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So the RFA Cafe I attended last weekend was a transcendental experience cause of this crazy cast. 😂😂😂 We all felt like we stepped into the game itself. I was seated at Zen’s table because he is my first and my favorite, and he was so legit I can’t even. 😂 He sang for us, gave us hugs and cheek kisses, took endless selfies on our phones and called us baby. 😍 Meanwhile Seven carried Honey Butter Chips everywhere, Jumin ordered Jaehee around and asked people if they like cats, Yoosung was a sweetheart, V was almost bumping into things, Saeran was recruiting everyone to Mint Eye, and Jaehee of course was running around working her ass off. IT WAS GREAT. Not to mention THEY’RE ALL GORGEOUS??? Anyway. They recently started a page so everyone who was experiencing #sepanx from them could bother them. And they’ve been keeping our days extra lively ever since. This is my present to them. Thank you guys for being amazing. We MC’s love you all! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

P.S. Thanks to the person who took this screenshot hahaha

In A Hurry

Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Weekly Hiatus Challenge. The prompt is “Are we completely sure that’s how it supposed to look?”  And the gif below. 

I haven’t written Sam in a couple of months, so here you. This is unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine.

Word Count: 1200-ish

Warnings: Smut, language

It had been a long hunt, too long; three states over two weeks. Dirty, musty motel rooms, bad diner food and worse aches and pains then you can remember in a long time. Not to mention little to absolutely no alone time with your boyfriend, Sam. Dean was everywhere, all the time. Two freaking weeks and you barely had enough time to rub one out in the shower, let alone get in some good loving time with Sam.

The werewolves were running in packs of tree and four it seemed like for every one you took out, another two popped up in its place. Slower than you would have care for, they eventually led the three of you to their den and the end result was a total of twelve dead wolves over fourteen days. Thankfully the human casualties had not flowed over state lines.

You had inspected both brothers for any injuries that needed immediate treatment or stitches, with Sam doing the same for you. Luckily, the injuries had been minimal with each fight over the last two weeks. None of you had suffered anything that antiseptic and a couple shots of whiskey couldn’t fix.

Huffing loudly, you threw yourself down on the bed next to Sam while Dean finished up in the shower.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Sam looked over at you, concern filling his ever changing eyes.

“Ahhhhggg Sam, I am so horny and Dean won’t leave us alone!” You whined like a child and beat your fists on the bed for good measure.

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Please, please just talk to the people you call "terfs" one time and you will realize we aren't violent, trans hating people, trans people aren't even the center of radical feminism, saying we don't deserve any space as if we're akin to nazis or racists hurts and does nothing to bridge our communities so that we can help women everywhere

You want to help women but demean, harm, and belittle trans women. I don’t really care if you claim you’re “not all bad,” you’re bad if you are actively part of a group that treats trans women like trash and say unspeakable things to them. You don’t care about all women, just women who fit your idea of what a women should be, and that’s selfish.

You’re not welcome on my blog. We don’t tolerate transphobia.

Niall Horan Imagine - One Shot (Fluff) - Mrs. Horan

A/N: As requested by Kayleigh @nutellaxwifix, her sweetest soul has waited so long for me to post this imagine. I love you so so much and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for bearing with me all this time. Much love to all. Requests are open btw .xx

It’s moments with those closest to you and those that actually care for you who touch your heart. It was a gloomy Sunday in Dublin, Niall and I spent time equally with both our families as everyone is head over heels with our one month old bundle of joy. That’s our baby girl, Allison Rose Horan but her nickname being Ally.

It was all a rush in the moment. 10 months ago I didn’t plan on having a child not at our young age anyway. Niall was doing so well going solo, I couldn’t have been more proud of where he is today. I had always supported his decision and stuck by his side through the hard times. Of course I was hoping to get married and grow a family with Niall but in the midst of his solo career ?

I remember crying that night in my bathroom, earlier on that day I was nauseous and wasn’t my usual self. I thought I might as well take a pregnancy as it may be a possibility I’m pregnant since Niall and I did celebrate the other night…Nevermind that.

Mixed emotions had gone through me, I was both happy and heartbroken. Happy that I’m going to be a mom and heartbroken as to what would Niall and our families think ? I had confessed later that night to my parents first as I thought it would be at least 60% of weight off my shoulders. They were gladly understanding and was willing to help me out through my 9 month journey.

When I had finished talking to my parents, I went back to my room and sent Niall a text that I needed to talk to him urgently. I was in London at the time while he was LA, not the way I wanted to reveal the news to him through Skype but I was left with no other choice. He replied minutes later and Skyped me first.

“Hey babe whatsup ?” He asked as he rested his chin on his right hand. “This isn’t as I really planned- actually this wasn’t planned at all…Anyways I have something really important to tell you” I said and bit my lip. “Clearly it’s serious, you’re biting your lip so hard” he said raising his eyebrows. “Okay are you ready ?” I asked for confirmation. Oh gosh the feels. He simply shrugged his shoulders but still clearly eager to hear the big reveal. “I’m pregnant” I said.

