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(Insp.) I’m sorry but awkward!Arthur just pushes all my buttons plus it’s funnier if you think Uther already knows and loves Arthur anyway and then has to listen to Arthur compare himself to linguini or something

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I had a dream last night that I was trying to heat up leftover spaghetti and instead of using the microwave like a normal person I put it in the sink and started running really hot water on it. I left it for a bit and when I came back it turned out the water made the bowl so hot that it melted a hole in the thick plastic covering the sink had in my dream and when I tried to pour out all the excess water in the bowl all the spaghetti fell out of the bowl and into the hole and basically all the spaghetti was ruined.




Prompt: 13. “Please don’t go, don’t leave me alone”

Plot: Daryl wants revenge, even if that means to leave his loved one


Prompt: 11.  “Haven’t you done enough?”

Plot: Reader is upset after Olivia’s death and so talks back to Negan.


Prompt: 21. Trying to calm other when they have a bad dream

Plot: Reader has nightmares about her first meeting with the Governor.


prompt: 3. Not because I hate you but because I love you

Plot: Daryl is upset because he can’t find Sophia and for this reason he distance himself from everybody, even from (Y/n).


prompt: 9. seriously? you want him over me?

10. Don’t touch me

28. It just happened

Plot: (Y/n) and Daryl reunite at the Hilltop. Weeks later, she has a surprise for him


Fiction based on Twice’s One in a million


Just a fluffy fic about Daryl,Reader and their baby ♥


Reader has to keep an eye on Dwight…somethig will happen between them.




Fanfiction about Norman Reedus’ character in Air (2015).







(Y/n) and Negan wants each other, however the fact that he has six wives keep (Y/n) from give herself to her beloved leader


















Prompt: 1. “Make me”

7. “I can be nice too, if I want to” (Daryl x Jesus) [Friendship]

- SAFE AND SOUND (Adoptive father Daryl x baby OC)

-DO IT FOR HER (Daryl x Reader)

- HOT AND BOTHERED (Daryl x Reader) [SMUT]


- HAPPINESS (Daryl x Reader //Uncle Rick x niece  reader)

- I WAS ALL OVER HER  (Daryl x Reader)

- HANGING OUT (Daryl x Reader - brother - sister relationship)

-STRESSED OUT (Daryl x Reader)


- SHUT UP AND DRIVE (Daryl x Reader)

-YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL (Daryl x plus size Reader) 

- DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL (Daryl x Reader) [SMUT]

-LOSING YOU (Daryl x Reader) [SMUT]

-STARGAZER (Daryl x Reader) [SMUT]

-ROAD TRIP (Norman Reedus x Reader) [SMUT]

- HEART SKIP A BEAT (Platonic Rick x Daryl) 

-YOU’RE PERFECT TO ME (Daryl x Reader) [SMUT]

-PERFECT (Pre-Apocalypse AU - teen Daryl x teen Reader)

- YOU’RE ALL I NEED (Norman Reedus x Reader)[SMUT]

-TAKE YOUR TIME (Daryl Dixonx Reader) [SMUT]

-CIAO, ADIOS (Daryl x Reader || Future Dwight x Reader)


- PERFECT (Daryl x Reader) [SMUT]


- UNTIL NEXT TIME (Jack Frost x Reader)

-SECRET (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

(Hey, so I may have written fanfiction kind of? It’s based off of a really long conversation I had with my sister on the idea that all of Markiplier’s personas and egos live in the same house. I’ll probably be writing more of them because we have a lot of ideas. I'm​not used to sharing my writing with others and I haven’t taken any classes or anything, but I like it, and if you do too, cool! If you have any pro tips or anything, that would also be cool. Anyway, I guess this is a short little drabble thing about Wilford trying to convince Dark to eat. Here you go!)

The smell of spaghetti sauce and the sound of quiet chatter and laughing flooded the house from the kitchen. Bim was technically the one making dinner tonight, but the Host was the one who was narrating him through it. Bim had suggested that if the Host were to just remind him of the instructions, he would be fine, but the Host insisted on dictating Bim’s every action. This way, dinner was sure to come out not burned.

