all the scenarios that we as fans can come up with to fill in the blanks he gives us

Querencia [ Part 4 ]

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🌸 Pairing: Jungkook x reader (y/n)

🌸 Author’s Note:  Man, I lost sleep for a few days; it’s giving me a headache. Good news: I finally have time to do what I like to do: writing and making content.

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“Are you sure this is a good idea? I don’t want you to get in trouble…”

“Relax y/n, I’ve done this multiple times and I was fine the next day.”

“…Today would be a good day to counter that statement.”

“Don’t jinx it then and stop worrying. C’mon, it’s just around the corner.”

The skies were painted with the sunset hues of pinks, blues, and lavender as Jungkook led the way through the streets of Seoul. Everywhere I looked, it was filled with people either rushing to go home after a day’s work or with students finding places to recover from school. The weather was just right; not too hot and not too cold.

It was honestly a perfect afternoon if not for the fact that it worried me so much that we went out without his manager. He at least had his usual disguise on but let’s be real: when did it ever actually work?

“…You’re frowning again, y/n. You’re gonna get wrinkles early if you keep that up.”

“I wouldn’t be getting wrinkles soon if you just told your manager beforehand what we’re up to.”

“We’re not gonna do something stupid. Have a little faith in me.”

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Jungkook x Reader


*gif not mine

Genre: the best floooof (fluff)

Word Count: 2,360

Summary: Jungkook takes Y/N out for ice cream and discovers a whole new side to her he’s never seen before.

A/N: :D

“Jungkook, pleeeeeeeeeease?”

Jungkook sighs. “Y/N… Seriously?”

You nod your head vigorously in response to Jungkook’s question. “Yes! I love ice cream and I haven’t had it months~” You whine with a pout.

Jungkook looks away from your adorable beggar face to avoid falling under your spell… Again.

“Y/N, I’m just worried that if one of my fans sees us out together, they might harass you…” Jungkook admits sheepishly.

You roll your eyes. “Jungkook, if I didn’t think I could handle it, a) I wouldn’t be dating you, and b) I would never go out of the apartment! Besides, I am one of your ‘fans,’ you idiot. I know what ARMYs are capable of because I am one.”

Jungkook doesn’t seem quite convinced. 

“Y/N, what if something happens?”

You cross your arms over your chest tiredly. “Jungkook, nothing will happen. Stop worrying, you goof! If anything does happen, though, we’ll deal with it then. Okay?”

Jungkook shakes his head in defeat. “You aren’t comforting me, you know.”

You beam, ecstatic that he actually was agreeing to go get ice cream with you. “As long as I get ice cream, I don’t really care about your comfort.”

Jungkook gawks at you, stunned by your nonchalant behavior. “Wow, I see where I stand in this scenario.”

You pat him on the cheek giddily, unable to contain your excited smile. “Good! Now, can we get going?” You bounce restlessly on the balls of your feet hoping to get the point across and turn to grab your keys and coat before yelling at Jungkook to hurry.

“Unbelievable,” Jungkook mutters to himself, grabbing his coat off its hook, and heading out the front door behind you, watching as you all but run to the elevator. “Just… unbelievable.”

Obviously, Jungkook let you choose where to get ice cream because you’re spoiled rotten, and you chose Baskin Robbins—the closest thing to your childhood in South Korea when it came to ice cream.

You grab Jungkook’s hand, dragging him along behind you as you rush towards the entrance of the ice cream parlour. 

“Y/N, oh my god, slow down! There’s no need to run!” 

You turn your head back to look at Jungkook. “I’m not running.”

Jungkook purses his lips disbelieving and rolls his eyes. “You might as well be with the rate you’re going at. If police could give you a ticket for speeding as a pedestrian, you’d have received several by now.”

You hum. “As long as the fine is copious amounts of ice cream down my throat and into my hungry belly, I don’t think I’d mind all that much.”

“Y/N…” Jungkook sighs. 

“Jungkook~” You playfully sigh back. “Stop worrying! Think of this as a reward after a long day of hard work!”

“A reward for who exactly?” Jungkook deadpans.

You pull open the glass doors, stepping inside to the slightly less chill air. “Me, obvs.”

“Why do I love you again?” Jungkook shakes his head.

You scrunch your eyebrows together, scoffing at your boyfriend as you shrug your shoulders. “Lost on me as well.”

“Hey… You know why I love you.” Jungkook says as the two of you get in line.

“Do I?” You question playfully, looking at the options on the menu above. 

