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The List, part 2

Disclaimer: This fanfiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended. Not beta read so all mistakes are mine. Just since people seemed to like this, and a couple of people asked for a follow-up… Enjoy!




She’s sitting on the bed when he finds her, tilting her face this way and that as she peers into a broken shaving mirror.

There’s blood at her lip, her nose, the clear impression of fingers against her cheek and throat.

Her skin is pale, her eyes dark as she takes in her injuries, and the sight of it makes Sherlock’s hands clench themselves into fists.

He does not say anything though, merely picks his way into the room. The safe-house is a shambles, furniture thrown everywhere. Bullet casings and broken glass glittering on the floors. A single window illuminates the space, the glass rattling in its loose, wooden frame and making the wind whistle-

When he gets near enough he clears his throat.

Molly stills. Looks up at him.

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Hey! Long time no see! I’ve been sick most of the summer, but starting to feel better so yay! Coming back :p

Today I was in the mood to draw Lily and James canoodling! yup yup! Such deep, much wow!

Seriously though, what do you think is happening here? He looks all soft and tender and conflicted…is he feeling bad about being named King? Is he telling her he’s leaving and she’s in charge while he’s gone? Is he telling her he won’t punish the Umber and Karstark kids? SOMEONE TELL ME!!

If only we could see Sansa’s face in this scene too…

All any feeling wants is to be welcomed with tenderness. It wants room to unfold. It wants to relax and tell its story. It wants to dissolve like a thousand writhing snakes that with a flick of kindness become harmless strands of rope.
—  Geneen Roth

“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”


Femslash February #6: Morgwen

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. - Robert A. Heinlein

She’s more than a servant, Morgana had told Uther. She’s a friend. But it was still more than that. How can she sum up all the things that Gwen was to her? There was no term that encompassed all the tender looks, the feel of Gwen’s hand when it brushed against hers, all the moments stolen from behind closed doors. All Morgana knew was that she couldn’t live a life without Gwen in it.

Plot Twist       By: Y. Black

As I watch you disrobe my eyes roam

Every inch of your frame I plan to hone

Your beauty has a radiant gorgeous glow

I adore the way your melanin flows

I came here with every intention to fuck

In the midst of you now, in my thoughts now I’m stuck

Plot twist I’m about to take my sweet time

How could I not you are so divine

Don’t know what it is tonight but I’m seeing you in a different light

And all these thoughts in my head I have to do what feels right

I’m talking kiss all your tender spots

When I do it I know you’ll be shocked

Let my lips, fingers and tongue explore you

Never told you but I’m really starting to adore you

I want to feel your body tremble from my lights pecks

I want to watch the slow rise and fall of your chest

Feel your heavy breathing on my neck

I need to feel your nails dig deep as I give you my best

No babe tonight there will be no rest

Just love to profess

I been meaning to get this off my chest

So I’m going to slow stroke

Just to further let you know

Know where I am and where we can go

I am just trying to be your G.O.A.T

Don’t ever kiss Cary Grant. He tickles! During many of poignant love scenes in An Affair To Remember I had a terrible time keeping a straight face. Cary was supposed to hold me tenderly but each time he put his strong arms around me, he would give me a little tickle under the ribs. This would start me giggling like a school girl, but Cary kept it up until I was almost exhausted. We were the despair of the director and the cameraman.

Each time I’d screw up my face and take a deep breath because that would prevent me from laughing. Somehow we managed to get through all but the final love scene. Director Leo McCarey said, “Now in this one, Deborah, I want you to show all the tenderness you feel for this man. Okay,” he said to the crew, “roll ‘em”. I held my breath, but I could feel Cary put his arms around me tighter and then, in pure mischief, he started to slide his hand toward my ribs. Very slowly. I knew the tickle was coming. But when! It was a torture! But I held on so hard, that the tears came to my eyes. Finally, the director said, “Cut!” then he turned to me and said, “Deborah, that was wonderful.”

But I was so exasperated with my leading man that I didn’t realize I had just been paid a compliment. Instead, in a high shrill voice I said: “For heavens sakes, Cary, will you tickle me and get it over with?”

