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[Interview]B.A.P Brings Party Baby Tour Stateside, Talks 'Wake Me Up': 'We Are Part of the Current Generation'

From the first moment of “Hurricane” to the final note of their encore performance of “Bang X2,” Korean boy band B.A.P hyped up the crowd at New York City’s Terminal 5 on Saturday (April 8) night. The second stop during the US leg of their 2017 Party Baby world tour, the set list was built around the group’s most danceable songs to create a club-like environment where the band and their fans, known collectively as BABY, could party it up and revel in the group’s artistry.

Water guns, a costume contest, and a handful of solo sets – beginning with the two youngest, Jongup and Zelo, each of whom showed immense growth as singers since their last visit to New York – helped set a festive, intimate tone for the night, which saw B.A.P radiate with joy throughout as fans cheered and danced along with their high-energy performances. There was certainly a lot to celebrate on this latest tour, which was the group’s fourth throughout their time together: Five years into their career, B.A.P has seen multiple No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart, including last year’s Noir. More recently, the group returned with their Rose EP and the profound single “Wake Me Up” in March, their first new music since rapper-songwriter Bang Yongguk returned after taking a break last year from B.A.P’s promotions due to mental health-related issues.

Billboard sat down with the K-pop act (Zelo, Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae and Jong Up) ahead of their New York show to discuss their latest releases and what makes the Party Baby tour a new experience for B.A.P and their fans.  

Welcome back to New York! How does it feel to be performing here once again?

Him Chan: It was hard getting over from Atlanta to New York as there were some [weather-related] difficulties. But the fact that we’re here in New York right now fills us with positive energy. We’re looking forward to putting on another amazing performance for our fans tonight.

You toured the United States multiple times in the past, but is there anything that you’re looking forward to particularly on this tour?

Young Jae: I’m looking forward to going to Washington D.C., just because I’ve always wanted to visit.
Him Chan: On our first US tour we went to Washington, but because a lot of things have changed since then we’ve wanted to visit again.

This is the Party Baby tour even though in the past you’ve always brought your Live on Earth tours to the US. How are the two different?  

Jong Up: Compared to previous concerts that we’ve put on in the past, we tried to orientate Party Baby more towards interaction between ourselves and fans so that we can have more of a party or a club atmosphere and just be able to have have a good time. I think that, compared to our previous performances, we want to focus on the whole collaborative effort of just all our fans and us working together to create one performance.

To get more involved you provided fans with a dress code, with a different style corresponding to each specific member. How did you come up with that idea?

Young Jae: This dress code idea for the tour was something that us as the artists – along with the tour directors – thought up since we thought it would be a good way to interact with our fans.

The tour’s set list seems to focus a lot on your newer songs and doesn’t really have a lot of your older music on it. What does that choice say about B.A.P’s musical growth as performers?

Him Chan: We’re really not holding back on this tour. We’re just unlocking all of our abilities and our skills, putting them together for this show. This time, we wanted to be able to show our fans everything that we have. There’s no significance of us not performing many older songs. We just want to be able to put on a good performance with all of our recent songs.

B.A.P has had multiple No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart. How has that made you feel as a group?

Young Jae: We think it’s amazing, and we’re really fascinated that we can continue to find love from across the world from all of our fans. We’re always grateful and we’re always thankful towards our fans, and we want to continue to show them love for their support for us.

There are only three songs on your new EP Rose, but they each are distinct stylistically. How did that come about?

Young Jae: We’ve released happy songs and we’ve released songs with strong, positive messages, but it’s been a while since we released an album so we wanted to show a third side to B.A.P, one that we knew we were capable of doing and really wanted to show to our fans this time.

Him Chan: “Dystopia” was one of those songs where we just wanted to show B.A.P in all our attributes with rock, heavy metal, and just pay homage to that. For “Wake Me Up,” it was one of those songs for our generation, because we are part of the current generation, where we just wanted to show that we’re present and that we are with the fans and how they feel about current events. As for “Diamond 4 Ya,” we wanted to be melodic, we wanted to play with pitches and instrumentals, and that was something we were looking forward to showing as well.

How was approaching your return with the single “Wake Me Up” different from your past releases?

Him Chan: When we were approaching this album in comparison to previous albums we just wanted to have something that’s more lively, more one on one with our fans. We wanted something that would resonate with our fans, through the message that we’re trying to spread.

Dae Hyun: We feel that we’ve grown a lot individually and together as a group and we wanted to show that in our work this time.

The music video for “Wake Me Up” featured one of the most diverse casts that K-pop’s ever seen. How did that come about?  

Dae Hyun: Every time we shoot a music video we have meetings with the producers who help us create them and we put together all of our ideas. Everything from the individual shots of the video to the casting of everyone who will appear. We just come together and put together our ideas, and then we put it all into a final product. But the most important thing is that our ideas have changed, and that helped shape how we felt towards this music video and how we wanted it directed. Initially the plan was to use a Korean cast but after the members got together and we put together our thoughts, we wanted to go with a more diverse cast to show that we have an accurate representation of our society today. Not just of in Korea or America, but all over the world. We wanted to express that through our music video, which is why we decided to go with such a diverse cast.

Him Chan: It was never really something for us that we wanted to do, just stick to a Korean cast because we are Korean. We wanted to represent every part of the world and pay homage to the fans who’ve come out to support us.

The music video’s storyline, which features messages about self-care and mental health, was incredibly progressive, but while making it did you expect that it would resonate with so many fans from around the world?

Him Chan: When we were putting together the music video, we didn’t think that extensively into it, but we did intend to insert multiple meanings into certain aspects of it. We just wanted it to be interpreted by the fans.

B.A.P has been together for five years now, so how do you keep motivated during the rough times?

Dae Hyun: What’s kept us together as a group so strongly was our fans. We really feel that because of the support from our fans we’ve been able to continue stronger and better than ever each time we release a new album as a group. It’s really all thanks to the fans, and we want to pay respect to them.

Young Jae: Before I got on the stage in Atlanta, I really wasn’t feeling well. But as soon as I got on stage and saw the faces of all our fans I felt so much better and became energized and ready to perform.

You guys have shown a lot of different artistic sides over the years. Are there any other sounds or concepts you’d like to try, or musicians you’d like to work with?

Dae Hyun: What I’ve always admired, and what I’ve wanted to do a lot recently, is a duet. That’s something that I’m going to look forward to doing in the future.

Zelo: I don’t really have anything I want to focus on but I want to connect with the fans and show a more amazing, more awesome performance each time and that’ll be reflected in my music.

What’s next for B.A.P? Are you working on anything new?

Dae Hyun: The [Party Baby] concept of this tour is completely new for us and we think that the most important thing for us right now is to finish the rest of this tour successfully, then return to all our fans across the world and back home in Korea. So that’s our priority currently.

Do you have any final words for your American fans?

Zelo: [In English] I love you.

Him Chan: We want to tell our fans in the United States that we’ll continue to work tirelessly and continue to show them a new, better improved performance and better side to B.A.P every time we can visit and perform for them.

All answers have been translated from the original Korean.

source: Billboard

Innocent Until Proven Kinky

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Summary: Winchesters find reader’s porn folder on their computer, interagation by Sammy ensues. Female reader.

I’m going to tag @kittenofdoomage because I think she’ll like it.


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In all honesty they hadn’t mean to stumble across it. All that Sam and Dean were trying to do was use your computer for research. Dean got bored and started digging around and when a private folder appeared he couldn’t help himself, and Sam was all to eager to get inside that little head of yours so he hacked the folder. 

They didn’t fear you finding out, you were out on a run, should be gone for a while. They had time. Pulling their chairs beside each other, the two men explored the folder, mouths slacking and cocks hardening. “Awe fuck,” Dean swore breathlessly as he watched the porn in front of him. “She’s a kinky shit ain’t she Sammy?” 

Sam could only nod as his lips watered at the though of you in all the compromising, beautiful positions he could get you in. “Innocent until proven kinky.” He mumbled shutting the laptop before Dean could protest. “I’m going to need this for evidence.” 

Dean nodded with a smug respect. “I understand.” His eyes twinkled as he left the library for the night. 

Upon your arrival you were met with a looming Sam Winchester. His arms were crossed against his chest as he sat on one of the war room tables. “Where were you?” He asked just short of a growl. 


He tossed his hair back which may or may not have made the constant heat between your thighs worse. “That doesn’t answer my question.” 

His hand tickled under your chin, a devilish glint in his eyes. “Be a good girl for daddy.” Your mouth floundered, your body going limp in shock. A low chuckle left his lips as he scooped you up quickly, cradling you to his chest as he carried you to the dungeon. “See I know all about your stash of porn, quite impressive really, better than Dean’s.” 

You shivered, your lip trembling in embarrassment as he sat you down in a plushy chair underneath the chains. “How could you?” You accused weakly, your face a dark red. 

Sam’s lips turned up in a smirk as he handcuffed your wrists. “I’m the one asking the question sweetheart.” 

It was infuriating that he had so much control over you. You knew you could say no anytime you wanted, but you found you couldn’t. “I went thought each and every single one of those videos and PDF files.” He blew a puff of hot air in your ear as he nimbly unbuttoned the flannel you had been wearing, reveal a perky set of nipples standing erect for him. “Naughty girl.” He purred letting his thumbs trail your pebbled nibbled slowly. 

His attention didn’t linger too long in one spot as he moved your hips up so he could wriggle you out of your leggings. “My personal favorite was the lovely breeding pregnancy kink work.” Sam chuckled with calculated deception as he pulled away from you completely and started pacing the room. “Though the Chris Evans smut was up there.” 

You couldn’t look Sam in the even of you wanted to, you knew how the night was going to go and there was no use in cumming in your panties yet. “Did you like the breeding one?” 

A long pause occurred before you shook your head. Sam clicked his tongue. “Darling dont forget you’re under oath.” There was a subtle southern drawl to his gritty voice that seemed to magnify and creep into all the right places. 

“You’re telling me, that the phrase,” he paused pulling out a god damn notebook and grinned, “ “spread those legs nice and wide for me, let me put a baby in ya” doesn’t turn you on in the slightest?” He shrugged and carelessly tossed the notebook over his shoulder. “Here I was thinking after we’ve been together for a year all you wanted was me fucking you so far deep into the matress you cried was all you wanted.” 

“Sammy please.” You mewled desperation tugging at the cuff and trying to work your fingers toward your lace cover core. 

“What baby? Want me to take you back to my room?” You nodded eagerly and jumped up, giving Sam a full view of your slick inner thighs. “I can see you do.” 

He gave your ass a playful slap. “Go be on my bed, hands and knees.” He barked out causing you to jump and comply.

Sam followed behind you, after he put the handcuffs away. There was only so much roleplay he could do with those. Right now all he and his cock wanted was to sink so far deep into you that you couldn’t walk for days, which he wouldn’t mind because damn, the though of you getting filled with his cum over and over until you were pregnant was too much. 

He found you like he asked and offered your praise. His lips trailed across his tongue as a nimble finger peeled the lace away giving him unrestricted access to you. Sam flicked his tongue inside you, nibbling slightly to help stretch you out. “Gonna do it you know.” He grunted after pulling away with a string of your juice on his lips. 

Your eyes widened slightly as he grabbed the lube from the nightstand, “Do what?”

Sam kissed you sweetly, letting you taste yourself. “Gonna fill you up nice and round with my baby.” And if you weren’t a trembling mess before, you were now. Your hips sought his quickly in a buck, but he tsked. “That’s not how they did it in the story.” 

At this point  you didn’t give a damn about continuity errors, you just wanted him. Regardless you rolled over onto your tummy, letting Sam guide your hands up to his headboard. “That’s better.” His stomach rippled against your back and almost immediately you felt a rush of heat to your thighs. 