Jungkook squeezes the hand encapsulated by his own. “Yes, you do. It’s also the reason why I spoil you rotten.”

You smirk, stealing a glance at the man beside you. “Better be careful then, mister, or I might actually rot.”

Jungkook gives you a look of great disgust, and you snort. “You’re too sweet on me sometimes, you know that?”

Jungkook raises an eyebrow challengingly. “Is that a problem?”

You blush, looking down at your feet for a moment. “No… I just wonder why you go through all the trouble sometimes.”

Jungkook smiles lightly, eyes crinkling at the corners, and leans into your ear, whispering, “You want in on a little secret?” You turn to look at him shyly, waiting for him to go on. “It’s because you’re my Y/N, and I don’t want you thinking for even a second that you are not loved. Especially by me. I care way too much about you. It kind of scares me how much, actually.”

Jungkook’s abrupt confession tugs harshly on your heartstrings and you fight back the urge to cry. 

“I hate you.” You say with a bright blush covering your cheeks as you turn to face the menu again.

Jungkook slaps his free hand to his heart in mock hurt. “Ouch. Remind me to never be sentimental with you from now on. You’ll just break my heart.”

“You know it, babe.” You tease, but it is said with no playfulness behind it, and no teasing lilt. You were thinking too much about what Jungkook had said, and what that meant in association to your relationship with the aforementioned man.

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in concern at your sudden lack of enthusiasm. “Y/N, are you alright?”

You open your mouth to respond, but no words come out and you end up pursing your lips together instead as you wait for the customer before you to finish being helped, slipping your hand from Jungkook’s carefully.

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow even deeper at your response or rather lack thereof. “Y/N?”

A worker comes up to you from behind the counter filled with assorted flavors of ice cream and toppings and asks what they can do for you. 

Immediately, you respond with your favorite flavor—very berry strawberry. 

“Do you want that in a waffle cone or a cup?” The worker asks.

“Cup, please, and make that a small. Oh! And can you mix the rainbow sprinkles in, please?” You turn to Jungkook. “Did you want anything?”

Jungkook narrows his eyes at you in an attempt to read what was going on in your mind, but your blank facial expression leads him nowhere. He reluctantly turns away from you to face the worker.

“I’ll have the chocolate chip cookie dough in a waffle cone, please.” Jungkook turns his attention back to you, but you are too far gone as you watch the worker scoop up your ice cream in curling pink shells. The worker hands you your ice cream, and you grab a spoon to shove into the now sprinkle-infested treat, leaving it there to stand by itself in the sugary goodness before halting your movements as you think for a moment, and set the ice cream down on the counter to grab another spoon to shove beside the first.

You turn to Jungkook with a slight smile as he receives his cone of a rather calico-colored dessert. “If you wanted a bite…” You explain, motioning with your head to the second spoon.

Jungkook smiles at your adorableness and turns to pay the cashier. The two of you then turn around to look at your seating options, to which Jungkook asks, “Booth or window?”

You look at him as though it’s obvious, and he laughs. “Window it is.”

The two of you settle into your seats across from one another, and you don’t take a moment to hesitate before digging into the creamy pink scoop of your frozen treat and shoving it into your mouth. Jungkook stares at you blankly. 

Oh my god!” You moan. “This is so fucking good…” You trail off as you shove another large portion of the ice cream into your mouth. You look up at Jungkook as you chew the sprinkles and bits of frozen strawberry, noticing he hadn’t taken a bite of his ice cream yet and was still holding it like a statue.

You gulp down your food in order to speak. “What’s wrong, Kook? Why aren’t you eating? Did you want to try some of mine first?” You hold out a spoon for Jungkook to take, and he shakes his head.

“I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited before… Except for maybe when you arrived at the dorm for the first time. Wish I could have seen you when you got off the plane…” Jungkook says in self-reflection. 

“Kook, you’re killing my buzz. Stop thinking about the past, ‘kay? We’ve gotten this far, yeah? We’re in this together. I don’t have any regrets, and neither should you… I-I love you, Kook. That will never change.” You flush lightly at the sudden confession, and shove your mouth with a very high sprinkle to ice cream ratio (the way you like it), and munch down quickly, not able to look Jungkook in the eyes.

“Y/N…” Jungkook smiles to himself slightly. “I think that’s the first time you’ve actually outright admitted your feelings while coherent or without being snarky about it.”

You grit your teeth, pushing the remaining ice cream around the paper bowl. “Yeah, well don’t get used to it.” You mutter to yourself, and Jungkook chuckles in endearment. 

