all the snakes ever


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

Have you seen ‘em move? [x]

Ball python breeders: live feeding is totally safe and wont hurt your snake. ive fed all 30000 of my snakes live and no one got hurt ever.


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Stay strong!!! Dont stop making content we need u more than ever lets make it throught this

after the crazy storm today, man, i wish all 101 the best and the top 11, despite the fact that not all, or not even 2 members of nu’est made it :( i also hope that minhyun, baekho, ren, and jonghyun maintain the recognition that they deserve and get the most out of everything after what they have been through! even aaron lol even though idk where he’s hiding lol come out pls 

also i wish i can provide more new content for you guys to watch but i’ve been busy, i’ll try to finish up sat practice hw earlier this weekend in order to sneak in some time to make videos. however, if i cannot make it in time, i’ll reblog the vids i’ve made already on this blog for the next couple days! stay strong everyone, please keep supporting nu’est no matter what happens!  ❤

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oh goodness sorry i shouldve been a lot more specific. any preserum stucky headcanons? (can't tell if that's specific enough oops)

- Steve taught Bucky to swim. Swimming, when you’re asthmatic, is one of the best forms of exercise because it doesn’t strain your lungs too much. So Steve being a good swimmer even before the serum is something I will live and die by, and he taught Bucky how to swim so they would spend so much of summer in little creeks or by streams or at the beach.

- They traded homework. Bucky would do Steve’s language based homework and Steve would do Bucky’s art based homework. And the teachers knew because like, handwriting and art style, but Steve and Bucky would just be like “We helped each other, it’s teamwork is all”

- Steve actually loved dancing. Problem was he’d only ever dance properly with Bucky. They’d dance at home all the time. And Bucky is bigger and broader so naturally, he’d take the lead when they danced. So when he tells Peggy he doesn’t know how to dance, he actually just means he doesn’t know how to dance with women, because his dates very rarely ever wanted to. Because they were all snakes.

- Bucky would give Steve jumpers and shirts that he grew out of because he worried so much about Steve getting too cold in the winter and getting sick. But he knew Steve wouldn’t take it if he was direct about why he was giving them to him and so he’d have to be like “Stevie, this is a perfectly fine jumper that my shoulders refuse to fit in now, take it so i don’t have to throw it away.” And Steve knew what Bucky was doing but he didn’t mind because he liked wearing Bucky’s clothes.

- Bucky slept better if Steve was there. He liked being able to hear Steve’s heart beating and his breathing being steady before he fell asleep. Otherwise he’d just worry about him. Bucky’s a worrier, he can’t help it, he’s a Pisces and they worry.

- Bucky said I love you first. I wrote an entire thing on this here if you wanna read it.

Ravenclaw vs Slytherin 02

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Everything
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

Potions class, one of your favorites. Your professor had given you an assignment that had to be completed by the end of the class period.


The most powerful love potion in the world. To each person it smells differently according to what attracts them. The effects causing the drinker to have total infatuation or obsession with the maker.

You were at your worktable alone to work on your Amortentia. Your best friends Namjoon and Y/F/N had partnered up across the room knowing that you didn’t like to be bothered while working. You had all the right ingredients and amounts as you stared at your potions book before you started working.

First you dropped one ashwinder egg into the cauldron to start before adding a handful of rose thorns, being extra careful to not cut yourself from the thorns. Then you added a few drops of refined peppermint oil and one moonstone to the cauldron. When adding the last ingredients you mixed the mixture in the cauldron until steam began to rise.

“What does yours smell like?” Yoongi said to you from behind, scaring you.

You jumped and whipped around to glare at him. “Is that all you snakes are ever good at? Sneaking up on people?!” You retort insultingly already irritated by his presence.

He scoffs as he takes a look at your ingredients as if inspecting the quality. “You sneaked up on my teammates during the game yesterday. At least have the decency to face your opponent when attacking them….Y/N.” he stated at you.

