all the shows i forgot to mention


Well, well well…

Looks like I’m into another show now, Gravity Falls has won my heart with all the excellent, memorable characters and addictive plotline..~

So, to celebrate, I have drawn a picture with two of my personal favorite characters in it-

Grunkle Stanford Pines and Bill Cipher.

(Don’t get me wrong- I personally love them all- >w>)

This drawing was inspired by the episode: Dreamscapers

This was also my first attempt at drawing Stan and Bill.

Bill’s ‘magic’ was fun to draw, not to mention Stan’s 'Mindscape’. (Edit: I forgot to add the totem pole there- whoops- ovo;;)

Animating that gif was a blast, I may do more with other characters, like Bipper..~

I find it really enjoyable to draw these characters, I look forward to seeing more episodes from this amazing show!~ TvT

Oh, I forgot to mention one more issue that’s been jarring me.

Design inconsistency.

None of Usagi’s faces here are all that terribly drawn per say, but they all look like they came out of four completely different anime. Her eyes, hair, shape, and hell, even accessories like the crown, are completely inconsistent. The last frame is without a doubt the one that looks the most like the design style that Crystal set before even airing, and it should be the design we’d see throughout the show. Instead it looks like the episode was handed to half a dozen different key animators.

the most frustrating thing about arrow 2.5 comics is that they’re giving me the olicity things i wanted on the show

why it’s not on the show? 

why are we missing the best moment?! 



ok…so, a story.

i was invited to take part in a vegan cooking show with my friend brendan brazier. and i was given an address in laurel canyon. so, being happy to talk about veganism, i went.

bucolic laurel canyon, home of joni mitchell and neil young, cute houses and a little market that sells juice to film producers and aging hippies. and, apparently, a 50,000 square foot united states air force top secret decomissioned production facility now owned by a man who once saved me from being eaten by a giant spider (p.s, all of this is true).

we shot our vegan cooking show and then i wandered around for 30 minutes, through the byzantine catacombs and different levels and empty theaters and bizarre rooms with guillotines and empty desks. 

hooray los angeles for having a 50,000 square foot top secret military facility now used to make vegan cooking shows in a cute little neighborhood surrounded by desert scrub and oak trees.

(view part 2 here)


p.s-oh, i forgot to mention it was owned by one of the getty’s for a while, and apparently used to produce some odd 80’s pornography.  i mean, of course it was.

Hi guys!! I just reached my 3k followers and I couldn’t be more happy and it’s all because of y’all, so I decided to make my 3rd follow forever to thank you guys for being here on my dash (and with me). I have more followers than following, and it’s because of all my followers that I’m still here and unfortunately I can’t mention all of you, so I made some dash icons (only girls) in order to show my gratitude to you guys. Here’s the link, and I hope you like it!
I’m sorry if I forgot someone, but if I follow you please consider yourself here <3 Also sorry for that shitty graphic :(
Bold are mutuals and italic are friends (at least I hope so lmao)


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Special mention to joyfulwendy (sideblog that I’m part of it, dedicated to Joy and Wendy) and milkeuway (my pastel, aesthetic and fashion blog)

And I’m sorry for my english

Hi, Here is another picture of Connor and I. I really appreciate all of the support every one of you is giving. I have gotten a ton of messages and I show Connor every single one. If you want to send Connor and me a message it would be very much appreciated o help us get through this tough time. If you want to know his story you can look at my previous post. I also forgot to mention that this would be his 14th surgery. Please pray for us. xoxo, Julia