“I don’t want to, yeobo. I think I like these special moments more than I would if I got to hear you say it all the time.” Damn him. Why did he have to be so goddamn sweet?

“I really hate you.” Jungkook’s laughter bubbles up in his chest, and his adorable bunny teeth appear as he smiles at you.

“I know.” You shove another spoonful of ice cream into your mouth as Jungkook finally takes a lick at his now dripping ice cream, and bites off a chunk of the waffle cone.

“Do you want a taste?” Jungkook offers, holding out his cone for you to take, and you hesitate, staring at him weirdly. 

Jungkook looks confused, his eyebrows crinkled together in concern until it hits him, and he starts giggling like a four-year-old. “And you say I’m the one with the dirty mind.”

You shrug and continue chewing. “Never said I didn’t have one…”

Jungkook lifts an eyebrow, a small smirk twitching at the corner of his lips. “I’ll keep that in my mind for future reference.”

He continues to hold out the cone for you. “But really though, did you want some?”

You shrug, leaning forward to take a bite, but Jungkook pulls the ice cream away teasingly before you can get any. You raise an eyebrow in challenge. “It’s gonna be like that, is it?” Jungkook grins.

You lean in again, and Jungkook pulls the cone away once more. You decide you won’t fall for it again and settle for giving him an unamused look.

Jungkook giggles. “Alright, alright. Here.” He holds out the cone again, and you narrow your eyebrows at him, untrusting. Jungkook sighs. “I mean it, Y/N.”

You still don’t believe him, but you surge forward quickly to take a bite anyways, almost reaching it when Jungkook pulls the cone away, and easily replaces the item with his lips, pressing them sweetly against yours, and your eyes widen at the unexpected gesture. Jungkook moves his lips against yours gently, and your eyes eventually flutter close with his as you fall into the delicious rhythm of the kiss, absorbing the sweet flavor of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream his tender lips secrete.

When Jungkook pulls away, you are left feeling rather dizzy and disoriented, and Jungkook grins at you brightly. 

“Huh.” You manage, head still spinning from Jungkook’s loving kiss. 

“Did you like it?”

You blink. “What?”

“The ice cream,” Jungkook says. “Did you like it?”

“Oh… You know, I’m not sure. I didn’t get a real good taste of it. Do you think I could try it again?” You ask innocently.

Jungkook snorts, not falling for your act for a second. “Maybe later, yeobo.” 

You pout. “Aww, you’re no fun!”

Jungkook looks at you, incredulous. “I got you ice cream didn’t I?”

“…Fair point.”

Jungkook hums. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

You giggle despite yourself, and the two of you continue to eat your ice cream in comfortable silence as you stare at one another in wonderment from across the table. 

After the two of you have arrived back home, you climb into bed and check your twitter to find that pictures of you and Jungkook at the ice cream parlour had spread like wildfire over the internet. You groan, not wanting to think about people’s reaction, but as you scroll through the tweets avoiding checking the captions, one post catches your eye. It’s a series of pictures of you and Jungkook at Baskin Robin’s, sitting at the table, and Jungkook is messing with you with his ice cream cone before leaning in to kiss you. The photos, while they are rather unnerving considering how close the photographer had been, are actually rather sweet. You look at the caption to find it says, “Jungkook and Y/N—the ideal couple.” You snort at the ridiculousness of it, and hesitantly scroll down to look at the comments:

“holy shit! they look so good together!!!! T_T”

“Why cant i have a relationship like that???”

“they seem so happy… I’m glad.”

“You know… Jungkook seems like he really loves this chick, I think she might be the one…”

“If you look closely, you can tell that Y/N really loves Jungkook too”

“Good. Jungkook deserves the best.”

“I thiunk im starting to likke this girl”

“as long as theyre happy, im cool with it”


“forget jungkook. i wanna date Y/N”

“jungkook who? I only know Y/N”

A small smile creeps up your face, and you close out of the app, turning to face Jungkook as he slides into bed beside you.

“What are you smiling about?”

You shake your head. “Nothing. I just… I think your fans like me.”

Jungkook clicks his tongue. “Well, duh. How could they not like you? You know, I chose you for a reason.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

Jungkook smiles, pulling you closer to him. “Because you’re Y/N, and you never pretend to be otherwise.”

You bury your face in his chest. “Goddamnit, Kook. Can you not be so damn sweet for once in your life!”

Jungkook giggles. “Not possible.”

