all the things i love are in this edit rn

since trans day of visibility is coming up in a few days (march 31st), i figured i’d make a list of advice for cis people commenting on/reblogging people’s posts/selfies?

  • do definitley like and reblog and tag and comment on our posts!! its what TDOV is for! show your support for the community by showing us some love
  • dont post any selfies if ur cis. today is not about u
  • if ur gonna comment about how great someone looks, great!!
  • just make sure u use the right pronouns/descriptors. most people put their pronouns on their selfies, but if they dont its easy to check their bio to see if they have them! 
  • also dont say stuff like “wow ur prettier than I am!!” bc that implies that u think cis ppl are more attractive as a default, so its insulting and patronising
  • if the post is one with pics from multiple stages throughout someones transition, pls dont say “its not fair u get to be hot in both genders!” because thats cissexist n transphobic and adheres to the “used to be a X” rhetoric and erases people with fluid genders and implies that cis ppl inherently deserve to be hotter/better 
  • go thru the tdov tags!! spread some love to all of us (not just conventionally attractive and/or passing people)
  • its not only selfies either. lots of ppl post some really cool content so dont miss out on that either

thats all i can think of rn. feel free to add on if u want

EDIT: okay so lots of people have said things along the lines of “im going to post selfies and theres nothing you can do about it” or “i want to post selfies anyway” and like. cool. whatever. im all for celebrating urself with selfies. just,, dont make this day about you okay? like keep out of the tags and dont make it an ally thing. and to the people who want to post selfies just because its a trans ppl day and for no other reason: fuck u


轟 焦Todoroki Shouto

Happy birthday, Kei!! // @blurobolobo

Allura Ship Week 2k17!

Hey, y’all and welcome to Allura Ship Week!

What is this?

Allura Ship Week is a week dedicated to all ships that include our favorite space princess, Allura! This is a ship inclusive week, meaning that all ships, so long as they include Allura, are welcome! (Yes, this includes poly Allura relationships! Rejoice!) The type of content you make is 100% up to you, whether it’s fanart, fanfic, edits, a fanvideo, a fanmix, a list of headcanons, cosplay, whatever floats your spaceship!

Are there any rules?

Why, yes, thank you for asking! The rules are as follows:

1) No character or ship hate. I won’t tolerate that kind of thing during a week that’s supposed to celebrate our lovely Allura and to give her lots of lovin’.
2) Nothing not safe for work, meaning nothing p*rn related or overtly sexual, nor any gore. You can be suggestive, but please keep things at least pg-13.
3) Side pairings are allowed, but the main focus must be on Allura and her relationship(s). Everything will be tagged, so if there is certain content you wish to avoid, you can easily block the tag!

Cool, so when is this happening?

TBA, but likely sometime in July!

Ok ok, so what are the prompts?

So, this is my first time making a ship week, and things are a bit more complicated since this isn’t a ship specific week, but a week dedicated to ships involving a specific character. Because of this, I’m 100% open to suggestions from all of you! Do you think I should dedicate each day to a specific ship? Or do you think I should go the usual route and have prompts that people can simply fill with whichever Allura ship they want? Let me know what you think I should do!

I’ll be making another post in the future when I have solid dates and prompts. Until then, feel free to message me with any questions or ideas!

okay. wow. so as promised i said i would upload stressed parents anonymous for the next follower milestone and only twelve days later we’ve hit that milestone. that was super fast!! wow! i’m really not sure my content is ~quality~ enough to deserve you all. (and tbh i’m not sure how a handful of you even found me lol but THANKS) a fair bit happened over those twelve days and i’m so so lucky to have such kind followers and people i can now call friends. SIMBLR FRIENDS ARE ALL I WANT IN LIFE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME  ;   A   ; 

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okay, okay, that’s all great zeeb, but get to the point. you can’t just give these lovely people a pic of danica and indie. no no no. they deserve better than that! (sorry danica and indie, i know you don’t get enough love on this blog as it is. i have failed you. but this is also the truth.) so, since my pose-making skills are good enough for me but idk how to do the thing with the list and i wouldn’t want to release anything subpar to you guys lol, and i therefore cannot offer you guys too much in the way of gifts rn, i have this idea:

i will edit your pics. (yep. that’s it. that’s the big idea.)

