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When you overhear a freshman saying they’ve “never pulled an all-nighter”

I don’t think a lot of people understand the effort that goes into songwriting. There’s lyricism, putting those lyrics to a melody, putting that melody in a score, giving that score extra sound effects and beats at just the right moment for the effect you want, and all of those processes are time consuming and emotionally draining. You’ll spend hours combing through hundreds of songs you’ve written trashing 90% of your work just in the lyrical phase even if it’s good bc it’s not good enough and you’ll spend days making sure that melody is catchy but not annoying, conveys the emotions you’re trying to express, if you plan on singing it yourself you’ll make sure it’s in your range and compliments your voice, is it unique enough without being weird? Is it strong? Should it be strong? Could it be better? How can you make it better? Is this the best it can be or should I spend a couple more days working on it? And after that you have to write accompaniment. What instrument should you put it on? Can you add more instruments? Do you know anyone who can play some of these instruments while you perform/record/whatever you’re doing with it bc you can only play one thing at a time. What chords go with the melody? How can you make those chords more interesting to listen to? Is this really the best I can do? Could it use backup vocals? Who would back me up? Is that too much? Does it still convey the emotion you were going for? There’s a ton to think about. It’s an incredibly time consuming process and sometimes after going through all of it you still end up scrapping it. You don’t even know if any of your work will be seen. Ever. You then work insanely hard to find someone to record it for you (or save up money for your own equipment and find yourself a room and fix up that room to suit your needs, which also costs time and money) and hope and pray people like it if you ever get it out into the public eye. Bc after all the work you went through you still can’t make people listen you still can’t make people like it. Songwriters deserve more respect than being written off as lazy, privileged people who get payed way more than they deserve.


To All the Little Girls - Hillary Clinton’s concession speech set to (beautiful) music and performed by students in a music theory class at SOL-LA Music Academy in Santa Monica, CA.

As much as I respect the art of clique artists, (the kind made with paints and pencils and colors), it would be nice if the clique took a second to pause and look at all the quiet poets, musicians, singers and photographers that also create for this band. 

So much of clique art is centered around the… well… art. There is ARTOPIA, there is clique art appreciation accounts, there is the art that dances across the screen during HOTY, there is so much culture surrounding the traditional definition of art…

Where is the ARTOPIA where people can come and sing? Where are the accounts dedicated to sharing clique poetry? Where are the photography showcases that show the beautiful pictures clique members have taken? 

Please, take a moment to stop and appreciate the other types of art that exists in the clique. We work just as hard, but sometimes it hurts to see all of the “true artists” get all the appreciation. Take a second and read the poems, comment on the photos, find something meaningful in the lyrics written by fans. Purpose does not only come in paints and pencils. There is a vibrant community of art here, and not just the traditional kind.

No Money - Archie Andrews

listen to the song here

Sorry I ain’t got no money I’m not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today

You can call me what you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

You might knock me down, you might knock me down, but I will get back up again

You can call it how you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

What is most important to you? The question was bold, standing out against everything else on your page.  It was sitting there blank, the only question you had skimmed over.  Sure, at first glance it was easy.  My friends, you thought.  Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin… Archie.  But that was easy.  Every other applicant trying to score a job at Pop’s was bound to say the same tedious answers.  My family, my friends, my education… blah blah blah.  You wanted to stand out.  Every other question you answered above and beyond (Jughead tutoring you for free in English was just about the best thing that ever happened to you) and wanted to make your application a star among clouds.  

You were currently sitting in a booth alone at the diner you visited oh so frequently visited.  Normally you were here with at least one of your friends, but today you needed some peace quiet and french fries to get you through this paper.  You’d been tapping your pen against the tabletop for the last ten minutes, eyes reading the words over and over.

“You want your usual milkshake doll?” You looked up to see Pop there, smiling kindly at you.  “Filling out my job application for here?” You nodded.

“Just one left” You pulled a smile, as he scribbled down your order.  Chocolate milkshake, as always.  He looked over the empty lines on your form.

“Tricky one for ya?”

“Too easy” You replied with a sigh.  Pop chuckled, sliding his pen behind his ear, and his notepad into the pocket of his apron.

“Friends comin’ tonight? You’re never here all alone”

“Yeah I came here by myself.  Needed some calm”

“Your one pal’s real quiet.  Not the loner one with the laptop, the one who comes here.  Probably writin’ poems or somethin’ he’s always singing” You laughed quietly at his mention of Archie.

