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Three nights later, Azriel stood in the foyer of his house. Elain was standing in the living room. A thunderstorm raged outside. Water dripped from his hair and wings to puddle on the floor.

Elain crossed her arms. All the lights were off, she wore only a thin nightgown. She must have been asleep. “I was wondering when you’d show your face.”

Good, he thought. He wanted her mad, wanted her pissed. It would make all of this easier.

“I’m not beholden to you,” he said. “You are I are not lovers.”

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Can I Be Him (s.h.) [Part Three]

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 536

Warnings : Sadness, Sam Holland my poor baby

Author’s Note : Okay I feel good about this and also please don’t kill me mkay thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @rileywrites-93 @babyparker and @parkerroos

Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

Who was Sam Holland before her?

All he could feel was heartbreak. Pain ripping at his chest, tearing things apart he didn’t know could be torn.

After he’d told her, he felt like a weight was lifted off his chest. And he thought maybe she would just brush it off.

He should’ve realised it was over when she’d hung up.

Days after, she never returned Sam’s calls. Or joined him on walks to the local farmer’s market. She didn’t wait for him outside of classes like she normally did, didn’t save him a seat on the bus.

He should’ve known it was over when he felt that dread.

When his siblings had made attempts to cheer him up, or tried to get him out of bed, the place he’d been lying ever since it happened, he ignored them. He kept his eyes shut, trying to play off being asleep.

Trying to play off at least being a little bit whole.

Can I be the one
Can I be the one
Can I be the one
Oh, can I, can I be him

One day, when the house was completely bare of any other living soul other than Sam, if his soul was even still living without her, he made a decision.

He took a shower.

That may have been what he needed. To feel the hot water pouring over his skin, sitting down in the tub, knees pulled up to his chest as he remembered what he’d been trying to forget for the past few weeks.

He remembered why he loved her.

He remembered her in general.

He loved the way her hair never quite stayed the way she wanted.

He loved how her nose would crinkle when she was reading, eyebrows sometimes joining the choreographed dance memorised when she skimmed across a part she wasn’t too fond of.

He loved her cheeks, and how they would swell slightly when she smiled.

He loved her.

He loves her.

And as he remembered all of those things, he didn’t notice the heartbreaking sobs he began to let out, sounding like tidal waves smashing into his chest, body shaking with the cries.

She had ruined him.

How could someone make you hurt like you’d never been hurt and still make you feel like you were walking on air?

Sam stayed there, and took a shower. And he knew that the next day, as he let everything of them wash away, dissolving down the drain, he would be able to get up.

And make his bed without crawling back in it.

He would be able to eat breakfast, and do the laundry, and be slightly okay.

And the days will go by and he will be happy, and she will be gone, no longer haunting his every thought, his every breath.

And he will be whole again.

Sam Holland will be okay.

Can I be him
Can I be him
Can I be him
Can I be him


In love and fear and hate and tears (I/III)

Part I/III

fem. Baratheon (daughter of Robert & Cersei) reader x Theon Greyjoy

 Hi guys! This was requested by anon, I hope you all like it! :)

You could remember the day you met Theon Greyjoy as if it was yesterday. You remembered him winking and smiling at you during the meal in the Great Hall in Winterfell and you felt like the happiest person in whole Westeros. He was handsome, he was strong, he liked to flirt with you. He was your first love, although he was a little bit older than you; you were only fourteen and he was nineteen. Every time you saw him your heart started beating faster and your knees got weak. But of course, nothing happened between you two, although you wished otherwise. 

You cried as you had to leave Winterfell and as your mother, Cersei Lannister, asked what happened you told her about your crush. She only smiled. However, a while later she told you that she wanted you to marry Theon Greyjoy, to strengthen the relationship with the North, but everything went wrong when someone named Ramsay Snow, a Bolton bastard, appeared and Theon suddenly disappeared. 

A year later, Cersei sent you North to make sure that the new ruler Ramsay is loyal towards your family. You arrived Winterfell after a month, together with some men of the Lannister army. As the gate of castle was opened you didn’t believed your eyes. This Winterfell had nothing to do with the one you knew. The walls were decorated with banners of a flawed man and you instantly felt sick. The atmosphere was unpleasant, you got goosebumps. Something wasn’t right. Everyone seemed to be constantly afraid of something and it also looked like a part of the castle was burnt down.

 Ramsay Snow welcomed you and your men in the great hall. Just by looked at this Ramsay Snow you knew he must have some dark secrets.

After he greeted you he added: “…As you probably already heard I am now the lord of Winterfell. I am Ramsay Bolton now. My beloved father, Roose Bolton, was poisoned by our enemies.”

“I’m sure he was”, you answered skeptically, pursing your lips. Ramsay ignored the underdone in your voice and smiled at you. He invited you and your men to stay for as long as you want and you thought it would be a good opportunity to actually get to know these former bastard.