all you gotta do is send me or link me to a raw pic of yours that you’d like me to edit :> and i will post them all as a photoset as a token of my undying appreciation for you!! (you can send me sims 4 pics as well as sims 3. i’ll edit just about anything, even pics of potatoes!! pls don’t send me pics of potatoes tho.)

shoutout and big thank you to everyone currently following this subpar blog (please support each other!!) ♡♡♡

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n.b. not everyone here is a simblr and that’s totally cool :> 

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- lots of love from zeeb, danica, and indie ♡

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🙋🙋 I have a question, I started to watch or I am planning to watch Katekyo reborn hitman and I just wanna ask do you have any favorite blogs, like about bel or xanxus or tsuna?



I DON’T KNOW BLOGS SOLELY FOR BEL OR XANXUS OR TSUNA?? If I do then rip, I forgot, but here are some fave blogs of mine to do with KHR

I redid this bc it was so unorganised lolol

Art (well, semi-art in some cases lolol) blogs that I really love:

@cheerful-khr-art @all-this-goddamn-pastry @lightofthedeep @ladyliquidlettuce @mikoto-yaa @gator-ally

And there’s more but I can’t think rn rip

Also (not art blogs but just real content, I feel):

@variavollerei @all-things-varia @ciaossn uhh….STRUGGLING TO THINK RN

But bc I’m indecisive:


Also, bc I love incorrect quotes

@incorrectkhrquotes @incorrectkhr @incorrectkhr-quotes





In terms of ppl that know KHR

@toshiirou (omfg their edits) @tiredsmolhufflepuff @hikari-tenshi-yuri @beyondthemagic @monatheweirdo @mercurymistxraichuhugs 

And @i-w-p-chan @sakhyu @aoife-has-fallen have great fanfics (but please read the tags, especially for aoife)

But…I…sort of figure that you know all of these people because you’re asking for specific character blogs…rip

Sorry anon, but my ranting probably didn’t help?????? But yeah, fave blogs (there might be a part two, tbh)


Soo @mistamakehercum this is the last edit of me and you. I had a lot of fun shooting this. I know told this man I wouldn’t be sentimental but that was a lie. But you’ve been my right hand and I’m honestly glad to have met and spent time with you. You and @krisamaevu mean the world to me.  Thank you for all the laughs, the love, and for never sugarcoating things for me. You’re a real one Neez. Don’t ever change. Thank you for the support and having my back through everything. Love you big head and I hope to see you again one day. Don’t be a stranger. 

– Aly

@ Voltron fandom

I’m going on a sleep deprived rant about this fandom so don’t mind me
What are you doing ???? This show is so great and ? It took me like a month of being in the fandom to even FIND the bad stuff, so I know lots of you guys are good
But there’s problematic people ! And that’s not a thing we should have in the fandom ? Like cmon what are you doing with all of this hatred towards each other
@ anti shaladin people
Let people have their ships ? It makes them happy ? I don’t even ship it (I like Shallura and maybe Shiro and Matt so I’m kinda neutral I guess I ship everyone) but like even I recognize that y'all are out of hand
The paladins are canonically 16 right ? (I’ve also seen 19 which is still 7 years) (Except Pidge and preferably not Shiro and Pidge) Shiro’s like 25 so that’s 9 years, kinda icky but our society has worse DeCeNt PeOpLe LeT oThEr PeOpLe LiVe
It’s gross (to me), yeah, but not as bad as you make it out to be, and shaladin shippers just want to enjoy their lives so ? Let them live ! Shaladin may be a little weird but they’re all alone in space I don’t think an age gap will affect their feelings tbh
I feel the need to clarify that this is to the more violent ones (telling people to kill themselves etc.) if you just think it’s gross (me oops) that’s not really a problem (or civilized arguments, those are good, not yelling matches) @ people who generally hate on langst
If you look at this blog Langst fuels my soul so I’m a little biased
People self project into Langst and it helps them so like
Please don’t bash people’s coping methods ! And even if it isn’t a way to make them feel better it’s a perfectly valid thing to like !!!
But if you write Langst where the paladins are rude for no reason that’s not so good
We all love this show and the characters so instead of fighting just give our space children she me love !!!!!!
Also take those leaks down if you have them dang

