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always a good word with these two. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S BABY WARBLER!KLAINE!!!!! :D

blaaaah just spat this out really quickly in all my never-ending season 2 feels

(one word prompt thingy)

The Warblers are appropriately somber as the final notes of “Blackbird” ring through the council room, though no one seems to know what to say. In the ensuing silence, Kurt sniffles, tears pouring down his face and his voice tight when he says, “Thank you,” to the room at large. Everyone stays quiet for another beat or two, until Wes, looking at his folded hands on the desk, nods to himself and says, “A fitting farewell for our dearly departed Pavarotti.”

No one is looking at Kurt - not awkwardly, just politely, out of respect for his grief - but they all murmur in agreement with Wes’ sentiment.

Blaine, on the other hand, can’t stop looking at Kurt. He says nothing.

“Warblers, I think it’s only appropriate that we reconvene at tomorrow’s meeting,” Wes announces, banging his gavel with finality before standing up from the council table. “Kurt, please let the council know if you need anything.”

“That goes for all of us,” Nick adds.

Kurt thanks everyone again as they begin to file out of the room, but when he looks up, his eyes go directly to Blaine.

If Blaine speaks, he might just start babbling, or crying in sympathy, or worse. So he just breathes, trying to keep himself together in the wake of this… discovery? Revelation? Wake-up call? Whatever this is, it’s overwhelming, consuming all his senses as his mind, body, and heart finally seem to come to an agreement:


They are the last two in the room.

Kurt walks slowly towards him, rubbing his thumb along the edge of his “Blackbird” cassette tape before he slips it into his back pocket. He looks like an angel of death in a comic book in Blaine’s eyes, light and dark, elegant and beautiful in the way that lightning is elegant and beautiful. His sweet face is so sad, and still wet from crying, but he gives Blaine a soft smile when he reaches him.

“So… did we decide on the blazer piping issue for Sectionals? Did you even get it on the table yet, before I halted the proceedings?”

Blaine blinks, the question confusing in its distance from his current train of thought. What blazers? He couldn’t give two shits about a blazer right now. “I… uh.”

“I mean,” Kurt goes on, shrugging one shoulder and swiping delicately across his cheeks with the side of his hand, “I agree with you, that the Warblers could use a little shake-up. The issue is that the reversed color scheme just isn’t as aesthetically pleasing. Doing something different for the sake of it is usually a good thing, but not at the expense of style.”

“Uh. Here. “ Blaine hands Kurt a handkerchief from his bag, which Kurt takes with a grateful nod of his head before dabbing carefully under his eyes. “I… yeah.”

Kurt peers at Blaine from behind the handkerchief with a little frown. “Look, I know that was… a dramatic eulogy, for a bird, but I needed to do it. Pavarotti was important to me.”

“No, I – that’s not it. I’m just… having, um, a… a moment? It’s not–”

He can’t say, It’s not you, it’s me. It’s Kurt, all right. Everything is Kurt, and Blaine feels like an idiot for not understanding that sooner.


“That was perfect.” It’s the most honest thing Blaine can allow himself to say while the rest of his feelings are still tumbling around inside him. He has to adjust to this clarified sight.

“Oh. Well… thank you,” Kurt says, reaching out to hand Blaine his handkerchief.

Blaine gently pushes Kurt’s hand back towards him and says, “Keep it.” He notes, with a little jolt of pleasure, that Kurt clutches the tiny scarf against his chest with both hands like a token, smiling down at it for a moment before he looks back up at Blaine with those piercing, wet blue eyes.

Blaine isn’t sure this is the smartest thing to do in his current state, but he asks, “Do you want company? We could… watch a movie or something. Or… um, I don’t know.”

“Oh, thank you for the offer, but no. I need some time to myself now, if that’s all right.”

“Of course it’s all right, Kurt. Whatever you need.” Blaine’s heart aches for him.


“I’ll see you in the morning. Feel free to text me if you want.”

Blaine definitely wants. “Yeah. I’ll… see you.”

Kurt gives him a funny look, bemused by his awkward behavior, but he grins and waves the hand with the handkerchief in it as he leaves the room.

Blaine just stands there for a few more minutes, pressing his palms together in front of his face as the words for what he needs to express start to sort themselves out in his head.

He suddenly has a lot more to put on the council table than those silly blazers.

blindspot 219 wishlist

so I thought with the hugely anticipated episode being just 5 days away, I’d start a wishlist of things I want to happen and would love to hear what you guys want too!