Everyone was gathering in the dining room, getting ready to eat. Wilford went to take his seat at one end of the table. He pulled out his chair, but stopped and squinted once something at the end of the table caught his eye. The empty chair that normally would be occupied by Dark. Just about every other seat at the table was taken. Google wasn’t allowed to eat for risk of malfunction, but always joined the group for dinner at the end of the day, if only for conversational purposes. Dark was the only one who consistently didn’t show up. He’d done this before and he was going to do it again. He was going to invite Dark downstairs for dinner. Even if it was the death of him. Again.

He roughly pushed his chair back against the table and opened his mouth to ask if anyone knew where his room was.
“Second floor farthest down the right hallway.” The Host called out loudly enough that he could be heard from the kitchen. Wilford took off towards where Dark’s room was or should be, at least. Considering the fact that a week ago, there had been no room at the end of this hallway, it was fairly simple to figure out which one was his room. Wilford hadn’t gotten ten feet away from Dark’s door before he heard a loud, firm “No,” call out from behind the door.
“Aw, c'mon. You don’t even know what I was going to ask.” Wilford insisted.
“I’m not coming downstairs for dinner. I don’t need to eat.”
“Well, neither do I and Google doesn’t even eat, but he still joins us.”
“And I’ll respect that from a distance. Now, go have fun with everyone else.”
“Are you not coming down because you don’t eat or because you’re antisocial?” For a split second, there was no response from Dark. Only an ear-splitting ringing and a quick noise that sounded like a shout.
As if it hadn’t even happened, Dark replied smoothly, “Will, you know very well that I am perfectly fine with everyone here, especially you. I’ve never needed to eat, so I haven’t. Simple as that.”
Wait. Did Wilford hear that right? “You’ve never eaten?”
He caught an almost inaudible sigh from the other side of the door. “No.”
Well, that was all the motivation he needed. Wilford took off running down the stairs, stopping halfway down to slide down the bannister instead. Once he reached the bottom, he bolted into the kitchen and grabbed the first bowl of spaghetti from the line that Bim had set up on the kitchen counter. He nearly bowled the poor kid over in the process only to decide a second later that the bowl he grabbed wasn’t good enough and took an extra minute to assess all the rest. He finally decided on the nicest looking bowl and left a very confused Bim behind to ask the Host what had just happened. Wilford went up the stairs quickly, but more carefully this time so as not to spill anything. Once he reached Dark’s door, he heard yet another sigh, but otherwise no reaction to Wilford’s presence. Without knocking or saying anything to Dark, Wilford gently set the bowl down right outside his door. With a little smirk, he ran back down to join the others at dinner, telling them, “Sorry I’m late. I had something to do.”

After a few minutes with no knock and no voice asking him to come out, Dark was becoming a little suspicious as to what that man was planning. Just to get everything over and done with, he opened his door, just enough that he could see out into the hallway. No one was there. He looked down to see a single pink bowl of spaghetti. He couldn’t help but feel upset that Wilford was trying to force all of this on him, when clearly he wasn’t interested. Gritting his teeth, he took the bowl into his room anyway. If anything, he could just toss the bowl out his window and claim that he never saw it, but he appreciated the gesture. He set the bowl on the smooth, black top of his desk and studied its contents. The first issue he found was the coloring. The sauce was red and if it got anywhere near his clean shirts, he might just have to bury Wilford alive. Not that he could bury him dead, but that was beside the point. For a brief moment, he really considered throwing it out the window, but he figured Wilford would just continuously bring him new foods until he finally got them and might even, god forbid, force his way into his room. He decided eventually that he would try a bit before sending the bowl back down and letting Wilford know that food just wasn’t his thing and hope that Will would stop with this nonsense. He took a seat at his desk, pulling a clean handkerchief out of his pocket to tuck into the collar of his shirt. If he was doing this, he was at least going to be dignified and cleanly about it. He picked up the fork Wilford had left in the bowl for him and twirled up a bit of spaghetti, bringing it carefully to his mouth. It was… okay. Not exactly magnificent. He couldn’t see really why everyone was so fond of it. Maybe it was an acquired taste. So he tried another bite. And another. And several more.

