplished a lot of the work already! Welcome here, you’ll learn everyday and so fast that you’ll soon be able to confront libfems, using the RadfemWay© against their discourse without fear of receiving hate messages in your inbox. 

RadfemWay© definition: not insulting others, not sending them violent death/rape threats, not acting like shitty manipulative ppl, showing anger toward the homophobic, sexist, racist assholes but never in a way that will make us as a group seem stupid. Education is key.

We woke up that morning and whispered to each other about the night before. It was like every conversation we had in the hazy mornings, still a little drunk, still trying to gather ourselves and all the missing pieces of our heads. You mention our kiss and I laugh at the silly things drunk girls do. I don’t mention how in the dark, I hadn’t realized it was you, how all I registered was softness and warmth and the parting of lips. I don’t mention how kissable you look now with the makeup I helped you do still on and your hair spilling everywhere. I especially don’t mention how often I’ve thought of kissing you, if only briefly, if only innocently. I don’t mention it because I love, love, love you and I’d rather have you here, laughing with me about the silly things drunk girls do than have even the slightest chance of losing you, because together, as we are, is pure and safe and more than enough.

“PEEDEE!  I’ve got a plan!”

“Oh, this should be good.”

“We live on the beach, right?”

“I’m with you so far.”

“And there’s fish everywhere, right!?”

“Oh, that’s where this is going, okay.”

“So here’s what we do–we gather up some fish, we fry ‘em up, we sell ‘em with some french fries, and we call ‘em–”

“’Fish fries.’“

“Genius, right!?”

“Okay, look, not only are both of those things already…”


“…but we don’t have the setup we’d need to fry the fish and ch–fries, separately.”

“Not to mention the logistical nightmare of actually ordering the fish for a small-town fry stand.”

“All right, you know what, just gimme some fry bits.”


 Some fanons really confuse me. They start out as theories or opinions, but somehow get canonized as fact. The Solas “plans genocide” is one that baffles me the most.

Nowhere does Solas state in Trespasser that he wants to kill every living thing not elven. There are mentions of “your world burning”, and “your world dying” and “keeping innocents comfortable for now”….but I believe it’s a play on words. If he tore down the Veil, the world of Thedas as we know it, would end, and probably end badly…with fire burning somewhere - because people who didn’t have magic would die, or suddenly have it. Possibly even dwarves. Can you imagine the chaos? It’d be like everyone becoming a mutant in X-men. Crazy powers flying everywhere. Sandal’s prophesy in DA2 mentions all magic will come back, and everyone will be as they were before - and no I don’t think he’s speaking of only elves (as some believe). If Sandal meant only elves, he wouldn’t have said everyone.

It’s implied in Codex entries that human and dwarves (qunari?) were around before the Veil. So it’s not a giant leap in logic to assume they would be around after the Veil. Tearing down the Veil will not kill everyone, it will change everyone.

Hate his character for whatever reason, but not for planning genocide. There’s nothing I see in canon that supports this theory.


Meet Chrysoberyl, the fusion of my Citrine and @cantankerouskaputnik​‘s Bowenite! She did the lineart, I did the colors, and we designed her together. (I also did the first two pictures. :P)

I’m really happy with this design! We went with a horse theme, if it wasn’t obvious. Catank has awesome ideas and she’s great at design, not to mention her stellar artwork. It was so much fun working with her! <3

Personality under the cut~

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A Double Blind Conversation

Okay so I just rewatched ASiB on PBS, and my primary emotions are kinda torn: still pissed at Sherlock for shutting John out at every turn (but following him everywhere and talking to him all the time), but now also amazed at just how blatant John’s interest is. It’s not actually subtextual, even, in my opinion. The way John keeps testing Sherlock, trying to be subtle, like ‘how are we feeling’ this and ‘are you going to keep texting her’ that, only to conclude Sherlock didn’t feel things that way. This isn’t to mention the whole Hamish thing, which is just classic. How did Sherlock miss it? Of course, he didn’t. Sherlock simply rejected love categorically, as he told Mycroft. Still, one could tell he was considering it, especially that wide-eyed look after seeing John with Irene. He thought about it, what John thinks he feels or knows about feeling, as he told Irene. This is a mutual conversation that went both ways, unspoken (in contrast to the genuinely one-way texting with Irene, especially poignant with the phone/heart metaphor).