“Don’t you have a potion to brew.” You asked but it came out more into a statement as you snatched your ingredients Away from him. You glanced at your potion and started to see the steam spiraling upwards.

He ignored you when you started talking. “So what does yours smell like?” He asked again while studying you.

You inhaled and instantly regretted it. Masculine woody base with hints of orange, lemon, and lime, and alluring rose mixed with jasmin and lily.

In your peripheral vision you could see Yoongi watching you. You turned to look at him blankly. “I don’t smell anything.” You say nonchalantly as you quickly pour the potion into a vial to give to your professor.

He looked at you as if he caught you in a lie. “You’re lying and I know you’re lying because it’s written all over your face.”

You started to pack your things in hurry. “I’m not lying. I really don’t smell anything.” You say to him before walking to the professor and turn your vial in.

Yoongi followed you into the hallway just before halting you. “Oh really? Then why is your face red? Did the potion make you smell that kiss we shared yesterday?” He taunted.

You became re-pissed all over again at the mention of the kiss. “You cheated!” You yell riled up only for him to laugh at you.

“I didn’t know it was such a crime to kiss a pretty girl even if you are a half blood, I mean only half your blood is tainted, so I can make you pure.” He said in a way that was half insulting and half seductively but it was hidden within the insult.

You seethe and grit your teeth. “Go away!” You yell at him as you try to walk away but he stops you.

He smirks at you with his cat like eyes. “As much as I’d love to leave you alone, we share the same class, hmmm what was it again? Ancient Runes. Slytherin vs Ravenclaw. You’re going to lose sweet cheeks.” He said before walking away.

“You’re the one going to lose!” You yell at him down the hall but he already rounded the corner.

Acnara´s super long Harrymort/tomarry archive

Ok so, I´ve been wanting to do a harrymort rec list since probably forever. As a Harrymort shipper, I´ve always had a lot of trouble finding long lists of recommendations -or fics at all. You feel me. And, even if at the beginning I was planing in making this a single post, the recent amount of new stories on AO3 about my OTP (Guys, thank you so much), made me decide to make this more of an interactive thing. So, I´ll keep editing this every time i find anything worth tagging.

And here we get to the tricky part. This is full of recommendations, but, in order to make this fair to new authors/not so well known authors, instead of making this a “you must read” list I´m making it an “everything i´ve ever favorited/followed in and everything I´ve bookmarked/marked for later on AO3″ kind of list. I personally thing everything here is worth your time, either WIP or complete or one-shot. BUT: lots of the WIPs are old, so they are unofficially descontinued. If you have read everything here, I´m sorry :( I´ll try to update it soon, fear not!

The favorites will have a *, and my personal favorites will have ** and probably fangirl comments, sorry about that. I´d also recommend checking out anything written by this authors. 

Ok, enough talking. Take a sit, this is huge.


Keep reading

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is it true that u started thrussy???? if so, wow, gr8 4 u man :)

chello @aquus said it in the discord while we were discussing shitoris and shussy and it became a meme in our clique…. fast forward like a month and an ask started all this and ever since snakes have been manifesting in my home


THE HOOP SNAKE. (March 15, 1890)

The following question, says a correspondent of the Scientific American, in still being asked: “Is there such a thing as a hoop snake, and has anybody ever seen one, or a specimen of one?” The way the hoop snake is said to move about is thus: It takes its tail in its month, coils itself in an ellipse, and moves around like a hoop. There are many persons who uphold the existence of the hoop snake, yet all reports and declarations that have been advanced in its favour have all proved to be totally unreliable. The anatomy of a snake alone is sufficient to prove that hoop like progression is impossible. The hoop snake has never been described by any naturalist in any standard work on reptiles, and no museum nor collection in the world contains a specimen of it. It exists only in the minds of the ignorant and unscientific, and it must be classed with ghosts, mermaids, winged snakes, sea serpents, and fishhooked-tailed fishing snakes.