A brief moment later Sam was working you open from behind, his fingers slick and sloppy. “Gonna take my cock like a good girl?” You nodded rapidly, tired of waiting. “I know you will sweetheart.” He kissed your skin softly before replacing his fingers with his tip. “Ready sweetheart? Ready to be filled up and round with my baby? A little Winchester in that very tummy you’re laying on?” 

He snapped his hips up into you quickly, bucking and moving in an all too primal state. “Gonna domesticate ourselves.” He continued each word and thrust  building you both to your highs. “You’re going to carry my baby and every single man and woman, demon and angel will know who you belong to. Belong to me!” He went deep and harder now, wanting to hear those beautiful moans fall from your lips, “i’m going to be there, every step of the way watching you swell and shine with the baby.” His lips found your ears as he nestled his head in your shoulder, his large palms sprawling on your tummy, keeping you closer to him.

Sweat dripped off you both as his lips parted, letting petty breaths fall from them. You whined and wriggle as his thrusts lost their routine and became quick , desperate jolts. “Come on, Y/N,come for me!”He was begging now as he slipped a hand down to feel you release. 

The action was a domino, causing Sam to scream out a guttural cry releasing string after string of cum inside you. You closed your eyes feeling the orgasm rock you both even after he had finished and had pulled out, resting beside you.

Talking wasn’t necessary, silence was common. Sam always had a wash rag and glass of water ready, this time no different, his touches were gentle and assuring as he peppered kissed all over you. “You always surprise me.” He coed nipping your nose. 

You giggled, turning pink and ducking to his chest. “I’m just cute like that.” 

He grinned and ruffled your hair, “You’d be even cuter with a baby belly.” 

Finn Balor - Angel and Demon.

Finn Balor - Reader is on tour and comes home on break late at night to see Finn sleeping on the sofa with their daughter on his chest and accidentally wakes her up coming through the door. but the baby only scrambles around a bit and Finn snuggles her in his sleep and she lays her head in the crook of his neck. Maybe the reader can join them on the couch too?

Warnings - Pure fluff

Word Count - 1,162 words.

Originally posted by baleesi

This exact day four months ago could honestly pass easily as the single most bitter-sweet moment of your entire life. The moment you first got to hold your daughter in your arms and stare at her crystal-like eyes that resembled so much to her father’s; her father who had spent the last 9 months anticipating that very moment all the meanwhile comforting you through every little struggle that came with what he calls “My little miracle.”

With Finn being a wrestler, luck is one thing he always begs to be on his side. Granted with that he can do what he loves to do and ultimately fulfil his dreams, but being ridden of that one Irish blessing can easily result in his happiness being torn apart… For Finn, sometimes that one thing didn’t come easy; injury after injury, from a torn muscle in his knee to his most recent shoulder dislocation. He could just never catch a break. Bedridden. Kept away from the one place where he finds most comfort, the very place he doesn’t stop talking about. Every smile received from the universe is somehow documented by him along with every single cheer. That’s what kept him going all this time, I always wondered how…

God, it’s inevitable that you’d much rather be playing housewife with your newly growing family but when duty calls, duty calls… Leaving your little Tallulah with Finn was tough- of course, you trusted him with absolutely anything but just the lone fact that you’d be out of town and consequently out of reach of the two most important people in your life admittedly scared you half to death. She was now 4 months old and you wouldn’t be there for over a week to provide for her; instead stuck reading never-ending documents and emails for a record label that would consume you for days on end… 8 days. 192 hours. 11,520 minutes… 

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Hiiii :) I hope you’re having a good day! Idk if you’re still writing but it says fanfic requests were open so I thought I would ask if you could write a mini Drabble about nalu and their kid? If not it’s okay! I just love how you write, especially fluff and it’s just the kinda thing I need to read rn after the disaster of anti posts ive seen 🙄 LOL but if not it’s okay! I hope you’re doing okay 💛

Hello!!! I am indeed, thank you! Haha well I haven’t given up on writing, but true, I’ve been on a rather long hiatus. You know what? Sure!!!! I was excited about the Nalu kid and we need to celebrate it somehow. Mini drabble it is! Thank you so much!! I hope you have a lovely day :3 Hope you don’t mind that their kid is a baby… Idk that’s just kinda what my fingers did. Also this is short and pure pointless fluff and I don’t really know but I tried:

Lucy usually woke up to the crying first.

Maybe it was a mother thing, but a single wail from Luna would cause her eyes to snap open while Natsu snored away beside her. Every once and awhile, she was completely exhausted and would smack his shoulder, mumble about how it was his turn. He always went, if not with minor grumbling.

Tonight, however, the cries she awoke to were accompanied by Natsu’s most soothing, “Shh, hey, ohh, it’s okay, it’s okay… we gotta be quiet so that Momma doesn’t wake up, alright? Papa’s here, it’s okay…”

It was sweet of him, but she was already awake. Stretching her arms over her head, Lucy let out a yawn and slowly slid her legs from under her comforter. She rubbed her eyes, straightened her nightgown, stuck her feet into her fluffy slippers. Padding from her room, she peeked into the one next door, where the door was cracked open and Natsu’s back was to her. He was rocking the baby back and forth slowly while humming, Luna’s thick, pink hair splayed over her father’s shoulder.

Luna was still sniffling, occasionally whining, so Lucy started forward until-

“Well, I guess I can’t hum or sing for the life a’ me. Sorry, kiddo. I mean, I never wished that I could before, but anything for you…”

Lucy couldn’t help but smile, and rested her head against the door frame.

Natsu looked down at the little girl, wiping a tear off of her round, rosy cheek. “You know, even if you’re all whiny sometimes, you’re the best thing in the world. You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen. You know that, Luna?”

The baby’s eyes drooped, and she relaxed against her dad. He went on, “When I met your mom, she was different than anyone I’ve ever met. She was nice to me. Me, that guy that everyone was always annoyed with! I mean, she was annoyed with me too sometimes, but still nice… So I asked her to be my partner, and she said yes!”

From his angle, she could just make out his smile. His eyes were brighter than she’d ever seen them. He kissed the baby’s head, and rubbed her back. Natsu’s head tilted in thought as he added, “And then she was selfish and weird sometimes, but she became all brave, strong, and patient. So I married her! You have her eyes, ya know. You’ll be just as nice as her. I know it. It made her powerful, see. Powerful enough to make me her friend and love her and stuff.”

Natsu absently carded a hand through Luna’s hair. “That’s what’s important, okay, Luna? You don’t need to be have powerful magic or big muscles or beautiful or anything. Being kind is the most powerful thing out there. You hear that? Nah, you’re already out… that’s a good girl… I’ll tell you again someday, kiddo, when you can remember…”

With a smile that felt as if it would last forever, Lucy finally crept into the room and hugged her husband from behind. She kissed his neck. “Thank you for getting the baby.”

He turned, so that he faced her, and put his baby-less arm around her with a soft grin. “Well, she’s my baby, ain’t she? Sorry if I woke you up.”

“Nah, I’m glad I did,” she sighed, eyes settling upon her sleeping child. “She’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, too.”


“Yeah. Tying with you, of course.”

“Well, look who’s being all mushy tonight,” Natsu teased, carefully laying the baby back down and brushing her bangs from her face. Afterwards, he turned back to Lucy and encircled her within his embrace. Natsu rested his forehead against hers. “What happened to ‘shut up, Natsu’ or ‘Why do I bother, Natsu?’”

Lucy slid her arms around his neck. “Yeah, I dunno. I must love you or something.”

“Yeah, somethin’.”

She laughed, and after a quick kiss (or three) she moved her hands down his arms, past his scars and strength, and squeezed his large hands in her own. “Back to bed?”

And he held her as they laid back down, consciousness already fading.

“Natsu?” she murmured without really thinking.


“I think you’re pretty nice, too.”

A breathy laugh. “Well, thanks. I’d hope so, considering how you married me and all…”

“I’ve always thought you were nice. And you’re an amazing dad.”

And now a pause. “Thank you, Lucy.”

Natsu was warm, humming lightly to her, her baby was in the next room, and for at least a single moment before Lucy fell back to sleep, everything was perfect.

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9. things you said when i was crying, narry

a whopping 4.8k of ever-so-slightly future fic where the boys assemble to meet liam’s baby, and harry grapples with how things change

Harry slides into the backseat, buckles his seat belt, and pops his earbuds in to listen to the mix Jeff (Bhasker, not Azoff) emailed him this morning. He waves to his driver and offers him a smile, as well as an apologetic little gesture to the glinting pink phone in his hand. He nods at him in the rearview mirror, smiles back, and reverses them out of the pilates studio parking lot.

Sweat sticks Harry’s shirt to the small of his back and his underarms and the inner curve of his knees, his back positively singing in relief. He’d been feeling sore and rundown, and he couldn’t tell whether his back aches from the strain of a good workout or whether he’s been sleeping curled up in a tight little ball again, his joints locked up by the end of the night. Maybe he’s coming down with a cold. He jots down a little note in his notes app to pick up some more cold medicine and herbal tea.

His notes are absolutely bursting with things he has to do. Really he’d be better off asking his personal assistant, Eloise, to pick up the tea for him, but last time he saw her, she was juggling three phones and the fattest appointment book he’s ever seen. The circles under her eyes were so dark they didn’t even look real; Harry’d been halfway to asking if they weren’t, if there was a new trend afoot in the fashion world?

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First Flight Home- A Daniel Seavey Imagine


Why Don’t We Imagine

*As Requested by @love-giselle*

Word Count: 6362

Have a lovely day!

Description: Inspired by and based off the song “First Flight Home” by Jake Miller.


I’ve been gone forever,

I’m coming home tonight

We’ll be back together this plane gon’ fly

I can’t predict the weather

But you should know that I

I’ll be on the first flight home.”


    The in-studio audience cheered in a manufactural manner, smiling and waving signs with every question the T.V. host asked us. Not a lot of the questions were directed at the music, the thing we were supposed to be known for, they were almost all pertaining to our love lives, or the styling products we used in our hair. Which, I had to admit, was nothing new- but every now and then it’d be nice to talk about something other than girls and hair pomade. The hostess smiled, her blinding white teeth casting an eerie glow about her face as she strained a laugh at one of Jack’s anecdotes- an anecdote our publicist had told us we should tell whenever possible because it “made us relatable and quirky to the fanbase”. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d made an anecdote or joke sequence that hadn’t been pre-approved by our agency, then again, I couldn’t remember the last time someone genuinely wanted to know our musical inspirations in life, or our sound evolution and what it meant to us. I sighed, internalizing my frustrations as the ever-dreaded question rung like a sour note in my ears.

“So, I’m sure you get asked this question ALL THE TIME, BUTTTTTTTTT- WHO HERE IS SINGLE?” The hostess cooed, her loud, shrill voice enough to make me physically cringe as I forced a smile, casually brushing off her comment as though we didn’t get asked about our relationship status…on a daily basis.

“Ohhhh yeah!” I chuckled, shaking my head softly as I glanced over towards the other guys. They all smiled, chuckling lightly as they looked between each other, doing their best to not vomit on stage from the legitimate disgust this question evoked within all of us.

“Which of us are single?” I inquired innocently enough, as though I didn’t already know the answer. Corbyn was taken, he’d been with Christina forever, and she’s become a loved and accepted part of the fanbase since the beginning. Our publicists didn’t mind letting the fans know that he was in a relationship, since the fans seemed to love Christina, and she had her own fanbase. Mostly because she had her own fanbase- apparently it was great PR having a popular boy band member date a popular beauty guru. Zach, Jonah and Jack were single, for real, and then there was me. The complicated one, the one the publicists hated dealing with because I never liked the answer they told me to give.

“I’m single.” Zach smiled, sending a charming smirk towards the cameras. Jack nodded, raising his hand in agreement.

“I’m single.”

