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LGBTQ+ Bnha Exchange

Hi guys! 

This exchange is LGBTQ+ related, all you have to do is fill out this FORM. 

Much like how this blog works, you’ll be sending in lgbt headcanons for characters (as well as some ships that you’re okay with). 

Anything is allowed for gifts! Fics/art/headcanon lists/graphics/etc, everything is welcome! But please keep it sfw. There is no limit to how much you can make for the gift! 

Please only sign up if you know you can make the deadline, or come talk to me if you’re going to need an extension. 

**Edit: Don’t forget to tag me in the finished piece, and to use the tag #lgbtbnhaexchange

Sign ups close July 1st! 

You should have your partner by July 9th, and the gifts are due by August 5th.

Please feel free to contact me here or on the email 
( ) if you have any questions!

turns out i need more money for food so im opening watercolor commissions!! 

✨ they will all be 3/ 4 body (examples: 1 2 3 4), and $20 each (+character $15)

✨ i won’t draw: nsfw, excessive gore, anthro, mecha. everything else is a-ok!

i’m going to open 4 slots for these and i’ll update the post as they are filled

1. @sweetferretxd




if you’re interested please contact me at or message me here! i’ll be using paypal invoices for everything. also, i can physically mail your commission to you, provided that you pay for shipping! (about $5 from japan to most countries)

✨ ✨ thanks for looking!! ✨ ✨

Seventeen as Doctor Who Season 5 quotes

Another nerdy one since I only have two requests which I need time to think about (both are ships and take me about a full day to write)  and I rewatched season 5 of Doctor who today while writing the Seventeen ship. Since both were on my mind all day I picked out some of my favorite quotes with deep meaning or speeches that fit the characters. The quotes were edited slightly, but I included the episode they were from.

Hopefully, I’ll get more request in the future, so I don’t keep writing such nerdy crap. 

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🎶 Kidge please <3333

A/N: I saw this band live once and they were fucking awesome.

Song: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

♬ Send me a character/ship and I’ll write a fic for them inspired by whatever song I shuffle to ♬

Keith’s heart is telling him that he missed her terribly. That he needed her, wanted her, craved her - but he rejected it all and continued to destroy all evidence in his apartment that she ever stepped foot in here. That she filled this place with memories. That she laid on the couch he had just flipped over. That she smiled from that bedroom doorway where he just threw a glass cup at.

He just wanted to erase all her traces. Forget that she ever existed.

Keith had been having a good day so far. Not the best, but it was better than yesterday. Or so he thought.

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I just saw your reply to my greg berlanti ask and I wanted to say I think you’re right he probably added the triangle to see if fans responded well to it. But that bughead scene and Jug putting on that jacket literally overshadowed everything from the finale all over social media, including Fred being shot, Cheryl burning her house down and varchie. So if it was an experiment I think the results are pretty conclusive! Bughead gets people talking and that’s what they’re looking for. (1)

(2) I do think Berlanti knows fans aren’t gonna buy Archie being a better option for Betty after they portrayed such a healthy, supportive, loyal ship w/bughead. Unless they plan to assassinate Jug’s character or even Betty’s with this serpent storyline, I don’t know how they’ll ever get around that. That’s probably glaringly obvious to him right now and it’s one of the reasons they stated when they changed course with the ships on arrow, unparalleled chemistry being another.

I thought of another reason Belanti put the triangle in! People started not liking Archie by 1x01/1x02 because of how he treated Betty and even more as the season went on. Berlanti literally had to kill off a lead character in arrow because fans never warmed to her for that exact reason. She brutally rejected the titular character in the pilot and fans never forgot it. She quickly became the weak link of the show and was eventually killed off, he probably wants to avoid that happening to Archie.