COW MILIKING SNAKES. (October 2, 1910)

An old country belief, usually called a superstition, has been justified by a very curious experience near Chipping Norton. A Mrs. Rice, residing near the village of Oddington, Gloucestershire, keeps two cows, which, although in perfect condition, were recently not giving a proper supply of milk. Her cowman, going into the meadow one day, found one of the cows lying down quite contentedly, while two large grass snakes were sucking at her udders.

SOME SNAKE YARN. (August 13, 1921)

Putting all jokes aside, did you ever hear of a hoop snake? Drovers [livestock drivers] and other overlanders in the early days often spent hours at the entrance to the old Cloncurry suspension bridge, when Coppermine Creek was a banker [river that reaches to the top of the banks], watching the antics of these reptiles. Averaging a length of nearly 5ft, the hoop snake originally received its name on account of its peculiar methods of propulsion. By, inserting its tail in its mouth, and wriggling to a perpendicular attitude in the form of a hoop, it is enabled to cover the ground with no little velocity. As above stated, the drovers coming down from the Gulf and Territory country generally found the time lag very heavily on their hands after the usual initial “spree,” writes J.T.K. in the Brisbane “Courier.” Squatting on their haunches near the entrance of the bridge, few, if any of them, were averse to “backing their fancy” [placing a bet] as the various hoop snakes endeavored to negotiate the swinging spans of the bridge. Money passed hands very freely, and curses were loud and deep when one of the leading snakes, possessing more velocity than sense, rolled from the bridge and hit the water below. These races were quite a regular feature of the ‘Curry in the good old days, but I am since given to understand that snake racing has has been banned by the local Council, at the instance of a representative body of churchmen, who held that such an amusement was nothing more or less than a pastime of the devil.

SNAKES THAT FLY IN THE NIGHT. (January 27, 1917)

Recent paragraphs in The Observer about the discovery of what was at first thought to be a winged snake, have called forth from our Green’s Plains correspondent the following effusion:—Some diversity of opinion has recently been expressed among correspondents of The Observer whether another correspondent really killed a winged snake, as he asserted, or was merely the victim of an optical illusion with a lizard. Now, although not for one moment doubting that it was either a snake or a lizard that was killed, or maybe both, I would like to say right here and now, that the first correspondent, unless his veracity has been of long standing and firmly established, made a serious mistake in killing the reptile off his own bat, without having first shown it to a friend, or friends, whose testimony might have been very useful just now. This shows how very careful one should be. There cannot be the slightest doubt about this having been a belated specimen of the winged snake aerial fleet.

These reptiles were very numerous and popular in the early days of the province, when distances were largely marked by distant grog shanties, and events simply by what happened—those far-away days when the native cat and the locust were sworn enemies of the pioneer, and sought his blood or crop by day or night. It was then in the gloaming that he listened for the whirl of the white-winged serpents, as they came in flocks to chase the  marauders back into the gathering night, for these fireless flying serpents were very partial to locust and wild catty. And yet they were generally understood to be labelled “not dangerous” unless they hit something. There was, of course, an occasional overgrown specimen which might not be quite so handy or harmless about the place. For instance, there is the backblocker [one who lives in the outback], who, coming home in the dusk, saw and fired at, what he took to be a wild turkey flying low, and found when it landed almost in the door of his little grey home in the bush that it was a broken-winged and very indignant snake.

They both spent a wildly wakeful night. Another early pioneer, gun in hand, in broad daylight, saw rapidly approaching overhead, and mostly all head, some remarkable monster, which he would have mistaken for an aeroplane had those innovations been about in those days. As the whirring wings passed overhead, he shut his eyes and fired, and brought down a most fearsome-looking creature with the head of a shark and the slimy winged body of a snake, which on closer inspection it proved to be. The serpent had evidently undertaken—for a wager maybe, or maybe only for a meal—to swallow a full-grown lizard of the Jewish persuasion, and had succeeded in getting the brute down all but the head, which was unusually large, and ornamented with frills and whiskers, some of which had apparently caught in the snake’s teeth, and so in all probability saved both their heads.

