all the tea in the harbor

The Purge


America: *Throws tea in harbor*

Canada: *Knocks over trashcan*

Japan: *Takes over pet store*

Italy: *In the nude*

Russia: *Steals as many scarves as possible*

China: *Vandalizes everything with Hello Kitty stuff*

France: *Steals 500,000 dollars worth of fine wine*

Denmark: *Tries to do something illegal, but hurts himself*

Sweden: *Pulls 700 pranks on Denmark*

Finland: *Helps Sweden*

Norway: *Coats all roads in ice*

Iceland: *Missed the memo and is in his room as usual*

Spain: *Runs around the beach collecting sea turtles*

Prussia: *The question is what WOULDN’T he do?*

Hungary: *Tries to put Prussia’s schemes to an end*

Austria: *Disturbs the peace by playing the piano horribly*

Estonia: *Hacks everything*

Latvia: *Seals sugar glider from the pet store that Japan took over*

Poland: *Steals all of Russia’s valuables*

Lithuania: *Is trying to stop Poland from stealing all of Russia’s valuables, but ends up helping instead*

England: *Burns France’s house down*

Germany: *Jaywalks*

Romano: *Hits Germany with his car while he’s Jaywalking*

Imagine Connor getting sick, but he’s too stubborn to admit he needs your help

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A/N: I hope to be filling out as many of the older requests as possible today- they might be a bit short in comparison, though!

You knew two things for certain when it came to Connor.

The first, he never got sick.

The second, the first one was a lie.

You had returned from a trip to town when you noticed the first symptoms of sickness in Connor. He was sniffling, stuffed up, and even though he was always warm to the touch, he looked like he was sweating; it was the middle of winter.

You wasted no time getting down to business, “Connor, are you feeling alright? You look a bit… uncomfortable.”
Connor waved you off, “I am fine, Y/N. It is nothing-” He hurriedly grabbed a handkerchief and sneezed. Looking a bit closer, you noticed his eyes were a bit puffy and his nose was red.
“Connor, I mean it, you aren’t feeling well. Here, lie down and I’ll get you some water and make some soup for you.”
“That is not necessary, I can manage.” Connor continued. You crossed your arms, “Oh really? You look half-dead. I’m sure whatever you think is so important can wait until you’re back to your normal, healthy self.”

Connor half-glared in frustration, “I do not get sick. I will be fine.”
You crossed your arms, “Suit yourself.”

Three days had passed and Connor had only gotten worse. You had kept nagging him about getting help, but he only got more obstinate about it. Finally, you stopped being nice and cornered him in the kitchen while he was looking for something to eat.

“Connor, I’m not letting you leave this room until you tell me why you’re being so… stubborn about this!”
“I am not sick, Y/N. You are the one who is being stubborn!” His voice raised a bit, but at the moment you didn’t care.

“What’s wrong with admitting you’re sick? Everyone gets sick! I get sick, too! You’re just making it worse for yourself by not letting me help!”

Connor’s voice was practically a growl, “I. Am. Fine. Now let me go.”
Connor disregarded you entirely and began walking past you. You, acting fast, grabbed his arm. Of course, in this prickly mood of his, Connor instinctively ripped his arm out from your hand, a serious glare on his face. You’d never seen him so… mad. You pulled your arms to your chest defensively, eyes glittering with hurt and concern.

Connor’s attitude changed right away; he never meant to scare you or make you feel bad.

“Y/N, I… I am sorry. I did not mean…” You were still rather spooked, and Connor had to find the words to apologize quickly.

“I did not want you fretting over my wellbeing, I-” He sneezed halfway through his apology, his eyes watering a little. The corner of your mouth raised just a little in amusement, but you were still quite cautious about the whole thing.

“I am sorry. I thought I could get better on my own, but it seems I was wrong.”
You opened your mouth to say something, but Connor raised a hand to stop you, “You only wanted to help me, I know that now.” He looked down at his feet; a telltale sign that he was blushing.

“Connor.” Your voice made him glance back up at you.

“Would you like some soup, and something to drink?”
“…Yes please.”

What I love most about Kelly Clarkson is that most artists sing about heartbreak by dragging some generic nameless lover out for the public to eat up but no not Miss Independent no she spilled all the East India Company tea into the Boston Harbor with her hit song Piece by Piece when she cast her shitty ass father into the shadow realm. She is a queen.

Paid Roleplay Opportunities!

That’s right. Paid. 