“Gonna have to side with Zach and Jack on this one, I’m single.” Jonah smiled. A few fans from the audience shrieked delightedly every time one of us announced we were single. Corbyn smiled, shaking his head as the hostess gestured for him to answer. Corbyn raised his hands up, as though he were admitting defeat, smiling cheekily as he replied.

“Taken.” Most of the fans “awed” at this, cooing in unison about how much they loved Christina. I was glad that, at least for Corbyn’s sake, he could be honest and upfront about his relationship, even if we all knew management only really accepted it because Christina had her own following.

“There ya go, the full inside scoop.” I teased, smiling and nodding curtly. I’d been hoping our hostess garbed in an ill-fitting, swamp green pencil dress and heels that looked like they could stab me wouldn’t press me to answer. I was wrong, as per usual.

“And what about you, Daniel? Any special lady in your life at the moment, or are you still looking for that perfect somebody?” She tutted, her eyes giving me a knowing look as she urged me to answer. I internally rolled my eyes, laughing outwardly as I took a deep breath. It never got easier. We’d been doing this for a couple years now, amassing an unreal following, and an undying amount of love and support. Our fans were such amazing people, and they cared so much. Part of me liked it better when it was just us and them, without the corporate cogs who keep trying to ruin our lives, for the sake of money. It never used to be about the money, or worrying about what would sell. It never used to be about lying.

“Single.” I muttered, flashing a small smile as I sent a few polite waves to the fans who screamed from their seats in the audience. The hostess laughed, egging the fans on a bit more about how they still had a chance with 4/5 of us. We laughed at this, as we’d be trained to do, and shared a few more story’s from life on tour, and who our current celebrity crushes were. But as we continued on with the interview, leaving the relationship question in the past, breezed by so quickly, too quickly, all I could do was muster a smile as I fiddled with the small decorative ring that hung from a string around my neck. It wasn’t very noticeable, and it was almost always tucked underneath my shirt, kept out of sight and out of mind, but it was there. It sat comfortably against my baby blue button-down shirt, the silver metal glimmering softly against the stage lights. As I clutched it in my fingers, running my index finger along the edge, I closed my eyes for just a moment as I felt the ridges of the engraving against my skin.

“Wherever I go I’m taking you. Yours Always, Leah”.

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Better Together.

-Bobby x Reader

-Expecting parents au, fluff

-Here for You is another dad!Jiwon request I had. This request came in right after so I guess in a way, they’re in conjunction with one another. You don’t really have to read them together since they’re pretty much stand alone pieces but it’s nice to have a small continuation. Anyways, here ya go! 10 years late but I did it!!!

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The world suddenly seemed so much bigger now that your range of mobility was limit to three feet out your front door, and occasionally down the street for a short walk with your dog, in which you’re no longer allowed to hold the leash. As per your doctor order? God no! In fact, your doctor always commented on how well taken care of you were at every single appointment. This preposterous house arrest is of course, as per your husband ordered. 

Jiwon had been beyond amazing throughout your whole pregnancy despite missing nearly every single parent-in-training class due to iKon’s hectic tour schedules. Possessing the vast knowledge of one book on pregnancy for dummy he once read before realizing that nothing the books offered could possibly save him from your fifth mood swing of the hour, nor the guilt he constantly feel watching you cried from the sheer endless aching of carrying a new life. Yet there he was every time your eyes glossed over with a new insane craving or another hormonal whine fest about how unfair it is that you’re the only one looking like a duck had swallowed a planet waddling around whilst he, dashing and breaking heart as ever. Every time you panic, every time you’d freak out over every little thing, he’d be there holding your hand, calm as a swan to guide you through. Even if only moments later you caught him on the brink of tear, rapping at top speed on the phone with Hanbin, no doubt letting lose all the worries he held back for the sake of your peace of mind. Poor Hanbin, bless his soul for being therapist/consultant for whatever it might be that Jiwon is ringing him up about now. He probably has it harder than you will ever experience because Jiwon has to be taking all that emotion somewhere. He sat through an hour of you ugly crying while sobbing because you lost the allan wrench that came with your new shelf. Even when Jiwon had presented another shiny allan wrench from another set of table he had saved after putting it together the week before, you were still bawling like a baby that it weren’t the same. The collection of bags under his eyes were at this point more extensive than your designer one that he had gifted you through the years. He took it all with the grace and braveness of a new dad, without ever letting you hear his complaints. 

Jiwon, your dear husband, he’s god sent, best you could’ve ever ask for so why was it you were screaming his name off the top of your lungs, muddling it with a strings of obscene curses? Well because it’s well into your 2nd hour of labor pain, which will only get worse from here as informed by your kind team of nurses. The insane hours of pain feels much like the wave crashing the shore, except, instead of the soothing water of the ocean and sunshine of the beach, it was waves of fire, and knives, and molten lava because all you could feel is searing pain. Jiwon sits beside you, his face had contorted into something so twisted he might as well check himself in for some surgery to morph it back to the handsome face he possessed before dropping all his schedule to rush to your side.

“Baby, does it hurt mu-” His whisper chopped off as quick as it had surfaced by a small yelp elicited by your nails digging into his palm. Now he had braved probably just as much pain as you had letting you clawed at him, pinched him, hold him to a point of bruising yet not even a whimper of complain. He knows whatever discomfort he might feel will never, ever be worthy enough to compare to what you’re about to go through.

“Does it hurt, Jiwon? Does it HURT? Are you seri- Oh my fucking shit. Are you being serious right now?” The audacity of this man to sit here and question whether or not you’re really in pain. Does he still not know how it work after the half an hour of you going into an hysterical rant, explaining in excruciating details of how babies are born?

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know it hurts a lot. What can I do?” 

“Do you, Jiwon? I just had three different people shoved their hand up my damn vagina in the last hour alone while humming “not ready yet” like I’m a freaking pie in the oven all the while being display like a freaking 150 pounds piece of really shitty art made by someone with no artistic sense whatsoever for everyone to see. Do you really know?” Damn, Jiwon would be proud with how fast and powerful you had just gotten that sentence out in one single breath if he weren’t so scare, being married to a rapper really has it perk.

“I’m sorry. I’m here, hit me, scream at me all you want okay? But you gotta calm down baby… The doctor said getting upset isn’t good for little Y/n. What can I do?” Instinctively, just as he had all these years when the world becomes a little too much for you to handle, Jiwon pulls you into his arms, never mind your harsh words or that his left palm is now bleeding from how rough your hold on his hand were. He places a kiss on your sweaty forehead, with the good hand running through your matted hair. If Jiwon could be pregnant instead, he would. 

He had always been the one bugging you to get pregnant, although never quite mad, Jiwon had gotten short with you once before when you expressed your nonchalantness with having kids. He wants to take it all back now. How could he be so selfish, how could he make you carry a life just because he wants a mini Jiwon or mini Y/n when you weren’t ready. He had forgotten seeing Hanbin and his wife went through so much trials and tribulation with their twins, or how hard it was on Chanwoo’s wife when she had complication with their first born so he so selfishly blamed you for still not having someone to call him “dad”. What a screw up he is for blaming you, the only person that was willing to take him at his best and at his worst without ever questioning his intention. 

“Get me some water… as much ice as you can.” You whimper out and he nods furiously, not knowing how else to help. A heavy sigh left your lips just as his shadow bolts out the door behind him. You know how harsh all this was on him, and of all his fears but the pain had blinded you for the past few hours.

“Baby, here.” He rushes back to your side, thankful to see a more rested form of his wife smiling back. Lifting a few spoonful of cold salvation to your lips, he settles happily when you lean into him as you satisfyingly crunches on the ice.

“Jiwon… I’m sorry.” You mewl out, much to his surprise. 

“Whatever for, honey? You did nothing wrong.” Eyes widen, for the first time since arrival he was met with your tearful features even with the gut punches your body was preparing to welcome the baby are still rolling in with full force.

“I-I know all I’ve been doing is yell at you. First all I do is complain, now I just yell and hurt you. I don’t want you to think this is me now… I said it before, I’ll say it now. I’m happy to be able to welcome my child with you, our child. I know I don’t say it enough, or at all, but Kim Jiwon, you’re an amazing person.”

“Stop it, love. I’m far from perfect. I always expect this thing to be easy breezy, you know? I’ve seen Jinhwan hyung did it, then Yunhyeong hyung… Even Hanbin, and June, and the maknae. I just, I don’t know. I guess it’s not as easy when we do it ourselves, huh?” That strange chuckle, signature of your husband rings out so dearly and suddenly your heart is at peace. You snuggle further into his chest despite the strange position you both had taken on with the soon to be gone bump in between. “Like I said before, you’re the most beautiful person in this world and I thank God everyday for giving me you.” 

You must be looking like a rag doll after a tsunami but his words and those loving eyes just make you feel like a million dollars. His fingers find their way back to your face pushing away a few stray strand of hair as they would always do before he so tenderly presses a gentle kiss on your lips. Jiwon holds it there for what felt like eternity as he lets his heart and soul sear you with all his love, only parting way once the footfall could be heard leading to your room. 

Once more you experience what could only be describe as a frog prepared to get dissected during bio class, what’s with being prod at, poke, and examine. Another 4 excruciating hours and a few laps around the maternity ward later to loosen your muscles, you were prepped and primed for the main event. The world feels like such a blur, as if suddenly the Earth had decided to go on a race with its sibling planets. Blurs of people running in and out of the room, blurs of faces telling you to push, blurs of the incessant beeping of all the machineries, blurs of pain. In the blurry faded world flashing in front of your eyes, his face remains clear as day right beside you. Jiwon has his arms around you like he always had been when he walked you through rough spots in life. 

For God knows why, your memories rushes back to the day you had thought your journey with him was to end, back to the days of being young and being careless. You had gotten tired of waiting, angry at him for always leaving but too foolish to realize there were millions of other solutions before separating. “Let’s break up” you had said simply and watched as he said simply, “No.” Before you had realized what was going on, he already had his arms around you before repeating one more time, “No.” You were angry at first, the blatant disrespect he was showing by refusing to hear you but then you broke down crying in his arms and held him the tightest you’ve ever held anyone. “My naive girl, what make you think pushing me away will be the answer to your pain of never having me around? Did you think that parting way forever will help you get over how much you miss me? Because let me tell you right now, if you love me as I do you, that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever come up with because i can’t even fathom how much it hurt not to have you in my life.” And he held you for the next hours as you both snuggling up on your old worn couch, then the rest of the night when you buried your head in his chest while listening to his sweet, sweet voice. “When you’re thirsty, you drink water. When you’re hungry, you eat. When you miss someone, you should be with them. I don’t get your ass backward logic, missy. Tell me right now, would you rather me leave right now, and I will if you do. I don’t want to force you into a relationship if you’re already decided you don’t need anymore.” Your response was to pull him closer and never let go.  Just like that night, Jiwon is right where he needed to be and he protects you in his arms even when he doubts that it will help, he holds you anyways. Through the exhaustion and through it all, you smile because you’re all each other got and simply, you’re better together as 3 and counting. 

Then the world stops. A single cry tears through the musty sweat filled air like the clearest bell and all either of you could hear was that cry. The weight of the world lifted off your shoulders when you see the smile on his face, a smile that said you had just been demoted to second favorite as the nurse hands over your bundle of joy. 

“She’s so perfect. God,  I said I wouldn’t cry. Look at me now.” Jiwon half guffaw half chokes on his own tears as he delicately places his lips on her forehead, finger gently caressing her fluffy cheeks. 

“She’s perfect, just like her dad.” You lean back, forgetting that stitches were being placed, that your lower half felt like it had been through a meat grinder. Watching Jiwon holding your sleepy baby close to his chest as he coos “Hi baby, I’m your dad”, you’d go through this again and again. There is nothing more precious in this world than bringing a new life into this world and nothing will surpass the joy of doing it with Jiwon. You’re sure the weeks to come will be both painful and exhausting but seeing the excitement in his eyes as he shows off your daughter to the boys, you know you’re in good hands. 