And this is the only authentic local instance of a lizard flying, although there is not the slightest doubt that they could do so if they wanted to. The lizard is, how ever, more of a ground bird, and seems quite content to make haste slowly; and as in the case mentioned, only flies by compulsion. But there can be no doubt that now, as in the days of old, there are and were flying serpents, and The Observer correspondent who made the discovery, or  rediscovery, need not be in the least discouraged, as it is a highly creditable one, and must prove interesting to science and other denominations.

A FEARSOME REPTILE.  (October 28, 1909)
The Whip Snake of North America.

One of the most terrifying reptiles in the whole world is the “whip” or “hoop” snake (genus Masticophis), found in North America. An account of it reads like a piece of clever fiction, but, nevertheless, the whip snake is very real, and one of the earth’s most real dangers— that is, to one whose lot it happens to be in life to live in a portion of the country where there are deep swamps or thick woods or wild rough hillsides. This is the whip snake’s choice of a world to live in, and there he is peaceable enough.

If you happen to invade it, he will creep away, if possible, and fight only as a last resort. He will even lie so snug that you may step over him scatheless a dozen times— if only you do not step on him.

You may see him sometimes basking on a log or bare rock, blinking at the sun, and looking as inert and harmless as a fallen twig. He is long and slim, rarely under four or over six feet in length. His back is dull dead brown, his belly reddish ocher, with brown lights. He has a mouthful of sharp teeth, but no fangs; but at the tip of the tail you see a suspicious-looking horny spur, for all the world like a cock’s spur, but somewhat sharper.

So he creeps and blinks away the spring and early summer, feeding on frogs, mice, berries, and small birds and their eggs. Nobody sees him unless they hunt him, and then only by rare good luck. By-and-by, however, midsummer arrives, and dries up the marshes and woodland pools, the hill streams run low or fail altogether, and the negroes and hunters begin to say apprehensively : “Better be keerful ; time for hoop snake to come whirling out de water, an’ crazy mad at that.”

Soon you hear weird tales indeed. In this midsummer madness the creature curls itself till the horned tail rests just on the back of its head, and then with a terrific jerk flings itself into the country road or open woodland. A succession of these vicious springs are its mode of progression, and woe betide whatsoever may cross its path. The name whip snake, hoop snake, or cartwheel snake, as it is called in different localities, comes from its habit of locomotion on these mad midsummer forages.

Vision is impossible, yet in some way the creature immediately discerns a living presence, and strikes madly at it, fling its barbed tail almost its own length in front of its head. There is a poison gland at the root of the spur, full of venom so swift, so subtle, that it has no antidote.

A horse struck by it falls shivering and groaning, bathed in cold sweat, and dies within the hour. Near cattle either run bellowing into the nearest thicket in foaming frenzy, or drop in their tracks as though shot. A dog dies with the quick rigours of strychnine poisoning, then fall into merciful insensibility that runs rapidly into death.

Luckily, however, the snake misses oftener than it strikes. In that case it makes no second attack, but whirls away in search of new victims. It cannot strike sideways, but is so full of fight it will turn squarely on its course to deliver a straight-out blow.

Few things are more awesome than on a lonesome moonlit country road to encounter one of these wheels of vengeance.

The full moon of August is the whip snake’s usual season for its mad frolic ; but sometimes it runs amuck by daylight. Once a group in front of a roadside smithy were horror-struck at sight of a tremendous fellow whirling down hill at them with a speed and force of a thunderbolt. They were three men, with a tethered horse, in the midst, of them. Almost before they could drew breath the snake was upon them. It struck madly at the animal, which reared, plunged backwards, and broke rein just in time.