Edit: Also !! Aus where they’re closer to the same age (college AUs and stuff) mean you have literally no reason to hate so think about that when you see shaladin instead of being angry ! Another edit: I do not actually ship everything, only most things. I do, however accept ships and my main ship with everyone is friend ship (except for the villains) A THIRD edit: I’m pretty sure shiro doesn’t care about relationships rn anyways considering he’s trying to overthrow the people who tortured him


THE PHRASE “If you ever feel afraid about something, we can learn about it together” COULD BE AN ALLUSION TO LAPIDOT/THEIR FUSION LATER IN THE SHOW.




Oh boy, I’ve got a few for y’all.

First things first, I finally created a resource blog for textures, themes, etc! You can check it out over at @vintageresources!!

Second thing, I’ve officially started posting my poetry over at AO3!! I’m very much new to posting there, so if anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them!

Third thing, I made a poetry/inspiration blog!! It’s mostly fandom-related, but that’ll also be where I post non-fandom poetry! Feel free to check it out at @vintagealex!!

And the fourth thing is more of a general reminder that, hey-o, I’ve got a Marvel/DC blog over at @vintagebarnes ;)


Moshi moshi \(^▽^)/ Su is here….! 2016 is about to end in two or three weeks. I spent a whole year here. i never expected this year will be so special to me thanks to all you guys. a month ago i hit 2k but this ff is not to celebrate my followers count. i made this ff to wish my followers, mutuals, and senpais a merry early christmas!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).  thank you so much for following my blog. i cannot explain how grateful i am to every single on of you. i wish i could thank you all a million of times.i hope everyone has a beautiful day bc you all deserve this!!! pls always be so kind and lovely <33 also i am sorry for the dumb header i have no inspiration rn

·  To my mutuals: last year i made this blog and started to make edits about this time.gradually, this blog started to gain followers and as days passed i get to meet so many amazing and kind people who always make my day better. everybody here, we all have our busy and tiring daily life..sometimes this things become so essential that we cannot even take a bit rest and work restlessly but as for me, when i open this site and start talking to you, get to know you better, i feel like everyday i can pass more lively. idk what will happen in future, how long we will be together. one day we may all have to go on our separate ways…but even if that day comes, even one day we cannot live so peacefully like now..i want to tell you all that i am really glad i met you, i talked to you, i became friends with you….thank you so much for following me, for reblogging posts from me, for liking my edits, thank you so much everything, for every single thing you have done. i want to cherish my tumblr experience with everyone *TIGHTHUGS*~ ♡

here i start….

bold: mutuals/friends ♡♡♡ (i am so sorry if i bolded someone wrongly pls tell me!!)


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burningxstarsx: {Is it cheating if I say everything? Because it’s everything. You’ve really endeared Riri to me as a character and I just??? I love her and how you write her tbh}

blueblxzes: Picking just one thing is hard, but I love the fact that you fight for what you think is right, never failing, never faltering. It’s inspiring, really, how much you fight against what is wrong

thenamesallison: how uncompromising you are in who your character is and how you portray her

xxvernalagniaxx: You are so talented with your edits and your dedication to character is wonderful

wxndermade: I love ur riri ! I feel that she’s better written by you than she is at the comics rn. with complexities and all and it makes her be a rly tri-dimensional character to me

visixnaryx: (( fuck bro i love everything?? I love your portrayal, it’s just so authentic to me and i enjoy you, the mun, which makes this an altogether beautiful experience for me h e c k ))


cellobowsandarrows: I love how you stand up for what you believe in, you’ve helped make me a more aware and more conscious person. You write her complete unapologetically and uncompromisingly and I fucking love that.