[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (JH/JS/WZ)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the performance team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!

A/N: WHOO! And that wraps the Vocal Team up! We really tried our hardest to make each of them unique in their own way, so we hope you like them!


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I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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Pregnancy Preferences: Finding Out the Sex of Your Baby

(A/N): (Y/M/N) - Your Mother’s Name; (Y/F/N) - Your Father’s Name.

Order: Darry, Dally, Johnny, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Steve, Two-Bit.

Hormones, heartburn, weight-gain. Morning sickness and midnight cravings. Swollen ankles, back-aches, and stretch marks. Or, in simpler terms: the beauty of carrying new life. These aren’t the most desirable aspects of pregnancy by a long shot. But, it’s at moments like these, you feel, that make all of the discomfort worth-while.

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Queens of Gotham Part 2

Part 1

warning: alcohol use, weapon use

“I want to show you the club!” Harley grabs my hands after our shots kick in.

I get up after her, “O-okay, let-let me grab my stuff first.” I put my knife in my boots. “Fuck you, jacket.” I say to my jacket as I through it on the ground. “I’ll pick that up later.” I point at the jacket, now on the floor.

“Puddin’!” Harley screams in the void.

“I’m right here, baby.” He says behind her.

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I've read all your riting throughout the last couple of eeks and I finally anted to equest one! Can you do a blurb of telling niall you're pregnant??? Or imagine if you can??? :)

You walked into their doctor’s office and chewed on your lip, nervous. You hand rested on your stomach and you scroll mindlessly through your phone. You had taken a few at home tests and they all said you were pregnant. 

“Mrs. Horan.” A woman calls you back. 

You get called back and change into the smock-no panties, putting your 

The doctor confirmed the very thing you were wanting to hear. 

You were pregnant. About seven weeks along to be exact. 

The doctor sat with you and told you everything you would need to pick up in regards to vitamins and the the things you can and can’t eat. Along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. “Too bad Mr. Horan wasn’t here.” He smiles sadly at you. 

“Oh don’t worry, I just wanted to confirm this first before I told him. I did not want to get him excited if it was nothing. I’m surprising him tonight.” You giggle and bid your goodbyes and you leave. 

You hurried to the store, your main focus was to get everything baby related. You got baby carrots, baby corn, baby zucchini, baby potatoes, baby peas, and the lamb may have been a bit morbid, but Niall loved his meat and it all fit with theme. 

You made a stew and cooked it along with the lamb. But you froze a single pea. 

Niall came home and sniffed the air, “Oh, baby! Dat smells delicious!” He comes into the kitchen and kisses your cheek. 

You smile at him and kiss him briefly, “Go wash up, supper is finished.” You murmur. He nods and goes to the bathroom and you set the table. 

Niall takes a seat and grins. “What did ya make? I’m starvin!” 

“I’ll bring it out.” You put the single frozen pee on the plate and put it in front of him. “Surprise!” 

Niall gives you an odd look, “W-what are ya talkin’ ‘bout?” He is about to pop it into your mouth and you cover his mouth. 

“No!” You squeal. “Hold it in the palm of your hand.” 

He does as you say and raises his brow comes up. “Yeah?”

“That’s the about the size of your baby in my stomach right now.” You bite your lip and study his eyes. 

“D-did ya say baby?” His eyes widen, a grin lighting up his face.

“I did. That’s teh theme of our dinner tonight is baby!” You giggle and he pulls you to him, kissing you roughly. 

“We’re goin’ start a family.” He murmurs. 

You nod and grin, “I love you baby daddy.” You whisper. 

“And I love ya me baby mama.” He chuckles. 

The Overwatch Karaoke Party

Lena: WE aaare the champiouuuuns, my furieeehhhnds! AND WE’LL keep on fightin’ the eeeeehhhhnnd! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! No time for losers, ‘cause WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Of da’ wuuuuuuuuuuurld!

Jesse: …I fell in-to a burnin’ ring o’ fire / I went down, down and the flames went hig'er…
Jesse: …don’ ever play with guns / but I shot a man in Reno / just to watch 'im die…
Hanzo: Get off the stage! Boo!

Torbjörn & Reinhardt: Take my hand / we'llmakeisweaAHr / oooOOA / livingonaprayAHr

Ana: My neck, my back, lick my [censored] and [censored]~
Fareeha: Mother, please stop.
Ana: Such disrespect, Fareeha! You were conceived to this album!

Amelie: And I… try? Oh my god. Do I. Try. I try all. The Time. In this. Instit. Tution.
Lena: You’re doing great, luv!
Amelie: And I. Pray. Oh my god I do pray. I pray every. Day. Iprayeverysingleday. For a. (squints) Evolution?

Winston: (three octaves off) I WANT TO BREAK FREE!
Winston: (seven octaves to the left) I WANT TO BREAK FREE!
Winston: (dragging the concept of a soprano to the butcher) I WANT TO BREAK FREE OF YOUR LIES YOU’RE SO SELF SATISFIED I DON’T NEED YOU!

Genji: Darrrre yorrri mo tooku e yumeEE nara samenaiIIIde / Kooono sooora no mukou e YOU CAN SEE THE ANOTHER WORLD
Genji: Machinami wa MOSS GREEN kizu tsuita tamashii IIII/ Kudake chiru taxi anata wa utsukushiiIIIIIIII

Angela: All the single ladies! All the single ladies! Now put your hands h'up! Up in the club, just broke up, doin’ my little thi – FAREEHA, YOU PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN THIS INSTANT!

Zarya: Moskau Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand; Russland ist ein schönes Land; Ho ho ho ho ho
Zarya & Mei: Moskau Moskau, deine Seele ist so groß; Nachts da ist der Teufel los; Ha ha ha ha ha
Zarya, Mei, Sombra, and Hana: Moskau Moskau, Liebe schmeckt wie Kavia; Mädchen sind zum küssen da; Ho ho ho ho ho
Zarya: (picks up everyone else in a bear hug and dances around the stage)

Fareeha: Fly me to the moon, let me play play among the stars, let’s me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars…
Ana: The voice of an angel, my Fareeha.
Angela: Baby, show'em some skin!
Fareeha: (shaking and blushing) …I-in other w-words, pleas-s-se be t-true…

Jamison: (a wheedling soprano like a power tool) Pissing the night awawwy~~~~

Gabe: (just thrashes on-stage to twenty minutes of Brujeria)
Everyone else: (sit in awkward silence)
Gabe: (starts headbanging)

Hanzo: Uh… It’s all because of you…? I’m feeling sad and blue. No, wait, I’m sorry – You went away, now my life is just a rainy day…?
Hanzo: That’s not… This isn’t 'Sukiyaki.’ It doesn’t translate to that.
Hanzo: Yes, I get I picked it, but it’s the wrong… It has the same name as a different song. I thought it was a different song.
Hanzo: It’s the same tune, they put different words to it! They stole the damn tune to 'Sukiyaki!’
Hanzo: Americans suck.

Lucio: name it, read it, tune it, print it, scan it, send it, fax, rename it, touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, stop, format it.
Bastion: (rhythmic beeping)
Lucio: Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it…

Zenyatta: …oncemoreoncemoresomehowI'mrollingthatgirlsaysthatgirlsaysplayingherwordswithasmile…

Satya: (kicks over the karaoke TV) Tu jaaaAAAAag~ ab tu jaag Milkha!
Satya: (smashes a water bottle over her head) Tu hai aaaAAAAag~ tu hai aag Milkha!
Satya: (jump up on the table) Tu jaaaAAAAag~ ab tu jaag Milkha!
Satya: (kicks Jamison in the face) Tu hai aaaAAAAag~ tu hai aag Milkha!

Jack: (deep pull of his Smirnov Round-the-World)
Jack: (turns on the lounge setting on his synthesizer)
Jack: Everybody’s knows shits fuck. Baby, I don’t give a good goddamn. Yeah. Your Uncle Sam is a motherfucker. Mmmm. I don’t wanna see him again. Baby, have to pretend…

Music references:
'We are the Champions’ and 'I want to be free’ by Queen
'Ring of Fire,’ 'Folsom Prison Blues,’ and 'A Man named Sue’ by Johnny Cash
'Living on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi
'My Neck, My Back’ by Khia
'What’s up?’ by Four Non-Blondes
'Another World’ by Gackt
'Single Ladies’ by Beyonce
'Moskau’ by Dschinghis Khan
'Fly me to the moon’ by Frank Sinatra
'Tubthumbing’ by Chumbawamba
I was listening to 'Ritmos Satánicos’ by Brujeria when I wrote that bit
'Sukiyaki’ by Kyu Sakamoto
'Sukiyaki’ by A Taste of Honey
'Technologic’ by Daft Punk
'Rolling Girl’ by wowaka
'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
'Shit’s Fucked’ by Stephen Paul Taylor

Tiny Babies : Screams


Can you continue the “Tiny Gladers” but making it smut this time where newt and y/n get to her room and have sex until the moans wake up some of the kids and they  START screaming and crying because they think newt and y/n got hurt :D love ya bae 😊😍

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Single dad - Part five

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All through out the day, you’ve been distracted. All you could ever think of was Calum and the fight you had last night. It still hurt you that he could think of you that way but you love him so much. You wouldn’t do the things he was accusing you of and it still upsets you he would ever think that you could do that.

The day passed and you had to work overtime again. You wanted to call Ash to ask him to pick up Caleb but you hesitated knowing it would probably cause problems with Calum again. After a while, you picked up the phone and dialed Ashton’s number. After a few rings, he picked up “Hey Y/N” you took a deep breath “Hey Ash, you probably know waht I’m gonna ask…” he chuckled. “I’m on it, don’t worry.” you sighed. “I’m really really sorry.” “Don’t worry about it Y/N… I gotta go now” he hang up and you looked at your phone in confusion. You shrugged it off and continued with your work.

Few hours passed and you were exhausted. You sighed as you open the door of your shared apartment, only to be greeted with darkness and an overly excited puppy at your feet. “Calum? Are you home?” you were pretty sure you paid the electricity bills so you were wondering why there’s no power. 

You looked for the switch and opened the lights. When it opened you were greeted by rose petals on your floor leading to the kitchen. You made your way to the kitchen was surprised to see your boyfriend in button downs and bowtie. If it wasn’t because of the fight last night, you’d probably jump to him right now. Calum made his way to you and gave you a bouquet of roses.

What’s this for?” you were trying to keep a serious face on but you  know that deep inside you were screaming at how cute your boyfriend is right now. He sighed as he held your hand “Apology for being a dick last night and also, it’s been a while since we had time for each other.” you nodded “Wait, where’s Caleb?” he smiled, “Left him at Ashton’s after I pick him up.” you looked at him confused “You picked him up?” he nodded “Yeah, I went home early and Ashton was there to pick him up too, so I left Caleb with him so we could have our time alone.”

You nodded at him and admired the roses. “I’m really sorry baby. I’m just scared you’re gonna leave me.” you held his face and kissed him gently. “Just don’t ever forget that I love you and I won’t ever leave okay? You and Caleb are the most important boys in my life.” he kissed you passionately. “Let’s go have our dinner shall we?” you smiled at him.

The dinner finished and he lead you to the bathroom. He prepared a bath for you and llit your favorite scented candles. You thought he was gonna join you but he stepped out of the bathroom “Cal?” he hummed at you. “Come join me?” you stripped out of your clothes and sat at the bathtub, seductively, you might add. You can see Calum biting his lip and you know you already got him wrapped around your finger. He nodded and stripped off of his clothes and joined you. The both of you took a relaxing bath, surprisingly without any funny business.