During the supper you finally met his wife, Sansa Stark. You already knew Sansa from her time in King’s Landing, but she barely looked at you. Somehow she looked even more terrified then during her time with your family.

And then you saw him – Your beloved Theon! Although he didn’t even looked like Theon anymore. He was dirty, clothes full of holes and was there a finger missing on his one hand?! Seven hells, you thought. This cant be real. This is a dream. Just a dream. But it was no dream. It was true.

“Why is Theon Greyjoy here?”, you asked Ramsay, visible shocked.

“Oh, his name isn’t Theon Greyjoy anymore. It’s Reek”, Ramsay answered and smiled happily, almost proudly.

“What?! How is that possible?”

“I… just had some fun with him.” You wanted to vomit. You just shook your head and left the room immediately.

Later, on the same night, you commanded one of Ramsey’s men to send Reek to your chamber. He came to you only a few moments later, but he definitely wasn’t comfortable with being there.

“Theon! What happened to you?!”, you asked him.

“It’s Reek now”, he answered. “I’m n-not Theon anymore.”

“What did Ramsay do to you?” You stood up from the chair you were sitting on and made a step towards him. “Theon, tell me, please!”

“R-Reek. Not Theon.”

“Seven hells! Reek, what happened to Theon?”

“Theon died.” He didn’t looked at you. You scrutinized him and placed a hand on his cheek. He winced at your touch and suddenly your eyes were filled with tears.

“Just say so and I’ll help you, Theon. I’ll help you and Sansa, if you want so. Just tell me!”

“No.” He shook his head. “Reek belongs to Ramsay.” And he turned around and left.

You cried the whole night. This was a terrible place, and Ramsay was even more terrible. It was painful to see your first love, Theon Greyjoy, like his; humiliated and dehumanized. Theon Greyjoy always had been a strong and proud man, and now? Now he was nothing! Called himself reek… Whatever happened to him, it must have been awful. Yes, you had heard rumours about Theons destruction, but you never believed in rumours… obliviously these ones were true. Of course you decided to help Theon and even Sansa, even against their will. You had to do something! 

You talked with Sansa the next morning, also in your chamber, were you were unobserved, but even Sansa didn’t really wanted to talk with you at first. After a while, however, she finally told you, that she wants to escape, and you thought about a plan to help her.

A few days later she suited the action to the word. You sent your men back to King’s Landing, while you met Sansa and Theon again outside of Winterfell. You three fled through the snow, to the next forest and even through an ice-cold river, but as you heard Ramsay’s dogs you all knew you were about to die. It was a gift of the gods as Brienne and Podrick came to save you. They killed Ramsay’s men and offered to bring you to the Wall, where Jon Snow ruled as the new lord commander. But Theon had no interest in coming with you – he wanted to sail to the Iron Islands, to his sister Yara, and before you could even talk with him in private, he disappeared from your life again.

We are not meant to be together, you thought melancholically. You wanted nothing more than to be with Theon, even after all this years. You wanted to feel his arms around you and his lips on yours, but now he was gone. Would you ever meet him again? And would he finally be himself again? Theon, not Reek. You had no idea.

some fool: i wish there was a really good mmo that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount and had legitimate diversity

me: guild wars 2

some fool: man if only something like that existed

me: guild wars 2 has a tonne of gay couples with an interracial lesbian one being in the main cast, there are extensive cc options with cover all ethnicities including having a bunch of beautifully modelled natural hairs, a physically disabled girl who built her own mobility aid as part of the main cast, a trans character who speaks of her experiences, little to no sexual dimorphism in the beast races, an entire playable race of nonbinary people, and a new expansion which takes us into a reigon reminicsent of north africa with actual black vas for all the inhabitants PLUS the game itself is gorgeous and of an incredibly high quality that can easily stand up graphically and more to titles released this year

some fool: well, guess i better shell out $15USD a month for world of warcraft then

me, tearing my hair out as i plead: guild wars 2 is free to play with buy to play expansions and no pay to win mechanics

Not good night

Just throwing out some thoughts after a crappy night with nightmares and dreams and cover hogs.

- My dogs think it’s cold if it’s a cloudy day. Throw in weather cool enough to turn off the A/C and grab a comforter for the bed and they think we’re back in the heart of winter. As such, I fought for covers all night long.

- Mi Dios, I love that smile. I know it wasn’t meant for me, but my heart was gladdened by the sight of it.

- One of the saddest parts of a cycle is the knowledge that it is a cycle. The brightest, sunniest day can be tempered by remembering the clouds.

- One of the things I long for most of all is to take you by the hand and look into your eyes and share some time. I don’t know what I would say if I could say anything, but the thought of this wring tears of joy from my eyes. Also deepest pain. Je regrette.

- Rain and clouds and gloom have made me introspective today. Maybe I’ll get over it.

Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS
Variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.
“Road Trip” part three! The mystery in the desert begins to unravel with the appearance of the man known as Stopwatch. He’s the mastermind behind the deadly Short Timers and the source of all the time disruptions which have been tearing apart reality. How is Jaime going to defeat him while trying to keep his identity secret from his girlfriend, Naomi?
On sale DECEMBER 27 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

I think people would make much better decisions when it comes to dating if they stopped focusing on things like weddings and babies and instead focused on things like funerals and disappointment. What I mean is when I think about who I want to marry, I can’t just stop at who I want to meet at the altar. Because when you’re thinking about the person you want to spend your natural life with, that means the person who will be by your side when life is hard. When your parents die. When you lose your job. When your child is hurt. When bill can’t get paid. And when all of those painful moments come, you have to think “is this the person i want by my side? Is this the person who will be generous and giving when I’m in need? Is this the person who will find the words to soothe my aching heart? Is this the person that when I look across the room through tearful eyes, I want to, need to see their face?”

What I’m saying is when you’re thinking till death do us part, you really have to listen to the whole vow. The commitment is more than just walking down the isle. Its who you want to walk through life with.

Pennywise to Georgie, promptly after pulling him into the sewers:  And then we’re gonna go on even more adventures after that, Georgie. And you’re gonna keep your mouth shut about ‘em, Georgie. Because the world is full of idiots that don’t understand what’s important. And they’ll tear us apart, Georgie. But if you stick with me, I’m gonna accomplish great things, Georgie. And you’re gonna be a part of 'em. And together we’re gonna run around, Georgie, we’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Georgie. Just you and me, Georgie. The outside world is our enemy, Georgie. We’re the only [belch] friends we’ve got, Georgie. It’s just IT and Georgie. IT and Georgie and their adventures, Georgie. IT and Georgie, forever and forever, a hundred years IT and Georgie, s… things. Me and IT and Georgie runnin’ around and IT and Georgie time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days IT and Georgie forever a hundred times. Over and over IT and Georgie adventures dot com W W W dot IT and Georgie dot com W W W IT and Georgie adventures all hundred years. Every minute IT and Georgie dot com W W W hundred times IT and Georgie dot com.

Houses as Tumblr Text Posts Part Eight
  • Gryffindor: Your inability to learn handshakes is teaRING THIS GANG APART
  • Hufflepuff: My kink is people underestimating me and ending up wrong and embarrassed
  • Ravenclaw: If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit
  • Slytherin: I’m wearing all black to mourn the death of my motivation

it was pretty fucking good like… pennywise was undeniably terrifying and there was a surprising amount of humor but it really worked as a break from the unrelenting scares! the child actors were all solid across the board, especially sophia lillis who played bev – definitely an actress to watch! but the best part about it, for me anyway, was the bond between the losers like… my sappy ass really started tearing up whenever they would huddle together for a group hug

The Houses as Ron Swanson Quotes (Part 2)
  • Ravenclaw: Give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that.
  • Gryffindor: Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream or be nothing.
  • Slytherin: Keep your tears in your eyes where they belong.
  • Hufflepuff: I can't go because I don't want to.

“Listen - I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to be with you at all. So if you wanted to tell the world about us, I’d be right behind you. But there’s a selfish part of me that wants you all to myself…” - Asami to Korra

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By Heart [ II ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst / Some Fluff

Length: 7.7k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Summary: Getting over him was the most impossible thing in the world because part of you couldn’t believe it was really over.

Part One: Part Three: x Part Four: x

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

The rain dripped across the glass windshield of the baby blue car parked in the middle of the street. It created tiny puddles on the dark concrete, pools of the liquid spilling along the curb, surging towards your feet. The headlights were illuminating the space in front of the car, the raindrops speeding by in the lit beams. Kyungsoo’s eyes were hard as he rolled down the window of the car, hair covered by a baseball cap as he stared off into the distance around you, tongue poking out to lick his lips once as he exhaled. His hand extended from the window, the water spotting his palms and turning the skin slick as his eyes floated shut, chest deflating.

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This is a soulmate story and completely different to what I usually write about. It took me forever to write but I actually like how it turned out. Let me know what you think and if you would like to read another part. Thank

