all the skippy

[Clannad After Story] Favorite Sunohara scenes↳ Episode 4 - With The Same Smile as That Day
    Sunohara and Okazaki get into a fist-fight

the problem with Raising Home is that I keep thinking of more and more scenes to write before I finish my current scenes so now there’s just a giant pileup of 50 unfinished segments and my brain won’t shut up with the whole “omg BUT WHAT IF–” and I’ll be like “no no shut up don’t do it hoe” and then my brain continues like “–WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN” andddddd then I’ll be like “ok ok that’s really good maybe just write a couple sentences for fun” BUT THEN it turns into a whole giant 10k of new scene AND THIS IS HOW my companion piece went from 20k to 110k in four months

I can’t even begin to explain how much joy it brings to my life to read the stories of how people met Taylor, and what they said to each other. My heart gets all skippy and my stomach becomes a good kind of I have butterflies. It’s such a magical thing to read because I can only imagine how happy those people were in that moment :)

Literally why is he like this there was not one image in that whole damn teaser that wasn’t sexual in meaning like seriously why and then he wants to be all “cute” with that damn skippy peanut butter like motherfucker thanks for telling me what ur kinks are you peanut butter fetishizing nasty sex fiend you disgusting vile creature WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS WHY DEAR LORD