1. First of all, I want this episode to deliver on its promise! There have been so many wasted opportunities this season with potentially amazing Jeller episodes that went to waste (208 and 217) and I hope this is not another one of them

2. Natalie Abrams said they will have to “confront their feelings” and I want them to confront their feelings! We’ve had enough subtle moments and enough dancing around their feelings. I want them to really have to admit things to each other. I want it to be vulnerable and emotional and raw and painful.

3. I want all this honesty and opening up to actually bring them closer and not push them further apart.

4. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!

5. And for that kiss to:

a. not be interrupted

b. not be stopped by one of them

c. not to be how the episode ends

d. be passionate 

e. not be the only one this season

f. not be regretted and they pretend it never happened

g. be the start of something between them


6. I want this episode to be awesome and worth the fucking wait.

There could be more but I’ve got to give another workshop now and pretend that I care about this and not that the only thought on my mind is Blindspot.

ETA: Crap, I forgot the one thought that brought upon this entire post.

7. I really really really want them to bring up Taylor Shaw - not in the “my brother killed Taylor’s mom” thing but just Taylor, I can’t explain it but I need them to bring her up.

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so you posted a Kurt x Warren fic on your main blog. csn you do a Nightangel ship headcanon pretty please?

OHHHH! I love this ship and I love you anon! Thank you for reading my fanfics and coming to this blog! My heart! :)
Sidenote: There are no Nightangel gifs!!! WTF!? This is the best I could get with both in the shot. Sorry about hrt baby kurt at the end of the gif.

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Who hogs the duvet
Let’s be honest, these two probably don’t sleep with blankets at all/. Warren’s wings are heavy, warm, and soft (It’s comic canon that Warren’s wings grow back BTW). Their bed is a no-blankets-needed zone.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
I feel like both do that cause Protective-Boyfriend!Warren and Never-Been-in-a-Relationship-Before!Kurt are always checking on each other.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
Kurt. Everything is handmade and heartfelt. 

Who gets up first in the morning
I guess that depends, both have nightmares and are X-men so they have to get up early anyway. Though I can see both of them waking up before the other and just staying in bed, watching the other until they wake up.

Who suggests new things in bed
Kurt being secretly really kinky is one of the things I live for! He wants to try so much, especially if it involves his tail or Warren’s wings.

Who cries at movies
Both, but Warren is better at hiding it or keeping it all inside until he’s alone.

Who gives unprompted messages
(Rewinding Noise) I feel like both do that cause Protective-Boyfriend!Warren and Never-Been-in-a-Relationship-Before!Kurt are always checking on each other.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick
Well… Warren most likely gets feverish and kinda sick around molting season. I feel like because Kurt has never seen this happen, he freaks out and starts thinking Warren is dying. 
Warren, on the other hand, when Kurt is sick pulls out all the stops. Soup, cuddles, anything you’ve ever been given while sick ever, he has is or will cut a bitch to get it. When Kurt is sick Warren is more protective than ever and will stop at nothing to make him comfortable.

Who gets jealous easiest
Warren. Kurt is too naive and doesn’t know flirting from friendly. Though Kurt has his jealous moments cause Warren just can’t seem to not flirt back.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music
I don’t really know. Kurt, I feel, likes anything (he just doesn’t like complaining) and Warren like rock music, so neither.

Who collects something unusual
Kurt collects Warrens feathers.

Who takes the longest to get ready
Warren, cause he has to smooth out all the feathers on his wings before he’ll let anyone, other than Kurt, see him. Also, how the hell does he get that jacket on if it doesn’t have snaps, or buttons, or velcro it must take hours to get on.

Who is the tidiest and organized
Out of the two, Kurt is the tidiest. That’s not saying much, though. He grew up in close quarters and no personal space in a CIRCUS! Those places are not tidy.

Who gets most excited about the holidays
Kurt. I can see him decorating Warren’s wings. Like… wrapping tensile around them and hanging little plastic decorations on them. Then there’s Warren putting mistletoe on the ends and moving it to hang above them. Yep.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon
Warren, because of the wings, most likely has to be the big spoon. Though I can also see him sleeping on his stomach and Kurt curling up under the wings or using Warren’s back as a pillow.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Warren, but Kurt has his moments. He will not let Warren forget that he is faster than Warren in a race (teleporting vs flying). 