Late that night when everyone had gone to bed, Wilford was just getting ready to do the same. He turned off the television that he had been watching for the past few hours and started to make his way to his own room. To get there, he needed to walk through the kitchen. There, he saw something that made him stop and smile to himself. A single bowl, scrubbed clean lying on the counter beside the sink.

The Gatewatch Have Failed Each Task So Far

There’s been a lot of talk on my feed about how the Gatewatch are just waltzing through the challenges they face like a home-made banner at a pep rally. While they are all currently whole in body, and the perceived threat from each plane is no longer actively threatening, follow me down this line of thought.

The Gatewatch have failed at what they have set out to do, every time.

Their name is synonymous with failure.

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The Avengers Headcanons (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I totally thought this was going to take me so much longer to write. 

Again I want to say that this contains talks of PTSD and anxiety attacks. If this in any way causes you distress then please stop reading and go get help.

With that being said I do hope you like the second part of my headcanons. <3

Fluff & Angst


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Bucky Barnes Headcanons~

  • He’s not very vocal about his feelings towards you, but he does like to show it physically more than anything
  • Bucky likes to put on a tough guy act whenever in front of everyone, he knows he doesn’t have to do it but he does it to protect you
  • Everyone thinks he lost all of his charm or at least it’s buried deep down in him, you know for a fact he only likes to show you his soft/charming side
  • Bucky suffers from a lot of mental illnesses, from PTSD, depression, and social anxiety. He always feels ashamed of it but everyday you make him stand in front of the mirror and point out everything he likes about himself (and on days where he can’t think of anything, you tell him the things that he should love about himself, and if he feels self-conscious about how much you love him, you then tell him what you love about him)
  • The relationship you guys have can and will be very rocky
  • Everyone was very wary about you and him pursing into the relationship
  • You stood up for him and showed that he is capable of loving another human being, even after everything
  • But Steve was beyond ecstatic hearing about you and Buck in a relationship (but he did keep his eye out on the both of you, to make sure neither of you hurt each other)
  • Bucky has night terrors, they can become very violent to the point where he’ll wake up and think he’s back in the war or if it’s about his Hydra days, he’ll wake up back in the mindset of the Winter Soldier
  • As sad it is to say he’s hurt you before from waking up during his night terrors
  • And every time that has happened he would then go hide from you
  • The first time it happened he hide from you for a week, but as time went by you helped him lessen the nightmares with therapy and encouraging words. And when it ever happened again his hiding would lessen to the point where he finally did stop hiding and would talk to you about what happened
  • As though the relationship is rocky, it’s one of the most loving ones ever
  • Bucky would sometimes get in his moods of wanting to shower you in affection (it weirds everyone but Steve out)
  • When hidden away from everyone, both you and Bucky are the biggest cuddle bugs
  • You like to have his metal arm draped over you because he’s a literal walking space heater and his arm is always cool
  • But during the cooler seasons, if he so much touches you with his arm you will literally jump like a frightened kitten
  • You’re the one to kill the bugs
  • The first time he ever said “I love you” you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, you had thought he was having another nightmare so you were ready to console him if he woke up to a startle. But to your surprise he had said “I love you… Y/N” then some other weird noises came from his mouth (he says it doesn’t count because he wasn’t awake, but oh you so totally count it)