hey @taylorswift i wrote this a few days after the show but if u wanna read: hey girl! I don’t think you actually check these but there’s a lot on my mind over the last few days so I need to talk real quick. I don’t think I have actually thanked you for what you did for me on friday night. it was the most incredible surprise and I was so so shocked. I mean I cried for about twenty minutes while lying on the ground but I mean…. ;)
I was so freaking overwhelmed that this wish I had been waiting for for all these years was finally coming true that I completely forgot to say everything I had rehearsed haha plus I was so exhausted after two shows I honestly don’t know where you get the energy from…
I remember you were right over our seats during the clean speech and you mentioned how you connect with fans on tumblr and I could have sworn you looked at me and it didn’t help that crying situation at all. And how my sister and I sang along to fifteen together and was thinking about how you’d come to find me for loft. I don’t know what this has become but I’d just like to thank you for everything that happened on not only Friday night but on Thursday and Saturday too. I had been looking forward to seeing you again since the moment I left the red tour and you certainly didn’t disappoint. I love you so much. Thank you. 💖
(Also, I completely forgot to ask why you wanted to meet me and I’m like 90% sure this was all some kind of mistake so if you remember can you please tell me this is one of life’s biggest mysteries I swear. 😭)

Thank you!! Thank you!!! Reached 209! Follow forever!

Hey you all,

I just wanted to take the time to thank every one of my followers! I wouldn’t have imagined I have more than 10 followers. I had my tumblr account for almost 3 months now. Thank you Thank you! I love all the blogs that follow me and the ones I follow! Have a great day!!

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Whoa! I can now breathe!! Thank you all!!!have a wonderful week!

Good afternoon, Tumblr! It’s about time I got myself together and actually came back to the wonderful world of social media. The detox was great for my soul but terrible for my bank account. Did you know that once you remove social media (and subsequently Candy Crush) from your life for a few months your online shopping habits will get out of hand? Because it’s true. I can prove it by the vast amount of bowties I now own. Not that I’m complaining at all. 

On another note, who watched the Superbowl? I was partial to flicking between that and the Puppybowl myself, but of course had to tune in for the phenomenal entertainment. I’ve got to say, I’m a major Chris Martin and Coldplay fan now - thank you, James Corden and your brilliant Late Late Show for sparking that obsession!

Oh! I forgot to mention that I’m Blaine! For any of you who don’t know, at least. If you’re involved in journalism, cheerleading, boxing, badminton, council and a host of other clubs and societies, you’ve probably seen me around.

Arrow - Ray Palmer

With all the Olicity emotions, and Diggle and everything I totally forgot to mention that what Ray did to Felicity, transfer the company, it really shows how much he cares for her and how much he understand the whole situation. I just wanted everybody to think about that and what a great gesture I think it was.

Ray Palmer you are a great guy! Not the guy for Felicity, but a great guy!

I forgot to mention, last night I had a dream starring albinwonderland.  Ash and I were in Canada visiting her and she was driving us around the city.  I said, “We’ve got to show Tumblr that we’re hanging out!” and she said, “Yes!! We must!!” and she pulled out her phone and started taking selfies while still driving and we were swerving all over the road.

Then Ash showed her this creature that looked like a cross between a ferret and a fox. albinwonderland said, “Wow, it’s so cute!” and Ash said “I know! But we’re just fostering it.” And I didn’t like the foxferret because it walked on its hind legs and it would have this really wide, creepy smile that stretched its long foxy face out sideways like a cheshire cat. 

So all in all it was a fun adventure, but also kind of creepy. (Which is the best kind, I guess!)

Screenshot Redraw: ATLA 113

Aang: Uhh, I think you dropped this.

I think I forgot how lovable Aang could be.

I know I am a Bamon shipper, but I honestly want Bonnie to go in on Damon when she gets back. The minute Elena showed him any bit of interest it seemed he forgot all about her. The only one who’s mentioned her is Kai so far. I could put blame on the writers, but I’m not going to. It just highlights what happens when Damon and Elena collide: they only see themselves and see themselves so selfishly. Earlier in the season when Damon is leaving Bonnie voice mails and plotting ways to save her, Elena has just been neglecting to be with him in some way. But, when she finally decides to have a date, it seems like Bonnie is put in second place once again. So, I would like to see Bonnie call him out on it because I believe she sees these competing sides within himself that he is blind to when it comes to Elena. 


With all the copyright issues I forgot to mention how my quilts did at QuiltFest!

“Just Winging It” won an Honorable Mention for Small Pieced (not bad for a former UFO).