Who starts the most arguments
I feel like most of their argument start because something (Warren) is in a bad mood and won’t talk about it. It hurts Kurt’s feeling and makes him all sulky. Most of their “argument” like this end in someone else, most likely Oroco or Jean stepping in and making them talk to each other. 
– (This gets deeper than I thought it would) – The real true argument, though, with hurt and yelling always (no if and or but) started by Warren and his drinking. Kurt doesn’t like drunk Warren and Warren doesn’t think Kurt should worry about it, plus Warren is probs an angry/grumpy drunk and get plain unbearable to be around when like that. Something like this ends in Erik, Charles, and Hank having to get involved. No one likes it when all three of them get involved.

Who suggests that they buy a pet
Kurt! He wants cats, dogs, bunnies, a unicorn, a billion and a half birds, and a few more cats. Warren just stares at him, thinking to himself “Wtf did I get myself into?”

What couple traditions they have
Warren collects all the fallen feathers that are clean and fully intact and gives them to Kurt. 

What tv shows they watch together

Another couple they hang out with
I don’t know about another couple, but Warren is probs dragged into hanging out with “The Squad”.

How they spend time together as a couple
Cuddling while: listening to music, reading, or just hanging out.

Who made the first move
I have a headcanon that after Apocolypse, Warren avoided Kurt at all cost because of guilt, but Kurt was having none of it. He knew he had no choice in the cage and that he was probably tricked, or promised something, by Apocalypse into being a weapon. 
Kurt was dealing with his own guilt from destroying Warren’s wings and all he wanted to do was apologize. 
One day he finally “cornered” (not really, though) and rushed out an apology before Warren could leave. I feel like Warren would have been really surprised and probably felt a little bad for avoiding Kurt when all he wanted to do was apologize. 
That’s how the friendship started, but seriously Kurt made the first move cause he got tired of Warren taking his damn time with asking him out. They probs watched Star Wars on their first date!

Who brings flowers home
Kurt, but only because that’s what Jean and Jubilee said a good boyfriend does. That may have also been when they thought he had a girlfriend. It works, though, turns out Warren really likes flowers.

Who is the best cook
Warren. Though he can’t cook much. If you like mac and cheese and tortilla chips for lunch and dinner then you’ll like Warren’s cooking cause that’s about all he can do.

Who snores
Probs Kurt cause he most likely sleeps with his mouth open a little bit. He’s got huge teeth and those things are super sharp. 

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glee might’ve been a mess in its final seasons but it was still so important and dear to me, and every time i hear one of their songs or watch a youtube video now, i still get chills all over my body and i feel so nostalgic and happy to have experienced this show. watching it for 6 years will definitely always be one of the most beautiful and special memories i have of my teenage years

Klaine Advent Day 4 - Day

This is basically all about Blaine dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, just fyi. Be warned!

Admittedly I also didn’t research SAD, so inaccuracies are v possible jsyk

Winter was hard for Blaine sometimes. On a good day, he could appreciate the season - the crisp feeling of cold air, the way streetlights looked when surrounded by a snowy haze, the cozy sweaters. On a bad day, however, he could barely bring himself to get out of bed.

“Honey?” Kurt asked one evening. He had just come home to a dim apartment and a blanket burrito’ed husband who barely turned his head to acknowledge him.


“It was another bad day, huh?” Kurt said sympathetically.

“I feel like it’s always dark anymore,” Blaine said, voice dull. “I wake up and it’s dark and I go to the theater where it’s mostly dark and I come home and it’s dark. It’s like we’re living in some post-apocalyptic hellscape.”

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I had a few prompts/requests about some fluffy, happy mpreg!Blaine - of which (for most of you who know my work) I hardly ever write… at least not without an angsty backstory. So I decided to write this after seeing the adorableness that’s Pam Anderson. I wish we would’ve seen/heard more of her in the wedding episode, but alas it wasn’t to be. Anyway, here’s a fic with a bit of a Pam focus in regards to her first grandchild!


There’s just something about the arrival of springtime that makes one feel alive. After dealing with a hellish winter season, the sight of clear skies, budding tree leaves, and vivid green grass can evoke loads of happiness in many a downed Midwestern soul. Now that it’s warmer, people are buzzing around the town, heading out for lunch or going on walks with their pets or significant others. The area’s brimming with excitement since people are finally able to leave the prisons of their homes for a bit of leisure time; time that doesn’t involve bundling up in heavy layers and heading out into a lake-effect blizzard.