Instead of it, the snake struck the sapling to which it had been tied, and with such force that the horn penetrated the bark and held the reptile prisoner. The smith immediately smashed its head with a blow of his hammer, flung it away, and set about putting a shoe on the lucky beast which had had so narrow an escape.

By the time the shoe was in place the sapling began to wilt. By morning it was as black and dead as though hard frost had touched it. In fact, whenever a tree suddenly and unaccountably dies, the countryfolk will tell you that it has been stung by a whip snake; — “Spare Moments.”

From— The Week (Brisbane, Qld. : 1876 - 1934) 15 March 1890, The Sunday Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1903 - 1910) 2 October 1910, The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia) 13 August 1921, Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931) 27 January 1917 & Cobram Courier (Vic. : 1888 - 1954) 28 October 1909. Trove. National Library of Australia.

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I'd like to know what the original names of Undertaker, Finnian, Agni, and Snake were. Is Earl Ciel, Sebastian's first contracted human? Why did Soma decide to save Agni's life? Does the manga explain about Snake's life before he joined Noah's Circus?

Phew! Ok, but give me a moment. On my phone, so I can’t see your ask while I’m typing my reply. Will have to post a partial reply and then edit it….

Undertaker – I think he’s really the Cedric K. Ros-(something) mentioned as the father of Vincent (and Frances) on the earl’s family tree…. This would mean he had been a reaper for some time and had already abandoned the post before siring these children… as odd as it sounds.

Agni – was given that name by Soma, right? No idea what his name was originally, but he was (I think) from a family long-associated with a religious order of Hinduism – he was in the religious caste in Bengal. It should have led to the life of an ascetic, but he rebelled and had become a lush and a lech. Since he was being put to death, his behavior had reached a serious low point; he had fallen into a life of debauchery and crime. Prince Soma saved Agni because he saw potential in him to be useful. That’s about the extent of the reason given….

Finny – who knows. The research facility simply labeled him S-12, since he was the twelfth of who knows how many test subjects. He knows at least some German, though that could be simply from being at that facility for who knows how long. Either that… or German might have been his original language, and the researchers spoke something else (English would be my guess, since Sebastian had to teach him to read/write but didn’t have to teach him how to *speak* English), so he was slowly losing his German. Since the earl was *surprised* that Finny spoke/understood German, I’m now thinking it was his first language, and that the research facility might have been elsewhere…. If that’s the case, then he probably had a German name (if he ever had a real name at all).

Snake – The circus troupe named him Snake, right? It’s entirely possible his parents never named him…. There’s been no real account of his life before joining the troupe… other than that he hadn’t been accepted anywhere or by anyone until the circus troupe came along? I *vaguely* recall something about a freak show that was less-than-kind to him. Perhaps he had once been abused/neglected as a freak show attraction, like caged…. But this could just be in my head, IDK.


Regarding Sebastian, no; I don’t think it’s his first contract. His last contract had been some time before, apparently. The comment about dancing the Viennese Waltz suggests he was active in Austria sometime after 1750 (but a good deal before 1886, since he was apparently sleeping when the earl summoned him). There’s a good chance he had a contract with either a Hapsburg or someone with strong connections to them (in order to attend dances at Schönbrunn Palace). I’d be interested to know more about that “stint”… and what his given name might have been then. Before that? I haven’t a clue. The manga hasn’t given any other clues to his activities before this contract, not that I’ve noticed anyway.


Thanks for the asks!

Online review of captain babysitters

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, we looked at the reviews written by hapless human parents about Quincy babysitters. But what if they instead hired the shinigami captains to watch their kids? What kinds of reviews might be left then?

1. Ukitake

Ukitake is great with kids, and the kids loved him! He played all of their favorite games, told them great stories, and even came with a basket of candy! My kids cannot stop talking about him!

However, I had to take off one star because he collapsed mid-evening and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Apparently that happens to him a lot.