- Deborah Kerr

A belated happy birthday to the wonderful, versatile actress - Deborah Kerr!

My hair is starting to grow out again and I’ve finally figured out how to use highlighter. As with most of my outfits, this is a mix of old and new pieces in my wardrobe. The top is vintage and the skirt from River Island, which makes them completely unrelated to each other except for how prettily they go together. I’ve had a love affair with blush for the longest time, to the point where I’m dreaming of a blush and gold dress for my wedding. My fiance even did up my blog layout in that colour scheme (which you might have missed if you generally see my posts on your dash!) I’m feeling all the romance for summer right now, soft, tender, glowy looks, a bit diaphanous and floaty, pastel with a hint of shimmer: perfect. 

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They are right to fear you,
to quiver at the knees.
The love pulsing
through your body
with every beat 
of your open heart
could rock the stars
from the dark of the sky.

How do you hold it all
inside of you?
Every bit of feeling
running wild under 
the tender of your skin?

The world was never ready 
for a love like yours,
for the cascade of
I can give it all to you,
Every last bit of me
is going to love you something fierce.
I promise, I promise.

Look at you,
Look at the big of your heart. 
Even the trees shake for you.

—  Emily Palermo, To the girls with the earthquake hearts. 

Ok I’m incredibly high and full of happiness right now !

Let me share with you a real wonder that I just received! This is a commission the graphic genius @teddibe send me today and it’s an illustration of my very first Cherik fic in english  : London, 1945.

I did not think it would be so moving to see my story come to life like this. And so I’m here, almost in tears in front of my screen.

The colors are amazing, there are all these shades of the sunset full of drama and hope. In this landscape of despair, only two figures still stand alive. Lights and shadows are stunning, as are the two survivors painted with the trials they went through. Their clothes are so realistic and exactly as I had imagined: Erik the soldier who returns after so many years and Charles the young doctor surprised in his privacy. Finally their gestures and glances, all that mixture of tenderness, hope, surprise, fear and love they feel at the moment of their reunion.

That’s wonderful. Thank you so much  !

Headcanon 38

RusAme is very, very complicated.
It’s a ship filled with so much tension, rivalry, conflicting emotions, so much pain.

I can just imagine how they felt while falling in love with so much confusion.

I can imagine them wondering if what they feel is really affection or is it something more on the lustful side?

What would happen if they went on their desire to be with the other? As two powerful nations, was such a prospect even possible.

Just imagine being forced to be in the same room for hours with the person you longed for.

Just imagine having to hide any and all traces of tender feelings you have for them from them and the rest of the world.

RusAme. In all honesty, I can say I love the drama this ship can have

I am not in a good place mentally right now, feeling a little stressed and lonely. Well that is an understatement. I hope you are getting all the tenderness and suppoet you deserve if you are wlw and feel similarly.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely forthedaisy :3}

A/N-Its been a while since Ive written a smutty one lol x3

“Are you sure your parents arent gonna be back soon?” Asked your boyfriend Andy, a little breathless as he was on top of you, kissing you all over, one hand stroking your cheek, another pulling your dark grey v neck, exposing your see through black lace bra.
“Dont worry…I know them…and they will come home later…” You assured him trying to catch your breath.
With that being said, Andy continued to do his amazing job of arousing you. At moments his oh so wet and warm tounge would replace his lips on your neck. Causing you moan a little, you were enjoyin every bit of this moment, his hands feeling you all over your tender body. He went down a little you pulled your shirt even more, completely exposing your bra. His long fingers tracing your clevelage, feeling the fabric of the black lace.
As his perfectly shaped and soft lips were about to meet your breasts, you froze and held his head tightly pressed against your boobs.
“Shit…” you whispered.

