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Why do all the black hash tags no longer exist?

And yet we still have all of these…

You have some explaining to do staff

Update:  I just got an email from a tumblr staff saying the problem was a bug in the system. They have taken care of it. Thanks y'all for helping me draw their attention to the problem. Hopefully, it was truly just a bug and nothing else. Cheers! 

So canon it hurts :”D

The Juvia Lockser Defense Squad
No but imagine when Juvia and Gray finally start dating, and half the guild pull Gray aside to give him the ‘You Break Her Heart We Break Your Life’ talk.

I’ve had this lineart for months and only colored it now because I got too lazy hahaha. // Edit: I made a base of this. //
Oh, and there’s also an Inter-Guild Division:

AAA this took forever. For @cheritzappreciationweek ‘s day 7 prompt: Thank you Cheritz! Most of the characters from all three of their games! I’ve loved every single game/VN of theirs and I honestly look forward to whatever project they have next! 

I started getting sloppy at some point so apologies if anything looks weird. Tumblr hates large images so I will upload the full thing on my DeviantArt :P I might play catch up on previous prompts~ not sure.

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inspired by this prompt with a bit of a twist at the end uwu


Kurt doesn’t like the subway, thinks it’s crowded and smelly and hot and gross, and cabs are much too expensive for a student who barely earns enough to get a decent meal three times a day. So, out of practicality and convenience, he thinks that buses are much better suited for his needs. Granted, it takes more time for him to get to class that way, but it costs less and it’s much more sanitized. Well, he likes to thinks so, anyway.

Besides, it’s totally worth seeing that guy he’s been eyeing every morning for two months now.

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I feel like Remus is the type of guy who would have his hands all over you during sex, always. His touch is everywhere.

Meanwhile, Draco, I think, would have his mouth everywhere possibly imaginable. And I do mean everywhere, again. He’d start off with your neck, then your chest, then he’d travel down your stomach, to your navel, before flipping you over and sucking and nibbling at every inch of your back until your spine is arching, begging him for more.


Steve/Natasha AU: in order to get close to and take down a Manhattan bad guy, Steve and Natasha have to go undercover and pose as a married couple.