It was quite for 5 seconds on both ends, that was until Niall started screaming and shouting “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD” I giggled at his reaction as it was what I’d hoped for. “Look Niall I know it’s not the perfect time for us to be having a family and-” he cut me off. “Princess, nothing could make me happier right now than knowing I’m going to be a father and you’re going to be the mother of my child. I love you very much and wished I was there with you to celebrate” he said and blew air kisses. “Love you too, please be back soon, we’re missing you” I said as I rubbed my belly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow on the first flight that I can catch…Anyways love I have to go on stage in a bit, I love you so so so much. Can’t wait for this baby, hoping these 9 months go by fast” he said. “I hope so too and love you more baby. Byeeee” I waved him off. I knew he was going to be a great dad whenever I see him with Theo.

10 months later here we are having the time of our life with our little Ally. Niall’s family had offered to take care of the baby tonight while the both of us had gone out for dinner. I got dressed in a black and silver sequin dressed that had stopped at mid thigh, paired with black mid heels. We walked hand in hand to the car, he closed my door and walked to the drivers seat. He sadly had not mentioned where we were having dinner and I was getting curious by the second. I have a love hate thing for surprises.

He drove high up for a perfect view of the city. There in front of the car was a beautifully set out table for 2 with candles and roses everywhere - the roses had trailed to the table - Niall made sure I was seated first then only had he sat in front of me.

“This is really beautiful Niall, you didn’t have to go all out” I said and glanced around me at the beautiful decor of twinkle lights. Just then a man with a violin had popped out of no where and had started playing. “Anything for my princess” he smiled and took my hand into his, he placed a small peck on the back of my hand.

We had a great night of listening to the violin and eating some delicious food. Once we were done, Niall was clearly in no rush of leaving and just glanced at our surrounding until finally laying his eyes on me. “I couldn’t be anymore happier today and it’s all thanks to you” he said and pointed at me. “Why are you thanking me ?” I asked confused.

“You supported me through everything. You have pushed me to do what I wanted to do. You helped me to achieve things in life. You carried our gorgeous baby for 9 months. You’ve been through a lot with me for the past 3 and a half years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend” he said standing up and kneeling before me. OMG. ITS HAPPENING. THEIR COMES THE WATERWORKS.

I covered my hands over my mouth, I can’t believe this is actually happening. “I’m glad the fans agree with me on picking the right girl. So many yet I thought I’d never find the one girl who I can share special memories with. It took me a damn long time to find you, I wished I had known where you were earlier in my life but that doesn’t matter because this moment right here matters most. Y/N Y/LN will you marry me ?” He asked as he revealed the ring from the mini square sized boxed that was in his pocket.

“Of course yes !” I said in excitement. He slipped the ring on my ring finger. He lifted me up carrying me bridal style as his lips met mine. There went the oh so familiar sparks every time our lips meet. He loosened his grip on me and had me pinned against the passenger seat door. He gave me one last peck and helped me get into the car then quickly making his way to the drivers seat. He intertwined our fingers “I’m glad to finally call you Mrs. Horan”

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bro, imma test your patience with me. now idk shit about politics buuut i need to learn a little more than the basics of whats happening to brazil, you know? its hard since its a hole different country so im kinda limited, i understand portuguese but really need a politics for dummies to know whats happening and what will probably happen due to the hell thats going on in BR. help me and get a smile (pls??)

Man this is hard because I have no idea what you already know or not or where you’re from so I can’t really make comparisons?? but i’m gonna try to give you a general??? hold tight

so I guess first thing is understanding the system, right?

Brazil has a… multi-party presidential democracy. Ish. Hasn’t always been like that tho, in fact, brazilian history is filled with coups and not so democratic republics. It’s our thing. But right now we have a President, in charge of the executive power, then there’s the upper and lower houses of congress (Senate and Chamber, we call them, basically), and the Supreme Court, I guess just like in the US. There’s a president to the Senate, a President to the Chamber, and a few more important figures in each part of the government, like the ministers, or cabinet leaders, that hold, well, cabinets, like the one for Education or Health or Culture, etc, or the Government Leader in congress that isn’t really a formal title but also kinda is a job. 

So, our parties. There are so many of them. SO MANY. Y’all wouldn’t believe how many. Ok, about 30-40 of them. But really, who the fuck knows all of them? I don’t, so we’re gonna stick to the most important ones. But for that, quick history lesson: 

Remember when I said we haven’t always been, uhm, this? Yeah, up until the late 80′s Brazil was on a Dictatorship (not the first we had, but the worst we had, arguably) (and I have to control myself not to tell you the whole thing cause I just love brazilian history???? but imma stick to what’s important) THE POINT IS: during those years, only two “parties” were allowed to exist, the… pro-dictatorship party and the… consented opposition party (we like to call them the “yes” and the “yes, sir” parties cause of the obvious). Consented opposition party was called MDB (founded in 65′). When dictatorship ended, they turned into PDMB (in 1980). You’re gonna have to get used to the acronyms because we only use them here. Sometime later, in 88, some people left PMDB to found PSDB, and at the time the plan was to have it a bit more to the left than PMDB that was a pretty center-right wing party. More to the left of both of those, also in the 80′s, our Workers Party is founded, PT. Not a socialist/communist party, whatever some may think until today. You might be wondering what happened to the dictatorship supporters party, right? They’ve changed names a few times through the last decades, nowadays they’re DEM, a right wing party (ironically enough, their acronym comes from Democrats).

Nowadays you can say PSDB is a center-right wing party, PT is center-left, and PMDB is wherever it pleases (mostly center-right, though). “Isn’t there a REAL left wing then????” there is, but it’s not exactly the most powerful thing in existence, so most people atribute the “left” nearly entirely to PT, cause up until a couple of years ago, it was majorly powerful. We’ll get to that. Anyway, some left wing parties are PCdoB and Psol and a shit ton of other small ones.