Harry looked down to where it felt like he chopped his whole finger off and huffed when he found his skin flawless. Of course. Of course, it wasn’t him who hurt himself it was her. She was the clumsiest thing he ever met, he swears to-
He actually never met her. And maybe that was exactly why he was so huffy and grumpy all the time and got even more irritated when she didn’t watch where she was going.
She was his soulmate ans she took an awful lot of time to finally get to him. Even though Harry had to admit that he wasn’t too sure if he would be over the moon happy as everyone said he would be when he finally met her.
She was just an awful lot. She was happy when Harry was sad, and when Harry was happy, she was sad.
The fact that he felt her emotions just as strong as his own made him go insane, the doubled trouble too much for him at times. But sometimes it comforted him to know that she felt the same. That she felt him. He loved it when she would rub her own tummy when she felt him mopping around because he felt her rubs and it made him happy. And he loved to kiss over the parts she hurt on his self when he felt the burn on his skin because he knew it made it better for her.
Just how he did now. He kissed over his fingertip three times, a forth time when he still felt her pout.
Yes, he loved her with all his heart even though sometimes he felt like crying frustrated tears when she became too much for him to handle.
The only thing he didn’t love about her was that she took so awfully long to get to him. All his friends already found their other half while he searched for her everyday but she was nowhere to be found.
It didn’t help that she had a boyfriend either. Harry didn’t knew why she needed a boyfriend when she,(he’ll stop with the annoying stressing on ‘she’ now even though he felt the need to express that she wasn’t just any she), when she had him. It broke his heart over and over again when he felt her boyfriend kissing her because only Harry was supposed to do that. Harry didn’t understand why she needed a boyfriend when she sent an ‘I love you’ to Harry every night before she fell asleep.
When Harry told his mum that he was able to communicate with her her jaw dropped to the floor and she gushed about how special that was and while they already were soulmates they had an even more special connection than others. Harry believed it was just because it took so long and their souls craved each other so they had to find a way to overcome the distance.
While they were only able to communicate in the morning and at night it was enough because he had the time to tell her that he loved her and longed for her and needed her and so much more. But it still wasn’t enough because even though it was nice to hear her telling him how much she loved him every day he wanted to see her lips wrapping around the words before he wrapped his lips around hers. He wanted to be able to hold her and have her hold him and be with her. Even though he knew he had forever with her he needed forever to start as soon as possible.

Y/N was just as desperate to find him even though she had a boyfriend. She liked her boyfriend but didn’t love him because there was only one person she could ever love. But because she hasn’t found him yet she needed a distraction so the hole in her chest couldn’t grow any more and eventually swallow her whole.
She loved him so much already. So, so much. Even though she wouldn’t admit it she was dependent on him already, she lived for the ‘I love you’s he sent her and his kisses when she hurt herself.
Just like now, she felt the gentle pressure of his pillowy lips against her fingertip and just like every time it happened she just wanted to feel his lips against hers. She just wanted him here with her.
Harry felt her pain just like always. It didn’t matter if it was physical pain or emotional pain, he felt it. He closed his eyes with frustration but not because she annoyed him, no. Because he wished he could take that pain away from her. Make her forget she ever felt lonely.
He sent her a ‘Soon, my love.’, and hoped she heard him because somehow it was still morning even though it was 11:13.
'Soon isn’t soon enough.’ he received back and smiled softly in agreement.
'We’ll find each other. I promise.’ Oh, how he wished he could send her a hug as well.
“Promise to love me too?”
“More than anything.”

It was the longest conversation they ever had. Harry had a feeling it was because their connection grew stronger with each day. Maybe that meant they’ll meet each other soon?

When it happened nothing could have prepared Harry for the feeling he felt when their eyes met for the very first time. The whole world stopped and he saw nothing but her. She was beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. Her eyes had the color of melted chocolate and Harry loved melted chocolate. Her lips were plump and full, their color reminded him of strawberries and when he thought about strawberries with melted chocolate he felt like he could cry.
When Y/N’s eyes landed on him it was like time stood still and nothing existed but him. And her. Together. His eyes had an ocean like color and Y/N loved the ocean. His lips were plump and perfectly shaped, their color reminded her of raspberries and when she thought about a day by the ocean with raspberries she felt like she could cry.
They pushed through the people who were in their way until they reached each other, both not looking away for a single second.
“My love.” Harry cried and reached out to touch her skin.
She closed her eyes when he touched her, overwhelmed by the love she felt for the man standing in front of her. The love radiating of of him.
Harry pulled her to him, wrapping her in a tight hug. Y/N nuzzled her face into his neck, kissing his shoulder a few times. She liked the way he smelled, like fresh laundry and a tad bit of perfume.
Harry loved the way she wrapped around him perfectly, she was made for him. Just for him, he knew it.
“What’s your name?” he asked her quietly, pulling back a bit to look into her eyes and a new wave of love for her hit him when he saw her loving gaze.
“Y/N.” she told him.
“Y/N.” he repeated in awe.
“Beautiful. I’m Harry.”
“Harry.” she whispered and stroked over his cheek.
God, she loved him. Her eyes wandered over his face, trying to memorize every little detail. He was handsome. So incredibly handsome. Actually, handsome wasn’t the right adjective to describe him. Beautiful. Yeah, beautiful seemed to fit better.
Harry watched her, how her eyes ran over his features. Under any other circumstances he would have felt uncomfortable if someone would have looked at him so intently but it was her and he loved the way she looked at him. He loved it because her eyes held love and adoration.
Harry was sure that she was the most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth. She was absolutely and completely perfect. And she was his. Well, not exactly…
Y/N watched with concern how the smile left his face and a frown took over his features.
“Hey, what’s going on?” she asked him gently and grabbed onto his hands, frowning herself when she felt his big rings which blocked her from feeling his fingers thread through hers, blocked her from feeling his skin against hers.
“Will you come home with me? So we can talk?” he questioned almost shyly, squeezing her hands so she knew he was alright.
“Of course.” she nodded without a hint of hesitation.
He might still be a stranger but she loved him and she had no worries about going home with him.