Although later that night after a few movies, you couldn’t help it when he was wearing his gray sweatpants and tank top that were your favorite for him to wear. You started touching his biceps and traced small shapes on his abs. He knew exactly what you were doing but he was playing hard to get. He smirked as he swatted your hands away. You touched his thigh and it was your time to smirk. 

You straddled him and kissed his jaw while your hands were trailing down his abs. He moaned as you kiss his collarbones, slightly nipping and sucking, leaving a mark. You bit his lip and kissed him. Days and weeks of frustration and need for him and you were finally able to take it out on him. The kiss was rough and needy yet still full of love. He lead you to the bedroom and took off your clothes.

Morning came and you turned around to see your boyfriend still sleeping, drool on his pillow. You stay like that, just holding him for a few minutes when you heard someone knock on your door. You slowly stand up but Calum tightened his grip on you. “Cal, babe. Someone’s at the door.” he groaned. You finally able to take off his arms from you and put on clothes and answered the door.

You opened the door and it was Ashton with Caleb. “Hey bud! I missed you!” Caleb jumped at you and gave you a tight hug. “I missed you too mommy! Where’s daddy?” you gave him a long kiss on his cheeks. “He’s at his room. Go wake him up.” he quickly ran to your room and you can hear him jump at the bed. “Thank you again Ash.” he nodded “You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure!” he was about to leave when you heard Caleb shout “Daddy why are you naked?” you blushed and looked at Ashton. He was smirking “Good to know, you guys enjoyed your alone time.” you groaned “Shut up Ash.” he put his hands up in defense. “What? Just saying. At least taking care of the little guy the whole night is worth it ya know” he winked and you pushed him as he left.

Few moments later, Calum appeared with only his boxers and Caleb on his arms. You bit your lip and he looked at you smirking. He put Caleb down and whispered at you “We’ll have a round two later baby” he kissed your cheek. 


Lately you and Calum were doing pretty well. He’s still doing overtime at work but still have enough time to spend for you and Caleb. Everything’s really going well, your relationship getting stronger than ever, no matter what the problems were. Calum has been promoted at work, meaning there was added work for him but still had enough time for breaks. Caleb’s been doing good at school too, he was doing better at soccer which made Calum really proud at his little boy.

But you… You weren’t doing well lately. You’ve been calling in sick almost everyday. At first you thought it was the taco you ate with Calum but he didn’t get sick. You were convinced that it was a stomach bug so you were extra careful, making sure that your boys doesn’t get it too.

It was another day of calling in sick and your boss wasn’t having any of it, so he fired you and it really upset you. You’ve been crying all day and when Calum saw you at the couch eating ice cream with Caleb holding his hands, he knew there was something wrong. “Is everything okay baby?” you shook your head. “I got fired, cos I’ve been throwing up the whole week and I’ve been calling in sick.” He played with your hair as he sat and put your head on his lap. “It’s okay baby, you’ll get better. Just go to the doctors tomorrow yeah? Find a job when you’re feeling better, it’s okay” he cooed at you.

The next day, after you drove Caleb to his school, you went straight to the doctors. You waited for your name to be called. “Ms. Y/L/N?” a nurse called. You stood up and went inside the doctor’s office. “So what seems to be the problem?” you sat at the chair in front of his desk. “Well, I’ve been throwing up for a whole week. I also get dizzy often. It’s not really a very bad thing but it’s kinda preventing me to get up the morning, cos all I do is puke.” he nodded. 

When was your last period Ms. Y/L/N? Have you been involved in any sexual activities?” you looked at him confused. You thought about it. “Where is this leading to Doc?” he wrote some things on the paper. “I suspect that you are pregnant Ms. Y/L/N. We’ll run a few blood tests and an ultrasound to confirm it.” 

You thought about it, you couldn’t be pregnant right now. You just lost your job. The apartment’s too small for another kid and you couldn’t afford to move in to a new one. Caleb is a lot too handle, what more if you were pregnant. Were you really ready for a kid? You’ve been dating Calum for almost a year, is it really time for this. You groaned as you place your hands to your face.

It isn’t confirmed that you really are pregnant, Ms. Y/L/N. I would like to make this test first before looking at another pint of view. In case, I was right, there are options…” you shook your head. “I’m not gonna give my child away, or abort it. I can’t” he nodded. “Let’s go get you tested.” 

a/n: dun dun dunnnnnn…. how are you guys liking single dad so far?? I still don’t know how many parts left for this but anyway. Come talk to me on my ask!! 




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whats so great about jurassic park anyways?

I basically liveblogged Jurassic Park for you so get ready to learn.

  • One of the first thing we learn about Dr. Grant is that he doesn’t like kids. I like a character I can relate to. 
  • Honeslty 90′s Jeff Goldblum?? That’s reason enough.
  • When they see the brachiosaurus  for the first time and John Williams destroys with his music ACTUAL TEARS EVERY TIME. “They do move in heards” like get your Nicholas Sparks shit away from me the only love story I need is a man and his dinosaurs.
  • Three respectable scientists being absolute children and breaking the ride and running into the lab to look at baby dinos cause they can’t handle their excitement like please
  • BD WONG. Talk about a guy who turned a two minute scene into career gold #respect.
  • “all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female” EEYYY GIRL POWER
  • Life finds a way
  • The Raptor feeding cut to no one eating Alejandro’s delightful chilean sea bass “who’s hungry” you absolutely monster hammond
  • Muldoon thigssssss 
  • The only good thing Hammond ever did was want the park to be available to everyone #bless #sparenoexpense turn that shit into a drinking game 
  • Sparing no expense with a CD-ROM honestly the 90′s were such a precious time.
  • Fuckin Timmy and “which car are you in” “whichever one you are” you sassy little shit.
  • “Hold onto your butts” aka my life motto
  • Also samuel l jackson because
  • god creates dinosaurs, god destroys dinosaurs, god creates man, man destroy god, dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth fucking slay Ellie
  • Malcom talking to himself in the car you NERD I LOVE YOU
  • Lex falling to hold Grant’s hand you sneaky snake
  • honestly the triceratops is so beautiful and real and Ellie crying over her i cannot this movie is literal magic
  • and then Ellie going into action diggin in dino poop like what a go getter you angel
  • THE WATER RIPPLES IN THE CUP AKA THE POINT WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN also sidenote this is the scene I skip to to start watching occasionally. After the scene where grant sees the dino heard and I get a good cry in.
  • THE ENTIRE TREX SCENE UGH “He left us, he left us” “when ya gotta go ya gotta go” “boy do I hate being right all the time” Also that T rex cgi puts current hollywood cgi to SHAME and the animatronics like they got a real trex for this movie you can’t convince me otherwise. This scene is a cinematic masterpiece.
  • Also fun fact the main sound used for the t rex is from the sound mixers Jack Russell terrier, Buster. You go little doggy. For the roar they used a baby elephant. Like, petition to use tiny animals for big monsters forever. THE MORE YA KNOW
  • Nedry getting straight annihilated by the Dilophosaurus aka the only scene with that piece of shit that I like.
  • “He left us, he left us!” “But that’s not what I’m gonna do” CAN YOU SAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 
  • “Well, we’re back in the car again.” Timmy for sass master 2016 “well at least you’re out of the tree” Grant for vice sass master 2016
  • “I think this was Gennero” “I think this was too” TREX don’t play
  • “Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend” Everyone for sass master 2016
  • Ellie’s scream face while being chased by the TREX and the objects in mirror are closer than they appear cinematic gold
  • “I hate trees” “they don’t bother me” “oh yeah? well you weren’t in the last one” Timmy spares no expense on THAT SASS
  • The singing brachiosaurus precious babes
  • “what do you call a blind dinosaur? a do-you-think-he-saurous” “what do you call a blind dinosaurs dog? a do-you-think-he-saurous rex” TIMMY GOT THEM JOKES
  • I still want every single object in the Jurassic Park store montage and I’ll be 24 in 3 weeks.
  • All our friends and fam are being chased by dinosaurs but there’s always time for ice cream.
  • The brachiosaurus petting zoo and also like the close up face?? THEY ARE GIANT PRECIOUS BABES I NEED 10
  • “GOD BLESS YOU” Can you tell who my fave is? 
  • The dino eggs and the whole plot development that the dinos are breeding, which never plays into the plot from that point forward? but no one cares cause tiny dino feet prints
  • The Gallimimus scene
  • Hammond’s misogynistic bullshit and Ellie having NONE OF IT
  • “Cleva girl” If I had a dollar for every time I said this line I’d own the T Rex
  • His fried fuckin hair is the real joke.
  • THAT FOOD BUFFET THOUGH. My sister and I canNOT eat anything similar to jello without making fun of Lexie shaking.
  • “Unless the figured out how to open doors” WHICH BRINGS ME TO POSSIBLY THE BEST SCENE IN MOVIE HISTORY. Raptors vs Kids. This shit is so good I was so FREAKED as a kid when bitch ass Timmy wouldn’t crawl and a raptor would pop her head up  and the raptor claw tapping on the tile and tricking the raptors like WHO’S THE CLEVER GIRL NOW I will love this scene till I die
  • “It’s a unit system I know this.” Lexie rebooting the system and Alan and Ellie barricading the door and Timmy jumping around like an ABSOLUTE ASSHATE BEHIND LEX LIKE YEAH YOUR SASS ISN’T GONNA SAVE US IS IT
  • Being cornered by the raptors and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad visit to Jurassic Park
  • And then the movie ends with the theme and cut to me in tears Jurassic Park is the best, I love every single second of this film I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU EVEN HAD TO ASK WHY IT WAS SO GREAT BUT HERE’S YOUR ANSWER MY BUDDY MY PAL
And Baby Makes 5 (Michael)

Requested by anon - Hey. Can I have a Michael imagine where we have 2 children ( the gender you want) and we have to tell them that I’m pregnant but in cute way?! ☺️ Thank you and btw I really really really like your blog xx

Our morning started out pretty normal for us in the Clifford house. Michael and I tried sleeping in as long as possible and when our oldest, Mary, came into the room, we pretended that we didn’t hear her little stomping feet. We continued our attempt at feigning sleep when she climbed into the bed in between us and even more when we felt the younger of our two, Melissa, pushing us further apart to curl into Michael. There was no immediate need to get up because we were usually granted another hour of sleep once they crawled in with us. That is when the first wave of nausea hit me. I tried to keep it at bay because I didn’t want to disturb the cuddle that was going on but after 5 minutes it was too overwhelming. I slipped out of the bed and into the further bathroom. I have been feeling a little off for a few days so I attributed it to that and after emptying my stomach, I decided to curl on the couch to avoid getting the other sick. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly because the next thing I knew, Michael had covered me with a blanket and sat to run his fingers through my hair. I open my eyes and look up into his green ones.

“What ya doing out here princess?” he asks softly.

“I threw up a couple of times and I don’t want to get you all sick. Where are the girls?”

“Still sleeping. They curled together when you left so I was able to slip out pretty easily.” He placed his hand on my forehead. 

“I think it’s might have just been dinner sitting funny but I didn’t want to be too close just in case” I tell him and he kisses my cheek. 

“Want something to drink?”

“No thank you babe” I answer as I rest my head back down. 

“I guess I should tell the guys it’s bring your kids to work day then?”

“Yeah. I don’t want them to be throwing up. What time is it?”

“Almost 10:30″ he smiles. “I’m going to shower first before the girls wake up and then I’ll call the guys.”

“Thank you Michael” I smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too sicky” he jokes. He gives me another kiss on the cheek before disappearing up the stairs. 15 minutes later I hear the girls cheering and guess that Michael told them that they were going with him to rehearsals. The boys were slated to go on tour again later in the year and I was a little worried about taking care of the two kids while he was away. I don’t think I’m incapable, far from it, I just get nervous that something will happen and I won’t have my rock to lean on. I fell asleep again thinking about the last time he went on tour which must be why I dreamed of it.