Andy struggled a little to get himself up, but you held him down on you.
“Hmmm!!! mmmm!!! mmmmmmm!!!” he muttered loudly.
You smacked his head and shushed him.
“Be quiet babe, I think my parents are home…” you whispered loudly.
“Hmmm?!!!!” he muttered loudly again.
“I said shut up!” You tell him once more through your teeth clentching together. There was complete silence for a moment, Andy still trying to get up, he couldnt breathe with his face burried and squished in your tits.
Your eyes widend as you heard your father’s voice, even more when you heard your mother’s.
“Fuck!” you said pushing Andy away. He gasped for air and even opened your window.
“Dammit babe you were drowning me!” He says huffing.
“Im so sorry love but my parents are home, I just heard them, you need to get out of here.” You warned. He looked down on himself then back at you, “The hell am I supposed to do about THIS?!” He questioned pointing down.
“Sorry..youre gonna have to take care of that on your own.”
“Fucking great.”
“Sorry again, now go out the window before they come in!” You opened your window a little more wider and he was able to escape.

“Till tomorrow my love…” He says dramatically waving at you from the ground.
You giggled and blew him a kiss which he caught and left running before your mom and dad spotted him.
You sighed of relief and quickly ran to your mirror, changing your shirt, and fixing your messy hair.
You gasped when you saw your doorknob turning.
You jumped on your bed and wrapped yourself in your blanket even though your body was still heated from what almost happend.
Your dad came in and you shut your eyes pretending to be asleep.
“(Y/N)? Honey you sleeping?”
“Hmm..” was your response.
“Sorry sweetie, I didnt know you went to sleep early, goodnight.” Said your dad kissing your head and leaving your room.
As soon you heard your door close again you got back up and pulled Andy’s leather jacket from under you. You held it close to you and sniffed it, it smelled just like him, so manly and captivating. You cuddled with it the entire night.

The next day, you were walking home, remembering about last night and just laughing. You were hoping for it to happen again without interruptions, and lucky for you, your parents were going away to visit a relative, which of course you told them that you werent gonna go because you had an important project to work on in school.
As you came home, your parents were giving you a stern look.
“Hey mom hey dad.” you greeted.
“(Y/N) we need you to be completely honest with us.” says your mom.
“Honest about what?”
“Have you been seeing this boy Andy when we told you not to?” she asked.
Nothing irritated you more than your parents interrogating you. Both your mom and dad hated Andy with a passion, they never accepted him just because of the way he dressed, his tattoos, his music, etc.
Like every parent who never understands, they saw Andy as nothing more than a devil worshipper.

“Why do you ask?” you questioned back.
“Because we dont know what goes behind our backs young lady so its best to come clean right now.” Warned your father.
You shook your head and crossed your arms above your chest, “So youre saying that you have no trust in whats so ever, well if thats the case, then I have no reason to talk to you guys at all!” you yelled storming off to your room.
Your dad was about to tell you something but your mom stopped him. You remained in your room until they left the house.
Whenever your parents visited a relative they would be gone for a very long time.
You hated that you werent honest with them about seeing Andy, but it wouldve gone bad for you either way, so there was no point of telling them the truth.
Later on, you called Andy over, of course he came, especially when you told him your parents werent home.
He held you close to him on his crossed legs, gently rocking you back and fourth, giving you sweet and tender kisses all your face and lips, petting your sweet smelling and soft hair.
“I just dont get it…why cant my parents just be understanding? I feel like I cant talk to them about anything, theyre like complete strangers, I really wish they didnt see you the way they do.”
You said hugging him.
“Aww baby, I know you do, I wish they didnt hate me either, but, as long as they just look at my appearance Im always going to be bad to them.”
“Well I dont care, I love you the way you are.”
He leaned his forehead against yours and smiled.
“Back at ya beautiful.” He gently mumbled. You kissed his lips and he burried his face into your neck.