Once they arrived Harry made them both some tea,taking his time with the process. Y/N couldn’t help but notice the change in his demeanor, how the happiness from earlier seemed to be completely gone and replaced with… frustration?
She also couldn’t help the horrible thought that took over her mind. Her worst nightmares of her soulmate not being happy with her. Not loving her. What if Harry had a completely different idea of his other half? What if she wasn’t enough for him?
“Y-You’re not happy that you met me, right?” she asked shakily.
Harry whirled around with shock, he felt like someone just punched him in the throat . She might as well have.
“What? Darling, no.” he shook his head vehemently and rushed over to her, hugging her tightly to his chest.
“No, no, no.” he whimpered and kissed her forehead over and over again.
“Don’t ever think that. You hear me?”
“Then what’s going on? You seem like something is bothering you. Something about me.” she searched his eyes but found no answer.
It was crazy because now that she actually was with him she couldn’t feel his emotions anymore. At least not the way she did before.
“Yeah…” Harry admitted somewhat ashamed.
“Yeah? What is it?” she begged to know and almost lost her mind when Harry pulled away from her.
“It’s just… You have a boyfriend and… I don’t know what to do with that.”
She starred at him for a few moments. This time she was in shock. He knew that? And why did he think of it when she hasn’t thought about her boyfriend for a single second since she met Harry?
“How do you…” she trailed off but she didn’t need to finish her sentence.
“I feel it. I feel it every time he kisses you because it breaks my heart. And I also feel it when you do… other things. Feels like someone rips my heart out then.”
“Harry… I’m sorry. But I’m sure you had a girlfriend before as well, so-”
“No, I haven’t.” he shook his head.
“You haven’t?” she asked disbelievingly.
“No. Why should I want a girlfriend who could never make me happy when the love of my life is waiting for me?”
“Harry…” she sighed.
“I mean I know that people have relationships before they meet their other half but I just never wanted that. I want to discover everything that comes with love with you and nobody else. I hoped my soulmate would feel the same.”
“Do you really think I love him?”
“I feel the butterflies whenever you look at him, love.” he smiled sadly.
“I like him. And he’s important to me. But that’s it. There’s only one person I will ever be able to love and that’s you.”
“But… but when you know that why do you need him?” he asked her.
“Because I’m lonely. I hate being on my own. I always hated that empty feeling in my chest and knowing that only one person on this whole planet could fill that empty space… I felt hopeless.”
He understood her, he did. But then again, he didn’t. Didn’t she know that he felt exactly the same? He felt empty and lonely but he knew that anyone who wasn’t her couldn’t take those feelings away from him.
What he really couldn’t understand was how she could catch feelings for her boyfriend. He always thought it wasn’t possible for someone to fall in love with anyone but their soulmate. And she was in love with her boyfriend even if she wouldn’t admit it.
“You love him.” Harry stated.
“Harry, I don’t. I love you. You.
“But you love him too.”
She sighed with frustration and walked over to where he was standing, taking his face in her hands and forcing him to look at her.
“He’s important to me but I don’t love him. I never could.”
She gave Harry a chance to prostest again but his mouth remained shut.
“Now can we please stop fighting about this? I never thought I’d fight with you the first time I meet you.”
Harry nodded and sighed, she was right.
“I love you, okay? Please don’t ever doubt that.”
“I love you too.” Harry mumbled and pulled her closer to him, flush against his chest with his arms around her waist.
Y/N threaded her fingers through his short curls, scratching lightly against his scalp because she knew how much Harry loved that. She pressed a kiss to the shell of his ears, smiling softly at the grateful hum she received.
She pulled back a bit to look at him, stroking his cheeks tenderly and admiring the way his eyes closed with the pleasure of having her here with him.
“Harry…” she whispered softly.
“I want to kiss you.”
His eyes opened immediately, his nerves evident. Shit. Shit, shit, shit.
He hasn’t thought about that yet. He never kissed someone before. What if he messes up completely? What if he’s so bad that she doesn’t want him anymore?
What if… he isn’t as good as her boyfriend?
“We d-don’t have to if that’s t-to fast for you. We can take it slow.” she stuttered.
“No! No, no, no. Of course I want to kiss you. But… it’s just… you’re my first. And I don’t want to mess up.” he shrugged shyly.
“Harry, you could never mess up. You kissed my forehead earlier, right? S'just the same only on the lips.”
Harry nodded and thought for a moment. He could do it, right?
He pulled her as close as he possibly could, one hand on the side of her face and the other one squeezing her waist. Y/N cupped his face in her own hands, stroking over his raspberry pink lips that she noticed immediately when her eyes landed on him for the first time earlier. They were soft to the touch and she could feel a light layer of chapstick.
And then she leaned in. First she rubbed the tip of her nose against his before she tilted her head to the side and captured his bottom lip between hers. The kiss was soft and loving, letting him get used to the feeling of being kissed before she fastened her lips to his again and let them linger, humming softly when she felt him kiss her back. With the next one she licked over his bottom lip with her tongue, motioning for him to open for her and he did, moaning when her tongue licked over his. She pressed a few more pecks against his lips before pulling back, chuckling softly when he whined at the loss.
He opened his eyes and saw her gentle smile that showed nothing but pure happiness. Her eyes were sparkling and he could see the love in them. This was just what he wanted. What he’s been waiting for all his life.
“Was I any good?” he asked sheepishly when he felt his cheeks heating up from her intense gaze.
“You were perfect. Best kiss I ever had.” she reassured him, pecking his lips again to prove her point.
“Love your kisses.” he admitted shyly.
Y/N didn’t think it could be possible for someone to be smoking hot but adorably cute at the same time. And he was her soulmate. How lucky was she?!
“I love kissing you.” she whispered before touching her lips to his again.
“Does it…” he started but shook his head, deciding against asking her the question that burnt on his tongue.
“What, hm?” she asked him and grabbed one of his hands to somehow make him feel more confident.
“Does it feel the same when you kiss your boyfriend?”
He shouldn’t have asked. He knew it when she sighed that he shouldn’t have asked. God, he was stupid.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ha-”
“It doesn’t. It doesn’t compare to this. Not at all. When I kiss you I feel butterflies and fireworks and tingles and like… like I’m on top of the world. I don’t feel that with my boyfriend.”
Harry nodded relieved, even though that was his first kiss he could make her feel like that. And no one else could, no matter how much practice they had.
He guided her mouth to his, kissing her this time. It was a warm peck that made Y/N shudder and Harry couldn’t help but press against her more due to that reaction.