When I woke up the house was quiet and my heart was beating. I started to think about the last time Michael and I were intimate and the last time that my period came. 

“Shit” I grumble. I don’t swear around the girls so when I am alone, I take all the opportunity I can to get it out. “Fuck” I say now as I stand. I make my way into the bathroom and move a few things under the sink to where the small white and blue box is. I pick it up and check the expiration date. The pregnancy test is from when I found out about Melissa. “Still good.” I roll my eyes at myself for the talking. I unwrap the packaging and prepare for what happens. 3 minutes and I will be able to tell if it is the stomach bug or if our lives will change even more. I can’t say that I would be upset either way but it seems that pregnancy only happens when Michael is about to leave for a tour and he will miss the parts where I need the most help. With Mary I was able to go to see him when I missed him. When Melissa came along it was a bit harder but we were able to pull it off a few times. He would call and check up to make sure I am okay and his mother kept coming over to help if I got overwhelmed but I’m not sure I can let her take both girls as much as she helped when she took Mary. 

The 3 minutes were up and there it was. The two little pink lines next to each other. I take a deep breath and look at the clock. They have only been gone for an hour so I make my way to the door and grab my keys. At the moment, I don’t care about my appearance and to be honest, anyone who sees me in the store with a pregnancy test in hand will understand it. I get into the car and drive a couple blocks down to the little store on the left. I grab what I need and pay before anyone is able to recognize me. I’m grateful for that because I don’t want this on twitter before I can confirm and tell Michael. The boys may not be as famous with the twitter obsessed youth as much now as they were 10 years ago when they started but in our little part of Oz, they are still on top of the top. I get back in the car, drive home and head straight to the bathroom for another test. They say that the first pee of the day is the most accurate but I can’t wait another day without knowing for sure. This one says 5 minutes so I sit and watch the clock. 

5 minutes later and it’s confirmed. Another Clifford is on the way and just in time for tour as our history repeats. I decide that the best way to tell Michael is just by texting him. I suppose there are better options but I’m a little too emotional for that call. I send him a picture with a little message after.

To: Hubbs

I send him a quick text after the picture too.


And baby makes 5

The phone rings immediately.

“It wasn’t the food” he says. I can tell he doesn’t want to say it because he doesn’t want the others to hear it. 

“You can tell them” I answer back. 

“I don’t want the girls to hear it without you here. Let me get them outside.” I hear him put the phone down and start talking to the girls. “Why don’t you tell Grammy Liz that you want to play outside and ask her if she can watch you for a bit” he suggests. The girls squeal in delight and I hear a door shut. “You are on speaker” he tells me. 

“It’s a tour tradition” I tell the others. 

“What?” Cal asks, confused. 

“What happened so far on every single tour?” 

“Baby!” Ashton shouts and I laugh. 

“Correct. Every single tour, a month before you leave, one of us gets pregnant” I answer. “But hey, I gotta go, Mali is calling me.” I hang up before I hear whether the boys are excited or not. 

“Heyyyy” I say when I answer her call. With no pause Mali starts talking. 

“How did you tell Michael that you were pregnant?” She asks. 

“Wow, word travels fast” I laugh. 

“What word?” She asks back and I pause. “Uh, surprise. I’m having another one” I chuckle.

“Well this should be fun” she laughs back. 

“What’s the matter?”

“I have to figure out how to tell Ashton that he can stop stealing the other guys’ kids because he is finally going to have a little one of his own.” We both burst out in laughter. 

“What are the freaking chances that both of us will be pregnant for their tour this time! Listen” I tell her. “I will be over after a quick shower and we will go over there with 2 cakes. One will be for Michael and the girls and one will be for you and Ashton.”

“Do you think he will be happy?”

“I think he will be terrified.” I admit. “But I also think that he will be an amazing dad because he has had so much practice. Go get ready. Be there in like 20.” We hang up and I head for the bedroom to grab my clothes. At least I won’t be alone this time.


“Surprise!” I shout when I walk into the room holding a cake. The boys give me a hug when they see me and Ash cocks his head to the left when he sees Mali.

“Hey babe, I didn’t know you were coming today.” He has a smile on and kisses her.

“EWWWWW! Uncle Ash and Aunt Mali are kissing againnnnnnnn” Mary yells. We all laugh and that is when Mali and I both put the cakes down on a table. Michael and Ashton stare at us before making their way there. 

“Michael and the girls first” I say. He opens the cake and it says ‘And baby makes 5′. He reads it out to the girls and they scream in happiness. 

“ANOTHER BABY!!” Mary screams. I am happy that she is excited. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do if she hated the excitement. Melissa is only 2 so I was sure that she didn’t actually understand what was happening. 

“Now Ash” Mali says and when he opens the cake and sees ‘And baby makes 3′ we see him stare blankly at Mali. 

“I…We…You….There is a…” he stutters but can’t find the words until he takes her in his arms. “Your having a baby?” He questions, just to be sure. 

“We…We are having a baby” she clarifies. Calum has a huge grin on his face when he walks over and hugs his sister and brother in law. 

“This will bring us up to 8 band babies” Luke points out. There are 8 little tiny humans that we made.” He starts to laugh loudly. “This world is in trouble” we all laugh with him. 

“So much trouble” I reply.

“Cliffords are never trouble” Michael says in a mater of fact tone. That’s when we hear the squishing noise and notice that both of our kids are elbows deep in cake.

“You were saying?” I ask with humor and my left eyebrow raised.

“Point taken” he laughs. “Point. Taken.”


Day Dreaming

Niall: “Can you imagine it though? What it’ll be like?” Niall asked into the darkness. He saw his whole life with you. From being old and gray to being parents, grandparents. Niall didn’t want anyone else for all those big moments in his life. You smiled, your hand lacing and unlacing through his. “Yeah, a little boy with his daddy’s eyes and appetite,” that made Niall laugh and he turned to face you, his hands still moving through yours. “And his mom’s smile,” he could just make out your face in the darkness and his heart always flipped when you smiled at him like that. It was late, after 2 am but neither of you could sleep, so you did something you’d never done before: you daydreamed about the future you would have together. “Can we live in Ireland?” You whispered, heart racing. He froze, his large hand stilling above yours. “You want to live in Ireland with me?” His accent was thick now, husky with surprise. “It’s your home,” you shrugged. Ireland was the most important place to him, and even though he lived here with you, you knew that Ireland was his true home and he would never be fully happy anywhere else. You wanted to give him that, you wanted to give him all the happiness in the world because he deserved it. He was grinning now, you could feel the happiness pulse through him. “A little house in Ireland, fields, green everywhere ya look. And oh god I can go to Derby games!” You laughed and climbed on top of him and he put his hands on your hips, staring up at you in adoration. “I’d live anywhere,” he said bringing your face down to his for a long, slow kiss. “As long as I’m with you…but to live in Ireland and raise kids and make a life with you, well,” his lips moved down your jaw to your neck and you shivered. “I can’t imagine anything more perfect.”

Zayn: His head was on your lap, his coffee eyes trained to the ceiling as he let you talk. In moments like this, he couldn’t speak even if he wanted to. You had a way with words, something that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t be as eloquent as you. “I know that wherever we live,” you continued on, capturing more of his heart by the second, “we’ll need to be close to your mum and sisters. I know you can’t be without them.” He blinked, sitting up slowly to face you. The light from the fire place cast your face in shadow, but Zayn knew every curve of your cheek, and how your eyes looked in the mid afternoon sun. The darkness did nothing to hide you from him. He knew you like he knew himself. Fully and completely. “How’d you know that’s the most important thing to me?” He whispered. You smiled and touched his cheek. “I see you Zayn. I see how you light up when she’s around, and how it gives you peace of mind to be close and check up on her, make sure she’s okay.” He bent down and pressed his lips to your wrist, closing his eyes. He knew that he wanted a whole life with you, kids, grandkids, the works. “I always did have this image of you and me mum in the kitchen, like, talkin and laughin and sharing recipes together ‘cos you like cooking too. And,” he added slowly, his eyes moving across your face, “when I’m gone I’ll feel better knowing she’s here to look after ya.” You didn’t like thinking about Zayn leaving for your, it instantly made your mood plummet. “None of that frowning, come on then love. We’ve got a whole big future ahead of us.” He was right. There’d be so many big memories to make and soon. Engagement, wedding, first house, first kid. You had a life time of firsts to get through and your heart lifted, because you would get to experience every single one of them with Zayn.

Harry: His head was on your chest, your fingers running through his curls. He nuzzled up under your neck, a small sigh of contentment passing through his lips. “What do you see when you think about our future?” you asked him, eyes half closed with sleep. He grinned. It felt to Harry that he was always thinking of his future with you. “What part do you want to know about? I’ve got it all planned.” You let a dry laugh slip past your lips. Surely he couldn’t have everything planned. He guessed as much from your laugh and he rolled over, until his chin was resting on your navel and he was looking up at you. “I want to be married within two years,” he said surprising you. Suddenly, you were riveted to Harry and his perfect pink mouth. “I want a house in London and one in the states by your parents. I want to wake up every morning to hear you sing in the shower, and eventually, sing with our kids down stairs when we make breakfast together. I want to fall asleep and wake up each day knowing I’ve got you right where I want you- in my arms. I want to eat your really shitty chicken and pretend I love it.” You playfully flicked his nose and he laughed, capturing your fingers and pressing a kiss to the tip. “I want to travel all over with you and show you the world. I want to sleep late on Sunday’s and eat too much junk and spoil our kids because they’ll be our world and they deserve it. I want to be old and gray on our porch swing, drinking tea and talking about this moment right now,” he pulled you up so you were nose to nose, his large hands tangling in your hair. “I want an an entire lifetime with you, but even then, at the end of it, it’ll never be enough. I want forever with you, baby.”

Louis: “Can I tell you something?” he whispered late one night. You might have been asleep, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he had to tell you what he’d been thinking about for the last hour. You moaned, a soft protest of waking up. “S’that?” You murmured, rolling to face him. He looked at your face, eyes still closed and eye lashes long on your cheek. Lips parted for breath and your hair falling over your forehead. With careful hands, he brushed it back. Louis never divulged this sort of information, he was more about living in the ‘now’ but sometimes it couldn’t be helped. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I need to tell you something.” You heard the seriousness of his voice and you pulled yourself from sleep. “Okay, what’s going on?"it wasn’t like Louis to be so serious and at this late at night to boot. His eyes glittered in the darkness and it made you nervous. "I know that I joke around a lot but you know that I’m crazy over you right?” There was an edge of desperation to his voice you’d never heard and you nodded, hands tracing his tattoos. “I just need to tell you that I think about our future all the time.” His voice was softer now, almost a whisper like he was telling a secret. “Where we’d live, our house and what it’d look like. I think about our kids and whether it’ll be a girl who looks just like you or a boy who has my character. I wonder if I’ll be his hero, you know? I wonder if we’ll spend Christmas at your parents house or mins, or if we’ll go back and forth between the two. I wonder what color my suit will be on our wedding day, and if I should get you a gold or silver ring.” He broke off and ran a hand through his hair, a sigh slipping out. “I think about my life with you, baby,” he said pulling you closer, “and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Liam: “I don’t want that big of a house,” he confessed as he rubbed the feet you had just placed in his lap. You raised your eyebrow in surprise. You always imagined Liam living in grandeur when he got older, but to hear him say he wanted a small house surprised you. “No?” You asked. He shook his head, his hands still working and sliding up to your calves. “Nope. I want a few bedrooms of course. One for us, and one for the boys when they come. And eventually, that’ll turn into the kids rooms.” You blinked in surprise and then grinned. “How many kids?” You asked casually, heart racing. “I was thinking three maybe. Boys first then a girl, so they can look out for her and stuff.” He shrugged and looked embarrassed by his confession but you were touched. “I like that idea,” you said softly, thinking of a doe eyes child just like his father. “And I can’t wait to get a house with a yard and put a swing set in for them, maybe a pool.” He was on a roll now, his eyes bright and his hands moving as he talked. “And we can paint it however you like and once we move in, you and I are going to Christen every single room in the house,” his hand slid up the back of your knee and you blushed, imagining you and Liam two years from now, flushed and happy in your new home and wanting to celebrate. “That sounds nice,” you said dryly, trying to keep your heart rate down. He grinned but sobered up pretty quickly. “I just see this wonderful life ahead of us, you know? And this is only the beginning, this.” He gestured between you both now, curled up in your little flat that wasn’t all that big. “But it’s a beautiful start,” you added, hand out for his. He took it gladly, the smile on his face utterly joyful. “It’s the perfect start to a happily ever after,”

Harry fluff

“You and (y/n) have been getting really close recently” Niall points out to Harry. “You sure there’s noting going on between you?” Harry sighs and shakes his head. Unfortunately the curly haired lad feels like he’s been friend zoned by you however this is definitely not the case, and you are scared of the same thing with him.