He sniffed you out a little and smirked. “Are you wearing the perfume I like?”
You giggled and nodded, “Mhmmm.” you hummed.
“You know how that scent gets to me (Y/N).”
“Well then take it all in.”
You knew that perfume of yours turned him on, its how he got on you last night.
You felt really tingly inside when you lips making out your neck.
“Hmmm..” he groaned almost growling, you loved it when he made that sound.
He pulled the strap down of your top and then his lips proceeded to kissing your shoulder.
Gently laying you down on your bed.
He was pressed against you so much that you him getting hard as his gripped your breasts like before, sliding your top off, you doing the same with his shirt.
Your breaths getting hotter, your lips wetter as the kiss became deeper and sexier.
His tounge going inside your mouth, your lips sucking on it, moaning as you were doing so.
“Uuhhh..” you cooed, when his hands were replaced by his lips sucking on your nipples, the rush and the high of his wet lips feeding off your breasts made your body heat up and sweat even more.
Soon you took the rest of each other’s clothes off. Both your nude and sweaty bodies against each other once more.
He became even more harder than before, he wanted to be inside you badly and you wanted it so much too.
“Im sorry baby I can contain myself…” he whispered heavily.
“Its okay…” you whispered back.
With all his strength opened your legs and pulled you against him, tracing your inner thighs and private part making you have another orgasm.
His hard groin now moving inside of you, he groaned even louder and your orgasm became very high as well.

The amount of pleasure you were both feeling was sensational. Your bodies trembling at the addrenaline, Your breathing becomming even more heavier. Sweat dripping down your heads.
You thighs were on on fire, the more he grinded into you, the deeper you wanted him to go, the wetter you were getting. You felt like you were gonna cum at any moment now, but you didnt care, you didnt want this moment to end.
You got up sat him down, with your parts still conntected, now you wanted to be the one to make him extra happy.
He held you by the waist looking up at you as you wrapped your legs around him.
You contined to hump him, going up and down or going around in circles or just grinding slowly.
Your hot lips met again, but your moaning kept interrupting you from kissing him.
It was almost over, he felt like pulling out of you any minute now, he laid you back down on your bed and pinned you by your wrists giving you a villan smile.
“Thanks sexy but Im in charge here.” he roughly said. You bit your bottom lip feeling his tattooed arms up and down.
“Then finish the job…” you striked back.
He continued but then suddenly..
You froze and you slowly turned your head to the door, where your shocked parents were standing.
“M-mom..d-dad!!” you stuttered.
“YOU!!” Screamed your father to Andy.
“Oh shit!!” Shouted Andy, quickly pulling out of you and getting off.
“Youre dead come here!!!” He tried to grab Andy but he was too fast for him, you pulled the blanket over yourself and tried to stop them.
Luckily Andy managed to escape out the window.
You couldnt help but laugh because he was still naked when he jumped out, but you saw that he quickly put on his clothes and ran away.

“Dammit!!” Your dad said punching the wall.
They both stared at you in shock, you didnt know what to say, so there was just silence.
Not even a whisper came out of either one of you.
And thats how the rest of the night was, nothing but awkward silence.
Two weeks has passed since you and Andy were caught, your were grounded, your phone was taken away, also your laptop, so you had zero communication with Andy. It was hard for you not to see him, and of course it was also hard for him too.
Your mother kept making you take pregnancy tests, and it always came out negetive or a sad face. Your father kept talking to you about STDs, life was miserable.
Now you were just sitting on your room reading one of your favorite books, but suddenly you heard a rock being thrown at your window.
You opened it and your face lit up seeing your boyfriend waving and smiling at you.
“Andy! what are you doing here? we cant see each other!”
“I dont care, I had to see you!”
“Aww, I miss you!” you tell him with a cute pout.
“I miss you too a lot! look, no matter how long your parents keep us apart, I promise you I will never leave you okay?” he says. You smiled and nodded, you were worried about that happening, but now that he told you those words, you didnt have a worry in the world. “Back at ya handsome.”
“HEY!!!” Shouted your dad.
“Shit! I love you babe!!” Said Andy running away.
You laughed and sat back down on your bed, grabbing his leather jacket that you still had from under your pillow, holding it tight and smiling…
“I love you too Andy…”

(True love never fails x3)

Scarlet Vision doodle that I want to color when I have time.

I imagine that their physical love life would be rather hard to navigate…I imagine this is right after he has once again assured her that the greatest satisfaction is knowing that she is pleased. Which only breaks her heart even more. Caressing the jewel on his forehead, she says out loud how she wishes he could feel what she feels when they make love.

She doesn’t realize that her powers interact with the jewel… and Vision starts to feel SOMETHING, all right…

It’s actually a very tender moment.