Back to history. When dictatorship was ending people made an awful lot of deals to get one dude (Tancredo Neves) into the presidency (not popular vote yet, some sort of electoral college) but cause we’re in Brazil and shit just can’t be simple HE DIED before taking office then his vice president (who had just kinda changed parties to make the run) became the first post-dictatorship president. This dude is called Sarney and he’s alive until today and we like to call him The King of a state because his family basically owns it. And it’s a big state and in pretty bad condition (if you want we can come back later to why so many families are so powerful and so entirely into politics and basically owners of whole states and how Oligarchies have always been a thing BUT in another post). He’s a senator now. Yeah, cause that’s a thing, you don’t have to end your career after being president here. Oh, both of those were like, from PMDB.

Then we finally got to vote and we elected this one young unknown dude who was promising to end corruption (I mean, they all do, but, big time), his name was Collor, and he got impeached for corruption a couple of years later. Yes, you’re allowed to laugh. He was from PRN, we’re not gonna talk about this party here, no relevance. His vice president took over, Itamar Franco, and if you guessed it you probably got it right: he was from PMDB. The country was still in a big ass crisis coming all the way from the dictatorship years and Collor had just screwed up massively too so when Itamar KINDA got things under control his economy cabinet leader got big time praise…… and got elected president a couple of years later for PSDB. His name is Fernando Henrique Cardoso (we like to call him FHC) and he’s still alive too. 

So we got a few years of PSDB there cause they approved reelection in congress at some point there - let’s be honest, it’s because they were scared of the increasing popularity of somebody else that had been running in the past elections too: Lula, the big leader of PT - and they were right to, cause Lula would get elected finally in 2003 and reelected after, staying until 2011, and would hand pick his successor and get her elected: Dilma Rousseff, who would also get reelected. As you might have heard, she got impeached last year, leaving office to her vice president, Michel Temer, from… PMDB. 

For the past couple of decades, our political scenario pretty much got divided into PSDB and PT running against each other (and against a ton of minor parties that didn’t quite make it) in every election, with PT winning all of the ones mentioned above. But in any and all of the governments, deals had to be made to get - you guessed it - PMDB support. If there’s one thing you have to know about these last years of Brazil is that no one, no one can govern without PMDB. And the reason to that is on it’s historical basis: it’s basically the oldest and biggest party we got. So EVERYWHERE there’s someone from there, so they get plenty of space in government, they make most of congress, they make most of the senate, they make most of the local powers, etc. And like that, unelected, they got to the Presidency quite a few times. When I said before that they go wherever they want to, is because they’ll lean to whichever side can grant them power, and not even collectively - you can see some of them aligning to left wing politicians in some parts of the country while others get allied to right wing politicians in another part in the same election, since there are no rules against that. Today, since they hold the presidency and most of the other important roles, their main ally is PSDB, but a few years back they were the main supporters to PT, so, really, the rule should be “don’t trust them and expect anything and everything”. 

I think… this kinda covers the basics. Very basics. Roughly. It would be important for you to understand the whole Impeachment mess of the past couple of years. I have a couple of posts on that here and here and here and here and you can always go to my politics tag to search for more comments on everything. Idk, bring me objective questions or just what more you want to know after this so I can help more??? i’m really kinda lost on what to tell you and there’s sooo much to brazilian history that is important, but I think this post is way too long already x) I like telling the stories though, so ask away

Day 5
Latamarang to Dhukur Pokhari. 18.5km. 7 hours.
It was just going to be a short day.
A 3 hour hike to Chame, fix my shoes, get Erica some medicine, but the annapurnas had other plans.
Of course it was another beautiful trek. I probably don’t even have to mention it any more, we can all assume from now on every single day is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. It was an easy trek to Chame, nice and sunny. It was too easy, it lulled us into a false sense of security.
We arrived at 12pm, my shoes were going to take an hour to fix so I wandered around town in a sexy socks and sandals combo. There was nothing to do but sit down and enjoy an afternoon of chai masala.
Sitting in a tiny indian take away shop with children running around everywhere, watching the owner cook tibetan bread crouching down in front of the fire. Before we knew it 2 hours had passed. We were all low on energy, Erica had her medicine but she was still sick, Tomas had a hectic cold setting in (which he later gave to me, bastard) so we thought ‘lets just cruise along to Bhratang, the next town, another 2 hours of walking and we can call it a day.
We set off just as the rain began.

We plodded along through pine forests, next to rivers, past locals huddled under overhanging rocks warming themselves by little camp fires. Staring at us as we trudged along in the cold rain. Berating ourselves for our decision to keep going. We saw more and more snowy peaks, our breath was frosting up. My fingers were getting colder and colder.
Today felt like we were hiking in the scottish highlands.
Finally the next town was in sight and a sigh of relief filled my soul. But as we got closer we saw Tomas and Marijn sitting and waiting for us. We’d lost them on the route so it was a double relief.
It didn’t last long.
They were shaking there heads.
“Don’t get your hopes up, there’s no rooms”
My back screamed in protest.
“The next town is 2 hours away”
I didn’t believe them. I can handle a long trek but not when I don’t expect it.
I’d mentally prepared myself for a 3 - 4 hour hike, and here I was 5 hours later preparing for another 2 hours.
My mind wasn’t ready. We were stopping in Bhratang. I still couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t true.
Putting my pack back on will still remain one of the most demoralising things i’ve ever had to do.
We weren’t sure if there were rooms in the next town but we were hoping with everything we had. If there wasn’t rooms, it was another 2 hours to Upper Pisang.
I knew i could physically manage, but mentally?