“Told you a thousand times mate, we aren’t together” Harry says, sadly. You were only in the kitchen so the the boys were making sure they were quiet but it wasn’t quite good enough as you heard the end of the conversation. “Yeah would love to ask her out but our friendship means way to much to me, would never want the chance of ruining that.

‘So Harry has a potential new girl on the scene. I knew I was stupid to think that I could end up with him’ you think to yourself with a sigh as you bring the boys their drinks.

"Thanks babs” Harry says with a gentle kiss to your cheek. So the two boys have decided that you should watch a horror film and Harry knows you don’t deal with horror films very well so he knew that you’d end up being extra cuddley which he was more than happy with.

“H, I’m scared and it hasn’t even started” you whisper as Niall is in the kitchen making popcorn mainly for himself but he’s promised he’d share it with you this time but you weren’t going to hold him to that promise.

“Love it’s okay, your allowed to get scared”

“Shhh, don’t want Niall thinking less of me”

“It’s okay my lovely, it’s a good job you have the best cuddle buddy ever because I’ll protect you the whole way through, even if I have to pee real bad, I’ll hold it for you”

“Means a lot” you say, kissing his cheek quickly. And within five minutes of the movie starting you were already in Harry’s lap, hiding your face in his neck.

“Want me to turn it off love? I’ll put some cheesy romantic comedy on” you shake your head into his neck loving the smell filling your nostrils and loving the feeling of being in his arms. And that’s exactly where you stay for the whole movie.

“So when you askin’ 'er mate?” Niall asks Harry and I feel him shrug.

“’M not, I told you lot before, ’m not losing nights like this where this pretty little thing can just fall asleep on me, it’s not worth it”

“But you’re in love with her, and I’m pretty sure she’s in love with you”

“I’m not risking losing this, (y/n) she means way to much to me”

'Wow Harry’s not going after a girl because of me and a girl who Harry apparently is in love with’ you think to yourself. 'I must really mean a lot to him, just wish I meant more than a friend’ but little did you know that person was you and that would all be revealed to you very shortly.

“Should just kiss her, see what she does”

“Drop it mate, I’m not letting go of these late nights we have together”

“They don’t have to stop mate, why would they stop?” Niall asks and I feel Harry shaking his head and Niall stops pressing the issue.

It’s been a week since that night and it’s rolled around to that terrible time of the month where you bleed for four days and get horrible stabbing pains in your lower stomach. Harry was well aware it
was that time for you, he has it marked on his calender so he made sure he had lots of ice cream and chocolate and all sorts of junk food because he knew you’d be over wanting his comforting touch. So when you showed up at his door that morning he wasn’t suprised, he wordlessly took you into his arms and peppered kisses all over your head. “Got chocolate I’m my bedside table drawer, let’s go up and cuddle” he mutters to you and you agree with a smile.

“Thanks H” you say as he hands you a shirt of his and some sweats of yours that you’ve left here for events much like this and you quickly change, Harry shutting his eyes like a gentleman. “Now hold me and rub my tummy” you tell Harry as you crawl into his bed and you cuddle up to him.

“Titanic or some other cheesy romance which you’re going to fall asleep watching and leave me to watch”

“Whatever” you groan. “Just feed me chocolate, it’s like a million times worse this month for some reason”

“Awww no baby” he says and the cute pet name makes your stomach fill with that amazing butterfly feeling. He has to stop rubbing my stomach to get the bar of chocolate and he puts it on his chest. “Chocolate or tummy rubs?”

“Tummy” you groan taking the chocolate into your own hands and feeding yourself. Harry puts the TV on and the movie titanic is already in the player so he leaves it and presses play. You quickly fall asleep with your best friends comfort.

Not long after you wake up your cramps only seem to be getting worse and worse and Harry hates watching it. “H, it hurts so bad” you whine and he pulls you onto his lap and he cradles you in his arms.

“I know baby, it’s okay I’ve got you” he comforts with a kiss going to your temple and it seems to distract the pain slightly.

“Mmm more kisses” you almost moan to him. Harry hesitates at first but keeps kissing your face, softly and his lips linger for a couple of seconds after every kiss. Now you and Harry have made out before but it was after a lot of wine one night and deep down that’s what you wanted right now, you knew it would distract you enough to get over the initial pain. We both look back at the screen lighting up the room and it would be the steamy sex scene. I blush and look down at my lap where my hands were playing with a ring (brought by Harry) which was placed on my middle finger.

“Why you blushing love?” Harry asks, picking up your chin making you look at him in the eyes. “We’ve watched this movie like a thousand times together and you blush every single time, why doll?” You shrug your shoulders and avoid eye contact with him as much as possible. “(Y/n), baby girl look at me” so you meet his eyes and he just smiles at you. “You embarrassed by watching a sex scene with your best friend?”

“N-No, H” you stutter. You were embarrassed about watching this particular scene with him as you have spent many a time thinking about it with you and him, but you couldn’t admit that out loud. “You stopped the kisses” you say with a pout.

“Just wanted to look at your gorgeous eyes for a moment love”

“Stop it you” you say and close your eyes. “Kisses make me feel better”

“Okay love okay, I get it you’re using me for my amazing lips” he says and the hand that was holding onto your chin now moves to your neck, cupping it gently at the side. The next thing you could feel was his lips on your own. As soon as you knew what was happening you kissed him back, a hand resting on his chest and a hand on the back of his neck, playing with the recently cut ends. You both pull away, both breathless and all you both want to do is share another kiss however you resist and opt for just staring into each others eyes. “How you feeling now love?”

“Much better thanks, H” you whisper and the the hand from the back of his neck and through the much shorter than normal hair on top of his head. “So what was that about? Like not that I have a problem or anything I was just wondering? I err, I really don’t mind it or anything” you say really nervously, not wanting him to think that you didn’t want it because it’s all you ever wanted.

“'Ts not our first, love, and I really hope it won’t be the last time we kiss. Makes me feel so good on the inside, me heart skip a beat every single time” he admits to you. And that I’m itself is enough to make your heart flutter with excitement. You don’t know what to say to him so you just nod in agreement then hide your face in his neck just like you had last week when you were watching a movie. “Love, there’s no point in hiding from me in my own neck. And I can feel your cheeks are warm, you’re blushing again” he points out correctly.

“Shut up” you say into his neck, his skin muffling it slightly. You pull away from his neck so you can look at him again. “How come you never told me this before today you douche?” You ask, your fingers running through his hair once again.

“Dunno” he shrugs. “Thought it was pretty pointless to mention since you couldn’t feel it too. Besides you can’t be interested in me, the genuine people never like the lifestyle I force upon them with cameras flashing everytime we go out, so become less interested in me”

“H, I’ve known you since high school and I’ve been spotted with you hundreds of time and have I run away from you yet? No I haven’t. I know they haven’t hacked my phone yet or anything like that but I can deal with that sort of thing with my best friend. And for your information mister, I feel exactly the same when we kiss, drunk or not”

“Oh” he says with a chuckle. “Well I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a long long time now babs”

“How long?” You ask and poke his side making him squirm away slightly.

“Rather not say love, been a while now can you just let me ask ya?” You smile at his slightly nervous behaviour, not use to seeing him like this, it was definitely cute and you could get use to it. “Would you care to join me on a date tomorrow?”

“Nooooo H, told you it’s always the worst on the second day can’t we do it after I’ve finished this stupid blood cycle” you whine and pepper kisses to his cheek, hopefully persuading him to let your date be later than he wishes.

“You’re so bloody cute sometimes, don’t know how I’ve kept to myself for so long” he says and kisses your forehead, a simple act like that making your heart flutter. “Hey I know we haven’t even been on a date yet but please love, please be my girl?”

“Of course you silly goose, thought you’d never ask me sausage” you tell him and kiss his forehead again. “Now gimme a smooch love bug” you tell him and he happily obliges and presses his mouth to yours.

So after a day of snuggles, kisses, sleep and movies Niall, Louis and Liam all came over, they were meant to be working on writing some music however they opted for watching more movies saying they’d do their work tomorrow. The hunger games mocking Jay part 1 was playing on the TV but Harry had your full attention and you had his. You were cuddled close to his side, your leg resting over his hip and a hand playing with his cross chain. “Stoooopppppp” you whine to your new boyfriend who was tickling you but because it was your time of the month it just hurt and didn’t make you giggle at all. “H, it hurts” you whisper. Now you hadn’t actually told any of the boys what had gone on between the pair of you and it was pretty normal for the two of you to get so cuddley at one of these movie nights, but you do thing that it’s starting to show, Harry’s cute kisses to you being a little too much. You’d been on tour with these boys and they knew what time of the month it was for you so they were trying to stay on your good side, however they did still tease you a little about being so close with Harry.

“Ohh god baby I’m so sorry” he says, now rubbing your sides. “Want some ice cream? Will that make up for it?”

“Too cold for ice cream”

“That’s a good excuse for more cuddles though my lovely” he says and kisses your cheek.

“Like you’re not getting enough” you grumble, your hormones really starting to come out now.

“Hey, hey” Harry coos. “No reason to be like that my love” Harry’s soft voice somehow calming your hormones down.

“Bloody hell, you may as well just go make out” Niall tells you two.

“Shut up, twat” you grumble and flip him off.

“Baby, baby, no. Calm down my lovely and apologise to Niall, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was just tryin’ to help get his mate some action”


“No buts, be nice baby girl then I’ll get you a nice tea or hot chocolate or something”

“Sorry Niall” you apologise then it’s the end of the movie so the other boys get up to nip to the toilet and grab snacks but you stop Harry from going anywhere. “H don’t leave too”

“I’m right here precious” he coos. “Niall can you do us two hot chocolates and bring some sort of comforting food for us” Niall agrees from the kitchen where I assume he was already finding himself some food. “So what do you want to watch my love”

“Not bothered, just want cuddles” you tell him as you both shuffle up to a sitting position and you’re now sat comfortably on his lap. Harry kisses your cheek happily. “You missed” you say with a pout.

“Cheeky and cute, aren’t you bubs” you nod and cup the side of his neck and pull him towards you for a kiss.

“What the bloody 'ell” Niall’s accent comes out thick as he walks in on us and it makes you pull away from Harry but hide your blushing face in his neck. “You pair get on it quick don’t ya” he steps out of the room but your hear him call to Louis and Liam “our little Harry finally got on it, jus’ caught him making out with (y/n)!”

“So bloody embarrassed” you say in his neck.

“Love it’s alright, let’s face it they were going to find out at some point and as soon as they found out they would be teasin’ us”

“Would’ve rather you told 'em”

“Baby just gimme another kiss and we’ll face their teasing together, got it” you agree with a smile and of course you give him the kiss he asked for. So the rest of the night was filled with teasing from the three lads as you watched the notebook (Harry’s request) you were happy to take the teasing because it meant they were happy with you and him being together, they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t like the two of you so it was all good. You were excited to finally feel like a member of the 1D family.