“Picatso: The Artist at Play” received a Judge’s Recognition (easily the best work of the three, but because it was a challenge theme and it didn’t have the same “beach” theme as the others, it lost a few points).

And the biggest surprise; my Susan Carlson class project that I used to break in my new Juki, won First Place for Large Art Quilts!



May 1, 2000


YouTuber, Viner, Entertainer

My favorite person, of course

I would say that he’s not the type of a YouTuber that consistently posts videos, maybe he’s quite busy doing shows and well, with his upcoming EP.


(Well, I’ll leave it here)

How did I discover this Cali boy? Well, this girl from Twitter (I forgot her username) mentioned him and she was like complimenting Christian so much. So I did a lot of research (lol joke) just to find this talented human. After that, I followed/stalked/joined all his social medias to keep updated. That’s it. Then, it suddenly appeared to me that I am going love this boy from the very start I saw him. 

So, here are the reasons why I am totally in love with this young man (I am older than him like 3 years ahead well that doesn’t matter anyway): 

1. He’s a fun person.


Originally posted by chrisleave

2. He’s very sweet.


and this


3. His tweets are so encouraging!


(Just like this one)

4. He’s an astounding singer. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

And with that, here’s his first ever EP! (it is not officially release)


plus the poster…


5. He burps so loud and I love it. 

My experiences with him so far: 

•He liked my first tweet, I believe that was 11-02-15


•He liked, rted/quoted my tweet and that was… 




•I think my username is so appealing haha because he replies to my comments on like always. I will never forget the time that I requested if he could sing an Ed Sheeran song and he did it. OMG. I asked him again if he could sing Shakka’s When Will I See You Again, he also did it with his beat-boxing skill. And one time, I asked for his Safe and Sound’s chords and he demonstrated it with his guitar. 


Before I end this blog, I just wanna say thank you Christian! I don’t know if you’re going to see this but still I want everyone to know that because of you my life is so much better. Thank you Christian for bringing so much happiness in different forms. One day, I’m going to meet you and I will marry you. Haha. Kidding. Not. I personally want to thank you for everything you did.Although you are not that aware. I love you beautiful ♡(^ε^ )♡ 


Your darlin’ 


Originally posted by spirallingcities


From his YouTube channel…

From his Vine…




Original song by Christian Akridge: Safe and Sound

     I will forever be in awe at the constant support you all show me on this blog. I am truly blessed & grateful to be involved in a fandom that continues to support me every single day. Thank you for helping me reach a huge milestone. Each & every one of you, whether we interact or not, make this blog magical and alive, and for that I am eternally grateful. And now for my Oscar acceptance speech:

     Notable Mentions

To @royalsadist, @aloneinmycage, @podstye, @oftarth, and @thesellsword, who continually give me support through my writing and my personal life. Thank you for bringing alive some of my most favorite characters, and for interacting with me. I am eternally grateful to have you in my life.

&& @ircnbcrn. Thank you for being my support and a great friend. You are so cherished to me. 

    To each & every single person I have listed below: you’ve made my experience one that cannot be forgotten. Whether we interact or not, your presence on my dash and your ability to bring to life some of our most favorite characters continues to astound me every day. I could not do any writing here without fantastic partners, and that includes all of you. I am so BLESSED to know each of you. Thank you for giving me a chance, and thank you for standing by me and my blog through the thick and the thin. 

     @zaldrizotala. @handofhonor. @starkmatriarch. @symboltothenation. @thelittleqveen. @goldenngore. @oftheranger. @astormsend. @witsandbeauty@lionswrath. @littlefiinger. @littlewinterdove. @maidofwinter. @maimedlion. @queenxcersei. @queenmakcr. @effervescentxlily. @needlcd. @sweetxlittlexbird. @worshipsonlydeath. @frothingdog. @ferociousforce. @agirlingrey. @mcrgaryta. @wiingedwolf@swannknight. @bloodiedwolf. @grievouscrimes. @tendersouled. @drraconis. @benjenstcrk. @ofgiantsbane. @mithraiic. @wontlettheirgodsbe. @rhaegxr. @malleableking. @allmistress. @ensuespurity. @gentlestag. @bloodsilked. @childishlioness. @twogoldenchains. @adeloes. @corlapidis. @ofironandbeauty. @unseenmockingjay. @cerseilionesslannister. @herunfailingkindness. @queenapccalypse. @withthedog. @withalisp. @watchdeserter. @alynestne. @alfodir. @wildmoored