They moved to Harry’s couch then, kissing and giggling and declaring their love to each other. They were so happy. So incredibly happy that they were sure their hearts were going to burst any second. It was perfect. So perfect that Harry was sure nothing could destroy this moment…
“Will you stay the night?” he asked her in a whisper, watching how she lifted her head from his chest, stroking a tot of hair behind her ear.
“I can’t, Harry.” she sighed sadly, biting her lips when she saw his face fall.
“I need to feed my cat and Matthew is probably already worried about me.” she explained, frowning when his face fell even more.
“Can’t you text him? He can feed your cat, no?”
“He doesn’t have a key to my apartment.”
Harry sighed defeated and turned his head to look at the ceiling.
“Harry…” Y/N sighed sadly and sat up to look at him.
“We’ll get breakfast tomorrow, yeah? You can come over tomorrow and I’ll prepare us some pancakes and smoothies and everything you love.”
“I just… I don’t want to go back to being without you.” Harry mumbled.
“I don’t either. But only for tonight okay?”
Harry sighed but nodded, his heart feeling heavy in his chest at the thought of her leaving him.
“Are you going to talk to him? Tell him about us?” he asked in a hopeful tone.
He just wanted her to break up with her boyfriend and forget about him completely. Even though she reassured Harry over and over again that she only loved him, he didn’t like that boy one bit.
She nodded and smiled softly before Harry leaned up and kissed her lips again and again, so long until she really had to leave.
She gave him her number and countless kisses before she rushed out his door with an 'I love you!’.
Harry wasn’t as happy as he thought he would be. He always thought that once he met his other half everything would fall into place and finally make sense. That he would feel secure and safe but that wasn’t the case at all. He never felt so insecure before.
He felt her again when she was far enough away from him, felt her nerves and worries.
And he felt it when her boyfriend came over and she kissed him. He felt it more intense than before he met her and he hated it. Hated it that she still got butterflies in her tummy and leaned in for another kiss after she kissed Harry. How could she?
And he knew she didn’t talk to him because an hour later he could feel her having sex with her boyfriend. Making love to another man.
Cheating on him.
What was Harry supposed to do with that?

My Top Jonerys Moments (There’s a lot so bare with’s basically all of them or the highlights at least.)   PS. if some of the gifs don’t work I apologize.

The last two Targaryens finally meeting.

Jon responding perfectly to her statement.

Daenerys admiring Jon’s honesty.  (Also thinking of Rhaegar)

Jon staring at Daenerys/first physical contact.

Daenerys calling Jon a king.

Walking out of the cave in sync like the king and queen they are.

Daenerys asking for Jon’s advice.

Jon telling Daenerys exactly what she needs to hear.

A good heart?

Jon staring in wonder and awe at Daenerys on Drogon and Daenerys staring right back.

Jon getting lost in her beauty.

Daenerys getting lost in his brooding beauty.

Daenerys worrying about Jon after he decides to go beyond the wall.

AKA the moment she realized she had feelings for him.

Jon noticing her worry for him.