What We’re Doing

Dead Sun Leadership is currently working to create both large scale social events which will occur at Dead Sun’s In-Game placeholder (Sri- La, Pandaria) AND smaller social events within Stormwind itself at our base there. 

With this, our goal is to create and immersive setting- essentially so it really feels like your characters have jobs. 

Because we are asking people to do work- we will be paying real IN-GAME gold to do so.   

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What We Are Looking For

People that want like to do a variety of events, like meeting new people, and are willing to roleplay with people beyond just in their guild. While you are welcome within @mortua-sol you are in no way expected or encouraged to join! As we are ‘hiring’ for multiple locations below is a list of what we need for each place and what we’re looking for in that role. 

The Chariot Tea House

Located in Stormwind (Five Deadly Venoms is the placeholder), The Chariot is a Tea House and base of operations for Dead Sun’s people in the city. 

Main Contact: @eilitheduskbringer ‘Eilithe’ in game

Types of Events: Smaller Scale, Alley Brawls, Game Nights, and more! 

Job Openings

Criers: 200 g, as needed basis. Your job is to  /y around town. You’ll be provided with the ad and expected to hit the major zones in the city! 

Bartenders/ Tea Attendants: 500-1000 g per event, almost daily RP opportunity. Your job is to interact with customers during events, serving them teas and other beverages. Additionally, as a full time employee you may roleplay working almost any time. Attendants should be comfortable with people and enjoy conversation!

Wheel of Fortune

Located in Dead Sun Harbor (Sri-La, Pandaria), Wheel of Fortune is the harbor’s gambling house. The grand opening of this location will occur tentatively in January. There will be lots of roleplay opportunity before the event. 

All positions for this location will have IC and OC training, as some roles are a bit more complicated. All positions come with a guide! We promise you will have all the tools you need before the grand opening. 

Main Contacts: @eilitheduskbringer (for hiring) @kurel-andiel (for technical questions) ‘Kurelnth’ in-game. @wheeloffotrunegamblingwra

Type of Event: Large Scale gambling event including: Pet Battles, ‘Odds and Evens’, and Brawls

Job Openings

Hostess (3): 1000 g, encouraging ‘wall flowers’ to participate,  going to customers, taking orders and getting them from the bar. Do this job if you enjoy going up and starting interactions- Icly Hostesses should be energetic and enjoy fast paced fun. 

Bartender (2): 1000 g, will take orders and engage in conversation with the customers and Hostesses. Bartenders should be social butterflies and enjoy striking up conversation. 

Dealer (2): 1500 g, a guide and practice will be provided to dealers. Dealers run games of varying bets with a max of 4 players per table. Dealers should be OOCly good a keeping brief records and be comfortable trading money back and forth between players. If you enjoy games, this is the job for you. 

Security (2): 1500 g, Ensure the safety of our staff and patrons! OOCly, security will message those who violate our OOC Code of Conduct and peacefully resolve incidents. Take this job if you have excellent communication skills OOCly and ICly enjoy making others feel safe!  

Bookie (2): 750 g, manage and track the bets for Brawls and ‘Illegal Murloc Fights’ (Pet Battles). Like dealers, they must manage bets at a less intensive level. 

Investing and Sponsoring 

There is opportunity to have your name or your guild’s name put on this event under ‘Sponsor’- this does mean you will have to turn over an amount to assist in prizes and purses of The Wheel/ The Chariot. Investors/Sponsors will be given perks which will be discussed upon and OOC and IC meeting with Kurel and Eilithe. 

Any and all questions can be sent to me on Tumblr, In Game, or on Discord (KingRat#1789). We can’t wait to see everyone!

@recke-stoutmantle @iceillanightbane @thesilentnikkithorpe @xavier-sunshadow @mortua-sol @morddred @wheeloffotrunegamblingwra

Royal Pain in the Ass

* Hamilsquad x Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: the reader is King George’s child but they hate his cuz he’s a jerk so they come to America and join the revolution and the Hamilsquad?

A/N: So, the requestor didn’t specify a gender in anyway so I made it gender neutral. And this is quite long. Yet, I kinda like this. And I hope you all do too.

Word Count: 4,000 (Wow, that’s very pleasing)


You sighed as you straightened out your formal attire in the mirror. It was almost time for dinner with your father, King George the Third of England. Has there ever been a more pompous title? You were forced into association with him as you were his child. You would gladly give away everything you ever had if it meant you’d lose all ties to him. He was a royal ass. His colonies across the ocean knew that. Every time you thought of those tiny communities, a smile appeared. They were brave. A knock broke you from your thoughts as a maid entered your room.