I just flew in from San Francisco after a super fun show with Darren Criss at the Nourse. He grew up there, so he was very excited to be performing in his hometown. He had mentioned to me that he was in The Music Man quartet when he was in high school, and two of the other singers were coming to the show. I suggested they join him in re-creating a song from the show, and I’d be the fourth. Well, by the time we got to rehearsing it (“Sincere”) we barely had any time left onstage. They started singing the very beginning of the song and immediately forgot their parts. I asked if the guys if they read music, thinking we could all sightread it together. Not really.

How were we going to perform it in two hours with no more rehearsal? Darren asked me to record their separate vocal parts and they could practice before the show. I quickly recorded their separate vocal lines and wished them well…which is passive/aggressive for, “You guys are in over your head, and we’re heading for a major disaster.” That night I called them onstage, knowing that they would clank…and, turns out, they were amazing. Literally perfect. The only person who didn’t know his part? Me! I had no time to look at it before the show, so the number consisted of three parts sung in beautiful harmony, while I leaned forward, squinting at my music and literally sang aroung 75 percent of my part. That translates to three notes on, two notes off. In conclusion, “Doctor, heal thyself.” And/or “Music director, thou are a haughty no talent.

—  Seth Rudetsky,
Story Elements: Giving Birth Alone

 asked: So I have a character who dies in childbirth. During labor she is completely alone and realistically nobody could show up to help her. How would this affect her and the baby? (the story is fantasy, if that helps) same childbirth ask from before; just forgot to mention that the mother [1] is living in a hot, swampy environment and [2] lives in a small hut in said environment.

All throughout history and even modern times, lots of women have had to give birth entirely on their own. How being alone affects the mother during birth depends on a lot of things:
  • was she expecting not to be alone and to have help?
  • has she given birth before?
  • does she know anything about childbirth?
  • does she have any complications during labor?

She would probably be scared unless she’d given birth before and knew what she was doing, but also a sort of determination might take over to just get through it. If there are complications during labor, her pain might be even more intense, but it’s difficult to say whether or not she would be aware of something being wrong. Some women may be aware that something is wrong, some may not be. Once the baby is out, she would need to have the strength, presence of mind, and ability to cut the umbilical cord, and deliver the afterbirth, but depending on what went wrong (what is causing her to die in childbirth), she may not even get to that. It’s possible she may just hold the baby to her chest and fall asleep before dying. She may or may not suckle the baby, but even if she does, the baby is not going to survive very long without her–and that would be the biggest affect being alone would have on the baby. If you want the baby to survive, someone is going to need to get there pretty fast. You’ll have to do research to determine how long, but I’m guessing probably within about 24 hours.


l-e-i-n-t-h said: Please, check this. (I’m chilean, I can’t write in english). Michel Odent is a french obstetrician, pioneer in primal health research and “home like birth”. He says that oxytocine is the hormone that controls birth. If the woman is in a protected, warm, quiet, dark, secluded and calm environment, the hormone runs freely, and the birth is easy and quick. The thinking process stops, and the woman acts by pure instinct, like any other mammal. She will know what to do, even if the baby comes in a wrong position or such. She will give birth in the position that is more comfortable for her, usually vertical.

If the woman is disturbed by other people, noises, cold, authoritarianism, and light, oxytocine doesn’t work. Adrenaline takes its place, making the birth difficult, long and more painful. That’s why labor has become so long and hard in our times. It was shorter 6000 years ago. 

The main factor for a long and difficult birth is fear, not company. 

And that’s it, I don’t know what horror did I just wrote in my Tarzan-english, but I hope this helps. 

WQA responds: thank you! And your English was great, so no worries at all! :)