“Yeah, Archie’s looking to be a singer now”

“Really? Pro athlete all star boy? Wants to be a musician?” You nodded, still smiling softly.  “He any good?”

“He’s great” You said genuinely.  “Really great.  He has some serious talent”

“Is that a blush I see creepin’ up your face?” You looked away quickly.  “Wow, it’s redder than your boyfriend’s hair”

“Oh he’s not my-”

“I’m not her boyfriend” You jumped, turning as Archie had just walked in, wandering towards your table and sliding in the booth across from you.

“Boy how did you even know-”

“We have this conversation all the time” You said, cutting off Pop.  Because it was true.  Everyone always asked ‘what the lovely couple would like to eat’ or ‘how long have you been dating?’ or ‘you have a lovely girlfriend sir’ even your grandmother once asked if you and him were together yet.  You’d laughed and shook your head but looked away, trying to hide the slight frown on your lips.

“I’ll have a burger” Archie said with a signature grin to Pop.  He winked, and walked off.  “So.  Why’d you come here all alone?” Archie asked, folding his hands together, and putting his arms on the table and leaning towards you.  His eyes flickered down to the paper between the two of you.

“It’s my job application… to work here” You told him.  No one knew, just your parents, and Pop.  So you weren’t actually sure how he would react.

But you weren’t expecting him to break into  a grin the size of the moon, and clap his hands together before holding yours firmly.  Your eyes widened slightly at the gesture, and he was still smiling.

“y/n that’s great!”

“I-it is?”

“Yeah you love it here! Plus free food! And extra cash!” You giggled softly and nervously at that, looking down at the table so he wouldn’t see the blush that rose to your cheeks upon his hands clasping onto yours.

“You’re right” You said, and gently pulled your hands out of his.

“Took you long enough to admit it” You smiled a little, already going back to your paper.  “Need help?” You shook your head, and Archie nodded, watching you intently.  You were quiet, this didn’t go unnoticed by him, but he knew it was because you were in a deep concentration.

Your eyes were swallowing the words on the page, wide and full of curious thought.  Every once in awhile your nose would crinkle up, and your lip would curl at the end.  When it wasn’t curled, your bottom lip was being tucked in between your teeth.

He thought it was utterly beautiful.

After an hour, you’d finished up the form, and your meals.  Pop had gleefully taken the application for you.  Telling you that the odds of you getting the job were highly in your favor.

“Thank you so much Pop” You said with a big grin as you pulled on your hoodie.

“No problem toots” The man said, before walking back behind the counter, and going back into the kitchen to finish up his orders.  Archie walked up next to you, and you smiled up at him

“You want to go to the drive in?” He asked, and you nodded, letting him put his hat over your head, until your ears were covered.

“Thanks” You mumbled, and you both walked out of the diner.

“I drove the truck” Archie said, revealing his keys before grinning.  “And I brought a bunch of blankets too so we can set them up in the back and stuff” He unlocked the doors, and you both climbed in.

“It’s been awhile, since we’ve seen a movie here” You said.  “You should text Betty, and Ronnie” You said.

“I did” He replied quickly.  “Veronica’s figuring out stuff with her mom and Betty’s staying back in the projection booth with Jughead” You nodded.

“Well that just means one on one time for me and my favorite ginger” You said with a giggle as you bumped your elbow against his arm.  Archie rolled his eyes, but smiled genuinely towards you.

The theatre wasn’t very busy, there were so manyother things that tenagers found to do than go sit outside in the cold watching old movies.  But you still saw the magic and was always entertained being at the Twilight.

You couldn’t remember the last time that you were there though, it seemed like it had been ages.  But you’d been so wrapped up in the anxieties offered by life, that you had barely spent time outside of school, and your room.

“Hey, hey y/n” You jumped slightly in your seat, looking over at Archie.  “We’re here.. You alright? You pulled a tight smile and nodded.  Then unbuckled your seatbelt, and heading to the back of the truck.  You stared up at the screen, playing trailers and ads as Archie laid blankets over the back bed of the truck.

“Hey Archie?” You called, and he looked up at you.  Both of you on either side of the car.