“Oh forgive me. But your father requests you in the dining hall.” She said.

“Of course he does. But thank you.” You made a point to show the kindness your father didn’t. You weren’t looking forward to dinner. Lately, they’ve been painfully quiet. Mostly because you had nothing to say to him. You didn’t like your own father. How sad was that? You stopped in front of the large wooden doors to the dinning room. You took a deep breath and pushed them open.

“Ah Y/N.” Your father greeted you.

“Father.” You replied with a polite nod. He smiled at you before scanning the document in front of him.

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Soldier 76 x Reader Commission!

A crush. You were too old for a crush. He was too old to be the object of a crush. It was all a ridiculous notion, one that you wouldn’t act on. You refused to act on it. It was unprofessional and had the opportunity to become incredibly awkward.

Ana thought it was a great idea. You loved to sit and have tea with her. That was when you had accidentally let it slip that you were harboring a silly little crush on Jack. Her face had lit up when it fell from your lips.

She spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince you to go after Jack.

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A/N: After the blow up of I Hate You I Love You, I decided Peter Hale needs some love too. Here’s a wonderful smut about the lovely Hale. Enjoy y’all

Shoutout for song inspo:  

‘Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe
Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space
‘Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too

“Absolutely not”.
Peter crossed his arms and walked away from Y/N.
After the attack of the oni, someone would have to keep guard to make sure that nor void Stiles or the oni would come after her.
Derek had his own problems, the pack needed to solve the riddle, and Y/N was the next one on their list.
Y/N was a fairy and that made her useful.
Her light magic came in handy with any enemy but something happened.
After a huge fight her powers began to wane.
Between being a teenager in high school and a supernatural creature, there was no time to rest.
Light magic required a resting period, one she hadn’t been able to get.
“Peter please. You’re the only one who can help”
“Why am I always dragged into your teenage drama? Is that really what it all stems down to? ”
“They’ll kill her Peter”
Peter stopped walking and turned to face Scott.  
He had an unreadable expression, but it was blank.
She decided that he was going to say no.
There’d be no way Peter of all people, would try to protect her
He hated her, at least that’s what she thought.
“No one can know I’m harboring this fugitive, and I mean no one, not even your strange and pathetic pack”
“Thank you, Peter”
“Let the door hit you on the way out”
Scott hugged her, said a few encouraging words, then left her alone with the menace.
Twenty minutes went by and she was still standing in front of the door, watching as if something was on the other side.
Peter walked into his living room with a cup of tea and a newspaper.
“He’s not coming back”
She ignored him and watched the door.
“Please sit, you’re making me uncomfortable ”
Still stood there.
“Y/N! Sit down, it’s bad enough I have to babysit, don’t make this horrible for the both of us”
She turned around and threw anything nearby at him which happen to be a stapler.
“You didn’t have to do this, so why are you?! ”
Peter put his eyebrows together and picked up the stapler.
“I’m honestly lost here. I thought you needed someone big and strong to protect you ”
“Listen here baby dick, I don’t need anyone to protect me. I’m fully capable of helping myself. Bye Peter ”
She walked out of his apartment faster than he could process what just happened.
Y/N headed for the elevator until large hands grasped her from behind and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming out.
They dragged you into a room.
Y/N tried to break free of their grasp by squirming and thrashing all over the place.
The person pinned her up against the wall and she looked at her intruder.
The bastard.
Y/N opened her mouth to speak but he clamped a hand around it.
He nodded his head towards the fire escape and put up a finger against his lips.
She understood and stopped moving.
Y/N slowed her heartbeat just the way Scott taught her to do in case of emergencies.
Peter went back inside and opened the front door.

Peter’s POV

I opened the front door and leaned against the frame.
A little boy with a lollipop in his hand stood there with his free hand in his pocket.
“Hey there creepy Wonka, what do you want? ”
“You’re eating it”
The boy smiled and turned the corner, he came back with a wagon filled with boy scout cookies and candy
“Oh I see, I don’t want any. Makes my teeth all gray.”
“Maybe your girlfriend will want one”
“Girl– You mean my lady friends? They’re not here today”
“But I saw one go in your apartment”
Peter struggled to keep his heart steady.
Someone’s watching.
This kid was a set up.
“You know what, I think I might buy one today, just in case she comes back”
Peter handed him five bucks for thin mints.
The kid thanked him and walked away.
Peter listened for a heartbeat that he could distinguish.
When he heard nothing, he moved toward the fire escape to let Y/N know she could come back in, but he stopped when he remembered what she said about him.
Baby dick.
Yeah right, I’ll show her.
I’ll show her.