As we trekked the snowy mountains got closer and closer, the clouds dropped lower and lower. I was so cold, i could hardly move my fingers and the thought of taking my pack off and getting my camera out was too much. But eventually there wasn’t anything I could do about it, I had to get it out, it was that epic.
Step by step I managed. I was so excited by the thought of the next town and putting my bag down, but I had no idea what was coming. After what felt like decades of trekking we crested the hill and suddenly there was the town. The first thing i noticed was the hotel signs. There were enough hotels around that I knew we’d have a place to sleep here. I could relax.
I dropped my bag and grabbed my camera and could now appreciate the view around me. I was dog tired but the view was so overwhelming, i didn’t know what to photograph first. Everywhere I looked snowy mountains, so close I could see the the wind blowing snow off the peak.
We were above the clouds, the trees were frosted over and the mist was roaming through.
I was standing on the rooftop of the hotel with my zoom lens on so overwhelmed I was close to tears. Energy was coursing through my veins. The cold crisp air was cleansing my body of its aches and pains and the view made me forget the hours of pain.

I’ve spent the last 5 days describing the trek, mountains after mountains, aches and pains, overwhelming views. I’m sure it’s getting boring now. So let me describe what life is like on the trek. It’s not all walking and pain.
I didn’t expect to enjoy every second of this trek so much, a lot of that is down to the people i was lucky enough to meet. But when you arrive in a new town first you feel the pure pleasure of being able to put your pack down. You check out your room, check the comfort of the bed. So far it’s been pretty good. You ask about a hot shower, every now and then you get lucky. (In this spot we were lucky, it was almost too hot.)
Then you head into the common area to order dinner. The only place that has any warmth. As soon as the place starts filling up they light the fire and everyone huddles around with there feet and hands next to the stove trying to return feeling to their extremities.
The warmth fills you up and you all wait for your food to arrive in anticipation.
Food has never tasted so good. You sip a hot tea and admire how glorious a simple lemon tea is.
There is usually another traveller or two in the guesthouse and you all bond around the fire, comparing trekking stories. Most of the time the other travellers have trekked far longer and quicker than us. It became an ongoing joke how slow we were. Not physically trekking, we’re fast walkers, we just didn’t push ourselves.
But why push, it’s the most beautiful place i’ve ever been, why rush through.

I remember this night specifically being quite enjoyable, such a tough day with such a sweet reward. Laying around the fire listening to music and discussing our different lives.
It was our first night above 3000 metres.
We were all starting to feel the altitude, a little bit heavy in the head, more tired than usual, the breathing just doesn’t come AS easy as it should.

title: yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be

rating: t

word count: 2k1

summary: It’s not every day someone you know gets kicked in the head and forgets a couple of years of their life or modern AU amnesia fic.

a/n: I was checking my dash the other day and @hurricanedancer​ reblogged  this amazing post and mentioned in the tags wanting a fic. I was already planning to write something for Cassian Andor Appreciation Week (Favourite Relationship(s)) and this inspired me so I combined both. No such thing as too many RebelCaptain fics, right? Anyway hope you enjoy it :)

(I wrote the fic, but Bob Dylan wrote the title.)

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And yes capslock, I’m in an excellent mood so I’m gonna keep it up
















(This gets funnier when you realize blue oaks are an actual thing, if not a Canadian thing)






















I fucked up by jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean fully clothed and my wallet sank to the bottom, but something unbelievable happened!

(warning: very long post with pics at the end)

I have a very fun and quite unbelievable story to tell you guys. This happened back in 1998.

I was 18, slightly nerdy, and I was not a drinker, by any means. Let’s get the funniest part of this entire story out of the way right now. I’ll admit it; I had bowl cut. You’ll see.

I was best buds with two guys I had known for years: Ryan and Dave. Ryan’s dad was an airline pilot and had some free tickets to Hawaii, so he offered to take us all for a long weekend. Needless to say, we were stoked. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I was looking forward to the experience very much.

I am 35 years old now and my memories are spotty, but I will describe things as best I can. The flight was long, but soon enough we arrived in the base-model-Ford-Mustang-convertible-capital-of-the-world. It seemed as if that was the only car available to rent on the island.

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Today, I fucked up... by jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean fully clothed and my wallet sank to the bottom, but something unbelievable happened!

I have a very fun and quite unbelievable story to tell you guys. This happened back in 1998.

I was 18, slightly nerdy, and I was not a drinker, by any means. Let’s get the funniest part of this entire story out of the way right now. I’ll admit it; I had bowl cut. You’ll see.

I was best buds with two guys I had known for years: Ryan and Dave. Ryan’s dad was an airline pilot and had some free tickets to Hawaii, so he offered to take us all for a long weekend. Needless to say, we were stoked. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I was looking forward to the experience very much.

I am 35 years old now and my memories are spotty, but I will describe things as best I can. The flight was long, but soon enough we arrived in the base-model-Ford-Mustang-convertible-capital-of-the-world. It seemed as if that was the only car available to rent on the island.