yeah, if that is the reason he told RAS to add in hints of the BAV triangle, it must be glaringly obvious that that isn’t what fans want now. i kind of hate using the popularity card, but bughead is by far the most talked about ship on the show. like you said, their ‘i love you’s, their almost sex scene, and jughead putting the serpent jacket on overshadowed everything else in the episode. and in all the twitter polls i’ve seen (i know those aren’t exactly official but w/e), they’ve completely decimated the other ships (especially b*rchie). and i mean look at this:

i talked about it a lot last night, but with how they set up and developed varchie and bughead in season one– there is no way for b*rchie to happen romantically without making betty and archie look like assholes and wrecking the core four friendship. if greg wanted to explore the BAV triangle, it has to be a friendship triangle at this point. a romantic one a) doesn’t make sense with how the characters have been written and b) isn’t going to go over well with the fandom due to it opposing the popular ships and pitting betty and veronica against each other. the only people who want the romantic BAV triangle are b&a shippers and comic purists, which are both outnumbered by the rest of the fandom 

but i don’t think he wanted to add in the triangle as an attempt to make up for how archie rejected betty in the first episode. having him suddenly realize he has feelings for her would actually do the opposite. it would make him look like such a dick. firstly he would have lied to veronica and then slept with her knowing he was conflicted about actually wanting to be with her, secondly he’d be betraying jughead who he considers a brother by secretly wanting to be with his girlfriend, and thirdly he would have brutally rejected betty who pined after him for years only to change his mind after she’s managed to move on and find happiness with somebody else. so i’m currently of the belief that the finale was shutting the door on romantic b*rchie and, if they’re planning on doing a triangle between betty, archie, and veronica in season 2, it’s going to be a friendship triangle.. like the triangle in the mark waid comics 

I've been in Fandom long enough to learn that the more you change fandoms the more they stay the same...

- there’s the Sinnamon rolls, the bicycles, a character you ship with just about *everyone* and most people are okay with it.

- the problematic faves, and the people who will make excuses for their often murderous ways (embrace that your character’s shitty and a murderer and the reason for that is often as thin as the cinnamon filling on a Starbucks roll, accept it, you’ll grow as a person, trust me)

- those who think a person shipping their NOTP, or shipping at all, is being disrespectful, ignoring their pain and outright attacking them. (Most of the time they don’t know you even exist mate, not everything is about you and your Pain, chill)

- those people who ship *everything*, kudos to you, I’ve no idea how you do it, but kudos to you.

- those who get one ship and that’s *it* (I fall into this category)

- those that will write lengthy essays on why character XYZ should have W sexuality instead of Z and are salty as fuck over it (with or without reason)

- those that will deny a canon death (sometimes they will be vindicated, usually not)

- those that usually can’t think of deviations in canon, but boy when they do… the heavens open and you can hear the angels sing.

- those that complain about canon content constantly and are flabbergasted when others don’t care (it happens everywhere, with everything)

- fan content creators! Fanfiction, fan art, character studies, give all of them your love, without them you wouldn’t have stuff to squeal over! (I’m serious! Leave a comment, pretend it’s Tumblr’s hashtag system)

- The Drama llamas, those who will stir shit up over everything, but specially their favourites x their most hated; beware of those people, they can be very very bad for you.

- the rare Ray of Sunshine, those that don’t stir up anything bad and are usually pretty happy to share whatever they love, they love to include everyone and are, in fact, a ray of sunshine (they’re pretty damn rare, I’ve met 2!)

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honest ship: rosa x gina

okay listen. i love the idea of it and i love that stephanie and chelsea are on board. and i love the idea of rosa and gina having girlfriends in general. but i just don’t think it’s realistic at all, considering how far we are into the series and their character growth and everything at this point. sorry guys. i really do love them, but it’s not gonna happen

send me a ship and i’ll tell you my (brutally) honest opinion about them

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You know, it makes me sad that comic books always seem to create amazing potential for relationships between characters, built they NEVER live up to the the expectations. PeterMJ, BBRae, DickKory... even when they get back the spotlight, there will always be that one writer ruining them for their own designs, rearranging their personalities or shipping them with someone else and just ruining everything. I feel like the characters I love are just tools a corporations uses to manipulate us. Sad...

That’s always the thing with comics. You’ll get an amazing run with an amazing writer and solid art, only to have it all squashed and undone when the next writer comes on. 