~Sam Wilson Headcanons~

  • He too is a huge fucking nerd
  • Whenever it’s movie night at the tower he just has to watch Star Trek (much to Thor’s displeasure)
  • At your shared bedroom, Sam has a secret selection of “SSSM’s” aka “Sam’s Special Secret Movies”
  • They’re disney movies
  • His favorite is Lady & The Tramp
  • Sam wanted to try to famous spaghetti scene when you were making your special spaghetti (you couldn’t deny the look he was giving you)
  • It was a total mess, but he wanted to nail it so he wanted to have spaghetti for dinner for a whole week
  • When you guys got it he had jumped up and knocked over all of the spaghetti onto you (you guys didn’t have spaghetti for a whole month after that)
  • Sam also suffers from PTSD during the time he served in the military
  • So whenever he has an attack from remembering something he always goes to your guy’s bathroom and lays in the tub (he finds that all of the muted colors calming)
  • Also during that time you had learned that Sam is able to relax fully from aromatherapy, so whenever he’s in the tub trying to calm himself down you go in there and light up a mixture of lavender candles and rosemary scent melts. When you’re done lighting up everything you like to sit next to the tub and rub his knuckles
  • Your voice is also very calming to him during his PTSD induced anxiety attacks, so while rubbing his knuckles you tell him memories of things you guys have done together. Sometimes you even just list things you had found on the internet that you know he’d find funny
  • You know when he is finally calmed down, he would lift your hand closer towards him to signal that you should get in the tub too
  • It’s always quiet for a while before Sam talks to you. It’s usually about what had sent him into the attack and about Riley
  • Every time he just says that it was his fault that Riley died and every time he says that you spend the next few hours telling him everything that Riley would want him to do, to not blame himself and that he’s in a better place now. That place either being heaven or with the stars, that his memory of Riley shouldn’t be tainted by sad memories
  • Sam likes to take you out flying
  • And after each flying session Sam has some strange hand shaped bruises on his arms/shoulders (strange right? they look distinctly like yours)
  • He hogs all of the blankets (he does it on purpose so you have to cuddle him)
  • Sam also likes to cook for you! (of course the spaghetti was a different story) But he demands to be the one to cook for you always

~Wanda Maximoff Headcanons~

  • People like to think that she’s super shy and not as courageous like her twin
  • But let it be known that she is one of the biggest flirts when it comes to you
  • Before you guys started dating Pietro would always flirt with you, to the point where everyone would want to physically vomit in their mouths
  • Wanda of course got super tired of his flirting with you and yelled at in him Slovakian (it was in front of everyone, he had just made a joke about you running through his mind all day)
  • Everyone was stunned silent, especially Pietro. He had turned just as red as his sister’s powers. Later on that day when everyone was relaxing in the common room Pietro had picked you up and plopped you on Wanda
  • Everyone of course knew of her affections towards you
  • Tony was the one to suggest (yell) for Wanda to make out already
  • You guys did
  • In front of everyone
  • Like her superhero alias ‘Scarlet Witch’, Wanda practices witchcraft
  • She likes to take you out to get her supplies (your favorite thing to do is help her pick out the perfect crystals for her charms/spells)
  • You both like to dress up as witches for Halloween every year
  • Everyone thinks it’s super cute
  • Wanda sometimes has nightmares too from her days in Hydra, she’s not violent but she’s very unnerved when woken up from the terrors
  • You spend hours reassuring her that they will never and you mean never will get ahold of her again
  • After nightmares and when you’re done reassuring her, Wanda always takes your hand and places it over her heart, she tells you, “As long as this it beating, I will always love you.” (it’s her way of thanking you for being there)
  • And then you’re the one crying
  • Wanda is total little spoon (but sometimes she’ll give in and be the big spoon)
  • Neither of you can kill bugs (she’s all this power but she just cannot bring herself into killing a bug)
  • It ends with both of you shouting for help
  • Nat is always the one to help, the guys are huge babies
  • Like her brother, Wanda loves to tease you, it’s easy to tease you for all she has to do is take whatever is in your hands at the moment and float it above your head
  • Dating one of The Avengers, let alone knowing all of them is super dangerous, so whenever something bad happens that could/have harmed you, Wanda would project happy memories of her and you (including everyone else depending on the situation) into your mind so you wouldn’t freak out