Pam Anderson is one of those people. Kurt and Blaine just don’t know it yet.

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What Did We Get From Season 5: And i just feel so lucky that i found you so soon in this lifetime. Because all i want to do, all i’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. So, kurt hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me?

“I think you’re worth the wait”: On How the New Directions View Brittana, Seasons One to Six

So flyingfishyorphan​ asked

You’ve covered how like Mike and Matt and Quinn feel about Brittana, but like how do you think the other members and character on glee perceive and feel about them?

—and I pretty much wrote a novel in response.

(For the aforementioned posts on the Unholy Trinity and Bikematana, see here and here.)

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Touch of the Fingertips

Klaine, 1100 words, A03.


Part of a series of “Season 7” ficlets that look at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine.



April, 2015


It starts when Blaine buys Kurt a set of three pairs of silk boxers for Christmas.  They are an extravagant gift, made of the finest silk, and are unimaginably soft.  Kurt loves the colors – sky blue, sage green, and a deep red.  And he loves the way Blaine’s eyes follow him when he walks around their apartment clad in nothing but… of course, one might say that Blaine’s eyes follow him like that all the time.


He also knows Blaine likes the feel of them.  Sometimes when they are cuddling together at night, Blaine will slide a finger under the waistband of Kurt’s pajamas, not to tease or grope, but just to stroke at the silky material.  Kurt doesn’t wear them all that often, but he does keep them in his regular rotation – they don’t deserve to be hidden away in a drawer. 


One day Kurt gets home from a late rehearsal to find Blaine in the bathroom, humming to himself as he does some handwashing.  He is carefully sudsing the boxers up, rinsing them, and laying them down flat to dry. 


“You didn’t have to wash my underwear,” Kurt says, a little embarrassed.  Not that they haven’t been as intimate as two people could be – and frequently – but still, it’s underwear.


“I don’t mind,” Blaine says, smiling gently.  And he continues with the next pair.  Kurt shrugs and goes to make a pot of tea.  He’s not going to question it.  If Blaine has a thing for his panties, well, Kurt’s got a thing for Blaine’s ass, so it all works out just fine.


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Tonight, I watched Montage of Heck. 

It’s unlike any other music documentary that I’ve ever seen. 

 The film isn’t filled with interviews from his family and bandmates; it doesn’t chronicle his life and career in a regimented way; and it’s not really the story of Nirvana. I felt it was a film trying to do what Kurt asked his friends to do with his journals. It’s a film that is trying to figure Kurt out. 

 It remains true in style to the thing that inspired the title. It is truly a filmic representation of Kurt’s Montage of Heck tape recordings that he made. There’s an incredible mix of strange and fascinating audio clips, cut together with various home videos, TV recordings, animations, and also Kurt’s artwork, drawings and journal entries. If you’ve read Kurt’s journals, you’ll find that you’ve seen a lot of material already. 

For me, the most amazing part of the film were the home videos of Kurt as a little boy and then later with Courtney and Frances Bean. These are so special and sweet and heartbreaking! It really is a must see for all Kurt Cobain and Nirvana fans, and also for film and documentary fans too. It’s really very well-made and Im sure it will receive lots of accolades and recognition during awards season. 

 But don’t watch it expecting a film that documents the story of the band or the man. It really feels more like we’ve been allowed access into Kurt’s mind; we’ve been given 2 hours to roam about and see what his thoughts were at certain given times. It’s wonderful and amazing and distressing, all at the same time! 

One of the most poignant and upsetting parts of the film for me was something that Kurt’s stepmother said. She talks about his teenage years, moving from one house to another of various relatives, and she says “After a couple of weeks, they all just wanted him out.” This breaks my heart! Well, his family may have “wanted him out”, but he’s found a home in the hearts of the millions of fans who still adore him today! 

 Montage of Heck is a beautiful film and will make you appreciate what a talent, what a genius Kurt Cobain was!

I just realized something.

We might not be getting a christmas episode in season 6, but we will most likely get a valentine’s day episode and this will be the first one where Klaine will actually be together.

Season 2- they were friends

Season 3- Blaine was still recovering from eye surgery and only appeared at the very end of the episode

Season 4- They were broken up

Just think about all the cute things they will do for each other now that they are engaged and shit.  