AKA the moment he realized he had feelings for her.

Jon admitting that he trusts her and believes she will help him.

Daenerys coming around to trusting him and wanting to help him.


Jon trying to be funny about him dying to her.

Daenerys hitting him back with an honest answer he wasn’t expecting.

Daenerys trying to convince Tyrion and herself that Jon isn’t love with her…

But Tyrion puts forward the irrefutable proof that Jon does indeed stare at her longingly and most certainly not just hopeful for a successful military alliance.

Jon hoping and praying for Daenerys to show up and save him and the rest of them.

Daenerys refusing to sit idly by while Jon and the others could be on deaths door.

And then Jon’s prayers are answered when Daenerys comes raining down with dragon fire.

AKA Daenerys saving Jon’s ass in such an epic way.

Daenerys and Jon looking at each other in relief.

Jon pushing through Tormund just to get a better look at Daenerys.

Daenerys reaching out for Jon to save him.

Daenerys and Jon looking up in horror at Viserion plunging to his death.

The fire inside Jon being ignited as he goes to kill the Night King for taking one of Daenerys’ dragons.

Daenerys’ maternal instincts kicking in as the even bigger fire inside her ignites in a rage against the Night King.

Jon getting tackled into the ice water and Daenerys looking in terror as she thinks she has lost him too.

Daenerys staring in relief and disbelief that Jon has made it back to her.

Jon’s dark past being revealed.

Daenerys realizing that “a knife in the heart for his people” wasn’t a figure of speech.

Jon apologizing for Viserion’s death.

Daenerys trying to be strong in front of him and Jon comforting her.

Jon wishing so much that he hadn’t caused this tragedy for her.

Daenerys realizing how truly terrifying and real the army of the dead is.

Daenerys revealing to Jon that she cannot have children besides the dragons.

Daenerys pledging herself to help Jon and The North defeat the Night King and his army.

Jon calling Daenerys “Dany”

AKA Jon used this nickname to make her feel more comfortable and home for she has been through so much. 

Jon bending his knee to Daenerys, not because he has to, not because he was threatened, not even because he loves her, but because she deserves it.

Daenerys not blindly accepting this pledge, she realizes that his people may not accept her.

Then Jon telling her what he himself has come to do and that is seeing Daenerys for what she truly is…a kind hearted person.

Then Daenerys on the verge of tears of joy as she lovingly grabs Jon’s hand lovingly as they look at their hands interlocked.

Daenerys asking if she deserves it.

Jon without a second thought telling her she does deserve it.

Daenerys pulling her hand away but Jon pulling back asking her to stay as they say what they need to say with their eyes.


Jon and Daenerys looking at each other as Jon’s loyalty and honor is tested.

Jon pledging himself to Daenerys in front of everyone sticking to his word and Daenerys looking worried yet proud and thankful at the same time.

Jon being sorry about ruining their chances to gain Cersei’s help.

Daenerys comforting Jon.  

AKA she might as well said “I know…but it’s ok I still love you bae.”

Daenerys respecting Jon’s decision to keep his word even in this dire situation.

Jon handing Daenerys the dragon skull.

Daenerys speaking High Valyrian to Jon.

Jon reassuring Daenerys how extraordinary she is.

Jon comforting Daenerys by telling her as long as she is still here…her family isn’t dead.

Daenerys once again telling Jon she can’t have children with the sadness in her voice.

Jon questioning her statement.

Daenerys answering him indefinitely.

Jon thinking that the witch was lying but also trying to cheer Daenerys up by giving her some hope.

Daenerys admitting to Jon that he was right all along.

Jon asking her well then…what now?

After Daenerys lays out all the problems of not having Cersei on their side Jon realizes Tyrion was right…

And then Jon makes her smile and her smile makes him smile.  If that is not love I’m not sure what is.

Jon and Daenerys walking out of the corner like they were just secretly making out in a hallway in a high school.

Jon and Daenerys looking like a true King and Queen couple.

AKA when you and bae have the same reaction to stuff.

When Daenerys basically says that this ship is setting sail.

Jon growing the courage to knock on Daenerys’ door.

Daenerys opening the door and her eyes light up to see Jon standing there.

Jon relieved as Daenerys opened the door and stares at her knowing what they both want.

Daenerys opening the door for Jon to come in.

Jon coming in with no words spoken and shutting the door closing the gap between him and Daenerys.

The first time they make love


The looks they give each other that are filled with such love and passion and disbelief that they found their soulmate.

And finally…Them kissing is such a beautiful sight…it’s so loving and caring and full of passion.

They are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

They are The Dragon and The Wolf.

They are the Song of Ice & Fire.

The Class 1-A web series

With all the ask blogs I’ve checked out recently this ideea came to my mind.

What if in third year, the students of class 1-A open a web blog, where fans can ask questions.

The blog was proposed by the management department ( this is how they were called right?) to spread awareness and help them when they will graduate.