Ryan, Dave, I (Chris) were lucky enough to have our own room, which meant trouble at that age. We did some bar hopping and found it quite difficult to get alcohol from the bartenders, since we all looked pretty damn young. Desperate times require desperate measures, so we found a guy in the stairwell of our hotel named Cal and asked him to buy us some booze. He agreed… and the debauchery ensued.

Dave and I did a bit of drinking in the hotel room, and Ryan did quite a bit more. He was in pretty bad shape and the place was a disaster. Beer cans were strewn about and everything was in complete disarray. Ryan was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, puking into the shower, when his dad called. He didn’t like what he heard and said that he was coming up to check on us. He was in the same hotel, only a few floors away, so we FREAKED THE HELL OUT!!

It was a mad scramble to clean the room and put all the beer cans into a trash bag and dispose of it in the stairwell before his dad got up there. We kept Ryan in the bathroom and somehow convinced his dad that everything was copacetic and he just had a stomach bug. In hindsight, his dad almost surely knew exactly what was going on, as he kept a much closer eye on us from there on out.

On one of our adventures outside of the hotel that night, we saw an advertisement in a bar for a BOOZE CRUISE. The flyer made it sound like a ton of fun, complete with hot chicks, music, dancing, alcohol, and a massive floating trampoline. What more could an 18 year old ask for? Absolutely nothing… so we decided to see if Ryan’s dad would allow us to go. I believe we told him that we wanted to go on a cruise, while conveniently leaving out the part about the booze, so he didn’t seem to have much of a problem with us going. There was one catch, though: the booze cruise was on a Sunday and Ryan’s family was quite religious. Dave and I were given the option to go to Sunday mass, while Ryan was not. We all went back to the hotel room for the night to ponder the situation.

The next day, we all met up with Ryan’s dad early in the morning and rendered our verdict. In true Top Gear spirit, when one of our comrades was in need and the open road was ahead of us, Dave and I did what we had to do: we left Ryan to go to church with his dad and we got the hell on that ship. And damn was that a good decision. Sort of.

I went to a small high school with a graduating class of less than 60 kids, and I definitely wasn’t a big partier. This cruise was absolutely nuts, especially for me. Loud music was blasting, tons of meat heads were screaming and being obnoxious, beautiful women in skimpy bikinis were on their backs with cheering crowds around them, as whipped cream was sprayed onto their navels. Guys were doing body shots off of topless girls, making out… you name it. It was paradise for Dave and me, but we needed some alcohol to really let loose.

Now that I think about it, I’m not quite sure how we managed to get on this booze cruise, in the first place, since the minimum age for the cruise was 21. LOL! Regardless, we decided to chance it and go ask the bartender for a drink, hoping he wouldn’t ask us for any ID. Dave looked older than I did, so he was nominated to do the deed. If he was successful, our drink of choice was going to be a long island iced tea. He made it up to the bar and wasn’t looking too confident in himself, and I was getting worried that we were going to be busted for being on a booze cruise under-age. No good.

Dave eventually went for it, hands shaking… and he got lucky. The bartender didn’t ID him and he came back with the massive drink!! We were stoked, to say the least. Again, keep in mind the neither of us were big drinkers. Also keep in mind that the bartender made this long island iced tea extremely strong. Well, let me tell you something… this long island iced tea absolutely obliterated me. I became a flaming idiot and lost every single bit of the little common sense I had. I guess that was the goal, but this was a bit more than I had planned for.

By this point, everyone else was extremely intoxicated, as well, as the escapades were only getting more Girls-Gone-Wild’esque. At the peak of my drunkenness, the boat came to a stop and anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Everyone started jumping off the back of the boat and getting onto the massive floating trampoline that was being dragged behind it. This was so amazing for Dave and me. Boobs were bouncing everywhere and we were drunk out of our minds. Every once in a while we would mention poor Ryan, who was probably sitting in the pew beside his father, singing hymns at Sunday mass. Oh well, THE SHOW MUST GO OOONNN!

I then decided to join in the festivities. When I do things, I normally go all out. It’s all or nothing for me, and that would prove to be a bit problematic in this case. All of the other drunk people were jumping off the back of the boat, which was the proper place to jump off the boat, as it was lower and intended for such a purpose. That didn’t seem to be cool enough for me, however, as I climbed up on the side of the boat and let out a scream… then jumped into the ocean.

Fully clothed.

With my wallet in my pocket.

My wallet was forced out of my pocket by the sudden impact from the 20+ foot jump into the water and, unbeknownst to me, promptly sank to the bottom of the ocean floor. Dave and I continued to have a great time on the booze cruise and our lives were perfect. I didn’t realize that I had lost my wallet until we disembarked the ship and got back onto terra firma. This was not a good situation, at all, but fortunately it was pre 9/11 and Ryan’s dad could pull some strings since he was a pilot. I eventually made it back to the continental United States and got a new license from the DMV. All was back to normal for a couple years…

If you are still with me, then you are about to be rewarded, just like I was. Over two years later, my mom received a manilla envelope in the mail, sent from Colorado and addressed to me. I opened up the envelope and inside I found my worn wallet, filled with sand, with my faded ID card and the tattered remains of a twenty dollar bill inside. Also in the envelope was a hand written letter that read:

My husband, ********, found your wallet in 90 ft. of water.  He was doing his 2 weeks with Navy Reserves.  He teaches scuba and is a Master Instructor.  That day he had a group of 8 people out in the ocean when he found your wallet.
I hope you receive this and haven’t moved.  I wondered how long it has been in the ocean (Hawaii). Sincerely, ********************

I was floored. I could not believe that this wallet made it back to me, years after my stupid ass had lost it in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were miles from shore when I jumped off the side of that boat and, as the letter said, the diver found my wallet in 27.432 meters of water. Absolutely astonishing, if you ask me. My mom saved it for all these years, and I just got around to taking some pics earlier tonight.

