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as far as i’m concerned, you’re actually arizona robbins because every time i see you on my dash that’s all i can think of, which is certainly not a bad thing bc sunshine light of my lifeeeeee!!!! your blog is one of my absolute favorites and i am officially your biggest Edit Stan because i love them so so much pls and we should DEFINITELY talk more often bc like i said…… love love love your blog and you tbh. also, you and amanda arguing over mcsteamy vs. mcdreamy rn is the most quality content on my dash tonight (ps: i’m with you on team mcsteamy is better than mcdreamy, hallelujah amen)

TAGGED BY @constantlyxconstantine   (Just for the record purity ring is one of my favorite bands so seeing you listen to them is really neat! :) )

RULES tag 9 some people who you would like to know better.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS  Eventually getting married to the piece of trash I’m dating that I love for some reason can you tell I’m mad at him rn. (Edit; No longer mad at him lol he showed up halfway through me writing this.)
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO   Keep on Lovin’ Me Baby - Colin James
LAST BOOK READ/LISTENED TO The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
TOP THREE SHOWS  Riverdale, Any Sitcom from between 1990 and 2010, Stranger Things
TOP THREE CHARACTERS Oh fuck me I don’t know. Anything character boyfriend has ever written/All my D&D Characters ahaha
TOP THREE SHIPS Me X All my RP partners, My Dog X Her Boyfriend, Andy X April (Parks and Rec) Bonus; Me X My Best Friend Shelly

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i’m moving!! all of my drafts (verses etc.) will be moved over to my new account! definitely would love to get things started with people as well. 

but follow me and spread the word to your followers if you want.

Excuse me, but…

Our puppy just did this amazing thing and shut down all the haters. You know, the ones claiming she couldn’t be golden lacquer bc she isn’t that good, or that thin or too short? Where is the excessive amounts of Luna pride rn? Why is there not more OMG, look at our girl?

United front time f(ans).

Hi everyone ~ In the last week or so I reached 2000 followers! How amazing is that? Massive thanks to the amazing Joanna (@gravity-kontrol ) for the best thing anyone has ever made me. This edit! Honestly, I love it so much!

Originally this blog was a kinda online journal, and then it became some big ol’ multifandom kpop mess, and finally it became solely dedicated to INFINITE (with the occasional other content). It’s been four years since I became an Inspirit and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a nice, friendly fandom, especially here on Tumblr. 

Thank you so much for following me ~ 

I’m making a follow forever (I know, again!) as a big thanks to all the other blogs that help keep my blog going, whether you make amazing gifs and edits, translate stuff, reblog things I like to see or if you’re fun to talk to. People in italics are good friends who I speak to a lot ~ These are all top quality blogs, so definitely follow them!

@annadream | @arigyutou | @becuzgyu | @bernicesgetaway | @blondnam | @chandoo | @coffeeandchapstick | @confessionsofacoordi-noona | @cyke-locked | @daisydeath | @damn-it-sungyeol | @dimple-soo | @dingdongwoohoo | @dino-yeol | @dinorino | @dinozizi | @dongwooisjaan | @dongwtf | @egu-mo-ni-na | @ffuckgyu | @fyeah-infinite | @gravity-kontrol | @gyu-booty | @gyuzizis | @hoya-yaho-hoya | @ifntnee | @ifntnet | @infinite-fever | @infnthoya | @inspiritkevin | @inspiritshiningstar | @jaecifer | @jangdogwoof | @janqdickwoo | @judginghoya | @kang-junhee | @katingatrouble | @kittehprrroww | @kmsgyu | @leesungjongg | @lucky7infinite | @minhojoon | @myungbyul | @myungemo | @myungsussi | @namsoogyu | @namutreefairy | @nikittysan | @nwhbias | @ohsunggyu | @onepunchnam | @onlydongwoo@oo-winniethegyu-oo | @perfgyu | @purpleboyhowonee | @star-hoya | @stickfinite | @sungjomg | @togetherinspirit7 | @tokkeiko | @whwoohyun | @wonhonnie | @woomeh | @yeolwut | @youre-my-cover-boy

I really hope I haven’t missed anyone ~ I know that sometimes the mobile app doesn’t show everyone I follow. And if I talk to you now and again but haven’t followed you back, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that you may be multifandom and I prefer to keep my dash as 90% INFINITE, 10% girl groups. 

Again, thank you thank you thank you for following me and reblogging my crappy gifs, it means a lot to me!!


hi cuties! first of all sorry for the crappy edit, i tried something fancy but meh too lazy~ aNYWAYS, i kinda promised myself i would never make another follow forever because it takes too much time and i feel like i’m bothering the people i include ;; but i feel like i have a few things to celebrate rn! i recently reached 10k followers and i’m kind of.. blown away by that.. and i’m so incredibly grateful and happy that so many amazing people somehow ended up on my crappy blog ;; it’s also been about 2 years since i fell in love with exo, even tho i didn’t really start posting about them on this blog right away. i’m so happy that i opened my heart to them and now i’m complete exo trash and i blame tumblr for that lmao ~ plus my bday is coming up pretty soon so yeah.. follow forever happened yay