I’m trying to take it all with a grain of salt. Nothing in comics stays canon forever, and writers come and go. I know it’s roughest on the Titans, because the characters seem to be cursed more often than not, and they’ve had some real bad comic runs in the past. 

Salty blog posts and mean tweets won’t get them to change what they’re doing. DC understands money, so all we can do is pull support from the titles we don’t like, and continue to buy the ones we do. 

That’s it.

In the meantime, there’s always fanfiction. Or, like I like to call it, fan-fix-it, because that is what we do. Heck, much fanwork is better done than some official comic writing. So, at least we have that. :)

At the end of the day, it’s always the fans that keep these ships and these characters relevant. Without fanart and fanfiction, there wouldn’t be nearly as much interest, and I think that’s a victory. 

omfg ok so this is gonna be super embarrassing i guess ???? perhaps ???? i honestly have no idea omfg, how do u even tag nowadays. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF!!!!!! anywaysss, hello :) it me, moni… formally known as schennigrps and i am back??? i guess you could say, i really missed writing and basically just making new friends over plots and going crazy over ships and all but i am back so :) i’m actually gonna give my theme a little makeover, and start posting some character inspo and everything, (i have 5,000+ post and i cANNOT delete all of it) but, in the meantime, if you read this and you wanna plot or 1x1 or something!!!! like this and i’ll hit you up :)

@linestalker  (answering like this bc I’m a n00b in life and tumblr and any social network lol) I waaant to have hope. I really do. I’m really hoping that when the series ends I’ll be able to go back to my post and say: HA! you were wrong you pessimistic gal. And like you said, I love Tamara. She’s a great character. She’s actually my favorite character after Aaron, and I actually think I’d have no problem with Callmara if there wasn’t an Aaron in the equation because Callmara per se is not a bad ship, neither a bad relationship, not at all. They’re actually better developed than most couples in fantasy books lmao. Buuut, there’s Calron and they’re everything. There’s also Jasper who seems pretty heavily into Tamara and their relationship is amusing (I literally cringed with the Celia/Jasper combo, bc why????). What actually bothers me is the fact that I’d bet my life on the fact that if they had written any of the two, Aaron or Call ,as a girl, they would have been considered endgame from the get go. Just change the gender of one of them, keep the tropes, keep their scenes, everything is the same except for that detail, and I just know Calron then would have been teased the same way they’ve been doing with Callmara T-T

 ~ !! in midst of my revamp, i’m dropping all threads & ships. 
this excludes my canon ship with kira @eternalshield​ 
any ships after revamp will need to be restarted / replotted / redeveloped
this is for the sake of my need of a full refresh. 

if i have dropped a thread you were hoping to continue, please poke me. 
we can work something out if that’s the case. otherwise, i’ll be posting  new starter call / plotting call posts once i have everything else sorted. 

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Hey hey hey story anon here I am going to be putting a lot of my ANNONS into alittle note book I have so I was wondering if theres a way you could summarize addiford at the beginning so I can explain it in the beginning for my fan fics like what it is and what's it about and how they really met and etc I will give all the credit to you if you'd like as well. If not I'll understand if you don't want to.

Hey story anon! When it comes to the addiford ship, I’m pretty whatever with creative freedom. But I am actually not the person to ask in regards to questions about the nature of the ship. Those questions should go to the creator of the ship, @scipunk63  I merely supplied the OC and a bunch of art for it. @scipunk63 and I have collaborated A BUNCH about all of that and she knows just about everything about Addi’s character. Go nuts.

Honestly the Overwatch fandom makes me want to fucking scream. No other fandom has managed to piss me off so much before.

It’s one thing for Pharmercy and Gency fans to scream at each other and the developers. It’s another thing for assholes on tumblr calling everything they don’t like problematic and toxic. It’s yet another for fans (mostly shippers) to shit all over decent characters whose representation we’ve always wanted for petty reasons.

But the other problematic things in the fandom that aren’t related to ships or their favorite characters? Nothing. Fucking crickets.