“…Well, I’m glad that your fans like me, but I don’t need their approval. Just so you know. I’m content as long as I’m with you.”

Jungkook wraps his legs around yours. “Me too, yeobo.”

A/N: I had to stop writing because I was so flustered when I was doing the kiss scene. I had to write it in spurts because I kept covering my face with my hands in embarrassment. AHHHHHHH. 🙈

Words On The Tips Of My Lips (Jimin BTS Fluff/Smut)

*Advanced Warning! Contain SMUT! Beware*

You glance to the side of you, and sure enough he’s staring at you.  You look back down to your desk, and fiddle with your pencil while your teacher lectures in the background. You peak again, and the boy sitting next to you smiles. Aw, How cute~ “Well, Y/N, Do you have anything you want to share with the class?” Your teacher asks as he towers over you. You shake your head. The teacher slaps his hands on your desk, “Focus on the lecture,” He walks away, and continues to talk about the biology of cells. You glare at the person next to you, and he just shrugs. It’s all their fault you got called out like that. Who is the mystery person next to you? Park Jimin, the most popular guy in college, famous for never having a girlfriend. 

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Across the Hall Part 2

Here’s the second part! More to come soon. You know I had to lay on the angst. I hope you lub it.

Kwon Jiyong x Reader

Fluff, Smut, Angst


The next morning, I was awoken to an empty bed and the light sound of the shower drifting from the bathroom nearby. I smiled to myself, remembering everything that happened the night before, and realized I was very underdressed. I couldn’t believe that I was staying at the same hotel as Kwon Jiyong and that I had even gotten close enough to touch him, let alone sleep with him. His eyes were softer in person, his skin smoother. The lines on his face were more evident, but they made him even more attractive and real. He was shy, a sharp contrast to the playboy image he held up under his stage name. He was everything and more than what I thought he would be in person, and I felt like I was floating on cloud nine.

As I pondered on who Jiyong was in real life, I missed the sound of the shower cutting off, and before I could dress myself properly, he waltzed back into the room with his towel hanging dangerously low on his hips. My eyes must have been slightly bulging out of my head as Jiyong smirked, sitting down on the edge of the bed near me.

“Good morning, like what you see?”

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Make You Mine (Part 3) - Jungkook x Reader (smut)

Thanks everyone who sent in ideas for this. I hope you like how it turned out :) 

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook

Genre : FWB!AU, Rough Sex, Sub!Reader, Blowjob, Eating Out, Fluff (?)

Word Count : 3943

Description : It’s time to drop the bomb. 

Sending the video of you and Jungkook to Taehyung when BTS is at a show, little did you know that his girlfriend Tiffany would be the one seeing it. After she breaks up with him, when she finds out about the little FWB relationship between you and Taehyung, angry Taehyung has every right to punish you… 

previouslypart II | next : part IV


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Ache (Kai) ~ Part 4

Part 4 has arrived. I hope you all enjoy it!


“I’m very sorry Miss (L/n), with this broken leg, you’re going to have to stay home for a few weeks.” the doctor apologized. I let out an audible groan, putting my arm over my eyes in frustration. Byul was sat next to me, rubbing gently up and down my arm in a way to comfort me.

“I guess that also means I can’t go to the concert, huh?” I questioned, already knowing the answer. The doctor nodded once I looked at him.

“Now, if you’ll just relax, we’ll be fixing you up with your cast and treat your bruises. Luckily, that car didn’t hit you hard. The driver was taken into question.” he informed before leaving the room.

“I promised Jongdae…I promised him I’d be there..” I whined, looking over at Byul. She smiled in sympathy.

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My Little Baby Llama - Part 3

I know, my “soon” is worse than Dan and Phil’s “soon”. But here it is! Enjoooy.

Warning: TW - bruises, hospitals, near-death situations.

Word count: 4627 (sorry, got a little bit excited about it.) 

Part 1  - Part 2 

Dan’s POV

Do you know how some kids just dream about working in a hospital when they grow up? To be doctors, and nurses, and save lives? That wasn’t me. I’ve never been a fan of hospitals in my life. The only time that I was happy for being in a hospital was when Elizabeth was born, completely different reason from the one that is making me walk into another one of these buildings now. We were supposed to drive to the hospital before 10am three days ago, but since Lizzie never went to school, and she was not dealing well with the fact that her mom wasn’t with her after she had some jelly after lunch, we never found a time to leave the house. I didn’t want to leave her side for a few days, and I wasn’t ready to see Clary yet. But today I need to run away from Lizzie a bit and do it. It was already 3pm when Lizzie went for a nap, so when we got to the hospital, the building was completely full of people. All ages, all genders, people from all different places in the county, here for a lot of different reasons, that would make mine and Phil’s presence almost impossible to hide since the odds of someone recognizing us or from BBC or from Youtube were big, and the last thing that I need today is having to deal with fans and questions I couldn’t answer in life.