My feels.

6.07 Episode Reaction: If You Fall, I Will Catch You (But It's Time to Jump)

From the time the episode title and the slightest teasers came out, it was clear there were four central transitions in this episode…Coach Beiste to Sheldon, Will from VA back to ND, Blaine break up with Dave/move towards Kurt, and Rachel leaving her childhood home. So last night I realized the thread that ties the four transitions together….They’re all transitions away from somewhere safe and easy to a place that is more risk but more authentically themselves. 

I loved this episode. I am finding that of all 7 episodes, I am addictedly re-watching more and varied scenes in this episode than any other. And the arc from the klaine duet through to the end of Time After Time takes my breath away.

So six things from episode seven of Glee’s sixth season (And my klaine goggles are apparently glued to my face so indulge me):

1. Kurt and Blaine were in a perfectly choreographed dance of testing out each other’s feelings this whole episode. 

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Post-episode thoughts

Here are the things that I liked most from the premiere:

- The fact that the new characters feel interesting and not like replacements. I don’t bristle against any of them because they feel NEW. And the old newbies are all great, it just stinks the general hand they were dealt. 

- When Rachel Berry, who’s having her own rough time and also just had her first personal triumph of getting Glee back since her downfall, see Kurt in her room and immediately is just there for him. Doesn’t steamroll him, doesn’t make anything about her. She may have drifted off for a while, but when she’s back she’s not at square one Rachel status, she’s evolved.

- Look, the way they are telling the Klaine story is, in my opinion, the best possible way to tell that story given that they are determined to tell it. If Blaine and Karofsky is the writer’s choice, what they’ve written around it is the best possible version. You can see it’s not right, and you can see Blaine even pretty much knowing it’s not right (all they talked about about Kurt on their first date? really?). 

- Kurt and Blaine are in their own therapy. This is one of the most helpful things I think in understanding why they can and will get back together.

All-in-all, I think Glee has solid footing. The roughness of Seasons 3 and 4 feel smoothed, and I think I can enjoy the ride to the end.

glee is not a good show and glee is not a show i would recommend that anyone watch and glee should not still be on television but it is, and it’s kind of funny now, i swear to god, but that’s not the point, the point is that underneath all the layers of misogyny and lost plots and meta jokes that acknowledge the problems without addressing them and very special episodes that do address problems but in such a horrible way that you’d just rather they hadn’t bothered, glee was very, very important. do you remember that episode all the way back in season one when chris colfer’s face was still soft and round, after the football game, when kurt comes out to his father, and his father just says “I know” and “I love you” and “thank you for telling me” and you realized that on glee, being gay is valid and important and not a joke? do you remember how that felt? if you want the katy perry covers, it seemed to say, you have to also accept that gay people have feelings. that’s the deal. obviously it is very silly that gwyneth paltrow had to help santana lopez sing a fleetwood mac song, but naya rivera looks so nervous, so new to hope and so unsure, that you remember she’s playing a sixteen year old. once on a very cold november morning my father called just to say that he’d watched the episode where kurt and blaine lose their virginities to each other and “you know what? I think those boys are just like anyone else” like he’d never been so surprised by anything and i cried for an hour. ryan murphy is the worst but he knew that the princess sometimes wants to be rescued by the other princess. or by a knight in shining cheerleader uniform. at the very least, they deserve a fairy tale.

Back to where you once belonged

This is 850 words of post 6.01, 425 of Kurt, 425 of Blaine. It’s sad, it’s second person, and it’s all pointing back to Klaine. Blame this on Annie, Corinna says it’s okay. They are not reliable narrators, even of their own hearts.


Scandals is familiar. But it has never been a safe place. Not for you.

Maybe for Blaine, surrounded by boys who like boys who like casual sex and dark corners, bright lights and beer and pink drinks with tiny umbrellas in them. Boys who make Blaine feel not just normal but like the dazzling rainbow-colored center of something that’s changing the world, even in Ohio.

Never for you.  

You’d forgotten that, some days, in New York. The city became home more easily than you’d ever thought possible. In it you could be exceptional and desirable. You could be watched in a new way. You could be surrounded by people who were… well not like you exactly but like themselves and so, in their way, just like you. In New York you were never the punchline of a joke. And so, surrounded by friends and successes and Blaine you fooled yourself into thinking you could be comfortable everywhere, easier everywhere.  