And I keep getting to urge to make my own posts about how fandom writing some characters the way they do is problematic in their own ways but I bet it’ll get maybe 20 notes tops. Tumblr users make this place a hellsite in the name of being progressive but only about the pet causes they care about (or even know about, being as US/UK centric as it is).

I’ll make the post anyway because I need to get it off my chest but goddamn it I just want to look at cute pictures and awesome fan ideas without wanting to throttle people.

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Lulu and Tidus for the character thing :D

GIVE ME A CHARACTER; and I’ll break their ass down:


  • How I feel about this character: one of my fave’s. an icon. queen of everything. if she was in the real world, she would have stans who would defend her with their lives. she’d call them her ‘puppets’ or s/t
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: I’m torn on Wakka/Lulu, but for the most part, I ship it. I think it’s believable. they both have nurturing instincts, and probably did very much want a family now that the threat of Sin is gone. and who else to do that with but each other; they have known each other for so long, who else do they love and trust as much as each other? who better to be family with? I think that their relationship is honestly almost more familial than it is romantic– at least, on Lulu’s side. but I think on Wakka’s side, it’s both. and it’s that imbalance, mainly, that makes me wonder if they’re right for each other?? but idk. iDK. I guess with this ship, I can take it or leave it, akdjhwua. 
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Lulu & Yuna. I love how she openly shows affection for Yuna, and pretty much only Yuna, hahaha!
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I love her, but I think that people could maybe start, idk, admitting that sometimes she’s kind of an asshole. she has major flaws. when she gets angry, she goes straight for the jugular. she’s very critical, to the point of sometimes being cruel. I understand why she is this way, and it doesn’t make me like her any less, but I don’t think… people generally acknowledge this. she has a very bad temper, yet I think people often regard her as a ‘calm and collected’ character, like… WHAT? NO
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Rikku’s admiration of her was really cute?? I wish maybe they had more meaningful scenes together. 


  • How I feel about this character: my #1 favorite character!! #tidusdefensesquad
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: pretty much just Yuna. I can ship a few other things, but it requires being written in a specific way, in a specific context. She’s pretty much perfect for him so it’s hard to ship him with anyone else aksjakksf
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Auron & Tidus. I don’t think people talk enough about how Auron watched over him for TEN YEARS. and for some of that time, I assume Auron was living with him, because Tidus doesn’t mention any other family, and he was 8 when his mom died….. someone had to stay with him. there’s a lot of potential here for a really cute (but really sad) relationship, and I love it, akjdhwua. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: PREPARE YOURSELF, I HAVE BINDERS FULL OF THEM. but one thing I wanna say is like… he’s naive, he’s rash, often doesn’t think before he speaks, or acts… but he’s not like the complete idiot that people think he is?? one thing that frustrates me about the ‘dub’ of ffx is some of the voice acting lines make him seem really fckn dumb akjdwu. for example, that one at the moonflow where he nearly blurts out that Rikku is al bhed, and somehow wakka doesn’t catch it? he doesn’t do that in the original, he just stutters a little before he catches himself. there’s a lot of things like that, where they prioritized comedic effect in the dub, which annoys me… bc choices like that contribute to a lot of people’s perception that he’s just, a blundering jock idiot, akjdhwua. even tho he consistently questions and doubts the things he’d told about yevon, has the rationality to agree with seymour (who he hates) about operation mi’ihen, and even acknowledges that some of his anger at his father ‘might just be his way of keeping him’. he says some pretty eloquent stuff at times in the game, he’s good at picking up on people’s emotional cues, and he gives pretty level headed advice to people, so… yeah. I make fun of him a lot too, but it annoys me when people genuinely think that he’s incapable of an original or useful thought, lol. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: not explaining how he came back in X-2 is….. pretty lame. I mean, they hinted at it in ffx, with the ending scene being him swimming to shore, so you would think they had an explanation for this all queued up………… but no. we get nothing. in the perfect ending he literally says he has no idea how he came back; if they had the time to write that scene, WHY NOT WRITE AN ACTUAL EXPLANATION OF HOW HE CAME BACK. akjdhwuad i’m all for shameless fanservice, but at least back up that fanservice with a decent explanation. if the Fayth brought him back as some kind of ‘present’ to Yuna, as the game sort of implies, I mean, okay, but did she not earn it when she saved the world the FIRST time? ‘sorry, but you gotta save the world TWO times before we bring your dead boyfriend back to life– thems the rules.’ and no I don’t want to hear ‘this is why the normal/sad ending is better’, GET TF OUT OF MY HOUSE– my son deserves to be alive & happy!!! 8( akjhawuidh