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Can you write a scenario with optional bias and he’s shooting for his comeback and you see him get really close with the girls? So you start to feel less confident and all? Thanks!

Your boyfriend = (_____)
Your name = ____

“Hey, are you listening?” Your boyfriend asks, while you fold the laundry with him.

“Yes, of course… But… What is the concept about? Can’t you tell me?” You asked, thinking he would give you a hint since you were a special person.

He smirks and sticks his tongue out. “No, you’re still a fan, you can’t know what the concept is without the others knowing!”

“Ah, oppa! Please! I’ve been good to you!” You said, with a pout.

“No you weren’t, I asked you to come with me to the mall once and you said you didn’t want to because you were ‘too busy eating chips’.”

“But that was long ago…”

“Just last week you didn’t want to sleep with me because it was ‘too hot’! You slept in the bathtub that you filled with cold water and you got sick!”

“That was last week.” You said, trying to not laugh.

“Last night, you stood up late and tried to make me stay awake while I was about to die of tiredness! And I’m still tired!” He said, laying down, putting his head on your lap.

“You don’t deserve sleeping on my lap, then!” You said, poking his cheeks.

He laughs and helps you fold the rest of the clothes. After supper and showering, you spent the rest of the evening watching TV. The next morning, you woke up in your bed without your boyfriend next to you. You roll on the bed until your feet falls on to the floor. You get up and head to the bathroom to get ready and buy things for your boyfriend.

You adored making surprises, especially when they’re fun ones. You arrived to his entertainment and opened the door where you heard one of his best friends voice.

“Hello everyone!~” You shouted with a cheerful voice.

They all turned to you and smiled.

”____! You’re here!” A member says.

“Hey, hey, don’t hug my girlfriend! You’re all sweaty!” Your boyfriend says, approaching to you and putting his arm around your neck.

“But you’re sweaty too!” The boy sitting on the floor says.

“Yeah but I’m her boyfriend.” He replies, kissing your forehead.

You gather around and share the snacks you bought. You later cleaned up and looked at him practice. You loved seeing your (____) sweat like crazy. He was even more attractive. Especially when his shirt sticks to his chest and his muscles shows off, his veins too.

By the end of the day, the members thank you once more for your visit and you go back home with your boyfriend. You went to visit them each day. A few weeks later, you walk to the room where they used to be, just like yesterday. But today, they weren’t there. You check the time and the schedule that was on the door. The name of the band wasn’t there, the square was blank. You walk around the building and find a staff.

“Oh, hello! I’m (____)’s girlfriend and, um, do you know where they are right now?” You asked.

“They’re at the studio, filming for the music video. Let me show you.”

You follow the man down the stairs and get in to a car. He drives you to a certain place where it was written the name of the group. You leave the car and look around. It looked like you were in a lost place with only a few buildings. You enter the place that apparently your boyfriend was in and saw a few boys standing near the camera. You smiled and looked around, trying to find your boyfriend.

“Oh! _____?” A familiar voice says.

You turn around and see a member of the band walking towards you.

“Are you looking for (____)? I don’t know where he went, either, honestly.”

“Oh, it’s alright, I—”

“Places! Take your places!” The director says.

You finally got to see your boyfriend gathered with the other boys. They were dancing with other girls. It felt like a little light in your body started to light up. You felt jealous, scared, angry and sad. A mix of the four.

You take a closer look to your boyfriend. His hand was sliding down another girl’s body, his smile was pretty shiny and he didn’t bother moving his body as the same rhythm as hers. She was pretty skinny, not extremely. She was 100% a S line. Boobs and a nice butt, her face was like perfection and her hair was extremely well done. She barely had any make up on, a little bit of mascara and lipstick, she was pimple free. Her legs were shining and hairless, her arms too. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt and a mini shirt that showed her cleavage and her stomach.

You tired to not scream and make a huge drama in the studio. As the director shouts ‘cut’, your boyfriend didn’t bother walking towards you. He was talking to the girl.

”_____! What are you doing here? Are you looking for (____)?” Another member asks.