“Yeah?” You bit your cheek, thinking for a moment.  But staring at him and his green eyes, you couldn’t find the right words.  Suddenly, ‘I’m sorry I’ve pulled away from us’ just didn’t feel right.  “y/n?” Archie gave you a concerned look, but you shook your head, tucking your hair back behind your ear.  “Hey… what’s going on?” He straightened out the end of the blanket and walked over to you.  “And don’t say nothing, cause I know that’s a lie”

“I don’t wanna lie”  Archie nodded, hands curling on your wrists and tugging you to the end of the truck.

“Alright, well I’m here to listen… whenever you want to talk” You nodded your head as he pushed himself up onto the bed.  Then turned around, wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you up too.  “Do you want to?” You nodded, crawling back towards the the mountain of pillows.

“Yeah I just don’t know how to start” He nodded, and you pulled your knees towards your chest.

“Well… I’ve got all night” Archie said, and you nodded, wrapping your arms around your legs.  “Come here, lean over” Archie held his arm out, and he could see the deep blush creeping up your cheeks.  But you did, leaning your head onto his chest, and letting his arm drape around your shoulders.  “It’s okay” His hand rubbed circles on your waist.

“It’s not”

“It is” He grew quieter, as the movie began to play.  “No matter what, it’s gonna be okay” You took in a shaky breath, and watched the movie silently for a few moments.  You tried to calm your thoughts, and slow your rapid heart beat.  “Would this have to be about Grundy?” You scoffed.

“No, no it’s not”

“Okay well anything that could result in me being mad at you is out the window so now there’s really nothing to be worried abou-”

“I had sex with Chuck” His head turned to you so fast, it was just a blur of red hair in front of you.  His eyes were wide, a hard green that sprung tears in your own.

“Did he-”

“No… no it was consensual” His green orbs instantly softened.  “Two weeks ago I was at the Blossoms, for Cheryl’s party?” He nodded, prompting you to continue.  “Add uh… Ronnie was off making out with Betty… and I was just around Chuck and Reggie cause I don’t know…  they’re your football friends and um…”

“I’m not upset” Archie assured you, cupping a hand around your cheek, trying to comfort you best he can.

“He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs… and I wasn’t drunk or anything I knew what he wanted and I just wanted to get over… I told him I wanted to”

“What were you getting over?” You shook your head, looking away and causing his hand to fall from your face.

“Just life” You said weakly.  Alright, so maybe him and Grundy has been eating at you a bit.  You let out a sigh.  “I don’t want to lie to you Archie”

“Then don’t, you don’t have to” He responded.

“Okay then- then I have to be really honest about something” His brows raised momentarily, but nodded, silently telling you to continue.  “I uh- wow this is embarrassing”

“Trust me, I’ve done some weird things I doubt you could say anything that could shock-”

“Archie I’m sorta in love with you”

You proved him wrong in an instant.

“Sort of?” You blinked at his response.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say I just told you like, my biggest secret ever and that’s all you have to say-?”

“I only ask because I really like you” You stopped talking.  “So if you only sorta like me then I don’t want to push you to do something you don’t want to do” You stared at him, trying to get a read from his expression.  A gentle look, soft features, the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“So it might not be sorta… it might be a lot” You told him, and Archie pulled up a smile.

“I can work with that” He said, and leaned forward, eyes flicking from your lips to your eyes, as though asking for permission.  You nodded, and met him halfway.

It wasn’t like anything you’d experienced before, or heard or read or watched.  It wasn’t fireworks exploding behind your eyes.  But it was magical, in some way.  In the softness, the sweet and gentle touch.  It was his warm hands cupping your face and it was his vanilla tasting lips on yours.  It was his rapid heartbeat against your chest, out of sync with yours but just as fast.  It was your shaky breaths when you’d part for the shortest of moments.  It was the way you laid down on the bed of the truck, in a comfortable, and non-prompting way.  (you were in public this couldn’t escalate any further anyways) But you could just lay there on your sides, kissing softly and lightly.  It was like you were both experimenting with your feelings, relishing in how good it felt to touch the other.

“Knock knock hookers” You jumped, seeing Kevin standing next to the truck.  Instantly your face flushed a red pink color, and Archie just groaned as he sat up.  “Thought I’d come join you, but I don’t want to be a cock block so say the word and I’ll be on my merry way” He smiled cheekily, and you rolled your eyes.

“Get up here Kev” You said to your friend, sitting up next to Archie.