~Pietro Maximoff Headcanons~

  • He takes pride in being a huge flirt
  • Before dating Pietro always did what he did best, flirt with you
  • And if you didn’t give him the time of day (which secretly made him even more madly in love with you) he’d run off to flirt with anyone else in the tower
  • When he had asked you out you thought you were being Punk’d
  • You actually turned around expecting Ashton Kutcher to laugh in your face
  • You turned him down the first time (still thinking he had asked you out on a joke)
  • You then finally said yes after the 20th time of him asking you out (you figured he was being serious after the 6th-7th time he asked you out, but you wanted to see how far he’d go for you)
  • Pietro was beyond nervous for your guy’s first date (he’d never admit it to you though)
  • He asked for pointers from Clint
  • You asked for pointers from Wanda
  • Pietro sometimes flirts with other people while out and about with you (you think it’s a default system in him)
  • It always hurt you though when he does flirt with someone else, you know he thinks of himself highly but you don’t think he understands how much of a blow that is to your self-esteem when he does that
  • One time when he did that was with some particular beautiful grocery clerk and you had left him to go back to the tower
  • Everyone wanted to kill him
  • Now Steve didn’t really approve of what he did to you so he decided to give Pietro some special ‘training’. Everyone watched from the viewing platform, you of course had a front row seat
  • Each time Steve had landed a hit on Pietro, he would turn his body to point at you and then demand Pietro to say something he loves about you and/or apologize (he didn’t hurt he too badly, just was able to leave a few bruises around his body)
  • After about an hour of the special training you had called for everyone to leave, Pietro that day learned that you’re not a force to be reckoned with (you were already startling beautiful and dangerous, he was glad it was Steve giving him the lessons on how to respect you)
  • Pietro only flirts with you now (still disgusts everyone but they’re glad it’s only for you)
  • Whenever you’re sad Pietro likes to ask you for a special place you’d wish to go to, he’d then proceed to take you there
  • He loves to compliment you in Slovakian (you can tell he’s complimenting you from the loving look he gives you)
  • You then punch him because that’s the only way you can respond when he’s looking at you like that (damn him)
  • He doesn’t like to talk about his days with Hydra but you can tell when he’s upset about them (he always tenses up when someone mentions them) You like to give him massages to help ease the tension from it
  • Pietro thinks you’re too good for him

~Scott Lang Headcanons~

  • You met him when his was hiding from the cops in your backyard
  • He was more terrified of seeing you standing there than you were finding him crouching in your bushes
  • You almost peed yourself from laughing
  • You invited him in for tea (he thought you were the strangest yet most attractive person ever) You had found out why he was hiding from the cops (he might have stole some money to give back to his neighbors- they were scammed from some weird salesman)
  • He asked you out that same night
  • You had found out he was Ant-Man through your friend Sam Wilson (SUCH A TWIST WOW)
  • Scott got the shit beat outta him when you found out what he did to Sam
  • He didn’t mind, he liked the fire in your eyes when you punched him
  • Scott introduced you to Cassie after dating for just two weeks
  • “He really likes you Y/N!” is what Cassie said (you wanted cry from how cute she was)
  • He loves to take you on playdates with Cassie
  • Sometimes during the playdates Cassie will insist on doing both of your guy’s makeup
  • Her favorite to do on Scott consists of bright blue eyeshadow, pink blush, and orange lipstick
  • He tries to kiss you every time he has the orange lipstick on
  • When Scott wants to tease you he’d call the ants to hide certain things of yours
  • During the fight with Darren Cross, ANT-hony had died, so you, Scott, and Cassie held a funeral for him (it was actually super sad, both you and Scott cried, Cassie had to hold the tissues)
  • When doing chores about the house, you would ask Scott to get into his Ant-Man suit so he could easily lift up furniture
  • He says he doesn’t have to use the suit to lift up the furniture… but both of you know that he does (where do you even get this furniture from)
  • Scott likes to make this one joke about how he ‘burgled’ your heart, when in reality it was you who stole his


WOWZERS! This honestly took me a long time to do, like all together. But I’m glad I was able to do this!

Thank you anon babe for the request! I saved Scott last just for you <3