TL;DR Went on booze cruise in Hawaii, got way too drunk, jumped off side of boat fully clothed, lost wallet in the Pacific Ocean, scuba diver found it two years later and sent it back to me with a letter from his wife who has amazing cursive penwomanship, and I had a super awesome bowl cut of which everyone is envious.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story, guys. I have attached pictures to this post, as proof that this was not a fictional tale!

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i wanna hear the full story

ok so i went to a christian summer camp with my long distance boyfriend, will. it was nice, the last few years i went there were some other gay people in my cabin and we had a good time making gay jokes and stuff. so i figured like, people there cant be like super homophobic or anything, ya know, just casual homophobia

so i wasnt like worried at all about holding will’s hand in public bc like, why shouldnt we? we hold hands everywhere. everyone holds hands

at this point i should mention that me & will are both pre-t trans guys. he’s out to his family & has a binder and short hair and stuff, and im not, and i dont

we went in the pool and we were hanging out, like doing the exact same thing everyone else was doing. like playing and fighting with water and stuff. we hugged and did that thing where we put our arms around the other’s shoulder. there were girls in the pool doing the exact same thing

this lady, we’ll call her momma may, comes up to us while we’re drying off and putting on our shirts and shes like “hey ladies!!” and i knew something was up. we were like .. hey. and she goes “i know you ladies are close, but youre being very affectionate and it’s making other people uncomfortable. just like if it were a guy and a girl! do you understand?” and i was like yea sure and she walked away. we laughed about it bc like .. there were like 3 straight couples doing the same thing but whatever

so we go to worship (it might notve been worship tho i dont remember)bthe next day i think. we’re sitting together, holding hands, im trying not to cry (im emotional ok i hadnt seen will in a really long time) so will mightve been stroking my hair or something?? but im pretty sure we were only holding hands. im saying this so you dont think we were like making out and having sex in church. again, there were girls like right in front of us doing the same thing

and momma may sits right next to me, like awkwardly close. like shes basically on my lap. and she sits there until the thing is over. i look at her and im like .. “yea?” and she goes “i know you girls are close but you really need to tone it down .. i know youve already gotten a warning in the pool …. but all this touching and rubbing and holding hands is really inappropriate. if it happens again we’re gonna have to split you up and call your parents” and then she asked who my counselor was and what our names were

we were not touching and rubbing, firstly. and secondly like .. im not out to my mom. i tried to come out when i was 12 and it .. wasnt good. it’s a long story. but she wouldve fuckin outed me to my mother because i held will’s hand. like ?? i have paranoia and i dont take like meds or anything so you can imagine i was freaking out bc like .. what would i do if she called my mom?? and i didnt even wanna think about the fact that my dad would know too

so there i was, freaking out, crying because i didnt wanna get kicked out of my house for holding will’s hand. & i was scared to make any sort of physical contact because what if that was Too Much Affection and they called my parents?

we slept in the same bed bc ya know, i was crying, and im really clingy and it was really cold. i slept pretty well actually, will’s real warm. anyway while will went without me to get water apparently momma may came up to him and was like “heyy!! dont sleep in the same bed again” and will was like ok i didnt know that was a rule but ok & she was like “are you having a good time?” and will was like yea and may was like good! & then her face immediately stopped bein Fake Friendly and she was like “how long have you been friends”

i dont know how that ended bc i wasnt there but yea. and shes like staring at us the whole rest of camp. i still Hav Paranoia so i was basically crying the whole rest of camp. also while i was getting headache medicine without will someone called me a f*g

so thats the story of how everyone assumed will was a lesbian bc he Looked Gay i guess and how momma may gave me several anxiety attacks

Junkyard of Motives

The chair who has nothing to say while you have your legs hemmed
The needle keeping a mark near the ankle
I was told to be uniquely tailored
Though, I’m surprised no one dares to mention me being naked
Honestly, this is absurd
Until it is sensible when you are inside an old, broken-down building
Haven’t been used in years
Within a town not needing law enforcement in decades
A ghost town
Even Ouija boards could say “hello” and “goodbye”
Waiting to have something created
A “slim” chance being my figure is thin
They don’t need me here, so I must leave
Now, we go through a tour around everywhere
I wish I could explain, but my descriptions and recognition has left me
They all appear to be just “things”
So, I’ll look up and I’m very surprised at what I find
Six ions ago was what lead to the chemical of brewing a coffee
It was close to ten, I suppose, so it was time to start closing shop
The aroma was turning from fresh to fade
Natural lighting now curtain to the insides of windows needing a clean
Forfeit the thought I must ask
Was it the time or the people that lead to the dusk?
Keep me posted
I look down; I see it
I see
I could open up a shop
Truthfully, I wont be doing that
There has to be questions answered first
Doesn’t matter by how or who or you
First things first, comes the ponder of if I need people inside
To feel meaning and fulfillment
If my tables full
It will make this suit I work so hard and spent time on worth the while
In this shop so full
Me, still naked, being in my prime
As all the presence they give actually gives me a persona for once
A name
Something I still wonder if I wanted

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Do you have any BL fic recs?