“What’d I miss in the film?” He asked, climbing up to sit next to you.  You looked at Archie, having no idea.

“Don’t look at me I wasn’t paying attention” He shook his head as he whispered.

“That’s alright, watching you two swallow tongue was entertainment enough for me” Kevin said, causing you to roll your eyes again.

“We didn’t even-”

“Don’t even bother” You said to Archie, letting your head fall onto his shoulder.  “It’s Kevin we’re talking about.  He only speaks dirty” Kevin winked at you, and seductively swiped his tongue over his top lip.  You rolled your eyes (again) and slapped his arm.  Then settled back against Archie.

There were probably still conversations to be had and questions to be discussed, but you could put that off till later.  You were far too comfortable where you were now to ruin it by talking.

But it was you and Archie.

How bad could it be?

This time, this time

This time, this time I ain’t gonna run, run, run, run…

Not this time, not this time

Jared in Milan 21.02.2017 .
Credit to thesartorialist On IG
Thanks Jenny for the awkward moment! Today in Milan Jenny and I were taking it easy, shopping around and had just finished a snack when we see a guy walk by decked out in @gucci. Jenny says “you should go shoot him! He’s one of Alessandro’s @lallo25 best friends and he’s a famous actor!” I wasn’t really in the mood to shoot and I never really care about shooting “stars” but Jenny seemed so excited I said I would but she had to ask the guy. When we approached Jenny just said “ hi!” and “could we take a photo of you?” but didn’t really explain who we were so he said ok and put his arm around her but I had to say “but can the photo be you you by yourself ?” To which he very politely said “no, just with her!” Jenny was over the moon! As we walked away Jenny said “I can believe I just met Jared Leto @jaredleto !” I looked at her, very surprised and said “you didn’t tell me that was Jared Leto! Come on!” Until he spoke I thought he must have been a famous Italian actor! The whole thing was so awkward but he was very gracious and Jenny was so thrilled that it was all worth it.. .

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Dear Nameless Face,

You know, I’m not sure.  My training only covered how to channel the dead, not share their last memories in a pool.

I’d be willing to try, though!  Can you imagine how cool I’d look doing the Dance of Devotion with all those singers and musicians backing me up?  I bet it’d be like a concert!

-Maya Fey


On this day in music history: August 18, 1987 - “Out Of The Blue”, the debut album by Debbie Gibson is released. Produced by Fred Zarr, Debbie Gibson, John Morales, Sergio Munzibai and Lewis A. Martineé, it is recorded at Z Studio in Brooklyn, NY, International Sound in Miami, FL, Sorcerer Sound, Right Track Studios and Quad Recording Studios in New York City from Late 1986 - Early 1987. Originally signed to Atlantic Records dance music division for just a one off single, the label quickly green lights the recording of a full album in wake of the break out success of “Only In My Dreams” (#4 Pop, #12 Club Play) in dance clubs and on Urban crossover radio. Recorded in just four weeks, the then sixteen year old singer, songwriter and musician  writes all ten songs on her debut album. It spins off five singles with four of them reaching the top five, including “Shake Your Love” (#4 Pop) and the title track (#3 Pop). Gibson makes history as the youngest artist to ever write and produce a number one single (“Foolish Beat”), being only seventeen years old (two months shy of her eighteenth birthday) when it tops the Hot 100 in June of 1988. “Out Of The Blue” peaks at number seven on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

The best thing about 2017 is that all the best pop stars - the musicians and singers making music with populist/far-reaching/emotionally immediate music - aren’t actually the ones receiving the most radio play, even though that’s meant to be their primary objective, yet they’re still selling enormous numbers of tickets and racking up views on YouTube because they still valued the craft and ethos of what they were doing. I honestly think that despite all Lady Gaga’s flaws she rescaled the way pop music is appreciated and interpreted, obfuscating the market, something that Beyoncé has also achieved although in a slightly different manner. Artists like Lorde, Carly Rae, Frank Ocean and Solange can draw in these die-hard fans in a way that artists like Katy Perry, Rita Ora or Ed Sheehan can’t manage (at least, not in the same way. There’s a sense that their popularity is hyper conditional and only succeeds on that level.) I think Charli XCX somehow manages to succeed doing the opposite thing but that’s an analysis for a different time. Maybe I’m reading this too simply or making it too cut and dry but it’s interesting to see what we consider to be “genuine” these days and how much we’ll invest in an artist if we know they’re investing in us 👀

Imagine being turned on by Dean in a leather jacket.