Just a little fluffy cuteness I’ve been working on today whilst watching TV, I hope you enjoy, please request,my ask box is always open ♡

The Next Chapter #14 - MMFD Fanfic

I’m thinking there will be about 5-6 more chapters left ;x

“Come here, girl” Finn motioned with his arms wide open.

Rae was having a crappy two days. It was noon on Friday and her anxiety was at an all time high. The show was due to start today but she had been throwing up all morning. She had called Raven this morning to tell her about her pregnancy, and was a bit disappointed in her reaction. She said congratulations, but not before reminding Rae that she was under contact for the next six months. She lectured how the show had to be a priority and that Rae could have had better timing. Rae knew that being friends with your boss could be a bit tricky, but she was a bit disappointed by Ravens reaction.

She had also told her Mom and Kareem last night, which didn’t go over very well. In fact Linda had nearly disowned them both, talking on and on about being responsible adults and breaking trust.

It was all just a bit overwhelming and while Linda had finally came around in the end, congratulating them both, she knew their relationship was going to need a bit of work in the coming months.

Rae leaned against Finns chest as he wrapped her into a hug. “Tonight is going to be brilliant, you were meant for this.” he kissed the top of her head, which was too much for her emotions, because she started bawling into his shirt.

He led her into his office and closed the door. “Rae, please don’t cry babe. I promise everything is going to be okay. The show will be great and your mom will come around and well Raven is just a good business women. As long as we do well with the show I’m sure she will come to see that this is a good thing.”

Finn always knew exactly what to say to make Rae feel a bit more calm. “I was reading that book and it says that the sickness shouldn’t last much longer. Did you know that baby is the size of a kidney bean? We have a bean!” Finn put both his hands on Rae’s cheeks wiping her tears with his thumbs. “I love you Rae, more than anything in the world and I can’t wait to meet our little girl.”

“We’re not having a girl Finn, I told you he’s a boy.” she smiled keeping up the little game they had been playing as of late.

Truth be told, they both didn’t care what the sex of the baby was, they just wanted he or she to be healthy. Rae had to admit that Finn reading the baby book her mom had given them was such a turn on.

Finn kissed Rae with a fiery passion and before too long she was seated on his desk, her legs wrapped around him, he troubles forgotten for the moment.


“Yeah, I understand Raven. Okay, yeah I will make sure to tell them all. Yeah go ahead and email it on over. Okay, thanks bye.” Rae hung up the phone after the five minute conversation had turned into a twenty minute one. She was exhausted.

“What did she say?” Finn asked, laying in bed his arms behind his head.

“She said that the ratings were really good, but that you’ve got to say ‘shit’ a bit less” Rae laughed climbing into bed and laying her head against his chest. “But, seriously they are really pleased with everyone, especially our shows on Wednesday nights. Something about ‘everyone loving a love story’ and that ‘your banter and bickering really drags them in’. They said the last eight weeks were the best the radio’s ever done.”

“We do not bicker” Finn noted looking into Rae’s eyes. “Rae, if everything is going really well, why do you seem so down?” He rubbed his hands through her hair that had grown at least six inches these last five months.

Rae shrugged. She was a bit shocked at how well the show had been going. She had been having such a good time especially now that her morning sickness was gone, but her energy had been so low, and she’d been so emotional she could barely even listen to the music she was playing. It seemed every song and every story had made her want to cry.

“You know Raven said you didn’t have to go on every night. We can start putting Chloe and Archie, or Me and Chop on some nights. Ya know, if it’s getting to be too much.”

“I know.” Rae sighed. With Izzy just hitting her 8th month of pregnancy, it wouldn’t be long before she would be needing a few weeks off. It just didn’t feel right pulling everyone in to work more hours, when they all have other things going on in life. This was her show and he idea and she went into it with the idea that she would be putting the most work into it. It was hard for her to explain how overwhelmed she had been feeling about everything though.

A lot had happened in the last two months. Finn had given up his flat and moved in with her and Chloe full time. She had a five night a week radio show to keep up with. Rae didn’t realize how much work went into a single show every night. Picking the music, reading the emails, it was a full time job, which she was happy to have, but lately her energy was just depleted.

“Rae, if something was wrong, you would tell me right?” Finn asked and she felt his heart rate speed up. “It’s just, you’ve been kind of distant lately. Like you hardly let me touch you anymore and you haven’t been eating all that well. Is there something going on?”

He always knew. It was a blessing and a curse because Rae needed someone to care, but she just couldn’t put into words how she was feeling. She knew that for both of their sakes, she had to try.
“I’m just tired Finn, I know it sounds stupid, but even eating is just so much effort. All day I just can’t wait to crawl into bed. My body has been aching a bit and this little boy has been kicking like crazy as of late.” Rae smiled as Finn gently pushed her onto her back and scooted down the bed so that his head was at her every growing stomach.

He was right, she hadn’t wanted him to touch her. She had just felt so huge lately. Her bump had finally started showing, but she just felt fat, not matter how much Finn told her how beautiful and glowing she was. She couldn’t help but be a bit envious at how cute Chloe and Izzy looked. She knew it wasn’t healthy to compare herself to them. Her body had always been an issue for Rae, but she hadn’t realize how effected by this weight gain she would be. Even if the doctor said at the last appointment she had only gained nine pounds, which was normal for how far along she was.

She was disappointed that they hadn’t found out the sex yet. The baby had not cooperated at their appointment two weeks ago, so the doctor said they could try again this Monday. She just felt disconnected and was hoping knowing what she was having might help.

“Well maybe we should discuss this with the doctor on Monday, just to make sure everything is okay with her. Maybe we should also go and see Kester. You know it’s okay to be a bit emotionally drained, love. Maybe talking with him would help.”

Rae knew Finn was right, but it didn’t help her to fell any better.

“Yeah I think you are right, and I’m sure he is fine. I’ll call Kester in the morning and see if I can see him directly after our appointment on Monday.”

She had been so busy lately that although she had spoken to Kester on the phone a few times, she hadn’t been in to see him in over a month. Actually not since she and Finn had told him they were expecting. Surprisingly, Kester had been really supportive which was a big shock. He seemed to think she was strong enough to handle it, but she wasn’t too sure.

“How’s my baby girl today?” Finn said, pulling up a bit on Rae’s shirt and placing his lips directly on her exposed belly. He liked to do this every night, but lately it just made Rae squirm. Her stretch marks that had always bothered her, had gotten a bit more dark since her stomach had started growing. Not even the cream her mom gave her was helping.

“He is doing fine.” She teased pulling down her shirt and placing her hands on Finn’s face, pulling his pouting lips to hers.

He attempted to deepen the kiss and for the first time in weeks, Rae let him. She missed his kiss, his touch and for tonight, she just needed to feel what he felt for her.

“Make love to me Finn” she said leaning over to turn off the lamp.

He didn’t need any more prompting and before she knew it, her clothes were on the floor. There was a little light coming in from the open curtains and if she wasn’t already naked she would have gotten up to close them, but it was too late.

Finn started trailing kisses down her body, but she grabbed his face, stopping him from going any lower. She just didn’t think she could handle it tonight. She just needed him inside her, that was all she could handle right now.

“Please, I need you inside me now.” she begged, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

The tremble in her voice was noticeable, but before he could ask her what was wrong again she said, “Please Finn, Please”

He quickly entered her before she could beg again and her hands gabbed his waist as e began to thrust. He held himself above her, on his knees and continued thrusting into her deeply and quickly until they were both out of breath and on the verge of coming. She knew she needed the release just as much as he did, but she just couldn’t get out of her own head.

As if he could sense her trepidation, his thumb wiped away her tear and he said “Let go, Rae. Just let go” and she instantly found her release. Finn wasn’t long after her and they lie together flat on their backs in the dark, their breathing slowly calming.

“Please” he pleaded making no move to touch her, but she felt as if he had slapped her. The hurt in his voice was enough to break her heart.

“I love you.” she rolled onto her side, placing her arm around his waist. “more than anything.”

“Why can’t you talk to me then. Why can’t you tell me how you’re feeling instead of having me fuck you in the dark while you are crying? Do you know how that makes me feel?”

He was angry and she didn’t blame him. But how could she tell him how she was feeling when she didn’t know. She didn’t understand it, she just felt so empty.

“I’m just… broken.” because really, that’s how she felt. Like she had somehow fell into pieces the past few months and even though she had such wonderful things in her life, she wasn’t happy.

“I don’t understand.” he shook his head, wrapping both his arms around her naked body. “I know a lots been going on, but I thought you were happy. You’ve got the show, the baby, the gang, me…”

“I know Finn, that’s why I can’t explain it to you. I want to talk to you so badly, but I just don’t know what to say that will make any sense. I just feel sad all the time. I feel stupid and ugly and like I don’t deserve you or this baby.” she buried her head in his chest ashamed that after all this time, she still felt like the lost sixteen year old girl.

“Okay baby, okay don’t cry. We’ll figure it out together, okay?” he continued to soothe her rubbing her head until she fell into a peaceful sleep.


Monday November 4th 8:04am

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while, but I thought maybe writing how I’m feeling might be a bit helpful. I have an appointment at the doctors in about an hour. Hopefully we will be able to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy. Truth be told, I am hoping for a girl, because it seems to be what Finn wants.

I can feel Finn pulling away from me, but it’s not like I blame him, I pulled away first. I feel like I’m loosing him, but I’ve been feeling so lousy lately that I can see it’s been really hard on him. He hasn’t touched me since Friday night, not even a kiss. He stayed out with Chop until three am last night, saying something about one last hoorah before his and Izzy’s baby comes. I was asleep when he got in and he was in the shower before I even woke up.

I’m going to see Kester after my appointment today and I’m going to ask Finn to sit in with me. I’m hoping he will be able to help me work through how I’ve been feeling and to maybe if Finn hears how I’m feeling we can both understand. I’m also hoping that maybe Finn can tell me how he is feeling. He keeps it all bottled up.

Anyways I am going to try to write here a bit more often. I’m already feeling a bit better.

Rae Xoxo


Thankfully everything with the baby was good. Rae hadn’t gained any more weight in the last two weeks, and the doctor said her emotions were pretty normal. He did advise that she see Kester, given her history with mental health issues, but he didn’t sound too worried. In fact he said, he had seen far worse.

Rae was relieved to hear this, but deep down she still knew something was going on. Thankfully she had seeing Kester to look forward to.

“Let’s see if this little one is feeling a little bit more friendly today” The doctor placed the machine on Rae’s belly and shut the light of. “Oh, it looks like he or she is moving around a lot today, which is really great..”

Finn smiled as she saw her little baby moving around on the screen.

“So what are you two hoping for?” the doctor asked.

“A Boy” Finn said.
“A Girl” Rae said at the exact same time.

They both looked at each other and burst out laughing, having suddenly switched up their picks.

“Well it looks like I can confirm one of you are right.” The doctor clicked a few buttons and some black and white photos of the baby printed out. He handed them to Finn “Congratulation, looks like you’ve got a perfectly healthy baby boy”

“No way?!” Finn smiled a mile wide and leaned over to give Rae a peck on the forehead. “You we’re right” he smiled at her, “I was hoping you would be.”

“Really?” she asked, “I thought you wanted a girl?”

“Nah,” There’s going to be plenty of little ladies around, us men are going to be out numbered.” he laughed, inspecting the photo a little bit closer.

“You see that? Yeah he is definitely my son.” Finn joked making Rae laugh ad the doctor left the room to give them a bit of privacy.

“I love you Finn” Rae grabbed his hand and his eyebrows bunched together at upon hearing the uncertainty in her voice.

“I love you too, girl.” he leaned over kissing her lips. “forever and ever”


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