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WIP. Only Pretending

This is a WIP I am co-writing with Gillian from ohmyjoshiferr. I am so excited for everyone to read it!

~After a drunken one night stand, Jennifer and Josh try to go back to their normal lifestyle. What they don’t realize is that sex makes everything complicated.~

Only Pretending 



~He stands across the room at the bar. My gaze flickers to the two drinks in his hand but I’m sure what they actually are. His eyes meet mine for just a few seconds before he glides across the dance floor in only a few stride, handing me the drink as soon as he is by my side.


“Are you trying to get me drunk, Hutcherson?” I say, already a little buzzed from my previous drinks. Despite my words a gladly take the glass out of his hand, the condensation only making it a little slippery in my hand. He only gives a little chuckle in response but it comes out more like a delirious laugh.


“Well it’s working isn’t it?” He smirks as he swirls around the amber liquid in his glass. He tries to be sly about it but in reality, he is just as drunk as I am. The only problem is when we’re both stuck in our own little world with each other, neither one of us really knows when to stop. So when I whisper in his ear to come and dance with me, he follows easily into the crowd.


The music is too loud. Or maybe that’s just my heart beating a tattoo in my chest. The lights around the room flicker different colors, almost like a club but I’m pretty sure something other than the lights are making me dizzy at the moment. I can feel the heat of his hands burning holes into my hips. His warm breath dancing across the back of my neck. At this point there’s really nothing I can do to tame the fire that’s been burning in my core ever since we started dancing.


I could almost swear this started only innocently but I can’t seem to really remember if that was the case. My shoes are somewhere, at the table I’m guessing, but they’re not on my feet anymore. All thoughts of reporters and interviews are no where near my mind. His hand moves a piece of hair behind my ear from behind me and I latch my hand to the back of his neck, where tiny drops of sweat are slowly starting to collect. Our hips rock in-sync with each other, sometimes pressing against the other harder than necessary. Work It by Missy Elliot blasts through the speakers and I smile to myself, pushing my body impossibly closer to Josh’s. I pull myself away right after only to grab his hand and drag his to the corner of the room where an empty table sits. I push him into the chair closest to us.


I’ve never been good at dancing but right now I’m having too much fun just to stop. Josh’s eyes, filled with lust and want, devour my whole body, practically ripping my clothes off in his mind. I can’t pretend I’m not doing the same.


Is it worth it? Let me work it

I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it


My hips seems to move by themselves to the beat, putting on a little private show for the man in front of me. I’m not in his lap completely but I may as well be. The bulge in his dark jeans is becoming more prominent by the second, his eyes mesmerized by the way I’m moving in front of him. Something inside me is begging me to just straddle him and take him right here but I know that as much as I want it, I can’t do that. I move closer to him to whisper something like ‘let’s get out of here’ but his husky voice beats me to it.

“You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now.” He whispers, sending shivers down my back. I sit in his lap for the briefest moment, feeling his hardness pressing against my bottom. Maybe just one time will satisfy me. Satisfy me enough to not lay awake at night punishing myself for having feelings for a man I’m not supposed to.


“So why don’t you?” I respond, my lips on the shell of his ear.  In my mind, I know we shouldn’t. He probably knows it to. But right now I think we’re too drunk to care.


Before I realize what’s going on, Josh and I are walking out hand in hand on our way to the cab outside. The minute we’re inside his lips attack mine. Josh’s hands roam my body, as our tongues duel. I can feel him against my thigh and I move my skirt out of the way to climb into his lap. “We’re so drunk,” he says as I start unbuttoning his jacket. This, what we’re doing, is partly his fault. He had to look so damn good. I let out a hum of appreciation as my lips latch onto his neck, my mind floating around in places where it’s never been. Besides some over the clothes touching, we don’t really do anything except make-out in the cab. It almost makes me feel like a teenager all over again. Right until we get into the hotel.


We barely make it to our room before he pins me up against the wall, sucking and licking mercilessly at my neck. My head falls back against the wall, eager to not be in control for once. My dress ends up on the floor in a matter of minutes and his shirt is thrown somewhere across the room. His hands are everywhere. Caressing my sides, pulling me closer, teasing me in everyway. He never asks questions but I sure wasn’t about to argue. There was no need for talking for how fast we we’re going. But going slow is the very last thing I want in this moment.  


I stand clad in a lace strapless bra and a matching thong but the way he looks at me erases every nerve. He covers what seems like every inch of my skin in kisses before he makes his way back up to my lips, fusing our mouths together with such intensity and passion that I can barely think. I become impatient quickly, grabbing at the waistline of his pants. He easily obliges, being left in only his boxers while he moves swiftly to touch me again. His fingers skim the tops of my breasts before unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor. A groan spills from his lips and suddenly my knees hit the edge of the bed. I fall back on the mattress as he climbs on top of me. His teasing fingers venture where he knows I wants it most and in return he finds my wet, warm core.

Soon the only sounds that fill the room are moans and whimpers, both escaping from our swollen, red lips. The feeling of his slick skin against mine is something I had no idea I wanted so much. He doesn’t actually say the words but his eyes ask the question that I’ve been waiting the whole night to hear. With an impatient nod of my head he slips inside me slowly, eliciting moans from the both of us. We fit together so well that I can help but imagine how good we would be together everyday. The thought suddenly escapes my mind as his thrusts become faster and less rhythmic, making my toes curl and the fire inside lights me up to the tips of my being. It’s only when we lay in a sweaty heap, almost asleep that the question entered my mind. What did we just do?~