I waited for Peter to come back.
I thought of who could want me dead or for personal use and the list was long.
After about half an hour, I got more worried by the second.
But maybe the person or thing came for Peter.
Is he okay?
What if he’s hurt?
Wait, why was I thinking of him like that?
Peter is a despicable, evil, conniving, bastard, who uses everyone to his advantage.
I kind of want him to use me.
I want him to take my– stop!
How can I think of him like that?
My brain said I despised him but I started to feel something in-between my legs.
It was like I was, dripping.
Jesus, Y/N, get it together.
That’s it, I can’t wait anymore.
I opened the window and climbed back into the apartment.
The lights were closed except for a sliver of light, peaking from what must be Peter’s room.
What if he’s in the bathtub drowned in his own blood?
My hand started to shake as I got closer to the door.
Counting to ten, I turned the knob, opening the door.
A butt naked Peter turned around and smirked at me.
“If you wanted to see me naked, you could’ve just asked”
My lust turned into anger.
I threw up my hands and walked away from him.
Peter followed me out the door.
“Well that is how people get things isn’t it? You ask, I give”
I shoved him but he only moved an inch backwards.
“I thought you died or something. You were gone for so long, I started having an anxiety attack only to find out you were in the shower the whole time”
“I did leave the window open”
“I’m going to hurt you Peter”
“Insults hurt, Y/N. I don’t appreciate you calling me a baby dick. Clearly I do not have one”
I hit him again, but this time Peter growled.
“Stop hitting me or else”
Curious about what would happen, I punched him.
He hauled me over his shoulder and carried me to his room.
I kicked, screamed, and slapped for him to put me down.
He threw me onto his bed and smashed his lips against mine.
The rough kiss turned me on.
His boldness took me surprise.
Without wasting time, Peter ripped off my shirt, and pulled down my pants with ease.
He took in consideration of me, and unhooked my bra all in one move.
I sat on his bed topless and in my underwear.
Peter kissed me again but with less aggression.
His ran a thumb over my clothed clit making me moan.
I wanted him so bad.
He pulled away slightly so he could watch my reactions.
He took his whole hand and palmed me through my panties, earning a satisfied sigh from me.
His hands move towards my hair and he tightens his grip, pulling me off the bed to get me on my knees.
“Be a good little girl, and suck it for me”
I made eye contact with him and gently stroked his member all the way down and up.
I lightly peck the head and slowly began French kissing it.
Peter moaned and rubbed my hair.
I licked along his shaft then took him into my mouth.
“There you go”
Bobbing my head up and down, Peter held my hair so I could do it better.
Letting him go with a pop, I looked up at him and started stroking him up and down.
“Do you like this? Do I make you feel good Peter?”
Not giving him time to respond, I swirled my tongue around the head of his member.
He bucked and cursed under his breath in response.
I fondled his balls in my hand playing with his perineum.
I tasted a sudden burst of salty cream as he came into my mouth.
I swallowed everything and licked all around, cleaning him up.
Peter picked me up and laid me on the bed.
He slowly pulled down my underwear and walked away.
I heard a few drawers open and close.
When he came back, he had a condom on and held a blue bottle of lube.
He spread my legs open and applied the lube in the most sensual way as possible.
Lining up himself at my entrance, he looked into my eyes.
“I would be kind to you, but you really hurt my feelings earlier. I have to teach you a lesson, you get how that works right?”
“Your jokes are so – Ahhh!”
Peter cut me off by shoving his full length into me.
He was so big I thought I was going to break in half.
Peter pulled himself out and shoved himself back in, making me clutch the bedsheets.
He didn’t give me time to adjust and kept going.
Once he picked up speed, we both gasped and I involuntarily clenched around him.
Peter rubbed circles around my clit with his thumb.
I screamed at the sensation.
My body felt like it was being lit on fire as the pain and pleasure mixed beautifully.
A knot formed in my stomach and I came with him still inside.
Peter pulled out and stretched my right leg over his shoulder.
He slammed himself back into me with the same force.
I went from 0 to Jesus Christ in ten seconds.
“Does this feel like a baby dick?!”
I couldn’t even respond because I was screaming so much.
Peter’s thrusts got sloppy as he let out a loud groan, coming into the condom.
He still kept going until I reached my second orgasm.
My body shook from the aftermaths, my breathing was erratic, and Peter breathed heavily next to me.
He got up and threw the used condom into the trash then handed me some fresh clothes.
“I don’t want that”
“I can’t have Scott upset about me fucking one of his pack members”
“He’ll smell it on me anyways”
“Y/N don’t be stubborn”
I took the clothes away from him and pulled him into me.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him sweetly.
At first he didn’t kiss back, but placed his hands on my hips then kissed me with the same force.
I slipped my tongue between his and we fought for dominance.
I pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him.
I held a finger against his lips and lined his member up to my entrance.
“I want to feel you Peter”
I slowly sank myself down feeling him.
No piece of plastic to shield him away from me.
We both gasped once I lifted myself and slammed myself back down.
Peter gripped my hips and helped me bounce up and down.
After a little bit, I lifted my hands off of his chest and rubbed my tits.
He moaned at the sight and I moaned along with him.
Something started to form inside of me.
My stomach lifted and separated.
The hairs on my skin rose, my head swam in euphoria, the room began to lightly glow.
My powers were coming back.
We locked hands and I shot the energy flowing in me through him.
Peter moaned loudly and soon I felt what he felt.
Every stroke, every sensation, my heat felt alien.
Our moaning became in sync as we started to speed up.
We both let out a small cry as we came together.
The light from my fingertips faded as I collapsed on top of Peter.
Mustering up the strength, Peter and I managed to pull the blankets over our bodies and went to sleep.
Completely distracted, a shadow moved across the room.