“You really should wear that leather jacket more often.” you bit your lip as you rested your weight on the door frame, smiling at Dean as he got dressed.

Your boyfriend chuckled, glancing at you as he fixed it “As much as I love the sound of that- I am afraid I can’t, baby.” he gave you a grin and you frowned.

“I didn’t suggest anything.” you shrugged innocently and he laughed a little more.

“Sure you didn’t.” he said with a chuckle, walking past you but you stopped him; standing in front of him with an adorable put and placing your hand on his chest; your eyes linger on that deep v-neck of his making you weak already. You just loved the way part of his firm chest showed and the skin of his throat just begged you to kiss it and lick it.

“But-” you batted your eyelashes up at him, your hands running up his chest “If I was, would you be such a great boyfriend and do something about you sweet girlfriend’s needs?” you gave him an innocent smile and he laughed with a shake of his head.

“My girlfriend is sweet and quiet honestly the most beautiful one in the world- but at the moment I am busy so I’m afraid I can’t baby.” he chuckled, brushing you off with a kiss on the forehead and with his hands on your shoulders his pushed you away.

“Come on, Dean.” you gave him a look “Not even five minutes?”

“Five minutes I do have but it is not going to be just that with you sweetheart, and we both know it.” he winked at you and you huffed; crossing your arms over your chest.

“Alright then… How about six?” you gave him an innocent grin and he laughed, raising an eyebrow.

“Really now? It is going to be ten times that, princess. And yes I want it to but as I said- busy.” he said as he fixed his hair in the mirror and you bit your lip as you got caught in staring at how his muscles flexed under that damn leather jacket. You loved the way it fit him that well and gave him that bad boy look. IF he was a hard rock singer or musician you would surely be all over him.

You had never thought he would look this good and hot let’s not forget that, in that leather jacket. It almost made you wonder if you were going to develop any more new kinks with this man. The way the jacket moved as he walked around made all sorts of thoughts run through your mind. All sorts of dirty thoughts.

“Can’t Sam just go by himself?” you suggested, going towards him and wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him the best puppy eyes you could.

“Technically-” he shrugged “But for real now- Does this jacket turn you on this much?” he smirked down at you with a raised eyebrow and you nodded your head with a big grin.

“You have no idea how much.” you said in a low voice “You really give your girl all sorts of thoughts with this jacket you know that?” your voice came muffled as you buried your face at the crook of his neck and started peppering kisses all over.

He let a small groan and his hands found your hips were he squeezed “Didn’t know that.” his voice came out strained and you smirked to yourself, your fingers playing with his jacket and shirt as you started licking over his soft spot “You never-” he moaned “-Never told me that.” he shut his eyes and let a deep throaty growl “Baby girl has new kinks?” you could hear the smirk in his voice and if you weren’t this into this look you would have rolled your eyes at his smugness.

He chuckled but then groaned when you sucked on his neck and kissed it afterwards “You really should have told me sweetheart.” he groaned “I never knew about this.”

“No?” you asked innocently “My bad.” you breathed out pulling away for a moment to look up at him “Maybe you should punish me?” you raised an eyebrow and he breathed out a strained chuckle, his grip on your hips tightening.

“Princess.” he said with a clenched jaw and you smirked a little, satisfied with yourself.

“But then again- you always are so affectionate and slow. Passionate and loving.” you whispered in a low voice, your lips finding his neck again “No matter what you wear, bad boy clothes or not- you are such a sweetheart.” you smiled softly when you heard him growl.

“But how about for today- you go rough on me, baby boy?” you kept kissing and sucking at his skin but looked up at him and he gave out a strained sound.

“Sweetheart-” he was really fighting this “I- I would love this, hell you have no idea how much but- I got a job to do.”

“No” you breathed out, pulling away; hands running all over his jacket “You’ve got to do me. Nothing else.” you looked up at him and he gave you a pleading look.

“(Y/n), don’t do this to me. Please.” he gave you a look, almost about to break “You can’t seriously want me in bed right now.”

“Correction: I want you in bed right now with this leather jacket and nothing else on.” you winked at him and let a deep growl “Boy, you have no idea how much I want that at this moment.” you smirked at him and he gave you a look.

“Sweetheart, you’re pulling on my last strings.” he gave you a dirty look and you giggled biting your lower lip.