And so the chaos begins.

– Bakugou being asked continuesly what is actuall his hero name. Every time he is asked he responds with “Lord Explosion Murder, you asshats! Why doesn’t it enter your thick skulls?!”, but no one believes him.

Until one day, when in the middle of answering the question, Kirishima comes and yells “Oi, Blasty Mcxplody!” without realising Bakugou was live.

After that the internet explodes and Kirishima spends the rest of the week hiding from Bakugou, who is chasing him with a magazine on which is written “ Future pro hero Bakugou Katsuki’s name revealed-Blasty Mcxplody?”.

– Midoriya is very embarassed by all the attention he gets.

Things get especially bad for him when people start asking about his hero name. The fans are like “ Doesn’t the name mean ‘dumbass’?”

So Midoriya tells the story behind his name, avoiding the details of All Might and One For All. He tells them of how his quirk set late and how he was teased becuase of it. Of how Deku was an insult thrown at him, but it he turned the name around to become his source of strengh.

Let’s just say he leaves the entire fanbase in tears and he becomes fast an idol for bullied and sad children.

– Uraraka gets a lot of questions concerning how cool her qurik is and methods of how she could use it.

She is very gratefull for all the people that help her, but when fans ask about why she became a hero she mentions she did it for her parents, to help them, but doesn’t say anything about the company.

Mostly because she feels like she would sound whiny and materialistic, but a part of her doesn’t becuase she feels it is her responsabilty and actually she doesn’t want pity.

– Iida, being the class rep, is usually the one that checks all the questions to see if they are apropiate. Though some NSFW are leaked from time to time.

As for his questions. He mostly encourages people on how to be a hero. He is essentially the one of the group that gives life advice.

Especially about revenge and how it is not good to become obsessed with it.

With how he speaks about the subject, fans speculate that he experience something like that. Some think it may be the incident that made his brother retire, but they are not sure.

– Everyone loves Todoroki. He has thousands of fangirls that send him love messages and requests to go out. I mean, he isn’t the class’ pretty boy for nothing.

Though he tries his hardest to decline every one of them gently.

It is rather complicated for him to answer all the questions, since he has so many, but the most complicated part is when people ask about his father.

“How was it to grow up with the number 2 hero as your father?”

“Did he teach you personally?”

“How is he in person?”

“Do you have any siblings, if you do why aren’t they heroes too?”

Todoroki tries to mentain his calm, but as more asks come it becomes harder and and harder.

And the fans catch fast how tense he is starting to become, though they don’t know why.

– I imagine Jirou and Kaminari having a kind of mini series about music.

Them playing imstruments, talking about different genres, how they became friends and music recommandations.

And let’s add President Mic, who joins them sometimes.

– I can see Momo also having a kind of mini series, but her topics differ.

From advice for young heroines, asks about her childhood, talking about tea and fashion, to combat strategies.

And how about the thought that she and the other memebers of the top five of the class (Iida, Bakugou, Midoriya and Todoroki) telling their fans how to study easier.

“It’s important that you study in a calm and quite enviroment!”

“Exactly, Yaoyorozu-san! Plus-”

“I don’t see how the fucking room where they are studying would help them. If they are dumbasses, they are dumbasses!”

“Kaachan, that’s not-”

“Shut the fuck up, Deku!”

“Maybe you should close your irrelevant mouth!”

“Oh! You want to go Icyhot bastard?”

“Bakugou-san, Todoroki-san, please stop!”

– Since most of the time Todoroki ends up roasting Bakugou in their arguments, he is crowned “ The Savage Todoroki” by the fandom.

– What about Kirishima walking one time in front of the camera with his hair let down?

Everyone loses their shit.

– I also see Kaminari and Kirishima answering together asks from time to time.

And one time someone asks them about romance and Kaminari is like:

“Oh, I remember when you and Bakugou-” he stops dead in his tracks.

Kirishima looks at Kaminari with wide eyes and a blush on his face.

– Bakugou saw what happened.

So, angry that the Pikachu wannabe revealed his relationship with Kiri to the entire world, he chases him around with a magazine too.

“Romance floats in the air for the next generation- Red Riot and Blasty Mcxplody, the next big duo!?” is written on it.

– With the advantage of being invisible, Hagakure pulls weekly a prank on someone.

Student, teacher, best friend? You are getting it anyway.

Everyone is scared out of their minds.

Though Ojiro finds it endearing, even if he is on the receiving end of the prank.

– And to end on a fluffy note. Class 1-A planes an elaborate scheme to finally get Tododeku together.

Tsuyu is filming it live.

Everything goes smoothly, until Bakugou starts to grind his teeth and shouts:

“Just kiss already, you shitheads!”

The rest of the class scolds Bakugou for being such a mood pooper.

What they don’t observe, but Bakugou does, is Todoroki and Midoriya blushing from his words, leaning closer and kissing.

(Also, Mineta is banned from answering questions, he only talks about perverted stuff)