Note: Some of these may have mentions of bottom Harry, but the anal sex, rimming, and/or fingering scenes are all bottom Louis.

Other fic rec requests that have been fulfilled are here.

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why is fuckboy neil a thing why is yur whole clique posting about kevineil why does someone have sexy snapbacks im so confused on why this is everywhere my GOD

i’m going to try to write an accurate timeline

  • it started when i mentioned to @wesnenski that neil probably texts like a fuckboy 
  • then we projected kevineil on this and somehow?? it escalated?? into a delinquent au
  • so here we have this delinquent au
  • and perrie and i screamed about it to each other
  • and then we made a group chat with @miniminyardd and perrie, carly, and i all screamed about it
  • we even made a pinterest board for our au (this has gone too far and hella warning for nsfw)
  • and @cabeswaterlovesthem also joined our group chat
  • and it’s just four people viciously screaming about a kevineil delinquent au and this is hell
Truth or Dare? (Jungkook x OC) | 1K+ Follower Milestone Celebration Scenario

Originally posted by minpuffs

Summary: in which you and the boys have strong bonds and friendships, so strong that jungkook can’t make a move.

Word count: 5,412

Announcement: We had recently just reached 1K followers for this blog, and I just wanted to celebrate this milestone with a surprise scenario! I wrote this in a matter of seven hours.. so there might be some minor errors here and there, but I hope you guys like it! Thank you so much for your support, and I am so grateful to have every single one of you guys!

Truth or Dare? | Jungkook x OC

“(Y/N), can we come over? Your place is closer to the dance studio and we’re too lazy to walk all the way to the dorm.” Hoseok whined and you chuckled to yourself, shoving your face into your pillow. “Please?”

You and the boys were pretty much best friends, every single one of them had a strong friendship with you. They were your ride or die best friends who would go to late night karaoke sessions with you, who would take the biggest risks with you until the point where it could result in your death, and who would simply just be there to listen. You loved them, every single one of them.

People would wonder why you would hang out with seven idiots who were guys, assuming that you were a tomboy who prefers being boyish than being a girl who cares about how she dresses up or the latest fashion trends. Yes, you were a tomboy. You preferred reading books, playing video games, and even eating like a pig rather than acting like a girl who would apply makeup every single morning. But that didn’t bother the fact that people were belittling you for hanging out with friends who were of your opposite gender. They could judge you all you want, but you knew one thing and it was your only answer. Your answer was simple: you were yourself when you were with them. You felt comfortable. There were no other friends who could compare to them.

And it was true. You were the youngest of the group, with Jungkook being older by six months. The boys treated you like their little sister, they were the older brothers who would punch any guy who would approach you in an uncomfortable manner.

This was why you couldn’t imagine yourself being without them.

“Ugh, fine, just let me get out of my bed.” You groaned, trying to sit up on your bed but managing to fail and fall back onto the comfortable position that you were just in. “I swear, you guys are the reason why I’m sleep-deprived.”

“But you love us.” Taehyung teased as he grabbed the phone from Hoseok, who was now yelling at the guy for supposedly yanking the phone from his hand. “Sorry, I just wanted to talk to (Y/N). Do you have any ramen in your cabinets? I’m extremely hungry I could eat a whole cow.”

“Wait, I thought I told you guys that I won the ramen eating contest.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “I have tons of ramen in my cabinets, I won three boxes of ramen as my prize.”

“Woah, three boxes? You’re such a fatty.” You hear Jungkook mumble and you squinted your eyes, the remark somehow getting you out of bed.

“I heard that, Jungkook!” You exclaimed and the whole group went silent, you were even confused, wondering if they hung up on you. “You guys there?”

“She heard that?” Jungkook whispered, and the boys smacked him in the back of his head. “But really though, you’re the only girl I know that’s passionate about food.”

“Jungkook, shut up, we’re already here, (Y/N)!” Hoseok grabbed the phone, and in an instant, you hear your doorbell sound. You ran out of your room and opened the door to reveal the boys who were breathless, and almost restless.

“You guys look like you ran a marathon.” You chuckled and the boys shrugged their shoulders.

You led them into the house and they all scattered around, looking through your cabinets for food to eat. Taehyung was searching through your ramen cabinet, Hoseok was searching through your fridge for some pop to drink, Jimin was struggling to turn on your TV, Jin was setting up the dining table, Namjoon was setting all of the boys’ things to one area in the house, and Yoongi was trying to get comfortable with your couch.

“They look like they live here,” you were startled at the sound of a voice beside you, making you turn around to see Jungkook smirking at the boys who were acting as if you all shared this house.

You nodded your head in agreement, and that’s when you felt your heart stop. He turned towards you, your eyes meeting and your heartbeat beginning to pick up its pace. You were slowly getting lost in his trance, noticing the fact that his eyes looked like the stars.

This is what you hated about being best friends with the boys. Everywhere you went, Jungkook would be there. He was with all of you, 24/7. He surprisingly made you feel like a girl for once, a girl who would have a crush on a guy. You hated being best friends with the boys because you would be linked up with your one and only crush, Jungkook.

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 Some fanons really confuse me. They start out as theories or opinions, but somehow get canonized as fact. The Solas “plans genocide” is one that baffles me the most.