anonymous asked:

what do the face fam and the nordics prefer coffee or tea?

Coming right up!

France: Espresso.
 It’s like coffee but more expensive..and smaller. But whateves. 

America: Coffee.
Tea will end up in the harbor. Again.

Canada: Hot Chocolate.
I know that isn’t one of the options, but Matthew wants it to be. Seriously, though..If he had to pick, he’d pick tea. 

England: Coffee..! What did you expect? Tea, obviously.
Preferably Earl Grey.

Norway: Tea
Tea calms him down, also not as much caffeine. 

Iceland: Coffee
How else is he supposed to stay awake all night? He also loves sweet creamer.

Finland: Coffee
Tino would love to put Baileys in his coffee to make it sweeter.

Sweden: Coffee
It helps him stay up when he’s working on a project late at night. Though he usually drinks his black.

Denmark: Coffee
Matthias loves coffee, but he needs a limit..of one cup..or else he’s bouncing off the walls.

Diakko in an olden times au

Akko was born with an incurable illness so when the great white witch came to their land and cured her, Akko has made it her lifelong mission to be like her and help as many people as she could. But the times weren’t the best. She mastered her skills in an era were witches were seen as blasphemy and satanic by the church. They were scrutinized and torched by the church, stoned to death by the people they aided. But she wasn’t just gonna stop her quest there. She travels to heal and to spread the word that witches are good and altrustic. They will help you if you let them.

Diana Cavendish was of noble blood but there is a secret she hides. Her bloodline is one of witches, that of beatrix, one of the greatest to walk the earth. Her family has always helped the peasants with magic but now they cannot do so freely as the church has painted them as the devil incarnate. Diana could only help them in secret with crops and medicine borne from magic. Gone were the days when the Cavendish roamed freely to share their magical blessings. She could only house dislocated runaway witches. All she could do now was to keep these witches in line so they wouldn’t get caught but that little annoying witch from the east keeps on healing people. And it’s hard to keep a low profile when you hear rumors about the second coming of the great white witch, shiny chariot.

The two soon clash and end up in a rivalry with helping people. Akko did small jobs but she travelled odd places and helped all across the land, while Diana helped lavishly with famine and disease but her reach was not far. She could not touch the provinces outside the Cavendish boundary. They would’ve been quite powerful allies, with Diana’s providence and Akko’s mobility, and yet why do they still work separately?

Diana likes to work discretely, so that the church does not hear of her magic dealings but Akko spreads the word like wildfire and tells the people that witches are good and do not bring harm but miracles. Akko thinks Diana’s ways are cowardly and condescending while Diana sees Akko’s as flaunty and lacking in rationality.