raidstombs: I love literally everything. You’re one of my forever faves. You can do no wrong. &lt;3

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you don’t own me »

for when you can’t be any clearer that ‘goodbye’ means 'goodbye’ and you’re tired of hearing the BS on how well they know you and how happy you’ll be if you stay. for when they turn your sadness into anger. for when they need to get the fuck over it.

stop wondering - april smith and the great picture show | girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson | love song [radio edit] - sara bareilles | mr. know it all - kelly clarkson | romeo must die - gabrielle aplin | i do - lisa loeb | shut up and let me go - the ting tings | we are never ever getting back together - taylor swift | cry - the veronicas | best thing i never had - beyonce | you don’t own me - first wives club ost


To the sunshine in my every morning, the breeze in my every afternoon, the brightest little star in my every night, happy birthday! I’m eternally grateful that you’re born to this world. Thanks for coming to my life and painting the most beautiful rainbow inside my heart. There will never be enough words to describe how much you mean to me nor to explain how great it feels when i see you smile. Today is an open door to all greater things in your life. Go grab every chance that lies ahead, don’t be afraid. I’ll be there standing by you. Hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest, sweetheart. I love you, forevermore.  ✉♡

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*slides in* u got any good/cute pynch fic recs besides the fantastic ones u wrote? 0u0

LISTEN IM SMILING SO MUCH THANK YOU THAT’S VERY SWEET OF YOU!! <3 I’m glad you liked my pynch stuff! Can I know which you liked best? Just so I know which style seemed to go well for you!

As for cute pynch fics!! Okay here we go~! (They’re mostly ao3 links, but there are a couple on tumblr and stuff, so you can reblog them if you want!)

Adapting by @sergeantjane

Gangsey, super cute, no spoilers for the last book and it’s not… just pynch either. It genuinely makes me laugh and is so sweet! I have read this multiple times because I love it so much and it always makes me smile!

miraculous by @softkings

Listen… it’s really cute and the kiss holy crap I… Look, I commented on that one and it’s at the very bottom if you really wanna know what I thought of it. It’s a brilliant fic, so sweet and the kiss took my breath away!

Something other than a dream by @lostgansey

There was something very sacred and soft about this fic. It’s relaxing, but it’s relaxing in the way that it feels uncanny. Like… you feel both at home and comfortable, and you feel like youre experiencing something so new. I guess, you feel like Ronan Lynch kissing Adam Parrish ;) (Also, not always fluff, but Estrella’s writing is very emotive so check that out but like… you will cry real tears if you are a sap like I am)

To Love (and be loved in return) by @grcywrn

I’m such a sucker for soulmate AUs okay, and I also just REALLY love it when characters realise just how worthy of love they are. Also, it’s really cool because it’s not just a romantic soulmate identifying mark either… guess you’ll have to read to find out ;) (Also whilst you’re there, I suggest reading Courtney’s other pynch stuff because they’re really cute too!!)

Playing dumb by @stubbornjerk​ (again :’) )

If you read Playing Cards which I recced earlier, you’re going to love this one too! Just trust me on it haha it’s BRILLIANT

Hershey’s and other kisses by @delcanlynch

The concept is exactly what you think it is, and it is just SO SO CUTE I swear I love it and it’s as toothrottingly sweet as hershey’s itself!

Something to celebrate (AO3 link) by klainderful (I can tag them for some reason)

Okay so this was NOT what I expected but it is one of the sweetest things and it is just… so deserving of all the love okay! And wow it’s just brilliant!