Nowhere does Solas state in Trespasser that he wants to kill every living thing not elven. There are mentions of “your world burning”, and “your world dying” and “keeping innocents comfortable for now”….but I believe it’s a play on words. If he tore down the Veil, the world of Thedas as we know it, would end, and probably end badly…with fire burning somewhere - because people who didn’t have magic would die, or suddenly have it. Possibly even dwarves. Can you imagine the chaos? It’d be like everyone becoming a mutant in X-men. Crazy powers flying everywhere. Sandal’s prophesy in DA2 mentions all magic will come back, and everyone will be as they were before - and no I don’t think he’s speaking of only elves (as some believe). If Sandal meant only elves, he wouldn’t have said everyone.

It’s implied in Codex entries that human and dwarves (qunari?) were around before the Veil. So it’s not a giant leap in logic to assume they would be around after the Veil. Tearing down the Veil will not kill everyone, it will change everyone.

Hate his character for whatever reason, but not for planning genocide. There’s nothing I see in canon that supports this theory.

Extra Practice [Jikook fluff]

Soo I wrote this ages ago and I never posted it to this blog, but I still think it’s relatively cute so here you go! Call it a little ‘400 follower celebration’ if you will :) Thank you so much guys!!

Originally I was going to write Monday through Friday, but I kinda got writer’s block and I didn’t want it to get repetitive so I stopped. Let me know if you have any ideas! okay leggo~

- Sophie


Jimin and Jungkook are lying side by side, panting on the practice room floor. Their heavy breathing echoes off of the walls and the stereo is emitting a low hum of static. Jimin finds the sound calming, and can feel his eyelids drooping. He lulls his head towards Jungkook and smiles.

“Nice practice today, Jungkookie. You’re better than me.”

Jungkook glances downwards and avoids eye contact with Jimin. “Thanks, hyung. I’m working really hard.” Slowly, he rises into a sitting position and offers Jimin his hand. He’s kind of sweaty, but Jimin can feel Jungkook’s racing heartbeat through the pulsing in his fingers and is surprised when he feels his own heart match pace. Confused, he stares up at Jungkook with wide eyes as though to ask if he has noticed. Jungkook is still refusing him eye contact, but Jimin can’t help but admire the way this boy’s eyes flick over his body, everywhere but his face. Now that Jimin thinks about it, he really is looking everywhere – they both are.

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Aria knows A LOT more than she shows

It’s weird that the first A text message was sent to Aria… Again!

The message this time was “you know who did it…” And i’m kinda thinking that this was not a coincidence that it was messaged to her.

(I have a theory but it just came to me like literally 5 seconds ago so it’s not all quite worked out yet, so please bear with me.)

So, why would the new big bad think Aria knows something? When Ali said that one episode that the girls know more about the night combined than they think, then why did they still not piece everything together? I think one of the girls is withholding information. Emily and spencer contributed by spilling they hit someone and it gave us answers, but some things are still missing. I feel like there is still a secret yet to be revealed about that night and that led whoever was leading the A-team, torture the girls. I don’t buy Cece saying it was because the Liars were happy Ali was gone. That is not enough motive for me. My bet on who is withholding informations? Aria. (Because to me Hanna is less likely).

As we know there were so many clues that pointed to her (Aria) being A in the past seasons, if not just being a part of the A-team. Either that was just to feed the Aria is A theorists or were real clues. We never got answers about her shady behaviors, but if Marlene wants to make sense about the show she would give this more storyline. She might just say she is suffering from a split personality disorder, which i think is also highly likely. But i don’t think thats the only thing.

I think she was for some time A. I won’t list all the evidences of why she could be a part of the A-team if not the head, bc too many to mentions plus you will see it everywhere. But i think she was torturing the girls because she knew something they did that one fateful night. I’m not entirely sure if she was A because she wanted justice for whatever really horrible thing they did and she was being a “good person”, or if her other personality was the one who has seen this and had this impulse of threatening the girls bc of what she knew and being evil, or if she was connected somehow to the person they did wrong.

Maybe the girls were a large part contributing to Bethany’s death. Now, you might say Mona was the one to hit her. But how about Sara harvey? Who was to say it wasn’t Sara she hit? That means somebody else could’ve killed Bethany. I think Sara survived, and she is Shower harvey we see now and i’ll get on with her story some other time to why she is seeking revenge. Mrs D buried Ali, Melissa buried Bethany.

I think Aria is related somewhat to Bethany. Maybe half sister? Since she was older than Aria they couldn’t be twins. There are so many possibilities to how they could be sisters. Like, Byron being a cheat and knocked up Bethany’s mom and so on. Well thats not a really strong theory yet but its possible since in one episode where the moms were having wine night, they talked about husbands knocking up other women and Ella kinda said she knows how it feels. (Correct me if i’m wrong its been a while since i watched previous seasons).

Anyways, i think the Liars killing Aria’s possible sister + personality disorder might have been a motive for her to be A at some point.

And the new big bad knows she was involved w/ the game before. So he or she thinks Aria knows a lot more on Charlotte’s death because a) she was A and that means all knowing b) charlotte and bethany’s killer are the same person c) what she knows about that night is connected to cece’s death

So it’s like Uber A vs Previous A

Okay i’m sorry if this is a bit messed up but its 4am


Today is the anniversary of this blog! And I guess I will have to make a long ass post to remember all the shit that we’ve been through for these years since I couldn’t do it last year hA

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