But the two end up banding together when the great plague dawned the land. People dropped like rotten apples. Houses burned. Lives destroyed. The two finally decide to call off a truce which worked perfectly. Diana’s team could provide medicine made in her manor and Akko’s could deliver them promptly to those in need.

In all the chaos and the darkness, they found something else, feelings that bloomed amidst the adversity and the worst of things or at least the worst that they knew of. Akko and Diana found themselves in love. It was awkward at first, telling their little band of witches about their lively affair, especially given their previous fueds. Sucy and Lotte were not suprised but these two were not everyone else. They were happy for the two, to find something so precious in this time and day but of course they should at least have their fill of occasional scowling and teasing.

It took some time but they eventually beat the plague and the healthy hearty smiles of the people returned but that also meant the church grew back its power. The church blamed the “2nd coming of the great white witch.” They claimed it was her that led God to curse the people with the plague. And the mindless people believed these selfish rich men in lavishly designed cloaks, started turning tails to the witches who has saved them from peril.

Akko and Diana were having tea while discussing the issue at hand. Someone pointed the church to the Cavendish Manor saying its mistress was harboring the white witch.

“This is all my fault, Diana. I was young and careless and now it’s coming back to bite me. I’ll go and surrender myself!” Akko says with resolution her eyes, all the while banging her hands on the table and standing up. Well, attempting to stand up. Her head felt dizzy and her eyes grew heavy. She looked up to see Diana in a faint smile. She couldn’t hear what her beloved was saying but she could read her lips.

“I’m sorry, Akko.” were the last of what she could decipher in her horrid state before finally losing consciousness.

Diana Cavendish was burned at the stake for using dark magic and bringing plague to all of the Land.

Akko Kagari kept on travelling, healing people and helping them. But no matter how much she tried, she could not help herself and mend that broken heart.

Tea Parties with Alice

She bores of,
Cerulean dresses
And lace ribbons

She’d rather be,
Anthropomorphic Animals
Dressed and Dapper, Down
Earthy burrows, dim lights and all.

She’d rather be,
Sipping on saffron tea, with
Scones for supper, secretly
Snickering at the
Slipshod fellows
With mice in their porcelain, and
Parade floats in their hair.

She’d rather be,
Playing croquet against
Hoity-toity cards and
Homicidal red-heart queens, harboring
Severed heads and
Hackneyed Guillotines.

Instead of tea times
In birdcages, Draped
In eggshell linen.
She’d rather be

First Date

@kjs-s asked: Hi again could i ask for one more thing please? For having a date with Jefferson. Thank you so much and i can’t wait to see all your celebration posts.

A/N: Since it wasn’t made clear if this was supposed to be a drabble, a headcanon, or a moodboard, I decided to make all three. The headcanon is from a Fluffy Friday™️ post I sent to @bucky-plums-barnes under anon. ☺️ (am bringing this back from my old blog @thecrownedrose)

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Simply Love

day two ─ femslash

pairing ; pippa x reader

summary ; you and pippa just have a beautiful moment, definitely worth notifying lin about.

words ; 1457

warnings ; gay!pippa?

note ; this is for day two of the write-a-thon! i’m really excited for this one, seeing as i’ve never written for pippa before!

masterlist || write-a-thon tag || write-a-thon schedule

You couldn’t even begin to contain the excitement that coursed through your mind and sped up your heart as you stood in the elevator, bouncing on the balls of your feet and gripping a coffee cup in your hand. The biggest smile was on your face, making your cheeks hurt. Strands of hair had fallen from the confines of your beanie, lying delicately across your face.

When the elevator doors dinged and opened, you immediately screeched to see your three favorite girls standing in front of you. “Oh my God!”

They brought you into the tightest group hug, not even giving you a chance to put down your coffee, and you all squealed at each other. If anyone were to’ve walked by, they would think you four insane, but when the Schuyler Sisters meet up after not seeing each other for a good year, screeching is an inevitable variable.

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While searching through wreckage of a recent war site, Hanzo/McCree/Lucio find a person who begs them not to bring them to a medical place. The stranger somehow persuades them to just go to their home and as they clean up, the man sees that they have huge bird/bat wings and the person has become almost fully healed from being injured in a matter of hours! Thanks! {Angel Anon}

(Oh hello again, Angel Anon~ So nice to hear from you! This kind of sounds like an OC idea? Are you planning an Angel OC? I can totally help match them for you if you want. This one turned out to be pretty long, though, so I put it under the cut.)