whOOOO HERE WE GO so I just watched the last clip of Skam and honestly, I’m very happy with how things turned out. It was Jonas’ speech about capitalism that started Skam and his (or Noora’s, haha) speech about love that ended it. Everything came full circle, in a way. Everyone found their place. No one is alone. I’d love to talk about every single character individually and gush over all the cute little details in the clip but I’ll… just keep it short like this. It was good.

(OKAY FOR REAL THOUGH gotta mention this, just my opinion, sorry if someone gets upset hahA bUT…… it’s funny and kinda sad how many people feel like Chris/Eva being over ruined everything?? I mean ofc people can be sad about their ship not sailing but Chris and Eva were not the most important part of the fourth season? Like?? At all?? Honey?? Have you watched the show?? I’ve been feeling the Jonas/Eva reunion coming for a long time, both characters have matured a lot, and are now ready to actually be together without all the insecurity surrounding them in season 1. Their relationship can be a good, healthy one now. And like… It was obvious Eva never had feelings for Chris? Why is everyone so emotionally invested in this onesided, non-serious relationship? Don’t get me wrong, people can ship whatever they want but I just don’t think that Julie ever intended Eva and someone who is essentially just a cute fuckboy be endgame. Also, I don’t think that Emma is anything more serious to Chris than Eva was, just another fling. The scene was awkward, yes, but at the same time hilariously so and it was a great example of the butterfly effect that has been an important part of Skam’s storytelling.)

Anyway wow it’s over, thank you Julie, the cast and everyone making this show for this blessing that Skam was, I will now lie on the ground and listen to 5 fine frøkner

i want someone to create a whole new world with me. We each make up a few characters with backstories and and a setting in which they’re all able to interact. Maybe a high school, and there are cliques and everything. And I want characters to fall so deeply in love, and then break up, and start dating a different character and we can fucking ship  characters together but we wont actually know if they’ll get together or not. and I just want a whole world with someone that’s just our own. just ours to tamper with and change and everything.

Appreciation for SSS ~

I wanna write this even though it’s not appreciation week or month, because I feel as though my post/meme answer may have offended someone because I’m a worrisome individual. I would never do that. Not on purpose. All of you are amazing writers, amazing people, and your characters are amazing. The ships, the plots, the everything you do make me envious. The admins are fantastic in making the group great, they love to make everyone feel included. In four months I’ll have been here four years and I appreciate all the friends I’ve made here. I have depression/anxiety and being here makes me forget about everything going on in RL right now. I want to thank you all for that and for being so wonderful to me when I couldn’t be that way to myself. When I still can’t be. Thank you for everything.

Shipping Info

answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.

1. WHAT’S  YOUR  OTP  FOR  YOUR  MUSE? : Lmao. Puppyshipping, honestly, but done… Well? I’m picky about it. I like chemistry and slow build and for the boys to stay in character? That said, I ship ALL SORTS OF SHIT, and definitely not just the OTP.

2.   WHAT  ARE  YOU  WILLING  TO  RP  WHEN  IT  COMES  TO  SHIPPING? : Anything, make a suggestion to me and we’ll see about giving it a shot. There aren’t that many pairings I won’t try- my Jou is super bi and ready to go! Will I do NSFW? If I’m in the mood. Pretty much everything fluctuates based on my whims.