But you’re back in Ohio.

You should have known this would end with you on the bathroom floor, clutching yourself so your heart and lungs don’t just explode from your chest.

You thought he was waiting. Underneath it all you thought he was waiting for you.

You fill your lungs. There’s a world to face outside the cubicle door. There’s the bar, the people, the street outside, the drive home past the school, your empty room. A whole world to face.

So you pull yourself together. You’ve got this covered. You’ve pulled yourself together from worse than just heartbreak. You smile and you apologize and you make your escape. And maybe this was all about being direct about your feelings… but you did that already. You were direct. It’s okay to be proud that you are holding it together, even though inside you’re in pieces. You turn off the car radio. You drive in silence, with the sky black above you and with other people’s headlights too bright in your eyes. You know who you are and who you are not. You only have to pull over twice to cry.

Afterwards you’re glad that Blaine brought Dave with him. Because however much you forgave the things that were done to you, the name, Karofsky still sets off alarm bells up and down your spine. But this guy with his arm around Blaine, he’s all entreating smiles and hope. There’s no threat there anymore.

The threat was from something quite different. From Kurt’s own dreamy, wonderful Blaine Warbler looking for happiness and not finding it in Kurt.


Kurt leaves. He smiles under the rainbow-colored lights, and he shakes your hand and turns and leaves. Of course, he leaves part of himself behind. His face is still burned bright on your retina.

I’m here to get you back.

Your heart thuds in your chest.

“That went okay?” Dave says and smiles. But there’s a question mark at the end like he’s not quite as oblivious as he might seem.

You’re not quite sure why you brought Dave. It seems thoughtless now, and cruel to Kurt in a way you’d never intended. Your only thought had been moving on and pushing through this whole thing. Being an adult. Kurt’s back in Lima and you can hardly breathe with all the feelings inside you but this is what adults do.

Because of course you haven’t seen Kurt since you left New York. Kurt is just as beautiful and just as Kurt as he has ever been.

The day you left you stood with your mom and dad and choked on shameful tears as you shoved your things into a bag then stumbled stupidly down the stairs with them. You heard his key in the lock as you took a last look around the place that was maybe never quite your home. You didn’t want to see him. You were a failure and he was Kurt and polished and unreachable. When he appeared you wanted to dissolve into nothing.

He looked at you for a long time. “There are more things that are yours,” he said.

“Just keep them,” you said.

Maybe you regret that, a little, because it’s not like a lamp with tiny stars cut out of the shade matters as much as your heart and soul. But now you don’t have either.

You don’t have any illusions about what Kurt was doing in the bathroom. He pulled himself together but you know him. You’ll always know him. He’ll never be actor enough to fool you.

You feel guilty about making him cry. It aches. You’ve never, not really ever, wanted to hurt Kurt. But… the guilt makes you angry too. Because you appreciate Dave. You have been dating for almost three months and he’s made you smile, he’s made you happy. He has never made you feel anything but okay with yourself.

He has never really made you feel anything.  

You shake yourself and smile. Scandals is bright and loud and crowded. You are making this your place. Here you are amazing.

“It went okay,” you say. “Thank you for coming.”


Don’t be throwing the word connection around all over the place when you’re talking about the AHS seasons. Ben being a psychiatrist one season and Johnny being the son of a psychiatrist the next is NOT a connection; Madison failing divination and Maggie being a fake fortuneteller is NOT a connection; Tate liking Kurt Cobain and Jimmy singing a Nirvana song is NOT a connection; Taissa and Evan’s characters being in relationships for two seasons is NOT a connection. They don’t tie the stories together or allow any characters to be involved in multiple seasons, all they do is give the fans a little throwback. I feel like ever since Ryan announced that the seasons are connected everyone’s been thinking that these little parallels that have always been there are suddenly now connections, but they aren’t. 

The only two known connections between the seasons are (1) Pepper going from Elsa’s freak show to Briarcliff and (2) Arden cutting off Elsa’s legs. Any other connections would have been made abundantly clear like those two.

Craving [Klaine, PG]

Set around Kurt’s first few weeks in New York, Season 4, prior to 4.04.   Fluff.  Angst.  Mostly the promise of something more. Hints of trouble on the horizon – and hope. Enjoy.  ~1400 words

Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Living in a big city makes Kurt feel infinite.

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