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✨para-centric ask game for maladaptive daydreamers✨

here’s how it works

repliers: in the tags, list the paras you want to talk about. then, if the askers do not specify any paras, just choose the ones you’d like to answer with!! your paraself also counts!

askers: send your asks in this format: list of numbers, para name, para name, para name, etc. (for example: “1, 2, 3, and 5 for Lena and Adam!”)

(for extra fun, let the repliers answer each question in the voice(s) of their paras!)

1. how old is/are ___?

2. what does/do ___ look like?

3. who are ___’s best friends?

4. who had the happiest childhoods? the saddest?

5. what does/do ___ care about the most? the leasT?

6. what are ___’s obsessions?

7. what are ___’s biggest fears? biggest regrets?

8. what is the best thing that ever happened to ___? The worst?

9. provide descriptions for all paras you’re answering for, only ten words or less!!

10. who does/do ___ love the most? hate?

11. who is/are ___’s rival(s) and enemy/enemies?

12. who are ___’s friends?

13. how does/do ___ feel about their parents?

14. time to spill the tea! who has the biggest secret(s)? who else knows? dare you tell us?

15. oops, all the tea’s in the harbor now. tell us a secret, major or minor, for each para you’re answering for!

16. what is/are ___’s greatest strengths? weaknesses?

17. what are your paras’ hamartias (fatal flaws)?

18. what do/does ___ think of themselves?

19. who, or what, would ___ die for?

20. what advice do you have for ___?

21. what advice would your paras have for others?

22. what do your paras consider their most special traits?

23. who or what is/are the greatest love(s) of ___’s life/lives?

24. if ___ could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

25. who are the most conceited and narcissistic paras? the most humble and modest?

26. who are the nerdiest paras? the least?

27. do any of your paras share the same name?

28. which paras have the closest/most intimate relationships? the least?

29. what do/does ___ want most from their life/lives right now?

30. how do your paras feel about each other?

The paladins as shit I’ve said and done

Shiro, drinking a slurpee while skating by on his scooter: ha, how do u like the taste of my ass, Depression? *ends up hitting ankle with scooter and falls over sobbing*

Shiro: The only arms I’m eager to run into are Death’s. *dabs*

Shiro, climbing into a trash can: ah yes, this is where i truly belong.


Shiro: don’t talk about my fucking home like that ever again.

Keith: *when asked when they sleep bc they always have bags under their eyes* who needs to sleep when you can dissociate for a few hours and call that a nap?

Keith: y’all out here having healthy, established relationships with your moms? That’s wild.

Keith: Why talk about feelings when you can bottle that shit up and let it consume you slowly until one day you just Mcfucking lose it over something like missing McDonald’s breakfast by five minutes :)

Lance: Wow I feel great today! Skin? Hydrated! Hair? Soft! Eyes? Glowing! Take that, Low Self Esteem! *literally a few minutes later, finger gunning at himself in the mirror* ugly and useless? I’m a two for one deal!

Lance: I’m like this close to having a mental break down.

Hunk: Lance that makes no sense your fingers are touching- why are you SMILING like that??


Lance: oh dang it’s my crush okay I can do this! hey what’s up- *trips and falls, but quickly scrambles to pose on the ground and one hand finger gun at his crush* oh that? That was on purpose. Always gotta make a statement when I walk in the room haha!

Pidge: wow I just love nature. Namaste. I’m so at peace with the universe- *notices sun peeking out from behind clouds* what the fuck are you doing?! Go back behind the cloud, asshole! You’re not wanted here!

Pidge: *slams on several buttons* *hacker voice* I’m in

Shiro: Pidge that’s the fridge

Pidge, looking matt into the eyes: i would literally get into a fistfight with Death himself behind a brokedown abandoned gas station at 2 am for you.

Matt: you’re like 3 feet dude you won’t win


Hunk: *posing on the couch while eating from a bag of potato chips* Gosh, you all know that I HATE to be the one to do this, but… well… look who was fucking right again?

Hunk: *sees a car following them for more than five minutes* fuck I must have upset someone and now they’ve found me and are gonna kill me let me call my family and tell them goodbye forever

Hunk, sipping on chamomile tea: haha, take that anxiety. You are no match against the calming effects of TEA. *ten minutes later* I’m fucking suing Nestle for their lies and throwing their tea in the harbor. Tea is hereby CANCELLED.