With Quiet words I’ll lead you in by @greywarenmagic

So this one was one of the first ones I’ve read and I often rec it because it’s just… it’s a great one to show just how pynch, at the end of the day, are just teenage boys messing around and it’s a bit more than just cute/fluff stuff (It’s still a brilliant ending and all dw!) but it is magical and lovely and you’ll be left with the feeling of something more and it is great. I love this one so much. Also it’s like 20k and who doesn’t love long fics? 

let’s get together before we get much older by @raetxt

probably one of the more well known pynch fics around, but it is just wonderful and so emotive and also it’s just like… everything you could have ever asked for in this kind of AU. Captures them perfectly and I love it! There are just SO many feelings in this and I’m aslfdkgjlkj

Ad Meliora by @ncahczerny

I actually haven’t actually finished this, because I think I had exams (I’m on the penultimate chapter) but this was that fic that I got really excited about each time I saw there was an update! It’s honestly just so great with all the gangsey in it and it’s complete and multichaptered and everything is wonderful what more could you ask for? Nothing, honestly.

accidents by @lady-gryffindor

This is ridiculously cute okay. Not even ridiculous but it has one of my favourite kind of tropes in there and it’s GREAT and I smiled SO much when I first read it, and then I read it again and it really cheered me up when I read it! loveeee it lots~! Please please read this it’s an AU and it’s short and sweet and perfect~


since you’ve been gone, see what you have become by @eggsac

okay technically not primarily pynch but LISTEN THIS IS A BLESSING TO THE FANDOM BUT IT HAS SPOILERS FOR THE LAST BOOK but basically it is declan lynch and a certain magical child. And I love Declan Lynch with all my heart okay…


asldkfjaslkdfj there are MORE but I can’t find them rn I have such a disorganised AO3 I stg and I like so many things but I’ve yet to queue them I am terrible like that. And keep in mind this is like… only really fluffy ones I can think of, because there are other great angst and hurt/comfort-y ones out there too and adventures and ahhhh!!

But I hope this is a good list for now and I’m sorry that this took a while!!

Happy reading! <3


hi cuties! first of all sorry for the crappy edit, i tried something fancy but meh too lazy~ aNYWAYS, i kinda promised myself i would never make another follow forever because it takes too much time and i feel like i’m bothering the people i include ;; but i feel like i have a few things to celebrate rn! i recently reached 10k followers and i’m kind of.. blown away by that.. and i’m so incredibly grateful and happy that so many amazing people somehow ended up on my crappy blog ;; it’s also been about 2 years since i fell in love with exo, even tho i didn’t really start posting about them on this blog right away. i’m so happy that i opened my heart to them and now i’m complete exo trash and i blame tumblr for that lmao ~ plus my bday is coming up pretty soon so yeah.. follow forever happened yay

thank you so much for always being so supportive, thank you for sticking with me through a pretty drastic blogging style change from pastel ( just know you don’t have to keep following me o k) , for being so loving and understanding with my weird moods and troubles, for making tumblr a safe haven where i can be myself and feel comfortable & at home ;;; i’m so grateful towards the friends i’ve made on here, both people i talk to now and in the past, i know i’m a terrible friend who can’t keep in contact, is super slow with replying or replying at all sometimes, but i just need you to know how much i appreciate you for making my experience on tumblr 10x more fun. there’s so many wonderful people on this site and even tho i’m super shy and awkward i’m glad i got the chance to talk to some of you ;; lol ok why does is sound like i’m leaving i’M SORRY BUT I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OK  wow i’m sorry for taking up space on ur dash don’t hate me

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Shawn Mendes One Shot

A/N: I suggest you listen to True Love by Coldplay because its fracking amazing and goes well with this one shot (:


Shawn. Nothing could describe how proud I am of him. It started with youtube videos and vines but now look where he is. Performing his own concerts, winning awards, going on shows. Life’s been so great for the two of us. He had been on Ellen recently, and I’m telling you, I cried. My baby was living his dream right there. His eyes were sparkling, his voice was melodious and everything was perfect. I remember how the both of us were in his little room back home trying to get that song together. Life of the Party. He wrote that about me, how I would always stand out everywhere I go and that was just by being, well, me. From the beggining I supported him. I knew he could go all the way with just a little push. We had bumpy rides but hey, that’s part and parcel of life. He deserved all this. But the best part is, despite all the fame, the increasing number of fans and the busy schedule, Shawn always made time for me. He always made me feel special. Sometimes makes me wonder if I even deserve this beautiful human being. But one thing for sure, I’m never leaving him. Shawn. My love.

A/N: idk about you guys, but i’m crying rn