“Not anymore…” You said, trying to keep your tears away from rolling down.

You hand him the bag and leave from the set.

Your boyfriend’s POV

We were about to get back to the scene where (name of a member) sits down and attempts to get the girl. I walk to a chair and grab a water bottle. (Member that has the food) came to me.

“Hey, you. Here’s your food.” He said, throwing a plastic to me.

“Uh? How did you get this?” I asked, opening the bag.

“Your girlfriend came, don’t act stupid.” He answered with a cold tone.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?” I asked, opening the lunchbox.

“She came and you didn’t even go talk to her. You were talking with one of the noonas.”

“That’s because she was talking to me so I couldn’t just cut her off like that. I didn’t even see ____ there.”

He leaves and walks to the other members. I don’t really get to his reason to be angry, honestly.

For the first time, _____ didn’t text me. There wasn’t any “Good luck, baby >

Your POV

Your phone vibrates for the hundredth time. It was still your boyfriend texting you. Things likes

(____): Are you there, baby?
(____): I’m outsidee aaaaahhh
(____): Are you at home?
(____): Why aren’t you answering me?? ㅠㅠ
(____): Did I do something wrong? D:
(____): Sweetiiiie~~~ are you there?
(____): I’m nervous, are you alright?
(____): You’re angry, aren’t you?
(____): Hahah I knew it
(____): No actually it’s not funny sob sob what’s wrong? :(
(____): Honeyy!!!!!!!!!!!
(____): Did you hear my scream?
(____): Seriously, what’s going on, why aren’t you answering?
(____): (your family name and name) if you’re not opening up I’m going to enter by the window
(____): No but seriously, what’s wrong, _____?
(____): Are you even at home? I’m worried

Your hand was shaking when you were debating on either answering or leaving it. You took the second option and fell asleep since your eyes were too tired to stay open.

The next day, you wake up to eat well and start exercising. You weren’t fat or anything. You just couldn’t stop comparing yourself from the girl of yesterday. Days passed slower without your boyfriend around. You weren’t sure if you were still dating, but you read on the Internet that the comeback was released and the promotion was done. And yet, he never came home.

You leave to get to the gym like you do each week. While you were running on the treadmill, you spot your boyfriend walking on the sidewalk. His eyes were red, his face too. He had dark circles under his eyes and he looked disgusting. His head slowly turned to the gym’s window like a zombie’s head and it stares at you. The boy’s body suddenly starts to run. You see the door of the gym open.

Oh no you whispered.

You get off the machine and run to the girl’s washroom. You start to shower and get ready to leave without him seeing you. You achieved the first mission, but on the way to your house, you hear him scream your name.

You started to run and get to your apartment.

“Wait! _____!” His voice shouts.

You run to your apartment and unlock the door as fast you could. You hear his footsteps getting closer as you tried to find the right key. His face appeared and he started to run to you. You open the door as fast as you could and close it. You didn’t even get to close it. He pushes the door open and hugs you.

”____…” He whispers.

You didn’t answer. All you could do is just cry silently.

“Why didn’t you answer me?… Why? Why?! What did I do wrong?! Tell me, please!! Just tell me!! I was about to die! Do you know who hard it was for me to live 5 whole months without you?! And it wasn’t even my choice?! It was hardest thing ever, do you understand how hard it was on me?!”

You couldn’t answer. You mumbled a few words but continued shaking and crying.

“Do you know how much I missed you?” He whispers.

He still didn’t let you go of his hug. He holds you tighter and start to open his arms.

“W-what’s this? What’s with your body?” He asks, confused of the changes.

You walk to your room and he follows you in. He asks you once more and you look at him.

“I just didn’t want to lose you.” You answered, your lips shaking with the words.

“Lose me? How? To who?” He asks.

“To her. The girl you were holding during the filming. The girl that had a perfect body. The girl that had perfect face, hair, legs, arms, everything.”

“Oh no, she’s older than me and she has a boyfriend.” He said.

You stare at him and tried to not scream. You suffered 5 months to be pretty and perfect, and turns out, the girl already had a guy.

“You don’t need to worry about those things. Either the girl I’m filming with is older or younger, in a relationship or not, I won’t leave you for them. It will never happen, understand? You just made a stupid act of thinking like that.” He says, wrapping his arms around waist.

“Don’t try to tell me that you’ve been good to me, you’ve hurt both of us for the past 5 months. This shouldn’t happen anymore, especially when we’ll get married.” He says, with a smile.