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dudley dursley and luna lovegood, "are you lost?"

“Are you lost?”  

Luna tipped her head and looked at the confused Muggle.  She was fairly sure she’d seen a photograph of him, not moving, holding the hand of a small girl propped up on Harry’s mantle.  Now he stood looking at a ticket in one hand, the other hand holding tightly to an embarrassed looking girl.  She was taller than the child in Harry’s photograph, but had the same long neck and same full brown hair, so Luna felt confident in assuming it was the same girl, larger because she was older.

“It’s all buggy,” he muttered.  “Nine and three quarters.  No sense at all.”

Luna brightened.  This was a problem she’d seen before, so she bent down, not very far, and whispered in the girl’s ear, loud enough that her father could hear her.  “I know it sounds mad,” she said, “but you want to run at that brick wall right there.   The train to Hogwarts is on the other side.”

The girl jerked her hand free and muttered she was fine, and before you could shake  a lamb’s tail twice, she’d grabbed her ticket and a cart with a trunk, run at the wall, and disappeared.

Her father looked at the brick wall and she could see he was trying to hide the longing and loss on his face.  “Fancy some tea?” she asked him.  It was hard putting a child on the train the first time and, she imagined, harder still if you were Muggle.

He smiled with a wan gratitude that transformed his wide, dull face into something almost beautiful. “That would be nice,” he said. “You’re kind for asking.  M’name’s Dudley.”

“Mine’s Luna,” she said, and smiled back. 

from the send me a Harry Potter ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five game.  (no more please)

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Minjoon 9 🌚💕 Great taegi btw 💕💕💕

Jimin’s alone in the dance studio at 2am when it suddenly hits him and he starts sniffling like a little bitch. It’s been too many hours since he last ate and even longer since he slept, and he’s hit that point where his brain decided it was overload and he had to unclench something lest he come unglued. 

Namjoon finds him there like that, weeping pathetically into the sleeves of his sweater. It’s obvious he wasn’t expecting this. He’s got convenience store ramen sealed up in a bag in his hand. He probably came from the studio, Jimin thinks, because they’ve been spending late nights there as well. 

Fixing him with a sad look, Namjoon slumps down next to him. “Jiminie,” he says, “you gotta stop doing this. You gotta stop with these crash diets. Every time, man, without fail, they turn you into some kinda basketcase.” 

And Jimin wails harder. “I know,” he moans, “I know. But like what…what the fuck…am I gonna do? I’m–” 

He doesn’t say it, but Namjoon knows what to fill in the gap with. He’s the abs, the body, the fuck-me face of the band, and the fans…the fans don’t see him crying at 2am because he only ate crackers for breakfast and hasn’t had anything since. All they see are his abs. 

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

Headcanon #4

When Ben was filming “Doctor Strange” Martin decided to visit Ben on set. Ben was so excited to see him he practically jumped into Martins arms. The whole set crew saw this and started giggling, embarrassing Ben but making Martin laugh. Ben, seeing Martin laughing started too. Martin hovered around Ben all day fussing over his hair, costume and script

my half of an art trade with my m99999 @princess-lum !!!

i really enjoyed drawing this since it’s one of my BIGGEST otps and experimenting with the shading and the fleeky shadow thing was fun, PLUS i don’t draw this ship often enough so i think i’ll start drawing this more now hehe

hope you like it !! :DD ♥~

Actually you know what I am done

After seeing few SS fans complaining non-stop about their ship not being treated fairly and few NH and Hinata fans being no better than Hinata haters with bashing Sakura and SS.

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my guilty pleasure wishlist; 

  • lili reinhart & herman tømmeraas
  • camila mendes & thomas hayes
  • lisa teige & cole sprouse
  • josefine frida pettersen & herman tømmeraas
  • camila mendes & kj apa
  • lili reinhart & thomas hayes
  • madelaine petsch & cole sprouse
  • lisa teige & kj apa
  • josefine frida pettersen & cole sprouse
  • lisa teige & herman tømmeraas

Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account

  • Viktor: *Yuuri is eros, I've never seen anyone more eros than him since that one night at the banquet, there is no other way to describe him but an erotic man with such passion there is no doubt about it he's the epitome of erotic love*
  • Viktor: Yuuri, what is your eros???
  • Yuuri: a pork cutlet bowl
  • Viktor: for fucks sa-

i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time