3.   HOW  LARGE  DOES  THE  AGE  GAP  HAVE  TO  BE  TO  MAKE  IT  UNCOMFORTABLE?: I like age gaps tbh, just don’t include any actual children and we’ll be fine. That stuff’s creepy.

4.   ARE  YOU  SELECTIVE  WHEN  SHIPPING? : Kinda? I want there to be actual chemistry between our characters or it will be a no-go. Shipping isn’t really the ultimate end goal when I RP, just a nice bonus.

5. HOW  FAR  DO  STEAMY  MOMENTS  HAVE  TO  GO  BEFORE  THEY’RE  CONSIDERED  NSFW? : Nothing is NSFW for me, I work at a porn store!!! But lmao, the honest answer is just whenever genitals get involved.

6.   WHO  ARE  OTHER  MUSES  YOU  SHIP  YOUR  MUSE  WITH? :@imnahhiwatari @n0-light-with0ut–darkness and @kaibathebiggestjerk are the only ones I’m really shipping with currently. In my other threads I am seeing where it goes… But there are a few with some potential I’d really like to explore!

7.   DOES  ONE  HAVE  TO  ASK  TO  SHIP  WITH  YOU? Please? I mean, if there is chemistry I might ask you, too, but… I don’t like to ship without explicit agreement from both muns.

8.   HOW  OFTEN  DO  YOU  LIKE  TO  SHIP? : Like I said, it’s not end goal for me, but a nice perk that I’ll take! So basically I enjoy doing it whenever it’s offered.

  ARE  YOU  SHIP  OBSESSED  OR  SHIP  MORE - OR - LESS? :** …a hard question. Obsessed, I guess. I read a lot of fanfic. So much fanfic.

10.   ARE  YOU  MULTISHIP?  : Definitely. I’m too old to commit to one ship.

11.   WHAT  IS  ( ARE )  YOUR  FAVORITE  SHIP  (S)  IN  YOUR  CURRENT  FANDOM? : Puzzle/blindshipping is number one. Puppyshipping is a close second, but like I mentioned before… Only certain content for it. It has to be done well. I’m picky and a lot of the content out there is no good imho. Lately I’ve been looking for some well-done Gemshipping too, something angsty and good.

12.   FINALLY,  HOW  DOES  ONE  SHIP  WITH  YOU? : TALK TO ME! Say “I want to try this ship”. It’s easy!

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TAGGING: idk… @setemkaiba @kaibathebiggestjerk @yugitenderheart and… Uh… Anyone esle?

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No problem ^^ Then Pokemon I guess xD

Just as a heads up, I haven’t played a lot of Pokemon games, Sun and Moon is the first game I’ve played since Alpha Sapphire, which even tho it’s newer, its still a remake of an older game with the same story. So don’t mind if most of my answers are from the early Gen and the newest. 

OTP - Guzmoon! If ya’ll have read any of my fics you know that this is my everything. Although I do wanna say I don’t ship the actual eleven year old canon character with Guzma. I use Moon as more of a proxy for myself as well as the readers of my fics

Favourite Canon Pairing - Probably Kukui and Burnet. I love that the Professor has a canon wife. 

Worst Pairing Ever - Anything involving the actual Pokemon

Guilty Pleasure Pairing - Guzma and the Grunts. Male or female, I love all the fanart I see of them together, but I feel bad for cheating on my bby Moon. 

A Pairing You Want To See More - Guzma and the grunts! Specifically female grunts because they have pink hair, and I have pink hair so it’s easy to be a shameful self-inserter. Also more guzmoon, there is never enough guzmoon. 

That Pairing That Everyone Likes But You’re Like “lol no” - Guzma and Kukui. Sorry friends but I’ve just never been able to get into it. Also kinda Guzma and Lusamine, but if done right I wouldn’t mind it because they have the sick twisted relationship that I like to read. 

Favorite Non-romantic pair - Guzma and Plumeria. You they are my number one brotp. I can get behind them romantically, but I much prefer them in a platonic relationship

So this basically became the Guzma ship ask, but did you expect anything else? I’m Guzma trash.