“No, no I’m not yet. Because you have no idea how you are pulling on my last strings with this fucking jacket and now that I think about it- the deep v-neck too.” your eyes roamed his chest as you bit hard on your lip “Yeah keep that on too. But nothing else for sure.” you gave him a smirk and he growled with a roll of his eyes. He didn’t say anything though, instead he crashed his lips to yours and almost knocked all air out of your lungs.

You grinned into the kiss and responded back to it just as sloppily. You fisted his leather jacket in your hands and pressed yourself flushed to him. But unfortunately before you could do anything more, such as get him out of his pants because there was no way that leather jacket was leaving, he pushed you away and gave you a small smile.

“Sorry sweetheart, gotta wait after we get done with the hunt.” he pulled completely away as you were too stunned to react “And maybe if you’re still into me, naked with a leather jacket on your bed- then you’ll have me.” he winked at you with a big grin and wore his sunglasses and walked out of your motel room. Leaving you completely stunned to stare at the closed door with your heart hammering in your chest and a feeling of need unfulfilled.


And as that he had left you to think after you recovered from your shock to think of the only way to get him back. You just weren’t going to let him go after making you feel this way by wearing that jacket, promise you things with that look and then just walk away. Well, it was obvious that he didn’t fully understand what he did to you with those clothes. Maybe you should make him realize.

“Baby?” his voice caught your attention as you heard the door slam closed “I’m back!” he said, soon followed by a small sigh.

“Right here.” you said, walking out of the bathroom and standing right in front of him.

The first thing you noticed was his back, the leather jacket making you bite your lip just like before but you got your composure back as he turned to look at you. Only for him to lose his.

“Whoa” he breathed out, his eyes widening as his eyebrows shot up. His lips parted and he seemed lost for a moment as he took in your appearance “What-” his throat felt dry and he swallowed thickly “What are you wearing?” he shifted uncomfortably in is place and you smirked.

“What?” you asked innocently, looking down at yourself “Oh this?” you motioned to the piece of clothing “It’s a leather jacket, baby.” you said with a smirk as he opened his mouth to speak but a shaky sigh left his lips.

“I- I-” he blinked swallowed hard as he walked towards you “Yeah but I mean- where’s the rest of it?”

“Rest of it?” you tilted your head to the side, smiling innocently “Oh, yeah I kinda didn’t feel like wearing anything else.” you shrugged, biting your lips with a smirk as his eyes rather shamelessly roamed your body.

“And- th-that is-?” he stuttered, motioning to you and you looked down at the smallest piece of panties you could find. Black and lace.

“Oh that?” you raised an eyebrow “I kinda liked it, and I thought it matched.” you walked towards and past him, giving him a nice view.

“H-hey (Y/n)- about what you were saying before-” he started saying, his voice low and rough and you turned your head; raising an eyebrow at him.

“What? Oh that?” you scoffed “Forget it. I am alright now.” you shrugged, leaning against the table and watched him as his eyes roamed your body. And there was not much to hide with those clothes. The jacket was not zipped up, it showed part of your breasts but covered enough to drive him crazy. And the panties didn’t cover much either leaving your legs fully exposed and in display.

“Y-yeah I well-” he gave you a nervous smile “Kinda like the idea a lot, all of a sudden.”

“Oh do you?” you smirked walked closer towards him as he swallowed thickly; undressing you with his eyes- although there was not much to take off.

And you smirked, more than pleased with his reaction. It was exactly what you wanted him to feel. This was exactly how you wanted him to be so that he could really understand you how he had you feeling with that leather jacket of his. You saw his eyes linger on your chest for a moment and you placed two fingers under his chin, making him look you in the eyes.

“Eyes up here, baby.” you whispered in a low and seductive voice “So, you were saying you wanted…?”

“What you were saying-” he licked his lips, pupils blown.

“What?” you whispered “About you, naked with only that leather jacket in my bed?”

“Maybe you too there-” he gave you a half smile that fluttered.

“Yeah.” you nodded your head, bringing your face closer to his your lips almost brushing “Sorry sweetheart-” you repeated his previous words “Kinda busy right now.” you let go of his chin and bumping shoulders with his you walked away.



“W-wait- (Y/n)! Baby I’m sorry!” his voice rose an octave and it came out in a slightly high-pitched squeak as he hurried to catch up with you.