4/5 stars, would recommend if there’s an emergency room nearby and your kids know how to dial 911

2. Komamura

you have to prepare yourself if you hire this dude he shows up in a GIANT REALISTIC WOLF SUIT and yeah, i know - why would you hire a guy who wears a giant realistic wolf suit?

but komamura was actually really great - very polite, very well-spoken, very good with the kids who loved having a ‘giant puppy’ as a baby sitter

plus like my kids now keep talking about how ‘everyone is beautiful’ and how animals and humans both deserve respect and i dunno i like giant wolf guy

so like don’t believe what you read onlne about furries theyre all right

3. Soi Fon

I would NOT recommend this babysitter.

She made my children do “ninja training drills” all evening, whatever those are. My son was in TEARS saying how she told him that snacks were “weakness personified.” They were CHIPS. HEALTHY CHIPS

My daughter meanwhile keeps throwing paper ninja stars at things. I don’t know WHERE she keeps getting them or WHY she’s so good at it but it is really starting to concern me.

4. Gin

Pros: My kids really loved him. They said he was “fun.”

Cons: He’s super creepy. Like, so creepy. Like, when I look at him all I can think about are snakes and I don’t know why. Also ever since he left, my kids will not stop “pranking” me and it’s driving me nuts and I think it’s his fault. I hate him. Do not hire him. Do not. Please. He’s so creepy.

5. Kyoraku

Hire if you want a babysitter who is very relaxed and chill - some babysitters get very anxious about watching somebody else’s kids but not this guy. He’s obviously been doing this a long time because he was very comfortable. Also he had a bunch of children’s games prepared. The shadow one seems a little weird but my kids liked it so I guess it’s okay.

6. Kenpachi

Do. Not. Under. Any. Circumstance. Hire. This. Man. He showed up with a sword and asked which of my kids was the STRONGEST! After that I don’t know because I slammed and locked the door and missed my play.

7. Kurotsuchi

Never actually hired this babysitter I just want to warn other parents about his “vetting” process. Usually we parents interview the babysitter and not vice versa but this babysitter had a very long questionnaire that he required the parents to fill out and I got very bad vibes from it. Like, it asked if my kids had any “special abilities.” What does that even mean? Susie is good at soccer so I put that. Anyway, I filled out the questionnaire against my better judgment and you know what happened? He said that HE wasn’t interested because my kids were not “special” enough. What the fuck. What the actual fuck. My kids are very special fuck you man.

8. Hitsugaya

Personally I am okay with younger babysitters - like some teens like to babysit to make extra money and that is okay. But twelve is too young. And when I politely told Hitsugaya that he was too young to watch my kids he got really upset. “I am not twelve!” Yeah, sure, your childish tantrum is very convincing you twelve year old. 

9. Aizen

Fantastic babysitter. Organized, polite, responsible. He had a detailed plan for the evening which was maybe a little too detailed, but I guess that just means he’s well prepared. The only thing I would caution is that he’ll call YOU when he thinks it’s time for you to have another date night and that’s a little weird.

10. Shinji

Shinji is the best for real. Very silly, very funny, really great with kids. He apparently told silly stories and played dress up and helped my kids do handstands. My son wants to wear ties all the time now - so adorable!!!

11. Unohana

I have never been a fan of babysitters who just want the kids to like them. That’s important of course, but some babysitters will let the kids get away with anything. One babysitter I had in the past let my kids eat candy for dinner. They were sick all night, of course. Ridiculous.

That is why Unohana is so great. She’s kind but firm, and she has such an air of authority that my kids obeyed her and did not try to get away with stuff as they normally do. Plus, she has first aid training which is fantastic. 

The only thing is that her bedtime stories are apparently really violent and involve a lot of murder. Which is weird, but everything else is so good and my kids didn’t seem to mind so I think it is okay.

12. Tosen

don’t be put off that he’s blind it doesn’t make him any less good at watching the kids. he talked a lot in the interview about how fair he is. that is very important to him. so very very important.

anyway my kids talk about justice a lot now

13. Kensei

Yelling “SMILE YOU HAVE A BABYSITTER” is not an appropriate way to greet children. Would not hire again.

