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You're gonna be talking about kinky stuff so often you need a tag for it???? Consider yourself kinkshamed. All of your kinks. Shamed.

You kinkshame me in my own home, on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding…

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More of the Sugar Daddy AU

This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

This is the seventh installment in a series of book recommendations, all of which will introduce you to kickass women from mythologies around the world, all of them written by women. All books listed had to pass the following criteria: 

  • Be written by a woman
  • Be fictional
  • Have a woman as (one of) the protagonist(s)
  • Feature Russian or Slavic mythology

This recommendation list comes on the heels of the Asian mythology rec list, because I really wanted to include Russia (which falls under both Asian and Slavic mythology), but I wanted to keep the country as a whole in one post. @kostromas (x) and @lamus-dworski (x) (x) were kind enough to take some time answering my questions.

While I mainly looked for books ft. Russian and Slavic mythologies (I used this Wiki file as a measure to determine the Slavic region), I also include a few books with other origins, such as Norway and various Eastern European countries, because I think - out of all the recommendation posts I have done and plan to do - this is the one they would fit best in. 

Please note as well that there is a lot of overlap among most of these cultures, with different versions of a character appearing in many, so some of the below classifications may be rather arbitrary (I usually go with what’s 1) listed in the summary, then see if 2) the writer specifies a culture, or if 3) readers had helpful input).

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that this post could do with some clarification and additions. To start with, I’d like to address the small number of books listed under Slavic. I don’t mean to say that only the countries listed are Slavic countries. The list is as limited as it is because I found it difficult to locate books that met all the above listed criteria, and an unconscious fifth - that they be written in English. If you take out any one of those criteria, a larger pool of books would open itself up, and I encourage you to consider that as an option.

While I understand that limiting these lists to books written in or translated into English is not ideal, I also don’t think I am the right person to judge which books written in Slavic languages should be included, as I am not Slavic and don’t speak or read Slavic languages. Readers should be aware though, that reading a book featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures, which are not written by someone who identifies as Slavic, may promote a stereotypical or otherwise harmful depiction of those cultures. 

Moreover, those authors who do hail from the relevant region are more likely to be published if they don’t push the envelope too much to be acceptable for a generic Western audience. Therefore, additional reading of books on and / or featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures can aid in understanding the context of these tales. I have listed a couple of books in the honourable mentions with that in mind, and I have decided to add an asterisk (*) to all works written by an author who is confirmed as hailing from the region their work is set in. Typically, I’ve listed one or two books per author, but do check for their other writing.

Finally, I should add that I might have made a mistake in including Russia in this list. This was done because I wanted to keep the country in one post, rather than splitting it between the Asian list and this one. The Asian one was sufficiently long I didn’t want to add it there, but I might have been better off creating a completely separate list for it rather than including it here.

With the above reasons in mind, I have decided to move the Slavic section up, I have added a number of entries throughout, and expanded the resources list at the bottom.



Other regions (not Slavic or Russian)

Undefined / speculative

Historical fiction

Comics & graphic novels

Some collected tales


Honourable mentions

Other lists you can consult

If you have any suggestions for other Slavic and / or Russian women who deserve more attention (and a corresponding book), or which mythology should definitely be in this series, drop me a line!

Other kickass women in mythology: women in Greek mythology | women in Egyptian mythology & historywomen in Mesoamerican mythologies | women in Celtic mythologies | women in Native American mythologies | women in Asian mythologies | women in pirate lore & history

Will be there a Law waiting for him?
Also for @fishu-fishu because i think she deserves it

I think one of the most heartbreaking and painful feelings an autistic person can suffer from is to find one of the nicest stims you ever experienced and, just a few seconds after this wonderful discovery, being shamed for it by your family or someone you trust dearly.

Exactly what i experienced yesterday. I tried to reproduce the stim today, but all i can feel is shame, disgust and anger, towards me and towards my mom. It was so wonderful until it wasn’t anymore. I want to be able to reach this amazing feeling once more…

Everytime i try to redo it, it’s exactly as if someone was screaming “Quiet hands !” into my ears. If you’re neurotypical and you’re reading this, don’t shame a neurodivergent person for their behavior. You can’t understand what stimming means to us. You can’t understand and you don’t have the right to take it from us.

okay but what about a rwby au where emerald/mercury turn over to the good side for some unknown reason, maybe to some degree they’re horrified by what they contributed towards the fall of Beacon- basically an au that ends with my super rarepairs becoming canon (yang/merc and ruby/emerald god help me)

Happy Birthday *throws confetti* ILU~ you’re the best owl ever.

I seem to have a talent for being just a tad bit late with my birthday pictures. (that does not at all imply that I completely forgot it was Bo’s birthday until I saw @franeridart‘s post on my dash… ゞ◎Д◎ヾ )

The signs as audio memes

Aries: Darude - Sandstorm

Taurus: I’m really feeling it!

Gemini: Illuminati /  X-files Theme

Cancer: Space Jam Theme

Leo: All Star - Smash Mouth

Virgo: mmm whatcha say

Libra: Talk Dirty to Me

Scorpio: Gotta Go Fast 

Sagittarius: Spooky Scary Skeletons

Capricorn: Knock Knock It’s Knuckles

Aquarius: Mad World 

Pisces: noot noot