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This is how Cas is coming back: Nephilim Power!

But really, what’s with the gold glow? Normally the healing glows white/blue, right? Does Cas retain some nephilim juice? Why would they show this moment, and this color if it didn’t mean something? Do we have any meta thoughts on this? @tinkdw @amwritingmeta @mittensmorgul Anyone else? :)

Guys, it’s only now that I realized THERE ARE Cas’ wings burned out on the ground. They are so damaged we can barely see them but they are definitely there.

It hit me right in the feeling, again. Maybe even harder than the first time 😢

They better make Dean see how broken his angel was or I swear, I’ll start throwing punches!!! 😠

This scene has been niggling in my mind since the finale. We have seen Cas heal Dean dozens of times in the past but never have his wounds done that little glow-y thing. I went back and checked Swan Song, Goodbye Stranger, and others and nope, his wounds just zapped away.

So why would the writers make a big deal of showing us this and lighting up Dean’s cut? I think it’s because that isn’t our Cas!

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Here is the Final part of the Promo Of Hell, I edited this so we can see with detailed clarity, all the bits and pieces that are so nutritious and unhealthy to feed our angst. 

Food for thought: Notice how the Satanic mixture of misleading and ramblings of images begins and end with Sam Winchester?


I will continue cooking my next post, and as I stir my wooden spoon on my soup of speculation. I would like the opinion of this discovery about Sam in this images, from the masters in meta @tinkdw and @amwritingmeta if you allow me to ask your opinion and reading. Please and thank you. 
And my apologies if you already wrote about it.