14. Yamamoto

I don’t mean to be ageist but I was a little worried when a very very old man showed up. what if he died while watching my kids?? And my kids say he did fall asleep partway through so that’s not good. But my kids did enjoy braiding his eyebrows and beard and he kept the bows in all night so that was nice.

3/5 stars 

15. Rose

He brought instruments and taught my kids a bunch of songs. They had a great time!! Also they keep talking about their muse lol 


My kids love Byakuya!!! They love how funny he is - he’s always asking them silly questions like “Did you steal those goldfish from your neighbor’s pond” and making up silly rules like “Please don’t create any secret passageways in the walls I hate it when children do that.” They laughed and laughed! And do not even get me started on that silly “Admiral Seaweed” puppet he has - he pretends to be so serious about it and my kids just ROAR with laughter!

For some reason he won’t return my calls to come back but seriously he’s great.

tbh i see all of these mekakushi dan aus where they’re a ~real gang™~
and, like, just saying: tbh if there was a realistic kagepro au where there were no powers, they wouldn’t have a gang.
they’d have something else entirely. a family, of sorts. not much different from canon, in that respect.

instead of coming together over something like that, they’d come together to rescue each other. imagine no-one dying and getting powers. instead, kano continues to talk to the ‘park girl’. eventually, she finds out about his situation. and she vows to get him out of it. 

she helps him masquerade a way to escape his mom. but they don’t stop there. no way in hell. they vow to create a home for anyone like him.

the little rich bastard with the neglectful family. the unwanted bullied orphan. they find them both and take them away. ayano manages to find them a place to stay.

it grows and grows. 

the feral girl in the forest, with hair down to her toes, and mother slaughtered by rumors and superstition. the girl with more attention than she’d ever want, but no love for herself. the exhausted young woman, with parents  that have tossed her away, and only a grandmother to look after her. the unidealistic man, who’s taken to apathy instead of caring. the sick friendless boy, who still has his upcoming death looming over his head. the strange child from the country, staying there over the summer, who tells tales of a neglectful father. 

each one is welcomed.

the dan, at first, becomes a place to harbor the abused and neglected. the fox-eyed boy who was beaten by his mother. the child who was thrown to the wolves. the man who’s heard his own father’s words of “you won’t live past 16.”

quickly, it also becomes a home of sorts to the lonely. to the friendless. perhaps those in decent home situations: but outcasts from society and feeling loved. the strange popular girl, who can never sit still or seem to make real friends. the narcoleptic woman, chastised and made fun of by her peers. the lonely but apathetic boy, with no means to show how much he needed this.

some stay in the ‘base’ all the time. usually the one from bad home situations. the dan becomes a permanent place for them to stay. others, stay at their housings, but travel to the dan daily, to converse and be happy with people they never thought they’d be lucky enough to have. both groups find what they can only call a ‘home’. 

because you know what? the mekakushi dan’s vibe overall isn’t about being a gang. those were the rambles of excited children. what the mekakushi dan really is is first and foremost a family and a home. and even without powers or snakes, i feel that’s all it could ever be.

a safe space for the different; the outcasts; the abused; the lonely. that’s what the mekakushi dan is.

Night-Time Prayer to Hekate Antaia by Antonella Vigliarolo

Bright-coiffed daughter of Asteria,

Keeper of all secrets of the night,

Guide to all those who are walking over the edge,

in their small and great ways,

Take my heart into Your open palm tonight,

Disclose the veil.

Bless my eyes so they can become Your eyes,

My soul so can burn of Your fire,

And my mind so it can grasp Your sacred omens.

Dark queen, crowned with oak-leaves and coils of wild snakes,

Ever-knowing, All-seeing Shamaness,

Cradle my dreams in Your dark womb.

Hekate Antaia

Hekate Antaia

Hekate Antaia

I give myself over to You.