thank you so much for always being so supportive, thank you for sticking with me through a pretty drastic blogging style change from pastel ( just know you don’t have to keep following me o k) , for being so loving and understanding with my weird moods and troubles, for making tumblr a safe haven where i can be myself and feel comfortable & at home ;;; i’m so grateful towards the friends i’ve made on here, both people i talk to now and in the past, i know i’m a terrible friend who can’t keep in contact, is super slow with replying or replying at all sometimes, but i just need you to know how much i appreciate you for making my experience on tumblr 10x more fun. there’s so many wonderful people on this site and even tho i’m super shy and awkward i’m glad i got the chance to talk to some of you ;; lol ok why does is sound like i’m leaving i’M SORRY BUT I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OK  wow i’m sorry for taking up space on ur dash don’t hate me

so i’m just gonna go over to the wonderful blogs i follow! i couldn’t include everyone but just know i love you very much yes

bolded - mutuals
italics - special cuties (iLYSM PLS MARRY ME)


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ily ok by e ♡ 

I have realized that I have never done a thing where I give a shout out too the Trek blogs I follow. Now this is mainly because I follow such a small amount. I mean tiny. TINY WHINY. I am useless at following people tbh. Just one of those things. But I think rn, I would like to give a shout out to them. So let us begin - 

@not-in-front-of-the-klingons - They are hilarious, positive and all round a good person. You feel good when you go through their blog. Yes. Good.

@science-officer-spock - Pure Trek. Dedicated to all of it, they make their own gifs and edits and are informative too with Trek News. I would say, their url reflects the blog. 

@vic-fontaine - Can I describe your blog as trash? Bc is it Star Trek trash and thus I love it. 

@spockshair - Space husbands and is a really talented artist?! ERM OKAY THEN <3

@lovelytrek - i mean come on. I think the url says it all!

@spockoandjimjim - Headcanon GALORE for all your TOS needs!

@weirdtrek - A senpai. Love it. LOOVE. IT. (no but call me?)

@thesadchicken - Their blog makes me laugh so much. It is the tags. THE TAGS MAKE IT. 

@julianbashlr - not gonna lie. I have made Geordi gifs/edits just to read their reaction bc it is another beautiful one. Good vibes.

@empresshoshisato - A positive, supportive blogger with top notch stuff. You should read their live blogging when they watch Star Trek. Many headcanons and just all round yes *thumbs up)

@lost-in-thyme-and-spacebars - Artist. Likes the ladies. Funny af. No but seriously, go look at her art and puns. Pun Queen.

@petimetrek - LET ME COUNT THE WAYS I LOVE YOUR ART. I feel as this point she could, if I had no self control, make a living just off me asking for Data pictures. Like crazy, insultingly, beautifully talented. (no but seriously I could ask you for art every week the only reason I haven’t is so you don’t hate me). If I could marry their art, I would.


@laerdalfs - my innocent lovely friend who is the essence of a puff pastry and glitter. Pure. Lovely. Good friend. Also a nerd. Like a HUGE nerd.

@the-name-is-finn - The only sensible person I know. No really. Cleaver, got her stuff together. On point. Never dull. Dang girl. How she puts up with me is something I can’t quite understand. She can also speak like a crazy amount of languages so at this point I am like “are you a Vulcan Uhura orrrr?!?!?”. <3

@cokirk - t'hy'la. T’op’lad. Seriously. You get us talking on sto or on TS and we honestly finish each others sentences or say the same thing. So you can imagine the TRASH that happens. They also make pretty af gif/edits and art. And like. CRAZY handsome cosplayer. Bc being multi-talented is just their way.

@almost-on-the-uss-enterprise - FUCKING FIGHT ME. FIGHT ME. FIGHT ME. FIGHT ME. FIGHT ME. FIGHT ME. FIGHT ME. I mean I love her. BUT I WANT TO THROW HER OUT OF A MOVING CAR. But no she is top shit. I JUST WANT TO FIGHT HER.

@plaidshirtjimkirk - Marry me? She is just Queeeeeeen. The Space Husband centraaaal. Supportive of the fandom and all creators, and is a creator herself. I couldn’t speak highly enough of her. also, total sin sister. GOOD FRIENDS SIN TOGETHER.

@mrpicard - I really do value this person. We talk most on Twitter. When it comes to making me feel not so bizarre and insane, this is them. They get the love I have for Data. When I explained it too them, they didn’t freak or whatever (like all else do), they went “Me too, only with Picard”. This is possibly the only person who really gets the love I feel. Just a shout out to them for just being brilliant. And also really funny (we have talked for actual hours on twitter it’s awesome). Just thanks for not making me feel so alone in such feelings.

@frontier001 - I mean, can I just call you a giant fucking nerd? Bc you are. If you want star trek info, they have it. HECK THEY RUN TREKCORE AND STARTREKGIFS. Nerd. Love it. (they also really like cats)

@macpye - Another artist YO. Also super informative?! I get good vibes from their blog. Mm. Yes. Good.

@captainslock - I mean their icon alone should explain it.

@captaincrusher - FUNNY AF. I want to say more. BUT IT IS FUNNY AF.

@williamtriker - Oh look. More star trek trash. Sign me up THANKS.

Okay I would say that covers it. Okay some are multi-fandom but screw it I like the people behind them. Keep being Trashy and Star Trek.