all the things she said gif

Perhaps an obvious observation, the video for Lubov’ V Kazhdom Mgnovenii (Love In Every Moment) shares certain elements with the video for Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said).

The most obvious similarity is the classic plaid pattern worn by Julia and Lena in both video - as skirts in YSSU and as jumpsuits in LVKM.

The second similarity is the lantern - both videos feature a lantern swinging in the final scene.

The third similarity is the division between the camera and the girls - in the YSSU video it is the fence, while in the LVKM video it is the window. We can even point out the wall in both videos as another similar element, one brick and one cardboard.

Although LVKM features a scene with Julia and Lena fighting, the video ends with the two hugging, another similarity to the YSSU video.

The similarities become more significant when noting that YSSU was the first video with Julia and Lena while LVKM is currently the last.

Note: Although the song was sung by both Julia and Lena, it was not released under the t.A.T.u. brand and is simply a song featuring Julia and Lena as independent singers, as stated by Lena Katina in the “Music Without Makeup” documentary (see here).