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If London was a person, what would she be like?

I love this question.

To me, London is exciting, London wears what she wants, when she wants it. She accepts everyone regardless of who they are or what they look like, and she’s safe in the most adventurous of ways, and adventurous in the safest of ways. She makes you feel like you could do anything, without it being scary or overwhelming, and she doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone, but she makes you want to get out of it on your own. She’s the kind of person that stories are written about, who endless people get inspired by, and not in a cliche way - in her own, unique way. Everyone looks at her differently, if everyone wrote a story about her, every single one would be different but beautiful, and she means a great deal to a lot of people in a lot of different ways. 

London is adventure, and she’s comfort, and she’s knowing that no matter what, there will be something good on the horizon always. She’s light in the darkness, hope when you feel lost. She’s drinks at nights in your favourite place. London is the kind of person everyone would want to be friends with, but no one resents. 

She’d be lovely.

KISS THE BRIDE - model: Grace Elizabeth - photography: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vindoodh Matador - styling: Emmanuelle Alt - hair: Malcolm Edwards - makeup: Dick Page - manicure: Gina Viviano - Vogue Paris May 2017

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I'm super excited like can someone get me a ticket to LA for my birthday? Thanks


Here’s another art swap I did with @f-lowerprince (Connor and his OC Ashton) and @nimblecivet (Luke and his OC Nola) ! 

For this, we had a different person do the sketch and color (While the creator of the OC did lineart) in order to make the final product look like it was drawn in a totally different style.

(Artists from left to right, top to bottom)

Gloria, Connor, Luke

Luke, Gloria, Connor

Connor, Luke, Gloria

I’m going to start an online screenwriting course in a couple of weeks and I’m really excited about it because 1) to end up writing for tv/film is a dream and 2) it’ll be useful to learn stuff that doesn’t just involve consulting the blind banker script on bbc writer’s room for a format guide (yeah that was the only sherlock script available for high school me lmao)

anyway, I’m hoping it’ll get me a lot more confident in writing in a script format! I might put up a post before the course starts of all the Sherlock script style stuff I’ve written so far, and then I’ll hopefully be able to update it with more after I’ve done the course (/samples of what I write from the course?? Not too sure how it works yet…)

u guys should commission me to draw your gemsonas cause i can do pretty good faux-su style (all the good things abt su style minus the bobbleheads and googly eyes and ugly anatomy lol)

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II'm just curious please don't get offended but could you explain it to me... you all have different writing styles. Why wouldn't someone send in a request to multiple people? that way they can see the idea it in different ways.

The reason why is because let’s say that writer A writes this story and post it. So then writer B that doesn’t follow writer A writes it too. So they both received the ask but they didn’t respond to it and they both just write the fic. Then a follower who follows both of the writers, reads writer A’s fic then reader reads writer B’s fic and is like “wth these are the same story and writer A wrote it and posted it first so writer B must have copied her” then run tell writer A and then people start jumping on the bandwagon and this other writer gets accused of something they didn’t do. Now writer A and writer B have beef over someone spamming a question. I’m not saying that I’d one writer doesn’t post your story or answer your ask to write a story that you’re not within your rights to ask someone else. But just sending it to a bunch a different people hoping someone posts it had major consequences.

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why do ppl on this site idealize the shit out of real people and then act all betrayed and surprised when it turns out these people have said/written/done stuff that's more or less racist/sexist/transphobic/etc.? how is it even possible to believe that the singers/actors/bloggers/etc. you like have never done anything wrong in their life, ever?

they idealize people because they’re naive and they buy into tumblr’s moral baiting for the same reason. after all, tumblr-style whistleblowing has nothing to do with being a good person and everything to do with just plain using ethics as a fucking leverage to attack random people for personal satisfaction.