I think the turning point for John might have been that last time Sherlock just ignored him trying to talk about feelings/Irene and started playing the violin. The rejection seemed so blunt and total, from John’s POV. And there he was with his scotch and everything, trying to work up his courage. It’s not like John drinks recreationally. And he just sat there in his armchair silently, watching Sherlock’s back (while Sherlock probably thought about what he wanted to say).

It’s not that John never tried to talk. The stereotype is that John doesn’t talk, right? But again and again in ASiB, he brings up Sherlock’s feelings. And again and again, Sherlock talks to the John in his head, when he’s not there to hear. He only says Happy New Year to Irene, but we never really find out what all he tells John. It seems like the bit about love being a mystery according to John is another Mind Palace conversation. He must have actually had all those talks John wanted, after all– just silently, with Mind Palace!John, who was safe.

We do know– it’s obvious– that Sherlock really bought into the whole ‘dangerous disadvantage’ spiel Mycroft had, as we know from their conversations. Ironic, since Mycroft was counting on Sherlock’s established status with John, whom Sherlock wouldn’t pursue. ‘I didn’t know,’ Mycroft said– he thought he knew Sherlock’s weaknesses with sentiment were confined to John. A known quantity. Sherlock thus can’t reply to John’s many overtures because Sherlock can only have that conversation with Mycroft, who’ll predictably tell him caring is a disadvantage if he ever doubts. Real John can’t be trusted to do that, but Sherlock must have desperately wanted to talk to John, so he resorted extensively to Mind Palace!John.

Even more interesting, we have John telling Irene that Sherlock always needs the last word, yet he leaves only the feeling/Irene conversations with John dangling, much like his behavior with Irene’s texts. Not having the last word, letting things hang– John thinks it’s special with Irene, damning with him. In John’s case, Sherlock definitely avoids speaking aloud on purpose, while carrying on internally. This is what John thought must be going on with Irene, as a sign that Sherlock did nothing so as not to incriminate himself. In fact, that’s what he’d done with John.

Prediction of things that will happen on Tumblr when Fitzsimmons finally kiss:

  • Gif sets, gif sets everywhere. 
  • Pretty much all of the gif sets are the same but with slightly different colouring/cropping but we’re all cool with that and reblog them all anyway.
  • Text posts in the Fitzsimmons tag that read something along the lines of “ndikenhwkjgf,w3q !!!!!” possibly with more exclamation marks. 
  • A very detailed in depth analysis of said kiss.
  • With pictures.
  • You know, for science.
  • An analysis of pre-kiss faces and post-kiss faces.
  • Basically, ALL THE ANALYSING. 

I’m all comfy and out of it from an afternoon nap, and all I can think about right now is how bizarre it is that we as a society literally extend characteristics that are coded as masculine and feminine to the discussion of the biological function of reproductive organs. 

I remember learning about the uterus being this thing that makes a warm and nurturing home for fertilized eggs to develop into fetuses every single time we had sex ed in school, and this is the narrative I’ve heard repeated pretty much everywhere ever since. Meanwhile, like no one ever mentions the fact that the uterus also serves as a ruthless testing ground for those eggs, and part of its job is making sure that the considerable resources and risks associated with pregnancy aren’t wasted on anything short of the best. (Congrats! If you’re reading this right now, you passed!) 

Whereas the narrative about sperm is all: ~ the strongest swimmer wins, develops into fetus! Active! Decisive! ~ The fact that the bulk of the selection process responsible for determining whether or not genetic material is viable rests with the uterus is ignored. Because sets of reproductive organs are gender-coded. 

I guess the point of this whole thing is that the social trappings of gender are extended to biology in such weird ways, and that what we’re taught as science is hella super not objective, but mostly I just wanted to type this so I did. I hope it makes sense.

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